Zach “I’m going to be on my knees $***ing Devin’s ***k all week.. you better believe that”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-03 20-10-18-181

8:06pm Bathroom Zach, Brittany and Derrick
Zach – “I can’t believe she said Julie..” (Amber)
Derrick I’m so f** mad.. I legit busted my f*** a$$
Brittany – how many did you have
Derrick – I had zero
Brittany – I fell off grabbing my fifth
Zach – you were about to win that comp was hard
Brittany – I should have slowed down
Derrick – That was my mistake
Zach – I Was having more fun throwing the frisbee I was launching them at Victoria’s head
“pretentious little b1tch wham.. .. snotting little b1tch whamm .. I hate you..”
Zach – “She want’s to be rude to me.. I’ll be rude right back .. she’s the rudes”
Zach says he’s never heard the Victoria say please in the 14 days she’s been in the Big Brother House.
Britney agree they go over some of the things Victoria does that pisses them off.
Zach – “I got 20 lines up in this dome right here that I can spit and each one will make her cry”
Brittany doesn’t think she’s that bad “Thats just the way she’s used to behaving.. I don’t think she has any manners”
Zach – well that’s not how the world works
Derick leaves
Brittany is worried she’s going home
Zach says Devin can still go home theres plenty of chances.
Brittany doesn’t think so Zach says if her and POW go up they have to win the HOH.
Brittany – “He hates me because I see right through his sh1t.. I’m not going to go kiss his a$$ .. he can’t manipulate me.. I’m not going to listen to what he says”

Zach – “You still have a chance to stay this week”
Brittany – “he’s going to backdoor me .. I’m still going to fight just as hard.. it’s not like its just me that doesn’t like him it’s everyone in this house and i’ve stuck up to him that’s why he doesn’t like me”

Brittany suspects Devin will do the same thing they did to Joey he’s going to scare the entire house
Zach — “you have my vote.. I think he’s going to put you pup and you’ll win BOB and he gets backd**red
Zach says he heard that Devin told POW that she’s going up with his target.
Zach – You gotta ewin BOB and if you don’t everyone is going to vote out POW you are safe this week
brittany doesn’t sound convinced.

BB16-2014-07-03 20-16-13-709

8:13pm Beehive Cam 1 Derrick and Zach

Derrick thinks he’s going up, “I would rather Devin put me up because I’ll throw the competition” Zach – “We can backd**r him” They agree if Devin goes up on the block he is going home.
Derrick – “I’m not going to ki$$ neither of their a$$es”
Zach – “I’m going to ki$$ their a$$es all week.. I’m just telling you that.. I’m going to be on my knees $***ing Devin’s ***k all week.. you better believe that”
Zach tells him this whole bomb squad thing isn’t a real alliance he thinks Amber is closer to the girls than with the bomb squad.
Zach telling him to not worry if he goes up he’s got 2 chances to get off the block. Derrick thinks theres plenty to be worried about.
Derrick is worried because Caleb said he wants to be nominated beside Derrick. Derrick thinks this may have exposed himself and the bomb squad by volunteering. Zach isn’t worried “If the bomb squad gets blown up we point the finger at Devin” Zach tells him not to do anything rash. Derrick – “I’m not Joey”

BB16-2014-07-03 21-01-06-808
Brittany convinced she’s going up and home.
Brittnay about Devin – “I f** hate him”
Frankie tells her so many things can happen in a week
frankie – “It’s quite a flip I can’t believe it happened”

Hayden falls

8:21pm Hayden shows them his fall during the HOH

BB16-2014-07-03 20-27-54-878
8:28pm Brittany sobbing to Jocasta and POWPOW
About Devin – “He’s lying and acting like he’s nice out there and he’s not he’s not a good person”

BB16-2014-07-03 20-29-31-617

8:29pm Derrick and Cody Beehive
Cody says POWPOW and Brittney are going to stay on the block this week. They agree they want to keep Brittany to use her to take out Devin, Derrick – we fucked up not being able to keep Joey”
Derrick says if Devin puts him up he will throw the competition to give Amber the HOH
Cody he’s not going to he’s going after Brittney
Derrick says Amber is not going to put up two girls he thinks Hayden, Donny or him. Derrick adds Hayden is better at physical but if it’s mental he will win it.

BB16-2014-07-03 20-40-26-480
8:39pm Devin and Amber
Devin saying his noms are going to be game not personal nothing is personal for him. Amber feels the same way her move is going to be game. He tells her they want to put up the weakest players.

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9:05pm The heavy metal louse
Hayden starts yelling and screaming like he a heavy metal singer. Guttural stuff

9:18pm Waiting around for the HOH rooms.
Devin is upset because he was swearing like crazy when he entered the house after winning the HOH. He thinks it was aired live on TV.

Apparently the microwave is broken.

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach

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So stupid. Why would you keep the stronger players?


It’s not that simple, it’s harder to get rid of the stronger players, because they are STRONG and they can help you further your game.


they also use the excuse ‘strong guys are bigger targets’. Well they are only targets if someone makes a move and puts them up, in the meantime they run around and win everything and no one has a chance themselves to get further in the game. they take out weak players because they don’t want to rock any boats and put targets on their own backs, but if they are already the strong player, they must know that who they put up won’t take it off their back lol

I see a conspiracy of HOH noms throwing comps in the future to ensure the other guys win, even tho it means they remain on the block, which is nuts.


If somehow Devin gets backdoored, it would be amazing and hilarious.


It was somewhat nice to see Zach being honest yet remorseful to Joey this week. I was glad that after she came up to talk to him he didn’t have a d*uchey, smart a** diary room rant about her like he normally would and he was even upset to see her go. I hope Zach does get better through out the game, especially with Devin in power this week.


Devin is really going to talk himself out of the house just like Joey did. and he was in a pretty good alliance that would have taken him at least 5-6 weeks into the game easily.


I am so ecstatic that someone else hates Victoria as much as I do – if I was Zack, I’d hide her hair weave. That would destroy her and take away all her delusional thoughts of being the ‘hottest girl in the house’. She is not hot at all and if you say that on TV, you’re asking for haters, especially when it’s not true. The white black girl/black white girl (Amber) is confusing the sh*t outta me.


Hold up.. Why would Derrick throw the BoB if he is nominated? That would just keep him on the block.

Well maybe he misspoke because he seems fairly sharp BUT this whole lets put the weak players out is a joke.

It’s the sole reason I dislike the 2 HoH because now if you want to keep your HoH you pretty much cannot nominate a strong player or you could be in jeopardy to go up if they win BoB.

Ughhh so frustrated from the 2 HoHs, to the girls vs boys for the HoH because that’s not how HoHs should be decided, to the BoB as it scares the sh** out of the HGs to put up “strong” players, and especially Devin winning (he just irritates me)

Ahhhhhhhhhh 🙁


Right I gotchu Simon,

But you wrote that Derrick said if Devin puts him up he will throw it. By throwing it and losing Devin stays HoH because his nominees (in this case Derrick would lose).

Butters Mom

All Amber needs to do is to put up 2 strong players she trusts who will throw the competition on purpose, which will allow her to stay HOH, then those strong players will play to win the VETO, and take one off and back door Devin and then vote him off… simple as that.


Or if you are Amber and you know Devin won’t put you up (which he won’t), you just put up weak people. Lose HOH this week and try to get it next week. And if she was HOH, why waste it on a person who won’t be against you for weeks to come. How about you take out someone who might be a threat to your game. People are taking the Devin hate to another level. Especially calling the guy a liar, and funniest thing is all these people who like Derrick in the house and he lied to them first night. But hey that’s a small lie about what he does, that’s not really a lie.


I have a sneaky feeling one of the Bomb Squad member is going home next and it is not Devin.


Better yet, if these players were a smart as they claim to be, they would let Devin win HOH this week because he is going to target Brittany. Let him get rid of her and that benefits the 5. She doesn’t have anyone who might be mad and come after them, and if there is someone, they can scapegoat Devin. Then next week, every will still want to backdoor Devin and you won’t have to worry about him winning HOH. Then you can get rid of him and you would have cut the other side down another person and still get rid of the guy you want. But no one in the house things about the game the right way.


Why is backdoored spelled backd**red…just curious:)


Come on, really? You don’t get it? LOL.


Like it or not, Devin winning HoH is great for the show. The guy literally threw his game in the garbage and he was target number one and he won, that’s very entertaining. You guys may be butthurt about it but Big Brother needs protagonists (the good guys we like) and antagonists (the bad guys we love to hate) and Devin and Caleb are the antagonists. Devin’s horrible strategy and Caleb’s Amber obsession is entertaining. Let the floaters go, we don’t want another case of BB15 where all the big characters/players go early and we’re left with that horrible excuse for a final 3 (Andy was the only good player in that final 3). I think this season is great and off to a great start and Devin is great for television. I’d like for him to stay till at least close to jury then be blindsided. If Devin and Caleb go, it’ll only be “good people” which is boring TV. We need good guys and bad guys. And to address another issue, the Devin hate is so unnecessary you guys act like he’s the most evil person ever on Big Brother…. He’s probably not even a bad guy, he’s just a horrible player. Don’t act like he’s Amanda, Aaryn, GinaMarie or Spencer level loathsome… Did you guys forget about half of the BB15 cast last year? Devin’s not racist or homophobic or even close to BB15 level horrible. And I think that we were honestly all wrong about Caleb too. If he really was homophobic he wouldn’t be genuinely good friends with Frankie or best friends with Devin (a black guy) or madly obsessed over Amber (a biracial girl).

So if you logically look at it without being butthurt babies like most of you usually are, Devin winning HoH is great for TV. We all don’t want a predictable week where “the house” votes off the person they like the least in a predictable underwhelming manner. Devin who was #1 target won HoH fairly and even Daniele Donato herself tweeted that Devin winning HoH was great because it’s great TV. Instead of always complaining when it’s only Week 2 how about you just sit back and enjoy what already looks like to be a great season which is much better than the racist and pathetic piece of crap of a season that we got last year in BB15. And also I love how everybody here bashes the HG’s pretending to be well-rounded people, let’s see you holier than thou amazing well-rounded people try out for Big Brother so you could be made fun of for every little thing you do and have all these malicious fans make fun of you and ignore their own prevalent cons. I always notice this especially with the BB community, get the cheese from your Cheeto’s off your fingers on your keyboards and let’s see how all of you would do in a pressure cooker such as the Big Brother house. This show is for entertainment so how about making fun of all of the HG’s every second or complaining about everything that happens when it’s only Week 2 and enjoy this great season so far of Big Brother which has a great cast with a lot of big personalities and potential for a lot of schemers (like Zach and Derrick). Just sit back and enjoy, I understand that you guys are all very emotionally invested and for some of you, this is your life but just sit back everyone and enjoy this potentially great season of Big Brother. (I’m prepared to get a lot of downvotes)


Well written. It always bothers me when “fans” get personal about the houseguests as if this is real life. It’s a game and rather or not you respect Devin’s game there’s no reason to keep saying “i hate Devin” and “Devin is the worst person in the world” like he has personally done something wrong or said something off kilter. People treat Big Brother like voyeurism and instead of just enjoying the game, they personally target the houseguests as if they are moral superiors or better than. Type in #BB16 and you’ll see nothing but personal bashing about Devin like this is not a game and like people are forced to watch.


Exactly, Devin is nowhere near as bad as others who have played the game. Last year had a terrible cast. Evil Dick was horrible to people, going so far as to pour a drink on Jen. Willie actually hit someone. There were fights in BB6 that don’t compare to this.

Butters Mom

To me a predictable show is the two strongest athletic ego maniacs picking off the weaker players and bullying them in the process… so no… Im not excited to see Devin win HOH and I would like him to go because boring would be Devin/Caleb winning HOH week after week and plowing through the house picking every one else off. The only way I would find it interesting for Devin to stay HOH is if he backdoored Amber and had a falling out with Caleb over it and then they would be working against each other rather than as a team. That would level up the playing field a little better and cause friction in the house, end the alliance once and for all and cause new alliances to form.


That would be understandable if they were both great mentally but that’s not the case. They could easily lose in the other challenges. And a show with them vs. the house would be great. It would be like when Frank was up against the house and had to keep winning. As for the bullying, people are throwing that around so loosely. If he wasn’t as big as he is or dare I say black, his aggressiveness and sporadic behavior probably wouldn’t be called bullying. And must I say it again, Evil Dick literally poured a drink on a girl, went around the house banging pans, and used horrible language toward women but he won the game and people called his antics good game play. I’m sorry but it is starting to seem like this whole Devin is a bully kinda hinges on the fact that he is big and happens to be black. Because if he is a bully, what are we calling Zach and what he is saying about Victoria and the things he says he wants to do to her. Before we slander someone who is playing a game, not knowing what’s going on in their mind, let’s see the other reason people could feel that way. Because I’m thinking if it was Christine or Frankie going around and behaving like Devin, they wouldn’t be called bullies.


Actually if Devin Backdoored Caleb or Amber it would be stupid. How about he backdoor the “golden boy” Codey or that tool Zach that would actually be great television. Im not a Devin fan but Cody and Zach are your classic wolves in sheep skin. Cant wait to see them both gone as well.


It may be boring to watch, but I’m only going to watch it once, and remember it for the rest of my life.
Which one would I rather remember? The two people completely dominating an entire season, or a wishy-washy season that give us no masterminds or physical/mental powerhouses?
I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely prefer the former.


Excellent point, he is NO WHERE as bad as last season’s cast of racists, homophobic pricks. I literally lost so much respect for the game because people were picked off and sent home simply because they were hated for their skin color. That’s so wack and so unfair, everyone should have a chance to play.

However, I’m starting to question just how un-homophobic and racists is Caleb. I find it odd that he continues to go on spiel after spiel about how he is a “nice” guy, he doesn’t judge people, how “love is love” in his talk with Frankie, and how he sought out with obsession Amber and made Devin his best friend. When in reality Caleb didn’t show much love and compassion on his IG. He used a homophobic slur and made a racists remark to the President–whether you agree with those politics or not doesn’t matter–to call someone a fag**** and a monkey are things that have very heavy negative connotations and are known to be derogatory. Suddenly now his IG has disappeared since him being on the show, makes me wonder if the producers somehow told him about all of this, brought a smartphone to him on set and asked him to not only delete his IG (only way it could go down is if Caleb removed it himself), and told him to play nice–just so they could avoid the fiasco from last year.

All I’m saying is that this is a reality show meant to stir up and sometimes modify drama. I wouldn’t put it past the producers to have told Caleb to play nice. Because in all honesty nice people don’t have to and never do make endless speeches about “how much a good person” they are.


If I was Amber I would put Hayden and Zack up those are and will be the two stronger players who will eventually show off.

give me a break

Cody is a Bitch….


What’s your problem?


Thank you house guest for eliminating the most annoying player first.


Zach is so incredibly irritating. Send him home. His strategy is just to brown nose to the final 4 which is no strategy at all.


Amber needs to get her crap together and put Nicole up. I’m trying to root for this girl but she’s sitting up here saying “she doesn’t care about being HOH,” Amber what are you doing? Do you seriously think Nicole is going to not come after you, because she’s already plotting it–the little snake that she is– I’m telling you right now Zach, Cody, Christine, and Nicole will make an alliance as is always with BB the young white kids stick together. Nicole doesn’t even like Amber she says it all the time, futhermore its so obvious how close Nicole and Christine are in the house, that needs to be split up.

The only person making sense in all of this nom talk has been Derrick because he’s called Nicole’s game but Amber’s saying she’s worried she’ll make her cry?? When you’re the minority in the house–ethnic wise, age wise (Donny) you’ve got to not care about hurting feelings because the young white kids will team up and dominate every time. Season 15 anyone?


Isn’t the name of this show Big Brother? It seems like the Devin show. I’m so SICK of hearing his voice saying the same thing over and over. Please people in the house, be smart enough to get him out this week!


Devin winning HOH could be the worst thing for him-targets Donny then Donny exposes what a snake he is this plus his loose cannon alliance member status should make him target #1 for a lot of folks….


Happy 4th of July !!! Let the fireworks begin!

A Name

Brittany is a racist loser. Why did you guys leave out her comment about Middle Easterns not having any manners cuz they don’t know any better (referring to Victoria)
I hope she goes this week, if not Cody or Christine can go. I can’t stand them


Not a fan of fake Nicole, Brittney, Christine, Zack, Cody and Derrick, those are the type of people I stay away from. Those obnoxious attitudes rub me the wrong way. PowPow is more annoying than a screaming monkey, but I’d listen to her all day if those fake blunders were eliminated one after the other.


I don’t understand why Derrick keeps say that if Devin puts him up that he will throw the BOB comp…? If you do that Devin will stay HOH you idiot. If you are trying to backdoor him, you want Amber to put you up and then throw it. Derrick I’m going to have to call your bluff on his undercover cop job.


Gizmokid: I love what you said. I totally agree with you. I was thinking of not reading the comments here again because it seems we have a lot of racist and childish mentality expressing their views here this Season. They all have tunnel vision……hit on the ethincs, only White people are intelligent. Always in society the black man is a threat! It will never end!


I see that PowPow just likes to let it hang out there like the guys….