8 Big Brother Canada Veterans I would’ve picked

The Big Brother Canada 5 cast reveal showed 8 returning and 8 new Big Brother Players. After going through the last 4 seasons rosters of players and seeing who they could’ve picked, we got lucky. The 8 they did are alright with some of them being great.

  1.  Kevin Martin (BBCAN3)
  2. Cindy with a S (BBCAN3)
  3. Neda Kallantar (BBCAN2)
  4. Ika Wong (BBCAN2)
  5. Gary Levy (BBCAN1)
  6. Dallas Cormier (BBCAN4)
  7. Cassandra Shahinfar (BBCAN4)
  8. Bruno Ielo (BBCAN3)

For a game with so many corporate “Twisto twists” this is pretty unfair to the unlucky 8 newbs. These twists and fan votes will almost certainly skew to the vets favour. For example. If you were goofy enough to watch the online spin off Big Brother Over the Top you’ll know how unbalancing bringing back even a single veteran can be. Actually the same went for Big Brother 18 which brought back A handful of old timers and threw in a slew of fan involve gimmicks. It created a dumpster.

Unlike previous seasons of BBUS that brought back veterans. I’m hoping they don’t include some mechanism in the game that insulates the vets from danger and forces them to work together. As Hann said in the comments on the cast reveal post and I agree with 100%, having a Vet civil war is our most ideal path to an exciting season.

With that said I thought I would compile my own list of returning houseguests. A walk down memory lane.

Lets us know your picks in the comments below.

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The “If I’m forced to pick 8 returning players this is who I would select.. har har ”

Big Brother Canada 2 Sabrina
Taken from post https://www.onlinebigbrother.com/sabrina-ika-fight-sabrina-yells-fk-model-fking-whre/

Sabrina from Big Brother Canada 2
She was great. I know we all hated her when the season was happening but look back and see the shit storm she started every day. Season 2 was so good and Sabrina had a lot to do about it. Sadly given the amount of hate the fandom threw her way I doubt we’ll ever see this BBCAN super star in the franchise again. SIGH and sad face 🙁 two times 🙁 🙁

Big Brother Canada 1 Talla

Talla From Big Brother Canada 1
“Talla Talla by the pool .. Girl what you going to do.. girl…  watcha gonna do.. .. Do a wave pool.. doa doa wave pool.. do a wave pool.. youa youa Damn fool” Back in the days when the houseguests got 26’s of hardbar players like Talla really shine..

Big Brother Canada 1 Andrew

Andrew Monaghan Big Brother Canada 1
Just plain ol’ funny to watch. Grab a JAR EH!

Big Brother Canada 3 Godfrey

Godfrey Mangwiza Big Brother Canada 3
Not seeing Godfrey as a returnee for BBCAN5 means they asked him and he said no. This guys was legendary. His cat stories were legendary. The blindside where Parhar was voted out on his Shields  butt buddies HOH was legendary.

Big Brother Canada 3 Ashleigh
Ashleigh Wood From Big Brother Canada 3
For the Hot Tub Parties

Big Brother Canada 1 Tom
Thomas “Tom” Plant from BBCAN1
Why? 2 words. “Why Not Bro”


Big Brother Canada 2 Neda
Neda Kallantar From BBCAN2
She is coming back so Hurray! It will be interesting to see what she’s like without Jon.


Big Brother Canada 1 Jillian

Jillian MacLaughlin From BBCAN1
Just to see if she can win out again. She’s a beast!



Honorable  mention 

  1. Bobby Hlad (CHOP SHOP)
  2. Rachelle Diamond (Cause Sabrina needs a fellow Goblin)
  3. Jonathan “Jon” Pardy (Drinking a 26 of whiskey in a night on the feeds deserves an award)
  4. Arlie Shaban (For the nudes)
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The ones u picked are not good I would have picked, emmett, jillian, neda , jon party, gray,

Guy from Canada

I feel like your list is more of an all stars verses the redemption players they cast.

I feel like all these players coming back this season are for redemption (did you mention that on a previous post or someone else in a thread?). An example is that Kevin had great DR’s but boring to watch on feeds. Some people like Andrew M,. Jon, Arlie, Godfrey and Sabs (loved her melt down when Jon popped out his shoulder hahaha to her and poor Jon sad face 🙁 ) was all around gold and I would say all stars. I bet if you ask Godfrey he would give you an answer to your question if he was asked, but these players are all stars material on your list. Everyone who has been brought back is questionable if they could have gotten as far as they could or failed because they got screwed over…..without the exception of Gary who really should have won BBCAN1 with his buy back twist.


The vets I would have picked… Jon Pardy, Talla, Andrew Monaghan, Heather Decksheimer, Kenny Bain, Joel Lefreve, Adel Elseri, Jordan Parhar


1000% A.J.


I would’ve liked to see Sarah miller back I loved her.