Big Brother Spoilers – Caleb “If she’s going to put up two guys she better put up me”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-03 19-11-42-462

7:11pm Bathroom
Talking about the competition how you get distracted when Julie calls your name.
Devin “I just want to see my kid”

BB16-2014-07-03 19-14-24-927

7:13pm Devin and Donny
Devin saying what he said last night is being misconstructed to make it sound like he tried to throw Caleb under the bus. Devin wants him to know he misjudged Donny at first because he was different but he feels different now.
Devin – “No matter what man i’m so sorry I will never never never ever put you up”
Donny points at the bed where they started the Double D’. He’s still down with that alliance.

BB16-2014-07-03 19-15-21-993

7:14pm Storage room Zach and Derrick
Zach – “Bomb squad WON HOH that’s all that matter”
Derrick -“we’ll see if he honors it”
Zach – “You should have seen brittany’s face after he won” (See image)
Derrick – “because Brittany is going on the block and POWPOW .. I was the first one off so i’m probably going on the block”
Zach – “No he’s putting up Hayden and Donny because we said no bomb squad until it’s necessary”

BB16-2014-07-03 19-17-40-911

7:17pm Jocasta and Donny Fireroom crying thinks she’s going up
Donny tries to make her feel better “Someone is going to win Veto and save you” Donny tells her last night Devin exposed himself and cracked under pressure he doesn’t know what Devin is going to do now that he’s HOH.

BB16-2014-07-03 19-16-31-080

7:20pm beehive Amber and Caleb
Amber – Frankie said it’s best for me to put up weak players
Caleb – you have to
Amber – the weak players are my best friend in this house.. Donny and POW
Caleb – at the end of the day on battle on the block you want your people to lose
Caleb – If you are going to put Derrick up put me up with him.. cause we’ll win..
Amber asks why everyone is saying to put up weak players isn’t the point to get rid of strong players.
Caleb – Derrick is’t weak none of the guys are weak.
Caleb tries to explain shy she wants her people to lose the BOB. He tells her to talk to the people and they will understand.

BB16-2014-07-03 19-42-48-904

7:34pm have nots cam 2 caleb and frankie
Caleb goes over what he said to Amber about this is her time to play the game and he’ll take her to the end with him. “I’m going to take you to the end but you gotta listen to what I say to.. I’m not going to tell you who to put up i’m telling you now you put up any guy in our alliance you put me up with them cause we are not going to lose “
Caleb adds he told her unless she puts up the weakest player she won’t get the HOH picture.
Caleb – “Devine says he’s putting up Brittany and POWPOW they are going to lose”
Frankie – “who the f** is she putting up”
Caleb – “She doesn’t want to put up Donny and POWPOW”
Frankie – “she says she’s not putting up any of the girls”
frankie – “I have to go to work .. you have to work.. “
Caleb “she’s pissing me off now”
Frankie says at least Amber still talks to them
Caleb – “If she’s going to put up two guys she better put up me”
caleb “Devin is going to pick two girls.. If she’s going to put up two guys she better put up me”
Frankie – “Geez it’s a real game now”

BB16-2014-07-03 19-51-30-384

7:49pm bathroom Cody and Derrick
Cody says the Diary room told him no have nots for a couple days they suspect BOB is tomorrow.
Derick has a cut leg and a ‘Shiner” “I’m so pissed off right now I literally embarrassed myself on national television”
Derrick “As I was walking down the stairs Devin kicked me in the face thats why I have this shiner.. ”
Derick cut his leg when he fell. From what they’ve been saying the kick from Devine was an accident.
Cody – “Dude that’s a nasty cut”

BB16-2014-07-03 19-51-28-884

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Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Fragment of bomb squad no name  = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach

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Why the hell is Devin so happy & he won by default?! It absolutely sucks that he is HOH but I would just throw the BOB so that Amber remains HOH & backdoor him & send him home 2 his kid…


How exactly did Devin win by default? The object of the comp was to complete it as fast as you can while keeping your balance and not touching the ground. Devin won fair and square and just because many of us dont like him doesnt mean he won by default. Cody and Hayden didnt complete the task so they lost. Devin won get over it already.


If he picks two weak players and the lose BOB, Amber can put him up


huh?- Did I miss something? By definition didn’t he literally win by default? The conception was called before the someone legally won. He could have fallen off next if the game continued?


Competition not conception. I’m a goof


Winning “by default” means to win as a result of your opponent’s disqualification, which is exactly how Devin won.


i really hope amber’s nominees lose the BOB and then the POV is used to save one of her nominees, and devin is backdoored


Amber nominees don’t have to lose all they have to do is be stronger than Devin’s and beat his nominees, then she keeps HOH and then Devin is free to be put up on the block.


If Amber’s nominees lose the Battle of the Block, she will be dethroned as HoH. She won’t be able to put anyone on the block for eviction! Learn the twist!

Grenades, Yo!!

It’s you that needs to learn the twist. It’s twisted… I know, right. 😉


If Amber’s nominees WIN, that’s when she is dethroned. So she wants to pick people who will lose to keep HOH. I was confused for almost a week then I finally got it. So in order for Devin to be available to be put up as a replacement and potentially go home, his nominees need to WIN. Notice how he said already he’s putting up Pow Pow, trying to grab the losers before Amber can. Apparently they want to get rid of the weaker people this year?


Good point but the HOH who first nominates is 50/ Amber could choose first and take POW & Brit before Devin gets to..regardless of the BS alliance.


Man the feeds are going to be gold this week.


Could Zach be next to go? hope so.


Pretty much NO WAY that will happen.


How is Brit saying “I wish everyone would just vote how they want” when less than 30 mins ago she didn’t vote how she wanted and voted with the house. I swear Big Brother contestants use the worse logic and reasoning.


Jeez if this season turns Into another “we have to vote what the house wants” season like last, we are in for a long boring summer. Can’t producers at least tell them not to keep saying that because it totally loses suspense of the live eviction. Julie tries to build excitement but since they are all sheep there is NONE.

And I really don’t understand why they tell each other “if you vote against the house you’ll be next target”. Stupid people , How would anyone know if you don’t tell them!!????

I really wish these producers would add a better mix of ages and intelligence. These people are truly ignorant (except Derrick seems smarter). Ugh. BORING live eviction


ideally Amber stays as HOH, and they have the opportunity to backdoor Devin. I was also noticing that Frankie is one who said that no one had to vote ‘with the house’ if they have a majority or in the end it doesn’t really matter which one left anyway.

letting people vote how they want to vote shows their colours as well.

Jody H

Tried to post before! Will try again!! What we need to do is vote two people into America’s alliance who could sway the vote. Then it wouldn’t be so one sided.
Also, I don’t understand why one person didn’t give a vote to oust Paolo. It would have freaked everyone out. People are already suspicious. How much fun would that be!! Certainly better than blindly following the house.

Jimmy 64

Great Devin won HOH I hope he gets ousted
I hope Amber does put up Caleb. If Caleb is stupid enough
to want to go on the block .PUT HIM ON THE BLOCK !!!!


Cabel wants to go on the block to win so Devin will be HOH. Amber was like WTF!!


Devin disgusts me. He comments on how Donny’s genuine tears was ” fake ” and “bulls**t ” yet he plays the daughter card every 5 seconds. If he really loves his daughter as much as he says, why is it that he hasn’t seen her in 3 months prior to being on the show? I definitely see him having a really bad case of HoHitis this week


I get it that you don’t like Devin, but you cannot claim that he or anyone doesn’t love their children…


LOL The girls are already freaking out. Brittany is crying. Seriously. You have two comps to play. Suck it up. You better get your game play into gear. This is a GAME. I think a lot of people forget that. They come in the house with literally nothing, and cry when they get sent home.


I really hope Donnybis safe this week but with his three personality I’m not sure where is head at


As much as people dislike Devin, you have to say the house would be pretty boring if he left and then we would all be complaining that this is a boring season.

Jody H

I have been trying to post but it doesn’t seem to be put on. Is there a problem?

Jody H

Nevermind i think it just popped up


I voted for Nicole, Brittney, and Amber in Dawgs poll up above for no other reason than I’m a horny old man.


It’s important to backstab in this game but you should do it unexpectedly with no blood on your hands. I think Amber, for her to move forward for her game, she needs to establish trust with these meatheads. They will protect her until later in the season she can gain the votes to backdoor one of the Bomb Squad members.

If Caleb volunteers, let him! He might lose or win but either way she’ll be fine and blood free. Even if Caleb lost, Devin wouldn’t put her up if she’s dethroned (Caleb wouldn’t let him do it). If she’s smart, she’ll promise the other players aren’t going up while agreeing to this to gain Trust that will help her later on.


It’s important to backstab in this game but you should do it unexpectedly with no blood on your hands. I think Amber, for her to move forward for her game, she needs to establish trust with these meatheads. They will protect her until later in the season she can gain the votes to backdoor one of the Bomb Squad members.

If Caleb volunteers, let him! He might lose or win but either way she’ll be fine and blood free. Even if Caleb lost, Devin wouldn’t put her up if she’s dethroned (Caleb wouldn’t let him do it). If she’s smart, she’ll promise the other players aren’t going up while agreeing to this to gain Trust that will help her later on.


Throw away HOH because a guy told her to? If she does that then she deserves to go home.


For Pete’s sake!! Pow pow you’re terrible at this game. No one likes a socially and competitively weak player. That’s the definition of a floater. It’s the lamest way to play the game. Get in the game and start getting some leverage!


Ugh. It pisses me off to see players crying about going home before they’re even nominated or even play for the veto and yet another comp to keep them in the game. Brittany should go home if she’s going to throw in the towel already. And the irony of this situation is if Brittany does end up going home, she’ll probably be sitting next to Pow Pow. Like I said before, if they hadn’t have voted out Joey like conforming “I do what the house wants” idiots, then she might be sitting pretty right now.

new to BB 14

amber should put up derrick and calib

devin should put up Zach and Frankie

frak make it a real game for once!!


people are overeacting with the devin hate…he’s just a bad player not the spawn of satan

BB Psych Ward

Addendum: bad player with mental issues


has anyone in the house asked cody to stop touching his dick all the time? it’s nonstop. you’d think one of the girls would at least ask him to wash his hands more often.


Make me think about Jon on bbcan2 with his hands in his pants most of the time


Devin needs to put up powpow and Frankie. Best thing for him right now


Devin has said all week that if he wins Brittney is gone. He’s told Pow Pow that she’s the pawn and Brittney is the target so little chance of him putting up Frankie.


people are overeacting with the devin hate…he just a bad player ..not the spawn of satan

Team America

Donnie needs help from two people that can influence the house. Frankie and Christine would be good to help him out because they have a lot of relationships in the house. Hopefully one of the twists would be for the team to help the others stay safe and that could keep Donnie in the game for the long haul.


Don’t trust Frankie!! Frankie has a deal with everyone in the house and he likes stirring up trouble.


Not a single strategic player in the house. Dr Will or Dan would have cast a vote for Poo-Poo, used it to sow distrust etc. Come on guys. Alison-when casting maybe an IQ test would be a good idea….we want to watch clever moves not a bunch of numbskull sheep….


Thank you! It’s all about how you play this game. Know one is thinking as clever as Dr. Will or some of the greats in this game though. That’s why there needs to be another all-stars. These all new people seasons suck.


I know Zach brought up doing that to Frankie but they decided not to in the end. Would’ve been great if one of them had however


I don’t understand all the hate for Devin he technically hasn’t done any thing but play a bad game and if you think about it you have others playing a bad game or barley playing the game at all


He’s black he’s good looking has a great body, that makes him the devils spawn. This is America are you surprised. Yes he talks too much, yes he’s not playing a smart game, all the reason to keep him, he can’t win!!! He is not the only one ,yet he seems to be hated by so many . Why don’t you hate on the sheep doing what he wants instead of playing someone else’s game and then hating on Devin because they refuse to play their own game.


I do not think it has anything to do with his color or body shape. I think it has to do with the fact that he is an obnoxious self righteous ding dong who thinks he knows this game and he does not even come close. He is just annoying because of his personality. Period.


The big scary black guy is in the house. I have heard on more than one occasion that people are scared of him. Hmmm why? Because he is a ding dong, or doesn’t know how to play the game. I think not. Again all the more reason for him to stay.


Nicole in her goodbye speech to joey said she couldn’t laugh at Alex because she was afraid what the other hg’s would think if she laughed. I just wish some of these girls would recognize feminine hygeine is the only appropriate use for a douchebag never an alliance most importantly.


They already do an IQ test.


They fill it out with crayons?


Amber should put up two people that will throw the competition and let Devin’s nominees win. Then since everyone except Caleb wants Devin gone, they fix the POV and backdoor Devin. Imagine the drama!! But who would be dumb enough to throw the BOTB competition. I was really hoping Devin would be gone this week. It would be funny if Pow Pow and Brittany oust him as HOH. Sadly I think Amber believes in the tooth fairy and the Bomb Squad, and the guys are going to work her hard.


Hmm not sure if I follow, why would she do that?

She should put up people that she thinks can possibly beat Devin’s nominees and with Devin being then dethroned they could have someone take themselves off the block with POV and she can nominate Devin in their place. Say it was a house decision and that she personally feels she can’t trust him after the chaos he created.


I dont understand all of the Nicole love she has done and will continue to do jack squat and will probably float to the end because “shes so funny and sweet” shes rather boring im my opinion. Shes a complete JORDAN which is probably why im not a fan.

give me a break

Nicole is going to end up with the bomb squad she hates all the girls beside Christine and has eyes for Cody. She only speaks to bomb squad members except for Devin. Amber only really speak to one bomb squad member and that’s Frankie…..Amber and Brittany need to team up because they are the alphas for the other half of the house.. ..Amber only hangs out with the Great Others Alliance (unofficial name)………Her best bet is to put up Nicole and Hayden….Nicole secretly hates Amber for no reason and Hayden is just the odd man out…I would like her to put up two people from the Bitch Squad…those guys are to comfortable….but her less stressful noms would be for Nicole and Hayden..


It’s the know it all bossy attitude that makes folks hate Devin


I watched the interviews and all of these people said that they watched the show in sequester but I’m guessing they only watched the last season because a unanimous vote with 13 voters is absolutely ridiculous. how is that even possible unless one person on the block punched all 13 voters in the face?
ugh. “vote with the house” is the worst. floaters.


To be honest I am slowly starting to lose interest in Amber. I mean how clueless can this girl be, PUT UP NICOLE! Like Derrick said, Nicole doesn’t really seem to be that big of an “Amber fan” and all Amber does is whine “I just don’t know, I don’t know what to do.” If Amber were playing a smart game it would be easy, put up Hayden simply because he’s so loveable no one would vote him to go home and he wouldn’t take it personally so no blood on her–and Nicole, because Nicole and Christine are way too close. That needs to be broken up, any close knit relationship like that needs to be broken up, and she can’t put up Christine so…

God Amber is so ugh, like Nicole and Christine have already planned to backdoor her but she wants to put up possibly Victoria but yet Victoria, Pow Pow, Hayden they wouldn’t come gunning for Amber like Nicole and Christine will when it gets down to it.

Derrick and Donny are my one’s I want to the final 2. Donny because he’s just a great guy, and because Derrick has seriously been the only person talking some sense.


This vote has me longing for last year’s cast…..ZING