Devin says Time to dwindle the alliance to 7! Zach’s a lose cannon, you never know what he’s going to do.

POV Holder: Devin Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 10-33-51-237

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10:35am Up in the HOH room – Frankie is talking to Devin about how Zach is the one going around trying to get me out. Frankie says honestly I am here with you and Caleb – I am trying to go around getting in everyone’s ear. If I get HOH I am not putting you or Caleb up. Amber is emotional but we can work with her. Devin says honestly I’m thinking of calling Victoria up here and offer her a deal that if I don’t put her up she has to keep me safe and not put me up. Devin says I think its time to dwindle down the alliance to 7 and get one out. Frankie asks who do you think? Devin says Zach because he is a lose cannon, you never know what he’s going to do. Frankie says don’t say anything until after the veto meeting. Frankie says putting up Zach would be the one that no one would have a problem with. He will explode. Frankie says that Derrick and Cody will run from him as fast as they ran to him. Frankie says that Cody is volatile. He is the next one to explode! Frankie says if Zach goes up then me, Caleb, Amber and Christine would need to win HOH next week. Caleb says all I need is 6 votes. Frankie, Caleb, Christine, Hopefully Amber, I would hope Donny would, Hayden and Nicole because I made sure they were safe. Frankie says Christine would get them to do it. Its a big move but it’s necessary. Frankie tells Devin if you go out there to talk to Zach he will blow up in your face. Devin asks Frankie to not tell anyone. Frankie touches Devin and Devin says I hope you didn’t go pee and not wash your hands! Frankie says no I didn’t go pee. Frankie says I love you, I’ve got your back!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 10-48-47-982
10:45am Victoria heads up to the HOH room to talk to Devin. Devin says if someone comes up here I am going to need you to go in the bathroom. Devin says what I am about to tell you, you cant tell anyone. Devin asks what do you think about Zach? Victoria says we’re good. Devin says well he wants me to put you up. If I don’t put you up I need you to promise you wont come after me. Victoria promises she won’t. Devin grabs her hand and kisses it. Devin says I am just tired of Zach. Devin talks about Zach using the B-word to describe Victoria. Devin says if anyone ever said the b-word to describe my daughter I would GO OFF! Dcvin asks who she would vote out if he put up Zach. Victoria says who ever you want. Devin says no what would you want. Victoria says she would vote out Zach. Devin tells her to just keep this quiet.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 10-50-31-033

11am Out in the backyard – Zach tells Amber and Frankie that I am already planning my eviction speech. I am going to tell everyone to vote to keep Brittany. Amber tells him no don’t say that. She doesn’t want Zach to go. Zach reiterates his conversation with Devin when Devin said he didn’t trust him.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 11-02-47-290

11:15am Zach and Frankie are talking over by the hammock about what he should say during the veto ceremony. Devin comes out and Zach warns Frankie that Devin is going to come ask him to talk and I’m going to tell him I don’t feel like it. Frankie says Okay I’m going to work out. Over by the washing machine Devin is talking to Amber about the drama the last few days. Devin says of the 8 I trust five: You, Me, Frankie, Caleb and Christine. Devin says this is my redemption week and you’ll find out soon enough. I know what’s going on. Just please trust me. Devin heads to the diary room. Amber heads over to Frankie, Zach, and Donny by the hammock. She starts working out with Donny.

Up in the HOH room – Devin is talking to Christine. Devin tells her that he knows what’s going on, just know that I trust you and will always have your back. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. Devin says we need 6 votes this week and next week we only need 5. Devin says right now with this 8 person alliance everyone has different friendships and its hard to trust people right now. I am looking at this as my redemption week. I might do somethings that people will be surprised about. In my heart I look at this as a 5 person alliance. You, me, Frankie, Caleb and Amber. I love Derrick but he makes me nervous. When Caleb started shooting bullets at me Derrick didn’t say anything he just stood there. Frankie kind of had my back. Devin and Christine head downstairs.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 11-28-37-147

11:35am Devin asks Zach hey brother are we going to talk? Zach says no, not right now. Devin asks what’s wrong? Zach says I just don’t feel good.. I didn’t sleep last night. Devin says all right brother. Devin walks away and says you’re going right to that seat dude! F**ker!!
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 11-42-14-642

Out in the backyard – Christine asks Frankie what is going on right now. She tells Frankie that she talked with Devin and he said that he doesn’t trust people in our alliance. He said he trusts the 5. Christine says I almost don’t want to win HOH this week.

11:45am – 12:10pm Devin tells Amber in the hive room that he knows that Zach is freaking out right now. I can read lips and I could tell he was freaking out when he was talking to you in the backyard. Devin says if I have done anything to you we just need to talk about it. In this house you have to know where everyone stands. Devin tells her that the only thing I’ve said about you that’s negative is that you’re too emotional. Devin says if I really wanted to, I would throw you up there right now. But I’m not going to do that! Amber says but the whole house doesn’t trust you now. Amber brings up how she allowed him to have a lot of power during the HOH. Devin tells Amber that he is sorry if he belittled her or made her feel like he didn’t hear her out during the HOH decisions. Amber tells him that last week when Caleb was HOH all the decisions were made together but this week its different. Amber brings up how she doesn’t like things he’s said about Brittany. Devin explains that he and Brittany already talked about that and it didn’t happen. I don’t call women cows! I would never do that about a woman ever! I don’t make gun gestures! I don’t do that! Devin and Amber keep going around in circles and Devin goes to leave. Amber says she isn’t done talking. Devin asks why can’t we just agree to move on. Devin tells her to just not talk about him being mean or disrespectful to women because that’s not me. I’m not like that! Thats a cord with me that I don’t like. It sets me off. Amber says I just want to squash it and have the rest of the time that I’m here in the house to be good. Devin heads to the diary room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 12-05-12-197

12:12pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds with the we’ll be right back screen… When the live feeds return – Big Brother has given the house guests the corn hole game. Frankie, Nicole, Cody and Amber are playing in the backyard.

12:20pm – 12:40pm Up in the HOH room – Devin is talking to Caleb about how he talked with Amber. He says that he just wants to stay out of it. We can talk about hunting and fishing and stuff. Devin talks about how he never called Brittany a cow and never made gun gestures. Devin says I know exactly where its coming from and they keep denying it. Caleb says I am hoping after this week we have to get 2 … 3 more people out. Devin says we need to get out 3 – 5 people out before jury depending on how many people are in jury. Devin says between me and you.. this alliance is a 5 person alliance. Its you, me Frankie, Christine and Amber. They start talking about Zach. I don’t know what I am going to do with the veto but whatever happens I just need your support. I am going to need your support and Ambers. Just remember with our alliance we always say deny deny deny all the way to the end. We just need to make it to jury. I would never ever float you up a river. I would never put up one of the 5. Its hard to control an 8 person alliance when one person gets really excited. Most likely I won’t use the veto but if I do we just need to stick together. Cabel brings up how Pow Pow said you better use it on her or you’ve lied to her. Caleb says whatever you do .. I would try to do what the majority wants because that will help you. To help your situation – the majority of the house wants Victoria gone. But you do what you do and I will support you 110%. Devin says with each week we need 1 less person in our alliance. They hug and Caleb goes to the bathroom. Devin says to himself “I know exactly what I’m going to do with the veto!” 7

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 12-21-47-683

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Frankie really bouts stab his easy lay in the back ????


This is like a rerun of last season. Everyone trusts the gay guy who goes around telling both sides what the other one said, they then turn on each other then Pow!!, everyone’s gone except the gay guy and a girl, probably Christine.


You just nailed it. What Frankie is doing is exactly what Andy did last season. Obviously they didn’t see that.


Maybe Zach shouldn’t have told Frankie that cuddling w/Victoria gave him a boner.

I don’t think Zach’s going anywhere. He’s too entertaining.

I would like it better if Cody was nominated and gets voted out. Or Derrick evicted.

As far as Devin’s so-called alliance of 5, not a bad deal for Christine, Frankie or Amber. I would think my chances are pretty good winning if the final 3 is with Devin and Caleb.

Woohoo, The Walking Dead!

smd nicole

this is all about to blow up in frankies face he should not have just crossed loose cannon zach like that that was just insanely stupid of him.


i dont like Frankie anymore for throwing Zach under the bus


i’m not convinced frankie is throwing zach under the bus, not just yet. i think it’s more about manipulating devin and caleb, so one of them goes out the door next week.

i think zach would be safe against pow pow or brittany.


Frankie is working Victoria to vote Zach out. He and Devin have now made a get rid of 2 alliance members deal with Frankie working the rest of the house to pull it off. Devin has declared BS is dead and now its Devin/Caleb/Amber/Frankie/Christine


He threw Cody under the bus as well.


Well he did throw him under the bus first.


Best thing for Frankie would be to get rid of that asshole.


Does anyone know if the veto meeting is today? Zach is losing it and I think today is gonna make some great TV!


wtf is going on now? This is one crazy cast this season! I might need a summary paragraph next update. lol


Exactly, the only disagreement is between the BS alliance. Geez how did Caleb and Devin get back cool, who got them back on the same page??? And I’m believing the same thing will happen with Zach and Devin. They get paranoid mid week, then lean back to their alliance eviction day. UGH!!!!


devin sure likes making pov safety deals on his own – does he understand the meaning of the word alliance? sure, he won hoh and pov, and zach should keep his mouth shut about devin, but at least zach is talking with other squad members about what’s going on. that’s more than can be said for devin.

caleb, jacosta and donny may be the only friends devin has left in the house after this week.


I think devin’s thing is he acts before he thinks. Instead of planning stuff out he just does it and then reacts to the result, hence the reason is keeps offering everyone deals and going back on them….his actions and behavior are that of the typical adhd person, like myself. (no filter, thinking before acting, erratic behavior and hyperactive/anxious/paranoid mindset)

Him and Zach are ADHD for sure….

and to take this one step further i think the producers know about his condition but brought him in anyways simply for Drama…..and it sure is working out in their favor


And these are the only two he doesn’t have deals with…yet.


It is impossible to get consensus from an eight-person alliance. There are just too many differing opinions, personalities and agendas to make that work. However, an eight-person alliance is proving to be an excellent shield for Devin (who at best only has Caleb in his corner) who is using the BS as a personal instrument for him to run his own game as he sees fit. Devin thinks he’s making all these deals to move the game in his favor but you can’t make deals like the shifts of a sand dune because in the end you’ll have only sand running through your empty hands and nothing to hold onto.


Does he know the meaning of the word alliance? The same “alliance” that is trying to back door him next week? ok


Yes! Please get rid of Zach! Mr. I love money and everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie.
I really can’t stand that mofo


Zack’s a jerk. What a nasty individual.


well that was unexpected. What was the point of F throwing out Zach, it only guarantees that Zach is going to tell all about the Bomb Squad, the real list of members, not the fact one he was going to do. I think it was very shortsighted of F to even say anything, when the current path was just putting up Victoria, or leaving it the same and getting Powpow out or Victoria, people not really doing much of anything other than going up on the block.

in other words, who backdoors Zach and thinks that makes sense. yesterday brittany was his biggest threat, now it is Zach? Are they saying Z is OK because he won’t be voted out, and he’ll be up against PP and she gets voted out? Are they going to be able to get Devin to do that? they might be able to convince him that no one is going to vote out powpow, but they may end up voting out brittany if she is still up there, leaving a crazy mad Zach and devin unable to do HOH ?

very confusing. Now i guess Victoria no longer thinks that Devin is going to kill her.


Zach was too comfortable and now his game is slipping. He might get Nick Uhased this week.


Zach is running about 10 bowls of slop–he was emotional eating last night–and no sleep. So instead of talking him down Frankie riled him up. Its going to be one crazy day.


how is Frankie the bad guy when Zach lost his mind in the end you do what you gotta do to make it to half a million dollars.


Zach and Frankie had a F2 early on and instead of trying to calm Zach down he was riling him up. And then went straight to Devin.


Yeah, I don’t like this, moves Frankie down for me. Stick with your boy, Frankie. Don’t be slimy.


Frankie tried several times to help Zach settle down and keep his mouth shut. And instead he’s going further off the rails. Smart to get out of the way.


Ha! This is hilarious..Zach was so confident he could cruise/relax his way to the end and now things aren’t looking too great for him.


Ok didnt Zach tell Derrick that he was gonna throw Frankie under the bus when he outed the bomb squad. Zach is no angel so this pity for him im not understanding, Hes a snake. But I forgot you all hate Devin so much that any douche moves other people make get completely over looked.


Devin’s days are numbered so a big move makes sense, but I don’t like him so he can do whatever.

But for the bomb squad to get rid of Zach makes very little sense because it’s clear he will spill everything he knows. If Frankie is actually serious about getting rid of Zach he (in my eyes) turns into Andy.

If the BS actually wants Zach out they better hide it because once Zach knows what’s up he will expose everything and that really hurts the BS game.

#F***Devin #Zachblowup #fearDaBeard




Changes it, yes, but hurts it? No. There’s plenty of little mini alliances, some are even not known about 🙂 It just redistributes the power and lets the girls take an opportunity to work together,


You gotta admit, as much as the majority of us don’t like Devin he makes for some interesting TV, with his erratic behaviour and changing his mind constantly, you just never know what he’s ghoing to do next…..and on top of that he can win comps.

Mental instability + Power = Good TV!

next week i want Cody to win since he said he would take Devin out…..

as far as i’m concerned, as long as Devin is in the house as a target, the show will continue to be interesting…i think hemight have the potential to be this year’s Frank, minus his metal issues.

They need to bring in King DAN to show em how to really play the game.

smd nicole

*prince dan will is and forever will be the king


Prince Dan learned from King Will. Was never a fan of Dr. Will but he was MILES better than Dan.

smd nicole

only possible explanation for u not being a fan of will is that u did not watch him on is 2 seasons


I could barely listen to Devin’s conversation with Amber. I actually got pissed enough to want to jump through the TV/monitor and punch Devin in the head. There is no talking to him. All you do is listen and if he even senses you are about to say something contradictory, he cuts you off, won’t let you finish, and proceeds with a lightly worded attack of his own.

He’s a control freak who then tells everyone how nice he is. Similar to Jeremy, eh?

I can see why his woman left him. No joke. Might be mean, but oh well.


i can’t listen to devin speak at all, to anyone. he is disrespectful with his loud sighs, eyerolling, head shaking, and raising his voice. he is so condescending to most of the other hg, i can’t believe anyone talks to him at all other than caleb, who’s ego is too big to be deflated.


he did that with Britney as well. Their conversation was on AD, and it is more intense to watch it, the description here is really great, but you don’t really ‘see’ it until you see it in action. (good idea is to record AD, and then check here first if there is going to be anything interesting to actually take the time to watch now that OBB can’t include videos anymore)

It was equivalent to watching her say: I liked you, devin, when we first got in the house, and his reaction back is something like: see, there you go, always making trouble, making things up, blah blah blah. To which I’m thinking, wtf over the top reaction to something she didn’t even imply, let alone say??


I just hope Devin uses the POV on Brittany and not Paola. It will be so easy for Zach to campaign against her. All you have to say is, “Would you want Pow Pow on your team in a ‘Battle of the Block’ competition?” No one wants that.

Zach should pull through this with no problem. That’s assuming that Derrick doesn’t talk Devin out of nominating Zach. Derrick is a good guy to have on your side, right now.

Also…..WTF Frankie!?!?!?


I don’t like Devin today, lol. He won’t let anyone get a word in when there’s a conversation. He gets emotionally riled up too easily.


I cannot believe this just happened.. Frankie backstabbing Zach., things are gonna explode really fast, cannot wait until POV is used..


I hate Zack, so I’m happy.


the trouble with confiding in Devin lol.

Zach: devin, why did you decide to put me up?
Devin: Frankie came and told me to do it.
Zach: Frankie, wtf, my 2 person alliance tells HOH with the POV to put me on the block and doesn’t mention it to me??


I haven’t read the whole post yet, but couldn’t get past the deal with Victoria?!?! Are you kidding me, Devin? Is she going to win anything to make good on that? Probably not. Waste of a deal. This guy is manic! Gotta say though, he’s really trying to save himself next week, good work ethic (?)


Frankie is the clon of Andy both were backstabbers & snitching lil cowards, I hope everything hes doing backfires on him & its backdoored early.


Wait, so now Zach is about to go home?! Don’t get me wrong Devin is insane, but man is he making this HOH reign interesting as hell. This season is progressively picking up, and I’m loving it!


Frankie is stirring the pot of Poo… Shady Queen.
Now if Devin puts up Zach… there will be a House explosion and the Bomb Squad will go boom (Didn’t they even notice their initials would be BS.) Now this conversation between Devin and Frankie should show one thing to everyone. There is a misconception that Devin and Caleb are making arbitrary decisions that the rest of the group is unaware… and that vixen Amber messing up everyones game.
If you really look at things it is in fact Frankie that had Calebs ear all last week and it has been Frankie messing with Devins week mind. He has also been kinda working Zach.
So now Devin “might” put up Zach instead of Victoria… because the ground work of trying to get Caleb v. Devin has not necessarily the right outcome so far. So now if Devin puts up Zach. Frankie will now have provided a concrete reason to separate Devin and possibly Caleb from the rest of the bomb squad.

Zach might go home. Strangely enough putting Zach up benefits the floaters the most. Donny, Hayden, Jocasta, Brittany and Victoria will actually be the ones with the real power this coming week. Not the ones who believe that they have power. Blow up the Bomb Squad and fracturing it will split it to 4 and 3. Causing them to scramble of the other 5’s affection. This benefits Bomb Squaders Derrick, Cody and Christine the most because they are the most liked by the other House Guests.
It should be a fun eviction this week and long as Devin puts up Zach… enjoy


I thought Frankie was Andy 2.0 for some time now. This just sealed that in my eyes.


for me it’s still too early to tell. When andy had power he always talked about what the house wants and getting no blood on his hands.

i think frankie might actually will to get down and dirty, but just not yet. I think he’s waiting for the competition to dwindle down a little kinda like how dan laid low for the first part of season 10…but i could be completely wrong lol…( and please forgive me for comparing frankie to king dan lol.)

on the plus side, at least frankie face is a bit more pleasant to look at than andy’s rat-weasel-whimpy-whiny-floater looking face




Now Devin is talking to Amber. She’s playing the why can’t we all just get along role blah blah blah. Devin told her she can always come talk with him but he’s not going to seek her out. Seriously?


I like Zach, and don’t like Frankie for selling him out, better be a long term plan or that is just sad. devin sucks, I don’t understand why everyone hides from someone w/ one friend who totally doesn’t support his outbursts. Zach wants people to stop walking on egg shells as he yells at the girls and people say nothing.

save Zach!


Before we get our hopes up let’s wait .,.hate waiting.. Devin is like Amanda from BB15 hated and loved at the same time..


I am 100 percent team Derrick. he is the smartest one and the most even keel in the house. I like him. he, Zach and Cody could get something going if they realize what a snake Frankie is, and with Frankie playing everyone its just a matter of time


They’ve already got Frankie’s number. Cody told Derrick and Zach Yesterday morning that Christine told him about a final 4 between her, Frankie, Caleb, and Amber and Zach was not happy. They all went on to talk about how they love Frankie but he can’t be trusted and that he’s in good with everyone and goes where the power is.


I want nothing more than for Frankie to be voted out now…if he’s throwing away Zach because he’s “a loose canon” then why did he go running to Devin? I’d say Zach is a lot more reasonable than Devin. Frankie is just trying to play both sides, I don’t know how more people haven’t caught on. I want Zach to go far.


My Dream next week is whoever wins next week will put up.
HoH 1: Caleb/Hayden
HoH 2: Frankie/Amber

This would bring out Caleb’s instinct to protect mode…. He might throw the BoB to save Amber and maybe Frankie.
It would make Caleb fight for PoV hard so that he can save himself or if he one the BoB fight `extra hard to save his Queen Amber. If Devin does not play PoV because of the numbers, he would be vulnerable.
My preference is Caleb saves Amber leaving Frankie on the block and Devin is the replacement nominee.
if it is Hayden v. Devin… most of the house prefers Hayden… but the ultimate wet dream is Caleb/ Hayden… Hayden wins PoV so it turns into Caleb/ Devin… the testosterone would be exploding all up in that house… Excellent TV. They might both be kicked out for a Wrestlemania type fight of the Big Brother Century.


Frankie is here to play and I like it.
He is playing an Andy like game but not as discreet. His chirping and talking out of all sides of his mouth could catch up with him in the near future.

BB16FAN (so far...)

You’re right about the not-so-subtle Andy-like game. Maybe not the swiftest idea since Andy won last season. That strategy could be fresh in the HGs’ minds… Use your brains, HGs! Frankie’s not to be trusted.


I’m loving this talk about great TV, the feeds are going to be so interesting the next few days. Side note what’s since Zach is basically doing the same thing and pretty much acting worse than Devin y’all are going to hate him too right? I mean it’s only fair since that’s why everyone hates Devin or is it a different reason I’m just saying think about it


You are absolutely correct… At some time we will completely dislike Zach. I think the only reason people are not as hard about wanting Zach is because somebody more obnoxious is the person ragging on about Zach. So yes once Devin is gone and Caleb has packed his bags we will all be hating on Zach. I can guarantee that.

“Zach is a Sleazy Misogynistic Scumbag….” a little preview of the whats to come if he stays this week.


If Devin is causing so much controversy, would production allow him to be evicted? He is obviously ( in AG’s mind ) providing good TV, thus ratings, and they could not afford to have him go. Would they change the game plan if they saw an eviction for Devin coming or at the very least, bring him back if he was evicted? Regardless of how much Amanda was hated last season, she brought in the ratings and the dollars. They will not allow a cash cow to pass through their hands too soon.


Some of the people are good for the ratings. Once Zachary, Frankie, and Decin are gone, people will either find a way to hate Derrick or complain that it is too boring.


First off I was not a Zach fan, but I am routing for him now. I did not think that the people who said Frankie was not to be trusted were right, boy was I wrong! I hope that Zach survives this and is responsible for bringing down that weasel. It would be sweet to watch Frankie exit before Devin and Caleb.


I have no idea why my comment is under Wil, but ^ that is me. I must have done something….


Ignore ^ comments, the comments were loading bizarrely for me.


What made Frankie wanna throw Zach and Cody under the bus? I haven’t been following the feeds and it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Is it because he finds them (Cody and Zach) stupid?


It comes right out of the “Shady Queen” Handbook
Find a weak mind and play on that weakness. His only way to win this game is to pit the more athletic guys against each other and also the guys that are hot that might draw in some girls.
So here is what is probably going on in Frankie’s mind. If you might be wondering why.

1) Caleb is a beast at competitions, he is a huge physical threat. He has now decided Amber is his woman. I can use that to make him do things that would be detrimental to his game. Jealousy is a beautiful thing. Lets put him up against the other big muscle in the house using Amber… Damn it has not worked as planned, but I can use his crazy devotion against him to make the others see him as someone to get out.

2)Devin, He almost does all my work for me… perfection. I just need to point out his crazy and then validate the women’s fear of him, then play on his paranoia to see Zach, Cody and Derrick as a threat and still want to cover my ass.

3) Derrick, I smell the PoPo and he is a Dad on top of it… Crap Hero’s will always trump gay every time. He needs to go. Twist them up and make them see Devin and Caleb as the major threat and get them to talk about it. Then kick him under the bus with Devin. This will create a Cody/Derrick vs. Caleb/Devin dynmic… nobody is noticing me and maybe I can get as many threats to me out as possible.

4) Cody… He is gorgeous, body from the gods, dark hair and light eyes… god dammit… Gils will always pick Superman over their GBFF every time. I need him to focus on Caleb and Devin has his big threat and I need to work him into thinking a Showmance is the worst thing for his game. I really need something like making him thing that Devin and Caleb are coming for him… I know make Caleb and Devin come for him…. but the righteous guys always need that last push… and that is where Zach comes in.

5) Zach is closer to Derrick and Cody… even more than me… nobody is going to look at other guys over me. He also has a huge big mouth… bye bye Zach… you where just collateral damage.

As far as Amber and christine well they are no different than the other girls. Everyone knows the Sisterhood is dead and they will turn on the other girls anyway… and if Controlling Amber helps me control the other boys well hell she has a purpose and Christine…. I got this….

This may be what is going on with Frankie. I can tell you as a gay man… I know some Shady Queens and one of the things they do is to get you so pissed off at someone else you don’t even notice what they are doing to you and that other person.
He will get caught… too many variables for his wicked ways to succeed… really Andy’s biggest gift was, he was in a house of self centered people that could never see beyond themselves or the bed they where moping in last year… Frankie has a much smaller population that does that… Hell these bitches won’t even stay in bed all of the day like they are supposed too. Damn.


I love how Devin called Zach a flip flopper. Devin is flip flopping his game all over and the whole BS (loved the person who pointed out the initials of the Bomb Squad is BS). I hope Devin puts Zach up just to see what happens as a result. Zach really needs to keep his thoughts to himself. He’s screwing himself, just like Devin has screwed his game and become and huge target.


Fish and a Jeff interview. Could it be the POV ceremony?


Devin can’t stand not having full control over “his” alliance. He sees the BS as his to do what he pleases. He’s like the Red Queen shouting “off with Zach’s head”. I wonder if Zach gets nominated if the house will vote to keep him or not or maybe people will actually stop voting with the house, well maybe except for the BS.

new to BB 14

yes get rid of Zach this week

and next week buh bye Frankie!!

And the Zankie will be DEAD DEAD DEAD!!


Im not a fan but Im actually proud of Devin for shaking this BS alliance up. He caught wind that his “alliance” is trying to get him out so hes trying to make deals with other people to save his ass. Isnt that how the game is played? He put Brittney up because he knew she was coming after him. So everyone in the alliance decides they want to keep the one person who he knows is gunning for him. That was a dumb move and at that point why would he trust anyone? If they were smart Brittney would be on her way out the door and Devin could have easily been back doored next week. Zach is just as unstable as Devin. Devins the guy that stabs you in your chest and you see it coming Zach is the snake who puts it in your back and gets away with murder.

non-metal spoon

And Caleb is the one who makes you put the lotion on your skin.


Caleb will use the knife and singlehandedly save you by cutting the snake’s head off, making you see him as your hero, so you end up protecting him all along the way. and he’s too love sick to notice what else is going on around him anyway, so might as well keep him.


you guys Remember yestarday Derrick spoke to a camera” i don’t trust Frankie at all”?
You have to admire this guy after seeing what happened this morning.

Derrick/Christine will take Frankie down for sure(Christine actually working with Nicole and Hayden, Derrick-socially gifted enough to gather all the gun pwoders to strike down Frankie


Frankie proved how smart he is b4, so he must have a master plan going on, only with the Dr conversation we can know what’s going on. .. or maybe he just fell in love with him and it’s not reciprocal and better let him go

new to BB 14


A Name

This is a good move by Devin. I mean they were planning on getting rid of him anyway, I’m just glad he’s beating them to the punch. He needs to leave Brittany on the block because leaving Pao up there is dangerous, they could just vote her out instead of his main target. Zach and Cody have to go!



Just wanna say thank you for your thorough analysis. I agree Frankie’s not gonna be the Andy of this season. He’s so on the radar that no one trusts him. I didn’t figure out who’s superman and who’s GBFF tho. Anyway, if you didn’t refer to Cody as GBFF, do you believe Cody’s really gay or bi? What does your gaydar say? I’m just curious…


Devin suddenly loses his trust in people that don’t agree with him. I think Frankie realizes that and is purposely fuelling his wild temper not reminding him people will come after him more relentlessly with all the drama but as a viewer it’s hilarious seeing his targets going back and forth like a ping pong match.