Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week

Big Brother Canada March 25 2013 624pm
When the Big Brother Canada live feeds come back, we find out that Emmett did not use the Power of Veto to save Aj or Suzette from eviction.

6:25pm – 6:40pm Alec is talking to Gary out at the couches in the backyard. Alec says they aren’t going to put Talla up .. some how she weaseled her way into that little group. Gary says that’s why I want her gone… I don’t even know how she did it. Alec says and now they are a strong trio ( Talla, Andrew, and Aj)…where as before they were just floaters. Gary says that he is going to weasel his way into Topaz again. Alec says he doesn’t know either Alec says that he feels like Topaz has given up on the game. Alec says we have a really strong thing right now and if it breaks down .. you know?! He says that he likes her as a person but that it’s just a bit awkward. They head inside the house. Inside the house, Aj and Topaz are sitting at the kitchen table. She is doing her nails and Aj is talking to her about places he will take her to eat. Emmett goes into the storage room to grab something and when he leaves he picks up the phone to listen and put it back and leaves the room. The house guests talk about the soccer game they are going to play tonight.

6:50pm – 7:10pm Gary is joking around and talking about if someone put him up on the block again he is going to go off. He says that he was nice the first couple times.. Topaz sees Talla drinking Mountain dew ..and so she yells at her why are you drinking mountain dew… only I do the dew b!tch! At the kitchen table Gary, Topaz, Emmett, Peter and Alec talk about the price of drinks and cover at bars in Toronto compared to Vancouver.
(Video is uploading)

7:15pm Aj, Talla and Emmett are out in the hot tub room. Aj is telling Talla that production can edit them is anyway they want because we signed a contract to say they could. Talla brings up how Gary said he would freak out if someone put him up on the block. Talla says that she told him anyone who gets put up would be upset. Aj tells Talla that Gary is just young and immature. He says that people will probably want to put him up now because he said that.

7:20pm – 7:35pm Emmett and ALec set up the goals for the soccer game they are going to play in the backyard. Alec says that Topaz won’t play and Gary said he would play one round .. whatever that means. Meanwhile in the bedroom Suzette talks to Gary about what Emmett said to her in the Veto Ceremony. (Some time before or After the Veto Ceremony Emmett told Suzette that some people in house are annoyed at how she guilt trips people and how she continually talks about how hard her situation is and hard she has it at home.) Suzette says that she reps from where she is from just like he reps about coming from a farm. Gary tells her to not let them break who you are. Emmett joins them and tells them to come play soccer. Gary and Emmett leave the room. Gary says that Suzette said you told her everyone in the house hates her. Emmett says no I didn’t. Emmett tells Gary what he told Suzette about how she guilt trips people. Gary tells Emmett that Suzette asked him if he’s turned his back on her. He says that Suzette should be careful …saying that he is the only person in the house that has her back.
(Video is uploading)

7:35pm – 7:45pm The soccer game starts.. Aj, Peter, and Alec versus Gary, Jillian, and Emmett. They are playing until one side gets 8 goals. The score is 3-3 so far…
8pm Jillian, Gary and Emmett are now up 6 – 5.

8:05pm – 8:20pm Jillian, Emmett and Gary win with a score of 8 – 5. Emmett hurt his big toe because he played without shoes. Alec and Emmett collided during the game and his toe got busted up. Alec apologizes and Emmett says its okay don’t worry about it. Alec says it happened half way through the game and that Emmett continued to play and score. Jillian grabs Emmett ice for his foot. Emmett tells her that it is really starting to hurt now.

Big Brother Canada March 25 2013 815pm
Video of the soccer game: (Video is uploading)

8:30pm Alec, Peter and Gary are in the pool talking. Peter is talking about his youtube channel. Gary talks about wanting to do his own Youtube channel. Aj and Emmett join them by the pool. Meanwhile inside Suzette is doing her nails at the kitchen table. Topza is sleeping in the bedroom.

Big Brother Canada March 25 2013 820pm
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I would love to see Aj go.


AJ is going no where but to the outside for a cig break. Chances Suzette stays without production is virtually zero(0%). Also don’t be so fast to get stoogies out. They are the one decent variable that can flip the house at this point except for production cheating imho.


Whats awkward between Alec and Topaz?


Is it me or is Gary Gay?


Naw Gary’s just likes to be happy and wear glitter.


What planet are u from? Lol


Planet Sarcasm …. ooohh and Planet Smoke Another One




What happened between Alec and Topaz… Did something specific go down (that I must have missed…), or has the relationship just run its course\fizzled out?


The catalyst was Topaz is acting belligerent with production and Alec doesn’t like that, It’s not his type of girl. Topaz fell asleep with the HOH iPod and had it taken away for the week. Topaz and Alec then got in a fight over it.

The showmance has been fizzling out as of late.. Alec is actively making plans to get rid of Topaz next week if the situation allows.


Just asking but does Andrew smoke?


I saw him smoking a bit last night.. he was also pretty drunk



O love that Gary and topaz are about to read people and situations so well bit don’t act on anything. They let others make decisions when they know better.


Don’t love this approach. The targets next HOH are Topaz and Gary with Gary going home depending who wins HOH. Weak games get exposed about this time in the season. I’ll give you some examples based on what I believve is effective BB play,

1st and I can never say this enough…. BB is a SOCIAL GAME!!! If you want to win you have to earn jury votes. Everything else is secondary to those 7 votes. 2nd You need 1 core alliance and only 1. This is a huge flaw for many of the “strong” players in this house. See complex multi alliance players like Emmit have a problem. Quatro or Gary. Topaz it.s Gary or Alec. Emmit is slightly better off as no one knows about Gary’s deal. 3rd less talking game is better strategy.Good players from BBusa generally follow these rules. Game talk tate matters is almost always with your core alliance and not 24/7 either. Socially good players like Jordan; definately one of my favorites; have good relationships with the HG’s and don’t do emotional blowups. You watch her seasons it’s 1 core alliance and liked by almost all.

Now in BBcan I see alot of folks suggesting Peter is playing a good game. On another unnamed forum 47% think he’s played the best! ROFL Seriously he has 1 close friend in the house and that’s Alec. He can sit on the couch full of HG’s and say virtually nothing for an hour. Rule 1 is… it’s a SOCIAL GAME. He’s a complete failure. I can’t see him in the final 2 but he only wins if he’s sitting next to “this seasons villian”. I can’t see him getting the votes against anyone but Topaz or LALLA and that isn’t happening.

Topaz has apparently traded in her showmance. Now she and Gary are targets. That and winning nothing plus selfishly sleeping so others get to listen to the alarm…. she never makes final 2! Gary was looking good the 1st day and 1/2 as HOH. Then he turned into someone vile and made the mistake of letting others see it. Word spreads and he’s in trouble.
Alec has 2 problems. 1st he needs a reality adjustment on where his game actually is inside the house. 2nd and more importantly his alliance with Peter will be his down fall. Peter has done nothing and socially Peter cannot approach a single player and get thier vote if needed. His social game sucks! I could go on but you get the idea on the HG’s.

The game goes to a good social player that can win timely challenges or has alliance mates that can win timely challenges. Anyone aligned with Emmit/Jillian has a shot. They simply cannot get Emmit out to soon. Alec may figure this out then again maybe not. Peter gives him a useful vote nothing else. Except for camera time Jillian has layed low sticking around Emmit. She’s a very dangerous player if she makes it to 6/5 left. She can win challenges, physically fit and I think emotionally tough so far.


Oh no Suzette, don’ go, everyone really likes you, you’re not the problem, they are…*fart noise*


Last Night Topaz and Alec had sex in the head of household room at the end of the night the feeds cut after it was clear what they were doing she was grinding him he pulled down his pants secretly and then feeds came on after they finished. Alec is a disgrace he lies, cheats in competitions, and lacks the actual confidence to make big moves. He wants to win but how does he deserve to win if he cannot make moves and is a walking contradiction. Not to mention you have sex with a girl that has been loyal and is in your alliance and you want to vote her out. Is this the same guy that cried about his privates being shown but has sex on TV how interesting….. He’s a psychology student yet needs some himself!

FYI – Peter doesn’t deserve to win he does nothing and is fake and useless who has funny diary rooms but that is because he spends all day thinking what he will say. If Peter was actually something special in the game he would show more of who he is but he does not. He couldn’t even be honest with Tom to his face but he was in alliance with him. YIKES!!!!!

There is a twist on Wednesday and hope it’s a good one for Thursday.


I’m not sure they had sex last night


Alec wasn’t getting no puss puss…wasn’t he crying like a BI**H when tom exposed him… He to soft to get some … Is it me or is Alec GAY??


I don’t think Alec is gay.” Not that there is anything wrong with that”.(Sienfeld episode it was to funny) I think the water works are him channeling his “inner child”!!! Might just be a phase phych sudents go through after reading to many books. Once he gets his Doctorate he just go with the good old standard cure. “All you need is sex and everything in life will be fine”. hehehe

Johnny Cakes

Annoyed you’re an idiot. You probably work in a factory or in a cubicle somewhere with no real career prospects and wouldn’t care if you were violated on national television because you’re going nowhere in life. Alec chose to be on a reality TV show and chose to present himself in a way he sees fit to win a GAME on national television. He didn’t chose to be purposely harassed and embarrassed by Tom. I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy If I were to pull down your pants in public, have a bunch of strangers take pictures and post them all over the internet. It wouldn’t hurt your absent career prospects as a prole, but you would feel shamed and publicly embarrassed. Though you did choose to leave the house in your Puma tracksuit. It’s hilarious that everyone reads these posts, watches the live feeds, and gets the advantage of hearing all the conversations then whine about people in the house not doing what you would do. You’re looking for entertainment first and foremost, and while most HGs are indeed trying to entertain they are also trying to WIN the GAME. Why would you turn on an alliance just for the sake of stirring up trouble? Because you don’t like them this week and want to see a fight in the house or drama of another sort. You’re inability to empathize and sympathize is telling of your absent education and your own lack of social intelligence. Let the thumbs downs rain!!!


LOL you think your smart EH



Johnny Cakes

I’m not sure if you purposely meant to come off as an idiot by spelling “you’re” wrong, but your dearth of intelligence is hilarious either way. Looking forward to seeing you serve me coffee for the rest of your life (or call me as a telemarketer, or working the drive through at McDonald’s, or whatever shitty dead-end job you have)


You think your smart EH


Simon sorry I forgot my name on that previous post.

As to your comments 1st Topaz decided with Gary that Alec should go long before Alec and Peter decided Gary and Topaz should be next noms. Where Alec is flawed is wasting an HOH to evict Suzette. This girl could have been in the house at 4 and couldn’t win BB. Just a terrible player. OK person but definately has a “the world owes me” and “boohoo whoo is me” perspective on life that’s pretty revolting.
And lets remember Topaz is a grown a$$ woman. If they had sex they both decided to on the feeds not just Alec. I’m with Simon I’m not so sure as well.

Every word regaurding Peter I agree with totally. A complete waste of space, Terrible social game ect. You can go a long way some seasons winning nothing and floating. Other than doctor Will I cannot think of anyone getting the votes to win using Peters strategy. And Dr. Will had a great social game. He and Boggies DR’s are some of the best ever on BB IMHO.


I remember when I thought Peer was a power player.. LOL. He might find himself in trouble if put up against Alec.

You could pull a old man jerry on Suzette it would be perfect.


“He’s a psychology student yet needs some himself!” #dead. That is so true , but i’m 99% sure they didn’t have sex last night , they wont even make eye contact lol.
I dislike all the house guests except Gary and Emmett , I especially hate Peter .. he has somehow convinced people in and outside the house he’s a good player because he says it all the time and everyone just takes his word for it , its kind of funny lol.


They didn’t have sex. She was down in the main bathroom a little later talking to Suzette about putting on the brakes because she was getting too “antsy”.


Alec is a creep


Sidebar: I haven’t heard someone describe someone as a creep in years “90s moment”. But yes he is.


Am I the only person who can’t stand AJ? I mean this kid is a fucking creep. And he sits there and has a 30 minute conversation with himself. He doesn’t deserve to be there over ANYONE. Not even Topaz. I seriously can’t stand him. FLOATER. I really wish he would leave. I can’t stand looking at him. I fucking home someone sends him the fuck home soon.


BBB – did you see the horendous yellow slime “furr ball” he spat out this morning where he was smoking? I hope someone from bb house did and makes him clean it up , yukyukyukkkkkkk


The bestplayer all round is probably jillian or emmet