Brittany says Devin wanted to decapitate me. He was planning my funeral & now he likes me.

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

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8:04 Brittany and Amber bathroom
Amber saying that she feels like she’s walking on eggshells.
Brittany says Devin wanted to decapitate her he was planning her funeral now he’s liking her “I think he knows he messed up and now he’s trying to correct things”
Brittnay – Everything has changed so fast the people I trusted before I don’t trust anymore
Amber – me to I hate to name names
Amber hopes that Donny goes up but she doesn’t think it will be him.
Brittnay – “I kinda feel like I’m not going home but then I feel like I am.,. I just don’t understand that someone who hated me so much is trying to be nice to me”

Brittany goes over her talk with Devin that changed his mind, says Devin explained his reasoning to but her up was 50% personal 50% game because he sees her as a threat.
Brittany told him a lot of people are targeting Devin. They agree nobody has gone up to the HOH Brittany feels bad for Devin.

Brittany says there’s one person she can’t trust any more, “I woke up with a knife in my back yesterday morning..I knew this person was different a couple days ago”
Brittnay points out how people act like they are the most loyal people when they are not.
Brittany mentions she told Devin everything he wanted to hear because she’s in a tough situation.

Brittany wonders if Devin is going to put Victoria, “I want him to keep the nominations the same”
Amber does too they both agree they don’t trust POWPOW at all
Amber – “I haven’t talked to her in 2 days
Brittany – she sold herself to the devil.. I don’t know how she got here she’s just floating on by, she doesn’t bring anything to the table.. she will do anything to save herself.

Amber told POWPOW from day one she will try her best to keep her here if she can trust her, they were close but now she’s feel POWPOW is turning against he. Amber has to do what is best for her game.
Brittany is going to talk to Devin but will wait until after he’s had his medicine. Amber – “thats probably the best thing to do”

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8:57pm Backyard Brittany and Amber
Brittany thinks Jocasta and Donny will vote for POWPOW, “Jocasta is hard to read”
Amber agrees, Brittany mentions Jocasta keeps her game to herself.
Brittany doesn’t know about Hayden or Caleb. Amber says Caleb wants her here.
She thinks the rest of the house will vote for her.
Amber – Victoria?
Brittany she’ll vote for me.
Brittnay – “These live feeders are wondering do we ever go to sleep”
They start talking about Joey and Frankie. they love them both. Brittany points out that Frankie loves everyone right now sooner or later he will have to pick an alliance.
They start talking about home and best friends. Amber has a best guy and girl friend. Her girlfriend has 2 kids. Amber – “I miss Tennessee”

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 09-27-01-530

9:40am Over on the backyard couches – Brittany continues to talk to Amber about how Devin brought her a pickle because he didn’t have any flowers. I’m not going to eat that, what did you put that down your pants!? What did you put poison in it? He’s just trying to right a wrong. Brittany says she feels like the stronger people deserve to be here? Brittany says that she came in here wanting to play an honest game. She says and there are other people who are here to lie cheat and steal. Amber says and the Battle of the Block has changed everything! Brittany says it only takes one person to stand up and for others to start standing up too. Amber says I trust talking to Caleb and Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 09-43-01-165

9:45am Big Brother wakes up the other house guests.. When the live feeds return – Out in the backyard – Donny and Brittany are talking. She says that she liked the game a little more last week. Donny asks oh because you weren’t on the block then. Donny and Brittany both agree that they thought the veto meeting would have been yesterday. Brittany says yeah. Donny asks if she’s going to get some sleep. Brittany says that she’s beyond tired now and doesn’t think she can sleep. Donny says yesterday there were a couple dead people in the house. Brittany asks him what he means? Donny says the people that slept all day.

10:15am Amber changes into her bathing suit and joins Brittany on the backyard hammock. Amber and Brittany talk about missing their families. Brittany says Devin said he missed his Ex. Amber says how am I missing people that I used to like or date, you know?!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 10-21-38-556

Devin goes to wake up Pow Pow because Big Brother has been calling her to the diary room. Devin tells her after the veto ceremony I want you to come up and talk to me. He tells her you don’t say a word. You wait a couple minutes after I go upstairs and you come right up after. Don’t say a word, Don’t even show any emotion at all! Okay. Pow Pow comes out of the diary room and comes up to Devin in the kitchen. She starts to get emotional. Devin tells her not to get emotional. He tells her that some things

10:25am – 10:30am In the hive room – Pow Pow starts getting mad and says that wasn’t the deal. Devin tells to stop getting emotional you’re going to ruin things for yourself. Devin tells her that she doesn’t even know what going on and you’re getting upset. If you get up set you will go home. I can guarantee that you stay but you need to keep calm. Pow Pow storms out of the hive room. He goes to the bathroom and asks Hayden and Victoria to leave the bathroom so he can talk to Pow Pow. Devin tells her that even though things may have changed she is still safe. Pow Pow says that wasn’t part of the deal. Pow Pow says something but you can’t hear what it was because she’s in the shower without a mic. Devin says don’t threaten me right now! That’s not a good way to go! You don’t want to do that right now! I’m telling you you’re safe. Pow Pow is still mad and Devin storms out of the bathroom.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 10-29-46-299

10:35am – 10:40am Devin asks Hayden to come up to the HOH room to talk with him. Devin says there’s nothing going on with Pow Pow. Its just that deal I told Pow Pow. It might not go down that way but she is still safe. Devin tells Hayden that would just like him to keep everything quiet and don’t say anything. I know its hard for you say but I would like you to vote for Pow to stay. I know its hard when you don’t know who the other person is but you’ll understand when you see. I will try and explain things as best as I can during the ceremony. Hayden says okay no problem. He shakes his hand and he leaves. Devin then counts the people on the memory wall and says 6! Campaign your heart out BUDDY (Zach)! It ain’t going to work! You’re going home! (During the Veto Ceremony Devin is going to use the veto on Brittany and nominate Zach as the replacement nominee.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 10-38-42-257

10:45am Pow Pow comes out to the backyard and tells Brittany how she just got in a fight with Devin. She says I just told him that I am not campaigning against Brittany. He came up to me and I told him to get the f**k away from me. I said don’t f**king try and talk to me. Pow Pow tells her how she was in the shower and he came up to me again. He asked Victoria and Hayden to leave. I told him to get the f**K away from me. Just FYI if I explode its because of him! Pow Pow gets called to the diary room again. Donny joins Brittany and she says that she’s going to try and sleep before the ceremony but asks him to wake her up before it happens.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 10-48-41-314

10:55am Brittany heads up to the HOH room and rings the door bell. The other camera shows the spy cam on the HOH door. Devin doesn’t answer the door. Brittany walks away and the cameras show Devin sitting there watching the spy tv.

11am In the bathroom – Pow Pow says I think my veto speech is going to be very crucial! POW POW whispers her speech to Amber “I hope you don’t use the veto on me because staying in this house with you would drive me F**King crazy and I’d rather go home. GOODBYE!” Poe Pow says I’m just going to do me I’m going to eat, poop and relax. Pow Pow tells them how Devin came up to her in the shower. I was ready to throw a shampoo bottle at him. I told him don’t f**king talk to me while I’m showering! Amber says I can’t believe he came up to you in the shower! Pow Pow says he just better stay the f**k away from me because I will explode! He’s pissed that I told him that I don’t give a f**k if I go home.

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11:10am – 11:20am Devin’s alone in the HOH practicing his Veto Ceremony speech – “I was raised on the foundation and principles that when I’ve wronged someone I need to make it right. Brittany I have put you on the block partially for personal reasons but also partially for game reasons. You’re a fierce competitor. But also you’re an even greater person, mother. To be here right now you’ve missed birthdays and all-star games for your children. You’re doing this to make a better life for your children. So today I am sorry for passing judgement on you. I am choosing to use the veto on you. I hope that some day you forgive me. I have the option to right a wrong. I’ve gotten to know you and your struggles as a single mother. I was raised by a single mother and know how difficult it is. I refuse to leave a single mother up on the block and potentially send you out into the cold with nothing to show for it. Zach you’ve made it very clear the last couple days that you would rather be home with your dogs and golfing than be here…

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 11-15-54-343

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smd nicole

wait what the heck is a jocasta and why is brittany saying that it keeps its game to herself?


Haha this was funny the first 900 times

smd nicole



like Nicole


Poor Jocasta, its too much going on for her to add to the drama. She’s laying low until needed.
I see the BS alliance are all making side friends out side of their alliance, don’t seem like any of them are ratting out that their n an alliance, right?.
Which is good if their not. I hope they stick together by wed & eviction night.


Apart from the ceremonies and competition that requires her presence Jocasta disappears whenever there are people strategizing and only comes out when people need some love and guidance. Not hating on her YET (maybe she’ll became a Neda in the latter half of the game) but it really amuses me how she lives by the “undetected” strategy, people (inside and outside the house) really has no clue what her position in the game is.

As for Devin, I can’t wait for his blow up if PowPow really goes home this week, I’m 80% certain that the next eviction vote would not be unanimous. 😀


New strategy: Do Not be friendly with Devin. You have a better chance of staying if your Devin’s enemy.

This should be fun to watch/read: Zach and PP going off! I think it’s going to be funny.

All PP has to tell people is that yeah, Devin asked me to throw the comp but I didn’t but just tell him that I did. (That’s what I would do, say I’ll throw it and try my best and if I lose say I kept my end of the deal.)

Devin’s his worst enemy.


I still say she slips out to the store and no one notices. She did come back in time for the photo booth and got something to eat then slipped out again. Even the feeds can’t find her!!


Jocasta is basically a floater. The only reason Brittany is saying that is because Jocasta doesn’t even talk game to anyone.


Jacaca is having cyber sex with a camera man

Amber's Eyes

I hope Brit saves Zach if she gets pulled down for him to go up. Devin thinks she’ll “owe him” for taking her down, but she seems to be able to see thru the bullshit


Brittany, Shhhhhhh!! Don’t get your hopes up!! He might save you!!!!


Am I the only person confused by this cast? I don’t understand a single persons reasoning.


True but it’s been very entertaining so far. And the game play hasn’t been that bad, I think the twist is just doing its job and making everyone more paranoid.


There aren’t many geniuses this year, that’s true. But there are enough egos where things should get more and more interesting. The upcoming Zack nomination should be explosive.

Amanda's dog Woofy

At least it’s starting to look like we might get our first non-unanimous vote.

Team Zankie

Send POWPOW home. I’m liking the way Amber and Brit are thinking. That would make for some phenomenal TV come Thursday!


I enjoyed the Amber/Brittany morning conversation with my coffee and breakfast. I like both ladies.

bees knees

I feel like Brittany would have been a really good player if she watched the show


britt and amber are all over the place – first, they agree with devin to diffuse him, next feel sorry for him, then hate on pow pow because she got caught up in his pov plan? girls! get with it! if you don’t wise up fast, there will only be guys left in the house.


never yet seen any successful girls only alliance, the first thing they do is go to the physical strength, but the guys always have all guys alliances so in the end they will always turn on the girl in the group. (also known as the Britney F4 factor…..take you right to the F4, but really that’s when you go cuz the guys are always solid.) isn’t the only time a woman wins is because they are solid with another woman to the F4 or 3?


Kalia, Porsche and Dani Donato (with flip flopper Shelly) would’ve been successful in pulling that “all girls alliance” had that season (rigged) not in favor of Rachelle. If not for the “twists”, Danielle and Kalia’s back to back win would’ve sent Brendan, Jeff and Rachelle out the door, basically the competition threats that sent them home.

I still feel gutted whenever I remember Danielle’s eviction, that and Brenda’s in Survivor FvsF2 are two of the saddest elimination moment in reality TV.


nerd herd


Oh shoot, forgot that one, though they have a gay guy in their alliance right? Haha. Anyhow, I guess people really hated that alliance and completely erased it from their memory.

Brittany for the win

Devin’s incomprehensible thought process may lead him to put up his worst enemy. If the rules allow it, he will take down Brittany and put himself up. That way he will get the result he craves. A unanimous vote to evict the person that is hurting him the most.


nothing devin says or does will ever surprise me – let’s have a house meeting to talk about it!


but first, jacosta will lead us in a moment of prayer…




“Amber hopes that Donny goes up but she doesn’t think it will be him.”

Wait Amber wants Donny out? I don’t understand what she means by that. Can anyone explain?

smd nicole

if he goes up it pretty much guarantees the other is gone


Ooh thanks


I think POWPOW deserves to go home now for listening to Devin and throwing the BotB. Also, Zach is a much more exciting game player than POWPOW.


did she really throw the BOB tho? it didn’t seem like anyone really threw it, they got points because the other team guessed wrong lol.

and yes, I agree that at some point as HOH, Devin will seriously stop trusting himself, and decide he wants to put himself on the block.


Who the hell does Devin think he is trying to tell people how to vote etc, hes a big bully & I hope he or frankie get backdoored next week.


Nooooooo…not Zack. UGH!


i still feel like pow pow will go home whether the veto is used on brittany or not


that’s the plan. the only way to stop that is if Devin does take PP off the block then puts up Zach. In that scenario, i think the majority will keep whoever Devin doesn’t want left in the house. PP left up, they’ve all pretty much decided to vote her out regardless. If Devin did put himself up against PP, that would be about the only scenario where they would not vote out PP lol.

Jocasta is become this year’s Jody, except Jocasta is still actually IN the house.


so unless the veto is used on pow pow, she is most likely going home?


who is jody

Evel Dick's Ghost

On BB14, Jodi was evicted on the first night in the house.


Pow Pow could stay if up against Zach. Frankie will work to get Zach gone. Christine trusts Frankie over Zach and will work her side alliance. Derrick will probably follow Frankie on this one and Donny supports Pow Pow…So Team America and Christines side alliance will probably take Zach out.

smd nicole

devin is just being a dick and a bully now he is telling every single person what to do and i can’t wait for him to get evicted i hope he cries

devin sux

I cant wait for Devins face when he thinks he has enough votes to get rid of Zach but he really doesnt..that will be awesome on thursday


I know zach hasn’t been playing the game well this week but I hope he stays over pow pow because he is much more entertaining and he will take Devon out


lame IMO, so you don’t even let Zach get a chance to fight because he didn’t know at veto he was going to be on the block

was it really worth backdooring Zach? I hope he blows up Frankie’s game. seriously. this kind of sucks. guess its team derrick now


there are 3 days between pov ceremony and the vote. if i have to choose between devin getting his way (zach’s out) or zach rallying an already angry and divided house against devin (zach stays), my money is on zach staying.


Frankie knows that Zach is just feeling tired/hungry/home sick but he’s playing it up to Devin and basically throwing Zach under the bus. It’s making me so angry.


Couldn’t agree with you more! I feel bad for Zack and hope he stays. I really wish that he would STOP talking to Frankie.


no worries, zach is smart enough to figure out what’s going on. after the ceremony, when he’s on the block, the jolt of game reality will lead him to question his alliance with frankie and caleb even more than he already does.

this will mark the end of frach.


Too friggin funny. Devin’s going to take Brittany down (amazing that she pulled it off), put up Zach and then Pow will get sent home. Come on Thursday, hurry up and get here!!!


I don’t want Zach to be put up! I don’t have the feeds, but Dawg, do you think there’s any hope that he will stay? (like out of the list of people Devin thinks are a lock to vote Zach out, do you think any are planning on actually voting out POW?)

devin sux

if its Zach vs. Pow, Zach will not be going home..much to devins surprise, thats what i cant wiat for..


I think that there a few Big Warning signs everybody who has ever watched the game should know by now. Since people are always talking about how bad at playing this game that have never watched it.
Lets call them Eric’s Big Brother Rules:

1) Don’t Mess with the Preacher: If someone comes in reading the Bible everyday and starts Prayer circles or starts getting you into bible study groups. Get that persons ass out of the game ASAP. All they are really doing is planning your Big Brother Eulogy… Get them out or you are screwed.

2) I Came into Play an Honest Game: In my experience if they have to remind you that they are honest… fact is they don’t believe it either. Those in Big Brother are are even Bigger Liars and Backstabbers than the guy who said he is their to lie, steal and backstab. Look at the Dr Will Season. He actually was a more loyal and honest person than the ones claiming to be the honest good people. Look at the other Seasons the guy who came into be the Seasons Villain actually kept his word more than the people who claimed to be honest and decent. It is just a fact. Mr Clean and Honest is the Bastard who is stabbing you in the back, get him/her out.

3) My Child: This is the one that is going to get me a crap load of trouble but I honestly believe this. When someone brings up their children all of the time, it is only emotional manipulation to make you see them as a good person. The hard truth and I know this from my parents, cousins, Siblings and all of my friends with children. They could never dream of spending an entire summer without their kids. It is painful. If they make the decision they may say things like I miss my kids, but they would never make them part of their game. I don’t trust people that do that.

4) The Butterfly: The person who is in everybody’s ear and talking crap to you is talking crap about you. My grandmother always said things to peoples face and would say every time she heard gossip “Hell, if they are saying things like that about them, what the hell are they saying about me?” There is a difference between venting if it involves that person directly and gossiping with the he said she said. Just because you are the victim or hero in the version they are telling you, does not mean you are shown in the same light when they tell it someone else. Get that person out.

These should be the real tests that you have really watched big brother. You should be able to see these things and adjust your game.


I’m disappointed that Zach imploded like that, but I still hope he’ll get to convince himself and the others that he wants to be there and kick Devin’s ass later on.
I hope PowPow goes. Her “game”, consisting of agreeing to roll over and die when her Master told her to so that Brittany doesn’t get a chance to win the BOTB, is just sad. Shame on her, she deserved to get punished just for agreeing to that.


Shame on Pow Pow for trying to not be a target? Really?


PowPow had many alternatives to how to deal with the situation.
She should have told him “ok, I’ll do it”, and then tell Brit, her “good friend”, about it. They could have discussed what to do, and to possibly tell the whole house about it.
She chose to agree to the deal, hide it from everyone, and still went above and beyond with Brittany, telling her very emotionally how she’d rather go home herself than see Brit go home. She did that, knowing she’d sabotage her “friend’s” best chance (50%) to be saved.
I think it was HILARIOUS that Devin didn’t deliver on the promise she got from him for backstabbing her “friend”, that he would USE the POV on her if he won it. Karma is a biatch. 😉


Things are seriously starting to get really good!!! Kudos to Brittany for being able to save herself!! I won’t be sad to see Zach go at all.


Devin and his Twizzler mind. So he has Paola throw the BOB, which I don’t think she did, but as long as he does. He wins the veto but doesn’t take her of the block and assures her that she’s staying. He could have made amends with Brittany w/o taking her off the block. And fixation on being a parent and other parents has to be some sort of deflection of failure and disappointed elsewhere in his life. It’s not endearing and it comes off like he’s more entitled than the rest who also have family and friends but not kids now. But he’s crazy so it’s not like he’s going to be rational. And on that note I don’t think he’s bullying anyone to vote a certain way. If they are cowardly enough to do that vote with the house or like he says that’s on them. It’s not like he’s can be HOH next week.


Pow poop is greatly exaggerating that conversation with Devin. I actually feel really bad for the guy. He genuinely tries to be a good and nice person but doesn’t seem to know or understand how to portray that. Everyone is also jumping on the let’s hate Devin train and it honestly looks like bullying to me. It’s difficult to be on meds and probably going through a lot while in a house like that. That doesn’t mean that people who have mood disorders don’t deserve to be in the house and get to play. Because I honestly think he’s a lot nicer and more sincere than 80% of the other house guests.

Butters Mom

I dont understand how you can call a guy sincere when he makes a deal and then goes back on his word. That isnt nice or sincere.


Frankie is like Shelly basically going back and forth with people and siding and being all happy and joyful with the person who wins HOH. I think that if Zach stays he should start a new alliance with Cody, Derrick, Brittany, Hayden and Nicole. Christine is such a blabber mouth like first she says this and then she contradicts herself later on. I think that Jocasta may end up getting to the jury if people don’t realize that she is the biggest floater. She doesn’t even talk game play to anyone. I honestly can’t wait till Wednesday episode to watch the conversation with Brittany and Devin and also the POV ceremony to see everything blow up.


Man, I can’t wait for this to blow up in Devin’s face. The feeds will be well worth their price tag after this week’s eviction.

Now that the first 1.5 weeks are over, it’s about to get wild. Grab those feeds now… (or at least before Thursday night, there is a free trial anyway when you sign up through

I hate how Devin is using his daughter who he doesn’t even see as a pawn. I’ve known scummy parents like that, and they are truly leeches in their kids lives. I can only hope this is a game thing, and he doesn’t act this way as a parent in real life.


Please, Please, Please – don’t let Zach get voted out!!

Devin's bi-polar magic 8 ball

Damn… Devin is a nut job.
Makes final 2 with Donny. -> Makes up BS about Donny and campaigns to get him nominated.
Gets angry at Brittany for questioning his integrity after his wacky speech (the sole purpose of which, by the way, was to apologize for not having any integrity). -> Is now attracted to Brittany and wants to keep her.

I am amazed he passed the psych evaluation to be there. I think he is a very unstable guy who will snap immediately when things don’t go his way. I hope I am wrong.

At this point, I think Jocasta is actually playing the best game by laying low and just dodging stray bullets.


I love that Devin says all he has is his word and he wants to play with integrity, but promised both nominees he would take them off the block. Either way, he’s going back on his word and neither one of them will vote to keep him next week!


are the like and dislike buttons not showing up for anyone else?


Not working here either


Not showing.


They are showing for me.. what browser are you all using?


I’m using safari but then i checked on google chrome and it worked once but when i reloaded it they were gone


Google chrome


OK I see the problem, I’ll try and fix it today


I can’t see it either; I’m using Chrome.


When was the last time you all saw them?


Saw this morning .when I came on around 11am were gone….its 4:20 pm here


The like/dislike button disappeared for me in this updated post (2-3 hours ago?). HTH.


not showing here. Using IE


No not working, i hope Simon and Dawg know about this and fix it.


His speech is about to deliver is a load of crap.
Devin is not a nice guy.
His first target was Donny, because Donny wore Military pants. Yet Donny trusted him and thought they where playing the game together because Devin was lying to his face. Donny won PoV and then Devin did the crying game and apologized to Donny to everyone, except Donny who was not in the room… real integrity.

His next target was the girl who said to their face “I tried to start an All Girls Alliance but it never took off.” The girl admitted it. That does not scream threat morons. That screams sloppy… Don’t claim you want Honest Games then punish honesty, as you are lying saying “It was too soon for a big Allaince”-Caleb/ Devin as they are in a Big Alliance… liar pants on fire

Next target. The woman who want to throw a friend a sympathy vote. What in the hell is that going to hurt your game… your target is still going Home. She is a single mother.

If you throw the BoB and the Veto I will take you off the block. Oops changed my mind… My former target is a single mother and I would not feel like a man of integrity if I kept a single mother on the block… did he forget he was the one that put the single mother on the block.

Now his big Target is Zach… which will blow up in his face big time because by now only Caleb is the only one that is buying his crap now… maybe Donny… which means they should be Devins next target that they really need to get out of the house.

His word is worthless, he has proven to have nothing that actually resembles honesty of Integrity. Putting up an Alliance member is just another sign that he is disloyal and not trustworthy.


Devin must be a terrible poker player because he loves showing all of his cards!!!!
Dude is messy..


i would love to see what devin is going to do when he is no longer in power next week . i hope someone that is not apart of the bomb squad wins HOH.


Devin isn’t very smart. If he really wants Zach to go home, better to leave Brittany on the block.

But PowPow vs. Zach, I see six votes to keep Zach (Derrick, Cody, Christine, Nicole, Hayden, Brittany) and four to vote him out (Frankie, Caleb, Amber, Victoria) — which leaves Jocosta and Donny as the swing votes.

Had it gone the other way — Brittany still on the block — she stays easily.


Jocasta and Donny back Pow Pow over Zach.


too many people are making excuses in why Zach is acting this way. first off, Zach is truly showing that he’s a spoiled sore loser acting like a victim. he acted like a b*tch all week, and he wasn’t even on the block. he practically got himself on the block by not keeping his cool and just laying low. getting Zach out now is the best move for everyone in the house. even Frankie doesn’t trust him anymore.


LOL!! A pickle?! A pickle he brings to Brittany? Sit down, Freud, we got this one.


Brittany= HOT and smart!! love her!! <3


Everyone keeps talking about Devin being bi-polar, but Zach is every bit as erratic. I find them highly entertaining, and have been enjoying this cast. I could not handle last years cast from the get go.


Simon, did we lose the “recent comments” feature with the revamping of the website?


As a female, I would vote out every male I could that is on the block this early in the game.
Still wondering where commenter Lurker is this season. Is he with Jacosta?