“You are so naive when it comes to her .. she made up that shit about Sam’s power”

POV: ? Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers What can I say it’s a Sam HOH…

12:35am Bayleigh and Fes.
FEs is laughing that they have done an entire episode on his hair..

Bayleigh starts to get down
Fes – why are you so happy
Bay – I’m not happy i’m hyper
Fes says if Haleigh get houseguest choice she’s going to pick him
FEs – even though we vote against Sam I don’t know about you but I’ve had good conversation with Sam and that goes a long way with her
Bay points out that Sam has had good conversations with ROCKSTAR before and she’s yelled at rockstar
Bay – Rockstar was attacking last night and Sam was like you need to chill and Rockstar was like I don’t need to chill

Bay brings up final 2 says if it’s the two of them people both like them it wouldn’t be a popularity content
Fes – honestly I’m not worried about that right now.. I’m not going to worry about us getting top 2 when we still have 13 people in the house
Bay – you’re just playing for it.. what strategic moves do you have to make
Fes – I have to win HOH to make a strategic move
Bay – it was supposed to be this week ..
Bay – we can’t play in advance because we don’t know who will win
BAy – neither one of us know the game.. Swaaggy was my source of information
FEs – I would rather let everybody tear themselves apart.. eventually they will have to come to us for a numbers situation
Bayleigh says with ehr power she doesn’t want to be obvious she has it with who she puts up
bay – I’m trying not to make any enemies trying to not make any of this personal I want people to really be shocked who goes up.. I’m going to want the HOH to want to have noms stay the same.
Fes says that at firs tthe HOH will eb like what the f* but after a couple days they’ll be like you know what..
Feeds cut

Fes asks her who she is putting up
Bayleigh has to think about it because who she puts up she doesn’t want them to come after her
fes says she can’t play like that
bay – I have to it’s a safe game if someone comes after me then I’m out
Bay – my game is not like come at me bro.. that is not who I am so I am not going to piss people off unti lthey want me out.. you know what I’m saying
Fes – so who would you pt up
Bay – either Brett or Tyler … or Kailtyn and Tyler .. or Brett and Angela
fes – I like Rachel a lot but those three are just skating along.. Kaycee.. Angela.. Rachel
Bay thinks Angela is throwing competitions.
Fes thinks Angela knew she wasn’t going to win the wall comp so why stay on longer, “I saw her she was shaking”
Fes – it wasn’t the worst thing for me falling second
Bay – yes and no
Fes – I wasn’t going to win that comp .. it wasn’t mine to win..
FEs – I’m not hated in the house
bay – but you’re not liked either
Fes – why not!
Bay – you have’t gotten to know anyone
FEs – who doesn’t like me
Bay – i’m just saying right now you haven’t gotten to know everyone
Fes points out that Kailtyn and Haleigh got to know everybody..
Bay – not Sam
Bay tells him it doesn’t have to be fake.. just get to know people
Bay says fes is sensitive
Fes says he’s not but people have been saying it in the house so he’s been playing that roll

Bayleigh says that Kaitlyn has been going around saying the power was used first week
Fes – it wasn’t
Bay – I know
Fes – she got played into saving
Bay – no she didn’t.. you are so naive when it comes to her .. she made up that shit about Sam’s power
bayleigh explains that KAitlyn was going around telling you what Sam’s power does but Sam is saying that is not correct
Bayleigh – Kailtyn made it up to save herself yo are completely brain washed..

Bayleigh says Kaitlyn will pick Tyler to compete in the POV
Bayleigh – Tyler told me the other day my priority is Kaitlyn
FEs – she’s going to look like a idiot..
Fes goes on about Haleigh picking him Kaitlyn picking Tyler and fes wins the veto
FEs – the DR was like do you even want to play in it
Fes – if I win what the hell do I do
Bay – those your girls
Fes – honesty I would rather be in that tough position than sit back and not do anything.. I feel like this is my week I have to try and make a move and save Haleigh
Bay – that is so cute.. knight in shinning armour
FEs- she better not make me look stupid

Feeds flip

A shot of Sam’s Big Brother Hooch.. .

12:42am Haleigh, RS and Kailtyn
Kailtyn – all i know is that we need at this time more than ever to stand together that’;s it.. it sucks.. one of us on this side is likely going home this week..
Kaitlyn -if one of us leave and it’s me you guys better f***ing come for them..
RS – I mean I have been saying that
Kaitlyn – but we don’t know the details .. now the puzzle has come together
JC comes in..

RS – I told you guys he was bad you didn’t listen
kaitlyn says it wasn’t until this moment “I’m proud we didn’t allow this to escalate any further”
RS says she knew Brett was a douchebag from the beginning.
Kailtyn – you were right.. she was right..
Feeds flip back to Bayleigh and Fes
Bayleigh – If Sawggy would call me a sister one more day I would have annihilated the boy
Fes starts shaking up the Sprite 2L of pop
Bay – I need you to get your head in the game… start to focus.. start coming up with Strategic plans
Fes – number 1 is to win the HOH
Bay – channel swaggy
Fes – Swaggy didn’t even win sh1t
Bay – swaggy had all the information he should have won everything .. (LOL)
Bay – Swaggy fell in love with me and i’m very very happy about it.. . he told me .. I love you.. My heart.. I was like I love you to
Fes – Eww I farted..

12:50am Rachel and Kaycee
Rachel is talking about finding the right person..
Kaycee – just do you the right person will come..
Rachel – I want Brett to see me for who I am I want everyone to

Rachel says she’s a very sexual person she embraces that side of her she loves it.
Kaycee – as you should
Rachel – I love being sexy.. That’s something I enjoy and embrace

Rachel – I’m not sitting here saying i’m a f***ing whore..
Rachel goes on to explain how with some guys it comes off wrong. “He thinks I’m easy or.. If I have a connection with him.. and I don’t believe in the whole waiting” (OMG don’t tell Sam you’ll get nominated)

So Rachel has a crush on Brett… Which we already kinda knew. It’s pretty sweat to listen to.. ahhahah

1:09am Rockstar, Scottie, Kailtym Bay, Fes
RS – when Sam yelled and Called everyone upstairs.. I stood up with ma A$$ out on the live feeds.
Kaitlyn – don’t worry everyone has seen my full v@g!na when I was changing into today

1:11am Kaitlyn and Rockstar
Kailtyn swears to god she doesn’t have the power “Which is alarming.. ” I also flipped the vote the first week.. i thought I was in the running
RS – I thought you have one..
Kaitlyn – nope I don’t have one.. If I have one I would use it for myself.
RS – does n Brett have a power
Kailtyn – dunnno..
RS – Brett is stupid I don’t like him
Kaitlyn – I agree
Rs – I thought this from the Beginning and I told everybody.. (Just stop Rockclub)

1:15am RS and Tyler
RS – did you vote to evict BRett

Tyler – mmmmhmmm
RS – you talk to Kaitlyn abnou ther Doctor visit (diary room)
Tyler- mmmmhmmm
Tyler – did you vote to evict Brett
RS – yes I did
Tyler asks Haleigh… “was there a power used.. ”

RS says “according to this new revelation from our little friend from the Doctor”:
Tyler- that there was a power used..
RS – that’s why they are acting all crazy..
RS – why was Brett cheering you on so hard a the f**ing thing
RS – you don’t know…

Kaitlyn joins them and climbs on Tyler..
Kaitlyn – a power was used.. BRett
Kaitlyn rattles on some power that was played on Thursday that cause Brett to stay. When haleigh asks if Tyler voted to evict BRett Kaitlyn jumps in saying she knows he did. RS asks him if he made a final 3 with the bros. Tyler laughs says no.. “Is that a thing now”. Rockstar – “that’s been a thing in my head.. listen I don’t trust any of you b1tches.. I have a lot of theories here.. Rockstar says the bros were d1ck heads. Tyler says they weren’t d1ck heads to him at that point

Kaitlyn asks him to do them all a soild favor and stop trusting the bros..  (how about you stop trusting Tyler)

1:27am Rockstar and Fes
Rockstar is hinting at Sam putting her up if the veto is played saying that Sam said to her “it’s just a game on a tv show”
Fes – if that’s true it’s sucks they really got us
RS – they have been getting us. that guy has got to go (Brett)
FEs – we’ll get past it this week.
RS – if we win the veto who does she put up .. not someone from the other side
RS – apparently Kaitlyn doesn’t have a power I think JC has a power but he’s only using that on himself. ..
RS – this game is stressing me out.. I can’t sleep I just want to win a dam HOH
RS – we never figured out who flipped on swaggy.. maybe… I hope it’s not Haleigh
RS – do you think everything is going right for them because they backed Sam and we Backed Steve because he was loyal
Fes says htey convinced Kailtyn
Rs – they’ve convinced Kaitlyn a lot
RS – this f**ing game

Rs shocks us all says “I’ll put Brett up next to Sam”
RS – I love Sam i know she’ll say.. that guys got some super powers in this damn house to convince people”
RS – I think he’s a d1ck.. (you don’t say)
RS – I’m livid that he called me out like that.. if Sam knew about that it’s very upsetting..
RS – it’s a game that’s great.. but like.. really
RS – they are doing a good job on that other side… it’s highly upsetting.. I don’t know who they are doing so good..
Fes says they just have to win 2 HOH’s back to back “how sick will that be.. then they will flip on each other” (the other side is goign to crack next week anyways)
RS – that’s the trick.. somehow we pull off getting them on the block.. who goes up
Fes – you do you think..
Fes says JC told him he’s got a good relationship with Sam, “I didn’t know he did”
RS – Kaitlyn just kept trusting Brett and I told her to stop.. she kept talking to him.. these past few weeks I’ve been telling her..
RS – she put Swaggy up Brett was up there telling her what a great move that was.. no sh1t.. for him..
RS – i was so excited when Brett dropped though.. I was so ignorant.. he’s just such a jerk.. all our problems stem from him.. (RS you gotta let this rest man )
RS – we have to figure out how to beat him.. JC I think has a power.. but he won’t use it on anybody but himself..
Fes says if Kailtyn has a power they’ll see this week.

1:44am Bayleigh and Rockstar
RS is claiming that Kailtyn believed Brett and that is why she put Swaggy on the block. She believed Brett after his speech.
Bayleigh – I didn’t need more reason but thanks for adding another one
Bayleigh says they have all given KAitlyn second chances she did not so this is on them, “If you all want to decide to make up and kiss later on 3 or 4 times.. that’s cool.. that’s not me”
RS – I’m not being anymore friends with her than you are I’m just talking to her when she’s in the room I’ve kept her at a arm’s length
Bay – you’ve been friends with her for a WHOLE week more than I was
Bay – I’ll be damned if Haleigh goes home
RS – I know

RS doesn’t understand why Sam would support such a “D1ck headed a$$hole”
RS – Sam is Winston to
Bay nods, “more brett.. brett reminds her of her brothers friends” (it’s scottie that reminds her of her brother.. lol she told Rockclub that)
Bay says Brett has everybody wrapped around his fingers
RS calls him a douchebag “why does Kaycee like hiM”
Bayleigh says at the beginning nobody talked game to Kaycee but that other side. (Kaycee said this it was becuase Swaggy built his 1/2 of the house started the seperation)
RS says she’s always been nice to Kaycee “I never talk game with her”
Bay – we never talked game with her

Bay says that Swaggy was jealous of kaycee .. before he left.. he was like Don’t Embarrass me don’t go pushing up on her (WOW)
Bay – I was like WHAT
RS – that is why i never talked game with her I was allied with Swaggy
RS – Rachel also does not like Brett

Bay tells Rockclub when she first met her she was an evil manipulating “little thing” now she’s let thing feelings get in the way. bay wants Rockwall to return to that evil manipulating “little thing”
Bay – step on some people..
Bay mentions how when Kailtyn was HOH they had to chase her down she spent all her time with the other side. And now that Kaitlyn is on the block she’s coming to them tell them they have to come together.. no.
Bay says that Brett was telling her that I flipped and she was asking bay this, ‘Are yo stupid”
Bay – this is something my mom tells me.. when someone tells you who they are believe them the first time (That’s a bad way to look at things.. just saying)

Bay gets ready for bed says she has a morning swaggy cologne and a night swaggy cologne. Explains that swaggy had different colognes for different times of the day.

2:20am Sam is rocking out

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I don’t understand why some people on this site and Sam are giving Hayleigh grief for “not respecting herself and throwing herself and throwing herself towards guys.” Because the last time i checked, unlike Kaitlyn Hayleigh is single plus Bayleigh had sex with Swaggy and i don’t see people giving her grief for not respecting herself.

Plus what is Hayleigh doing any different than what all the other men like Tyler and Faysal are doing? They both walk around shirtless and flirt with the girls, but according to Sam it’s because “the guys can’t help themselves” lol get the hell out of here with that double standard BS. I just feel like the way Haleigh is getting singled out for it is a bit unfair imo.

Sam can leave

Sam is jealous of the girls for whatever reason. She is a very judgmental person if that was her only reason for nominating them.


What some people are missing is that Sam is not jealous. She is pro female. It’s not that she minds them being sexual; it’s being sexual to the exclusion of their minds and individual personalities. It was a reminder not a reprimand. What people are saying about jealousy is like when RS, a white person, talks about someone else’s white privilege. There are not levels of this privilege based on economics. Rant ove.

Sam can leave

Pro female? She slut shamed them.


*standing applause*

Very well stated!


Sam is still one of my favorites, and I share some of her views on K&H’s flirty behavior. However, I think she chose the wrong time & place to express her opinions. It won’t change Kaitlyn, it hurt Hayleigh, and didn’t do anything to help Sam’s game. Even if Sam believes everything she said about K&H, not every true thing needs to be said in public. Sometimes private is best.

Golden machine

Sam was being petty.


sam is jealous. i never liked her. rachel and kaitlyn are the only 2 that throw themselves at the guys

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sam doesn’t like Hayliegh and Kaitlyn because they mocked her in a crude impersonation during a game several nights ago. I’m sure she also thinks they are loose, but that is the real reason.

Golden machine

Thank you.


Bay so worried about Kaitlyn honestly …what about they start to look for the people who actually want them out asap. They all fooled. And Sam with her scarlet letter just lost all my respect what a hypocrite also my biggest wondering is where the hell they found her. She in not even in LA or any major city I guess she is a silent psycho there is no reason for her to be there rather than deep deep issues they don’t want regular people there. They have to have someting about.

Kaitlyn’s Crazy Eyeballs

As to where they found Sam…did anyone else notice that during her DR session, on Thursday night’s show, she was wearing a khaki work shirt with the name “Christmas” embroidered above the pocket?. It’s in a couple pics that evening in HOH room that OBB posted too. My guess is she’s friends with Christmas Abbott who is also from Virginia. She had said she was recruited in past convo.

Like literally

cool thanks for clarifying. She is as nasty as her friend


Sorry to stop the hating, her boss at work nicknamed her Christmas years ago

Kaitlyn’s Crazy Eyeballs

I’m sorry if you took my observation as “hate”, I personally like Sam. Her or Tyler are my favs to win. It was just an observation. I spoke no ill of Sam. Don’t know how that got translated as such.


I missed Thursday (thank goodness for ‘‘tis site). If that is the reason, then boo hiss. I still like Sam tho

Uncle Teddy

Man listening to RS drone on and on about Brett is tough. Try talking game maybe? She’s one of the worst B.B. players I’ve seen in a while – all bark, no bite, no strategy, no filter, no plans, no true ally, and everyone knows her targets. With little to know chance of winning an HOH, her game sucks


damn, tyler is so invisible, no one suspect Tyler why?? I know tyler good with his talking but the fact they suspect JC over tyler it’s just……………..


I KNOW Krazy Kait is good for tv BUT she is bad for EVERYBODY’S game! The things that cuckoo bird comes up with and convinces people to believe ?? I hope she doesn’t snap when she sees how Tyler has absolutely played her for a pigeon (sorry grandpa Lou) ha haaa


” (sorry grandpa Lou) ”



It really is amazing how the side that’s lost 3 straight weeks still behaves as though they have power and can somehow determine who leaves this week.

If they had any sense at all, they deploy simple reverse psychology. If RS, Bay, Fes, Scottie want Haleigh to stay, then they have to campaign against her and tell her to act abandoned…I mean if everybody you campaign for is evicted, then why on earth wouldn’t you campaign against the person you want to keep?


Hard for RS because she can’t get Brett out if her head. Now Brett could pull that off because look what he did to RS lol

double D

fes – I like Rachel a lot but those three are just skating along.. Kaycee.. Angela.. Rachel

Fes must have a different definition for the word “floater”
You were the 2nd person to fall in the last HOH comp. Fez…only beating Rockstar

double D

New BB20 drinking game….Every time Rockstar calls Brett a name…drink


You’ll need more donations to cover the tab…I doubt Bezos could cover that bill.


I can’t play. 🙁

I have a rather high tolerance for alcohol, but I’m afraid that game would mean alcohol poisoning and, surely, death for me.


Talk about reverse psychology. I liked Brett from the get go….but the more RF attacks him personally, the more I like him. lol


I’d be on the floor in 20 minutes. I would have to drink straight from the bottle the way she spouts off about him.

Trackin the Kraken

Kaitlyn – tells Rockstar – I walked into the room and there was like an imaginary .. like there was a wall or something. It was like a different dimension. ( From last thread )

That’s impossible ! If there had been a wall. RockStar would have been stuck on it


So funny!


HaHa Simon. Love your comments. (OMG Don’t tell Sam you’ll get nominated) LMAFO. I have been coming to your site for many years. Love it. You and Dawg do a great job.


I love Rockstar.



*I just peed my granny panties*


Why do I still think this is the best line ever…


LOL! That will never get old. 🙂

Cat Nip

HAHAHAHAHA Simon. You have the “gift” too.


Gotta work harder, you are almost there.
Not an O, puzzle is a Q. And not one person insensitive to Kailyn, it’s everyone, probably the reason you had trouble filling in the blank. #3 Spot on.


I used to like Sam but not sure anymore her moral self righteous is getting old.

Why does BB insist on getting players who don’t no the game. it is hard to play when you are plotting strategy and aka Sam has no strategy at all.

BB is about lying secret alliance blindsiding and backdoorig people. Now Everyone wants to play a honest game. BB is not an honest game.

I cant believe I am saying this but I miss the old days of Evil Dick.

Come on house guest play BB the right way and stop worrying what America thinks!!!!

Come on B.B. Either put all recruits in the house or all BB fans in the house!!!

Because Sams HOH is painful to watch because there does not appear to be a strategy to it. Other than lets be nice to each other for a week.


I agree. Sam is starting to annoy me as well.


I’m the sort of person who embraces life for what it is… a messy mix of good and bad….happy and sad, yada, yada.. I went into BB20 with little expectation, because, well, I was massively disappointed with BB19 and got close to just entirely giving up on my summer addiction. My ‘expect the worst but hope for the best’ attitude has paid off in spades. THANK YOU BB20! I’m loving this season!

Sam is still my #1, but it’s not for “gameplay”. I agree with Sam about the girls being too flirty, but I do wish she had added something about Brett being too flirty, too. I mean that “tactic” goes both ways. We have such a hypocritical world, but I side with Sam in the sense that people should not lead others on with their sexual prowess unless it is 100% real (example being Baggy). I can’t really offer my opinion on the nomination ceremony speech because I haven’t heard it yet. However, both girls were hurt by whatever comments Sam stated regarding the girls’ flirting and “hanging on guys” (which they both do…Kait much more than Haleigh), and I completely understand why. I would not have used that in a public speech at all, rather saved it for private conversation since it is a sensitive topic and can come off as hyper-judgy. Nevertheless, I think Sam’s point is that females can be strong enough to “win” without using seduction as a means for favor. My opinions regarding any of these HGs could change at any point given their actions/words. I still love Sam.

Tyler is my #2 and it is definitely for his gameplay. My first impression was that Tyler was a huge Jeff Spicoli type, but it has become obvious that he intentionally wants that persona. It seems like many HGs are still buying that routine, so kudos for Tyler being able to keep that going (his facial reactions on the live show after Julie announces the eviction are amazing). He is my prediction for winning this game.

Kaycee is still my #3. She is a force to reckoned with, and she will go far. Hate that she uses so much profanity, but I can say that about all these HGs. (My “archaic” self still sees words like “stupid” and “shut-up” as offensive, so yeah, that’s just me having a hard time adapting to the f-bomb onslaught)

Angela ties for my #4 spot. I really see her as a classy gal just biding her time in the game.

Rachel is my other #4 HG. I really like Rachel, but I think she majorly suffers from low self-esteem. She has been mad crushing on Brett, but she could do much better than Brett and his self-absorption. I can’t understand her attraction for him. I love the advice Kaycee gave her regarding finding the right person in life.

Bayleigh is my #5 because she is learning/realizing the intricacies of the game and adjusting accordingly. It’s especially admirable when nothing has really gone her way (other than Swaggy) Still, unless she actually wins a comp, she remains a background player.

Haleigh is my #6. Much like Bay, she will remain a background player unless she wins a comp. I like this girl, especially after seeing how her families’ opinions of her are so important. I love the way she spoke so very maturely, especially for a 21 year old, to Sam about how bothered she was by Sam’s comments. She’s a good girl…smart and beautiful. Haleigh has so much potential.

JC is my #7. He is funny, and I’d like to believe that under that crass demeanor there’s the sensitive, sweet JC I saw in week 2. Yet, his repulsive side is what knocks him so far down on my list. Regardless, he is playing the game in a way that is surprisingly effective. I have to give him that.

Brett is my #8. I have never liked Brett, but you can’t deny that he found a way to further his game. As despicable as he is, I also feel it is mostly his persona, which he fulfills impeccably. He is adept at being a dirty rotten scoundrel. His “play” was downright cruel, but this is BB and nothing near what some other HGs have done in the past. Confident is attractive, but cocky is not.

Faysal- I feel bad for him given he was recruited to play a game he knows nothing about. I like him, but I don’t see him being the warrior he wants to be in this game. He had a much better chance at American Ninja, but I’m afraid his outcome on BB will be the same. I want to see him do well. I really do.

Kaitlyn- I still can’t figure this girl out. She is a walking contradiction is so many ways. One minute she is a strong, empowered, capable young woman, the next she is a whiny, timid, broken child. She is entertaining for BB, though.

Scottie- I had a hard time listening to his cheering during the HOH comp. His voice. YIKES! But, at least he recognizes that his own voice is annoying. Scottie is very self-aware, and I really like that about him. His self-deprecating humor is sometimes cute, but mostly vexatious.

Rockstar is a broken record (Sam has been one, too…..it just gets to be way too much when anyone constantly repeats themselves). The truth of Rockstar, though, is that she allowed Brett to get to her. He was never targeting her, but she became the easiest decoy for him, so he used that to get him where he is right now. I definitely feel Rockstar has presented herself as a very mean spirited person and is now getting her due karma.

Why people gravitate and focus on negativity will always bewilder me. Do they want to be unhappy? Do they have any happiness in their lives? How do they survive? Negative people are so toxic, but I still just want to give them a big hug and tell them everything is going to be okay….if they allow it.


Granny….I love to read your observations about the players. And, for the most part, I agree with you. However, IMHO, my top 3 in order are Tyler, Kaycee & Sam.

Tyler is playing a helluva game. Reminds me of Derrick without the advantage of a house full of idiot sheep.

Kaycee is playing a brilliant game of pacing herself. She’s on no one’s radar as a threat.

And Sam….I love Sam. I’m waiting to see her nominations speech, but I also don’t agree with personal jabs at players. I think her noms come from Crazy Kat & Hayleigh making fun of her when they played games. It was a counter-punch. But I like her rocksolid belief in herself & her values. I think she may have hurt her chances for AFP with that nominations speech.

Brett, Hayleigh, Scottie & Angela…meh. Background noise.

I like the way Bayleigh reacted after Swaggy was evicted. She pulled herself up & started playing the game. Kudos to her.

Jc will only last as long as his vote is necessary. Useful for being hyper nosy.

Fezzie….oh, Fezzie! He’s like a guy who repeatedly walks into a wall & then can’t figure out why he has a headache.

Rachel & Crazy Kat both have some serious self esteem problems. Rachel is fixated on Brett. It’s all about being attracted to the outside appearance & then disappointed about the inside core values. She needs to grow up a little. Crazy Kat is great for reality tv. As a person….I would recommend a few years of psychiatric sessions. IMHO, she appears manic-depressive….high, low, high, low roller coaster. Look up “needy” in the dictionary & you’ll see her picture next to the definition. We’ll see more game play from the others after she’s gone.

And last, but not least, Box o Rocks! IMHO…..YIKES! There is one every season & she’s it for this one. Scares the bee jeezus out of me! Her fixation on Brett & d!cks….YIKES! What scares me the most is her being a mother. Good grief….that poor child!

Well…..that’s my take. IMHO.


I really like reading your take on things, too. 🙂

Haleigh's Melanoma

You are right, Hayliegh and Kaitlyn did a rude impersonation of Sam during a game and Sam was PISSED.


Spot on as usual, Granny. But if I were Fessy and was recruited for a t.v. Show where I could win a half mil, I would have watched prior seasons to see what the game is all about.


So true about Faysal. It seems that so many of the HGs have only watched a few episodes here and there. I’m starting to see that a majority of the BB players are recruits.

It seems (via HG conversations) that this year maybe only Rockstar, Swaggy, Steve, and Scottie actually tried out for the show.


sam should not be anyone’s number 1. she sucks. she nominated them bc she is jealous. the person who throws themselves around is Rachel. she is obsessed with bret

BB is back!

You seem to be the one who is jealous and obsessed…………… Are you by chance related to rockface?


You’re as repetitive about Sam as RS is about Brett, thea.


Ok, but Rachel likes Brett, same thing with Bay, she was into just Swaggy. Haileigh and Kaitlin are all over which ever guy can give them the advantage at the moment. Sam was just pointing out what others were thinking or even saying out loud in Kaitlin’s case. Now I don’t agree with her assessment that boys are weak and can’t help themselves, but I also don’t think it’s just jealousy. I think she honestly sees these guys that she likes or is crushing on being manipulated by these girls that are bouncing from one guy to the next, even though that may not be the case.


This is why all girl or all guy alliances rarely work. Seems like only yesterday it was playfully called “the war between the sexes.” Everyone confidently thought neither side could win because there was too much fraternizing with the enemy. In this case all the young people are flirting with each other in changing pairs and the two nominated girls don’t really know how else to act around a cute guy.


Simon, I hope you make a gif of the Sam/Kaycee dance hug. It was around midnight.



We know you better than that!


So apparently Angie has no clue Rachel would ride Brett like a clown on a unicycle. Tyler could tell them a unicorn was hiding in the house and everyone would totally start looking.

another name

Are nostradumbass and barnyard barbie using flirtation as a strategy? Did both of them flirt first with fester, then poodlehead, then summer’s eve posterchild, and then the virgin in a wash rinse repeat fashion depending on who had the ability to be strategically advancing to their game? Not giving the guys a pass on doing the same, but they aren’t on the block.
did i imagine the convo the two women had way back when captain manbun was hoh where they discussed flirting to their advantage? no. really. did i imagine that? I’m starting to think maybe i imagined that…. (tell me if i imagined that because it’s entirely possible).
Is there anything wrong with using any strategic ability you can in big brother? Not really. Own your game.
if either of them said “ya, i’m strategically placing myself in good standing with certain guys in the house by any means possible, what’s your point?” I’d be saying where’s the shame? No shame because they are owning it. What we end up seeing is thirdeyeblind saying she’s empowered with tears running down her cheek while going to three of the four guys and saying save me. What we end up seeing is psuedoplatonic hayride acting like she doesn’t even understand the concept… but strangely enough has been far more accommodating to fozzie’s crush with their second third and fourth kiss on the cheek now that she’s on the block. Yup. they aren’t trying to reap the benefit of their earlier strategic flirtations. At all.
Is it the hillbilly’s place to call out the strategy from a moral high horse? Why not. Again, is there anything wrong with using any strategic ability you can in big brother? not really. Now that the housekeeper has pontificated their strategic flirtation publicly, it could make that particular strategy less effective. How is that bad for someone that isn’t using that strategy to draw attention to it in the game? Since neither is actually owning it, shame could make them less effective in using the flirt strategy moving forward. Maybe i’m giving all of them not enough credit…. or too much credit.