Zach says I’m going to make Devin snap & hit me. Frankie says just say he’s a bad father!

POV Holder: Devin Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

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8:15am – 8:45am Frankie joins Zach out in the backyard. Zach says you look good in the morning dude! You tanned sexy beast. Zach says I had a make out session with Victoria. No Just kidding. Zach says but we were cuddling and I got a boner and had to get up. Frankie asks really? Zach says no not really. Frankie says whoever wins HOH next week will back door Devin. Zach asks who’s going home this week. Frankie says Pow or Brittany. Zach says Brittany isn’t going home. Frankie says then it will be Victoria or Pow. Frankie says I’ll go up there and see how many deals he made last night. Frankie and Zach agree that they meeting yesterday before the veto was stupid. The stupidest thing ever done in the history of Big Brother. Zach says Devin is a F**King idiot! A f**king idiot! I hate him! I hate him. All I want to do today is tell him how much I hate him! Frankie says no! Zach says Devin is a bipolar schizophrenic psychopath. Frankie says whoever he leaves on the block .. is going home. Frankie says if Devin made a deal with Devin then we definitely need her gone. Zach says that Brittany didn’t make a deal. Zach starts talking about how worthless Pow Pow is. Zach talks about his conversation with Pow Pow were he questioned her and she swore on her mothers grave that she didn’t talk game / make any deals with Devin. Zach says the funny thing is that Pow Pow’s mom isn’t even dead. Frankie laughs and says I didn’t think her mom was dead. Zach says that he is going to go off of Pow Pow today. Frankie says just wait until after the veto ceremony. Zach asks what the f**k is Caleb’s problem? Frankie says Caleb is so confident which is wonderful because he wont see the knife in his back coming. Zach says after the veto meeting I am going to blow up every ones spot. Frankie asks who? Zach says I was going to say that I was in a bomb squad alliance with Pow Pow, Caleb, Devin.. Zach says I am going to say something to Devin to make him snap and hit me. Frankie says just say that he’s a bad father, that will get him. Zach says yeah that’s where I was going with it. Frankie says Victoria’s strategy was to get Devin to hit her. I love that’s the new strategy. Zach asks Frankie to give him “a little tap on the bottom” at the end of the veto meeting to get up and say things to Devin. Frankie comments on how Pow Pow was thrusting him and humping him after the POV. She told me she hadn’t had sex in 4 months. Zach says she was just so happy because Devin won it. She is so stupid. Zach says I can’t wait until after the veto meeting. SH*T IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN! That’s what the fans want to see any ways. Zach tells Frankie make sure you win the money because you deserve it more than anyone!

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8:45am – 9:05am Zach asks what do you think Devin is going to do? Frankie says he’s going to lose it! Zach says that guy goes back on what he says every single minute. Zach says he’s a f**king joke dude! I want to earn my stripes. Zach says I’m doing it dude! Frankie asks what are you going to say. Zach says I am definitely going to tell him that he’s a bad father. He is going to hit me for sure. Maybe I should go to the diary room before and tell them to get the tranquillizer gun ready. Frankie says yeah that’s a good idea. Frankie says if he pull down Brittany you should say that he’s stated that he is playing this game with honesty and integrity but what you’ve just proved is that you’re a liar, bully and a coward makes you the worst father in the history of the world. If he takes Pow Pow off pretty much just say the same thing. IF he leaves the nominations then don’t say anything. Zach tells Frankie how Devin made a deal that he is going vote to keep her in. Frankie says when?! Zach says so he’s tricking you too. Zach says you can even ask Amber. Frankie says no I don’t need to I understand why, I understand everyone’s motives. Zach asks what if Caleb wins HOH? Frankie tells Zach how the other HOH could nominate two people that would just sit there in the BOB. They we back door Caleb since he won’t be HOH any more. Frankie tells Zach that he will need to take a hit from Devin and then I will nurse you back to health. Frankie and Zach decide to play a game of pool. He’s really like mentally insane. Frankie agrees.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 08-52-09-598

9:30am – 10am Frankie asks if Brittany knows about the bomb squad. Zach says no she definitely doesn’t know about the bomb squad. And I really don’t think she made a deal with Devin. They finish up two games of pool and go to lay down on the loungers / hammock. Frankie says this is all we have left to do for the rest of the week. Zach says this and trying to make sure Deivn doesn’t kill me. Zach goes to the washroom and comes back. Zach says what a wonderful day to be a live and not an idiot. Frankie asks what if Devin back doors you. Zach says then I reveal the bomb squad (the fake one with Devin, Pow and Celeb). Frankie says don’t reveal a fake bomb squad. They will just deny it any ways so where will that get you. You should say you found out two gigantic rats in the house: Devin and Pow and your going to make it your mission to get them out. Frankie heads to the kitchen and talks with Amber. She asks if Zach is okay and Frankie says no but I calmed him down this morning. Frankie tells her how Victoria told him during her talk with Devin he told her do not cry or it will look like I’ve been yelling at you. Frankie heads back out to join Zach. Zach reiterates how he’s ready to blow sh*t up. Zach tells Frankie that people are calling you the ultimate flip flopper. Zach tells Frankie that he wants him to win the money. If I’m in jury I will be campaigning for you to win.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 09-41-13-883

10am Big Brother wakes up the other house guests. Up in the HOH room Devin laughs and says its Sunday … On the 7th day he rested! Not in the big Brother house! Meanwhile in the downstairs bathrom – Victoria comments to Amber that its mean big brother woke her up before the music. Amber heads out side and talks to Zach. They talk about how Devin changes his mind all the time. Amber says that Devin called us all up there to tell us we all need to get on the same page …but its only his page he wants us all to get on. Zach says that meeting yesterday was ret@rted.. excuse me. Stupid. Zach tells Amber how he told Devin everyone talks sh*t about you. Zach says everything he does is reactive. Its always to save his a$$. That meeting was to save his a$$. Zach says I don’t know what he’s going to do .. he might even put me up. Amber says I was thinking he might put me up too. Zach says he won’t put you up.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 10-16-40-470

10:20pm In the kitchen Devin asks Donny – Who’s more deserving to go home between you and I.. if you happen to see POW and Victoria up on the block? I’m just trying to get someone’s opinion who has a level head. Donny says I think that Pow being here is a useful tool. Donny says I think that if Victoria was up there and didn’t go home she would be vindictive, whereas Pow has been up there and is fine with it. And so many people have put her up, who would she go after. Devin says that its hard to talk with these young people. Devin tries to read Zach’s lips. Devin opens the door and stares at Amber and Zach. Then Devin asks Zach can I talk to you? Zach says maybe in a little bit. Devin closes the door and says I know exactly what you’re talking about you little d**k head! Zach tells Amber – I’m not f**king talking to him. Zach says I don’t even care if he puts me up and I go home. Amber says that’s exactly what Victoria said.. she said that its to the point that she can’t take him any more and wants to go home.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 10-26-42-895

10:30am Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

Alliances  Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
DC = Derrick and Cody
Where the vote is  ?
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Zack plus sleep and food deprivation is both terrifying and entertaining. Gonna be a fun week.


He’s looking and sounding like Beaker on the Muppets.

smd nicole

zach is all talk…. he won’t do anything


Instead of talking him down Frankie is riling him up. Zach is sleep deprived and half crazed.


Why try and make Devin hit you, if you want him out do it the right way, not like the little PUNKS that you are. I don’t like Devin, but play the game don’t pull a BS move. Frankie I would be happy when the other.figure you out and gone!!!! Right now I hope Donny, Amber win the game


I dunno man i kinda wanna see zach blow up on devin….it would definitely make for some interesting TV! I just hope he’s not all talk because that’s the vibe i’m getting from him at the moment.

and even then, Devin may be an idiot but i dont think he’s gonna lose it to the point where he’ll start swinging anyways….(at lelast while he’s on his meds)


HERE’S HOPING ZACH BLOWS UP THE BOMB SQUAD!!!! just for the sake of TV! #teamZACH!

(only until he blows up the squad though)


This seaaon has been interesting in a week and a half than the whole season 15.


I know it’s great.. the only problem is their sleeping patterns are killing us.


how many people do u have watching the feeds?


u guys should try and get 1 or 2 more people to help out then


Seriously, we sooo appreciate your hard work and dedication but sorry it’s messing up your sleep cycles. 🙁


thank you for all of your hard work, we appreciate it


Devin really is damned if you do damned if you don’t at this point isn’t he?


Devin might as well have come into the house and painted a big bullseye on his chest! I’m sure this is not the game he had in mind for himself, but his impulse control is non-existent.


Yeah, erratic is the right term and he’s also paranoid because of all his irrational decisions. I agree that the meeting yesterday was such bs and what a way to call attention to an alliance. He’s the biggest flip-flopped right now and he’s just flip-flopping his own game play. It’s so bizarre to watch. He makes a deal with Pow and then makes one with Brittany and throw Pow under the bus. Everyone in the house is talking so almost everyone sees and hears what is going on.


What would be funny if zach went up as a replacement


It would be pretty hilarious. If he got backdoored, he’d lose it all over julie chen!!


talk about flip flopping – Zach is proof….I hate Victoria..i Hate Victoria – now he laying with her….Zach like one of those annoying flys that somehow comes in your house …they eventually meet their match when you bring out the raid can…


Frankie threw Zach and Cody under the bus with Devin. And Devin just made a deal with Victoria and he’s going to put Zach up. This is going to crazy!!


And I hope Zach eviction follows taunting is just as bad as the physical violence itself and should factor in expulsion from the game


If that was the case you know how many people would be kicked off every season for taunting? I mean Evil Dick alone would’t have made it 2 weeks in his season….lol


Wait, didn’t Zach say he had his face messed up from a sucker punch? I’m starting to think maybe he deserved what he got, with the way he is talking. Don’t try to get someone to hit you to win a game, especially insulting them as a parent. Because you might have to see that person again, and security might not be around to save you scary a** again. If you want the guy gone, win a challenge and make it happen. I hate people who get tough when they know someone will prevent them from taking the whipping they require. If I was in the DR I would tell him, if you continue with this plan, we will not step in. I mean if you are gonna let majority of the house verbally assault races for a whole season and not step in, because it’s reality; in reality someone talks to you the way Zach plans on talking to Devin you drop them.


zach: “devin is a bipolar schizophrenic psychopath” – oh, so true, and zach should add egomaniac.

if zach can taunt devin into a breakdown, and expose his weak side after his claims of what a “teddy bear” he is, then game on! it would be a great move, but it’s more likely that devin will keep it together and zach will just end up with a bigger target on his back.


Go Zack! I started out hating him, but if he blows up the bomb squad today I will love him. I watched Devin’s “negotiation” with Brittany last night. He is so condescending. He uses big words to impress but he uses those words in the wrong context. Nothing he says makes sense. He contradicts himself from one sentence to the next, he doesn’t listen, he lies badly, and his fake nice guy smile just makes him creepier.

Let’s take a look at some of Devin’s game in the house. It is the game of someone who goes out early. First week he invites two girls into the alliance, tells them everything and then tells the guys after the fact when he wasn’t even HOH. None of the guys were pleased about that. If I am Christine, I would think that if he would just pull her in to an existing 6 person alliance, then what is to stop him making that sort of deal with anyone else. He can’t be trusted. Then he encourages Caleb’s obsession with Amber, he lied, first telling Caleb that she liked him but was too decent to have a showmance, he encouraged Caleb to talk to her about it. Then he lied to him again and told him that Amber said this and that to break up the imaginary showmance. He stirred it up, and he is hurting his best bro’s game. He had a side alliance with Donny and first thing he does is get paranoid and rally to put Donny up. Then he feels bad about it and comes clean with Donny and the house, it wasn’t Caleb’s fault, it was him that put Donny up and he’s sorry. He still doesn’t even get that by doing that he put his best bro in a bad spot, he was basically admitting that he was really the power behind Caleb’s HOH. Not a smart thing to do to a guy like Caleb. Then he gets on the Brittany is the devil trip when nobody else wants her out. He makes a not so secret deal with Paola to throw the competition and he will take her off the block. He promises her she is safe. All of this for his game, without telling the rest of his alliance. Again. But last night, he decided it ‘s better for his game to take Brittany down, promise her safety, forbids her to tell anyone they are now a secret underground alliance, intimidates her, and further pisses off his alliance and adds Paola to the list of people that he has screwed over. The only people Devin hasn’t made a secret side alliance with are Victoria, Nicole and Hayden. Not good numbers when you can’t play for HOH next week.

I REALLY want to see him go kaboom and out the door. Once the POV is over and he has no power anymore let the games begin! If Zack confronts him, Cody flirts with Amber and the house backs them up when TSHTF it will be so much fun. Hopefully we get to see it all if it goes down today.


All ur points arent even facts …they are mostly points of view…devin is a terrible player but ur hate for him is clearly throughout the post ..a one sided opinion like yours is pretty useless


good synopsis..
imagine his mind.. what a place to be.
anyone with the smallest sense of malice could thrash that poor man’s mind to pieces.. too bad there arent any decent schemers in there.. they’re all sort of cookie cutter boaster/complainer types.. a devious person would quietly make that man implode.. in my mind the only one with any hope of turning into a good (evil?) player is frankie.


I think there is at least one good schemer in the house, that’s Derrick. last night he was the only one
who got Brittany to say Devin offered her a deal almost all the house guests trust him too.


i think the only chance to save the BS was if Devin had his pow wow before nominations and tried to make targeting Brittany seem like the ‘democratic’ choice. Instead he went unilaterally, which fed into the narrative (which is sort of true, but far overblown than it really is) that people like Derrick/Cody/Zach are spinning, that he is a dictator and a bully. Pulling Brittany off is all he can do, as I don’t think the votes to evict her are there, and basically hope for the least controversial rest of the week as possible.


Everyone in the BOMB SQUAD are liars. They are saying Devin is making deals without them, when everyone in the group has. Even though I’m not a Devin fan everyone in his alliance is bashing him because they are scared he will find out the truth about what they were saying about him especially Zach and Cody. First they wanted Brittany to stay now they are getting mad at the guy for possible trying to save her and make a deal that she won’t go after him next week. Devin is gonna start figuring out they he can’t trust anyone in his alliance since big mouth Caleb and Zach opened up there mouth.


Caleb and Devin should realize that the bomb squad still exists, but they are the ones on the outs. Derrick, Cody, Zack, Frankie and Christine are working together. I am not sure about Amber, if she would work with them or with Devin and Caleb. Still, the bomb squad is 5 or 6 strong. The bomb squad left the explosives on Devin’s lap and he is going to detonate soon. Devin has betrayed the others so many times that only an idiot could think that they are still working with him. I don’t see anything but the veto saving Devin next week, if he doesn’t self evict before that. He deserves it for playing such a reckless game so early.


Wow that’s what I’m saying, they wanted her to stay and now they find out that Devin will take her off. I’m like what?? What are you mad about, I swear they just want to find the smallest excuse or try to find some sort of justification to hate Devin.

Devin is just trying to play his game like everyone else, Make some kind of deal whether good or bad to try to avoid getting voted out. What’s so different about what he’s trying to do compare to the other who are doing the EXACT same thing. Make side deals, created alliances. Everyone is hating on Devin but isn’t Zach the one hurling insults at the women in the house. Why didn’t Caleb go at him? He’s the real verbal abuser and as this season goes on we will see him lash out at one of the women.


Last season the girls got control of the game early on and after all they all made themselfs a target.

I hope this season will be the same with but with the guys.

The guys seams to be really jelous of each other.
The reason Zack is acting like this is because he is jelous that Devin won the HOH and POV, and Devin in controlling the game right now…

As long Britanny and Victoria are safe this Im Good.. If one of them goes home will suck


Zachs a little punk bitch no way he’s going to say any of that shit to devins face he’s just talking big to impress his boyfriend frankie. I hope I’m wrong though cus I would love to see devin knock his ass out


I’d love to see him blow things up, but I fear that he is a wuss and won’t say anything. All his mouthing off to everyone, but Devin, is really going to f up his game. I am like others and didn’t like Zach at first, but now I find him entertaining. I don’t want to see anyone being provoked into violence, but I think a blow of words is going to occur because Devin is seething over Zach and vice versa.


Bomb squad= the biggest group of hypocrites.

They have no legit reason to send Devin home. They’re just looking for someone to target. And Zach is making it way too personal. Like when it comes to initiating something physical, that’s when you’re taking it too far. Dude needs to chill.


OMG!! Frankie just threw Zach under the bus. He told Devin it would be okay to make a deal with Victoria and put up Zach and that the BS Squad would understand. Zach is going to go crazy and the rest of the alliance is going to get dragged into the tornado Frankie is whipping up.


Maybe it’s to see what Zach will do? It’s also doesn’t make Frankie a target if he is seen talking to Zach. Zach is a bit of a loose cannon now. If Zach gets nominated, it should be a good show.


Zach is a loose cannon Frankie throwing him under the bus is his own fault, I am all for Zankie but let be real here his little plan is not smart.


These idiots Zach and Victoria should realize that big brother might kicked them out for intentionally instigating a potentially attack if they foolishly go that route. I mean we got the visual audio proof of them attempting to do such. I mean seriously quit making it a personal thing and just play the game. I can’t stand these two.


Wait, I thought Zach hated Victoria and now he’s cuddling her? I really think he is the biggest flip-flopper and the biggest drama queen.


The amazing thing this season is how fast and hard and recklessly this game is being played! They have many,many more weeks together and I’m wondering when the Alliance that makes it to the end is going to be formed! Hayden,Nicole,Donny need to grab Frankie and get something going!


I totally agree! I’m happy to see you posting this season. I always enjoy your posts.


^ True, but their side alliances are from within the bombsquad! They don’t have any deals with non-bombsquad members. Devin keeps on making deals with non bombsquad members which isn’t necessary because they already have the nos..


So if Devin does hit Zach then Zach needs to be expelled as well for provoking him. It’s clear and it’s on tape, if it happens it was premeditated on Zach’s part.

A Name

That’s such a punk move for Zach, Frankie and Victoria to get Devin to hit them. They’re insane. It’s gonna be hilarious when Devin DOESN’T react to their stupidity


Is Victoria a man in drag? Just wondering!