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Big Brother Canada HOH/Eviction Farewell to the Boogermance

So Canada did you enjoy your HOH? We nominated Sabrina and Andrew AKA the boogermance. Jon won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it on either of the nominees. His excuse was that he felt if he used the veto he ran the risk of someone close to him going up, someone like Neda. This is because the assumption in the house is that Neda hasn’t been involved in much “Game Play” she will not be liked by Canada and would therefore have a lot of votes to be nominated. Andrew didn’t do much campaigning to stay, he stated that he loved Sabrina too much to do that.. groan. Kenny did more campaigning for Andrew than he did for himself. Sabrina did a bit of campaigning but again she said she loved Andrew too much to go against him and break their boogermance.

Big Brother HOH and Eviction results IKA vs Heather

Rachelle winning Head of Household who would have thought.. Was it really Rachelle that won though? It was actually more like Sabrina with Rachelle being given a front row ticket to watch. Sabrina talked Rachelle into nominating IKA who’s in her core alliance as the replacement nominee. By doing this Rachelle bought herself the 6th position in the first five alliance and effectively hammered the last nail in the coffin of the girls alliance. (Sarah hammered the first nail) Was it worth it? perhaps… girls alliance has always been unstable and rocky with regards to their loyalty.

Initially Ika never campaigned to stay in the house until Big Brother instructed her in the diary room to fight to stay in the house. However even after campaigning to Kenny she still figuring there was no way to convince people and so she proceeded to cause chaos.

Big Brother Eviction and HOH Spoilers Paul Vs Heather

Another week down and a very busy one at that. I remember during Big Brother US season 14 when Willie had Head of Household it felt like an entire season of game talk in one week. That’s what this week felt like, An entire season of Big Brother Canada game talk in one week. Very exciting and revealing of where the House alliances are currently standing.

The first of Five is still strong but the cracks are already starting to show. Arlie is actively talking about getting Andrew out and starting to set up a backup plan. Sarah and Kenny are also aware that Andrew will have to go sooner than later. They are nervous about how close he is with Allison and Sabrina. On the flip side Kenny thinks if Andrew goes the perceived primary physical threats will be him and Jon.

Big Brother Canada Eviction Spoilers Kyle Vs Paul

The first week of the live feeds are officially over. What did you all think? I found it exciting even though a large chunk of the feeds were blocked last weekend. It is difficult to get a feel for the “teams” with all the side alliances, fake deals and promises. It’s impossible to get a gauge on who is loyal to who. From what I can tell Andrew/Kenny are a loyal alliance (Big reveal I know), Sabrina/Sarah are a duo. Put these two parts together and sprinkle in some Arlie and you have the first 5 alliance. The official roster is Sabrina/Sarah/Kenny/Andrew/Arlie. First 5 appears to be the most loyal and Largest alliance maybe because they’ve been in power this week and the girls seem to think Andrew’s HOH power lasts another week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah is playing the boys just like the boys are playing Sabrina and Sarah. Sabrina on the other hand may be falling for the Andrew/Kenny cuddling.

Big Brother Canada Season 2 First ‘Live’ Eviction

Yesterday we watched the premiere of Big Brother Canada Season 2 and found out that this year one of the twists is to have a 15th player voted into the house out of a potential 3.
Scott A drag queen, Nate the sheet metal worker and Alison psychiatric nurse are the pics. There is also a series of “Twisto Twists” which I place a curse upon.

Paul won the first HOH and proceeded to get a terrible case of HOHitus. The first 12 hours of the feeds was packed full of him making deals and talking game. Paul nominated Anick and Andrew, His reason was Anick was the first Girl to get off the ice block during the HOH competition. Andrew was the first Boy off.

Big Brother 15 Finale Results and Discussion

After what is arguably one of the most controversial seasons of Big Brother we have made it to finale night where either Andy Herren, Ginamarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson will be crowned the winner and be awarded the $500,000 grand prize. Spencer is known for breaking the record for the number of times on the block as a pawn and by managing to not be evicted 8 times. Ginamarie is best known this season for [...]


Tonight will be the second Double Eviction of Big Brother 15 which will bring the number of house guests down from 7 to 5. Double eviction episodes are always a huge surprise as everything happens so fast and there next to no time to campaign or conspire.

2AM Alliance + Elissa formerly known as 3AM - Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Andy (Who is faking being with them) all believe they are going to blindside Spencer, Ginamarie and Judd by evicting Spencer.

The Exterminators Alliance - Andy, Ginamarie, Judd and Spencer all believe they are going to blindside Amanda, McCrae and Elissa by evicting Amanda.

The Exterminators Plan for Tonight – Andy has been lying to Elissa, Amanda & McCrae all week telling them he is voting with them to vote out Spencer, when he will actually vote out Amanda. McCrae and Elissa will be voting to evict Spencer.

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