Big Brother Canada 5 Cast Initial Thoughts

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the silence lately a couple things have been going on here at the OBB Spoilers cave. I’m just catching up with what is being planned for this season of Big Brother Canada. Right off the bat I’m very happy it’s all Canadian’s this time.. Wish it was all newbs but some of these vets were favorites so it might be alright. It’s BBCAN after all so I’m expecting non stop twists and production interference. Just roll the dice now to see who wins and we’ll sit back for the next 2 months and watch the fights. 🙂

If you are in the US and want to watch the free feeds sign up to Hide my Ass VPN. It worked last year and should Work again this year. Here’s a guide Dawg wrote up showing the steps to get a VPN working.



The Newbs


William Laprise Desbiens

He’s from Quebec so should be lots of crazy fun. I’m going to have to brush up on my French.

Karen Singbeil

She’s the older mom I bet she’ll be targeted early. Her being from Vancouver Island means i’m supporting her right out of the gates. Go Karen!!



Jackie McCurrach
Red head +1
From British Columbia +1
Pizza maker +1
Looks good in a tight blue dress +1
Not a vet +1
Total = 5 OBB spoiler points

Emily Hawkin
According to her she’s “really freaking single” so the beef cakes better watch out. In her bio she said her favorite houseguests are Nikki and Joel from BBCAN4 which gives her -2 OBB Spoiler points.

Dre Gwenaelle
Awesome another Quebecer! However being a master student may dampen the crazy. I hope I’m wrong.

Demetres Giannitsos
BEEF CAKE.. .BEEFCAKE!!!! I’m expecting all sorts of awesome from this oil field Tech. He’s got big Shoes to fill though. Other notably Albertan beef cakes Thomas “Tom” Plant and Andrew Gordon were heavy weights.

Dillon Carman
My only advice to this guy would be team up with Bruno, put your chin down and punch your way to the finish line. Make my BBCAN5 dream come true.

Mark Chrysler
This looks like a Showmancer. Might need to work on his posterior chain.

The Vets

Bruno Ielo
Fan of Bruno during the train wreck that was Big Brother Canada 3. He better lay low and use the GODDAMN twists to his advantage this time around.

Cassandra Shahinfar
Didn’t really watch BBCAN4 but from what I did see she was funny. Everyone seems to love or hate her so might be alright.

Dallas Cormier
Same with Cassandra I really didn’t watch BBCAN4 from what I saw of him .. MEH.. When I first saw the last name Cormier I had a brain fart and thought Daniel Cormier you can imagine my surprise at that moment.

Gary Levy
Of course they are bringing Gary back. BBCAN1 was one of the best seasons of the show I’ve seen, had a real blast watching it (Wish a certain twin was brought back.. argh). Gary was funny on his season but I think Andrew had a lot to do with it. With that said Gary has a HUGE fan following which will skew all votes his way. I’m predicting GOLDEN edits all day every day. If they don’t get rid of him early he’ll win the game.. Never mind scratch that. Even if they do get rid of him early he’ll come back final 4 on some twist just like BBCAN1. I’m predicting Gary will win this season.

Ika Wong
She was on of the villains during Big Brother Canada 2. I hope she’s a villain again and gets voted out.

Neda Kallantar
Neda was awesome in Season 2. She is one of the few houseguests to acknowledge our sites existence. Cheering for her! GO NEDA!

Cindy with a S
Sigh…. She’s going to do something random that makes no sense which is exactly what Big Brother needs. Go Cindy with a S!

Kevin Martin
He’s a putz .. will be given a golden edit and lay around all day with in his underwear with his schlong out. Everyone will think he’s a mastermind cause he is a “Professional Poker Player”

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Do it. Cover it full treatment


I love BBCAN but perhaps you should save all your energy for BB19.

Maybe just do daily updates for BBCAN?

Terry Hawkins

Will there still be lots of video footage from the live feeds like last year? It was so awesome!


I agree!! All the best videos were here for BBCAN 4!!

Graeme Jphnspn

this is really lame , they couldn’t get a full original cast , oh well looking forward to BB US


Canada always has the best cast and the worst twists.


I hope you will still post the multiple live feed videos. This is the only site that does it well for Big Brother Canada. I always recommend this site for the excellent Big Brother Canada live feed coverage.

Botox Pelosi

Neda looks like that and is a OBB fan is all that I needed to hear. Team Neda.


Nice to see a new post up for BBCan 5! Hope all has been well Simon.

I’m wary of a mixed cast of vets and newbs (BB18 ended like a nightmare) in conjunction with BBCan’s track record of overdone twist that aid production favorites.

But here’s hoping that the vets start a civil war against each other trying to scoop up newbs to use as pawns. Apparently there is some beef going on between some of the vets. I’d love to see a newb win this season even though the stacks are against them.

Really liking William. It’s like Mitch and Raul had a baby haha. Glad that he’s not afraid to be the villain and is willing to be two-faced and backstabbing in order to win. He’s also giving me slight Aneal vibes. I just hope his accent and having to speak English all the time doesn’t hurt him.


Yeah I really think we have to have a vet, or multiple vets, pull a Dani move and start trying to take shots at each other directly or through the newbs in order to make this season great to watch. Vets steam rolling newbs is kind of a bore.

Hopefully the newbs will be smart enough to let themselves be used and then turn on the vets.


Hey Simon!! So happy you’re back!!


Going fine. I was beginning to think that you guys weren’t going to cover Canada for some strange reason because I had not seen any posts yet. I even emailed you. Glad to know all is well with you.


Hey just do what u can… dont over do it so u can be in Fill Force for BB19… but u messed up already… Sindy is with a “S”, Lmao ….


Of course they bring back Gary, the fame hungry whore. It’s gonna be 4 hours of him putting on make up to promote his “brand”….whatever that means. Gary will be dragged to F3 with twists. Mark my words!


That is why I have stopped watching each of the past two seasons about 2/3 of the way through. I know they want the “Anything can happen!” vibe but it ends up being that “Nothing can be created by gameplay” because they interfere too much IMHO.

Either way, love this site!

sunny dee

I don’t like winners coming back, and even tho he got 2nd, robbed of 1st, that’s enough for me. let the non winners all have a shot, i’m never impressed by a winner winning twice, even it one of those time is 2nd place like Dan G.

I don’t like Ika, never have, her returning to the show to do styling hasn’t improved my opinion either. I love Neda, glad she’s back, but part of her charm in her season was her inability to relax, and her over the top paranoia. her video makes her look so poised and polished, which is partly due to media appearances i guess.

Dallas looks GREAT . didn’t recognize him, hope he goes far.


He was not robbed of first…. he was gifted the win on a golden platter by production when he got to go back into the house at final 5! Which is so ridiculous and cheapens the game. Thankfully the universe wouldn’t allow it and caused topaz to mess up her vote.


love it


Simon you have done a. Wonderful Job in the past, and don’t doubt the 10-12 hour days.
Personally the only veteran that I will cheer for is Bruno, there were so many other interesting Women veterans, that they could have brought back. Cindy & Ika ugh.
Gary was funny the 1st Season, but seeing so much of him, a little but goes a long way.
I take a look at 1st couple of shows, if it goes the way it appears it could go. I will not bother to watch.


Is there any other way to watch just the show? Not that interested in the feeds, just want to watch the episodes. Was able to find them on youtube last year, but it was hard to find them .


of course get a vpn and go to globals website, watch the episodes! easy!


Google watch series big brother canada…. and pick either OR Book mark now and ur ready to go, they load links super fast, I watch from here when I work and miss an episode.
I recommend having an ad & pop up blocker. My link of choice is vidtome


I am most disappointed that Gary will be back. Loved him in his season but it gets old quick. I expect him to be over the top with his whining, kvetching and crying. Not looking forward, yet again watching him clomp around in his high boots like a 7 foot Bergen from Trolls.


how disappointing


Hi Simon, welcome back… I’ve missed you!
Question… why are email addresses required to leave comments now?
Anyhow was patiently waiting for bbcan to get here, tummy flipped in a nauseating way when I seen which vets were returning… the worst picks ever : / , except for Neda. Ughh Ika the mean girl, I still have not forgiven her for how she treated Heather.
Here’s hoping the vets get picked off fast and furious, wished they’d have brought back some NFLD-ers

another name

Thanks in advance for whatever coverage you decide on Simon! Your hard work has always been appreciated.
I’m wishing it was either all new, or all returning and not a mixture. I’m pretty much betting the first hoh will be some sort of team/pairs competition that will in theory aid the returns in making it through the first week (insert eye roll here).
Oh well, I’m pretty sure the writers have already come up with a game plan anyway, lol. I expect production interference to happen, I just hope they’ve come up with ways to make it less blatant (I can always hope?) It’s the in your face blatant interference that really gets under my skin.
Gee, I wonder if the returning hg’s that have become friends since their respective season will team up? If that happens I am expecting to see subset alliances in the vets camp like a) Neda and Ika, b) Kevin and Sindy (I’d be surprised to see a Gary/Neda alliance). But then again, I’m pretty much expecting Bruno to want to gather a testosterone heavy alliance… time will tell I guess.

Good Grief eh

So happy to see you back! This is the BEST big brother site ever. I was getting nervous that you guys were going to sit this one out. Whatever you can do will be appreciated by me (and I’m sure most of your loyal followers). I know one thing I like about your site is the interactions of the commenters so thanks for giving us a forum.

Enjoy your break Dawg and welcome back Simon.


Simon, love your sight and I hope you do some coverage at least…I know it’s a huge commitment. Not crazy about some of the vets. I hope they turn on each other right away. I really like Neda….one of the best female players of BB. Like Bruno….glad he’s back. I’m sick of Gary….hope he goes early. Cassandra might be ok. Really dislike Dallas and Ika….though she may create lot of drama…so could be interesting. Kevin…meh. Cindy with an S…meh.