“When we had the meeting she was expecting everyone to come to her an apologize”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Bayleigh getting evicted another wild week

10:08am Wakeup…

morning space pecs …

Half way party cake

10:26am Rocks thinks that Sam is America’s player because she’s in the Diary room so much

10:43am Rocks and Bayleigh
Bay – are you pregnant for 9 months or 10
Rocks – for 10 i think… you don’t actually know I mean it’s 9 .. Conceptions.. I don’t know how it works
Bay – How did you find out you were pregnant
ROCKS- I think I as 6 weeks
feeds cut..

11:08am Sam and Tyler checking out Sam’s spider..

Tyler – I have something to tell you
Sam – I’m scared..
T – about what
S – what do you have to tell me .. whats up..
T – I’m scared too
T – we’re going to vote out Bayleigh
Sam – OK
T – If she uses her power on me I won’t go up
Tyler tells her about his power.
T – I won’t go up and then she will put someone up I am close to. I don’t want that to happen
S – what did you pick
T – the cloud.. keep myself safe for one veto ceremony
Tyler – they (production) f * up last week they put the cloud on the TV panels I lost my mind. No one knows, no one else will know

11:20am Haleigh and Tyler
H – I don’t want us to leave the room until our personal relationship is fixed
T – I understand..
H – you scare me in this game and Kaitlyn told me several different alliances you are part of.. I don’t even know they are true.. she also told me all the game syou talked to her..
Haleigh says they never talk game so when she had to take Scottie down she had to put someone up
Tyler brings up that haleigh was the first person to say Kailtyn was a liar.
H – do you have an alliance with Sam
T – no .. I have a friendship
H – do you have a 3 person alliance with Scottie and Sam
T – no.. I never told Kailtyn anything
h – the core
T – yeah that’s not Sam . that was with Swaggy and it was openly known that is why me and Scottie voted him out because he told everyone
H – Out of everyone in this house you are the only one I don’t know where your head is at and what you are doing..
haleigh says she thinks that if Tyler ever had the chance he would come after her

T – you’ve never done anything to me.. we were on the same page with Kaitlyn..
H – you were going back to her and telling her what I was saying
T denies it.
Tyler says he knew early on that Kailtyn was telling lies about him he wanted to vote her out from the very beginning of the week.
H – you guys were super close
T – we were close but I knew I could never trust her..
They start talking about bayleigh feeds cut in and out so portions of the conversation are missed.
Haleigh says she didn’t think bayleigh was going to react the way she did during the meeting
T – I don’t hate baylegih I understand she wants to save herself and stay .. when People are telling me Bayleigh is the hacker do what I can.. I did what I had the right to do because I got put up by a random person I wasn’t being rude to her I saw good morning every day

H – I think she was just.. when we had the meeting she was expecting everyone to come to her an apologize
T – that meeting was instant shots at me there was no apology
T – I would have loved to apologize to her if she wasn’t screaming to my face
T – I didn’t make it personal I didn’t throw any shots are her personally because I really like her as a person she was calling me a child.. that’s what really hurt
T – you know.. because all I was trying to do was build something with Bayleigh.. build something with anybody because I was by myself..
H – you’re with KAycee, you’re with Angela
T – I feel good about them now because they used the veto on me.. they showed me that they’ve accepted me \
T – as far as I knew they were going to keep the noms the same.. (LOL)
T – She promised she would use it on me and she did
H – I don’t want us to be awkward around each other any more
T – I still like you as a personal.. I’m not going to hate you it’s a game..
H – I don’t think you are going to work with me in this game and I see you working with everyone else..
Tyler says she just needs to ask to talk game says he doesn’t approach everyone in the house and talk game they come to him.

11:30pm Feeds cut for HOH lockdown

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Houka Inumuta

One week from today is the Tyler eviction party.

Who’s ready to watch clip of his fav movie????


Dude, we cant predict what is going to happen at this eviction with 100% certainty, how can you think he is going to get evicted next week. The targets dont even become clear (or even optional) until after the HoH is won. There is a 1 in 10 chance after today that he will be evicted next week. Same as everyone else.

Hakuna matata

Don’t feed the troll! That numbnut posts the same idiot crap on every thread. Has no idea what’s going on in the game. I think it’s swaggy with the wealth of game knowledge he/she/ it throws out there.

Botox Pelosi

Tonight will be the highlight of the season so far. I am not going to miss Bayleigh.

Suffer beyleigh rocks

She is staying baybee!


Troll has a new name. Staying where? Staying off her rocker? Staying rude? Racist? Staying in the jury house is my guess. Unless the HG’s all have the equivalent of some battered spouse syndrome.


Hmmm, I seem to recall HGs thinking the same about Brett and where did Brett go? Yeah. The show is quite unpredictable.


Bayleigh is putting him up next week – blindside.

There were leaks and apparently bayleigh will be staying tonight.

Stayed tune.


There you are Mrs. Dayton! Hi!

Trackin the Kraken

If they move the BB House to Fantasy Island, then maybe. But other than that. Nahhhhhh

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Lol!! So there was a leak of the LIVE eviction?? How does THAT work??


Wow leaks from a live show that hasn’t happened yet. And even better HoH winners from a comp that hasn’t happened either.

Sakura Haruno

I hope this party gets postponed for weeks to come!!!

Team Tyler!!!!!

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Ok, Swaggy PUPPET! Enough already! You said that last week! You said that this week! You must not recall that Tyler has a power and can keep him off for next week if he needs to!

You ARE definitely trolling for reactions. So, Simon, Dawg, and everyone else…same time tomorrow, same Puka from Houka!


The Scooby Doo jokes are lame and repetitive. Please find something else to say.

Gigi Tomasa

I did not like the way he got pissed when he was put on the block. He needs to take what he gives.

Houka Inumuta

Does anyone know his fav movie?????

Tom A

You may be the worst troll in the history of this site.

Looney Libs

Godzilla Attacks Tokyo

Guney Burd

The one where your actual mother- you specifically, poster- is sexually humiliated for beer money, all shot on a grainy VHS camcorder, and then distributed on the dark web in the same channels that sell drugs, weapons, and inexpensive Chinese-made knock off products? Yeah, that’s my favorite movie too.

Seriously, what sort of reaction did you want? Is my distasteful personal attack on your mother the sort of question you were fishing for?

Just leave, or find something insightful to say about the show or the analysis.


I hope Haleigh wins HOH.

Elizabeth Cherokee Warren

If she does I hope she puts up Fes and Rockstar.


Never.. but the hacker can do that for her with one of them:)


Tyler and Angela.


Tonight is the night!!! CBS has football on but they put Big Brother on another channel, so everyone check your local channels and you might have it if it’s showing football instead of BB.

Hi My Name Is Scott

My area does not air till 2AM……….sad…….


me too and i am off bummer

Hi My Name Is Scott

Check your local CBS station website. I was stupid and looked on TV Guide and of course they did not have the updated local TV station lineup. It is on the CW channel in western PA


i saw it is on at 2 am but i don’t think is on it’s sister channel cw at 9


You can watch here for free videobrother.net/live-stream

It’s a safe link provided to me by Simon a few seasons back.


thanks i will give a try

Hi My Name Is Scott

Upon further review, the replay shows that BB will air on an alternate channel. Did not show that on line earlier today. Happy now!!!! Hope they have extensive coverage of the meeting!!!


For all of you Dallas people, it’s on channel 21 not the regular 11. CBS has both channel 11 and 21 in the metroplex.

Botox Pelosi

Ours is delayed but not really by football because it is the Browns game.


OMG, I feel you, my husband is a Browns fan, which is sadly kind of like being a HIVE member, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Browns picking every 1st draft pick wrong and the HIVE thinking they’re on the right side of the vote. I’m in no room to talk though, I’m a Buccaneer fan lol!


For me, that means it must be double eviction night!! It usually is DE the night I can’t watch it until the next day. Ticks me off every year.

K...bb fan

With the hacker still in play next week, i think that puts dbl eviction off till the following week.


Yeah it will be too much with the hacker comp
They comepete secretly and seperdly
Also the winner will need to make a choice
They gonna cal each hg to the d.r?
Then a cermony
No way


I set my dvr for that reason. Easier to find it by the recording. Then i can wait a few mins to fast forward the way to long recap.


Double eviction week
Sam self evicts
Fes accidentally backdoors himself
Rock cries

What the heck

double eviction will be NEXT week.
The hacker comp lasts for one more week so after the thursday eviction (next week) there will be another eviction right after that.


Neither Bayleigh nor Angie know how long a woman is pregnant?!

Rockstar Sucks

They should both just quit talking because everytime they open their mouths they show how stupid they are.

Hi My Name Is Scott

And yet they continue to call the other side dumba$$es and blame all the others and production for ruining their reputations………shm some more.


No, they just know that his thing goes in her thing- knowwhatI’msaying? That must be enuf…


Yeah, but it’s a lot easier going in than coming out! (especially if she’s pregnant for 10 months…)

Okay RockStar Sucked My Dick Once, But I was High

They are only concerned about how long the man can last, not how long is gestation….

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I would say the man (Swaggy) will let about 2 months after the entitled angry victim baby is born. Then he either goes into hiding or Bay buries him in the back yard of Mommy and Daddy’s mansion.


How do two grown ass women (one of them a mother of multiple children!) Not know how long human gestation is???


It explains Bayleigh not understanding the importance of using condoms though. So glad my kids all have that extra IQ point that Bay is missing. All the real smarts lives there on that single point. 🙂


I found this troubling as well, especially considering Angie has had multiple children.


Not Angela…….Rocks


Rockstar’s name is Angie.

Botox Pelosi

Bayleigh will know in eight more months.

Hi My Name Is Scott

And Angie has had kids??????? and Bayleigh is on point shy of genius status????? Boggles the mind……… shm while face is firmly in palm…….


You don’t remember Brett lying on her ON HER DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY?!?!

who me?

Everyone says 9 months, but a woman is actually pregnant 10 months from conception. Gestation is 280 days, or 40 weeks, from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period. Many women still think 9 months because the 10th month is counted as when they were fertile and the egg was fertilized.

Bloodless crotch

Who me? You’re absolutely right!! Not sure why you got “thumbs down”.


Most months are longer than 4 weeks. It may be 10 lunar months but 9 calendar months. Most folks use calendar months.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Medical professionals talk in “weeks” and calculate 40 weeks. Lay “folks” talk “9-months” for simplicity.

Seriously folks

40 weeks = 280 days counting from beginning of last period. Pregnancy typically occurs 10 days after period. 280-10=270. 270 divided by average 30 day month – 9 months.


Maybe Rockstar carried her children for closer to 10 months then 9. My Mom had 5 kids and carried all of us for close to 10 months.


Won’t be surprised if RS carried her kids for more than 10 months. They probably refused to come out after realizing RS will “raise” them.


Its not as simple as 9 months! All should understand that!

Full term pregnancy is calculated as being 40 weeks. Which is 10 months. However, Your gestational weeks are only 38 weeks. You are not PREGNANT for the first 2 weeks as those are the weeks that are during your cycle and fertilization.

another name

i originally said yeeeesh when i heard the conversation. but considering pregnancy is typically 280 days which is 40 weeks therefore greater than 9 months but less than 10…

Fessy’s brain

They are not only clueless in this game they are clueless in life.


And how many kids does Rock have? Haha! Dumb & Dumber!


One point from genius, yeah right?!!,

Ultra violet blues

Scottie, Hayleigh please save yourselves!


Voting to evict Bayleigh: EVERYBODY
Voting to evict RockTar: RockTar (if she had a vote)

*Scottie knows that they do not have the numbers to keep Bayleigh and cautions Hayleigh to vote with the house. I’m not sure Hayleigh and Fessy are smart enough to follow good game strategy but it would be PRICELESS if the vote to evict Bayleigh was unanimous. She would have one minute to chew her face, scream like a banshee and high tail it out of the Big Brother house and into deafening silence or loud boos.


I hope it’s unanimous to vote Bayleigh, that’s the smartest move for everyone. She’s done, save yourselves HIVE

Bye Bay

When she exits to boos, Bay will say the boos were for Angela for evicting her. #denial

Haleigh's Melanoma

I hope Julie Chen has some security close by.


Tyler should know better than to squeal his power to Sam…


I know, wth. Now she’s just going to wonder what took him so long to tell her. Why can’t they keep their mouths shut????

another name

name a secret she has divulged to anyone but tyler.


Strangely enough, I think this is the ONLY useful reveal of a power so far this season. I’m a fan of telling nobody until it serves you. Tyler knows Sam keeps her mouth shut. He needs Sam to vote Bay out and he knows that the way into her heart and mind is to show concern for other people (“They will put up others I care about because I will be safe”). Unlike Bayleigh or Haleigh who revealed their powers in moments of emotion, Tyler revealed his for a specific game purpose, and I think it will seal Sam’s vote.

Botox Pelosi

Great point and brilliant strategy.

Haleigh's Melanoma

I agree, Tyler just locked her in. By confiding in her only, he knows the last thing she would ever do in that house is betray his secret.


Totaly agree. Also it cant blow up cause he gonna use it soon anyway.


Actually Tyler telling about Sam’s power kept her safe that week without her having to activate it was probably better. That was great move on both their parts. The non-use of the power later made it kind of a dud though and the fact Kaitlyn screwed it up really didn’t help.


Excellent point!


I’m not so sure it was a really smart move on his part. He is telling her now because he is afraid that Bay would use her power to put him up. Seems like he just wants to save his own skin at this point. Sam might figure that he is only using her to further his game as he does with everyone else. This could backfire.


I think Sam will vote Bay out because she already promised Angela and Tyler that she will vote how they want her to, but I’m not so sure she has complete trust in Tyler after this.

Team Impeach45

Who are your favorite player to become America’s Favorite Player?
Fes or Rockstaz

who is the most hated player from this season?

Its a triple tie

snake angelo, entitle queen B and sis Brett

bye bye sweetheart!

What color is the sky in your world?

BB Fanatic

Hillary Blue obviously!


With a name like Team Impeach45, the sky in his fantasy world is obviously Blue.

who me?

Why do people constantly bring politics into the show? SMDH

Okay RockStar Sucked My Dick Once, But I was High

Because these delicate snowflakes can not accept the fact that HRC lost. And now they expect that any day the magic special prosecutor will impeach POTUS45 for them. 2 years and it isn’t working. and 60+ million people are not gonna let this scurvy crowd impeach a ham sandwich much less Potus45.




Scurvy crowd is the funniest damn thing I’ve heard all day….:)

Melted Snowflake

Favorite player is Tyler and Angela.

Least Favorite player Swaggy and Bayleigh.

Funniest player JC.

Least Favorite poster You 45.

another name

if i had to judge the editing of the episodes (because of episode only votes far exceeding feeders)…. for d/r color commentary they were pushing sam for a few weeks (she still has about 70 d/r comments, rock has about 45). for special clip they are pushing jc and fes. without the tmz stuff… they’d be ramming jc down our throats like we were an unfortunate minion.

Sakura Haruno

Tyler has my vote for America’s favorite!!


I wonder what adjective Haleigh will use tonight when she speaks to Julie before she casts her vote to evict. “Hi Julie – you look amazing…incredible…etc.” I don’t know why, but it makes me roll my eyes in exasperation.


I’m going with “cheated on”


Me too! It’s cheesy and fake.


Let’s not forget about “iconic”!

Douchey C

That is the worst for me tbh….. “ Julie, you look ICONIC “ ( barf) fake-ass , go chew your nails and jump on Brett

another name

considering the possibility that the hg can’t even see julie in the d/r when they cast the vote…. it’s even more ridiculous.


Iconic !!! Omg !!! I will now mute my tv every time. It’s so fake and just irritates me.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Scottie used the word “Splendid” in a conversation with Haliegh earlier in the week and she said “That’s a good word”, so I’m going with “Splendid”.


Hi Julie, I must say you look Imperial tonight.


seriously!!!!! it’s unbelievable! her last two adjectives (“you look extravagant” and “you look iconic”) don’t even make any sense! someone can’t look iconic. I guess, maybe, someone could look extravagant, but it’s certainly a stretch, and kind of an insult. she’s ridiculous.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s because she’s in her “fake personality” every time she’s casting her vote.


The personality that worked so well on Tyler and Brett, amirite?

Smitten By Haleigh

I can’t wait until they ((L6) have to deal with an angry hornet nest of Battle Back evictees. The drama continues….. Who would you like to see return to the game? Kaitlyn, Rachel or Bay?

BB Fanatic

Kaitlyn and Rachel cannot come back!!


Well only Bay is eligible at this point, so there’s that.


All the evicted house guest are already out and on Twitter and have seen past shows/feeds – cant really have a battle back with the current evicted guests, right? Whenever they’ve done a battle back in the past, those people have been sequestered. Maybe im wrong… dunno


If they do a battle back it’ll be with the evictees starting tonight. So probably Bayleigh then the next three out will have a chance.


This line says it all: “I think she was just.. when we had the meeting she was expecting everyone to come to her an apologize.” There is a word that defines that type of behavior and mindset. It’s called narcissism.

I grew up in Uganda (my name is San_Diego_Gal because I became a U.S. citizen as an adult and have lived there for many years). I have seen genuine pain and suffering as a child. Bayleigh’s claims that she has suffered only show that she has never seen genuine pain and suffering in her life because if she had, then she would have a different perspective.

Melted Snowflake

Bingo! Well said.

Your posts are as good as Team45’s are bad.

Okay RockStar Sucked My Dick Once, But I was High

Good grief!!! Hay still has not figured out Tyler’s alliance!!! A 3 person alliance with scottie and sam???? Is this level of cluelessness even possible??? If he was in with Scottie, then scottie would have dumped POV and not competed. Then he gave up the POV to angela based on her word??? Now who is he more tight with in that scenario???

Okay RockStar Sucked My Dick Once, But I was High

Great to see Hay looking fine. Unwashed hair, BO, greasy face, pimples exploding, wearing a dirty robe and T shirt from that germ infested bed. You are a pig! Take a shower, get dressed up, use some perfume, and act like a big girl. Like Angelalicious….


But you have to admit, when she cleans up, she’s a darned good looking girl. She just doesn’t do it on a regular basis. Too bad for us. Then there’s Sam with the girl next door look. A couple weeks ago, hair done, makeup, I almost didn’t recognize her. She’s a beauty.

Okay RockStar Sucked My Dick Once, But I was High

Damn straight Kent. Eviction Hay was looking like the hottest piece of ass on that show. Hair, makeup, skimpy top, skinny jeans, and slutty stripper shoes. she was smoking hot. The rest of the time she looks like a tomboy with bad hygiene.


“Bay – are you pregnant for 9 months or 10
Rocks – for 10 i think… you don’t actually know I mean it’s 9 .. Conceptions.. I don’t know how it works ”

Rocks left a newborn baby at home & she doesn’t know how long you are pregnant for!! WTH??? Does she really have a baby at home??? I’m starting to wonder….is it a sympathy ploy?

I really hope production shows the Bay blow up tonite. She got all dressed up for the meeting so I think she was planning on it being “The Bay Show” tonite.

Hay puts Tyler on the block & then tries to align with him. Does she really think he would believe anything she says. I think she sees the handwriting on the wall.

Scottie confuses me. He’s good at playing both sides. I don’t really know who he’s aligned with.

Well Tyler, you’ve confirmed it. NO ONE can keep their mouth shut in this house. I don’t think Sam will blab but I still think he shouldn’t have told her. Sam confused me last nite in her talk with KC.

JC…Can’t figure out if you’re going to vote out Bay tonite. (Love the suspense)


KC is playing a great game. Great positioning.

Can’t wait for tonite!!! Bye Bye Bay!!! Hope they film the jury house so you can keep giving us your drama.


Scottie ia good at playing both sides?
There isnt even ONE person trusting him since steve.
Every side dont realy count hin in .
The ones playing both sides are j.c and tyler
But now it seems like brett replaced tyler
Kaycee is also kinda playing everyone


Scottie is the only one who even has a clue of how to play both sides while also staying a free agent. If he gets to the end no one is going to feel like he betrayed them because he never lied to them about being on their side to begin with.

Tyler and JC will never win the game because they don’t know how to ride the middle. They piss too many people off. And at this point L6 is only 3 votes (Brett, Angela, and Kaycee). The majority of jury is going to be the people who Tyler and JC have treated like garbage all summer, so good luck to them with that.

Really only Sam would stand a chance at winning compared to Scottie, and Scottie has played much harder then Sam.


Tyler is still playing the best game.

Scottie for the win.

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

Honey Queen Bay, bye bye bye. I really hope she’s boo’d

Trackin the Kraken

We all knew Bayleigh would go thermonuclear. But the level she took it to at the House Meeting was brutal to listen to

I will not miss Queen Bay.I bet it sucks getting evicted holding a major power but BYYYYYEEEEEEE FELICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I’m pretty amazed on some chatboards there are people actually condoning her inexcusable behavior

Oh and Simon…That wake up pic w Rockstar in the background I may need some Kraken after seeing that ! Purely for medicinal purposes

This season continues to be a blast !!

team fair

Everyone is talking about how much Bayleigh went off but not about the fact that when she tried to end the conversation at least two times and Tyler kept on her…Hayleigh closed the meeting but Tyler had to keep talking….hypocrites


I feel like there have been worse blow ups and don’t see it as her going straight up pshyco ( though the blood made for good theatrics), but I do think her behavior was childish and made her look like a fool. I also don’t think you can blame Tyler considering the whole point of their little meeting was to paint a target on him. Why is it when Bay starts yelling everyone is suppose to just sit back and take it as not to further inflame her? Not Tyler’s or anyone elses’ fault that Bay can’t control herself. He didn’t call a meeting to attack her, it was the other way around.


So when H “closed the meeting” that meant everyone had to stop talking? As if their opinion doesn’t matter?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I watched it too. She was aggressive in her body language AND her shrieking voice. In his face even. He never moved. You are as delusional as Bay is.




The BB20 tag on Tumblr is rampant with bloggers who buy into the idea that the whole house and production and “casuals” are all racist and that they’re all actually treating Bayleigh like shit. They spew all kinds of hate about Tyler and JC especially but sometimes Sam and other hg’s.


Is the ugh about me? Sorry, just sayin’.


And that is exactly why I think RS and Hayleigh are being so over the top about Baleigh….


The thing is, I can see how after being rejected by Angela and Brett for weeks Bay would be trying to find some reason for it. She is probably used to being one of the pretty, popular people, and for the other pretty, popular people to exclude most likely didn’t feel good for Bay. So she lashed out, it happens. It doesn’t make them racist, but Brett, Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler are narrow minded people who do hate anyone in the game who is different from them. Not saying that is who they are in real life, but who they are in the BB house kind of sucks.


Real talk: the most concerning thing to me from this whole recap is the question of whether or not pregnancy is 9 or 10 months. *slow blink* Seriously? And one of the two in the conversation has had children for god’s sake. I mean, it’s actually more accurate to do it in weeks, but…yeah, it’s nine months, unless they’re both actually aliens and the gestation period is different? (I mean, in RS’ case that would…explain so much). I’m so disappointed in the whole Rockstar thing because on the intro packages I was prepared to just adore the heck out of her as a weird pagan type myself, and then it just all went downhill from there.

But seriously…if you don’t know how long a pregnancy lasts, perhaps you should learn the basics before engaging in activities that can lead to such a state. Good grief.


Should have asked about food stamps or section 8 if she wanted an answer

who me?

You’re wrong (says the mother of one) human gestation is 280 days, or 40 weeks, from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period. The medical term for the due date is estimated date of confinement (EDC). However, only about four per cent of women actually give birth on their EDC.


Calendar months are just over 4 weeks, so 9 calendar month covers the full gestational period of a human fetus. Unless you are talking to a medical/scientific audience you go with an accurate layman’s response of 9 months. The vast majority of the planet accepts that as close enough and everyone generally understands there’s a plus or minus implied there.


Well Said!


Pregnancy isn’t a science. Women carry their children from anywhere from 8 to 10 months, depending on their body and the child’s development.


It’s measured in weeks, but the weeks start from the time you miss your period, if you’re regular. Normal gestation is around 40 weeks, which is closer to 10 months than to 9. I think current guidelines consider 37 weeks to be full term for baby’s development, and most doctors will induce labor if you’ve made it to 42 weeks without going into labor naturally.

When I got pregnant with my son, I was going through fertility treatments, so my estimated due date was much more accurate than most. Even so, like most women, I didn’t deliver on my due date.

All of which Rockstar should know because she’s done it 3 TIMES and one of those times was fairly recent.


Blink harder next time. You are judging them but many don’t know this!

Full term pregnancy is calculated as being 40 weeks. Which is 10 months. However, Your gestational weeks are only 38 weeks. You are not PREGNANT for the first 2 weeks as those are the weeks that are during yur cycle and fertilization.Join the discussion…


When you’re pregnant and the doctor talks to you about your pregnancy, they use weeks, and even with healthy pregnancies, you have a lot of appointments which happen at certain *weeks*. I don’t know a single pregnant woman who hasn’t counted down the weeks at the end of her pregnancy. Rockstar has three, presumably biological, children, and she doesn’t know how it works?

Either she’s dumb or playing dumb.

another name

if rumors are true… another question answer hoh. 2 in a row? that’s not suspicious at all.


What rumor?

another name

two different twitter spoilers. one from days ago, the other from hours ago. one of them i give an accuracy of about 65-70 %, the other i tend to give about an 80% accuracy rating to when it comes to such things. therefore the ‘if’ and ‘rumor’

Sweet baby bird

Someone in another site posted this, and I think it’s perfect to describe Bayleigh so I thought I’d share

A Lesson in Humility

So…CrayBay tried to force an apology out of Angela last night. Angela wasn’t having it. Cray got all up in her face, stating that she has NEVER talked negatively about Angela & that she would’ve been friends with her outside of the house, but there’s no chance of that happening now. ?

She agreed to play in a game of deceit & treachery. And she has been outplayed & can’t deal with it. She is so mad to not be on the throne, that she has turned everything personal.

Angela kept her cool, stating that it’s a game and she hopes they’ll be friends outside of the house. But Cray’s vocal fry kept getting louder & louder. So Angela eventually walked away. Good for her. I’m not a huge Angela fan, but that convo was going nowhere.

Bayleigh has talked so negatively about Angela, on a PERSONAL level. She conveniently forgets that she called Angela a whore who sleeps with married men. She has called the entire house “fucking pieces of trash.” I’ve never heard Angela or Tyler or Sam talk this way about the house. So, who is Cray, to demand an apology? CrayBay is guilty of everything she accuses everybody else of, but she can’t see it in herself.

I can’t even with this wretched narcissist. She will spin the truth so it suits her narrative. And forget hoping she will learn a lesson from being on this show. She is a classic narcissist. She will never learn from watching the tapes or reading comments. She’ll have an excuse for everything & her family will enable her delusions.

She is the poster child for “beauty is only skin deep.” She is a beautiful girl, but so incredibly ugly on the inside. Her parents have raised her to think the world revolves around her and that her shit doesn’t stink.

Bay said to Sam that this show has ruined her reputation, because she has been seen cussing, etc. That she had a good reputation before coming on the show. That’s because she had a reputation built on lies. She only showed the pageant world her fake, charming self. But watching her on the live feeds, the world got to see her true self. And it was shocking to see such hateful things come out of such a pretty mouth.

It’s also a shame that the Black/African American community had someone that LOOKED like a great role model, to start with, but who has let them down. It’s hard to see someone you were rooting for and who you defended, act uglier & more hateful, every day. I hope that B.B. has a more diverse cast next year, and that the Black/African American contestants are healthy, emotionally intelligent people who we can all root for.

Teri in Oregon


The 2010 United States Census

Why do you care about a more “diverse” cast? Is that code for the show is too white?

The show is Big Brother “United States”

There are 16 cast members, therefore each cast member equates to 6.25% of a particular demographic.

The Current Cast has 2 Black members which adds up to 12.5%, the United States in the last census was 12.6% Black.

The Current Cast has 10 members who would likely self identify as White (and I think most would see them that way) which adds up to 62.5%, the United States in the last census was 72.4% White-Only.

That leaves us with Rachel, JC, Fessie & Kaycee. Rachel and JC fall into the Hispanic category which is 16.3% of the last US census. That 16.3% is also a part of the White-Only #. Therefore it is hard to know if they would self identify as White-Hispanic or “Two or more races” which is a distinct category which makes up an additional 2.9% of the 2010 us population. To further complicate matters, people can self identify as “some other race” which is another 6.2%.

What does that mean? It means if all of them identify as part of the White-Only group then yes, whites are over-represented in this cast. If they identify as part of one of the other categories, then Whites are actually under-represented by almost 2 cast members. Asians were 4.8% of the population and therefore should be represented in most, but not all years if we want to truly reflect the demographics of the US.

Of course if we go by Bayleigh’s 1 drop rule, then Whites are SEVERELY under-represented, as I’m sure a DNA test would show that almost none of them are 100% “White” as defined by racist, entitled, spoiled, politically-correct, millenial, snowflake liberal logic.

So, instead of whining that this show isn’t “diverse” enough (when in fact, it matches almost perfectly the ethnic demographic make-up of our nation), why can’t we all just enjoy the characters for who they are, regardless of “race”?

Now if you want to talk about a lack of diversity in Age, then that is a discussion that has merit.

Baby bird

Dude, that wasn’t what I wrote it was someone else’s post. Everything else is spot on.


Geez Pete, whoever said that a diverse cast has to accurately reflect the US census? It couldn’t hurt to have a few more non-white people.


As I was reading this, about half way through, I had to scroll up to the beginning to see if my Burning Man Dino photo was there. I truly did. I could’ve written this post. We think and speak exactly alike. It is uncanny. I absolutely agree with everything you said and the way you stated it. Great Post!

Who said that!

I would love to see Sam’s interactions behind the scenes with production.She must be their worst nightmare,uncontrollable.

another name

and yet, i think she takes everything they say to her in d/r very personally.
half their brains are probably thinking ‘oh i can’t with this one’ while the other half are probably thinking ‘if she builds a flux capacitor our of tupperware, an unraveled towel, the dryer, and her toxic weinerhooch, we’re in big trouble.’


Haily grilling Tyler is hysterical, he runs circles around her. In the first place, why would she think she has the nerve to grill anyone about who they are secretly aligned with? She and Fes will be very happy together, same IQ level. I guess she forgot she just put Tyler on the block so no, he won’t be working with her. He’s doing some great jury management right now, answering her politely without answering truthfully. Pretty smart.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Exactly! “And the biggest reason I have never talked game with you, Haileigh, is that you are my opponent and have been targeting me for weeks; and The Hive couldn’t strategize their way out of a paper bag!.” (Tyler’s thought bubble)


Tyler is an idiot for lying and that is terrible jury management. Hay won’t vote for a lying snake in the end. He really isn’t doing himself any favors.

Hay has every right to ask questions, and she should be. She isn’t dumb, she knows who Tyler has been working with and is giving him the chance to do some damage control by coming clean, which he isn’t doing. That is Tyler’s problem in the game, he doesn’t know how to accept help. He is too concerned with coming off as a mastermind to think about how he comes off to other people. He had a good beginning game, but doesn’t know how to play for the win. Hay on the other hand was weak in the beginning, but is getting stronger and stronger as the game goes on.


Bayard is LEAVING the BB house tonight. She has to be the worst houseguest in BB history. She is rude, hateful, a whore (I mean come on who has sex KNOWING people are watching on day 4 or 5 of meeting this guy) she is NASTY. So long hobag I bet yo mama is proud of you.


I am happy Tyler shared his power (secret) with Sam, she always feels left out and now her friend shows his trust in her. F2 Tyler & Sam

Sweet baby bird

Ok, I know Sam is not a strategic player and she definitely has no shot at winning but I just love her. She is a pure soul, those are hard to find. I would be her friend in a heartbeat. It’s hard to find people as real and lovable as her. And Tyler had me when he was so sweet and kind to her when she was a robot. He was the only one. If I was Tyler’s parents, I would be really proud of what kind of son they raised.


I totally agree with you, Sweet Baby Bird. San might not be the best player, but she is a genuine sweetheart, something we don’t usually see on this show. Sometimes she says things that make me roll my eyes, because it seems like she’s not playing the game, but then I think, maybe that IS the game. Maybe she’s a kooky darling genius, we’ll see!


Did anyone else notice on the show last night that Brett looked at Jesse the same way that Winston used to look at Brett? Hahahaha

Hi my name is Scott

T minus 1 hour and counting!


I’m sorry to post this here, but don’t know where else to ask. I saw someone post something about a twitter account that posts inside info and was wondering if someone could repost it. I can’t find the user on my Twitter,,,thanks in advance

Longtime Lurker

REALvegas4sure #bb20. (Twitter username)

She’s posted that Sam wanted too refuse to vote…was crying in the DR. Wanted to leave the game, but they convinced her to stay. I’m worried Bayleigh might stay.


BayLeigh reminds me of a psycho Rue from Hunger Games.


Hey, Simon. Were my comments earlier too “inflammatory” to be posted earlier???? What gives???