Rockstar “You were just so eloquent. You just also had blood coming out.”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Tyler Bayleigh Have Nots

12:35pm Lounge room. Tyler and Scottie. Tyler – I asked Angela so were they really trying to get Scottie put up as the replacement nominee and she said yeah. Scottie – yeah that kind of pisses me off. Tyler – I don’t know man. Scottie – this is the one useful piece of information I got out of that.. that Fes is going around saying that you went to me and him about us needing to stick together. Tyler – you know that’s f**king.. Scottie – yeah I know that’s bullsh*t. Tyler – he’s been pitching that to me for weeks. Scottie – that’s what I said. He’s running around covering his bases. Tyler – I feel like that whole meeting was to just put a target on me. Scottie – that’s what Haleigh is worried about now that she is a target. She might not even be the hacker. Tyler – I think Bay told her that she would use her power on her if she said she was the hacker. My vote is definitely going to be cancelled. And if Bay stays I will go up. Scottie – they keep saying to me have you gone to the dark side? Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty. They can only blame me for so many weeks before everyone is like one person can not be responsible for all this. Scottie – what started all of this was Bay telling Rachel about her power. Tyler – I was so surprised that Bay took it so far .. like calling me a child .. she didn’t need to insult me. She was trying to pit Angela and I against each other. Are you still voting her out? Scottie – yeah. Tyler – I’m just going to have to fight like hell now.

12:36am Havenot room. Bayleigh – wasn’t that that black girl that likes to cuss people out? Haleigh – you did say a lot of swear words. Bay – good. I don’t even remember what I said. My eyes were just glazed. Rockstar – you were just eloquent. You just also had blood coming out. Bay – when I spit into the trash can it was so much blood. I thought I lost a tooth. (She bit her lip when she was screaming/flipping out on Tyler) Rockstar – I was sitting with Fes and JC and they were like she lost a tooth. And I was like that just does not happen .. someone does not get that angry. I bet my life that a tooth did not just come out.

Bay – I bet my mom was like oh my child .. get her off this show! There are maybe only like five times in my life that I have gotten that angry. Rockstar – its a pressure cooker. It was a long time coming. Bay – well Tyler said good night to me and I said it back. I even apologized to Angela. She didn’t take it very well but she can kiss my a$$. My black a$$!! Rockstar – apologizes are for you. Bay – apologize are for her. Forgiveness is for me. Rockstar – f**k em! F**k em all! Bay – if I do leave its not like I get to talk to Swaggy. Bay – Sam said I just asked them (DR) if I could trade spaces with you and they said no. I was like Sam that’s not how this works. I am sad that the whole world saw me spaz out like that. Haleigh – I spaz out like that like five times a year. Rockstar – and spit up blood? Haleigh – no.

12:48am HOH room. Angela and Tyler. Tyler – I asked him (Scottie) about Brett and then Brett walked in the room so I walked up here. So hopefully Brett feels him out better. I don’t know. Angela – man if Sam doesn’t vote.. Tyler – she has to .. I think she will. Angela – it just sucks if she (Bay) stays we know our fate is in her hands. Tyler – that is not a good place for it to be. She is not going to stay, she is going to go and you will be fine. Don’t you worry. I will win HOH and you will win hacker and she will be gone. Angela – Sam has said it a few times now that she will vote how I want her to. Tyler – it will be a close one but maybe Scottie will to. Angela – I think that Scottie wants bto work on that side if Bay stays and this side if she goes. We just have to make him think she is going. Angela – its all on Sam. Tyler – I hate this game. What are they doing to us. Tyler hugs Angela and tells her he’s got her back. Its all my fault, blame it all on me. Tyler heads to bed.

1:11am – 1:30am Havenot room. Fes, Rockstar, Bay and Haleigh. Bay – I can’t believe Fessie called himself white the other day. Fes – I did? Bay – that’s what I said and he was so mad about it. You were talking about going home to Haleigh’s family and you said I am white why would they care. Bay – you’re not white. You have white in you. But you’re not white! Fes – I’m half white. Bay – do you know that in America if you have an ounce of anything else in you .. you are publicly considered for the census.. other. Fes – I used to get teased for being black and not that I’m here I’m not black enough. Rockstar – what Obama? Fes – half black / half white. Bay – even the kids that say their great Grampa was black .. you’re considered mixed. People like you (Fes), you’re not white. Fes – I know I’m nt

2:15am Fes and Brett chatting in the kitchen. Brett – Rockstar hasn’t given me her pitch but she’s been awfully nice to me. And telling me about her alliance. I feel like its tougher for you. Fes says that he is unsure who to vote for because he is thinking about jury votes.

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping…

8:41am everyone is sleeping..

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Tom A

“I have maybe only gotten that mad 5 times in my life” She acts like going on a tirade, blacking out, biting your own lip with anger 5 times in your life is normal. Doesn’t surprise me. Bay has shown us this year that she is not only a terrible player, but a terrible, racist, mean, nasty person. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Queen Bay!


Haleigh spazzes out like that 5 times a year apparently. OMG lol


I’m fairly certain that Haleigh does not spazz out so badly that she starts chewing her own face until she is spitting out blood. Haleigh is just trying to make Bayleigh feel better.

JC is Pervy

She does not look like the girl that came into the house. The ugliness is starting to show through.

Michelle Green

I think they Bailey an amazing player race has nothing to do with this at all


Bayleigh needs to stop talking…….


“Bay – do you know that in America if you have an ounce of anything else in you .. you are publicly considered for the census.. other.” Wrong. You fill out the census yourself and you can put down whatever you want or even leave it blank. Just an example of Bay in her comfort zone – the victim of racist world

Bayleigh’s racist delusion

In fact people of middle eastern and south Asian (India) ethnicities are considered “white” for nearly all government purposes in the United States.

Bailey is delusional, she is referring to the 1 drop rule that hasn’t been used since the Jim Crow era and then only in the South. Truly ignorant of the country she lives in.


True, but in America he would be considered MUSLIM.. which is only a race to racist. They don’t see him as white.


That’s ridiculous. Though I do believe that may would refer to him as Indian even though that is profoundly false, because a lot do not differentiate those of middle eastern decent, but that’s not racism just ignorance.


He’s Middle-Eastern, Muslim is a religion. There are Christians, Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, but Muslims are the majority.


The person above was pointing out that racists consider Muslims a race, not a religion


Part of that is because many Muslims consider that their ethnicity. I know that it’s not…but many do consider that


On behalf of all white Americans, I say if Fes wants to be white, he can be white. We don’t care. Where do you get info from?


Actually, no. No one gets to choose their race, lol if that were the case then I’m sure a lot more people would just label themselves as white and call it a day. You are what people perceive you as, which is almost certainly based on how your features correspond to a certain racial category. Clearly when you look at fessie you can tell he has a little something mixed in. No one sees him as white, he even said himself he was bullied for being “black”.. And bayleigh saying that doesn’t make her racist, it’s.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sam asked Dr. if she could replace Bayliegh on the block? What would possess someone to do a stupid thing like that? Does she have a messianic complex where she has to take the world’s pain and sin and misery and suffering onto herself? I hope she snaps out of it at the jury house.

What the heck

Omg that’s actually so sweet of her
I feel so sorry for Sam 🙁


I didn’t see the feeds but Bay saying somebody said something doesn’t mean they did. I can also see Sam asking in the DR in a joking kind of way, telling Bay about it in a more serious way and it morphing into……Bay’s guaranteed vote if Sam makes it to final 2.

another name

she told other people she’d never walk out, because it might mean some hard working people on the show or the network might lose a job.
but… are we sure she isn’t just pulling off jury management to a narcissist?
then again. maybe she’s thinking…. crazy people.


I’m pretty sure Sam knew that they would not let her take the place of the evicted person. So it was a safe question if she even asked it. I wouldn’t put it past sweet little Sam to lie to Bayleigh to make her feel good and stay on her good side. I think Sam sees she can be a bitter juror.


Did she really do that or just say she did? I think Sam is playing a part and even has us fooled.


Bayleigh & RockTar Quotes:

Rockstar – if you do stay .. destroy them all!
Bay – I would burn their entire bodies into little, little specks till they’re seeds of their children.
Rockstar – I love that. Sounds good.

Does CBS have a psychiatrist on hand?

The Canadian

OMG… That’s very violent. Production should intervene when such words are being said. Hard to listen to almost as much as Brett saying that he wanted to spit in Rockstar’s face.

It is not entertaining it is blalantly violent.

I seriously doubt that Bayleigh will still have a job after that. She got that right…


Just like with Brett and Winston’s remarks, I don’t think there is any intention to actually do any of these things. So acting as if someone in the house is in physical danger is too much. The words are disturbing hyperbole much like Bayleigh’s remarks during her HoH. They may need to have a chat with some professional to make sure their mental health is stable after the pressures of the show but I don’t think anyone needs to sleep with one eye open…yet.


Unfortunately, that’s not uncommon in the USA these days.


Bay was whinning to Sam the other day about quitting her job to come do this. Sam said she quit hers too. Bay just dismissed her saying it was not the same, a welder can always get a job, insinuating that Bay holds a more professional standing.
Bye, bye bye Bay. Good luck in life, you will need it with your attitude and anger issues. You can’t demand respect, you gotta earn it girl.


Spitting in the face doesnt comoare to the many times that Baykeigh has threated to kill people…even her own alliance. Spoiked, crazy brat


The census doesn’t look at your ancestry. It asks you and you can check what you want, they just ask that you check the box that best reflects your ethnicity. If you don’t consider yourself white because your great granddad had a bit of Cherokee in him, that’s on you. When you get down to it, I doubt there’s very many folks who are pure anything. Plus white covers a lot of ground.


Angie’s understanding of eloquence is strange.


Of course it is…just look at her and what comes outta her mouth

Haleigh's Melanoma

RS said that her boyfriend often has to tell her to COOL IT when she posts stuff online because “they will be burning crosses on our yard if you don’t cut it out”. To her eloquence is rage and anger, man the barricades, fight the power, burn this mother down! I think she has suffered a lot of mistreatment and just empathizes with the supposed downtrodden, depending on her definition of course.

The Canadian

Someone in the forum said that he/she grew up with RS and she comes from a privilege family… Don’t think she suffered much, it seems more like a spoiled brat who turned into a rebel without a cause…


Rebel without a Clue…


Could be true, but I took it with a grain of salt.

another name

sort of like… well wasn’t that a dainty earthquake.


Here we are on eviction day. There’s a quote that says if you really want to know what someone thinks, listen to them when they are angry. BB proves that point every single season.

Tyler remains my #1 No explanation needed!

Kaycee is my #2. I love how she handled Bay’s blow up….calm, cool, collected.

Scottie moves back up to my #3 because he put complete trust in Tyler and Angela when he needed to. He keeps surprising me just when I am beginning to lose hope in this guy. I also give him kudos credit for his POV comp performance.

Angela has dropped to my #4 after hearing her weak nomination speech. She should have just stated that Bayleigh was going up because she has a power that could negatively impact her game. IMHO, she blew her game with that speech. She has still had a very successful HOH, though.

JC moves to #5 because he can really keep a good story going! Such talent. Yet, he sort of blew his position in the house yesterday after Mount Bayleigh eruption.

Brett is now my #6 because he should have done better in that POV comp!

Sam is my #7. I don’t believe that she’s buying all of the sap and want to believe she is just playing to everyone’s emotions in there. Yet, I’m not confident with this given we had no DR interview reveal last night. Come on Sam!

Haleigh has gifted the BB house with a clear target (HERSELF) after her confession speech. Funny how she didn’t really deliver the message of hate and stupidity to Angela that she was claiming she would. Rather, it was an ‘OOPS! I want to win but don’t want Bay to lose, but, I didn’t mean to steal your HOH, Angela.’ WHATEVER! She also stopped playing for herself. Haleigh has lost me again!

Rockstar rests at #9. She handed her game to Bayleigh, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she does self- evict to save Bayleigh so she can make her “social statement”. Hopefully she has thought that through and realizes it’s not the way to go (and Chris likes his front yard the way it is!) OR. She will actually begin campaigning to save Bayleigh. UGH! Who knows! When Rockstar told Bayleigh she was eloquent, I fell off my rocker. This game is getting dangerous for this old lady!

Bayleigh’s edit on Wednesday’s show received a glorious whitewash (insert disclaimer that usage of this term does not make granny a racist). All the grimy hate was skipped over in favor of a poor sweet Not-the-Hacker Bayleigh as the “unfair” target. Sheesh BB! But the ultimate audacity is Bayleigh thinking she somehow comes out on top in public opinion after all that. Crikey! Bayleigh’s problem is that she has never been taught how to lose, so she must create her own personal win, at whatever cost. Wildly wretched! Oh, and how in the hell Bay knows what public consensus on what someone’s race/ethnicity is????? Geesh, Bay. She tries to make Faysal feel inferior to all “white people”????? Americans are all mutts unless citizenship was gained by someone immigrating with 100% ancestry from another country. Foolish girl! Mama and Papa Day…y’all need get your girl’s glitter together!

Faysal is still last on my list. *sigh

I think tonight’s vote is still unstable, but as of right now, my take is..

Voting to evict Bayleigh:
Tyler’s vote cancelled by Hacker
Angela can’t vote as HOH
Kaycee evicts Bay
Brett evicts Bay
JC evicts Bay
Sam evicts Bay
Scottie votes to evict Bay

Voting to evict Rockstar:
Rocky can’t vote as a nom
Bay can’t vote as a nom
Haleigh votes to evict Rockstar
Faysal votes to evict Rockstar

Bring it on! This Granny is ready (with bells on).


Boo! Fes is gonna win watch out! He may not be the smartest player in the game but he’s playing a much better social game than Haleigh and Rockstar and will win competitions to build trust with others moving forward. He’s gonna keep himself and Haleigh safe for the next few weeks, WATCH! Go Fes! #Underdogs


Ha ha ha ha! Fez win? Are you two related then?

Haleigh's Melanoma

I agree Angela shouldn’t have tried to embellish her nom speech, but in fairness her alliance members were egging her on to rebut some of the conflicts Bayliegh created during her Royal Reign and I think she tried to be just a little too clever.



We know that RockTar wants to make a social statement. We just don’t know how badly she wants to make that social statement. The social statement itself is rather priceless. She wants the world to know:

Dirt poor white single mothers like RockTar should consider self-evicting so that spoiled rotten black girls from wealthy families like Bayleigh can go farther in a game like Big Brother…and maybe some day be able to afford a bigger mansion to live in.


You just explained “white guilt”


Bay absolutely got a favorable edit this week. I would say, so did Angela. They showed Angela saying multiple times that Bay has a power so she has to go. Unfortunately for Angela, she didnt say that in her re-nom speech. She got Vanessa-Russo-itis thinking she had to have an elaborate plan. Simply saying “you have a power and you need to go” should have been sufficient. (So i am basically agreeing with you 🙂 ).

I wonder how much of the blow up they show…

I agree with how you lay your votes out because L6/5/4 has been very consistent in how they vote. Sam is worrying me though. She is either genius or clueless. Tyler/Angela really need to get in her ear and work on her today….

Scottie is saying one thing to one side and the other to the other, although ultimately i think he votes for Bay to leave because of that power (plus I think he believes that hay/bay/rock/fes were pitching him to go up instead of bay).. Tyler should reinforce that though one more time.


Couldn’t possibly agree more with ALL of that.


Join the discussion…They showed to entire blow up on the Live Feeds….


Scottie prefers Bay to stay because that would remove the self-imposed target off Hayleigh’s back. If he thinks there’s a chance Bay will get enough votes to stay, that’s where he’ll vote.


That WAS A GREAT synopsis and almost my exact thoughts.
I do put Brett higher.
Bayleigh is straight up racist and a brat.
Also rumor is she is pregnant?
BB is a POS the way they edit it so no group can come after them for being racist, so anyone in colored natured, they don’t show, but let someone say/do something about color BOOM
Angela and JC made talk about tans and metaphors and CBS publishes an apology statement and then lectures them.
Where is Bay/RS lecture and CBS apology?
CBS sucks, seriously and what about Julie Chen’s husband. He gets away with his harassment too!!! The network sucks


“Where is Bay/RS lecture and CBS apology?” – I have been asking the exact same thing. Where is it??? Where is the report on MSN that about how another house guest used multiple racial comments??? Hmmm…..
It’s not just CBS though. None of the networks would do it.

Haleigh's Melanoma

TMZ is awfully quiet too.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Before the live show CBS posted an apology & disclaimer. Ridiculous.


Angela has had a successful HOH in spite of herself.


CBS will never show Blahleigh for the prejudiced/racist person that she is……. If it was, say Sam making similar statements, they would crucify her.


Rocks – “You were just so eloquent”…..Yea Rocks. Bay’s screaming at the top of her lungs, Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up! That’s eloquent to you. Hay threw her game away for Bay when she outed herself as the hacker.
Fessie is playing the dating game. WTH is wrong with them????

Once Bay goes, I bet Fessie & Hay go right after. Then the game will really get going!! Rocks will never make it to the end because everyone knows that the jury will be full of the Hive & they will vote for her. Same goes for Sam. Which makes me sad cause I really like Sam.

Can’t wait for tonite!!!! Great season!!!


Twice now an L6 member has said the hacker numbers don’t add up. Anyone understand why they should?


7 rounds and 3 points in a round so a total of 21 points would have been awarded. They are compiling all the numbers they trust and the different numbers the girls give doesn’t add to 21.


Aha! thanks.

Busta Fooligan

I think since there was 7 rounds with 3 winners in each, there should be a total of 21 correct answers. So the totals aren’t adding up in their minds.

Hi My Name Is Scott

If Scottie and JC vote to evict Rock Star, then Queen Bay reigns for another week. JC has been know to vote to keep the house turmoil going. He likes when there is a clear and fairly even divide in the house and that plays to his social game. Both sides are counting on JC and Scottie voting there way.

Hi My Name Is Scott

OOPS!!!! Did not realize the line of the question…Was thinking you were referring to the votes to be cast for eviction and the use of the hacker eliminating a vote. My bad…… 🙁


Although I think JC will vote Bay out because I don’t think he likes her, (actually he doesn’t like either of them) it is in his best interest to keep things even (RS hasn’t shown she can win). Once the other side is gone, he cannot do what he does best and that is spy and keep the other side off their game. Once they are all gone, he has no use to L6 because he is only a number to them. He doesn’t know that but he does understand where his worth lies. If he vote all the other side out, then he will be the next to go.

Hi My Name Is Scott

My only thought on why he might vote to keep the Queen Bay is the confusion that would be caused on the FKA L6 but NKA L4 side and the sudden influx of misguided confidence on the Hive side. They will still screw things up for themselves because they will forget that they lost a number and they will still have no one who will plan and strategize anything. It will keep him valuable to both sides and if it creates any doubt in the L4, it benefits him. That is the only way Bay stays. Hope she goes though


JC might be at the bottom of the L6 totem pole as it stands, but once the other side is effetively dismantled, they will want to keep a couple outsiders around to help them take each other out. People like JC, Sam, Scottie and maybe even Rockstar are going to become more valuable in the near future.

The Truth Bomb

People can hate on the hive all they want, but without them this season would nowhere near as entertaining as it is right now, messy alliances are good tv.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Hey, never said I hated the Hive. Don’t think most of us here that are having fun laughing at the Hive hate them at all. Every season there is a group that forms an alliance that acts just like the Hive. The most recent version was the season I take my moniker from. BB over the top. The Back yard gang was just like the Hive. They all bemoaned the fuzzy bunny rich and privileged house guest and ranted and raved amongst themselves about “the other side” and how America loved them and hated the fuzzy bunnies. They had no strategy to win either. The only reason why they all did not get booted before the end was the presence of Jason Roy, a vet. He of course had a following because of his vet status and with the fans voting the house guests out, he stuck longer. Watching those people was like watching a large pileup on the freeway. Could not look away from the carnage. Every season has such a group that form an alliance and it does make it entertaining.

Hi My Name Is Scott

I actually liked the premise of the Over the Top version but having only 1 vet in the format kind of skewed what was going on. I understand why they wanted at least one vet involved so as to get more interest from the fan base. It would have been a much better show if was either an All Star season or like seaon 20, no vets and all newbies. I was hoping they were going to do a second season in either format (All vets or no vets) so see how the show would play out with an even playing field. It was great being able to see all of the comps and veto/evictions live.


I agree, the HIVE makes this season so good, it would be boring without their mental ineptitude. I always root for the underdog, so I’m kinda rooting for Fes. He’s soooo dumb, but he is definitely the most likable on that side. I was hoping him and Brett and Sam could some how team up.

Bayleigh is a rude bitch

Bayleigh hates white people. Don’t tell Fes what his race is. She is a very angry person.

The Ghost of Aaryn and GinaMarie

She didn’t tell him what his race was. She told him that he was not white. Big difference. So stop acting like you don’t live in segregated America.


Not really her business to be making proclamations about another person’s skin color. If he thinks of himself as white, that’s up to him, if he’s biracial. Personal identity is exactly that, personal.


“Not really her business to be making proclamations about another person’s skin color”

No she shouldn’t. She should leave that up to ___ ____


Who does she think she is to tell someone what they are or are not. That’s the ultimate form of narcissism, insisting you know better than someone and can tell them what they feel or identify as. He thinks of himself as white and by all intent and purpose, he is since middle eastern descent is classified as Caucasian.

another name

I actually don’t think Bayleigh hates white people. But in the view of someone that can’t take personal responsibility, she would, of course, say white people, in order to get her stans to call racism: it isn’t that she screwed her game, it’s because she’s black. Given that the house discussed the talks production gave about racial sensitivity, she’s well aware that will get her a response that will lessen the personal responsibility that she mishandled her hoh. Racism exists. that’s obvious. But, in this case, she could be green with yellow polka dots but that wouldn’t mean she didn’t foul up her own game.


My God, I cannot wait until this woman is GONE. Good riddance.

Julie Chen Interviews BB Fans

In order to be a racist you have to believe that a particular race is superior to another. Now when did Bay state or indicate that blacks were superior to whites? She may be childish, spoiled or even nasty. But she is not a racist. So Stop filling up this blog with BS. Everyone in the B.B. house is slinging disgusting nasty foul words out of their mouths. The Cast Members just met each a month ago and are clawing for $500000. So there are going be shocking moments in this game. This suppose to be fun TV entertainment.


Definition. (noun) – a person who shows discrimination or prejudice against people of other races.

Bailey and Rockstar both fit this definition to a T. I totally agree this should be fun entertainment. I hope when they come out, they can look at their core beliefs about people and see how warped they are and change.


Definition of racism

1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 a : a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles
b : a political or social system founded on racism
3 : racial prejudice or discrimination


She’s right people! People often throw out the term racist but use it incorrectly. Racists think one race (usually their own) is superior and of higher quality. Bigots and prejudiced people look down on other raves or have negative stereotypes about them. It’s a small point, and the misuse of the word is so common it’s almost become a new definition of the word but it’s good to know. Look it up! Now, do I excuse Bailey’s comments? Nope. That’s where we differ.

The Canadian

Exactly what I’ve been saying since the beginning. The girl has many faults but she is not a racist. It takes other behaviors to be a racist. She is actually talking with a Caucasian person, she confides in some of them in the BB house.

People are mixing racism and prejudices.

Don’t know her but from what I can see, Bayleigh seems like the type of Black girl who will take pride in having the type of hair she has on her head calling it “good hair”, in reference of her hair not being too nappy. Less nappy hair in Black people in America is synonym with some mixture along the way with Caucasian mainly or another race….

Naaaahh stop it the girl is ignorant, prejudiced, not racist…..


What show are you watching? It sure isn’t the same feeds I’m watching. Bayleigh “hates” white people. Maybe you’re only watching the tv show, but she has said it more than once. If hating a certain race is not racist, paint me green and call me the Hulk!
Fun tv entertainment. Yeah, watching clueless people repeat the same mistakes over and over each time expecting a different outcome…what is that called? I don’t think everyone in that house right now would agree that it’s “fun”. This game is NOT fun. I is a game of deceit and treachery. If people don’t know the game and can’t handle it, they have no place being in the game.


When did anybody else in the house say that one race was better than another? That’s the question here. fan

Fes worrying about jury votes is as funny as anything this year!


He’ll be on the wrong side of that vote as well.


When I thought Jozea was the worst BB play in BB history (not to mention that goof from the last BB Can season), here comes Bayleigh! Yay, Bayleigh! Win an app… then run your mouth to people who had never sided or voted like you! Yay for you! Then someone exposes your power for the whole house and what do you do? Nothing! Keep the power for whatever next week you think you’ll be there. Since you had such an amazing HOH reign when things when exactly how you wanted, just keep being the puppetmaster, right? Run to Angela’s room and tell her everything about your power… how it works. Never mind bluffing and telling her that you can change noms later or that you can leave it as inheritance to someone you choose after you leave the house, or that you can even change noms after veto… never mind, girl! Keep doing what you doing… keep making a clown of yourself. We enjoy seeing people acting like complete fools when they think they are sooooo smart.


What a stupid girl. The first thing she should have done the next morning after Rachel’s eviction was putting up Tyler and Brett. Fudge Angela and her HOH. Even if the other side had won the hacker, she’d still have caused trouble and would have possibly saved herself.

I have no patience for dumb players. Especially the ones that walk around thinking they run sh!t. Bye bye, Bayleigh. Now you can go back and dream about your “amazing” boyfriend while sitting in jury.

The quintessential question is why WHYYYYYYYY most players can’t keep their their secret powers to themselves? Whyyyyy?


Bayleigh is not allowed to lie about her power app.
Bayleigh is so STUPID to tell Rachel.
Hayleigh is so STUPID to hold a house meeting and say she is the hacker.
Rocks is so STUPID – just STUPID she wants Bayleigh to stay over her.
Fez is so STUPID – just that!
The bees are so much smarter and know how to survive.

double D

CBS might have to go to a 2 hour BB tonight.

FYI…check your listings. Lots of preseason football on tonight. BB might get pre-empted.


My tv listings has it showing 1 hour later than it’s normally shown because of football(EST zone) I’m wondering if that means it’s being aired live on the West coast at it’s normal time there? If it is I’m hoping I can read the results on here before it’s shown on tv where I live. Last year they usually didn’t air it until 3 am the next day. Glad it’s only being delayed an hour, but even that is too long to wait for tonight’s results!

another name

given the edit from last night, they’ll have plenty of time to have a brett granny montage, a special segment where swaggy reads a magazine, and an at home visit with the first evicted house guests, and a hazmat disposal of the weinerhooch.
They have been incredibly selective about how to spin the feeds in their preconceived narrative.
They’ll skip scotties few days of flip. they’ll spin the house meeting with select editing, and they’ll have two or three tinkly piano moments with three or four but firsts.


That would be perfect!! LOL!

Guney Burd

RockSalt’s lack of self-preservation and self-awareness is upsetting. She’s setting a very bad example for her children. I hate going personal when criticizing a person, but she’s demonstrating that if something doesn’t go your way, you should call people name, cause a ruckus, and give up.

Daughter: mom, I wanna get this blouse.

RockSalt: we can’t afford that garment right now.


RockSalt: we’re not privileged, and we’re white and-

Daughter: *starts banging pots and pans together that she brought inexplicably to Target/Walmart/Kohls/who-cares*

Hi My Name Is Scott

LOL…The daughter probably ran over to the home section of the store and felt that it was her right to grab a couple of pots and pans to bang together even though she had not purchased them nor was she intending to purchase them. Probably would not even return them to their shelves and just left them laying about in the clothing section.

Guney Burd

I hadn’t thought of the home goods section- good pull! Honestly, the thought of anyone purposefully carrying around pots and pans to inappropriate places makes me giggle.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Yep, bringing you pot and pan with you on a shopping trip just so you have them to bang together is the funnier look! I actually laughed much harder than a giggle when I read.


Since they’re little girls, would they have toy pots and pans, just like Mommy’s but for their little hands?!


I lost connection last night due to a storm. Tonight I’ll miss because of football so glad you have such a good site!! Thanks


Angela continues to fall in my esteem. When playing the veto- 1st she performed poorly. Then she should have let Scottie taken the POV and taken the 5K. Tyler won the comp and can protect himself. Then she had a clear reason to renom someone. Bay would have been an easy person to renom because she has the power ap.
Angela doesn’t even appear that strong for a fitness model, but damn is she is thin.
For whatever reason I still like Angela as a player, but I doubt we’d be friends.
I still miss Rachel.
I’m surprised Scottie outlasted three athletics in the POV comp! Go Scottie! He has risen in my esteem.


Fitness models don’t need to be strong, they just need to be fit and look good. A fitness model isn’t necessarily athletic, a fitness competitor is.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

True, but there are you tube videos of Angela competing in pole vault comps. I believe she is an athlete like KC, but neither have performed very well. This is an athletic cast over all.


I miss Rachel, too. But I’m kind of glad I was on the cruise and away from her melt down. That was sad.


Haha I want to take a shot everytime Tyler tells someone he has their back in this case Angela and Scottie…In the past weeks To Winston: I have your back” To Kaitlyn: “I have your back” to Baleigh last week “I have your back”….Next week if Fez, Haleigh or by some miracle Rockstar gets the HOH he will be up there telling them how he has their back and they should go after Brett, JC or Angela. Attention houseguests: Tyler does not have your back he only has his own back! His mist is not as good as Dan’s but it’s up there.

Hi My Name Is Scott

If Tyler should win, his mist will be equal to Dan’s. The only reason Dan’s looks better is because he won.


I was meditating this morning and suddenly my left arm tingled and I had a vision of swaggy and bay married .
Bay speaking to swaggy (in a loud shriek) – TAKE OUT THE TRRRAAASSSSHHHH


She’s too Heavy for Swaggy to lift! lol




You mean . . .
Bay speaking to Swaggy (in a loud shriek) – SHUT UP! SHUT UP! AND TAKE OUT THE TRRRAASSSSHH


Bay is literally the only person who ever talks about race on the show.

BB Fanatic

Rockpile talks about it constantly!


Man Scottie is good! He does not get nearly enough credit for how well he manages in a house full of people that would be more then happy to turn on him for the slightest thing.

He feeds everyone just enough information to keep them coming to him, but not enough so that they have anything they can actually use against him or other house guests. It’s more just stating the obvious to assure them that he is working with him.

He works a loose alliance with Tyler but doesn’t group himself in with his alliance and keeps Tyler from being too clingy by warning him all the time that they are beginning to be seen as a pair by everyone. It keeps him off of that side’s radar, as they thing that they “have him” for now anyway. He also assures Hay, Fez, Bay, and RS that he is not on “the dark side”, which he isn’t, while never actually pleading his loyalty to them. Again, they think that they “have him” while not actually including him in their alliance.

He hides in plain sight that he is a good competitor by saying that he just likes to compete and didn’t come here to throw competitions. He has been able to control the narrative and keep the others from thinking that he is a competition beast by letting them think that they have just been throwing things and that they really could win if they had been trying (which they can’t).

While he has had to play the long game in getting people to like him, because they judged him on sight as an annoying nerd, he is slowly winning over the other players. His jury management isn’t as good as Sam’s or JC’s, but he is getting there and his portfolio is much more impressive then either of theirs.


Scottie will have a good argument if he makes it to the end. It’ll be fun to watch when they start on the main course in a couple weeks. Once Angie and Haleigh are out they’ll need to start on each other because JC will fight to keep Fez over some of the others and of course, there can be only one!


Scottie is not a bad looking guy, but the dweeb look isn’t flattering, IMO. I just want to give him a makeover.


You’re right Gigi! He has a great personality, too.


He does! He’s an adorable man-cub.


For all of you screaming Racism at Bay, you obviously dont know what it means or entails. I concur that she may be prejudiced in some of her statements but not any more than some of the other houseguests…heck most of us commenters on this page. The hatred, intolerance etc have seen towards this girl and the praises and excuses i have read about others makes me think some of the comments would have been different if she lacked some melanin.


Bay brought it all on herself by acting high and mighty in the argument with JC. She put herself under the microscope to be judged.

BB Fanatic

You are very wrong, I would feel the same way no matter what color she was. She’s not getting a pass just because she’s black!


You reap what you sow. Bay thinks she is the Queen, and everyone else is beneath her, including her own loyal alliance mates. She is constantly talking about race. Granted, most white people probably have no idea what it is like to be the only white face in a group of black people, but her own attitude and actions have brought the harsh reactions she is receiving. The show can only use what you give them. She acts like she is being targeted for something other than her own stupidity in telling a person not on her side that she had this power to hijack noms. That is why she is on the block, and most likely going home.


“Unless you wanna go and find a Virgin—which he probably does—go to Pakistan and go get you one. That’s what they do.”


Geez, really?? Still with this? If you’ve watched the show before, maybe you would recognize the pattern: there is somebody almost every year – someone just like Bayleigh, with a huge ego, who takes everything personally and goes off on people. I’m thinking, Vanessa Rousso, who happens to be white; that Paulie guy a few years back, not that it matters, but also white. Amanda the bullhorn a few years ago (white, as it happens). These are a few. People we love to “hate” (tv hate, not IRL). So, we are racist because this year that role is filled by an African American woman, really?


My main point is not to argue that she isnt a bad game player and all other bad qualities but to be tagged “Racist”? Ignorant? Yes, from some of her comments. The same way i never thought of ANgela or Rachel or JC’s comments as racists but ignorant. We throw the word “Racist” around so much these days.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s Bay’s behavior that most are “intolerant” of! She and Rockpile are the most intolerant there and all they talk about is race. In real life, my 50yrs of life, we RARELY speak of skin color because WE DON’T CARE. I know people of character and people who are jerks. Their color is irrelevant and THEY don’t talk about it endlessly.


The hive needs to win the buy a clue competition.


Bay treats people in the house like shit. She thinks she is all that .She talks to people as when they are dirt .I cant believe she is Flight attendant where she goes so nuts on people.Cant wait to see her go out of the house


Okay, I have a question and I’m not being sarcastic or anything. I do have the feeds, but I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t had much time to actually watch them, except here and there, so I rely on the recaps and what not from here and a few other sites. So my question is this: has anything actually happened in regards to Bay feeling like she’s being shunned or whatever? Because most of the examples that I’ve seen were the Kaycee smiling, Tyler telling her good morning, the whole situation of them in the kitchen where Tyler lowered his glasses and said he was still voting her out or something? To me, those are super low key compared to some crap I’ve seen over the seasons, but even mild for *this* season. Is Bay really that delusional or have I seriously missed folks being just awful to her to her face? Now, I’m not counting about the behind her back conversations because every single one of them do that, every season, and this one is no different. That’s almost to be expected (and I’m sorry, I would find it impossible not to laugh at how Hive has been playing the game). I’m just talking about the actual to her face stuff that led Bay to accuse Tyler of making her life in the house hell and calling him an animal. Is she really just off the deep end or have I missed Tyler being awful to her the last few days, or was it really just coming from a place of delusion and/or hurt?

It boggles me that she can’t see the road that led to her being on the block. Forget the hacker for a second, she totally planted the seeds for this outcome with how she handled her HOH. Forgetting her attitude for a second, just the fact she told about her power was enough to toss her right on the block.

Full disclosure, I’m a huge Tyler fan, but I do truly want to know if I’m missing something obvious here that the house has been treating Bay awfully. From what I’ve seen those that try to go to her to commiserate or listen to her end up getting told off if they even twitch an eyelash in a way she doesn’t like.


Anything short of bowing to her is perceived by bay as vile hate. Jc has it right, she loves to play the victim.


I definitely get that impression from a lot of what I’ve seen/read, I was just making sure I wasn’t missing something where she had been treated awfully (relatively speaking, this is Big Brother). Because the sheer emotion behind that screaming…but honestly how everyone was so freaking flabbergasted (save for Hay and RS, who seem to be on board with the whole yes, yes you’ve been treated sooo awful train) that she had that complete and total meltdown. I will be curious to see how it’s edited for the show tonight…


To honestly answer your question, “has anything actually happened in regards to Bay feeling like she’s being shunned or whatever?”, NO! I have not seen one instance of disrespectful or unfair treatment toward Bayleigh that would cause her to feel the way she does. In her mind, she’s been victimized, persecuted, bullied, terrorized, defiled, and wronged in every possible way and she has done nothing but protect them (Tyler and Angela) and treat them like angels.

She is taking losing very personally. “Why do they hate me?” she asks. They do not hate her at all, even after she lost her ever lovin’ mind.

Smitten By Haleigh

How dare Bayleigh cause chaos in the peaceful BB Household after being accused by Tyler and lied on by Angela on National TV of being the Hacker to the other house. Kudos to CBS for letting the general public know that Tyler and Angela are no good snakes.


Snake Angelo – My Maid Sam has said it a few times now that she will vote how I want her to. (She better vote the way I want or Ill’ ship so fast to her farm she would regret even coming to BBH cause Im the queen of the plastics”)

Sad sweet pinky bird – I hate this game. What are they doing to us. (“this game is so mean and unfair America should have given me two or maybe 3 powers apps and a hotter BF)

Bay – I can’t believe Fessie called yourself white the other day. you’re not white. You have white in you. But you’re not white! (maybe snake angelo, rachel and queen B are siblings after all. they share so much in common their views about who is now white and who is ghetto LOL)


simon, just wondering if bay is allowed to transfer her power to anyone knowing that she is going home


The power isn’t transferable.


typical, i am a victim ! stfu and i hope ur racist behind gets boo’d !


Bayleigh is the most racist mean nast Whore that has ever been on BB. I hope she goes out tonight. Any woman that would go in a house with people she has never met and have sex with a man she just met 4 days ago is a nasty whore. She is as far from a queen and satan is. Her mother acts so proud. If that was my daughter I would be sitting waiting for her to come out then doors and i would whip that butt so fast.

Who said that!

eloquent_with a side of blood