“I’m really looking forward to your wedding.. I’m going to go down there for a week”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle and Enzo
Nominations – Janelle & Kaysar
Power of Veto Players are -Janelle, Tyler, Kaysar, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis
POV Host: Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody Doesn’t use the power of veto Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Enzo wins Christmas is his plus one.
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1:30 pm Nicole says Victor is really vulnerable and emotional with her and she likes it..

1:32 pm Tyler and Janelle
Tyler – I’m sorry
Janelle – oh my gosh don’t be
Tyler – I’ll be following you soon anyways.. if you go, one of you guys
Janelle – I told Cody the same thing I’m literally the biggest target in the house and I can’t win anything I’m going up on the block every week
Tyler – I don’t know about that
Janelle – I think everyone will put me up .. that’s what I’m saying
Tyler – yeah everyone threw you both under the bus
Janelle – I know I hate it I’m so F***ing pissed

2:00 pm Janelle and Kaysar
Kaysar – whos it going
Janelle – I’ts going.
They talk about not trying to form a group out of whoever is left. Janelle tells him to sink into the shadows.
At one point feeds cut when we’re back..
Janelle – there’s only one person I talked sh1t about in this house it’s the one with the bad fashion sense..

Kaysar – I want to make the most out of special situations and this is a very special one it’s a very unique one..
Janelle says they have a special relasjtopnshiop[
Kaysar – a very unique relationship turned out pretty awesome

Kaysar – when we see each other we pick up where we left off. it’s weird. it’s pretty awesome
Janelle – yeah

Kaysar – I want to try to be a better friend
Janelle – we’re best friends in the biG bRother house and whenever we’re together we can be best friends in real life
Kaysar – how many best friends do you have
Janelle – about 20
they laugh ..
Kaysar – are they all best friends
Janelle – they’re best friends for certain things..
Janelle lists off all the kinds of Best friends she has.. there’s pretty much 20 categories.
Kaysar – so you have categories based on location and lifestyle

They start talking about work. they both say they really like their jobs and are looking forward to getting back.
Janelle talks about going on vacation to Ibiza for 2 weeks.. Brings up a really good friend of hers was dating a Russian billionaire.
Feeds flip to Bayleigh boiling water.

2:15 pm Kevin, Nicole and Sh1tmas
Feeds flip to Nicole talking about Janelle saying she said things about her before they came into the house.
Nicole – she didn’t want me to be here so she was trying to ruin my reputation .. (ruin?)
Christmas – I’m so sorry ..
Nicolle explains about the rumor she’s saying Janelle started where Nicole cried to the producers to be on the show
Nicole – there’s something deep down and I can’t get deep down I don’t have time for that
Christmas – that’s not really about you
Nicole – when she brings up the Rachel thing it’s a cover it just doesn’t mase.
Nicole tells them both not to bring up the Rumour that Janelle started outside the house Nicole doesn’t want any drama this week.

2:30 pm Nicole and Christmas
Christmas – I’m really looking forward to your wedding.. I’m going to go down there for a week
Nicole leaves to talk about Janelle with another houseguest.
Enzo joins her.
Christmas mentions that the backyard is getting shut down at 5AM tomorrow morning.
They agree it must be something big

3:25 pm JAenlle and Kasyar

Kaysar – NicoleF, Ian. Cody is a wildcard.. I think Memphis will keep you
Janelle – do you want to stay do you have it in you to win.
Kaysar – depends on the day. I’m not going to keel over a die if I’m here .. I’ll get myself together and fight like hell. But I’m probably like you If I was sent out I’m not going to feel like my work is coming crashing down.
Janelle – you want to go home or you don’t care either way
Kaysar – I don’t care either way
Kaysar – the question is do we even have the ability to change those votes..
Kaysar – how badly do you want to stay
Janelle – I definitely want to stay

Kaysar – who is goign to vote for you
Janelle – Bayleigh
Kaysar – Memphis
Janelle – I don’t know if I have Christmas
Kaysar – what about Da’Vonne
Janelle – I hope she would, I need Dani. She’s pissed off at me right now.. like really pissed.
Kaysar – you should talk to her and smooth those things over.

Janelle says she’s certain she’s getting evicted this week, “Tyler’s alliance wants me out”
Kaysar – the one that doesn’t exist
Janelle – yeah
Kasyar – Cody, Dani, Tyler, Enzo… Nicole..
Kaysar says he sees them talking at the hammock in plain sight, “they don’t even care.. in plain sight”
Kaysar – or I can tell them I just need to get the hell outta here.
Janelle – that might be advantageous for them if you’re heads not in it.. You will have to say I’m coming after you I don’t give a f*** .. for me to stay.
Janelle says they will see Kaysar as easier to get out because he’s not liked up like she is.

3:30 This nightmare continues…

3:43 pm Tyler and David
Tyler says most of the house wants Janelle out
David – I want Janelle, I think Isan wants Janelle.
Tyler – it’s sh1tty because it bumps me up on the target list but I had no other move. Every single person was throwing them under the bus but for me, I needed them to stay as my shield.
Tyler – Now everyone has this me and Cody sh1t burning in their brains.
David – you feel tight with Dani
Tyler – I’m tight with Dani but Dani likes to plant a seed then walk away .. I can’t stand it
David – she does that
Tyler says Dani is playing the best game nobody will put her up
David – Christmas is playing a good game.. Bayleigh is playing a good game I feel secure with her.
Tyler – that’s good as long as she doesn’t let the slop get to her
David – between you and Cody she prefers you. I didn’t even plant that seed.
Tyle r- Enzo and Cody wish you were a little more tighter with them I know there’s that all guys thing floating around.. you don’t want anything to do with hat.
David – I need to spend more time with enzo.
Tyler – he’s talking about team freeze all the time
David – I have my moments tell Enzo I want to chop heads.
Tyler- It’s an unspoken thing us three
David – no one see it no one has linked anything between the three of us .
Tyler – you’re playing a good a$$ game I want to see you go far I’m going to make it happen.
Tyler – you can win this sh1t you just have to keep your mind focused.
David says he feels tension with Memphis still even though he has warmed up.
Tyler – that would be crazy if you and Memphis had a final two deal that would be legendary

4:15 pm Janelle and Dani
Dani saying that the house wants Janelle gone.
Jaenlle – I have your back in this game
dani – if you stay 100% I will work with you
Jaenlle – Ian, Dave, and Nicole are voting for Kaysar to stay
Dani – I don’t know what David is close at all… David doesn’t know what he’s doing here.. In the game. He doesn’t know how to play so he’s just here
Janelle – if I can get 5 votes will you be my 6th
Dani – how many do you have now
Janelle one fore sure Bayleigh she’s my only friend in the house, I would have to be Da’vonne, Kevin… Christmas she’s such a wildcard I have not a relationship with her
Dani – I feel like she has to talk to Memphis right? maybe Ian because she saved him
Dani says Tyler’s nominations were a “cope out”

When asked again “If I can get 5 will you be 6”
Dani – I’ll have to think about it I don’t want to be left in a really bad spot. I’m not saying no to you like I really want to work with you
Janelle says Christmas and Nicole hang out all the time she’s not planning on getting her vote.
Janelle – I’m really pissed off at the people that threw me under the bus. I’m so annoyed.. it’s really upsetting.
Janelle – I would need Memphis, you, Da’Vonne, Bayleigh.. I would have to make a deal with David..
Janelle tells her David came to her last week and said that he was gunning for Memphis and when she asked him where she sits in that plan and he told her “Guilty by association”
Janelle – he was like ohh alright than I’ll give you a one week pass
Dani – thanks.
THey agree that Kevin and Jaenlle are big fans of each other
Janelle – apparently NicoleA told the entire hose she was coming for me.. I never said one bad thing to the girl I told her I wanted her to stay that she will have my vote no matter what
Dani – she brought in too much from her past season in here
Janelle – she honestly believed that it was my master plan to get her on the block. I was like do you honestly believe this and she saidYES.. she was like pissed really pissed at me
Dani – she told everyone she was coming after you
Janelle – so weird and disappointing.. I was so nice to her I never said a bad thing about the girl. I think that is why Kevin doesn’t like me they blamed everything on me.
Janelle – they were pissed they both looked at me WHY aren’t you nominated.. they were like it should be you up there..
Janelle – she was pissed off I wasn’t nominated. LIke mad at me

Janelle says the yeller yesterday said her name, “We heard it three times we both looked at each other sand said why are they saying your name”

Janelle can’t understand why Kevin hates her “it’s so random”
Dani – it was NicA
Janelle – no one is throwing Kasyar on the block next week I’m going on the block.
Dani – this is going to be a tough one though.
Dani now saying that she’s leaning yes if Janelle gets 5 votes but can’t promise anything “I’ll be honest with you. go work some magic and see what you can do”

4:42 pm Janelle – wait are the feeds are on us? I was told that we get a one-week phone call..
Feeds cut

4:48 pm the backyard gets closed at 6pm today.

4:55 pm Dani telling Cody about Janelle’s campaigning attempt. Basically tells him everything.
They bring up hearing Janelle’s name last night. Dani says she never heard it
Cody says he heard it clear as day.
Dani says a lot of people are going to try to win if they don’t win they can hide in the background. They won’t out any of their alliances this way.

5:02 pm Janelle and Bayleigh
Janelle gives bayleigh the debrief on her conversation with Dani.
Janelle – the other side is completely ominating this house someone will have to make a stand.
Janelle says a woman has not one a competition yet except for Christmas she won a safety suite.. I don’t want two alpha males winning competitions.

5:22 pm group photo

5:40 pm Kaysar and Janelle
Kaysar – you get a chance to talk with anybody
Janelle – I talk ed to Bayleihg.. she wants me to stay
Kaysar – that’s good. we already knew that.
Kaysar – you talked to Dani
Janelle – talked to Dani. Apologized about my behavour.. she’s better than she was last week
Janelle says she’s now realizing that it was NicoleA, “remember how we thought it was Da’Vonne, it’s not the case” (it was both)
Kaysar – damn, man the irony. The Girl that trusted us the most messed us up the most.
Janelle – yup, but for what we were trying to get her votes, trying to get her to stay
Kaysar – it’s so crazy if you think about it.
Janelle – I’m trying to put myself in her shoes.. it’s like if Bayleigh and I are close friends and I trust Bayleihg. Then David puts us on the block.
Janell e- would I be mad at Bayleigh and trash her game? F*** no
Kaysar – NicoleA was in a really bad headspace.
Janelle – why go after us and hurt us
Kaysar – either she came to the conclusion alone or someone pushed her over the edge and told her we were really bad people that pretend to be good. We had some diabolical plan to screw her over
Janelle – why would I spend time..
Kaysar – she convinced herself.
j – she spent all the time with us
Kaysar – she thought we were getting a laugh from mentally screwing her over
Kaysar – I’m telling you it got really sad and twisted near the end. she went on a rampage.
J – that’s too bad
Kaysar – minus the fact that maybe we didn’t go out and try to put together a squad and didn’t put Tyler’s name out there minus that the reality was I’m almost certain Cody was coming after me .
Kaysar – Tyler says ‘well you guys put yourself up there as soon as you played for the power the safety suite”
Kaysar – I would have gone home then.. So that changes nothing. then Memphis wins HOH out of our hands.
Kaysar – NicoleA losses it trashes our names.. out of our hands.
J – What a diester 3 weeks it’s been
Kaysar – what the hell were we supposed to do differently
J – One of us is leaving.

J – let’s go over a hit list cause I love it
J – If I stay I’m not putting up Cody or Tyler, I don’t give a F**. They’re after me anyways. I’ll go after Kevin.
Kaysar – what about Nicole
J – I’ll put them both up
Kaysar – that doesn’t send Kevin home. Who do you put up against him to send him home.. nobody
J – David.. that sucks
Kaysar – that would be the only one.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back Kaysar is saying he wouldn’t put up Tyler or Cody first.
J – what would you do
Kaysar – Nicole or Kevin
J – that’s my same nomination. I think Nicole would go.
J – no way David votes Kevin out over Nicole
Kaysar – depends on how tight the clique is, depends on how much leverage Tyler and Cody have. Dani has leverage. Ian, that might be enough
Kaysar – Cody, Tyler, Ian, Dani, and David
J – that would be very special
Kaysar – if you broke the tie who would you send home
Kaysar – I would give a speech and make it sounds like something super random… when I was nominated you didn’t hug me so I’m putting you on the block

6:35 pm Tyler, Kevin and Janelle Chit chat about past seasons
Feeds cut a lot.

6:55 pm Nothing really going on… (It’s allstars hurray)

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Lady E

Awww that Jaysar convo was sweet. What a true friendship!


it was, actually brought a tear to my eye. this is why they are fan favorites, they’ve cultivated that friendship for 15 years.


It’s so cute the way Kaysar just loves Janelle so much. He wants to be her true best friend. Awww. I feel like he is too sweet for BB. lol

another name

Sees Christmas’ 9 future wards of the state.
My mouth:
Oh look. Those must be Nicf’s 9 bridesmaids.
My brain:
wander away again, just wander away.


What is the nightmare? The voices? I find it funny that Janelle called out Nicole on her nasal voice. Bad or annoying voices are the WORST. Grating. That’s why the he who shall not be named brother of that Grande pop star used to drive me crazy. Not his outrageous behavior, his attention-seeking mugging, or his orientation (I’m an ally) but his voice. Vocal fry is also torture.
So…..what’s the nightmare?


Thanks, Simon! I’ve supported OBB, but man oh man, I’m going to have to step it up this year because you are EARNING it. Still watching, but maybe will have to shift to salty hate watching? LOL Your sense of humour makes it bearable.


I think Dani has vocal fry.


The voice I cannot stand is Rachel’s!

another name

Nicf Xmas conversation:
if Kaysar were on the block with one of those two girls (bay/da), I’d rather send one of the girls home.
Shocking abso-frickin-lutely NOBODY.

Kats Alien Bitch

This season needs crazy or goofy.
This group seems to specialize is mean takes about each other to cement a phony alliance.

As in: person___ is either mean or sketchy or a threat or can’t win. But I like YOU



Conversations between Xmas & Franzel is like watching paint dry……IMO ,I don’t think Janelle was ever invited to Franzel’s wedding; she would explode bc everyone would be staring @ Janelle, and not her; Janelle’s DR last nite on the show was very satisfying; outing Franzel as the whiny victim that she is


It was hilarious when Janelle’s picture came up at the nomination ceremony and J casually said…”that is a really good picture”… hahaaaaa. Classic Janelle


I wonder if they edited it and she actually said that when Kaysars pic went up. You know how tv shows can manipulate things and make it seem like it was something else. Either way it was funny though.

LO Live

That was so classic Janelle loved it!!!


Let’s be honest. If anyone told one of us”I’m looking forward to your wedding. I’ll be down there for a week”, we would be saying “Great!!” While thinking “Crap!!! I am going to have to find ways to entertain this person for a week”


I wonder if she’ll be off probation by then


I guess Xmas doesn’t know that both fish and guests stink after 3 days!

Team Janelle

Hahaha the one with “bad fashion sense.” Truer words have not been spoken. I swear I love her.


Hilarious and true


She looks like an 10 year old boy or girl at times.


This season sucks! Wanted Janelle and Kaysar to make it far. So disappointed in how the others are playing. Reminds me of season 19 for some reason. Everyone’s trying to lay low except Jaysar, and as a results, a few people are running the entire house. Big disappointment.


Yes Janelle and Kaysar are the only worthwhile thing about the show right now


“Nicole leaves to talk about Janelle with another houseguest.” It says something about how much Nicole hates Janelle that I couldn’t tell whether that statement is literally what happened or if that was Simon’s sarcastic humour LOL.


Nicole`s bathing suit is sooo cuteeeee.

The weeding will be so amazing….I would give anything to be there.


Nicole’s bathing suit IS super cute! I’d love to see her wedding….if someone else could speak her vows for her or if she commits to going to both ballroom dancing lessons AND a vocal coach to get rid of that nasal whine. Like Katy Lee of The Kitchen, her voice is like a drill to the head. Sorry, I’m super salty today. This season has me bummed, but you know I’ll still be watching. Because, BB and Covid.


Is there anything or ever a time something that’s told to Dani… that she can keep her pie hole shut about? Ever? She literally can’t keep anything to herself. Even to work through it. Dani Raticole and Shitmas are dirty little rats.


I agree. And its so funny now she is always saying that Davonne cant keep her mouth shut and she is guilty for doing even more than that. !!!!!

All Stars???

Simon, I almost didn’t even read this post because the title included the W word -wedding.


Rather then listen to Nicole or Christmas I have decided to watch BB season 6 with Janelle. lol Hope its 6.


Me too!


David is just dumb as dirt when it comes to playing this game.

Save the All Star Season

I feel like Tyler is being promised a good edit and a bonus for dragging David to the end. It will be painful to watch David for all those weeks.


I think that Tyler knows he has a much better chance against David in the end. Everyone else is so much more savvy, but David is a newbie, very naive, a little skittish about being put on the block so soon this season, and ready to latch onto to someone if they make a final two with him and give him the support and attention that Tyler has. He is the perfect person for Tyler to take to the end.


if he gets dragged to the end i hope he wins.


He win’s like Josh over Paul(hate them both). Tyler and Paul would have something in common, they would both finish 2nd twice and maybe he will also cry like piss-ant Paul did for the icing on the cake.

Johnny Depth

“Nicole leaves to talk about Janelle with another houseguest” LMFAO I can’t tell if this was meant to be shady but it was funny asf

LO Live

UGH I HATE THEY BREAKING THEM UP … only good thing is them lol much rather watch them and the sweet silly convos than the haters!!! Team JAYSAR forevaaaa

I can’t remember

Loved when Kaysar said the would give some random reason like not getting a hug. So very funny! Thank you for including that.


So production must have clued Tyler in on why putting Janelle and Kaysar up was dumb, since now he’s saying it was a stupid thing for his game but he had no other choice and that he should cultivate a friendship with David so he doesn’t seem like as big of an asshole as the others in his alliance.

another name

Oh, they definitely got cues.
And all of the image conscious ones are making excuses.
And Tyler is SOOOOO concerned with image this season, that it could be his downfall.


He’s been with David since day 1 lol. When Memphis put him up and have his speech (which was funny to me) Tyler was legitimately pissed at and tried to hype David up. Even said if he won veto he was taking off david (to the Dr not just David so you know it was genuine not just a lie to appease david). Also i think tyler knew it would move him up on the target list for a few. He didn’t need dr help for that. However not putting them up would have moved him significantly farther up the target list (3rd or replacement nom if one of jaysar came off the block) on pretty much everyone’s list left in the house. He was in a tough spot. If he didn’t win hoh janelle does (man that would have been fantastic) and he would likely be on the block this week if janelle had won so it was a bad hoh to win but if he lost it to janelle he would be on the block. Just a bad situation. There is still hope he turns on the alliance and teams up with bay and janelle or kaysar whoever is left (likely kaysar).


Yes but he wasn’t actually talking game to David, now suddenly he is. Seems a little forced.

another name

Anyone talking to David about how to play the game seems a little forced.
Da’vonne looked like she was going to combust.
Bayleigh looked at him like she wanted to check for a pulse.
Christmas wanted to perform cpr.
Dani looked like a teen babysitter about to charge double for watching 2 toddlers.
The only person with no problem talking game to David is Kevin.
Let that sink in.

Guy From Canada

If Janelle won and Tyler gave any tea he would have worked and alliance with David, Janelle and K in it….for that week.

another name

If Janelle had won hoh, and Bayleigh had given Tyler a good word, and Tyler had offered to return the favor, I think an alliance type thing would have been achieved for the week. I’m actually being straight up there.
It wouldn’t have lasted for more than a week, because once she was out of power, Tyler would have gone back to the numbers. He would keep his word not to nom her, but wouldn’t lift a finger in her defense or salvation.


The DR is still part of the game where the player attempts to manipulate their image for the television audience. It is no longer the player’s genuine thought or self. Look at Johnny Mac. He was a caricature in his DR’s because that’s what the producers wanted him to do. He was little more than a dancing monkey.

another name

Remember in Scary Movie when they split into 2 groups to hunt for the ghost?
Welcome to biiiiiig brother. Week 4.

sorta joking.
but telepathic message to Dani if you are saying you’ll all find a way to get Da’ and Bay on the block without it looking THAT way….. a large portion of twitter just clocked that comment, and are going to have something to say. I’d stake my bitter sarcastic soul on it.

It’s gonna be a thing. No matter what the conversational intent. Gonna be a thing.
but then…

Mayonaise lookin alliance fools saying they don’t want the first evictees to look like poc until allllllll the candidates for eviction left are poc, and the game looks like a white vs. other theme. THAT isn’t going to strike an even bigger nerve at allllllll. Just wait. It’s not going to be cute. And the idiots are gonna try to get Memphis to do it. Cus…. invite trouble.

First they’re going to look sexist for only targeting women…. then when it’s all poc vs. the osmonds??? Man. That’s…. gee good thing they increased that bias training so they are all at least aware that it’s going to look REEEEEALLY bad….. yeesh.

Do I realllllly want to know what i KNOW is coming?

Okay everyone. Let me have it with what the conversation was actually saying (I know what it was actually saying, but she opened a door that isn’t going to shut itself).
Let me have it with the not intentional that the entire preseason alliance is the brady bunch.
Let me have it with any of the concerns.
Because allllll I am saying is what WILL be said (and her comment will be pointed to as some sort of intent) no matter what within 2 weeks max. if there isn’t a HUUUUGE game shift.
The Optics will look HORRIBLE.
Notice. I’m not saying they are being prejudice, I’m not saying they’re not. I don’t have the evidence or wherewithall to truly make a detemination yet… but I know it’s an argument that is about to happen and get worse.
I’m pointing out what will happen. Not judging the argument.


The optics will only be horrible for the subset of people that want the optics to be horrible. You cant help that crowd at this point.


I like Janelle and was starting to like Kayser but what is up with saying he would put Kevin and Nicole up why? why? why? that is not a good game for him to put up Cody/Tyler or Nicole and one of them or even Nicole and Ian come on this is not play scared all stars. Kevin would be a waste of an HOH to get out so would David.


Kevin is a pawn that they wouldn’t mind if he happens to leave. Nicole is the target and a good move. If she comes down… One of the big boys goes up. But getting Nicole out of the house, would be a plus for Janelle.


He’s smart, that’s why. He needs Cody as a “big move” target to impress the jury. So now he chips away at their periphery group so that they don’t have numbers later.


I feel bad for Janelle for just HOW much the others, mostly girls, hate her for basically no reason at all. And the fact that she has no clue just how much in danger she is of going home. She has zero chance with the house guests, but maybe with a power. Sucks. Dani is a lost cause and will never work with her. I never liked Dani….ew she is just rotten to the core.

Hopefully they give them alcohol tonight or the girls anti-bitch potions. lol

another name

Oh Janelle knows her goose is cooked. In conversation with Kaysar we know she’s aware.
But, she is going to try anyway, because a true competitor puts in the work even if it’s a pretty much hopeless cause.. I appreciate that more than the last two weeks where it was figurative line up at the door.


I know, but seeing her try still makes me sad for her. I know she wants to be there so bad and we want her to! It’s crazy like, if I were picked to go in the house, Janelle would be the first one I’d run to and form an alliance with! Right? Too bad these people are pure PETRIFIED…they just ran the other way.


Yes she is awful! When I saw that she was gonna be on this season I just knew she was gonna be a annoying from watching her other seasons. I didn’t like her then either. She has the type of personality that I cannot tolerate. She’s one of those people who is always teasing someone or calling them out on something. Just a horrible personality trait she has. And she probably thinks it’s cute. I don’t know how Dom can stand her on a daily basis.


She is taller than Nicole. She doesn’t look that short to me

another name

Why are we having to listen to all of this Nicf Christmas crap today?
Because. As I keep pointing out, Tyler doesn’t properly maintain his toys.
He’s known for over a week that Nicf secretly thinks Christmas is a man (figuratively not literally), and therefore she can whine at Christmas until Christmas protects her.
Does he reign that in?
She’s going to be his Scotty, not his Angela.
David is going to be his Sam, not his Kaycee.
And when Bay goes on the block, she’s going to be his Bay from his season.
Poor maintenance.

Da and Kevin crap. oh yes da’vonne and kevin. point out who the weakest members of the other side are that you should take out before jury. yes…. one of you hasn’t won a comp in three seasons, the other throws comps away like a live grenade.
Point out the weak links, while your stupid asses are the weakest links in comps in the whole house. And by allllll means evict someone with fifteen hoh pov and coach comp wins added together, plus 7 food and luxury comp wins. suuuure. you’ll be fiiiiiiine.


Haha, Davonne really sucks


Hopefully somehow Janelle gets the votes to stay or this season will be like the last 6 or 7 seasons where one side controls the house until they slowly start picking each other off. Somebody on the other side need to drop a bomb on them. Corniest AllStars cast ever.

Lynn Wheeler

The non allstars are just getting rid of the REAL ALL STARS
I love Janelle and Kaysers love and respect for each other.
Hopefully theres a battle back or fan thing going on now.
The snake had 2 tries with 2 guys, to win, according to her.
NicF should be old enough by now to not WINE and CRY all the time, plus the nasally talk is way beyond childish.
I hope she leaves soon, otherwise I may need to skip the rest of the season, well at least till Kaysers out.


Kaysar is a fan favorite (for what, I dont know). But hes never been good at BB.


I want to first apologize. I was team Tyler all the way. I guess it was because I loved BB20 so much I was blinded. But I am so disappointed with his game play. I said it was the same as BB20. But, I was so wrong. He allowed people to influence his decisions this year. In BB20 he did similar moves but there were 2 big alliances battling each other. With Level 6 and Foutte. Plus the moves he made even allowed 2 people from his alliance to go before Jury. Not only did he have Level 6 he had JC and Sam as votes for what he wanted. (Also Kaitlyn) Again, a reason I loved that season so much. Someone mentioned this season should be Returners not All Stars. I agree 1000%. I will still watch unlike others that are team Jaysar. Which I now respect for you all. But, also I only feel Janelle is deserving. Kaysar is no more an allstar than half of these people in this house. Janelle was a warrior her first 2 seasons. Winning more comps than anyone. But her last 2 stints on BB she did badly. She will again miss Jury for a second time in a row. I know I will get a lot of down likes. But unlike some commentators like Houka at least I look at the big picture. Not just focused on one thing or person. As far as my ratings comment. I talked to my friends at ESPN. Yes who ever said I was wrong about ratings is right. Except when both shows were running at the same time. BB20 beat SNF. Remember SNF Nielsen ratings go all the way to the end of the 3rd quarter which is well after BB was done on Sunday nights. To end Thank You Simon and Dawg for all you do. And, I will always be a big supporter of your site even if my comments are not well received.


Good post except ESPN sucks

Not Your Usual Bear

Can someone tell me what exactly transpired a couple of weeks ago regarding Jaysar telling Dani that they wanted to target Tyler? What is the real story behind that?


I’d like to know to. This s news to me.

another name

My memory is only about 90% on this one.
Kaysar and Janelle thought, from their one on ones with Cody that they were his targets week one. That tends to happen when someone offers the hoh and alliance, and the hoh asks them if they are playing for safety suite in response.
Both were pushing to work with Tyler initially, but then they started to see Tyler and Cody conversing quite a bit. They decided the two were a duo, and Tyler telling them they weren’t targets before the safety suite was Cody and Tyler trying to trick them.
This is the shake part. I thought Dani was told to watch out, because they thought Tyler and Cody were a duo, and that Cody was targeting Old school. That was what I originally took from the intial conversation. That if Cody were a target, they’d have to nom Tyler as well because they are a duo that will save each other. Dani in retell elaborated, and pushed the story further than the actual conversation in order to try to push Janelle as the threat that should be taken out as soon as possible (because Cody and the boys were set on Kaysar as target).