Zach says Amber’s sucking Cody’s d**k like no other. She’s obsessed with him! She’s an idiot!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 19-46-57-927
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7:55pm Outside the HOH room – Jocasta and Donny are playing chess. Jocasta asks so if I was to win the veto do you think I should use it on Brittany. Donny says she is good with us but I think you would need to talk to Cody about it because if he isn’t okay with it he could put up me as the replacement. Jocasta says oh yeah. Donny says I thought the same thing. The thing is me saving you is was different because you were sick and didn’t get a chance to play. Donny says she has been consistently been nice to me but it would be different if she had always been loyal but she has bounced around a lot.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 19-55-53-724
7:50pm In the bathroom – Hayden, Nicole Zach and Frankie are talking. Frankie asks how is Victoria doing? Zach says she doesn’t like being on the block that’s for sure. Zach says but she isn’t going home. Frankie crosses his fingers and smiles. Zach says I don’t know what Cody would do if the veto was used. Zach says no one would send Victoria home, she thinks she’s at summer camp. If Brittany wins the veto then we would send her home. Hayden says I can’t wait for Amber to watch this back and see how much everyone hates her! Zach says I f**king hate her! What a f**king snake. I didn’t know she was talking sh*t about me. Hayden and Zach talk about how they’ll be so nice to Amber to her face. Hayden says its good how things worked out today but it would have been better if Amber was the one going because she is a better competitor. Hayden say Amber better not make it to jury, she doesn’t deserve to be there. If she does and I go I will say not thanks send me home I don’t need the stipend. They laugh about how Amber thinks we’re in La la land. Zach asks what does that even mean? Hayden and Nicole explain it means she thinks we have no idea what going on. In Amber’s eyes she’s the only one playing the game. Zach says Amber’s sucking Cody’s d**k like no other. She’s obsessed with him! She’s an idiot! She f**king flip flops from everyone to someone else.. always! They leave the bathroom. Zach talks to Caleb in the kitchen. Caleb says I think whatever’s best for the game we should do. If its best to send Brittany home we’ll do that and if its better to send Victoria home we’ll do that. Hayden, Nicole and Caleb go to lay down in the earth room.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 20-09-36-252

8:20pm The live feeds are getting intense, its hard to keep up with all four cameras..
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 20-18-37-276

8:30pm Caleb snuggles up with Frankie. Amber says Caleb I’m jealous …you took Frankie from me! Big Brother tells them that the lock down is now over. You are now free to move about the house.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 20-26-53-796

8:35pm – 9:15pm Donny and Zach head out to play a game of pool. Zach says that Amber is getting cocky. Donny says when you get good you get cocky. Zach says I am going to be honest with you Brittany is the target this week. Zach says I trust Brittany but.. Donny says well I don’t know if I trust her but.. Jocasta comes out and the conversation ends. Donny comments can you believe everyone’s asleep right now. It’s crazy. Donny says if I beat you at pool I would never play again. I would start Zach says he likes that! Zach wins the game. Zach then plays Jocasta. They talk about taking fights. Donny says the flight here was the first one he had ever taken. Christine finishes her shower and comes outside to lay on the hammock. They can’t believe everyone else is asleep right now. Donny asks Zach if he’s hosted a competition yet? Zach says no. Donny says it’s about your turn. Zach says I want to play though. Donny says its better to play when your back is up against the wall like it was for me last week. Donny convinces Victoira to come out and join them. She says going to change first. Zach says I like Victoria.

9:25pm – 9:45pm Nicole and Victoria are sitting on the backyard couch. Jocasta is going off with a rant to Zach about different positions in the house (Sleeper position, couch position, Hammock position, Bathroom position, etc.) Victoria heads inside and Christine joins Nicole on the couch. Nicole can’t believe Victoria would talk crap about her to Hayden. Christine says she is just used to getting everything she wants. Zach joins them. Cody comes out soon after. Zach says that today has been an interesting day. Victoria is pissed. Cody asks about what? Zach says she’s convinced everyone is talking crap about her. They talk about how last night they were all laughing about her crow & unicorn story. Zach says I don’t know what I am going to do if the nominations stay the say. Zach tells Cody Amber is a snake bro!! I am getting pissed because today she was saying that Cody is my best friend in the house. And I was like in my head ..since when? Tuesday!? Victoria joins them. Soon after she FREAKS out because a stink bug is on her. She screams out for Donny to get it off.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 21-40-25-015

Donny showing how amazed they are at the competition sets when they walk out into the backyard.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 21-43-18-777

9:55pm In the kitchen – Victoria is talking to Zach about how she knows people are talking sh*t about her. She says that everything people are saying is so personal and it hurts. She says that she never finds out about it until a week later and then feels stupid. Victoria says that she wants to go back to the diary room and apologize to Matt because she feels so bad. I want to do that and then go back to bed. Zach says well do that. I’m sure if anything was wrong they would tell you. Victoria says they were just so nice. Zach says that he just found out that Amber is talking sh*t about him. He says that he is going to go into the diary room more often to just vent and talk sh*t about people. Victoria says she’s going go back to bed soon.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 21-51-06-250

10:15pm Zach is sleeping on the living room couch. Big Brother tells them there is no sleeping other in the bedrooms. Zach says he doesn’t want to take someone’s bed or go up and use Cody’s HOH bed. Big Brother tells him again there is no sleeping permitted in the living room. Out in the backyard – Donny and Christine are doing walking laps around the yard. Nicole is running laps. Christine says she can’t wait to go on dates with her husband. Donny says it will be nice to smell my girlfriend and to hold her hand. And to ear my momma say my name. Christine agrees. Donny says we better change the subject.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 22-14-10-672

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Zack your busy sucking Frankies dick. U think they are jealous of Amber


Zach doesn’t realize there could have easily been a cast that wasn’t so accepting of his thing with Frankie. People could easily make fun of him and make homophobic remarks to him. Which I think is just as wrong as what he’s saying about the girls.


Zach seems like the type that could care less about what people think about him.


These people are so awful. I can’t believe they’re excited for Amber to see how much they hate her. The only person Zach is ever really sweet to is Frankie, everyone else he stabs in the back.


What are you talking about? Zach only JUST started being rude about Amber, and it is because SHE is saying stuff about him behind his back. I would be mad too. He says bad stuff about Victoria, Devin, and Pao. He is nice to Frankie, Cody, Derrick, Christine, Nicole, Hayden, Donnie, Jocasta, Caleb, and maybe he shouldn’t be and is less so now but Brit until she said stuff about him.


Can’t help it….I just think Zackaroo is a big baby. If you’re going to dish it, you have to know how to take it. He hits pretty far below the belt…(doesn’t matter, but it’s usually abt the girls behind their backs) and he only needs to hear his name mentioned once and has a meltdown. For a 30 (?) year old man, he has a LOT of growing up to do.


Oh! And I forgot to say that as far as I’m concerned all the insight I have left for Caleb is that At The End Of The Day…………………’s midnight. And……….Cody will have his hand down his pants.

Julie's glitter

Amber never said those guys were in LaLa land. Where is that rumor coming from?


think britt who said it to jocasta and amber this morning in the bathroom after the noms were announced. britt was trying to get amber & jocasta to see that zach and victoria don’t really need the money. and christine was it’s not a rumor. also, britt’s crying on victoria’s shoulder making victoria feel guilty for being in the house to the extent that victoria told her she wants to leave and let her (britt) stay. omg, really hope britt leaves this week


you are making all this up. Brittanny did not said any of this.
You are just twisting her words.. just like stupid Zack does


She did say that. Brit is trying to figure stuff out, but she isn’t do it fast enough. It is hard to like her because she completely changes her mind about everything as soon as she figures out something new.


Zach is disgusting and a brat. I wish they had sent him home. I hope BB shows how nasty and vile he is.


I can not believe was not sent home either.

I wanted Derrick, Frankie and Donny gone.

But now I want Zack. he is such a looser


This season is going downhill fast, the girls are playing terribly and the guys are such pigs. Praying for a switch up. I’m rooting for Donny and Brittany because they seem to be the only good people.


These girls need to stop cooking, stop cleaning, stop washing and tidying up, stop fussing about hair and make-up and start plotting and talking game with each other (except for Christine – she’s a douche-bag with tits and I’ve no hope for her to do anything positive in this game).


Next year, I want older people who know how to strategize the play and fight if they have to. This is basically a college pool party with all the laughing and cuddling. We’ll see how Christine and Nicole laugh when they’re put on the block by these “fun guys”. I’m really disappointed in Hayden as well. He’s basically a male version of Nicole… dumb, a snitch with no plan.


I agree. I have been watching Big Brother since the beginning. Some seasons it takes me a while to get into the house guests and I normally think at the time it’s because they’re young, but this season I just can’t move past that. Many of them seem so annoying to me. Maybe I’m just getting to old to enjoy the show. I really enjoyed last season though and I was only a year younger. I guess those who choose the house guests are entitled to a bad year. I wondered what other people were thinking, so I checked out this site.


The golden couple (aka Hayden and Nicole) are much nastier than is being portrayed on CBS. Girls like Christine are also the reason girls are targeted in BB year after year. It’s all fun and games when the guys are targeting everyone else until your the last girls left, and suddenly it’s not so funny anymore. My perception of Amber has really changed. I didn’t think she would last based on her pre house interview but she is proving to be a better strategist and competitor than the self-proclaimed BB super fans. What a disappointment.


I agree 100%.

Im not saying they are bad people. Just mostly of them does not have any level of culture


I agree with the lack of culture. Maybe it doesn’t get into the updates or live shows, but just once, I’d like to hear about a conversation about art, politics, philosophy. Something…anything.


Naw…. just starting to warm up!

There is an efficiency to what is happening this season. The weak are getting picked off one by 1 by a pack of lions. Well that’s giving to much credit to these yarbos. The BOB format and 4 noms has made “cut the fat” easy pickings. Which week one was what many of us said here. I think it has fundamentally change the float as we know it. If we presume its back next season, I’m not so sure on that, a do nothing lay about strategy will get you out the door nothing else. Because the controlling alliance is so big a true floater can’t emerge without an HOH win this season. Floating being the art of going back and forth working with whoever is in power isn’t needed this season either..
I hope AG sees this exercise as a huge FAIL and cans it soon along with a double eviction please! But the season has lots of potential. To many deals with to many people will mean an eventual scramble. This is where comp worthiness will be important. I like Frankie for competitiveness and Caleb as I think he has been tanking comps after seeing the reaction week one.
Players to watch down the road. Derrick, Zack, Frankie and Cody. Add the girl of your choice, was Christine might be Nicole at this point or both. Leaving and forgotten……. are they still here? Amber, Jocosta, Brittany and Victoria. I hate to say it but one of these 4 makes jury and Donny does not. Based just on todays “she’s harmless” comments Victoria might have the inside track on F9.
Who aligns with who 9 left………

Derrick, Zack and maybe Cody and or Frankie. Any 2 of these guys add Caleb plus a girl might be rock solid. I like Frankie F2 on fitness and social. Certainly my fav to get F4. Nicole seems to be positioned better than Christine at this point. Both girls are the only ones wit a shot F4 IMHO. Back to Cody and the guys. He keeps up the Amber thing and reacts badly to her going he could go from F4 to out the door. Toughest F4 road of the 9 Caleb. Second toughest Hayden as it’s a boy’s season his primary alliance is 2 girls. Easiest F4 run right now is Derrick. He’s running the show has great social and skilled in negotiation. His style is self ownership. He knows what 4 he wants up but the Nicole talk was this is what I’m going to do. Right now he is the puppet master of the house. Frankie on comps and Derrick on social inside track F4 for now


Brittany is going home. If some how she gets taken off with POV. Donny is going up and going home.


If Donnie goes home, this might be the first time since big Brother began that I stop watching.


I told you guys early on that Zack was a degenerate. He acts like a punk. All the little girls who think he’s cute: this is the kind of guy you run from. He has no respect for women or anybody else for that matter.


I agree and what has Zach brought to the game other than hate talk? He would be on my hit list for sure. He hasn’t won any comps, doesn’t do the best in them, sleeps, talks smack and takes up space. He keeps telling Frankie, the two of them to the end? Would really like to get inside this kid’s head, but I would probably get scared of the dark and so much empty space. Just saying…


I wish production would tell him to shut up while he is talking


Weird how much they hate Amber, she’s basically done nothing but be loyal to them even to the detriment of the other girls in the house.


Which, if I remember correctly, is kind of what happened with Brittany as well. Not defending Brittany’s gameplay at all; but it seemed like she fully trusted Derrick and Cody, assumed it was mutual and took for granted the fact that she had to appease them (with info, agreement, and reassurance). So Derrick started getting suspicious, stopped trusting her without her noticing, and now she’s the main target.


Which is why Brittany has been so emotional lately. Her flaw as a player in this game is that she thought it ended once she made friends. So she feels betrayed and really has no strategy or footing at the moment.


The guys are all in need of that, if you know what I mean.. But They won`t get. That`s why they are so pissed

W. C. Fields

Christine is my great grand daughter?? Zach is gay that is why he jealous of Amber and Cody friendship. He wants Cody ( Derrick commented on how wherever Cody is Zach wants to be near) WHY DONT HE JUST COME OUT OF THE CLOSET???????

andy 2.0

CBS needs to start portraying these people for who they really are. none of them are genuinly nice (except donny and jocasta). these kinds of personal attacks are so below the belt they arent necessary for the game at all.


The problem is that the things that are being said in the house are so horrible and can not even go on AIR.


Simon and Dawg,
I mentioned to a chat room on the feeds you had a picture of Zach in the shower with the title ” Rub and Tug” shower. Now several feeders are trying to find it but I don’t remember when it was. Help?? ps sorry for the extr work but hey I sent some publicity your way!


I never understood why they just don’t install full curtains or something. I’d give them a few minutes alone and some personal space at least for the bathroom stuff.


They do it because some people buy the feeds to perv.


Thank you!! I knew I saw it. Don’t want to lose credibility with my fellow feeders


Bashing people behind their back is kind of Zach’s thing, but you too Hayden?! I’m disappointed lol


Hayden is naive. He is just trying to be cool and popular like Zack and Cody

Caleb has poopy pants

Caleb says whatever is best for the game, they’ll do? Whose game? His? Zach’s? Good Grief! BM cowpoke, think for yourself. ‘Cause what’s good for your game, sure ain’t good for anyone else’s.


love this season!!!! I love zach!!!


Yeah, great season.

Last season was hands down the worst BB season ever.

Brigade 2.0


Hayden and Nicole are idiots. They sit there and think that they are actually apart of this group with Zach when in actually they are planning on picking them off as soon as they get to the jury. Amber and Brittany need to do something together to turn this game around.


Zach, you’ve gone too far..


I do get that some of these people are out of line but I think what some fans aren’t keeping in mind is the fact that this is Big Brother. Not everyone can be saints. Game-changers like Will, Evel Dick, and Dan didn’t win by being lovable and kind.

Delilah Jones

I agree 100%..


Dan has never ever said anything personal about anybody.

Sure he stabbed everybody in the back, and that is part of the time.

Dan was a professor,he was a example for his student. He never went out of line.


Dan is one of my favourite players too, but he was a teacher, a sports coach, I think, not a professor.


Bingo! Never liked that rascal from day 1. He is a sorry excuse of a human being. I really find him revolting.


BB16: The Bully Generation


I agree with what someone said on a previous post: stop casting diversity and start casting people that know the game. It doesnt matter to me if they are all white, hispanic, black, muslim, japanese, gay, jewish or whatever. The demographics dont matter just give me a cast of people that know the game well please. Every year its the same thing 2 superfans 6 people that have barely watched big bro and the rest have no clue just trying to further their delusions of a movie/modeling/fame monster careers. Btw if you are very lucky and absolutely loved by production you might get on the amazing race and bold and the beautiful.


That was a “read” to you now who I caught that shade boo u


Don’t you all get it. This wasn’t produce for superfans. It was measured and designed to be an experiment on peoples behavoir in a closed in environment. To make it look exciting they’ll just add in some money. Just to be clear its called human rats. We all know that ppl will not audition if money isn’t involved. To be frank 500k as far as I am concern, isn’t enough to be displayed they way they are on tv. For some crazy reason they all think this will open the door for them to be a actress/actor or land a huge deal with cbs networks….lmbo


I actually think the game would be more exciting and interesting if the houseguests were ALL newbies and there were NO superfans. Folks would be on an equal footing and they would all need to figure it out together as they go. How does being a superfan make the game more exciting? The advance knowledge is an unfair advantage and we get games like we see now (those with the knowledge pick off those without). Also, suppossed superfans use the “not a superfan” rationale to justify targeting folks. To think that someone who hasn’t watched the show is less deserving to play the game is ridiculous. Some people have lives and don’t spend all their time watching and obsessing over big brother.


I don’t get why Derrick wants Donny to be evicted when they are team
American together. I use to like and respect Derrick’s game but I hate him now. Hope he goes home soon


Donny is perceptive, which is a threat to Derricks gameplay.


I liked when Donny asked the other house guests what types of competitions they thought they would be best at. That’s when I knew that he was a game player. No one really answered I don’t think. I wondered if they just didn’t know what to say or knew they shouldn’t say anything.


When are the women in big brother EVER going to wake up, each year the just sit back and get picked off. There in not one lady on this show that is wroth keeping. Christine and Nicole are probably just as bad and the other ladies. They are winey and act like the victoms all the time.


I can’t STAND the girls on the show. I want WOMEN who want to play! Get their heads in the game and stop being dumb! But that’s half casting’s fault for recruiting young eye candy for the main purpose. Snooze.


Something I realized correct me If I’m wrong almost everyone isn’t greening portrayed as anyone I think because of last years failures… I dunno? But seriously I feel like there needs to be a power shift because everything feels one sided. There’s always a power shift and I can wait for it.


I was gone the whole day can someone tell me what happened

give me a break

It’s so predictable…With Zach staying in the game………the talks between Zach, Hayden, Cody, Nicole, Christine are going to get vicious…Derrick will be privy to these hateful attack comments by this group…but will be careful not to participate because the cameras are rolling and he has to pretend he’s a fair cop…….


Sure Zack is a little twerp, but he is saying NOTHING compared to last year. He’s just an idiot…the people he’s bashing should just brush it off and ignore. He won’t matter to them when they get out. I especially feel bad for Victoria. She’s not my favorite, BUT the constant hate on her by everyone is unnecessary. I don’t feel like she’s that bad and it will be horrible for her to go home and watch all of this crap. Everyone talks smack about everyone else here and there, that’s just people, but when it’s constant hate like’s too much.

I agree completely with someone who said that I want next year to be older people who know a thing or two about strategy and gameplay. Older and real would be nice. Not all these 20 something models who are basically in there for other reasons than winning 500k. Newsflash CBS: this is what the people want! Not dumb showmances and celebrity siblings!

Victoria's Secret

Uh – little miss Hebrew has been doing her fair share of smack-talk. She called Devin a ‘piece of shit’ for starters. There’s plenty more, on a daily basis. This doesn’t exactly make her ‘likeable’. She is a moron who rubs up on people inappropriately.


The TV raittings for this season are still low.

Would be funny, If Derrick, Caleb, Zack, Frankie, Cody and Hayden are the last ones standing. Then the Show hits its lower raitings ever, and CBS cancel the show while these stupids are still in the house. And they make all of them walk away empty handed.


Isn’t it funny that the only parents that should not be ashamed of what their child is saying… doesn’t even watch the show.


I think this maybe the worst BB game wise in history due to the fact they got to many recruits this season that don’t know a damn thing about the game of course these ppl make Derrick look like a master mind there walking sheep I know I don’t like Amanda from last season as a person but game wise she’ll make Derrick shit his pants she was a true master mind plus Aryan from last season was a comp beast she won like 6 comps I know last season was surrounded it controversy but take away all that and last years girls was 20times better than these girls game wise that is and atleast they came to compete last season these girls just want to ride someones coat tails to the end.

Come Again?

I’m sorry but those girls based their game play on bigotry. There entire strategy was character assassination and bullying to get who they wanted out. That takes nothing but a cruel heart, there’s no genius strategy behind that.


It is really funny seeing how clueless Victoria is of how the game works. Derrick is literally explaining it to her. Where do they get these people?


At first I really thought she was clueless but after hearing her speak with Brittney earlier today about her being a superfan with other BB country shows, tells me she knows how the game is played. I think her strategy is to play really dumb about the game. Which will prevent her from being evicted early as a threat.


Depending on the BB show, many countries have the people hang out, nominate, and the public vote for who should go style of game. It’s much less about strategy, alliances, etc. so she may actually be a bit unprepared.


And her job is Photography. Surprised she even knows what a dslr is. She probably takes pictures with her iphone and thinks it is a job.

bored in CA



I don’t know what anyone sees in nicole and there is no comparison to jordon. Nicole is a is a whiner. She talks personal insults that arent necessary for the game . Getting tired of the her whiney voice. She didnt what to be hoh because she wants to float, then calls victoria a floater. I think shes a fake and pretents to be respectable. She’ll start showing her mean whys soon. I hope Victoria calls her out on her gossiping. I hope Victoria gets hoh and put her and chriitine up and the other hoh puts hayden and cody up on the other side. That would be epic!


Zach don’t have respect for his mother you know he want for the girl’s in the house and
Zach is on the downlow with his gayness that why he bitching about the ladies jealous.


I’m really disappointed in Hayden, ever since he began hanging around Nicole, Zach and Christine he’s become really catty and gossipy. Where’s the cheerful guy who was all about game and no petty antics???

Really confused about how he can believe Amber doesn’t deserve to make it to the jury, aren’t these the same people that said they want all the floaters out and the competitors to stay and play?? Well last time I checked Amber has been kicking some serious a** in the comps, her social game may be cloudy but most players are either a social or physical player and when it counts Amber gets things done. That’s MORE than deserving.


Yes i completely agree with you Mallory!

Help me understand

Can someone explain this feud–each definitely seems one sided–between Amber and Zach? He claims she was talking about him, did she or is this just a rumor to undermine her game?

Who is it that Nicole is constantly whining about, every time I turn on BBC After Dark she’s crying about someone being angry with her. Since when did Nicole care about other people’s feelings, she’s been gossiping about every girl in the house from day 1!???


Does anyone else notice when Victoria is in a video and eating, she smacks her food so loud. She is the slowest chewer/eater ever and her mouth sounds so slobbery. It is the most annoying thing I have ever heard. I wish Big Brother would say “Victoria, please turn OFF your microphone” while she eats.


Enzo BB12 was the worst in . BB history. NatalieBB11 the pig pen was a horrible eater also