“You can’t even do a handstand without those bad boys falling out”

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Midnight Cody and Mark
Mark is warning him that the house doesn’t like the couples based on questions he got during Dominique’s “talk show”.
Dominique joins them.
Cody – I’m making deals.. I’m making deals for the couples and Dominique
Cody – I’m going to make them tomorrow morning right before the ceremony
Jessica joins them.

Cody – I’m going to make sure everyone that is close to me is protected
Jessica – whats are you talking about
Cody – just saying the couples are good
Jessica – where did all that comes from
Cody – I’m trying to hedge all bets.. good case scenario worst case scenario .. making deals tomorrow morning

12:14am Mark and Dom Chess Lotsa whispering (Mark is a bit Steamed/upset/Melting down)
They wonder why Cody is making deals. Dom thinks Cody is pondering something that isn’t in alignment with their group. Mark isn’t sure Cody likes their group.
Mark is getting pissed at Christmas for throwing the Couple’s idea around. There’s also something that was said by Christmas and Matt that has gotten under his skin.

Mark thinks Christmas is “very fake” but he can “see right through it”
Dom – I like Jessica and I like Elena but I just can’t hang out with them.
Mark says Jessica and Elena are good for each other.

Mark – the game just started for me
Dom points out that the game started 3 days ago.
Mark – not for me it was all rainbow. Says he’s going to be Fake with certain people. He says Matt’s and Christmas showed true colours.

Dom says Elena doesn’t like how close they are. She believes Jessica and Elena are going to gravitate together and target her when the time comes.
Dom mentions that she’s heard that Alex is going to “target the couples”
Dom – I’m just putting so many targets on my back for just being Dominique.. Isn’t that interesting.
Mark says he completely trusts Dom.
Dom – I gave you my word and I gave Cody my word.. I got you
Mark says he left his guard down with some of these people “especially Christmas”

Dom – I have no idea who is feeding information to Elena… I know conversations are being had
Dom says she likes Paul he’s smart at the game and way ahead of it.
Dom – Paul is an asset for sure
Mark – He’s close to Christmas
Dom – not as close as you think

Dom – I thought this was going to be entertaining not so much
Mark smirks – entertaining for America
Dom says she can’t tell America how she’s feeling because she’ll be painted in the wrong light. She just has to wait “60 odd days”

Mark – I’m screwed
Dom- no you’re not you’re tripping

Dom – you hate fakeness than what are you doing with Elena
Mark – I don’t know …
Dom – you knew earlier today
Mark – yes..
Mark says in the game he feels in a better position as a couple
Mark says he can’t read Elena he can usually read women but not her, “I’m trying to take it slow”
Dom – She’s guarded because she’s been hurt
Mark – I’m not bullshitting her.
Mark says when they are having a private conversation with Elena it’s real.
Mark likes Elena as a person but he’s not sure they would work in real life.

Dom – just go out there put on a smile and be Mark.. you can do it.

12:16am Jason and Paul
Jason has a feeling that Cody is going to try and screw Paul over tomorrow.

12:22am Jessica and Cody Hammock
Jessica talks about her not being a good runner, “Too many sport’s bra layers”
Cody – you can’t even do a handstand without those bad boys falling out.
Cody – I was practicing sprinting a lot before I came.

Jessica asks “when you listed off the people you want to see go far in this game you left our Christmas and Paul, was that intentional?
Cody – I’m not as close to them as I am you guys
Jessica – got it
Cody – you have my complete trust
Cody – Christmas is very very emotional in her play
Jessica – is she? I haven’t noticed that, Give me an example
Cody – when the group is talking about whatever, I’m all about bullshitting about the game, it’s just noise.
Cody – her level of anxiety talking about it is through the roof. It causes the whole room to feel it.

Jessica says Christmas is only a physical being.
Cody – she went to the outside right off the bat.. That shows she’s..
Jessica – socially inept
Cody – not like a Megan or a Josh .. I thought she would find common ground..
Jessica thinks she needs to chill on the aggressive..
Jessica – to completely disregard your own gender..
Jessica goes on about her not being lazy and trying to playing the game.
Cody asks if they could use her as an asset until Jury.
Jessica asks if he’s wanting to get rid of weak players and fill jury with the strong players.
Cody – I want to face the alphas

1:02am Christmas and Elena
Christmas thinks Ramses won the temptation.

1:09am Paul and Mark HOH
Paul – what’s going one tell me
Mark – I just feel blindsided right now.. You just hear stuff through the house
Paul – what is it..
Mark – people are fake
Paul – why who… we don’t have a lot of time.. Let it out
Mark – it’s not you
Paul – what is it because if i’m getting bamboozled
Mark – it’s not you it’s me
Paul – Elena..
Mark – those questions we had in that room tonight..
Paul – ohh yeah

Mark brings up Christmas asking him about the showmance with Elena if it was a showmance or a romance.
Mark – I’m not mad at Christmas.. You don’t do that
Paul – you were visibly mad

Paul – this group of Nine as much as I love it I can already see.. Don’t sleep with both eyes closed.
Paul says he’s not talking game with christmas they just talk about instagram and followers.

Mark – Alex is going after the couples
Paul – showmances aren’t a good thing they always get targetted.. Don’t let it suck you in because people make stupid decisions because of showmances.

Paul – you gotta be in control of that fuc*ing shit

Paul says he hasn’t talked to Matt yet.. He seems even keel
Mark – but you don’t ask that f***g question

1:50am Jessica and Cody
Cody says the next HOH he’ll play in he ‘ll throw it to someone in their group
Jessica – he’s talking about throwing comps..

Cody says he does appreciate and recognize the blind trust she has in him

2:04am Bathroom Dom, Paul and Christmas
Talking about who the replacement nomination will be after Alex uses the POV on herself tomorrow. Christmas complains that Cody hasn’t really talked to the group about it. Paul agrees.

Paul brings up even if Cody would tell them who he’s putting up they wouldn’t be able to change it mind so they’re better off just laying low, not piss anybody off and just “swallow that pill for the week”

Dom – Something is going on that I don’t know about
Dom – something’s off
Christmas – is he recruiting Alex
Dom – I’m sticking to my guns I trust Cody and he’ll do what’s best for the group.

2:17pm Hammock Elena and Mark

2:20am Jessica and Paul
Ramses cruises through wearing Whistlenuts chaps. Jessica asks Paul if those were his.
Paul laughs “NO! why would I have a pair” (Paul was wearing them earlier)

Paul – everything cool
Jessica – did Mark talk to you
Jessica says Cody and Mark had a weird conversation that she walked in on
Jessica – it made me think maybe tomorrow isn’t a sure thing
Jessica – I don’t know.. I honestly don’t know
Jessica – you should talk to Mark and find out what that conversation was, you’ll get more out of Mark than out of Cody

2:22pm Cody and Paul

Paul – you’ve been having 8 people blow smoke up your ass all week
Paul saying that he feels for Cody having to do 4 nominations. That is tough week 1. This is why he’s backed off and hasn’t been pushing Cody.

Paul reminds him that they are pre Jury so what happens now shouldn’t affect later game.
Cody – I use what I can where I can you know
Paul – do you have any idea, have you been noticing anything weird, have you been picking up on anything
Cody – nothing

Paul says he walked in on Cowboy, Jillian. Josh and Alex having a suspicious game conversation
Cody – was Kevin in there
Paul – I want to say no but I want to say yes.. I’m not sure

Paul – anything that’s weird… anything that’s striking you odd.. bounce Ideas? Nothing?
Cody – Nothing

Paul – first week HOH, tough as f*** four noms, super sucky
Paul – have a good night, good luck tomorrow, do what you have to do.

After Paul leaves Jessica and Cody in the HOH.

2:45am HOH Cody and Jessica

Cody says when it’s elena, them, Mark, Dominique together it feels like a natural group. When Christmas and Paul are around the amount of anxiety and game fear increases.
Cody – it sky rockets
Cody – they are the ones sowing the confusion and distrust and saying… whatever they f***g say they are the ones creating this f***g fear..
Jessica – I get it..

Jessica – I feel a loyalty to Paul because he gave me a bracelet the first night.. I guess you can say Paul’s my Alex.. I do understand where you’re coming from we have to think long term.

3:08am Paul is doing story time with the outcasts but all feeds flip to Jessica and Cody in bed..

3:11am Jessica and Cody under the covers..
There’s a rhythm.. “something” is going on.

3:39am Paul’s story time…

3:56am Kitchen Mark and Elena
Mark says he’s just realized everything is “apple themed in this place”


Mark and Elena kissing..

5:53am ZZZZzzzzzz

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The Xmas and Paul touchy touchy stuff is awkward and uncomfortable for not only the house but for me. Xmas..I dnt trust her. I still have her F4 but dnt want her in Kevins ride or dies. Hopefully Paul smart enough not to think her all over him is cuz she wants him.

I knew right when Dom brought up idea of her “show” it would cause ppls games problems. Then Kevin is first guest and I’m like NO! Thank god he didn’t give up too much but please dnt be on the “show” again Kev. Mark being mad proves he was trying to use his showmance to advance his game. If he wasn’t doing that then he wouldn’t care Matt and Xmas brought it up.

Matt is smart and I hope he fully knows he has to get away from the side he on now after this week.

Kevin is so nice and laid back that I worry if he can just think of the prize and play the game and not get caught in emotions of caring about ppl. But please dude if Jason is up this week make sure he stays. You need Jason!



This house is on speed. So many things happening. We have a whole season’s drama in one week. Slow down guys, you are burning out.


Jessica is so hot….
Definitely a fan favorite.
Will there be a Jessica fan club this year?

Brew Haha

Jessica is Cody’s Service Dog and nothing more


Are you blind? Look at her when she doesn’t have any makeup on; she is fugly as hell.


So Cody thinks he is the general “protecting” his royal subjects? I am surprised Dom trusts him so much she should only trust herself. Jessica playing with her own fun bags brings desperation and hunger to a new level. These screen shots of Elena, does she think she is a Kardashian? She acts like one, fake and nasty


I think Christmas and Paul know they have to jump ship eventually. With Alex out of the way I feel like Dom and maybe even Mark will be more willing to work with other people as well. Kind of over Jessica and Elena


Jessica and Elena must be gamblers, they are betting big on the over/under

The Beef

So it’s Saturday night – the 10th day of the show and we have “3:11am Jessica and Cody under the covers..
There’s a rhythm.. “something” is going on.” Boy Hidy, seems like Jessica is giving up the poon tang to the sea dog Cody! Whut whut? Didn’t take long to get that action rolling between two people who were strangers less than a week and a half ago. AND it’s on live TV! Guess she wants his protection really badly to spread her legs that quickly, and without even so much as a “May I escort you to the dinner table tonight my dear?”

I’m sure her momma and them are all really proud of this classy behaviour. I mean couldn’t you wait maybe two weeks and maybe hug him and kiss him a time or two out by the pool for a few days before going straight to the monkey spank or more likely the full spread missile assault? I think Alex has two or three of those whores pegged exactly for what they are. Sad they have to play the game that way (latch onto a man as a shield) to advance.

It's Only Beef

What’s Your Beef??

Have you just tuned into Big Bro this season? This happens practically every season, maybe not this “quick” but all I can do is laugh at those people that get upset other people making their own choices. So what Cody/Jess want to get it on, that is what is funny, most of these fans that point out the house guest humping, are usually sexually frustrated themselves. Its just sex, why make it sound like it is some “nobel act”.


idk even what to say to this….there were 2 people in that bed but seems you only have issue with the behavoir of one of them. Your comment says more about you then it does about them.


@Margaree….I know right! I am a guy and this is such a paradoxical way to think…pinning it on the girl. Like dude writing that…have you ever taken accountability for anything!


So it’s official, I like the duo of Mark and Dom. They both seem pretty genuine. Dom may be playing the game a little more than she is letting on, but I don’t think people are really realizing it yet and good for her. She has to keep it low key. The only bad thing about Mark is he’s getting too involved with Elena. He could do much better. His and Dom’s bond is a big surprise to me. I love it though, and they’re my pick to want at Final 2 🙂


Dom dumb is really fake.


its only been 11 days (now 12 )and you’re in bed with Cody I’m sure her parents are proud of her the only time y’all really talked alone is when y’all talked about game no getting to know one another just strictly game. This ” showmance ” is going to crash & burn Cody isn’t getting laid next week and this week he isn’t going to get paul out a double whammy for him and he’s going to get mad he didn’t get Paul out and wants jessica to comfort him and i bet she’s gonna give him the cold shoulder because he’s not in power anymore on top of that if Alex wins HOH he’s definitely gonna be pissed and will have to do what he hates begging for his BB Life .

misogynistic much?

Why do you mention her parents who are supposed to be “not proud” but you don’t mention his parents…

misogynistic much?

what about his parents? are they supposed to be prud?


Why even care what their parents think, these are human being making their own choices and decisions, independently from their parents. Do you have an independent life from your parents or do you constantly seek their approval? My god what is with this message board such snutty stuck up opinions….like all these house guest showed play the way their mommy and daddy would approve…


People hook up after next to no time together all the time whats the big deal ..showmances are good for the show …nothing wrong with that ..but i do feel as if the game is moving a little too fast


I love it – Cody is already starting to have a problem with Christmas. So he whispers all of his anxieties and then beds Jessica and seals his plan for the coming weeks to take out Christmas and her POSSE !!! Little does he know, Paul is lurking around every corner with Kevin in the opposite direction. The smartest move Christmas did was to ask Mark that question about Elena. It made him paranoid and to start thinking about the game for himself !!! He was blindly following Cody. I can’t wait for Christmas to get wind of Cody and this convo from Jessica because she has a big mouth !!! I predicted a Cody and Christmas House divide – let the fun begin !!!!