Zach – “There’s going to be some big moves to come.. Jaw droppers”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

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Teasing Brittnee and Godfrey about having a showmance. Britntee says there will be no GodBe

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 20-32-06-901

11:34pm everyone in the backyard.. teasing around. Bobby again has his foot front and centre.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-21 20-49-45-724

11:47pm They get nachos and Beer.

Sindy – Big brother Gave me a secret mission to do a pageant 101 class and every single one of you have successfully completed it . So the entire house gets Nachos and Drinks

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 21-01-58-140


Everyone divulging a secret

Pilar – I had 5 ducks while living in mexico I hated them but my mom love them
Asheligh – I still sleep with my baby blanket
Willow – I was proposed to and I said no
Bobby – I can solve a rubik’s cube in less that 2 minutes
Bruno – I’m a Doctor
he laughs says he’s not
Godfrey – Brittnee’s got nice t1ts
Brittnee covers up
Jordan – The first stuff animal I owned was a teddy bear I named is cock a not
Sarah – I don’t like clowns
Kevin – I have a stuffed pig for 6 or 7 years.. I brought him here they said he couldn’t come here
Zach – I word with my dad on cars.. my summer car is a 500 hp toyota Supra
Bruno tells them about being top ranked player in Dark ages of Camelot
Sindy – my actual occupation is I’m an assisted directory for a cruise ship

Jordan gets up and give them a impersonation of Graig when he told them he was a retired professional Baseball player.

They move to telling each other something they miss while being in the Big Brother House

Pili 2

Random laughs going on .. Pili getting a bit tipsy, bonks Sindy in the head.

Pili piggy backs Ashleigh

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Ugh….I love that Zach and JP are completely blinded by their own arrogance….all the more hilarious when the door hits Jordans ass on the way out! Haha…honestly I cannot wait for that smug smile to be wiped off of “Captain Canadas” stupid awkward face!! Go Sarah and Sindy!!!


WOOT cannot wait for the biggest blindside of the SEASON, in fact this blindside might be in the top 3 of bbcan of all time. this is what happens when you are TOO cocky and think every houseguest is a complete idiot. they shouldve realized when britney got out graig that not everyone (aka pilar and ashleigh and willow) are here to faun over them. Jordan messed up big time, not only by throwing the veto, but by being so cocky all season. Good players are ALWAYS nervous, period.


They broke rule #1 … Never ever Underestimate your Opponent
Zack seems to be a narcissist
JP is just a plain ol arrogant immature little weasel
Also the Girls(ash n pili) aren’t gonna feel quit so safe
Their men have failed them! LOL
They better stop sucking face n play the game.


Well Well … If JP goes tomorrow it will be epic!
That should lighten the freakin out of control alliances.
What is JP in? Seven (7) aliances?
Plus it looks as if the Chop Shop has been officially busted…
But… It isn’t over till JP drags his jaw through the door
I can’t wait!


They both have delusions of grandeur. I’m so excited for the blindside!


YAYYY the game just got 100X more exciting. LOVE SSB, slay girls slayyyyy. Lovin Godfrey, he’s friken hilarious but actually pretty smart and witty, Bruno’s great as well.


YESSSSSSSSSsssss! Bruno finally saw the light! He is now my top pick to win the game. JP this week and Zach next week. LOL – Newport was a delusional and pathetic little thing wasnt it…. Cant wait to see their redneck faces when power is usurped!!!!! JP is now alltime top 2 big brother canada losers, second only to Alec Biel.

Alec Tryhard Beal

Alec is such a freaking tool man! lol. Totally unaware of how much of an ass he is.


He is slightly more aware since Judd put him on twitter blast this week for the world to see what a clown, poser coattail rider Alec is

Alec TryHard Beal

I saw a bit of Judd talking about Alec on Twitter, but I can’t tell what it was about. Do you have any more details?


I agree, but in what position is Judd to tell Alec he’s irrelevant, him and the entire BB15 cast are just a bunch irrelevant and annoying fame-whores.

King Silva

Wow this eviction is going to be PRICELESS!

I am fan of JP/Zach but they were WAY too cocky so JP’s eviction is going to be crazy to watch. The funny and ridiculous thing is that Zach was HOH AND won the f*cking POV!

WTF were they thinking?

Epic BB History!

Lmao JP and Zach’s huge ass egos blinded them and they were way too stupid to see that Bruno had them all figured out.


I’m also a Zach fan, and yet I also agree it’s gonna be a great blindside. But I disagree about the cockiness & arrogance. I think if you watch the feeds carefully you’ll see Zach is very well aware that he will be a huge target throughout the game. That is the exact reason he tried to take the safe route this week.





I really, really hope it is a “jaw-dropper”. I hate the way the houseguests always vote “with the house”.
It will be fantastic to see a true blindside come up. It’s been a long time since that has happened. Please don’t let anybody say anything to Jordan ahead of time.


Oh there darn sure are going to be some jaw droppers Zach. 😉 Can’t wait to see the look on Zach and JPs faces. Going to be major ecstasy. Btw SO glad this season is finally picking up serious momentum.


yes….thanks to zach and jp this week is set up for a really big move.

just not the one they expected

shoulda stuck with the plan and the alliance i guess huh zach?? since you aren’ t playing for hoh next week and we are due for a double eviction

wham bam pawns go home is rule numero uno


Zack how can you say this is the best season ever! You have done absolutely nothing in this game but be arrogant and cocky. This season WILL BE THE BEST SEASON EVER When your ass and Jordan’s ass are out the door. Let’s hope the BBCAN gods don’t do anything to mess up this MOST boring season ever ( and by gods I mean production) by NOT sending Jordon out the door on Wednesday. Jordon has to go and so does Zack and then maybe this season can be saved from pure boredom.


You guys are SO right…there are some big moves to be made….


I dont know why but im soo nervous that were all wanting jp gone and to find out tommrw that he stays. Im really tentative and scared because i just cannot trust production and houseguest just looking at past bbus seasons. I know its bbcan but i cannot help but think he might not go


Production interference at this moment would be just stupid. I know a lot of us here would tune in tonorrow night to witness the biggest blindside in the history of BBCAN. I know I will. Why would they ruin that? I see no chance of production ruining that, unless they somehow favor Jordan and wants him longer in the house


Newport is the new Shield.


Alec and Peter would never put each other on the block unless they had plans to change the noms post veto. At least they understand that.


I think at this point, if production wanted to interfere they would have told Cindy she couldn’t vote. They did confirm with her that she would be voting, so I guess unless one of them backs out, JP will be dragging his sorry conceited ass out the door. Then, and only then will we see some honest emotion as he lays his head on Arisa’s shoulder and cries like a baby.


Fricken awesome. We didn’t need canada to be the hoh to get this party started. Can’t wait to see the live feeds and zacks diaper alliance spin this. G needs to win put up pil and ash, hope z first play veto and backdoor him. Who in the }^* does he think he is to decide that Bruno needs to go home cause he has a family. Sindy with S is my new hero. Thought she might be Allison from last year. So j thought if she won hoh she would come running to him to ask what she would do. The women this year ate some of the best so far. It’s them who r informing the guys!!! Love it. I will admit I was of the first to comment and predicted sahar would go first!!! So glad I was wrong.


So glad you were wrong too!!


I cannot wait for tonight! Please Lord don’t let production (or Bobby, or Godfrey) f**k this up in any way shape or form!

Omg. Bruno give it a break! Why are you still trying to think of how to get rid of Sarah? He must be really afraid of sitting next to her in a Final 2.

It will be interesting how the dynamics of the house shift after the eviction tonight. And it could be a DE tonight as well! That would throw the Diapers way off.


Think this is the first time this season that Chop Shop has had a clue, but Bruno still has the Sarah blinders on.
Otherwise the convos between God & Bru are amazingly accurate.
The comments by Zach & Jordan are amazingly embarrassing.
No double evic tonight. They would have announced that a week ago for ratings grab.


Seriously, I did not write this. I think it is pathetic how some people will try anything for attention.


I’m so glad you realize how pathetic you are acting child. Instead of trying to pretend to be other people, you should work on yourself and improve your comments. The ones you’ve been posting as me are not funny or intelligent at all.


God: id throw my cat under the bus!!! Lol


That makes two of us. I can’t stop smiling, literally!

Epic BB History!

For such a superfan JP has to be one of the most idiotic players in BB history! It is going to be one of the best moments in BB history to see this doofus out the door tomorrow night! Him and captain arrogance are so blinded by their own huge egos that they can’t see that there are smarter people in this house and that they saw right through the plan!!! Who the fuck would ever throw a veto??? Oh wait mad scientist super genius Jordan did LOL, every BB historic player would laugh in your face to think you’re a superfan. Furthermore this is karma on your douchy part JP for hitting below the belt in the DR about Bruno’s kid, that’s just disgusting and immoral, GTFO your pick and go see a psychiatrist because you obviously have issues you need to resolve over jocks and whomever picked on you in HS…


JP just did a monologue in the pantry about the next few weeks. The big movers this week are doing a good job feeding his ego.

Big brother basics about the block:
Never volunteer to go up on the block.
Never be confident you are safe on the block
Always campaign when you’re on the block
Fight for POV when you’re on the block


On his way out tomorrow (if Jordan does leave), I really hope he blows up The Chop Shop (since maybe he would think it was The Chop Shop voting him out). So that way, Bobby/Bruno/Godfrey would have no choice but to join forces with Sarah/Sindy/Brittnee. I know it’s not the best shape of a team for us, but just for the time being, it’s the only one that could actually work that DOES NOT involve Zach!


Tommorrow is going to be the best episode I hoping jordan goes I hate cocky

another name

so, how often have Zach and Jordan taken credit for everything that every player does in the game? now here is Jordan whispering a plea to Canada to make bobby use his secret veto power (that is fake right?) because the chop shop has been running the show and he’s so powerless. he calls this out to the feeders that have watched his ego grow with every second. wow, apparently everyone is an idiot that watches feeds as well as being old and bitter in their basements.
not a fan of the chopshop. never was. but Jordan… come on. you professed to be the evil mastermind everyone would love in your bio. guess the love part was supposed to happen second half of the season? great strategy to start. got cocky. got over-confident. got stupid. learned nothing. his big change in gameplan is to have 2 100% loyalties. nice math. hoping 5-4 will be tomorrow’s math lesson now even more.


The ‘Brain’ got brainwashed by the ‘Brawn’. Sad.

another name

darn it Bruno. I wanted to root for you again. and then you had to say ‘hey if we can get kevin in then we can pick off the girls.’ with the added ‘sarah’s poison.’
please Bruno, shut up and let the moment happen before you act out like a rainman neanderthal and ruin the joy. let me like you for a day. sheesh.

Beast Mode Cowboy

LOL – the guy is a construction worker from Ottawa, cut him some slack. He is cool.

another name

as soon as he says “wow, you girls just saved my game. thanks cindy britt and sarah,” i’ll cut him some slack.


I highly encourage everyone to watch the Bruno and Godfrey conversations about the rats around his place in Zimbabwe. Fucking hilarious, I was laughing so hard. I’m really really starting to like God and Bruno… I hope they stick with SSB (Bobby I don’t care too much about).


As long as God sticks with SSB they’ll be okay without Bruno.


The rat story starts at 38 minutes (in the 50 minute video) and goes for 2 minutes. I can’t believe the story… I wish I was there laughing with them. Hahaha


So in monday’s episode Godfrey threw bruno and/or bobby under the bus….
(i forget to who)
I dont keep up with the feeds alot but how comes godfrey is back in with them now and bru and bobby are voting to keep him? Does bruno and bobby not know that godfrey did that?


It doesn’t matter at this point that he did that. The B-Headers need him for their game at this point.


Unless that twit ashleigh wins hoh, Zach is out the door. He reminds of James Rhine, having alliances with anyone and anything, including the kitchen sink, the toliet, trash can, etc.

Jordan Never volunteer to go up on the block.

Kevin is playing a similar game to Zack, just not as overt.

Britnee and Bobby “showmance” is hilarious. Girl he is using u.

Lastly, Sindy got game, and Godfrey. Godfrey plays only when he needs to. Even the Great Dr. Will said there is nothing wrong with coasting when need be. I’m proud of these two.

Rip in jp, your boy Zach will follow soon.


I’m so excited for tmr. I would have liked to see JP turn on Zach eventually…but I want Godfrey to stay tmr. I need the screen to be split 5 ways tmr, I wanna see (ashleigh, zach, JP, Kevin and Willow’s faces at the same time). Pilar’s reaction will be useless, she is out of touch in the game, she already always so ‘shocked’ when Kevin tells her basic info about the game. Lol @ Kevin laughing off Godfrey’s pitch (godfrey should have not told Kevin anything) today. Kev didn’t take it too seriously, i wonder if he will tell jp/zach. I think JP/Zach will brush it off since later on in the day Godfrey told Zach/JP that “he knows he’s going home”. hahah Godfrey and his theatrics


This is going to be good… Thank you Simon/Dawg… I cannot wait for this…

Me = Giddy!


Did I miss something/ or miss hear something….? I thought I heard Bobby tell Bruno that he told Zach he has a veto for three weeks….. Is this an “Adel” move??? Telling his Veto lasts longer than it does….more powerful that it is???? And when did he get the “special” veto….if he did? When he was in lockdown with Sindy??? I might just be hearing things…but it was around the time they made the “decision” to vote JP out…or specifically… Just before Godfrey came into the room…. Anyone confirm this?

another name

I THINK it’s an adel move…. but no one knows what happened in the end of the vault challenge because they cut the feeds.


Sindy went from most hated to a F beast in a short time. HAHAHA

Bye Bye Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t stand him and Zach. BAMMM


Tonight this looks like this will become a great night for reality TV. Between what looks like an explosive episode of Survivor and the hype of the new twist of that show coming tonight and of course what could be the biggest blindside of BBCAN, i have my popcorn and beer ready for tonight!


I kind of f*cking love Godfrey, he is hilarious and makes great TV. CAN’T wait for this blindside hahahaha


Jordan joins them says “The obituary of Godfrey Mangwiza”

Wonderful Eugooglizing there JP. Doubtful you will have time to come up with your own so we will give that honor to Arisa.


You missed my favourite part of the night!

When Godfrey joined Zack & JP in the pantry and told them he knows he’s going home, and that he has no hard feelings. It was flawless, and I’ve never had more respect for Godfrey in this game. And JP and Zach ate it right up, and proceed to call him a great guy. I can’t wait for tonight!



now that is what i would call jaw dropping