Kaitlyn “Are you scared I’m going to ruin it for you by being so emotional?”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

7:55pm Hammock. Haleigh, Kaitlyn and Angela. Haleigh – isn’t that crazy .. first two boys. Angela – lets keep the girl train going. Haleigh – what if we evicted all the guys. Angela – I feel like that’s never been a thing in BB history. Kaitlyn – I wonder if our ratings are good. Angela – I feel like they have to be. Kaitlyn – this is a f**king frat house. Haleigh – it is for sure good. Haleigh – also this cast is a lot younger than a lot of them.

8:10pm Hammock. Rachel, Brett and Winston. Rachel – Tyler said something to me. He said he was concerned about Kaitlyn’s attachment to him. We asked in a game way or in a non-game way? And he said in a non-game way. Brett – I’ve had moments. Winston – no, no, no but listen something is going on. Rachel – yeah. Winston – I hate to be the guy to say it but I am glad you opened the flood gates. Brett – she’s been acting weird today too. Rachel – no but I will tell you she wanted to play beer pong. Winston – she is kind of being a b***h today. Rachel – yeah. Very entitled. Brett – I literally went to the bathroom and she got mad at me for going to the bathroom. And no one was in there. Winston – guys guess what, this is a little science experiment .. she’s getting a little power and its going to her head. Brett – she has no more power, its done. Rachel – the thing with this backdoor she was saying I’m going down in big brother history. Winston – we fed her all those lines. I honestly didn’t think she had the guys to do it. I said this will cement you into big brother history. Brett – and she realizes she just put a fat target on the back of her head. Rachel heads inside.
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8:40pm Lounge room. Kaycee – do you think this is affecting your game? Tyler – that’s what I’m worried about. America sees this sh*t. Kaycee – maybe you need to be more stern with her. Tyler – I tried that today with the Sawggy vote thing. She believes that Swaggy wouldn’t come after her or I. I told her that I have to vote for Swaggy to leave. But I need Swaggy to keep thinking I’m up in the air. AAngela we have the votes for him to go. He has to be out, I don’t want Fes to get HOH and come after you because of Kaitlyn. It would have to be the next one. Tyler – I would like to be hanging out with you guys more. You know you’re protected and if

9:05pm HOH room. Tyler and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – its not that big of a deal. Wait, why are you freaking out? Tyler – I’m not freaking out. Kaitlyn – she was so excited. I told her everything. I told her that I flipped the vote because I didn’t want that thing to be used. And that would mean that possibly she could have gone home. Tyler – did you tell her you knew who had the power? Kaitlyn – no, I told her I prevented a power from being used. Tyler – did she ask you who had it? Kaitlyn – no. Why are you freaking out? Tyler – if she asks are you going to tell her? Kaitlyn – I don’t know, probably not. Tyler – don’t. Kaitlyn – why, you don’t trust her. Tyler – you made a promise to Sam that you weren’t going to tell. Kaitlyn – first of all everyone already knows. Kaitlyn – I don’t want to be HOH anymore. Are you scared that I’m going to ruin it for you? Tyler – why? Kaitlyn – by being so emotional. Tyler – no. Kaitlyn – you aren’t? Tyler – no.

10:10pm Bathroom. JC tells Angela and Rachel that apparently Kaitlyn told Swaggy if its a tie vote she would vote to keep him. Angela – I don’t believe it. He needs to go home. I am done with him.

10:15pm – 10:30pm Havenot room. Tyler and Swaggy. Tyler – if they’re dead set on Winston.. Swaggy – to keep him? That’s their boy. That’s why I am not trying to pursuade Angela or Rachel or Brett or Kaycee. Like he has those 4 locked up. I feel like I have my 5 locked up. Swaggy – I’m trying to talk to Sam and JC. Tyler – I’ve been trying to talk with Sam too. She said she had a really good conversation with you. Swaggy – I am trying to get her vote but in the middle of the conversation I really enjoyed talking with her. I am trying to show people that I am a good person and I want to be here. Winston doesn’t really care to be here. He is set up at home being a doctor or in pharmaceutical sales. I know you and Kaitlyn want to feel safe. I swear on my dad that I will not come after you. Tyler – its not you that I don’t feel safe with. Its people like Rockstar. Swaggy – If I leave you and Fes will be the only physical threats. They’ll come after you. If I’m still here they’ll come after me before you. If I stay and make it to jury I would be happy. If I stay I am going after Brett, Angela and Kaycee. In my eviction speech I am going to call Brett, Angela and Kaycee out so that if I stay they will come after me. I like that pressure. Tyler – everything you’ve said, I believe you.

10:35pm Bedroom. Rockstar, Bayleigh and Swaggy. Rockstar and Bayleigh tell Swaggy he needs to talk to Kaycee. Bayleigh – tell her that you know its a long shot but that you really want to be here. Rockstar – tell her why you want to be here and why its good for her to keep you. Bayleigh – tell her that if I stay here you will raise hell and create the biggest distraction.

11:25pm Tyler, Kaycee, Swaggy and Rachel are playing pool..

11:40pm Swaggy asks Kaycee is she will go to the lounge room to talk. Swaggy – Scottie tells me you don’t talk much game. I’m pitching to everyone right now. I do feel like guaranteed votes to stay. Winston has guaranteed votes to stay. He isn’t wasting energy talking to Bayleigh and people on my side just like I’m not wasting my energy on Angela and Brett. I know that this house is divided. Whoever you vote for me or Winston, think about who will get you farther in the game. Kaycee says that if he didn’t pull her aside she was going to vote Winston and now she has options. Swaggy tells her if he wins HOH she is safe. If someone from my side wins HOH and its you and Winston or you and Angela on the block .. you’re gone. If you keep me here I am always going to be the biggest threat. Kaycee tells Swaggy if she decides to keep him here she will pull him aside on Thursday and tell him. Kaycee tells Swaggy to talk to Rachel.

12:40am HOH room. Brett, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, JC, Winston, Rachel, Tyler and Angela. They’re all just sitting around chatting about high school

1am Havenot room. Swaggy gives his pitch to Rachel. Swaggy – honestly Brett and Angela are locked in for Winston. Just like Winston knows that Bayleigh and Fes are locked in for me. If Winston stay he will obviously keep you, Brett and Angela safe. If he doesn’t win HOH and my side wins, they’re going to come after you, Winston, Brett or Angela. I won’t be there to deflect for you any more. A week ago the six of us were talking and they said we have to get Rachel out before jury and I deflected that. Rachel – did they say why? Swaggy – they didn’t think you would vote for any of them in jury.. you would be biased. Swaggy – if I win HOH, you are literally safe. If I am in this house I will always be the biggest threat. If I stays I would go after my own alliance. People think we’re good… we’re not. I’m going for the people that knew I was being backdoored and didn’t tell me. Rachel – it gives me something to think about. Keep doing what you’re doing.

1:40am Backyard Hammock. Scottie and Swaggy. Scottie tells Swaggy that he thinks Haleigh knew he was going to be backdoored the night before it happened. Swagyy – maybe I don’t have her vote. Scottie – if you’re one shot (Vote), that’s who it was for sure. just reassure her that you’re on the same side. Don’t let on that you know she knew you were going up. Swaggy – should I ask Tyler how he feels about Haleigh and see if he tells me? That Haleigh knew and x, y, z. Scottie – I don’t think so because in Tyler’s eyes .. obviously he plays like a little b***h. He is also very skidish and he will want that information out of this house as soon as possible. I think that Tyler is closest to Tyler and Haleigh. And now Haleigh is trying to go to that side. Swaggy – damn .. now I don’t know if I have Haleigh’s vote. Scottie – I am going to operate on the fact that Haleigh is loyal.

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Let’s get this week over with. Send Swagster packing, Rockstar wins HOH and nominates Rachel and Angela to break things up. Rachel goes home.



I don’t care who gets nominated next week but I would hate to see Angie win HoH. She’s terrible.

Douchey C

Gag, the thought of that witch in the HOH is enough for me to boycott BB for a week….. she has the Christine BB16 factor…… grossness and jerkiness

Survey Says

If Rockstar wins HOH I will puke in my mouth. Literally anyone else.


I feel like I’m one of the few who actually likes her lol. Like I never really cared for all this pc sjw snowflakes liberals bla bla bla talk and I do like her as a person. I would like to see her as hoh simply for the fact I want someone from level 6 or kaitlyn to go.


I don’t see Rock Star winning anything in the future. Maybe anything is possible but…Nah, just don’t see it.


The only way she wins anything is if everyone bows out, and she wins by default! She is one of the mot self absorbed mean and evil hgs I think I have seen since Aarron on S115! (short the racism that is) lol She can go anytime now

Not a Rockstar fan

Rockstar doesn’t say racist things, but she does accuse others of being racist when they aren’t, which is just as bad.


I agreee, Kaitlyn is just exhausting can’t wait to see how things will play next week


Kaitlyn: “Are you scared I’m going to ruin it for you being so emotional?”

Tyler (in his head): “Yes, you’ve already ruined this week. I knew you were bat-shit crazy, but now you’re just annoying AF. I can’t wait until we get a new HOH who doesn’t change his/her mind every 30 minutes. I need some rest already.”


I think he’s more worried he’ll wake up one morning and she’ll be standing there staring at him with unblinking eyes.


Kaitlyns HoH power has legit gone to her head lmao Tyler is obviously trying to crawfish outta this one and distance himself a little. I think Kaitlyn is too wreckless, very moody. And the Hayden looking lifeguard is super chill. Makes for a funny pair. But make no mistake, I think next week they have a falling out. Or they end up banging it out. Lol


It has also awoken the dozens of others who reside in that head with Kait! She is flat out loony tunes! But hey give her credit, she me the most epic move in BB history just ask her she will gladly tell you al about it! lmaooo


A bit creepy that the troll thinks about me a lot.

Ok enough about the irrelevant troll. Don’t feed it and it will go away….

Swaggy talks to people and gives 15 million reasons to keep him and it just turns into white noise to the person listening because he never outlines just a few good reasons. He just keeps talking and piling on things he is making up as he goes. Ha.

I give him credit for trying and not giving up, but it will be all for naught.


I so wanted Swaggy gone, loved the backdoor plan, but now I see him playing the game. He is campaigning and doing a pretty good job of it. I don’t see Winston playing at all. I love good game play, so I am flipping right now to the Swaggy side, for today anyway.


I was with ya till the last few words, when you said for today anyways it dawned on me you must be relayed to Kaitlyn! (just kidding could not help myself)


What tickles my gut, is he has promised so many guaranteed safety that if he keeps it up he will have only himself to nominate were he ever to achieve said HOH! Oh and Trolls will be trolls, but the good thing is they get bored very easily so just ignore it, and it will crawl back under the bridge from which it came!!

Like Literally

Kaitlyn is going to be a problem. Tyler needs to start sleeping with one eye open.

My Two Cents

I swear, Rockstar’s glasses are the ugliest I’ve ever seen on anyone, anywhere, ever.

My Two Cents

It baffles the mind that there are actually people that would PAY crazy Kaitlyn to tell them how to run their lives.


I wouldn’t pay her $5 and she charges $2700-$11,000!


K is crazy, and not mildly crazy, but Gone Girl crazy.
T is already trying to do damage control – and in so doing is hurting his game because he looks like he is throwing her under the bus.


Why would anyone pay to hear her whine in that pretend little girl voice. A strong person with their life together does not whine! And what life advisor , would say to whine about not having friends to play with. Her clients will be running !

Same old B.B.

I wonder why y’all don’t like rockstar..hmmm…because she’s calling out their dog whistling racism… I bet if she chose the Bros the conversation would be different. One day the chickens will come to roost, I hope everyone’s prepared for all their undercover BS actions to be exposed & CHECKED

Julie Chen

Rockstar is a hypocritical prejudiced see you next Tuesday. Don’t pretend she’s a good person. She talks more shit than anyone in the house.


Nailed it…if swaggy was anything other than what he is, they would not be so adamant. Think about it, Kaitlyn wants bay gone too, but keeps haleigh who stole her man. Dog whistle my ass, its obvious

Eyes Wide Shut

Agree Xerxes2. Brett told Kaitlin people don’t like him and she had the audacity to tell him “they don’t like you because they are afraid of your confidence…” But Swaggy exudes confidence and it labeled cocky and bullying. A black person will never win BB, just like a black person will never win the bachelorette.

Schwaggy Sea

As a somewhat racist myself. I would love to see a majority POC cast. They are hella entertaining to watch. ( on TV ) I have been wondering for years why SJW’s haven’t raged against CBS for there bias against a majority POC cast. No one ever puts CBS on blast because of this. Why not ?


talk about racism…….. you are the worst


Just because you call yourself “rockstar” doesn’t make you one. Its actually childish behavior. Just like Chris. SMH


Kaitlyn is all kinds of crazy. She can’t see beyond her own nose. The end of her HOH is finally coming to end (thank goodness) and she’s still acting like she is in control of the game. The fact is her power was up the minute she replaced Scottie with Swaggy. Noms done, no more power. And now both sides, actually everyone in the house, can see she is a flip flopper and a user. Clinging to Tyler is not going to save her in the long run. Hoping she’s out as soon as possible.


Granny’s take on things:

Swaggy will be evicted on Thursday, and Tyler is going to have to win HOH and lock the door to keep Kaitlyn away. Kait will then flip on Tyler and side with Bay, Haleigh, and Rockstar. The girls will think they have a girls’ alliance and try to pull Rachel and Angela in. Rachel and Angela will share all of those plans with their true allies, and Rockstar, Bayleigh then Haleigh will be evicted.

Tyler- I have to take some points away from pretty boy because his game just got really messy, real fast. He should have seen that coming.

Kaitlyn- I fear an “Audrey” reaction may come once she stops getting the attention from Tyler that she has been getting. If Tyler can maintain something with Kait to get him through her eviction safely, I will be amazed. She has messed with Tyler’s game by revealing the power app secret (Sam’s) and then she lied to Tyler about it. What a flake.

Faysal- What? Are you kidding me? Still, nothing!

Bayleigh- got nothing

Angela/Kaycee/Rachel- love them

Sam- love her to death. Sam is such an amazing person. She feels like she has to make herself valuable by cooking and cleaning for all the HGs, but she is already so valuable to all of them just by sharing her positivity.

Scottie- unimpressed with Scottie! He is the pawn and floater now….what a fool!

Hayleigh- complete floater….can’t respect that. I am also really annoyed by her mouth breathing. I wish she would lower her mic.

The Bros- Brett is okay; Winston is about as appealing to me as the cigarettes

Rockstar- No!

JC- floater, but I like him and I do think in the end he is loyal to Tyler

Swaggy C- I like him more than Winston, but he came in playing too hard, too fast and showed dictator tendencies. BB does not need another dictator (hear me, Paul?)! His rambling is hard to follow and almost as exhausting as Kait.

*end rant*

Janet L

I agree with everything you stated. I would like to know who you think we should be voting for the next power app? A lot of people on podcasts and Twitter say Baleigh will win based on the show edit on Thursday. Same as last year with Jessica’s. I do not believe (in my opinion) that she deserves the power app. I have seen her in no game except Chris and hers only. She has barely been spending time outside the pink room except for the last 2 days. I would like to give my vote to someone who could get the power who could be closest to winning over Baleigh.


I couldn’t say who I think we should vote for. I’m not actually voting, to be perfectly honest (the voting platform is too wonky for my impatience). If I did vote, it would be for someone I like rather than someone I feel deserves it…..So, Kaycee, Angela, or Rachel.

JC may get it because he has built a solid fan base.

Bayleigh is possible. She will likely get a two-fold pity edit (losing Swaggy C and her leg injury)

I’d like Scottie to get it to make the game more interesting, but I’m afraid he is floating too much to get it.

If we look at Power App based on game moves, I’d say Kaitlyn (because Tyler can’t get a second), but given she is a superficial wannabe, I really hope that doesn’t happen.

If Swaggy somehow escapes eviction (very doubtful but not impossible) then I imagine he would get it.

We have to be careful that Rockstar does not get it. She’s been getting a lot of attention online, lately…it’s negative, but that, too, can make you most trending.

In other words, this week’s Power App is a toss up, it seems.


I’m not sure who will get the power app, Granny, but I would love the dynamics of Kaitlyn getting the cr– app! Especially after her pontificating/petting herself on the back, as to how she was going down in BB history. She’d be a python slowly swallowing Tyler all week while wallowing for attention.

True Dat

I know you were asking Granny but my opinion is to give the power to Kaycee. I’d actually like Rachel to get it as she has grown on me quite a bit but she is no longer eligable. I feel like Kaycee would use the power responsibly and probably wouldn’t let it go to her head like some of the others would. Some people say she is a floater…and those people have no idea what a floater is. Kaycee does not flit from side to side depending on where the power is…as that is the true meaning of the term. A better term for her is someone who flies under the radar, which is a good strategy for the first few weeks. She may stay loyal to her group or she may decide to branch off and a power would make her feel more comfortable to do so if the time came. I think she’d have a good shot at winning the power over Bayleigh as she is fairly well liked by most fans and probably not hated by almost anyone. Some people don’t think her gameplay is flashy enough but flashy is not a good thing this early on. Just my two cents on the matter as that is who I’ll be voting for.


Oh, right. Rachel is ineligible now.

I agree about Kaycee’s strategy.


Why is Rachel ineligible?


she got least trending


My take on Kaycee is similar. No one’s looking at her as a target and she gets to build relationships with whoever she wants. I’m not sure she’s reached out to Haleigh or Angie yet but that may come. I think she’s waiting for smaller numbers so she can increase her chances at playing in the veto to protect her once she decides to compete physically. I know she’s got athleticism and it would be easy to turn the girls against her if she started beasting the comps too soon. She’ll bust out later in the show.

Janet L

I’m not sure about Kaycee……I would like to vote for her but she has been in hardly any of the episodes. The casual voters is a lot of ppl and they have not seen much from her as we have from live feeds. I think I may have to see Thursday’s episode to see who they showcase besides Baleigh.


All good but that girls alliance make no sense Angela and Rachel are sitting pretty why would the bother with kait rockstar and CIA? The only true alliance there is Winston Brett Rachel Kaycee and Angela all the others are floating around trying to make it the best one is Tyler which BTW has a huge advantage with that extra power. If you think Winston and Brett are not onto Tyler …oh boy when the power lands one of those is when Tyler really got some pretty work to do


Haleigh plugged the idea with Angela and Rachel last night. They pretty much just let her talk, but I do think Rockstar and Haleigh will try.

Cat Nip

Run Tyler, run. Fast and far. Don’t look back. That bunny boiler will be following you. Needy Crazy Kat. Yikes. Scene from Psycho – EEEEEEE EEEEEE EEEEEE!!! Thud!!! Tyler, you’re done if you don’t get away from that nutter.


The best thing Tyler can do for his game right now is to be completely honest with Kaitlyn. He should let her know that he wants to work with her, but he is not interested in her physically/romantically. If he is straight up with her, he may be able to escape the boiling pot. Maybe.




As someone who has dated crazy I can definitively say that when you break up with crazy they simultaneously become vengeful and even more crazy.

Trust me – it is not a good combination.

Still Undecided

Hey Dawg and Simon,

Who do you like as a favorite? I am having a hard time picking a main person to root for because they all seem to be annoying, no game play, or tied to someone who is problematic. I know it is early and things change, but it is weird not rooting for anyone to win HOH


To be honest I’m really liking most of these people this season.

Rockstar and Winston can get a bit much for my liking. I think Rockstar is an important character for the balance this year.

would be epic if Kaitlyn and Tyler went up.

Still Undecided

Yeah compared to other seasons, this batch is pretty good. Most people are a 7/10 with some major exceptions, I guess i am just waiting for one person to pull ahead and be my undeniable favorite.


Tyler is not handling this situation well. Some of these conversations he’s having leads me to believe that he doesn’t care about Winston going home. This would be a major mistake on his part. Everyone on the other side is realizing that he’s behind the scenes and he will need his people for protection the next couple of weeks.

Hoping that Rachel relays to Haleigh what Swaggy told her. Him telling her that he’s going after the people that knew he was going up, could lock the vote for him to go home.

On a side note it’s disgusting how Kaitlyn has been allowing Swaggy to use her room for sex. I know it’s going to happen but the fact that’s it’s just out in the open is really weird.


LOL! Sorry to break the news to you Will, but there is less sex on this season than any past season, IMHO

And, hey. This old lady is happy for that because I think people ought to keep their private moments private.


Did it happen this early on? I remember Cody and Jessica not hiding it but I thought it was later in the season. I was a fan of them but it was classless as well.


No, not this early. You’re right about that.


This is just the second eviction. Those two started having sex after being in the house for a week. I don’t know if I have seen that before. Also, Kaitlyn does need to stop telling everyone that she is letting Swayleigh bang in her shower or her HOH room.

Jay Crimson

Campaigning never works I see the point in doing it because of those who don’t watch the live feeds or blogs if they watch the tv show only, they are presented with.. “Does the pleas work will this change the game?” It makes for good tv. But reality is it doesn’t work. The pleas go in one ear and out the other. Winston not campaigning at all and still staying whereas Chris is at least playing the game you would play if you’re up for eviction. And we will continue to see this same formula in the coming weeks


It worked for Sam.

Jay Crimson

No it didn’t Tyler told his alliance she had power. They were going to vote steve out had it not been for Tyler.


Which only happened because Sam teased about the power to Tyler. She used the power without actually using it. That’s a good move. Campaigning is telling them why it’s a good idea to keep you which is exactly what Sam did.


Swaggy says to Rachael that his targets will be people in his own alliance. I hope she spreads that around. Who is dumb enough to believe that? Although I think is wondering now if his five votes are secure. Good.
As eviction day looms ever closer, I want to see him shaking in his shoes. He may have done quite good at this game if he had left the printed tee shirts, the fake name, and the arrogance at home. Come on Thursday!

andrew Jones

Swaggy talking to rachel and angela feels like he is talking to the neonazis LOl
Hope the racist angela and rachel get the boot soon. No one wants to see racist winning the game.

True Dat

With all due respect, calling someone a racist based on one comment they made is a little harsh. If you said “hey, that little kid is really cute” and everyone started calling you a pedophile…I think you might see how damaging labels like that can be. Not saying you should change your opinion…just saying your opinion doesn’t have a whole lot of supporting evidence to back it up yet.


I agree!

*tired of the reverse discrimination, walks off muttering, “eye for an eye just makes us all blind ya dern fools”

andrew Jones

yeah angela handling a banana to a black guy and later mocking people with dark sin is too harsh? Sometimes some people should realize the civil war is over and only uneducated would try to find an excuse to spit racism


Join the discussion…racism and oppression did not end with the civil war. please stop spouting ignorance about things you know nothing about.


Join the discussion…there is no such thing as reverse discrimination. In order for that to be the case our entire social hierarchy would have to be flipped. has that happened — of course not. people used to privilege experience a little discomfort and suddenly they’re the victims. not.

andrew Jones

based on one comment? are you saying racist and neonazis are talented people like trump?


Are you serious ?? You’re calling them racist due to one off handed comment that was blown out of proportion. All they did was say they are as tan as Bay. Far from racist. People make comments like that all the time. People need to grow up and stop being so sensitive. All this PC is going to destroy the world. The true racist is Rockstar. She is the one who discriminates against anyone she doesn’t see as a minority group. You shouldn’t not put someone up just because they are black or gay but be ok putting up someone straight and white just bc you don’t view them as disenfranchised . That’s a ridiculous mentality. It’s just a reverse form of racism but according to you that’s ok but a silly comment about a tan isn’t

andrew Jones

and every single participant know they are being watched 24/7 and still mocking someone from the house who is black is ok for you? hey trump and the neonazis agreed with you and everyone should point neonazis as great people right? welcome to big brother!


Ever see people picking their nose while sitting at a stop light? Or the baseball player who slid into third base and pull his pants down to get the dirt out? I doubt those people realized or thought about being seen. Sometimes stuff just happens and I don’t think they meant any harm and I don’t think they were negative towards Bayleigh. I haven’t seen the context of the comments, perhaps they referred to the multi-layered tan lines as I’m pretty sure those girls are used to wearing less fabric for beachwear.


Im not one to call for racism but I cant lie Angela handing over Swaggy a bannana after the comp made my stomach turn! Was even funnier seeing Swaggys facial reaction LOL! As an avid soccer fan this is what douchebags throw on the field during competitions at Black players. Everyone sit back and enjoy the show, best season by far.

Molly tunes

I’m glad I’m not the one who sees Angela racist true colors

True Dat

She very politely handed him a peeled banana because it’s common knowledge that bananas prevent cramping. He just finished a comp that was really rough on his calf muscles so the “banana incident” is an example of her being thoughtful and considerate towards him. If Swaggy felt like the banana was disrespectful, it is doubtful he’d sit there and chow down on it.


True dat lol no pun intended. But let me tell you the two things that irk black folks , anything to do with a banana , and when non black folk say the N word Lol. The two things that irk white folk are when you make a joke about their girlfriend or boyfriend, or when they witness someone parking in a handicap spot lol . Thats literally the only time I seen white folk go batshit.


You can’t call people neonazis based off a comment referencing their tan. This is ridiculous. Obvious troll comment.


I think I’d like to see Kaycee get the next power app. She seems the most level headed among all the players left. And I’d like to see her come out from the background & see what kind of a player she could be. Definitely want to see Swaggy gone on Thursday. There will be plenty of drama left with Cray Cray Kat still there. But I think she’ll be nominated this week. Hang onto your hat!

Tyler is still my fave. But I think Sam (my #2 & moving up) is positioning herself really well. I don’t know anyone who looks at her negatively or as a threat. She’s smart.

Can’t wait to see Swaggy & Bayleigh’s expressions tonite when he gets nominated!

Great Season!


I know people aren’t going to agree with me but I will be sad to see Swaggy go. He is the only person who is truly holding the other side together. Once he is gone, the rest will become floaters and, to stay in the game, they will go back to voting with the house. The only thing that might hold them together is if one of them wins and since some people are already ready to jump ship, I’m not sure that will help. The reason this has started as a good season is because people aren’t voting based on what the house wants. I think we will lose that with Swaggy’s exit.


You have a point. Swaggy C has been a dynamic character. However, he is the downfall of FOUTTE. Had he not blatantly aligned with certain houseguests and not others (created an obvious division…clear sides) he could have stayed longer. He played too hard, too soon. I know Tyler pegged him as a true threat in the game because Swaggy wasn’t afraid to make some bold statements, and eventually, moves. Truth is, Tyler just beat him to the play. I do not think Tyler picked him as a target…Tyler would have worked with whatever situation he was handed. It just happened that Kait won that HOH and Tyler could work that angle. Had someone else in FOUTTE won, Tyler would have targeted whichever HG he felt he could convince the HOH was a threat. In other words, at that point, I do not think Tyler had picked a side. He was working both sides. He would have continued doing that if not for Kaitlyn’s mouth. She completely blew his cover. Swaggy and Faysal: “Who do you trust” Kait: “Tyler….and YOU” *SMH

It will be interesting to see if there is any sort of Battle Back. I doubt it, since they showed Steve’s HG goodbyes, but you know what BB says, “Expect the unexpected!”


I agree with you that Tyler outplayed Swaggy. Tyler was playing a prefect game until Kaitlyn. It will be interesting to see if he can rebound from this misstep. Like Swaggy in week one, Tyler is playing a bit too hard and it could come back to bite him. I don’t think he saw just how crazy and needy Kaitlyn is. The minute he starts pulling away she will start giving away his secrets and people will see what he has been promising her and others. He is going to have to get rid of her ASAP because he will not be able to get away for her.
He is kind of playing a “Derek” game and I hated Derek, so I don’t like him much either. I do, however, love Sam so far. She is the one I hope wins this game.


Hmmm, I had a response but maybe I forgot to click post, so here we go again. You are correct that Tyler outplayed Swaggy. Tyler was playing the perfect game until the Kaitlyn misstep. Getting Swaggy out this early meant giving too much to Kaitlyn. If he had paid attention to her response to Fessie then he would have known what his boundaries should have been. I will be interested in seeing how he rebounds from this. I don’t like Tyler. His game reminds me of Derek and I didn’t like Derek at all. Sam is my favorite and I hope she wins it all. But I do look forward to seeing how Tyler gets away from Kaitlyn and if he can do it without setting her off. Otherwise he will need to get rid of her ASAP before she exposes too much of his game. Kaitlyn is the perfect woman scorned. (How did she have a boyfriend for so long?)


Tyler has played the game Derrick believes he played. Which was a lot easier when you’re the only one playing. Tyler’s in a spot because Kaitlyn wants Fez and Tyler and they know each of them are threats to the other. They are playing the game and Kaitlyn is…Kaitlyn.

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