Frankie “Devin said Amber likes me better but she’s not a white girl” Christine “what a d**k”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner Team 1: Frankie HOH Winner Team 2: Caleb (current HOH)
Battle of the Block Winner Brittany, Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: Caleb noms (Donny, Paola) Frankie noms (Brittany, Victoria)
Current Nominations: Joey, Paola
Have Nots Cody, Hayden, Joey, Brittany
POV Players Donny, Paola, Cody, Zach, Caleb, Victoria (HOST = Jocasta)

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-01 09-43-04-106

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bathroom – Frankie and Christine are laughing / surprised. Frankie says I can’t believe that happened. Frankie goes to the mirror and says why are you awake! Frankie and Christine head out into the backyard. Frankie says that last night the boys were out here conspiring. He says that they came to me and said we need to form a small alliance so we can get out Devin and Amber. Christine laughs and says this is beautiful. It’s working out perfectly. Frankie says what’s hilarious is that all of them have told me things that I could use to destroy them. Christine laughs. This is so hilarious. Frankie says I am trying so hard to not let it blow up yet. Frankie laughs at how Devin said Amber liked him better but that she’s not a white girl so I probably wouldn’t date her. Christine says what a d**k. Frankie says she’s a great girl, I feel like she’s in for a whole lot of pain and I don’t know how to protect her. Frankie says Brittany totally showed all her cards last night. She showed that she has the ability to have all the guys manipulated. She is still on the Devin rampage. Now Caleb is on the Devin rampage. Every single person is on the Devin rampage. Frankie says and in Caleb’s alliance of 5 he has Hayden. Christine asks Hayden.. where he come from. Frankie says the alliance is me, Hayden, Derick, Caleb and you. Christine asks oh I’m in it? Frankie says yeah I put you in it. Christine says oh thank you. Christine says she wants to win HOH. Frankie says now no matter who wins HOH we can put up Devin and no one would care. Frankie and Christine laughs at how they asked Caleb if there’s anything he isn’t good at and he said he hasn’t played Tennis before. They both laugh. Frankie says I don’t want Devin in jury. I don’t want him anywhere near the jury. Christine agrees no one wants to live with Devin in the jury. Christine comments on how she used to be bullied in high school and the other day Devin looked at her and it made her feel the exact same way. Frankie agrees Devin makes him feel the same way. Frankie and Christine get up and say hi to Donny on the couches and then head inside to go back to bed.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-01 09-50-55-568
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10:20am – 10:55am Donny is working out on the elliptical. Victoria and Amber are getting ready for the day / eating. All the other house guests are back in bed. Amber joins Donny out in the backyard. They talk about the her and Caleb. She tells him that she just didn’t come here for that (a showmance). Donny tell her that she could talk to the girls and they won’t bring it up. Victoria joins them. They chit chat about random things and then Victoria and Amber head back to bed. Donny starts wandering around the house and then heads to the hammock to lay out.

11:15am Zach takes a “rub’n tug” shower and then goes back to bed.. Devin wakes up and heads to the bathroom to put on his mask.

11:20am – 11:50am Brittany and Jocasta are awake and getting ready in the bathroom. Brittany comments that she was up till 8am and that she wants to get back on track by tomorrow. Out in the backyard – Amber joins Donny. He nicknames her cutie pie. She says she likes that nickname. Brittany joins them. Amber then teaches Donny how to use the washing machine.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-01 11-44-58-327

11:55am – 12:15pm In the kitchen – Devin asks Amber if you could be here at the end who would you pick? Amber says that’s a tough question. Amber says probably Caleb or Christine. Devin says Caleb, Frankie, You, or Christine… or Derrick. Amber says my top 4 would be Caleb, you, Christine, Frankie .. and if I had to switch one it would be Derrick. Donny joins them. Devin comments that when he was younger he thought lime disease came from limes. Devin and Christine talk about tattoos. Devin says that he had an apprentice do his arm first and he had to have it all re-done it was so bad.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-01 11-52-35-105

12:50pm – 1pm Out in the backyard – Donny tells Nicole that he think she will be America’s sweetheart. Brittany comes out and lays out by the pool. Christine is reading the bible and talking to Brittany. Brittany says that she’s been trying to pray in the house but that her prayers just aren’t connecting. She says her mind is just so distracted. In the kitchen – Victoria and Devin are doing the dishes. She tells him about her photography business. Amber’s sweeping the kitchen floor.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-01 12-56-10-457

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Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Fragment of bomb squad no name  = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
Old defunct alliances
TheCrazy8s = Frankie, Donny, Joey, Paola, Devin, Amber, Nicole, Cody
El Cuatro = Paola, Amber, Joey, Nicole

Where the vote is 

As of now Joey is going home.. (Still early)

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bb14’s wil has uploaded his latest #bb16saga video to youtube, the last half made me laugh ’til i cried:

i hate double posting, but this is a work of art! share it and leave wil some more love in the comments if you like it. 😉


That is awesome. I’m sharing that!


That was great, I’ll be going back to see them all. He has Julie Chen nailed! Elyssa too. He clearly puts a lot of work into them.

pissed off BB fan

this show just isn’t as good as it used to be….. i hate all these stupid twists the last good twist big brother has had was ion season 8 when eric was americas player. the show has gone way south since then with the ONLY bright spot that has been better than most of the earlier seasons being dan. i think this might be my last season watching this show.


Some twists add interest….like adding the golden power of veto. I am conflicted about the new twist, though. It makes it much harder to go after the person you wanted without backdooring them.


I don’t know why he got so many thumbs down! he is right, BB is not how it used to be , Project DNA, X factor (exes), season 8 unfinished business + America’s Player (even if I hated the guy and the whole cast) , Summer of Secrets (BB6) those were the twists.. rather than Team america, Saboteur, golden key, coaches, MVP those were bad

BBcan2’s twist was great also, adding a new HG to the house late into the game was awesome! it creates tension, jealousy (Sabrina vs Allison) , and makes the feeds worth watching.. what we have now.. it’s just boring…

pissed off BB fan

i really have no idea why i got so many thumbs down… and is it just me or do the DR segments feel so much more fake the past couple of years? its like they are being told what to say


You got so many thumbs down because people are disagreeing with you. How could you not expect it when you come on a BB site and criticize the entire show?


The twists are no better or worse than the BB HG’s playing for the most part. This season like all I can remember is in week 1/2/3 scramble mode. No ones satisfied where they were at 48 hours ago. The bomb squads getting torn up 2 full weeks early when they could have gotten some dead weight out before going after Devin. Big muscle guys like that don’t have staying power long term. He’s no threat and a convenient target to keep around.
I like Christine’s positioning more and more. She the BB gamer in the house for sure. Unless someone can have a inspirational moment and sees Christine as the biggest threat in the game she has her BB roll going on ATM. Notice how she isn’t developing alliances but is getting invited into them. She has charisma and that translates to staying power and a deep run usually. She is missing the her and Caleb can F2 thing completely though. Other wise she gets an “A” for game play so far.
It’s hard to comment on others as the “house thinking” is so fragmented day in and day out. Might benefit Donny and Britney both. Frankie on the other hand better start getting worried as Zankie is becoming yesterday’s news. Zack looks to be more interested in Derrick and Cody to run with as well as Christine. There she is popping up yet again. I’m getting that BB feeling and we haven’t had our 1st eviction. If there isn’t an effective counter alliance formed that Christine is not in might be my 1st to be declared a jury lock. And it is way to early for that I know.

My silly 9 to make jury! LOL
Christine- BB gamer
Zack- Liked and smart BB wise. One to watch all summer!
Derrick- Quiet and staying out of trouble, listening and evaluating. How an undercover cop plays it.
Britney- non threatening and a non schemer. Only risk is the battle of the HOH expendability. Funny to say but I see her emerging in a couple weeks as BB house mom.
Nicole – Christine will get her to the jury and a guaranteed vote. Both never sit F2 finale night. You know who I’m thinking?
Cody- I have this 50/50 because I think he is abrasive and a big ego. He definitely is in the right “alliances/groups” ATM.
Frankie- As long as Zack wants him to stay he makes jury. Becoming a fringe alliance guy though. More an after thought IMO than a core guy.
Donny- non threatening could go early due to battle of the HOH’s. I think he stays around as a vote. These folks look like by week 3 peeps will start targeting specific HG’s and that makes Donny a better pick to go jury.
Caleb-Should be the target after Devin, I believe they’ll be scared to fire and miss. You have 1 chance to kill the king. They better make it good. He’ll be back doored no doubt about it. As of now Devin never in Jury but I think Caleb might sneak in. God help the HG’s if he makes F6 could comp out with a luckbox questions or 2. Might surprise folks to know some of the smartest people I’ve met are avid hunters and fisherman. Don’t presume he’s as dumb as a sack of rocks just yet. Though he may be in the end.

BB is a Social game! I said it 😛

Christine and Zack. Completely different yet both very effective. No idea who can move peoples opinions/votes yet but both are ones to watch. Britney the “house mom” will surprise socially by week 3. Nicole seems to be fun though marginalized by the “beautiful people”. She may become “the problem solver” with direction from afar by Christine. Her present position in the house is neutral and that won’t cut it this season IMO so Nicole better find value or a niche to make the jury. lastly Frankie and Cody. I think both social games will be hit and miss. Neither will be everybody’s cup of tea. They’ll have strong bonds and some very strong dislikes as the season goes on. Both need core alliance support to go deep.
Seasons growing on me where is Grodner to Pee me off. The angry old man hasn’t showed up yet. A true tragedy at this point in the BB season.

Shredded Wheat Guy

Yeah, it’s not what it used to be. In the old days it would take over a month for people to start playing the game. This year there have been multiple potential freakouts and a ton of alliances in less than a week, and I don’t like it. Bring back the good old days when we would get to watch 75 year old Jerry sit in the salon and stare at the wall for 30 minutes.


So now they are going to conspire to get Devin and Amber evicted


I actually want devin 2 stay now, because he’s so delusional it is hilarious..Since when was hayden brought into anything?! these people don’t know who they want to work about they all just sit down, and make the entire house an alliance and call it big brother 16..Amanda Grodner your fired, hit the bricks


I feel like i missed a bunch of moves, now they want Devin out, well maybe they wanted him out when he just decided on his own to tell 2 people about the Bomb Squad and brought them into the group. I’d be happy to see him out, and Caleb really, altho maybe it is a good thing to keep the two people who sincerely believed that Donny is para military Navy Seal Black ops. Because during the Veto comp we could clearly see all his ninja moves ?


Devin just said that he thought Lyme Disease came from limes !!!! Hahahaha what an idiot. #ShutUpDevin

A Name

He said WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER he thought line disease came from limes you idiot. Learn how to read


Please tweet that! Too funny – lol


Please tweet this – hilarious!


Clear example of telephone. People omitting shyt in order to sound funny and important.


Devin needs to shut up.Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.
(Also should eat less) #Beast


We have been shown too much Devin. He is an Idiot.

Double Standard

Wow all the people saying how much of a problem Caleb was going to be because he’s such a ” racist and homophobe” yet he goes after the biracial girl and yet Devin says Amber isn’t white so I’m not interested…. Who’s being the racist now? Furthermore she is biracial how much more white does she to have dickwad meathead?


Isn’t it funny? Caleb has hugged and slept in the same bed with Frankie and not once did he say anything negative about it to anyone. I guess people knew this would be a boring group/season so they’re grasping for anything to blow out of proportion for ratings.


After all the racist things from last season, I think CBS told them to cool it.


I think how the real conversation went down was that Devin told Caleb that Amber said that she has only dated black guys, so Caleb was all “If only I was darker.” Now Caleb is wondering if Devin was after Amber this whole time (which is funny b/c in the first episode, Amber said that Devin was her type) and Devin is now target #1 within their alliance.


I don’t mind that Devin talks a lot,i just wish i could understand what he is saying.

Devin update : *still mumbling*


Devin does have a nice body but he looks like a Ninja Turtle in the face lol!!I think he knows it too that’s why he works out soo much!!


Steroids will do that to a body.

give me a break

Devin is really a dumb Jock….he talk so much and says nothing…can you imagine if Devin was on BB15 when Candice went through hell….the bed flipping incident would went different if this Jerk was there instead of Howard. He would of been on Aaryn side attacking Candice….what a sellout…Devin hero is probably Clarence Thomas…

give me a break

And another thing about Devin story….there are alot of fathers in Major league Baseball that did not leave the league because they had a kids…..that story does not make sense and it’s stupid…..this guy lies to much…you can play a professional sport and still have a kid….he’s not going to last long…..I can just imagine how he’s going to be when he’s put on slop…


Some may say its boring but I love that the House guests are being respectful of the diversity in the house..But it is a long summer.Lets hope when the shit starts to hit the fan the house guests don’t hit below the belt..
But then again a little drama is always fun!!


I really don’t want Devin to go, watching him on the show and feeds really cracks me up haha

Day Yum Yum

Let’s face it ,this whole bullshit eviction of Joey is going down because Amber told Caleb that’s how she wanted it, since she has been jealous of Joey since day 1 when she saw how Devin looked at Joey. Now Caleb is screwed and most likely on the edge of suicide, Devin is the house cockroach everyone runs from and Amber sits pretty!! F–K that! TIME FOR AMBER TO GOOO!!!! Let’s get this bitch up and out!!!


Totally agree 100%…Amber wanted Joey out because of jealousy. She got what she wanted out of Caleb and that is not only to get Joey out, but getting him to convince the house it was their decision so she walks away scott-free. Now that Joey is going…she backs off Caleb. I would love it if he realized she played him and somehow convinced the house to vote out Pow instead…and exposed her intentions.


With Christine it’s like a daggy member of the public has accidentally walked on a season of Big Brother. And because she’s the least interesting/noticeable/dominating presence on the cast, she will inevitably get to the end.

Now the vast majority of us are daggy members of the public but I wouldn’t force my presence onto a show just because I’m a sodding fan.

Every single year there’s at least one cast member who is so lacking in presence compared to everyone else that they automatically end up in a very good position in the game just because of how useless and unthreatening they are. And stupid pundits will continue to believe that how good a player is largely depends on how safe they are in the game.


Devin is’nt going anywhere soon, he’s a potential ratings goldmine. Eating slop and what looks like pending steroid withdrawel, will make for some great theatrics soon. Caleb reminds me of someone I used to date, goodlooking but latched on like a tick, suffocating me. Glad to see Donny is safe, even if he is a Duck Dynasty wannabe, he is a homeboy.


Christine seems to be in a pretty good spot right now

The Truth

Right now I would give this years Big Brother a C+. I feel like the house guest keep recycling the same conversations over and over. But I still have faith that the season will get better.

On a side note this is the most poorly decorated BB house ever.