Amber says I did what I could to try and save Brittany and I am done. She needs to save herself!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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10:15pm Derrick wakes up and joins Zach on the living room couches. Derrick asks if anything interesting happened the last couple hours? Zach says no. Derrick asks Victoria if she’s feeling better? Victoria says no. She says she just feels bad. She says that she doesn’t want them (production) to think differently about her. She says I know these are their jobs and I don’t want to f**k that up for them. Derrick says you just have to know that the longer you stay in this game people are going to talk sh*t about you. You need to find one or two people that you can trust. Victoria says but everyone’s talking sh*t about me. Derrick says then you’re trusting too many people. In this game you can’t go around trusting people. Victoria says I just thought it would be so different because outside of here I am such a strong person. Derrick asks what is different about in here then? Victoria says its that people are votes for me. Victoria says I am just not used to people talking sh*t about me. Derrick says people just think you aren’t talking game at all. Victoria asks but how do they know I’m not talking game? Derrick says even though you think you’re friends with people they’re not really your friends. Victoria says I’m not friends with anyone. I just feel if I don’t go this week I will go next week. Derrick says you can’t think like that. You’re not going anywhere this week. If you cause sh*t then that could change. I definitely want you to stay and all you need are 5 people to stay. Derrick says Zach has voted the same as me every week and Hayden will vote the same way too. Derrick says if you play it cool this week you will stay. You could win HOH next week and then you can do what you want. Victoria says that people say I’m that pawn they’ll use to get other people out and I’m not okay with that. Victoria says pawns go home. Derrick says not always think about Ginamarie last year made it to the finals. Derrick says people don’t talk sh*t about you to me because we’re always together. Derrick tells her to try and win the veto and if not play it cool and you’ll have the votes.

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10:45pm – 11:10pm In the kitchen – Derrick tells Amber and Jocasta that Victoria was just talking to him asking him if she didn’t win the veto would he vote her out? Derrick says why even talk about that, the veto hasn’t even happened yet. Wait to see what happens in the veto and then start talking. Derrick, Victoria and Amber are making food and eating. Amber and Victoria talk about family members that have had cancer.

Out in the backyard – Zach and Cody are playing pool. Christine is watching them. Cody gets up on the pool table to make a shot and Zach says ohhh.. that’s a dirty shot right there! Zach says time to end it. Christine tells Cody that I would never cheat on you.. Cody laughs and repeats her saying I would never cheat on you..

11:15pm – 11:30pm Amber heads up to the HOH room to talk to Frankie. He say that he feels like very thing went down too fast. I shouldn’t have taken what Cody said to be the law and go to bed. I should have come to talk to you and I’m sorry I didn’t. Frankie says I understand you’re playing the game. I want you to cuddle up with Brittany and Jocasta. Amber says it’s not even like I’m talking game with them. Frankie says if I win HOH next week I will not put you up again. I was literally told that you were okay being a pawn. Amber says no, I didn’t say that. Frankie says I’m sorry. Amber says I did what I could to try and save Brittany before and I am done. She needs to try and save herself and I need to play my game. Frankie says well you are done, take a week off and win next week. Frankie says I don’t care who goes home outside of the the eight. Frankie says Brittany is playing the game but he doesn’t think she’s a mastermind. Frankie says Victoria isn’t even playing the game. Frankie says Victoria will not win HOH, she will not put anyone up. She will be like wait what happened?! They laugh. Frankie and Amber talk about how they love Victoria no matter what people say. Frankie says Victoria reminds him of him when he was 21. Derrick joins them. Derrick tells Amber that he sees her as the best female competitor and even better than some of the guys. I think you could beat me in some competitions. Derrick asks so how are you and Caleb? Amber says we’re okay but we’re definitely not as close as we used to be.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-18 23-16-15-827

11:35pm – 12am Cody comes up to the HOH room. Amber heads down to get her food. Frankie tells Cody that Amber is definitely working both sides and playing the game. Cody tells Derrick and Frankie that he isn’t scared to call Amber out on rallying the girls to get the guys out. Derrick tells Cody that if he tells her he needs to tell her in the right way. Derrick says if Amber wins HOH and she puts up two guys next week, then it’s confirmed. Amber comes back up and tells them that she is with them and doesn’t want them to not trust her. If you ever doubt me I want you to come and talk to me. Amber asks if there is anything I can do to help your game then we can definitely talk about it. Amber says I just feel like other people deserve to be in jury other than Devin. Frankie pauses and says well that’s already been accomplished. Derrick says so if Brittany or Victoria don’t win the veto what do you want to happen? Amber says I have tried to help Brittany’s game and I think she deserves to get far being a mom with 3 kids but we all deserve to be here. Cody says for my game I want Brittany gone. Derrick asks if you’re in good with the girls what would you do if you won HOH? They’re going to want you to put up the guys. Amber says I could put up Victoria and Nicole .. then try and backdoor Donny. Derrick says or if you put up Hayden then you’re gaining credibility with the girls. Amber says I have trust issues with Zach. Victoria joins them. Nicole joins them.

12:05am Caleb and Zach are playing a game of pool. Zach is going off about how much he hates Amber. She is a f**king liar dude! She made a side alliance with Brittany and Jocasta. Caleb says I think it was more of a side deal to make sure shes safe if they win HOH. Zach says Amber follows Cody around like a f**king puppy! Zach says she’s in the room with her legs all over Cody. Caleb says yeah I see that and then she gets up and leaves the room a minute later. Don’t get up and leave the room just because I entered. Zach tells Caleb about how Christine told him that Amber has been telling people that I am in la la land. Zach says I really think we need to get her out sooner than later. Zach says you literally did ..well I don’t want to say everything but you did .. and she spits on you. Caleb says you should call her out on it. Zach says I don’t care about her! She is a f**king snake! And everyone knows it! Caleb says why don’t you call her out on following Cody around like a sick puppy. Zach says if I were you I would be pissed!!! Caleb says that Amber said she is creating distance between us to make people think that we wont carry each other. Caleb says hopeless romantic game OFF, Beast Mode Cowboy ON! Zach and Hayden talk to Caleb about pulling the trigger and getting Amber out next week. We don’t need her! Caleb says the hopeless romantic is gone.

Over in the hammock – Cody, Christine, Nicole and Amber are talking. Cody’s talking about how bad he wants Brittany out of the house. He says that he saved her and she didn’t even appreciate it. Cody says I am not even going to talk to her. If she can’t even talk to me then why would I try and talk to her.

12:30am – 12:50am Up in the HOH room – Hayden is talking to Derrick about how he and Zach were getting Caleb on board with getting Amber out. And we were even making it funny too. Derrick says he just told us he was on board with it too. Derrick says I would never put up Nicole or Christine. Hayden says I like Donny and want him to go farther than the four (Brittany, Victoria, Amber, Jocasta). I do think he is expendable. Derrick comments on how Amber has to go. Hayden says that she said that we are in la la land. Hayden says if we can get Brittany and Amber out this week and next. Derrick says cut the heads of the snake. They discuss how they think the 2 HOH’s end this week and that something else will happen too like a double eviction. Derrick says that Caleb isn’t even a big competitor. As much as he talks he hasn’t even proved himself as a good competitor. Hayden agrees and says he can’t stand being in the room with Caleb for too long.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-19 00-32-43-441

12:45am – 1am Frankie joins them. Derrick changes the conversation to them thinking its going to be a double eviction. Frankie says and you know what that means.. Brittany and then Amber gone! Hayden jumps up on the bed and Frankie pitches a pretend ball at Hayden as he knocks it out of the park. They laugh about how easily they can get Caleb to do what they want. Hayden says Zach and I were convincing him to vote out Amber and he said Beast Mode Cowboy she’s gone! They talk about how if Brittany or Victoria win veto they would put up Donny. They talk about how if Donny were to win the veto Hayden could convince him it would be bad for his game to use it. Hayden says we’re not in LA LA LAND AMBER!! (Hayden gives the double middle fingers) Hayden says he is sure Amber is the sweetest nicest girl outside of here. I am sure everyone is nice outside of here and I don’t want her out for personal reasons. They heads downs stairs.

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Aggressive cuddler

Simon and dawg .. thanks so much !!! i would get the feeds but there is no closed captioning .. i feel like i miss to much without reading it .. so thanks !!! this is an up all night every night season .. lol. so far I like this season!! It is still the beginning and it has been excellent in entertainment and best of all soooo much can change !

It does appear that the girls and Donny will go one by one .. But it’s hard to predict this game as the hoh changes every week and if Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden, or even Nicole get it you will see much different nominations then what we have seen thus far. The beginning of this season it’s easy to get rid of people that everyone pretty much agrees with. This is the last week of playing it safe hoh reigns. As for all the hate on these comment boards … I’m glad that these strangers have touched your lives so much that you spew venom. This is for entertainment. No one is running for president here. Are you not Entertained !!! I am :).

Teri B

Dear Aggressive Cuddler:


Well done, you!!!


Aggressive Cuddler!! Great name! LMAO


Did I read that right that Victoria said, not verbatim, ” I don’t want production to be mad at me…..I know these are their jobs and I don’t want to screw that up for them)???? Exactly how does she think she’s going to do that? Are mom and daddy gonna sue somebody? I think she signed her life away, if I’m not mistaken. Wow!

Oh Victoria

Lol I love how she cares what they think of her … Ahh to be young. Makes you wonder though. Seems she is being taken advantage of a bit .. They put her in the house which is highly stressful and on top of everything she is worried what production thinks because she predictably unhinged on them .. The diary room needs to be her safe place hopefully they tell her that she couldn’t do anything to upset them (barring any illegal actions haha)


Production has a lot of influence on the outcome, they try to influence the game and the votes and the nominated players. To someoone who hasn’t watched the show, they might believe they should do what production wants. There is a reason why production doesn’t allow you to talk about diary room sessions. It would reveal the massive influence the Diary room has done to players. I reclal Ian saying how they literally begged him to keep mike boogey, all 3-4 production staff begging him.


So i see Derrick is playing up that Amber is a strong player so TA will get there 5gs I hope they don’t give it to them.


Don’t be a hater chump


Amber’s in the HOH throwing Brit under the bus and pledging and re-pledging her loyalty to the BS Squad. She said she doesn’t care who goes home as long as it’s not one of the eight. Talking about how they’ll have to put up a guy next week to throw everyone off. Like everyone except dimwitted Nicole doesn’t know what’s going on. I’m so over this fratbrat season.


You have to admit, o.k., maybe you don’t, ;). that Frankie is a natural at this game. He’s like freakin’ olive oil the way he slides out of trouble after putting someone up. “I should have slept on it after CODY pressed it. …. I thought you were O.K. with being a pawn!” The guy’s cool as a cucumber! Love him or hate him, he’s GOOD at this stuff. I used to have an assistant just like him……screwed ME over, too! 1 for him, 0 for me. Live and learn. 😉


You have to admit, o.k., maybe you don’t, ;). that Frankie is a natural at this game. He’s like freakin’ olive oil the way he slides out of trouble after putting someone up. “I should have slept on it after CODY pressed it. …. I thought you were O.K. with being a pawn!” The guy’s cool as a cucumber! Love him or hate him, he’s GOOD at this stuff. I used to have an assistant just like him……screwed ME over, too! 1 for him, 0 for me. Live and learn. ;). Did this post twice? Sorry, if so!


Sorry for double! Mean it!


To be honest, i’m usually agains all-male alliances and I find myself rooting for womena and the underdogs, but in this case, the girls brought it upon themselves, they all suck pretty bad at this game.. so I actually hope that Derrick and Cody pull it off, they’re not perfect but they’re not bad guys, along ith Donny they’re my favorite guys and i would have no problem with them taking out the girls one by one. That being said, BRITTANY is the only girl i like, she has so much potential and she’s my favorite overall, so I’m livid that she’s the target right now, please Britt, talk to DERR and CODY and make some kind of deal.

Victoria's Secret

Just send Victoria home to her nice little cloistered existence where everyone is nice to her….yup – wish the rude awakening could be televised. She is unaware of how to treat people and be appropriate sexually and that is gross.
Cuddling ‘too hard’?
How was he/she recruited for the show anyway?


I’m scared for ambers safety. Caleb has been acting very aggressive towards her and the guys are riling him up. We all know Caleb is crazy and I think he could very well snap on her. The way he shook the pool stick to demonstrate his aggression towards amber was very scary.


I feel like Amber keeps using Devin as an excuse that her game got ruined because of him. Everyone knows she is full of excuses and will throw anyone under the bus. She used Caleb and now trying to use cody. She dislike Devinn because he didn’t like her back and turned Caleb against Devin. I’m so over Amber, she is really fake. She is no Jordan!!!!


I find it hilarious how Zach and the other guys are trying to make Amber out to be this master manipulator. She’s good at comps but she isn’t good at the game. She doesn’t have the guts to make a move without getting the okay from the boys first. She’s basically an empty vote for them. And since she does do well in comps if she gets HOH, guess who gets to pick her noms… Definitely not her! If they had any brains at all they would keep her around a few more weeks and have her do some of their dirty work. This is BB paranoia at its best.


I basically agree with you, and maybe I’m giving her more credit than deserved, but she’s kind of between a rock, etc. The Nic/Vic/Christine girls do nothing but talk smack about her, NO D o u b t jealousy, and Brit and Jacosta are really no help to her. Then….she has the guys either druelling (sp?) all over her or wanting to bash her head in. This happens every year with the absolute stunner…she has no one, unless she gets naked. Then she’s a skank. I think she’s talented, smart, athletic and basically kind. OK “you’se” guys…..let me have it!!! 🙂


I like her too! I wanted her to go far but obviously that is not gonna happen. If anything, I want her to win HOH one last time before she is evicted and get at least Hayden or Zach (the people who have villainized her the most) on the block to be evicted.

Roisen Dubh

Zach knows what he’s doing. He sleeps all day. He’s got Derrick doing his dirty work for him. I can’t wait until he really turns it on.


Zach says if I were you I would be pissed!!!….. way to stir the pot with Caleb…lol


I forget who said it on here but I remember someone saying “Hayden has double eviction written all over him” and I completely agree. If Derrick and his boys continue to run the house, they will most DEFINITELY evict Hayden when a double eviction rolls around. Wouldn’t be shocked at all if Christine is the one to stab him in the back. He’s a physical threat yet he’s wasting all that potential aimlessly following Derrick and his boys or flirting with Nicole. If he was smart he would be rallying the “others” and going after the so-called 8 but he’s not. Hayden and Nicole are truly clueless in this game at this moment, and once the “weak” players are gone they’re next. WAKE UP.


No one told Amber that there aren’t cheerleaders on the actual football team right?

I have to eat crow but not the one that swooped up Victoria. I didn’t think Amber could be this damn dumb and even said it the other day somewhere on here. I thought maybe she was just delusional and would catch on. But I was wrong. And there is something very ascinine about her insisting on working with the guys blindly. What I don’t get is if her strategery was to get in with the guys how would she have done that if Devin didn’t pull she and Christine in that alliance or the illusion of it . She may be okay outside the house but inside she serioulsy needs to get over herself . Or ask Jocasta to pray for her that she gains common sense overnight.


Cody is so pathetic mad at Britt because she isn’t giving him the time of day or kissing his ass so she needs to go home b/c she knows whats going on
Same thing happened with Amber when she didn’t want to talk to him when she found out she was put up


Im sad that amber is in danger, but she found it when she opens her mouth. Shes a nice girl but shes not cut out for the game. So mad that hayden of all people is bashing her… Um last time i checked flipping someone off is personal because your saying to f them. I dont like hayden and i dont like that nicole is not realizing anything is going on. I thought she was a super fan. I dont like christine playing the rat game like um please.

Caleb has poopy pants

Soooo who knew, Zach and Hayden are both little bitches? And so is pretty boy Cody.


Cody is a creep. Zach is a wannabe villain, and Nicole, Christine, and Hayden are BORING WHITE BREAD. I hope they all go home


well it looks like Zach and Hayden acting like girls all over what amber said to the other girls im tired of being on the block as a pawn why not put up Zach and Hayden as a pawn and not always her.i think she earned her keep she won more comps than Zach and Hayden combine what are they mad at her for calling them on they shit all they do is sleep all day and flirt with the girls well in Zach case cuddle and feel up on frank all day while she got to run around the house putting out rumors about her all day and fight to save her ass from the block while they get dragged to the end without doing anything.


I wish BB production would insert subtitles every time Victoria speaks, because when she speaks l can’t understand what she is saying.