Paul “Who has the curse?” Kevin “I’m f***ing cursed! I’m trapped in this house with you guys”

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8:55pm HOH room – Paul, Mark, Cody, Matt

Paul – lets have a quick meeting before we get inturruped. These girls are crazy as t!ts! Mark – its crazy. Paul – its almost too much. And they are smart because they attach onto all of us and we never have a minute alone. Lets take advantage of this time right now and figure out what our next best game move is. They are way too emotional. Mark – I couldn’t agree more brotha! I’m just watching it all day long. The looks, the comments.. Paul – we need to make it through the next 3 weeks. Mark – do you think we can make it through the next 3 weeks? Paul as long as us four win. Because if we’re always in power they will respect our word. If they’re in power .. F**K! Things will get more complicated because lord knows they like to make things complicated. Paul about this week who should go up / go – realistic option between Jason and Ramses… I think Jason because him and Alex are like this now (really close). Ramses he doesn’t have a clear distinct side he is on. He doesn’t talk game with us .. His brother is a superfan .. you know he coached him. Its not that he is a threat .. he just doesn’t talk game with us. Jessica heads up to the HOH. Paul says boy talk is over. Jessica complains about how Josh wanting to talk with her. She says she ditched him and came up to the HOH room. Raven joins them. They all talk about how annoying Josh is. Paul – what is funny to me is that everyone feels the same way about him. Its one thing we all agree on. Matt – One thing I feel bad about is that he is going to look back on this and be embarrassed. Raven – every time he sees me he tells America – I’m so sorry, this girl is an angel! Jessica – where did he come from .. he is so ignorant about everything. Mark – he just rubs everyone the wrong way. They comment on how Jillian is a bit crazy too. Paul – I say we just use them both as pawns. Matt sees Kevin on the spy screen – I love Kevin. Paul – he is so funny. I hope he makes it to jury. I will take a bullet for Kevin just for him to make it to jury house. Mark – I think he really misses his family. Paul – we’re giving him a new wave of life.

9:10pm Lounge room – Jillian and Alex. Jillian – I have just been through so much to be here and I don’t want to go out. It sucks and I feel like they don’t care. I really have been through a lot more than anyone here.

9:30pm HOH room – Kevin joins Matt, Mark, Jessica and Paul. Paul asks him who do you think has the curse? Kevin – I’m f**king cursed! I’m trapped in this house with you guys. I don’t know what the curse is. Paul – of the people on the other side who do you think potentially has the curse? Kevin – I think Ramses. Josh just went up to Cody and said are you in the Marines? Isn’t that the branch that doesn’t fight? He just said I think I stuck my foot in my mouth. Cody was just looking at him like WTF?! Jessica – I am impressed that Cody didn’t grab him by his neck. They all can’t believe Josh said that to Cody. Matt – he literally said if we ever fight Russia .. I want to do it hand to hand. Kevin – the Marines are the ones that go into fight. Kevin heads back downstairs. Matt – there has to be something wrong with him dude! Jessica – he is the one that Christmas called out for not flushing the toilet when he pisses. Mark – I would dislocate everyone of my fingers before I let Josh beat me in a competition.

9:45pm Outside the HOH room – Ramses, Christmas, Jillian and Alex.
Christmas says that she just walks away from Josh. I don’t even say anything. Jillian – we’re in a room with spikes and this crazy dude. Christmas – it was heavy the first 6 – 8 days. He was worried they’re going to get me. I’m like you’re safe! Jillian – are you guys excited about the nomination. From what I’ve heard, someone is influencing his (Cody) decision. I hope it is Jason. If it is someone else it might be me (going). I’m not targeting anyone. I’m just trying to get off of everyone else radar. Christmas – I think you’re doing a good job.

10:15pm – 10:30pm HOH room – Paul and Ramses.
Paul is telling Ramses all about Big Brother 18 when he called Michelle a c**t, when he called James a “little Korean man” and why he lost. Kevin strolls in wearing his suit. Paul – what are you bored? Kevin – no, Dom is interviewing me.

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10:30pm Alex & Jason
Jason – if he puts Paul up would you vote him out? Alex – yes, but I don’t think he will. He said I should come talk to him before because he making a power move. Jason – that might be Paul. Alex – I think Paul is good for us. Jason – I think so too. What if he does put him up? What would you do? Start thinking about that. I don’t think anyone really knows but my gut is telling me its going to be Paul. Jason jokingly says – if he puts me up.. I better have your vote! Or I’ll knock your teeth out! I’ll punch your old man.

11pm – 11:45pm Dominique “the dominator” starts interviewing Kevin. She asks him basic things about who he is, where he’s from, and his experience so far inside the house. After Dom interviews Mark. Christmas asks Mark – is it a showmance or a romance with Elena? Mark – I hope it could be a romance. Kevin – outside in your other life .. do you have a girlfriend there? Mark – no, I’m very single. Ramses – Mark how much do your boobs weigh?

12am Mark comes up to the HOH room and tells Cody that he was talking to Dom – People don’t like the couples. Did you get a sense of that? People are worried about the couples. I was talking to Dom and she said she was talking to someone and said she isn’t going to name names but they were like I don’t think its fair that these girls get attached to the guys and go through the game. Then I was doing the show with Dom and Christmas was just blatant.. Dom joins them. Cody – I’m making deals for the couples and Dom. And I’m going to make them tomorrow morning before the ceremony. Jessica joins them. Cody – I’m going to make sure that everyone that’s close to me is protected. I’m going to try and hedge all bets. Tomorrow I’m going to be wheeling and dealing. Dom asks Mark to go play chess.

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The problem with Paul is he hasn’t learned from his past mistakes. You would think after criticizing James for “doing nothing” and losing to a showmancer last season he would be interested in changing something up. But he wants to keep Jillian as an easy pawn and tells Kevin there’s nothing to worry about with the couples.

An ass.

Daisey Dukes and Boots

— trying to enjoy this season, but so far “last years favorite” is ruining it.
I think it may be because I already know that he/Paul is safe for 3 weeks?
And then add having to listen to him say f*ck every 2 seconds,
has left me tuned out, and totally turned off.


What’s wrong with saying fuck? Don’t be so prude


Fuck fuck fuck the world is still turning


Oh Paul …….he’s playing two sides too early and not in a sly way like Kevin or Chrismas is doing. I don’t like Cody I want him to Leave ASAP but he’s right about Paul’s Game he’s relying on his social game to pull him through like last year i see paul either being short of going to jury or leaving during double( he’ll be lucky to make it that far).


Paul is annoying me


Paul is annoying to everyone.


Paul going on and on and on about not being salty for losing last year is hilarious. He is soooo salty, he is trying to talk himself into believing 450000 grand doesn’t matter.

Sir Loin of Beef

What’s up with that Raven chick? She looks like Angela Landsbury in the Broadway musical, “Sweeney Todd!”


She’s fucking gorgeous with her hair down.


First chance to watch BBAD and I really like Kevin. I hope he sticks around for a while. It seems that he is well liked and I’m sure no one sees him as a threat so hopefully he can make it far.


I like Kevin too. At first I thought for sure he was gonna go out first being “the old guy”, but he has definitely proved me wrong!! He’s playing a great game so far. What really gets me is there’s times he acts like he has no idea what Big Brother is. Like he never heard of it before applying. And I’m like what?! He’s a cool cat and he seems well liked and everyone is putting all these petty things in front of actually looking at who is the real threats. Not liking all these showmances popping up. And Paul is playing just a bit too hard, but I am glad he’s around for a few weeks to stir things up. Happy Sunday everyone!!!!


That’s the thing with an older house guest. They need a little time to make those connections because the early comps are usually too physically demanding. Plus, they have to be able to relate somehow to the rest of the house. Donny was older and so much different from the frat squad he was ostracized from the beginning. Glenn didn’t even get a chance to run a social game. Kevin’s had a chance to interact and he’s done well relating to each of them.

Sir Loin of Beef

He’s doing a great job representing us “old-timers” back here in Boston!


Poor Paul actually thinks he’s the leader of everything. Hasn’t he watched this show? HOH is one week and then you go down and sleep with the rabble again. And they each have a plan to win that isn’t a plan for Paul to win.