“you go crazy every word comes out of your mouth holy crap 10 seconds later it’s somewhere else and it gets twisted “

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
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Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

8:16 am Memphis first one up..

At 8:47 am Kaysar meets him.

Kaysar says he would be shocked if people didn’t team up already in this house. Memphis still going on about how everyone is fending for themselves. Memphis says forming alliance this early is too risky.
Memphis brings up Dani telling him her first season was like that
Memphis – there wasn’t this clear cut alliance or group.. she was like it was stressful because you constantly didn’t know
Memphis – my gut says you’ll see another week

Kaysar – if everyone is playing their own game I”m really bummed Janelle is going
Memphis asks if he’s talked to anyone about their vote
Kaysar – had I been up against anyone I would have asked.. they put me up against Janelle. that was the only move they could have made to stop me from campaigning.
Kaysar – it was well played.. they beat us fair and square.. my back is against the wall

Memphis says Tyler will probably come to Kaysar to be set up for next week because Tyler can’t play in the HOH.

9:17 am David and Kaysar
Kaysar – lemme ask you something I don’t know what is happening this week if I stay or go I’m not going to campaign Janelle is my friend. You mentioned you want to work together I would be a free agent I have no friends in this house. The question is you and I are good. If we were to work together are the people you work with would they be down for that are they cool with me or is this it.
David – I dunno
Kaysar – how do we get there..
David – I dunno.. we’ll have to see what happens this week.
Kaysar – alright, Guess we’ll have to figure that out. I guess you’ll let me know. we’ll pick up after this week

Kaysar – do you have any sway with them?
David – I dunno.. I don’t think I had sway with anyone
Kaysar – seriously
David – yeah
David – I like you more than Janelle.. you know that
Kaysar – my worry is not about this week.
Kaysar – if I stay I just don’t want to be floating out
David – you’re trying to move chess pieces..
Kaysar – I’m trying to figure out who I can trust once I lose my friends. I know I can trust you. I don’t know what that means to me
David – if you try to game too hard it works again you.
Kaysar – I’m just going to chill the hell out. I’m just going to chill and sit back..
David – let other people create their own tension and go after each other
Kaysar – At the same time you don’t want to be in this house feeling like.. it’s for your own peace of mind you don’t know who you can trust.. you go crazy every word comes out of your mouth holy crap 10 seconds later it’s somewhere else and it gets twisted
David – focus on what you can control and be slow and methodical with everything else.
David says he doesn’t have a problem with Kaysar personally he’s a little hurt that he campaigned against him and he hung out with Memphis when he went him up.

11:00 am Christmas and Bayleigh
Christmas says Cody isn’t using the veto adds that neither of them has come to talk to her
Bayleigh thinks they will campaign after the veto ceremony. Bayleigh mentions her con ern is it loo slike Janelle is going this week which is the 3rd girl in a row.
Bayleigh says she’s gunning for the HOH this week.

Christmas – you are in such good standing with everyone in the house.
Christmas wasn’t sure if Bayleigh would bother trying to get the HOH.
Christmas goes on about the “huge Divdi” in the house that J/K tried to start. says it was too early
Christmas – Janelle has talked game to me twice.. I think she’s super smart in this game. It’s weel three..

11:16 am People waking up workouts starting..

12:09 pm Feeds cut to pound puppies for the Power of Veto Ceremony.
(Cody won’t use the veto the nominations will stay the same there’s no hope for BB22)

1:03 pm Feeds return
Kaysar – You okay
Janelle – I’m totally fine. I feel like I’ve done this a million times this isn’t my first rodeo

1:10 pm Ian and NicF

Chit chat..

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So I guess this would be the perfect time to apologize in advance if a crap show happens Thursday on the feeds and on tv. It may be the universe taking what I will start doing Thursday afternoon on a grander scale ( doing Prep for Colonoscopy which happens the very next day). If Big Brother turns into one big ****show that day I will take the blame


Good luck with your colonoscopy. The prep is the unpleasant part, but not too terrible. Once that’s over the rest is easy!


Thanks. First one so right now all I have is visuals in my head as to how the Prep will go, lol


Too funny, i’m prepping on Wednesday so i guess it will be crap show both days!


All the best to you!


How much longer will you be willing to take of Xmas and NicF?

What’s your over/under for finishing the season? (Btw, thank you for the site, updates, and forum!)

Maybe we can see Kaysar maneuver and win the game with Janelle as AFP? That would be a great sight at the finale to see all the other HGs reactions…can imagine some tears from a few…maybe a coffee cup flying through the air…


Is the pandemic messing with the Kraken deliveries up there? I’ve stopped watching the live shows and I’m not excited about what’s in the summaries. It’s only week 3!?


I’m down voting because the rising price of Kraken is unfair to someone who works as hard as you and Dawg do! Thanks for the great work.


OK, been a visitor since BB14 – and I feel like a doofus. I know some of the site lingo but Kraken? Can someone fill me in, pls? Thank you!


During tough seasons, Simon calls out to the seas for Kraken rum to rain down and flush out the season.


I knew what the Kraken was but wondered why Simon kept referring to it. Now I get it, thanks. I never put it together, but sometimes my math isn’t so good.


For years I’ve tried to get my husband interested in watching Big Brother – or as he calls it “Big Bother”. Now I’m glad he didn’t choose to start watching this season. I don’t think I’d ever be able to explain the appeal. I’m not one of those to say I’m not going to watch anymore, but I’m definitely disappointed.


At least BB16 was somewhat entertaining even though it had the most annoying people. This “all stars” season is just a snooze fest.


Hopefully Kevin goes home sooner rather than later (by whose hand would be the question)


OMGosh, Kevin – bless his heart! He is intolerable! Soo cringy and attention seeking. And Christmas? (enough with the jingle bells already) Blech! SMH. Never liked her. Without genuinely smart and classic K & J — def going to be a snoozefest.


I think Kevin is a bigger bitch than Nicole.

Team Janelle

I’m sorry you’re stuck having to watch Simon. I’m avoiding feeds all together. I hit my limit of stupidity last week. I’ll try to watch to support Kaysar but I don’t see him lasting long.

Kid Rock

Big Brother had become too politically correct for me.

I prefer the old seasons


If you mean dont be racist I’m all for that….DON’T BE RACIST! But also dont reverse discriminate


Reverse discriminate? That is STILL racism. And who are the people that are doing their best to keep it alive? Point made!


I started watching BB season 8…… just started watching BB 6 this past w/e….. the glory days (sigh)


Franzilla – where are you streaming or finding the back season of BB!? I admit, I’m a shameless geek. I’ve been watching BB since 1 and also Survivor from the jump. Also, Real World NYC, SF, Top Chef, Project Runway most all Bravo and ….well, I am a Librarian so I consider reality TV…uhh research. Yeah. Trope and meme archivist,, too. [cough cough] Just please never that Grande kid, your boy Paul, false eyelash weeping Rachel Reilly, morally corrupt Adam Jasinski, racist Jack Mathews, or Evil Dick again. Not that I have opinions. Now, what’s the Kraken? LOL


CBS All Access has all seasons, episodes of BB & Survivor. Great for binge watching.. ugh research. Not too pricey either. I love it, no commercials!

Guy From Canada

We have an all star season, people with pre arrangements run the house, those without pre arrangements are being cut.

i managed to see the bbcan legal documents you have to sign, one of them is a non disclosure agreement that you won’t disclose if you are a finalist. Cody admitted into feeds he was pre game talking with someone. So, he admitted he broke his non disclosure agreement and is in violation of his contract between the show and himself. I wonder if the fans can petition and get him removed this week and they get a do over….hmmmm…. if outside influence ruined this season, can outside influence screw them back?


that would be great, if possible.


Are we all gonna gloss over the fact david is the most socially awkward moron bb has ever put on the show…. every conversation he has a thousand yard stare on his face like he’s got ptsd from a war he’s served in


OMG!!! It is soooo annoying!!! I agree!

Bayleigh's Tampon

Everyone needs to vote for Janelle for America’s favorite player. Just the look on all their faces will be priceless.

Team Janelle

I normally forget to vote but you know I will this year

D from FLA

Everyone probably would have voted for Janelle anyway. I know I will!

Old school BB

I am still holding hope the CBS will have a buy back or something. Without her this season is a wash. #teamJaysar


Does it make me evil that I’m rooting for a Cody/Enzo final 2?

D from FLA

I am loving Enzo!


Yes. Lol


Janelle and Kaysar are two of the most popular houseguests ever. I still find it hard to believe they would let them go pre-jury. With all the production manipulations we know they have done in the past, I’m looking for something to happen today.


Like they will give Janelle a six piece puzzle to do to save herself after being voted out. She is probably smart enough to do it, unlike when they tried to save a past player that way.

Jan Nan

Does anybody know what was yelled over the fence


“F*k Nicole, get her out”I believe.

Nicholas Uwanawich

Supposedly the houseguests couldnt make it out


Luvit – must repeat hourly, clearly and loudly.

Nicholas Uwanawich

F@#* Nicole was what was yelled

another name

one of 2 things
1)eff nicole get her out
2) Save Janelle.
Janelle whispered that she told Cody see, they want me here.


I really like Janelle — always have, BUT….stooopid of her to say she’s the most popular or the biggest target. Even if she is, tacky and bad game play to actually SAY SO. OMGosh, wish those two had just tried to fly under the radar even a little bit!

Team Janelle

Gosh it seems early for that. But not surprising given this crap of a season


I know it’s a long shot, but just because the first two players are already at home doesn’t mean there can’t be a battle back right? Janelle said something about production saying to her that she wouldn’t be able to go home until mid September right? So hypothetically, what if the next 4 evictions are the battle back participants? That would mean the last person evicted would be on Sept. 17th (aka mid Sept.). We’ve seen before where they have a battle back immediately following the eviction, so what if they do it on that day? If she loses, she would be going home mid Sept, but if she wins everyone is happy. You’d have to think barring something crazy it will probably be Janelle, Kaysar, Day & David (or Bay?) as the next 4. Maybe production saw how the game was playing out and decided they didn’t want NicoleA or Keesha back in so they moved it back a couple weeks or they did so from the jump, just to throw off the house guest. Thoughts?

My 2 cents

I’m liking what you’re thinking! Production better come up with something…or they might as well claim a positive Covid test and shut it all down.


Theory out there is they will convert the safety suite to some type of area the next few evicted house guests can go for a battle back or vote back in. Hope so.


Nicole is the worst type of mean girl. She’s mean but pretends to be sweet and innocent then cries like an entitled brat and plays the victim anytime something doesn’t go her way. I seriously can’t stand her.


Perpetual victim


What ya’ll said. AND she does it all in a nasally and totally annoying voice. Just like Landon from Southern Charm, she sounds like a dolphin. A constipated one at that.

Homey Clause

I think Christmas is having the most difficult time this season adjusting to new players. By this time in her season, she had already attached to Paul and “pots and pans” and never looked back. She unraveled when Cody Nickson nominated her in season 19. She also had the hardest time adjusting after her show when she found out Paul didn’t like her and just used her (who would have figured that!). She probably thinks she has come far both mentally and spiritually – when in fact, she is one negative comment away from someone in the house before she EXPLODES. My bet is she will quit or find a way to leave once things get tough, such as, being away from her kid, she already has a good life, or everyone is after her. If things get really tough inside, she might make a comment to “take everybody out” in their sleep where BB will have to remove her. For now, she is doing everything in her power to stay detached and above the fray and not give her true feelings.

Lady E

These people are using BB as an excuse to act like assholes. Yes, there are no rules to BB, but they’re playing a personal game. They’re trying to step out of the previous winners’ shadows. They’re so desperate for clout.


Unreal that Cody Cauliflower wants to “use” Janelle after they get out of the house ( real estate purposes) and of course Ian wants to hit Kaysar up for a job…. F**k you , Cody ….. why don’t ya hit up pre-game Big Daddy Derrick and “ use” him instead


Please enlighten me. As a Janelle newbie, I still don’t get the overwhelming love for her. If she were a formidable player, wouldn’t she find a way to worm herself out of the situation? Instead I see someone who has given up and who has, from the very beginning, has not made moves to solidify herself in the house. No real game play.

People say that she’s old school. Then again, if you were a great player, you would have adapted to the game handed to you and not just play to what you’re accustomed to.

I still hope she stays over Kaysar. She is more interesting and if she is given more time in the house, she may make the more interesting.

With that said, I am looking forward to what will happen to the house when she or Kaysar leaves. Th3 alliance shown on tv is definitely not gonna hold up.

Can I say I dislike Christmas, Nicole, Memphis, and Kevin so much?


I guess after Kaysar and Janelle are gone, I’m looking at a Bayleigh/Ian/Enzo final three as the best case?! I feel bad rooting for Covid to end this season but….seriously…this season?


LOL “rooting for Covid to end this season”


Seriously? You want somebody to get covid because your upset that your favorite people arent in control. And some of y’all call the players whiny LOL thats as lowlife as it gets


Christmas and David total waste would have Been more entertaining if you had put the old school big brother players on instead of these new young people so stupid


Listening to the conversation between David and Janelle is so painful. David is going to look back on all of this and realize he is the biggest fool ever! I saw last season and saw that he was mistreated but it is obvious that he did not do research on how to play this game. He thinks he is so smart. Poor little frustrating thing!!