Caleb says Devin wanted BRIT out & now he’s making deals with her. He’s going home next week!

POV Holder: Devin Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 21-26-03-706

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9:20pm – 10pm Brittany and Devin continue to talk in the HOH room. Brittany says that he is playing his own game. She says that she tried to congratulate her and you shut me down. I said I wanted to look at the pictures and you wouldn’t let me. Devin says I want you to know that the day I walked in I was a big target due to my physical size. Devin asks Brittany if he uses the veto on her would she stay loyal to him for the rest of the game? Brittany says I can as long as you don’t go against me or get in my way. Devin tells that she is hard to read just like she says that he is. Devin says if I won HOH I would not put you up. If I won the veto I would take you off. Devin says Brittany this is a game! Devin says this is a tv show, its a tv show, its a game!! Brittany says I know. Brittany tells him that a lot of people are not happy with the way he speaks and talks to them. Devin says see there you go Brittany you’re talking for other people …you’re putting your foot in your mouth. I don’t care what people think or say about me. Brittany tells him that if he uses the veto on her she would be ecstatic. If I stay and win HOH I won’t put you up. I can’t say that I would be in an alliance with you but.. Devin says I’m not asking you for an alliance. Brittany says its just too early and things change every day. Brittany calls Devin out for making face, what are the faces for?! I just said I wouldn’t put you up if I win HOH. Brittany says that obviously the whole house wants me here. Devin talks to her about how she is a huge threat and he would be stupid to not send her out. Its hard to trust you, because its hard to read you. Devin and Brittany shake on her not going after him or nominating him if he saves her with the veto. Devin then tells her that Pow Pow threw the battle of the block competition. I don’t want you to go down there and make a scene. I told you this to see if I can trust you. If I take you off, and put up Victoria ..who would you vote out? Brittany says it doesn’t matter to me. I would do whatever you want. Devin says I want you to do what’s best for your game. Brittany asks why are you doing this? Devin says an enemy would do so much more to prove their loyalty but a friend will get jealous and turn on you. Devin tells her if it comes down to it and you’re on the block I will do what I can to save you. Brittany promises that she won’t go after him and will try to keep him safe if she can. Devin tells her that she is a 10, you’re beautiful and the full package. Devin apologizes for the first week he she that his meds were off and he was really emotional.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 21-23-57-271
In the Hive room – Christine, Nicole, Amber, Cody and Caleb are talking. The camera switch to Zach and Frankie in the storage room. Zach is freaking out about how Devin said he doesn’t trust him. Zach wants to know who said something about me? Frankie sasy no one said anything about you, it was you. Zach asks what did I say that was so bad. Frankie says its you, he doesn’t trust you because of you. Zach asks why? Frankie says you told him that you wanted to go against what he wanted to do. Frankie asks why aren’t you lying!? Why aren’t you lying to him! WHy are you telling him the truth! You need to start lying. The whole house doesn’t trust him. Frankie and Zach hug. Zach tells Frankie that he trusts him with his life.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 21-35-00-410
9:35pm – 9:50pm In the hive room – Caleb and Zach are talking about how Deivn told him he doesn’t trust him. Zach says the last few days things have been weird. He won’t even look me in the eye. Caleb says what the heck is his problem. I think all of us should just go against him… well no because he is taking her off the block. Caleb says he is up to something and he’s not asking anyone in the alliance. Zach says everything he’s done has only been his decision. Zach says clearly he has your back over everyone else’s back. That’s all fine and dandy for you. I will be honest I trust him and think he will do what’s best for the squad. I am just very confused and skeptical about what he is doing in our alliance. Caleb says I won’t put him up, but I will vote him out in the diary room. Frankie joins them. Caleb says Devin is freaking me out. Frankie says he is just bugging out with the power right now. Zach thinks that Devins plan was to take of Pow but Frankie and Caleb correct him and tell him that’s not the plan any more. He is taking Brittany off, putting up Victoria and sending her home. Caleb says that Devin wanted Brittany out and now he’s up there making deals with her. Zach says I am just going to keep my mouth shut, I am safe this week. I don’t care. Zach says I will do whatever it takes to gain back his trust. Frankie explains to Caleb why Devin doesn’t trust Zach. Caleb says so he doesn’t trust you Zach because you wanted to go against his decision to get out Brittany and now he is up there making deals with her. Caleb says Devin is going home next week. I don’t like that he is up there making deals with out asking the alliance. Frankie says all he does it make himself look more and more erratic. Caleb, Derrick and Zach talk. Zach says that each one of us in the bomb squad have side deals. None of us are being 100% loyal.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 21-40-38-000

Victoria talks to Frankie in the hive room. She says obviously he is sending me home. Victoria comments on how the girls are afraid of him.. of course we’re not going to admit it. Who’s scared of me?! Victoria says all he had to say is that he’s sorry and he didn’t realize it. Frankie and Victoria leave the room and he decides to go lay down.

10:20pm In the HOH – Devin tells Brittany that the others will have your back too. Devin tells her that he really wants to be able to meet up with her and Hayden outside the house. That is what means more to me. Devin says dude just know that I am sorry for things that I’ve said to you and other people. I am ecstatic that we are able to talk to each other and put all that in the past. Because you know what I am sorry. And if that thing hangs around your next this week I will have your back all the way into jury and I’ll be cheering you on the whole way. Brittany asks if people ask what we talked about what should I say? Devin says we just talked about our differences. Brittany says I won’t say anything to Pow either. Devin says please don’t. If I do use it I kind of want it to be a surprise for you. I am kind of certain it will be used on you. They hug and apologize for the past. Devin then tells her the veto WILL hang on your neck. I don’t want you to stress or worry.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 22-23-38-830

In the storage room – Frankie says no more slow and steady wins the race. I am going for it because no ones safe any more. Brittany comes in and Zach asks her what she was talking about with Devin. Brittany says that they just talked about their differences. She says and that’s about it. Zach asks but what did he say exactly? Was he offering you deals. Brittany says no we just talked about our differences. (Brittany isn’t very believable in lying. She was up in the HOH for an hour and barely gives any details.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 22-34-18-352

10:30pm Victoria comes up to the HOH room to talk to Devin. She says I don’t know what I did and why my name is being thrown around. Devin says people have been saying that they’re scared of me and I barely talk to you guys. Devin says I would never call you names or attack you. I am have a daughter and I would never do that. I am like a big teddy bear. I know my size is intimidating. Victoria says your size isn’t intimidating to me. Everyone in Miami is like big like you. Devin says you act entitled a lot of the time. The other day you asked Zach to bring you cookies and he brought you the whole pack because he didn’t want to put his fingers on them. And you got mad at him. Devin brings up how he called her Vicky one day and you gave me the stink eye. Victoria says I correct anyone who calls me the wrong name because if I don’t it will continue. Victoria says these things with Zach only have to do with me and him not you and I. Victoria says so if Zach and I make up. Then you and I still have an issue how do we resolve that!? Devin talks about how we all need to live together and get along. Victoria says I was doing dishes for 3 hours this morning and you didn’t even look at me or say good morning. Devin says I take my ADD meds in the morning and it takes a while for them to kick in. I swear I didn’t even see you. Devin says we all make mistakes and we all can learn from it. Victoria says EVERYONE in this house has said I am the sweetest person! I never say go do this or go get that! And if I did I’m sorry. Victoria starts crying. Devin says no don’t cry, please don’t cry! I don’t want you to walk out with red eyes and everyone think that I was in here yelling at you. I don’t have anything against you. Victoria says everyone would hear you if you were yelling. Devin tells her that he respects her and her beliefs. And I want you to continue to grow as a person. They hug and she leaves the room.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 22-49-29-604

BB16-2014-07-05 22-37-46-533
10:37pm Have nots POWPOW and Derrick
POWPOW saying that Devin is going to take her off the4 block. Zach asks her why is Devin doing that what did she do for him. POWPOW says she did nothing.
Zach – ‘Whatever “
POWPOW – you scared he’s putting you up
Zach – He’s not happy with me
BB16-2014-07-05 22-39-42-778
10:38pm BEEHIVE Frankie and Christine

Frankie says Devin just made a deal with brittany to take her off the block if she keeps him safe the following week. Christine asks isn’t that the deal he made with POWPOW. Frankie laughs thinks Brittany and POWPOW will stab Devin in the back first chance they get. Frankie says Devin knows he’s public enemy number one so he’s going to take someone out that everyone hates. This would be Victoria.
Frankie I’m positive Caleb is saying too much to Devin, we need to watch what we say around him.
Christine says she went into the storage room and heard Zach and POWPOW fighting. Frankie – “Thats because he’s calling her out for throwing the competition” (BOB)
Frankie says Zach is Devin squared, comment on how freaked Zach has been acting today.
They agree Zach and Cody are losing the game is getting to them. Frankie thinks Zach is going to blow it and say the wrong thing, Frankie doesn’t trust him Completely. Frankie – “I’m going to backpedal and try to get my claws out of everything”
Frankie adds that Derrick is doing it too he’s seen him
Christine say Hayden and Nicole are on to Derrick because he’s so nice to everyone and goodie goodie
Christine – “Cody scares me.. He’s getting close to Brittany.. that’s why I want her out”
They agree if Brittany stays on teh block they are voting her out.
Frankie – “Hayden is the new frankie”
Have you talked game with hayden
Frankie – Dude .. I like dudes.,. dudes
Frankie – Everybody loves Hayden
Christine – I love him he’s a funny guy but heres the thing we’re here to win.
Frankie doesn’t care what who Devin puts up

10:50pm – 11:10pmVictoria heads into the hive room and talks to Frankie. She tells Frankie about her conversation with Devin. While they’re talking Devin opens the door and says sorry and leaves. Frankie and Victoria head to the fire room to continue talking. Victoria comments on how Devin said he was going to shower and now he’s down here. Victoria says what he said disgusted me … who are you to ..who are you to discipline me! Victoria says he said I walk around the house like everyone owes me something. Victoria says that Devin wanted his daughter to be like me. Frankie says yeah he’ll raise his daughter on slop. Frankie says whoever wins HOH next week is going to back door him. Victoria says I am so grossed out I can’t even tell you! Frankie says we have to figure it out and all unite next week. If Pow Pow stays on the block she will be going home. He’s lost his mind. Victoria says I feel so bad for Brittany. Frankie says I’m sure she’ll work herself out of it. Victoria asks do you think Pow Pow will go home then? Victoria says what a piece of shit. Guess what you’re going to walk out of this house to loose and to Julie Chen.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 22-55-37-399

11:20pm In the living room – Christine, Nicole, Hayden and Victoria are talking about fetishes. Christine brings up the “golden shower” fetish where people pay people to pee on them. Hayden is hitting on Nicole. She tells him that he will have lots of girls hitting on him when he gets out. Hayden says that she’s the only one that he wants to go on a date with.

11:25am Brittany heads up to the HOH room and tells Devin that Pow Pow is running around like a frigging cock roach. Devin tells her that he told Pow that she is safe because I am just assuming people will vote out Victoria. Devin says I’m using the veto on you! You deserve it! I gave you my word. Devin says I was literally in there practising my speech .. it will come from the heart.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 23-26-07-875

11:27pm Zach and Victoria
They are making their have nots beds. Derrick is already setup. Victoria says the blankets smell like chemicals. Zach doesn’t think it’s that bad. (hayden and Brittany have also said the blankets around funky)

BB16-2014-07-05 23-27-38-568

Alliances  Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
DC = Derrick and Cody
Where the vote is  ?
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Roisen Dubh

Devin’s biggest problem? He wants instant gratification. He needs to let everyone know his moves and for some strange reason it strokes his ego. He’s heard from 2 people he’s a big target but still doesn’t believe it. You ain’t Jeff homie, that dude was a bully but was still liked in the house. Put anyone but Victoria and keep Britt on the block and I guarantee by Tuesday you will know where everyone’s head is at in this game, IF YA SMELLLLLLLLL!!!, WHAT THE DUMBASS__IS__COOKIN!!!


Problem is OJ, I mean Devin, has no idea how to play in BB.
Hate that BB decisions are now all, ‘what the house wants!’
Why would OJ wanna win HOH and POV if he cant come up decide on even taking a shit?. What a fish he has become.


There’s a lot going on


So everyone a fried of the big black man. Caleb came in there all big and bad no one said anything. All this fear when they know they have signed their life away and will be kicked out. I get sick of this black man fear.


Lol you’re kidding me right?


Actually I’m black and I think Devin needs to go! This is anything but a race issue. I’ve been wanting him out since the first week ever since he tried to get Donny out. Besides, he’s just a paranoid douche and Big Brother had enough of those last season!


Is Devin even black? His skin is just a bit darker than Caleb`s. Black for me is Obama, Beyonce, Oprah.
I dont know why these days people thinks that everything is about race issues.

people not liking Devin has nothing to do with his color


It has nothing to do with Devin being black. He is acting like a crazy person. I’m so sick of people using the race card. And besides he looks more mixed anyways.


As much as I dislike Dumbo Devin, he does make the show interesting. When you backstab someone and then attempt to put a band-aid over it, it still leaves a scar. First he backstabs Donny, admits it to him, throwing Caleb under the bus while Donny is STILL in the house. Now he throws Zach under the bus WHILE trying to mend his personal issues with Brittany (the girl he talked so much crap about and wanted to evict so badly). He did all of this WHILE making girls cry and pissing off his other ‘loyal members’.

MAJOR Flip flopper-itis man!

I DO have to commend Frankie for his strong kissass efforts of keeping his name out of Caleb and Devin’s nominations talk though. He’s playing a good game so far.


Please someone explain this “he made girls cry.”

Because honestly I think all of these girls are milking their fear of Devin. The only person he made cry was Amber and that wasn’t because he was particularly scary, it had to do with Amber knowing her game was seriously screwed because of Caleb’s obsession.

That had nothing to do with Devin, Amber’s tears were for knowing she pissed off the HOH.

Then Victoria is all up in arms about Devin, saying how he’s so mean yet she’s all smiling in Frankie’s face when he is the ONLY person that actually backdoored her. If she wants to be angry at anyone it should him because he betrayed her.

Devin was always going to have the odds against him because people were intent on snowballing him. These stories of him making girls cry is greatly exaggerated for the benefit of their game, because they know he’s a bigger target than them.


I feel like the girls will regret not working with Joey now, she saw Devin’s game and tried to get them on board but they all wanted to follow the leader. Now it seems like the women will be picked off the next few votes.


Girls in Big Brother are almost always scared to do anything right away, they jump behind whoever is in power, that’s if they’re not trying to get a borefest showmance… Just think, if girls wasn’t so caught up in that soap opera BS, they could do major damage in the house… I’d like to see some Girl Domination in Big Brother, someday.


Have to say I’m appreciating Zach’s newfound honesty. Now if Caleb is smart he’ll stick to those last words Zach said “none of us are being 100% loyal, we all have side deals.” I’m also appreciating Zach’s new perspective, why judge Devin on the same thing they’ve all been doing?

I mean this is Big Brother, the purpose is to lie, deceive, and brown nose your way to the end.


Too bad Joey wasn’t more aware of the game and social politics so really she and Devin briefly had that in common. She didn’t do anything to make them comfortable and confident in taking the offer since she didn’t test the waters with one or two of them first. I get that she had urgency but it wasn’t well timed on her part.There is already an undercurrent of cattiness and cliques forming in the house now. On that note, I think if anybody could have possibly had a girl alliance that succeeded it could have been last year with Amanda. But that would have required more functional personalities and they were too effed up for their own good.


You’re kidding – right? Joey didnt have ANY urgency when she blew up her game by not keeping her mouth shut. She wasnt even on the block and she was freaking out. There is no way a girls alliance would EVER work with that bigmouth. I would never align with someone like her in a girls alliance.


I don’t know if this is weird or not, but it’s already looking more interesting that most of last season, hell most of last season was non-stop bigotry, so it’s easy for us to find more entertainment in this season, and it just started…. ROLMFAO


agree. they seem to be at least trying to not make it personal as least as is humanly possibly in that cage….


I honestly find these HGs more appalling than Devin. I’m not a fan of Devin because he went against Donny (although he was right, Donny is a threat socially—guy is SOOO loveable), and how he stirred the pot to work against Amber (although his paranoia about her and Caleb is indeed warranted).

But these HGs are more of a snake than Devin. “Devin’s so scary, he’s such a bully!” Bullies threaten people, Devin has never threatened anyone. But this entire “Devin’s so scary” thing has started from Cody and Zach. These HGs however are full of it half of the house have come up to the HOH room to hang out with Devin, use his shower, sleep in his bed and they weren’t scared then. Christine was up there talking to him and when he asked if she was scared she said she wasn’t but then behind his back she goes “omg he’s so scary.”

Honestly these HGs are playing a brilliant game, they saw other HGs saying “Devin’s scary” and jumped on the bandwagon because they know that puts a larger target on him than them. My only thing is that I hate everyone trying to make him out to be such a horrible person for wanting to put up Brittany when Brittany did come for him first. She set the target on him by telling girls he’d pick them off one by one. Of course he’s going to want someone out that campaigned against him. Meanwhile Cody and Zach have been scheming against an alliance they gave their allegiance to (SAME THING DEVIN DID) and they aren’t considered bad guys???


Devin is lying to Brittney so she doesn’t make waves…..he’s stupid if he takes her off the block…send her home…


If he was smart he would send of of the guys home


So the “alliance” will be mad at Devin if he takes Brittany off, even though they all want to evict Pow anyway. Their reasoning being they agreed they wanted strong players to stay, which is horrible reasoning in a competition. Then their plan is to get rid of Devin next week even though he is a strong player? And you wonder why the guy doesn’t trust people in the “alliance”. Oh and Caleb wants the whole alliance up there when Devin is making deals? That’s brilliant, that doesn’t expose the alliance at all.


They’ll be mad if he takes Brittany off yet they’re mad at him for gunning for her.

How hypocritical.


They are mad because Devin makes deals without talking to the alliance. He doesn’t have to have them all in a group but they expect to be told BEFORE he makes a deal. He brought in Amber and Christine without talking to the group. He made a deal with Pow Pow without talking to the group and now he’s made a deal with Brit without talking to the group. But he always says he’s loyal to the group.


Yeah yeah I get that but they aren’t being loyal to their alliance. They’ve been plotting and scheming against the alliance from day 1 when all they had to do was sit pretty and pick off HGs outside of the alliance until the final 8…boring tv for us but perfect game play for the 8.

They can’t expect him to include them in decisions when they say in his face they want Brittany out and then behind his back they’re creating confusion by saying “oh no we love Brittany, she deserves to stay.”

Gotta say though, if Brittany’s talked convinces Devin to pull her off the block she deserves to win this entire freaking game!


Totally agree he can’t win no way. He’s damned if he do damned if he don’t.


Yeah he’s screwed either way and the damage is done at least for now. It seems now it’s just a matter of if he can survive next week and than go from there. I hope he does so that there is an element of unrest and unpredictability in the house. Lol. He’s annoying ,talks to a level of such discomfort that it’s cringe worthy, and he literally processes his thoughts in front of no less than two people with one including himself. But one is talking about possibly getting murdered, how scary he is , getting him out, and all the rest that I hope he stays for awhile so I can see how deep the paranoia will run.

give me a break

Devin is being loyal to his alliance….no alliance member are going home this week…….Frankie is right who cares who goes home, it’s none of us…..There just mad that he’s turning an enemy into a friend….the comp are gender split and with Brittany in the game she’s a favorite to win HoH……if he could make peace with one girl in the house….it’s smart to make it with Brittany, she’s mentally stronger than the rest of the girls…and won’t get push around if she wins HoH….so it’s a smart move by Devin.

You can't be serious???

If Brittany is such a smart woman, who thinks for herself as you say…why on earth would she stay true to her promise of keeping Devin safe??

The entire house is against him and he can’t win HOH next week so he’s basically penciled in to be put on the block. Why would Brittany save him? All she needs is Devin to be foolish enough to save her and I promise you any deal she made with him will go out the window next week.

Devin would be an idiot to make nice with Brittany.


And that’s exactly what I want to happen – that would be just great – if Brittany were to win HOH and put him up anyway. I don’t think she’s going to keep the deal ’cause she can’t/won’t trust him. And you’re, right, if she manages it, it just might be the move of the season.


He should get ride of Hayden


Zach’s game is slipping. I was agreeing with his moves in the meeting, but Frankie is right… Devin is irrational. These newest moves are not smart. Keep it together, you’ve got this!
Frankie is also slipping with what he told Christine.
Cody and Derrick fell pretty far earlier this week.
I still want Zankie to win… But Christine is doing the best right now. I would be okay with her taking the win. I honestly have know idea what Caleb is doing.


Correction: Have NO idea, not “know.” (I was going to say, “I don’t know…”)


Zach is cracking under the pressure.


First of all, Frankie and Zach are starting to look alike. Secondly, really Zach? Dark dress socks and dad shorts? Priorities, people, priorities.


When I look at Rancid Zach all I see is Dr. Oz.


THANK YOU! I have been to figure out who Zach reminded me of and Dr. Oz is it!


Caleb isn’t man enough to put Devin up , but he’ll go behind his back and vote him out? That’s some Bitch-Made ish right there yo…


Victoria wants some Zach attack…. shes thirsty……


I thought I was the only one who got this vibe.


How bout if Devin takes Brittany off, puts up Victoria, then the whole house(at least majority) votes out the useless POWPOW. Devin has admitted how he has POWPOW in his “pocket” with her throwing the bob contest. If everyone wants Devin gone next week, why vote out someone he wants gone. Just go against him.


Or even more fireworky, Devin doesn’t take Brittany off and they vote PowPow out regardless. That would set him right off and they could legitimately say, ‘Man, stop making these deals without BS input, or this is what happens.

give me a break

These house guest are ridiculous….Christine is scared of Devin’s shadow, Cody feels threaten when Devin looks him in the eyes when he talks to him…I swear this guy Cody is such a pussy…real men look each other in the eyes when they speak and not look at the floor like a 5 year old….Victoria think Devin is going to kill her, Amber mad at Devin forcing her noms….when that was her only option she could make without pissing of her alliance or friends on the other side..and Nicole think Devin is Maniac…..when he stays in his room…”on my god what is he doing up there”….when he try’s to talk to them….”om my god he’s bullying me”…..”his eyes are dangerous”….These house guest are going overboard with this being afraid shit…


Lol. They are crazy.

It's the Big Black Guy Syndrome aka OJ Simpson

These House guests are all a bunch of snakes. If Devin looked down at his hands the entire time and not in Cody’s eyes he would be saying to everyone behind Devin’s back “Devin is such a snake, he wouldn’t even look me straight in the eye while making that promise…”

This is BULLYING folks and does Devin deserve it HELL YEAH but just so you know this is bullying…hopping on the bandwagon and exaggerating the sin.

I had this happen to me once at a sleepover as a kid. One girl hated me there and got the other two girls to play a prank on me in which they said they were allergic to me and that I had to sleep out in the family room while they carried on their sleepover in the hostess room.

I cried that entire night because they ALL clung onto this ridiculous prank. The House guests are all hoping onto the “I’m scared of big bad scary Devin” and the actual reasons are quite pathetic:

1. Victoria’s he’s going to murder me because he put me on slop for 2 weeks
2. Nicole he’s creepy because he’s staying in his room—the WHOLE house is against him of course he wants to stay in his room
3. Amber think’s he’s a bully for telling her who to vote: when it was Derrick who told her to nominate Hayden and Nicole (the only 2 people she could vote without pissing off her closest girl friends and alliance members)

This is bullying. Just remember that.

Butters Mom

Many people are “afraid” of confrontation and Devin is confrontational…. that is why I think the girls find him “scary”. add to that he is a big guy and he’s unpredictable. These are all “scary” things when you are in a game where your “life” is on the line in the game. I dont think anyone other than Victoria is afraid of him causing physical harm to them… but they dont want to go head to head with him in a heated argument.


Aaryn said she was afraid of being in a room alone with Howard last season and he was the most laid back person in that house. He avoided confrontation. Amanda also mentioned being afraid of him at one point after what she accused him of whispering to her…think about it.

The Truth

Some of the people in this house are a special brand of crazy! I do not even like Devin and yet I find the reactions to everything thing he says or does is disproportionate.


Nicole enters the HOH room where Devin greets her and they talk.
5 minutes later she exits…………ALIVE!

Christine enters the HOH room where Devin greets her and they talk
10 minutes later she exits………..ALIVE!!

Victoria enters the HOH room where Devin greets her and they talk
15 minutes later she exits……………ALIVE!!!

Last time I checked 16 houseguests entered the Big Brother house and only one has left.

She too is still ……………………..ALIVE!!!!!!


Devin making this deal with Brittany is smart (if she follows through) he’s trying to save himself for next week and if making a deal with Brittany and going back on the deal with Pow Pow saves him or potentially saves him I would do it too, thats what the game is about how to keep yourself in the house (sometimes its going back on your word). Im also tired of the Devin is scary bs, one person said it and now they are running with it which makes me feel bad for him a little bit


Agree. They are jumping on the anti- Devin bandwaggon to get the attention off of themselves. I think Devin is actually a stand up guy. First he was sketchy about Donny but after a week of getting to know him, Devin realized he was wron about Donny and whole heartedly owned it. Before he got into a tiff with Brittany, he was routing for her because he wanted to see a parent win. They had a falling out, she became his target because he knew she was his. Then, once he realized his alliance wanted her to stay. He sucked it up, and is going with the alliance and will take her off the block. He apologizes to her and offers her a deal.


Correction: brittany became Devins target because he knew he was hers.

Baby Firefly

Caleb is the real problem, not Devin. He did start that fight last night and it WAS all about Amber. Caleb and Amber do have a showmance, it’s a one sided showmance in Caleb’s head, but Amber is playing along for her game. Anyone but them gets HOH next needs to go after them. Period, end of story. Plus Devin can’t leave, he’s too entertaining.


For me I want Devin out because I don’t like him. I think it is a little hyped up too with all the “hes making girls cry blah blah” I just don’t like the fact that he has no impulse control. (How come so many house guests over the years have been on medication). He doesn’t want to hear anything from whoever it is hes talking to he just wants to talk and that be it. Get out of here with that crap. You liked Brittany she doesn’t like you and you didn’t like that. If they see a strong women, they try to get rid of her right away because they know they will not be able to control her so the Alphas will say ciao.(or try to)

I like the new Zach also lols. I think its funny how people are saying “Derrick isn’t doing anything and hes a floater”, say what? What exactly is he suppose to do right now but go with his alliance and also have his side alliance. Its not like hes not giving imput into anything or just asking other people what they want to do, he actually has an opinion. Floater, I don’t think so but its still early.

Caleb still bugs me (for now) and he is happier then a pig in shit because his “Queen ” is giving him attention. Big Eyeball roll. Don’t think hes not just as scary as Devin!


Devin makes people paranoid. He tried to start an 8 person alliance from jump, then made a side deal with Donny that he quickly abandoned, made another alliance and then brought 2 other members in without consulting anyone. The guy is a wild card. It also goes against him that he’s been winning comps. Dude’s gotta go. He would be my target if it were me in there, just because I’d never be able to trust him and he’s constantly on the move trying to strike new deals.


Poor Donny is probably wondering what he has got himself into. Hope he lays low and makes it to the end.


I hope Donny sits back and let them all make fools of themselves and scales to the end. I don’t think a nicer more honest person has ever played. Team Donny all the way.


Why do I get the feeling that Brittany and Devin have some kind of weird attraction going on between them? I think he had his eye on her from the time he saw her and maybe she’s trying to fight the temptation of getting involved with a black man, so she was gunning for him. He then became Caleb-like towards her – if you ignore me and bad mouth me I’m getting rid of you. Brittany, there’s a saying “when you go black you can’t go back”? Lol! Don’t knock it till you try it!! After all, love is akin to hate…….as the saying goes!