Zach says I’m over it! I’m going to blow up the bomb squad! And I don’t even care!

POV Holder: Devin Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 23-35-27-608

11:35pm In the havenot bedroom – Victoria and Zach are laying in one of the beds together. Victoria is telling him about how scared she is of Devin. She explains how she was doing the dishes and Devin came up to me and said if you want to talk its only now. So I went up to talk with him. Victoria says then he told me that I walk around the house like a princess and that I act like I’m entitled. She says then he told me that you and I have a problem. I told him that is between Zach and me. Zach says yeah and we’re good now. Victoria says and then he tells me that I demand things and tell people what to do. I don’t to that. I asks people can you get me this or grab me that. Then he brings up when he called me Vicky, he said I gave him the stink eye. Victoria says I have never been physically scared of someone before. She says he just kept contradicting himself. Victoria says who are you to discipline me? Are you my Father? My Mother?! Who are you!? Victoria says I really hope he touches someone .. just like this because then he will be done! Zach says done! Victoria says I have never been so scared of someone before! I don’t even care about being a havenot – I love you and Derrick. Victoria says if he wins the POV next week we’re f**ked! Zach says Devin contradicts himself everyday. Devin walks in and says that he’s just trying to figure out who’s still awake. Zach says I don’t even care if he wants to put me up he can. Victoria says he’s not going to put you up. Victoria and Zach head to the kitchen because she wants slop.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 23-34-01-321

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11:50pm In the living room – Christine, Hayden, Nicole and Pow Pow are chatting about random things. Devin walks through and Hayden asks him what the POV name was? Devin says “BB Mission Control”. Hayden mentions that he thinks America will be one of the HOH’s this season and get to nominate two people. Devin comments that Derrick said they did that in Big Brother Canada where they nominated two people. The conversation turns to talking about kissing ears and Hayden says if any girls tongue is near my ear I would kick her out of bed and say get the hell out of my house. Nicole says you just dropped in my books. Pow Pow says yeah I haven’t done it .. s-e-x.. in a really long time! Christine jokes that she hasn’t either. Brittany says yeah I went out of business. Hayden says I like to go really really fast! Brittany says oh Hayden. Hayden says if we’re going to get down, lets get down to business. I like foreplay and all but it gets boring. Five minutes is cool. The girls says oh okay we thought you meant like 30 seconds. Pow Pow asks can I ask you a personal question how many people have you been with? Hayden says I don’t want to say with cameras on me. Pow Pow says well I’m a virgin. Hayden says I know that’s a lie. You already said you’re good at it and its your only attribute. Brittany notices that they backyard is open so they head outside. Nicole asks me talking about that stuff does that make me not innocent? Hayden says yeah you’re not innocent.

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12:25am Victoria and Zach head into the hive room. Zach says I just open my mouth too much. Zach comment that Devin has it out for me and you. It just depends on who he wants to go after. Zach tells her that Devin said of the girls only you and Brittany have the balls to go after him. Victoria says I just don’t want to go because of him. Zach says yeah that would suck. They leave the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 00-22-19-430

12:27am Nicole is laying in the hammock by herself and says I think Hayden is kind of cute.. Christine joins her. Christine tells Nicole that Brittany made a deal with Devin and he’s going to put Victoria up and send her home. Hayden joins them. Nicole tells Hayden you know you’re my favourite guy in the house. Victoria joins them. She tells them her conversation with Devin. Victoria says he said I act entitled and that its his job to discipline me to show me what nothing feels like. And that’s why I’m a havenot. Nicole says oh my god! Victoria says I really want to fire Devin up so that he hits me and get evicted. Victoria says he wants me out.. yeah that’s a big power move.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 00-28-21-579

12:40am – 12:55am Derrick and Zach are in the hive room talking about how Devin doesn’t trust him (Zach). Zach says he won’t even talk to me or look at me. Zach says I was just talking to Christine and I told her I’m blowing up the bomb squad. Zach says I am over it! I am going to blow up the bomb squad! And I don’t even care! Derrick says just try not to throw me and Cody under the bus. Zach says I am just going to stay up to think about how to get out of this mess. Zach says that clearly Caleb is the one that went to Devin to tell him that I was talking sh*t about him. AND Caleb was right there talking shit too! Derrick says I trust you and I like you .. before you are going to do something just run it by me and Cody. I’ll tell you if you’re making a good decision or a bad decision. Derrick says I wanted to win that HOH. I’m not an a$$ clown. Derrick says after we talk to Brittany we’ll decide whether or not we trust her. She was up there for over an hour .. she made a deal with him.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 00-43-52-070

1am Christine, Nicole, Derrick, Victoria and Hayden are laying out by the hammock. Victoria heads inside. Derrick says I think she is in trouble of going home. I just don’t have the heart to tell her. Devin put her on slop. He hates her and Brittany. Hayden says if he changes it at all that means his target has changed. Derrick says I think the next HOH is going to be endurance. Caleb joins them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 01-19-27-510

In the havenot room – Devin and Caleb you two only care about each other and not the rest of us. I’m going to expose the bomb squad. I will call a house meeting without Devin and Caleb. And you and Cody will be there but won’t know anything about it. Derrick asks so you’ll throw Frankie under the bus? Zach says yes. Zach says you’ll be shocked. Zach says I’ll be like I am over it! Devin’s a liar. Caleb’s liar. Next week I will tell them to put me on the block with someone like Hayden. Then we throw the battle of the block so we’re the only ones up on the block. We then back door Devin or Caleb. Everyone wants them out anyway. Derrick says I will think about what you’ve said. I’ll never give you a snap answer. Derrick says he doesn’t think Devin is who he says he is. I think he was a pro ball player that made decent money. Derrick asks Do you want to be the guy that sucked d**k the whole time or do you want to go out swinging. Zach says you already know my answer to that question. Derrick says you could go down as one of the best players of all time. Once Devin and Caleb are out, you’ll be fine. Derrick says I like what you’re thinking and I’ll tell Cody to see what he’s thinking. Derrick says that Victoria is a virgin. Zach asks really? Derrick says yeah she lead a very sheltered life. I think if we keep her we can get her to vote our way. She adores me and I am more certain about having her vote. Derrick and Zach leave the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 01-23-49-529

1:40am – 2pm Brittany joins Derrick by the hammock and he asks her if she had to sell her soul to the devil. Brittany says no. What did he tell you? Brittany says just why he put me up and why I’m in this situation. Brittany says I am just done with this game. Derrick tells her to just be careful of what you tell him because he will use it against you. If you stay on the block with Pow, I am 90 % sure you’re staying. Even if he puts you up with Victoria, I think you have the votes to stay. Brittany says he promised me that he wouldn’t put anyone else up with me. Derrick says he wouldn’t put any of us up. There are all these other strong guys that I’m close to who would go after him if he did. Brittany says I am telling you right now if I am gone and POW is here. Don’t trust her. If I come off I am voting to evict Pow. Derrick tells Brittany I know without a doubt in my mind he made a deal with you. Whether or not you want to admit it I know he made a deal with you. Brittany says he threw Pow under the bus. Derrick says that motherf**ker! Brittany says you can’t tell anyone. Derrick says you can’t make it through this game without trusting someone. Derrick says I know what’s going on .. Devin threw POW under the bus. He is going to take you off and put up Victoria to send her home. Brittany agrees that’s what happened. Derrick says BUT here’s the thing we’re going to send POW home. Brittany tells him he cant say anything to anyone or I’ll go home. Pow Pow joins them and the conversation ends.

2:25am Out on the backyard lounger – Caleb talks about how shaddy Devin has been acting. You don’t call your enemy up to the HOH room right after you wanted her out. Caleb and Cody both agree that they would rather have Victoria go. Caleb says what is going to blow up is that Devin promised Pow Pow he was going to take her off and now he’s not. Brittany comes back out and sits by Caleb and Cody. Caleb asks did you get offered a deal of a life time today. Brittany says no. We just talked about why he wants me out. Cody asks you were up there for a while, you couldn’t get anything worked out? Brittany says no he wants me gone.

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After Jocasta’s visibility yesterday when things are not happening much, she has disappeared again, right when people are scrambling and game playing. As of now, she’s my favorite entertainment, it’s like where’s waldo in Big Brother house. :)))))

Allison Grodner

That’s only because she’s seen previous seasons and knows that the only time I’ll give her air time is when she’s talking about the bible or doing something bad, so that I can juxtapose those 2 moments next to each other to make her look crazy. It’s been working out pretty well for me over the past few seasons.


Are you sure she’s still there? She could have gone out to the store and not come back yet…who would know?


Devin has nothing to lose by taking Brittany off the block: he already knows she won’t be voted out, make as well try to take the credit of “saving” her.

It’s funny reading about people complaining how Devin’s not talking things over with their alliance; as if they’re sharing their plans with him about getting him evicted and what his thoughts are.

Not a Devin fan but also not a Devin hater/basher. There always seems to be a person each season that are shunned and this I’ve never enjoyed when everything is just piled on. After awhile, it just gets old

My final 3: Zach, Brittany, and Hayden..


I agree there’s been a unnecessary amount of ganging up on Devin and it’s old. The way Cody sat outside last week early in the morning talking about Devin with Brit with seating hate was beyond game play. It was like he killed his entire family. Seeing all this directed at him only makes me root for him more.


Does Jacosta ever do or say anything? Is she still in the house? Never hear a word about her.


Jocasta is one of the twists this season, whoever sees her will be given the secret power of veto. :))))


jacosta or Donny is going to win this year….

grizzle t

Im starting to like zach. He seems to have the right idea of what to do but he needs to not tell every single person in the house. i hope donny can come up with some big game moves in the coming weeks too. thanks dawg and simon for everything you do on here.

Allison Grodner

More importantly, why aren’t my contestants getting naked yet? Find us the good stuff, Dawg

Will Work for Food

Cracks me up every time it shows Zach on CBS & underneath his pic the crawler says “unemployed”. Now there’s a dude that isn’t fronting. Hey Dawg, does this group stay up as late as previous casts have ?? cuz usually that’s when the “real” game play happens. The old adage “you snooze, you lose” almost always applies to Big Brother !!

Delilah Jones

Zach is starting to freak out, and needs to calm the heck down. I am hoping that Derrick can make him realize that outing the alliance is not a good idea.

I thing Derrick is playing an excellent game, and I am officially team Derrick, Cody, and Zach


yea the sooner devin goes the better hopefully they BD him next week and then hopefully the rest of the bomb squad can make it to the finals i’d hate to see another moving company i’d loe to see another brigade


Zach, no!!! I was obsessed with this season (mainly cause I love Zach and was hoping for Zankie to become romantic). Now I’m afraid to watch… It went from super fun to extremely depressing… Awful day 🙁


Talk about a floater.


Blow up the bomb squad. Maybe the blast will blow Caleb and Devin’s *SS out the door!


Devin’s not going anywhere. I think that when the show has proven shit stirrers, (Rachel,Britney, Russell), they’ll help with strategy and sound bites to make those people even more popular or polarizing. I’d rather see Caleb go, he just bugs me. Jocasta not getting alot of airtime is probably a blessing, (Ha!), b/c I can’t with those bow ties.


That’s what I’m afraid of, that production will do everything to stack the odds on Devin’s favor.


You can only be courageous and comfortable for so long. i’m rooting for these boys to take Devin down. Confront and fight the fight!!

I wonder how Frankie will react when Cody puts him on blast. He’ll probably pee himself a little and try to gain their trust. I would!

Jocasta who! She’s still ghostin’ on by lol like la da de da dee.
Donny’s been M.I.A too! Good.

Great for Brittany as well to confront and converse with the house. She saved herself. Something a lot of evicted houseguests in the past fail to do early in the game including Ms. Joey. She has to win POV.

Powpow? Girl, bye.


Bye Bye Brittany or Victoria!!!!


Devin reminds me of my father. I can understand how people dont like him. He is totally unreasonable, he doesnt behave like a normal RATIONAL person. He constantly flip flops on his word, all you have to do is hint at a possible problem in his plan and he will flip. He lacks any rational sense, its really quite hard to live with a person like him. I feel bad for his daughter, its going to be tough to love him but in the end he cant help himself and doesn’t mean any intentional harm.


You dont have that right to judge him as father or relate him to do not know him ..its getting sickening that you people think you know this man personally..


Devin’s been paranoid since day one. He is condescending, no one can reason with him and his game-play certainly sucks. He’s a walking time-bomb – What else is there that we need to know.


You still dont know him personally … all of those points are in game Devin..we dont know what hes like outside the house


He’s the type to fuck things up and try to fix it later, but by then its too late. while he believes everything is OK.


I just hope Britanny and Victoria are safe this week.

I hope Devin realizes what is going on and put Cody, Derrick or Zack


Zach is losing it. Normally that would insure you’re the next to go. But with this BS alliance it may work in his favor. Aside from Caleb/Amber the rest of the BS can use him to do their dirty work. What would I love to see next week? Brit and Zach as HOH. Brit puts up Caleb and Pow Pow (if she’s still there) and Zach puts up Devin and Amber. Devin and Amber would probably win BotB but take Caleb away from Devin and Amber and you take away their power. How fun would that be to watch?


I don’t understand, what benefit does zach get by blowing up the BS. Doesn’t that create a target on his back because he just exposed himself into being in an almost all boys alliance to the rest of the house guest while throwing some of his allies under the bus. This move makes no sense. It’s better just to sit the “other haft” down and say he doesn’t want an alliance or don’t even tell them at all put them up. If the other side throws a fit they basically bury themselves by yelling and screaming that they were in an alliance and if Devin, Caleb say something about being in an alliance just deny it. The houseguest believe there delusional anyways.


“The BS” what a fitting set of initials to describe the bomb squad alliance.

fabio sucks

i hope next year they do a season like survivor blood vs water! danielle reyes already said that she would love to come back if she was with a family member or friend from BB3.


Zach is in the hammock and losing it again. Told Frankie he wants to verbally attack Devin so Devin will lose it and punch him. If the alliance doesn’t want Zach to go over the edge they need to have someone with him at all times to talk him down. Zach on slop and no sleep is a blowup ready to happen.


I say keep pow pow and next HoH put her and devinto up together she will mess it all up and they will still be on the block. this year is somewhat boring.
very greatful no bromance


There will be sparks flying when pow pow finds out that devin is not going to take her off the chopping block, or even considering not taking her off after she threw the Battle for him. Telling BOTH NOMS that they will be taken off the block is plan stupid and will allow the whole household to give them even more amo to distrust and dislike him. Way too early for this and way too many people in the house to think he will not be caught and have this blow up in his face


Can someone verify that Victoria actually did dishes? Is that her new game strategy to pretend she is just a regular Jane?


Wait, are we letting Zach get a pass on once again bad mouthing another woman? First Victoria and now Pow. So when he does it, it’s not bullying. I guess talking horrible about someone behind their back is better than just being an aggressive big guy. Everyone is afraid of Devin hurting them, right. Yet Zach is ready to insult him as a parent to get hit. If you are afraid of someone, you don’t antagonize them.


The Devin bashing is getting old and tired. These people are so retarded everyone is disloyal to each other but when Devin does it its a HUGE deal.


I disagree with that. Devin brings people into his alliance with out consulting his alliance, who does that? THEN not only does he make a deal with Pow , now he makes one with Brittany and still not talking to his alliance about it first. Funny how hes “all about the alliance” yet he makes a deal with Brittany to keep himself safe for a week not his alliance. SO its not so much the disloyalty , its also the way you go about it. Then not only does he tell Donny the CIA agent (lols) that hes sorry, he has a whole house meeting about it instead of just leaving it as is with your apology to Donny. smh