Winston “I want to break his [Swaggy] hand and shove it up his candy a$$!”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Have Nots ?

9:10pm Lounge room. Rachel, Winston and Brett. Rachel – who has the power? None of the six have the power? Who has it? JC? Winston – I need you to try and figure that out tonight. Rachel – what I wanted to do if I had won the veto I was going to go to Scottie .. tell me if you have the power and I will use it on you. Then I would have gotten Scottie on our side. Winston – that’s a good idea. Its not a bad idea for Tyler to do. For Tyler to approach Scottie and say do you have the power? Should I use this veto on you? Winston – its genius! I didn’t know you were capable of that!

9:35pm Fez and Rockstar. Rockstar – Kaitlyn didn’t trust Swag because Tyler said that she was at the bottom of the totem pole. So Kaitlyn told us that so when Tyler was in her room he told Kaitlyn to vote for Steve. When we were up with Kaitlyn she said I just want you girls to know that anything you tell Tyler .. he brings back to me. And we were like first of all we weren’t talking sh*t to Tyler. Rockstar – did Swaggy go to Tyler and tell him that she was at the bottom of the totem pole. Sam joins them. Rockstar – so you having fun being a human? Sam – yes, I am!

9:50pm – 10:15pm Storage room. Kaitlyn and Winston. Kaitlyn – that couldn’t have gone better. Winston – it was perfect. Kaitlyn – I heard you did a really good performance… everyone heard you scream. Winston – I threw a fit. So Tyler’s going to take Scottie off and you’re going to put up Swaggy? Are you sure he doesn’t have the power? Kaitlyn – I literally have no idea. Winston – that’s my one worry. Kaitlyn – you should be worried.. I should be worried. Kaitlyn tells Winston about her and Tyler’s show they put on in the HOH room. Our first informal guest was Swaggy. We asked him who he would want to go home first. He said Winston because that deal we made.. I don’t think was legit. So I go what deal? Winston – he said that?! He is the dumbest player in this game! Kaitlyn – So I said, I’m sorry we will cut to a break in a second.. but what deal? Winston – you said that?! Kaitlyn – I asked what deal? And he said I don’t think its any of your business. I was like you made it my business when you brought it up on my talk show. Winston – they approached us saying we could run this .. this whole macho thing. Kaitlyn – he was like it was bullsh*t. Then Bayleigh was like you know what Kaitlyn your so called best friend should have told you. Swaggy gets loud with me. Like yelling. It was weird. The next day they think that I am strongly jealous and possessive over Fezzie and that I am into him. And that I was territorial over him getting close with Haleigh. My whole business is about the sanctity of love. If my best friends were potentially going to get into a showmance I would be obsessed about it. The next day I was like F**K them! I would rather be a floater than be with them!

Winston – why not just use the veto on me if its going to be exposed. Kaitlyn – you’re right it will be exposed in like 5 minutes. I also think like that Scottie had a rough week. And I said to Scottie, I don’t want you going home. He doesn’t know that I’ve said that to you so like I want to be loyal to Scottie for what I said. Yeah, they will all see within 35 seconds but there is legit no way you’re going home. Winston – what if he has a power. Kaitlyn – but what would that power be? Winston – it could be freeze the eviction. Kaitlyn – you need to do some digging. Winston – I can’t go asking. Kaitlyn – I’m not scared. I really don’t think he has it. And we can’t play this game in fear. Winston – I get it, but in the off chance that he does have it and I’m stuck up there.. then I go home. That side, the Haleigh, Rockstar, whatever.. they all are under the impression that Scottie is working with them. Winston – he is. Why not take me off. Kaitlyn – because I told Scottie he would be safe. Winston – you told me that too. Kaitlyn – you will be. Swaggy is going home.

Winston – do you have your speech ready? Kaitlyn – yes. Tyler is going to say Scottie you’ve had a really tough week. You saw your best friend go home. Let me cut you some slack, come on off. Then I will say I came into this game thinking I wasn’t going to make a big move too early. That was the one roll I gave myself but given the circumstances of what happened last week. Winston – this whole time they’re thinking you’re going to put up Angela, right?! Kaitlyn – yes. Winston – those word are perfect. Kaitlyn – I have seen you as a physical threat, as an emotional threat to my game and as a liar and someone that talks behind my back on a personal level. Winston – they’re still thinking Angela. Kaitlyn – still thinking Angela. You think I am a cannonball, you think I am a liability.. and I think you are messing with the wrong girl … so Swaggy can you get up please. Winston – I am going to poop my pants! Its going to be a bloodbath. Winston – I have zero problems with Fezzie. On day two Swaggy was walking past the memory wall and he cocked his hand like a gun pretending like he’s shooting us. He cocks a gun and pretends he’s mowing down the whole board. Kaitlyn – that’s strange. Winston – and its also insensitive. I want to break his hand and shove it up his candy a$$! Just that whole persona.

10:50pm Scottie and Tyler. Tyler – do you have a power? Scottie – I don’t have it. I honestly don’t. I thought I was going to get it. Tyler – I think you will get it next week if you didn’t get it this week.

10:50pm HOH room. Bayleigh and Haleigh both realize they know the same hair stylist.

11:05pm – 11:10pm Bedroom. Winston, Rachel, Kaycee and Angela. Winston tells them that Tyler is going to use the veto on Scottie and Kaitlyn is going to put up Swaggy. He explains how her speech will make it sound like she’s going to put you (Angela) up. Its going to be the biggest blindside in big brother history. He tells them what Kaitlyn plans to say in her speech. Winston – don’t let Kaitlyn know I told you. Winston then head to the havenot room with Brett and tells him the plan.

11:20pm – 11:40pm HOH room. Bayleigh and Rockstar. Rockstar – I want Tyler gone. Bayleigh – I want Tyler gone like now! Rockstar – I just don’t trust him. Bayleigh – me neither. But what is the way to do it? Rockstar – tell him he’s a pawn. Bayleigh – but against who? Rockstar – Angela maybe. Bayleigh – its probably better to backdoor him. Rockstar – but that’s so hard to do. He is only loyal to one person and that is Kaitlyn. Bayleigh – I think as a part of strategy because she couldn’t beat him. He just tied Swagg for wins.

11:45pm – 12am HOH room. Rockstar and Haleigh. Haleigh – there are so many people that we need to get rid of. Rockstar – they all need to go. Haleigh – I know. A shot has to be made at JC. Rockstar – Tyler needs to go before Kaitlyn. I hope Bayleigh wins the HOH. Haleigh – that would be dope. Rockstar – she actually has a reason to put Tyler up. Haleigh – I would throw that to her. Rockstar – Kaitlyn is cool and fun but she is not loyal to us. She’s got to go. We just have to think and plan and have luck on our side. We really have done a lot of planning in this room for not having won HOH. Haleigh – did you think Kaitlyn’s letter was weird? Like do you think it could have been coded? My mom was even like I could code something. It was just so random and odd.

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Houka Inumuta

I’m telling you Scottie is the winner of BB20. He has no enemies. Not even one person wants to get him out. Both sides would never go after him. He just lied to Tyler about his power. He tricked Kaitlyn and Tyler into keeping him. he’s going to backstab Level 6 with his vote to save Shaggy. Scottie = Ian, Steve, Derick, Dr. Will, Dan. He’s playing the best game on the past 2 years and a master strategist at that. If he doesn’t win I will vote for him for AFH

3s a crowd

Vote to save Swaggy? Brett, Angela, Rachel, Kaycee, Tyler, JC and Sam will vote to evict Swaggy. That’s 7 and he’s gone. Unless you know something about the power, Scottie (master strategist) would be on the wrong side of the vote, again.


I think you’re spending too much time at the Hookah bar, Honey. Scottie is okay, this week, but don’t expect him to be staying around to win this game. His alliance with Steve made him the perfect pawn.


way too early to say no one wants scottie out, there has only been 1 eviction. wait for about 5 or 6 more evictions and see how the other HGs still feel about scottie. He will not be anywhere near Dereks level of playing or wills or anyone elses. you are giving him way to much credit this early on. lol

My Two Cents

I really REALLY want to know who has the power… and what it does!!!!


Swaggy probably has the power, and it lets him take himself off the block at the veto ceremony. Production won’t let him go this early.


There’s no way, he’d at the very least brag to Bayleigh about how awesome he is. Scottie or Tyler is a more logical choice.

My Two Cents

Oh! I can’t wait to see Swaggy’s face when he’s backdoored. And Bayleigh’s. And the despicable Rockstar’s. I’m gonna make popcorn.


I loved loved when Bayleigh told RockStar that Fess tried and got rejected by Angela night one. RockStar thinks Fess is god of all men and would kill to have him.

Her face when Bayleigh told her that made my whole season so far. Bahahahahahaha!


Winston is so irate that Scottie is getting saved over him. Haha.

Loving that as well.



Have Hayleigh, Rockstar and Bayleigh even left the HOH room during the past two days? They seem to be permanently camped-out in there. At one point, Hayleigh said, “I feel so bad that I’m using this room like it’s mine.” No, you don’t feel badly, because if you did, then you wouldn’t be doing it. The universe needs to tell Kaityln to send those freeloading frenemies downstairs (and preferably out the door).


I know! I thought it was pretty nervy of them to be plotting against Kaitlin while using her HOH room! Plus they mess it up for her and don’t clean up after themselves. I hope the other houseguests realize they’re being watched on the house cameras by Bayleigh, Haleigh and Rockstar 24/7 and watch what they do in the public areas. These women are hard core trying to read lips and facial expressions. I can’t wait for those princesses to leave the HOH room!

Carolina girl

If she knows she will be exposed anyway she needs to have Tyler save Winston.. She is too unstable and it wouldn’t surprise me if she changed her mind last minute and didn’t put up Swaggy. And even if she does it would be a closer vote against Winston… And L6 still needs him as a number.


Yes but so far no one has thought of that. Instead Tyler is going to try to convince Scottie to vote their way to get scaggy out. It makes no sense, he should know that with winston he is a for sure vote against scaggy. They really aren’t thinking this through. They still have the votes to get scaggy out, but I would rather make sure it wont be a close vote. Scottie will not vote out scaggy even if he tells Tyler and everyone else that he will vote with them, once off the block he can do whatever he wants and they can’t do anything to him, this week at least. He knows there are bigger targets, threats than he is, so I doubt he would worry about it. I cannot wait to see how this week plays out. LOL


I can’t believe that scaggy would tell Kait about a deal he made with winston and then when she asks what deal, tells her none of her business. I really do hope she does put his pathetic butt up there and he goes home. Then to yell at her and Bay, omg I so wanted to like her but she is making it really hard with scaggy around, going off on Kait just made her a target now too. I just love how rocky and haileigh ask how they can execute their plan on evicting Tyler, umm, how about winning an HOH, that might help. LOL. I like that these HGs are hard to like this early on because it will make for a better season for me. Right now, there are only 2 people that I really do like, Tyler and Sam, but if I was to pick out of those 2 that I would want to win, it would be Tyler. I know half way through I will have picked a favorite, right now though, I don’t have one. I have least favorites, 4 or 5 of them actually. scaggy and rocky are tied, then closely followed by winston. LOL