Zach says If I go out I’m swinging HARD! I have to think what’s best for ZACH-ATTACK!

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 04-40-00-468

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12:40am Up in the HOH room – Devin, Frankie and Christine talking. Devin tells them that he has two options. Devin says that they are good with him. Devin comments on home one of the options he calls plan B could be one Bomb Squad member (Zahc). Devin says if the Bomb Squad is mentioned they need to deny, deny, deny. Devin says that if goes to Plan B, he will say that there are people in this house who want to be here and you want to go home to golf and play with your dog. Devin talks about (Zach) on the couch telling him to put me on the block, send me home, I don’t even care. Devin says he hasn’t told Caleb Plan B yet. Devin talks about how Zach has being disrespectful when talking about Victoria. Saying that Zach referred to her as B!t*h. Devin says that talked to Zach on day five about respecting women. Christine joins they. Devin says that all they needs are 6 votes. He say he has Victoria, Christine, Frankie, Donny, Brittany, Jocasta, Derrick. He says thats all he needs. Devin says not to talk to anyone outside of this room about this vote. Christine asks if he is taking down Brittany.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 01-32-06-674

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1:35am Out in the backyard Hayden and Derrick are talking about wanting to make it to at least jury. Hayden says it wouldn’t really matter who goes home. I would rather it not be Zach though. Derrick agrees and says that its really Zach who decides that. Frankie joins them. Frankie says what I’ve been saying is that the target will present it’s self each week. Hayden comments on how crazy of an experience this is. He explains how no where else do you run the gambit of emotions. Brittany comes out and starts playing the corn hole game by herself. Devin says you know how they have the intruder plan where if someone comes in here we’re supposed to go to the diary room. I wonder if that’s ever happened before? Caleb comments on how crazy it is that they set up these insane competitions in the backyard and then put everything back exactly where it was.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 01-46-49-982
2am Derrick and Devin are playing the corn hole game. Devin out of no where says I like Brittany. Derrick comments on how he just blurted that out. Devin says I don’t know why I just said that out loud. Devin says I already told Frankie. Deivn says I’m all sweaty now. Derrick says she’s a cool chick. That’s why everyone wanted her here. They finish their game and head inside.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 02-08-02-174

2:15am Derrick and Cody head outside to play pool. Cody comments on how Zach needs to eat something. Derrick says he’s talking about wanting to be sent home. I think he’s home sick. Caleb joins them. Derrick says its a totality of things.. Its the things with Devin, not eating, not sleeping. Derrick says if Zach is telling Devin to put me him up .. now you’re giving him a reason to do it. And we need the numbers. Christine comes out and Caleb goes inside. Christine warns them that she would advise them to not talk game around people they don’t trust. Christine says that Devin is starting to not trust other people ..other than just Zach. Christine says Devin is sharing a lot of information with me. She comments that Devin will likely be taking Brittany off the block. Christine says he can make all the deals he wants with Brittany, she is still going to put him up and try to evict him. Cody says if Devin puts up Zach I am done with it. Cody says I would love to know why Caleb doesn’t trust me. Christine says Devin brought up both your names. He doesn’t trust you Derrick but trusts Cody even less. Hayden joins them and goes back inside. Cody says I just don’t understand why he doesn’t trust me. Derrick says he is just paranoid. Cody says the second I have power I’m going to call Devin out. Number 1 he is full of sh*t. Hayden joins them again and the conversation ends. Nicole comes out And Cody says look at this girl she is the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 02-29-20-285

2:40am – 3:05am Frankie and Caleb head into the hive room. Frankie tells Caleb that Zach has been running, running, running his mouth that you are the reason why Devin doesn’t trust him. He is saying that anything that is told to you is then told to Caleb. Frankie says you did tell Devin that someone in the alliance was untrustworthy. Caleb says I didn’t say Zach’s name and Devin deserves to know if people in his alliance don’t trust him. Frankie says that Devin trusts you with his life and with his game. I don’t want you to talk to Zach about it because he is really … You already talked to him about it. Frankie says that Zach is creating crazy. I want a straight shot to jury. Frankie says that Zach is telling me 4 times a day that we’re backdooring Devin. Why are we talking about it when there’s nothing we can do it about it. Frankie says I trust you and Devin with my life and my game. I trust Amber and Derrick implicitly. I am concerned about Cody if Zach goes. Caleb says Zach can cry my name as much as he wants but I never said I persons name. Caleb says it really pushed a button of mine that I would be untrustworthy to Amber. Frankie says I think if Zach wants to go we need to let him go. Caleb says that Zach won’t just go he will go to the door and bust everyone out. Frankie says that Zach is proving to be more volatile than Devin. Amber definitely wants Devin gone and definitely wants Zach to stay. Caleb says that conflicts with me. He is clearly going around saying that he doesn’t trust me. Frankie says I think because Devin would never throw us under the bus its better for him to stay. Caleb says I am going to talk to Amber tomorrow because that doesn’t float with me. Caleb says its not right that Devin can do whatever he wants because he doesn’t ask any of us what we want. He doesn’t need to be in power any more. Frankie and Caleb agree that Devin should be the first to jury. Frankie says Devin is the king of unpredictability. Caleb says there is something wrong with me giving me all to her in the beginning and she not trusting me. Caleb says if Amber feels this way I will tell her I will carry her to the 8 and then she can hop off my back and walk herself to then end.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 02-45-59-367

3:25am – 3:45am In the storage room – Frankie asks Zach what do you want? Do you want to stay or do you want to go? Zach says I want to stay but .. Frankie asks everyone wants you here. Zach says I want to keep playing. I have been true to the alliance. Zach says if he takes off Pow and puts me up then I stay. If he takes off Brittany and I go up then I stay. Frankie says why not just make things right with Devin. I am not just going to get on my knees and do whatever they want. Frankie asks are you going to blow things up. Zach says I said I wouldn’t blow up peoples game but I will blow up Devins. Zach says I want to stay. Its another number for you guys. Frankie says that Caleb does want you to stay. He still denies he never said your name but whatever. The best thing to do if you want to stay then we stick to the alliance. Its not a guarantee to get Devin out. Its not a guarantee until its a guarantee. Frankie says that Devin said he has two options that keeps protocol and one that stirs the pot. Zach says maybe me leaving the alliance and starting my own Bomb Squad. Zach says I’m not saying I’m going to do that, I’m just thinking whats better for my game. Is this better for their game or my game. If I go out I’m swinging HARD! I have to think about what’s best for ZACH-ATTACK right now! I don’t know what’s best for me. Maybe its to disaffiliate and re-affiliate starting my own new bomb squad. I am not a push over.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 03-34-13-651

3:55am Zach heads outside to play pool by himself. Derrick and Devin are playing the corn hole game. Frankie joins Brittany and Cody on the hammock. Frankie heads to bed. Brittany tells Cody that Devin told her maybe when everyone goes to bed she can come up to the HOH and they can get to know each other better. I just don’t trust him. Cody says what Devin is doing right now is disgusting. I am hoping / praying he takes you off the block. Cody says that Devin came to me and said that he has a crush on you. I wanted to tell him to go f**k himself. What ever meds they’re giving him they need to up the dosage and find a new prescription. Brittany says I am going to have some announcement after the veto to shake him off his game. Cody says that stuff usually back fires. Derrick and Zach join them. Zach says its the 500mg of Adderall that makes him so bipolar! Victoria joins them.Cody jokes that he doesn’t like that Zach was taking him place watching the sunrise with Brittany.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 03-53-23-717

4am In the living room – Devin tells Frankie how hypocritical of me .. I put you (Brittany) on the block ..oh and I like you!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 04-02-29-934

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Devin: “i like Brittany, she’s a cool chick.”

Derrick and all of us mentally: >___> Lol omg, REALLY? >__>
Man you got problems.


Also No one would be upset if Victoria or Powpow goes home. Why stir the pot when it doesn’t need to be stirred?..

Who am i kidding, i just want Zach to stay longer and explode the BOmb SqUAd with Cody.. Haha


What do you mean?

All the guys are coming after Devin next week, At least Devin was smart enough to realize that. Now he needs to take out at least one of them this week.

amandas cooch smells like onions

Thats why I dig bbuk the public votes people out, not the house.


Yeah and every one gets to use their prejudices and moral righteousness to determine who wins the game…..bbuk is a popularity contest on who can pretend to be a good person in order to get votes from the fans to stay in the house…..if you do that in the US the same kind of people would win every season(Jeff Jordan Cody Nicole Donny types) thats boring and lame…..bbuk is a complete snooze fest the money is given not earned…..i dont care about who every one believes is the “best person” i want backstabbing, strategy, twist, and real game play. What would big brother USA be without your Evil Dicks,Dr Wills,Dans,Rachels,Boogies Amandas. It would be as boring as bbuk and you can keep that bs across the pond.


Yeah…except based on all the polls and popular opinion…Ash should have gone instead of Matthew. I smell production interfrence…


For my sanity I would like Zach to leave but for game purposes I hope Zach stays and pick up the floaters, I want a Zach team vs Devin team plot. I just really don’t appreciate house voting which would continue if the “house” unites to take him out this week.


Really hope Frankie realizes he was voted Team America before we knew how disloyal he was to Zach. Frankie is blaming poor Zach for wanting Devin out (actually Cody) and wanting Brittany in (actually Cody). Sadly, even Caleb knows Derrick, Cody, and Amber want Devin out… But Frankie is blaming it all on Zach. Zach could be and should be the person Frankie trusts most and yet Caleb (?!) is the one defending Zach. Frankie will realize where his loyalty should have been after he sees the tapes.


the only reasons he was voted in are because big brother makes him look good because in case u didn’t know he is ariana grande’s brother


Team America (whatever that means anyway) maybe didn’t vote him in but fans may have. Frankie has tons of followers himself much more the most popular big brother alumni. And they are probably young and don’t mind voting and doing what it takes. And the number of fans Ariana Grande has herself are in the millions, even if some don’t know who she is others do and she currently has a hit song on the charts. I think that twist wasn’t necessary and if they were going to do it, it should have been later in the game.


Let’s be honest here, Zach is kind of crazy. Like I love my friends, but I’m not always willing to make their struggles my own. There are limits to what hills I am willing to die on. Self-care in this game is paramount.


I wonder if he’d be less off the wall if they let him eat one real meal and sleep. I’m sure it’s factoring into some of his crazy, at least I hope that is what is going on.


Zack isn’t crazy. He needs food and sleep. I used to love Frankie. Not anymore.


boogie and will never win if all stars(boogie wins but it was a team win really) without BOTH talking each other down

its sad to me how quick Frankie dropped Zach. you deal with a meltdown, you understand why, you don’t just go to the guy who was melting down first(devin) for much more ridiculous reasons

so devin makes some lame speech about his daughter who at this point is a PROP he uses in the game, and Frankie switches?

so sick of the “famous” grande. as I honestly have NEVER HEARD of his sister, “one of the most famous people in the WORLD!”


Except that Frankie DID try to talk him down and he didn’t want to listen. No matter how many times Frankie tried to A) explain why Devin began to distrust Zach and B) told him no to go off and to relax, Zach still dug his own grave.

Don’t get me wrong, personally I want Zach to stay, too (but I don’t see that happening; I think he dug his own grave). He cracks me up. And his whole “Frankie crush” is fun to watch, IMO.

Baby Firefly

I have to say that I cannot imagine what it must be like for Brittany, to have the guy who’s been going after you like you’re the worst most dangerous threat to his game, to now having a crush on you. Say wha? Don’t know how she’ll handle this, but I gotta respect the girl for just having to deal with it. As far as Zach goes, I wasn’t an early fan, but now I think I just might board the Crazy train that is Zach, just so I can find out what the Zach Attack is, if nothing else.


Doesn’t really seem that serious and apparently it’s working in her favor it he’s going to take her off the block.If he started putting pressure on her to date him the house or something that would be another thing. Besides, if he stays longer it will probably change to him not liking her again since he’s so spazzy.


If (and only if) Devin would really save Brittany (there is still a few hours before veto, he is just one hell of an impulsive player) I’ll be amazed at Brittany’s gameplay, not only she has Cody, but also Devin in her hands. Funny how she was the target to becoming the person everyone wants to have a deal with, and she’s not even an HOH.

Really hoping Zach gets put up and divide the house. 😀


Think about this…i believe the reason he wanted Brit to come upstairs “to get to know each other better” is to feel her out before POV ceremony. He’s had the hots for her from the beginning but kept it to himself as she stayed away from him. Brit said that her BB “escort” pointed Devin out to her at the airport as a potential showmance and she told them straight out NO! No doubt they did the same with him at the airport. Sooooooooooo you have him already secretly not happy because she’s been around the male beauties while ignoring him. The friction between the two Makes far more sense now. So Devin wants to see if he can manipulate her into a showmance BUT If they dont have an attraction – ( Brit bowing to him) then he still has time to keep her on the block IMO


Interesting….I missed the comment about Brit’s handler.

BTW, does anyone else find it a little interesting/odd that Devin called Joey his “10” and wanted to hook up w/her and when she said she had a boyfriend all of the sudden he couldn’t stand her and wanted her out – and then when Brittany wouldn’t warm up to him he wants her out?!?


Why does this website keeps posting all the time about Frankie?
It is getting anyoing…

Anyways.. this season was going good. But now this manipulation on Team American.. I dont know
I dont like those 3 guys… And with that sounds like CBS wants to keep them around for a long time.. It sucks

fabio sucks

actually america wants to keep them around for a while because they are 3 of the most popular players this year…. just because u don’t like them does not mean the rest of us don’t (even though i do hate frankie)


Yea! I wanted the New “Double D” alliance of Donny & Derrick from the start! And I did like Frankie until he abandoned Zack so quickly – so I hate that Donny & Derrick have to work with him. But hey, I guess 2 out of 3 aint bad!


And also, Joey was the first one on the Team America alliance and she got the boot. So obviously who CBS wants to stay doesn’t matter…

Butters Mom

Actually Joey had one foot out the door before she even got Team America… they didnt do it right… they gave the Team America award to Derrick and Frankie at the same time and the 3 new Team America players are working as a team… Joey was on her own as a Team America player and didnt have any back up yet. Getting the other Team America players out will not be as easy.


“Devin comments that she had a kid when she was 17. She obviously dropped out of high school.”

OMG. I hate him.


Yeah, that really shows how he respects women.


Seriously, if that loser is the reason Brit or Zach go home, i’m already over this season. It started out with so much promise, but Caleb and Devin’s back to back HOH’s has swept in a wave of stupidity that I’m beginning to doubt the cast can recover from.


funny how caleb and devin are friends. they are both out of it.


” Brittany tells Cody that Devin told her maybe when everyone goes to bed she can come up to the HOH and they can get to know each other better.” HE probably thinks he’s being a gentleman. #respectwomen


does team america get to choose who they vote for independently, or do they have to vote the way america wants?


IF they’re told how to vote, they still can vote however way they want – they just won’t win the $5k (each).


ohhh. OOOOOhhh that makes it even shadier … hmmm interesting. thanks for the answer


im really curious how team America can get to the end…. im glad derrick and Donny is on team America, Frankie not so sure? I would have prepared hayden over Frankie..


Exactly what I wished for too. I hope and pray it works out great for Donny. I’m all about the beard man. Lol.


I want to root for a villian this year, i thought it was Caleb and Devin. The bromance is falling apart, and everyone else is so darn boring. They needed last year cast with this years surpries. Frankie is now caring the show by himself.

Greg G

Cody how is he full of it when you said if u get HOH you will put him up so duh… yea he doesn’t trust you. This is big brother everyone is full of s..

Amanda's dog Woofy

People say Frankie is Andy2.0. Not so. He is Helen2.0. Loves everyone to their face, makes deals with all, betrays everyone behind their back. Derrick is playing The RAT game,and playing it more subtly than Andy. He might win.


I agree 100% with you. The Rat needs to be exterminated along with his minons. I want to see the strong survive not a bunch of cowards. I do not like Devin but i rooting for him like i did Ian Terry. Ian was very wierd and super paranoid just like Devin but i could not stop rooting for him. Devin is unpredicatable and paraniod but he is to loyal. That he does not see the Rats at his feet.


Loyal? I don’t see it. He threw his alliance under the bus while they were all sleeping, he outed them all to Christine and Amber by name, then he tells them guess what, we have two new members and they know everything. To me that is betrayal. Maybe bringing girls in was a good idea (I don’t think so) but if you are in an alliance you have to consult with the others before making a move like that. Then he starts stirring up Caleb to tell Amber about his feelings for her. Then he makes up lies about stuff Amber supposedly said and gets Caleb worked up again. Then he tells Donny (who he had a secret alliance with behind everyone else’s backs) and the rest of the house that Donny got put up because of him, not Caleb who was HOH. He basically is implying that Caleb didn’t really have the power, Devin did. Caleb is too dumb to see it, but he got burned. Then Devin makes a deal with Pow Pow behind his alliance’s back, and then another one with Brittany and another one with Victoria. At this point the only one he hasn’t made deals with are Hayden and Nicole. Now he wants to put up Zack because Zack dared to voice his opinion and Caleb and Frankie ratted him out. Zack is the only one that has the cojones to stand up to Devin, who I would also not be trusting given his track record for deciding by himself what to do and then informing the bomb squad. Devin may be lots of things, but loyal isn’t one of them.


Well Said Chloe!

Eddie G

Okay, Okay I guess you might not have misunderstood me. But I am not to high and mighty to not say that i was wrong and you are right (Acting like Devin Right Now lol). He is loyal to himself. However, Devin will not throw his alliance under the bus, but he might add to it. But he will manipulate people like a wild beast. I said I am rooting for a villian this year. Everytime i root for the good guy they get thrown out the house. So this year i am rooting for the person that is over the top and piss people off all day everyday that can actually compete and win something. Unlike last year when Amanda ran the show and could not win anything. I just hope the Frankie and Devin remain in the house atleast to jury so i can be entertained. If not they need to give Donny and Hayden more air time the rest are dull even the Zack Attack but hes not going to do anything exciting thats why he keeps ranting and raving to everyone else. If he wanted to do something then just do it and stop talking about it


Not entirely true, apart from the alphas BB15 has two “masterminds” Amanda and Helen, both on the same page as removing the alphas/competition threats and other members outside their big alliance (people that voted out Nick). Those two with the help of the MVP were able to manipulate the people into voting out who they want out and gained control of the house in the early days. Most of the decision that the “House” did was their decision.
For this season Devin/Caleb and Cody/Zack/Derick are the Helen and Amanda.

Frankie is Andy 2.0 because he has been flip flopping to the two sides, he has been telling Cody’s group one thing and Devin’s group another, which andy did on Amanda and Helen. Someone has been complaining that this site has too much frankie going on but it just so happen that frankie is just everywhere, everybody likes him so they talk strategy freely with him, just like Andy is.


So Zack tried to put Victoria’s hand down his pants??? And he got called into the Diary Room for it??? Why wasn’t he kicked out??? I just lost my last straw of respect for the guy.


I want Zach to stay so bad.
I am not sure if he is crazy or just the fact he hasn’t eaten or slpet properly (I am the most sane person, but without food I am ready to chew anyone’s head off).

“I am straight but love cuddling with gay Frankie” … someone needs to teach Zach what bisexual means. 😉 <3


I think it’s a typo, I read it as hat. Like you said, forcing a hand down his pants would’ve gotten him kicked out, where as a hat is possible destruction of property.

fabio sucks

im a big fan of master manipulators in this game and that is why i am rooting for derrick because ei think he is the only person in this cast that i think has the ability to manipulate people…. i can’t wait to see what type of game he plays in the future once the season really starts in a couple weeks

Team Zankie

If Zach goes home this week, I’m cancelling my feeds. Half the time he’s the only one worth watching anyway.


Im so happy our Big Brother isnt played with the same rules as the UK version

smd nicole

simon and dawg do these people ever all sleep at once and if so how long is it for? it seems like the house never is all asleep


It’s killing us right now. This is the toughest bunch ever to cover on the feeds.

smd nicole

it will probably get better when there are less people in the house

Jody H

I have to hand it to you and Dawg!! You put in a lot of work. Thank you!!


I have never been more grateful for the fast forward button. The ping pong crazy ramblings from Devin are unbearable.
I have to say though, as much as I dislike Frandy, his twirling ninja sparkle dance confrontation with BB was hilarious


Get some sleep! That’s why you’re all so paranoid and thinking of these near impossible situations,giving yourself WAY too much time to think in practically no sleep is so dangerous lol


rooting for derrick if Zach leaves. he is the only one left I can actually cheer for.

darnit, why did they have to target Zach. and why couldn’t Zach be more like boogie. I really saw mike boogie day 1, and he has been a MASSIVE disappointment. I mean, even boogie when people knew who he was, on his last leg, was able to make a move to save himself/frank and oust a great competitor

Zach seems to be clueless as how to play the game, unfortunately.


we all know how comps go. there are some basically designed for people. and its usually 4 or so who have a real legit shot, which raises chances for who the BB production team wants to win. its not cheating but its a nice big push.

they need to give Zach whatever competition he is really good at. him or Cody MUST win POV

Mister E

The POV comp has already been played with Devin as the winner. If Zach gets put up his only way of saving himself is to get enough votes to stay.


I take it that Devin’s Brittany “crush” is to give him an out to take Brittany off the block???


hey can we stop comparing Frankie to that BB RAT Andy please. Way too early to call Frankie a rat AND he looks nothing like one (unlike Andy). Never seen a ginger RAT before Andy showed up. lol


When did this become the Devin show. He gets more face time then all the others put together. I still think it is a better cast than last year, but I could do with a lot less Devin.


Question: Are the house quests not allowed to have showmances this year?

When reading the feeds it seems like they are all avoiding it, so did they make new rules or are they just scared to be a threat?


Derrick is not playing the rat game. He’s listening to everyone, giving advice, but NOT running to other side to tell. He may be a bit dull TV-watching, but he’s playing the best game (along with Christine) so far.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Derrick gets Cheese & a pat on the head from Everyone. He shows up everywhere. He’s a Better Rat than Andy, but still a rat STRATEGICALLY. It’s a valid strategy, by the way.


Three sickos – Cody who gives me the creeps, zack who is mental and Brittany who is a racist. It’s okay by most of you on here that they would plan to do nasty and disgusting things to Devin. However, God forbid that Devin ever suggested doing the same dirty things to anyone of them and y’all would be in an uproar, right? Class will tell and sh*t will smell. Therein lies the difference between the black race and the white race.