“We’re getting out all the people that don’t know how to play this game I love it” -Frankie

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-27 20-23-49-286

7:43pm Donny and Frankie HOH
Frankie tells Donny he’s playing a beautiful game
Frankie says he’s not putting Donny up because of Team America Frankie wants them to make it as far as they can together. Donny says he’s not putting Frankie or Derrick up until there is no one left.
Derrick comes up Frankie says he was saying he’s planning final 3 with Team america
Derrick – theres no reason to f** it up”
Frankie tells donny the plan is to have Zach to blow up at AMber during the veto meeting. Derrick tells Donny that Amber is going on the block.
Frankie – If Veto is played we’ll put her up
Donny – I think that is a great Idea i love her and she loves me we’re tight just as country folks.
Frankie says Amber is freaking everyone out her paranoia has gotten out of control.
Donny points out he’s the most laid back person and she is stressing him out.
Derick chimes in that Amber is still thinking there is a 8 persona alliance.
Frankie tells him Amber is being completely blindsided so don’t tell Amber she is going up.
Frankie “Zach attack.. we’ve already primed him and preped him he’s ready to go to battle”
Derrick – He’s going to really lay into her
they agree as long as Zach berates her for the required 20seconds they win.

They get pretty excited about the money they are going to make. Derick says they can win 59 grand. Frankie says 5 thousand a week is his dream salary on broadway. Derrick leaves. Donny and Frankie talk a bit of game. They agree Christine is really nervous person. Donny says he likes Victoria she’s very classy and she’s someone they have to compete in HEad of Household, They laugh.

BB16-2014-07-27 20-37-34-027

8:19pm HOH Hayden, Zach and Frankie
Hayden says it’s Caleb’s idea now as far as he’s concerned everyone is on board. He’s been telling people that he’s not using the veto. Hayden thinks he will tell beast mode he’s used the Veto on Victoria because it would look suspicious if he used it on Jocasta. He’ll make sure Caleb thinks the plan is still to scare Amber and as long as she doesn’t blow up the alliance she’s safe.
Frankie is going to tell people he didn’t think Hayden was going to use it. Frankie is going to blame it all on Caleb. Caleb wanted hayden to use the veto and he’s telling Frankie to put Amber up to sacre her.
Frankie says Caleb wants to shoulder all the blame so let him do it. (They were planning on putting Amber up anyways and were trying to figure out how to get Caleb onboard. Zach was able get a wedge between Amber and Caleb planting the seed resulting in Caleb coming to them wanting Amber on the block to scare her. It was pretty sweet execution )
Frankie – “I’m telling everyone that Caleb made me do this”
ZaCH – THIs was his Idea and he made you do this.
They agree Amber doesn’t think she’s going up and if she does she thinks she has the votes.

Zach says technically Caleb was the one that came to Hayden and told him about his “master plan”. Hayden adds that Caleb came to him independently before Frankie and Zach told him Caleb wanted the veto used.
Frankie – We’re getting out all the people that don’t know how to play this game and I love it”
Hayden talks about Caleb being ditzy “He’s such an airhead”

During the Veto Ceremony Hayden is going to tell Jocasta nothing personal he really wishes he had two vetoes but he’s just got one. Victoria picked him as house guest choice and he has to honour that and use the veto on her. Hayden will also mention that Jocasta was taken off the block once already he wants to give Victoria a chance.

Frankie says there isn’t a single person in the house that won’t put Caleb up during double eviction. Hayden says he would put up Jocasta and Victoria and hope he won the Veto to get out Caleb.
Hayden – I’ve been thinking using Jocasta as the backup plan until they don;t need her any more.
hayden says Jocasta can go at anytime she has no alliance but keeping her around so they can complete their plans is the best way to go. .

BB16-2014-07-27 20-39-35-901

8:40pm Frankie and and Victoria
Frankie says Victoria is safe regardless of what happens. If HAyden uses the Veto he’s backdooring someone and if he doesn’t use it Jocasta is going home. Frankie adds Hayden can’t disclose what hes going to do so nobody knows. Frankie doesn’t think Victoria is in any trouble. He hugs her “YA you’re staying.. done talk ..I’m so happy I love you I don’t want you going anywhere ever”
Frankie says he felt awful for putting her up but in the end it all worked out for the best

Rewatch any moment on the live feeds with a subscription Try It Free! Get 24/7 access to the house PLUS more for 48hrs before you decide!

BB16-2014-07-27 21-02-59-973

9:00pm FIREROOM Derrick and Victoria
She brings up her conversation with Frankie. Victoria says she knows who is going up she’s heard it going around the house she knows the veto is being played but Frankie acts like he doesn’t know. “Which is fine”
Victoria now asks if Hayden is using the veto is she safe for sure. Derrick says yes he is.
Victoria says he told her to be wishy washy.. she just spoke to frankie and acted wishy washy
Victoria – “So Amber is going up tomorrow.. ok.. “ Derrick assures her she’s 100% safe this week. Victoria leaves “Ok love you bye”

hayden fingers

9:24pm hayden fingers Christine, Victoria and Cody and Nciole.

BB16-2014-07-27 21-33-45-783

9:30pm – 9:50pm Frankie and Derrick’s grandfathers celebration of life.. Be happy with the life they lived at the age of 86 and 90.
Frankie is going to give a prayer, he gives a prayer of St Jude.

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Ok, That “Fake” CBS memoral service was very uncomfortable to watch, Complete Mockery! One of the lower moments from CBS. I actually had to mute the entire thing. CBS will do anything for ratings.

Big Jacket

Assuming Amber goes home this week, this is my perfect scenario for next week.
Jocasta and Donny win HOH.

Jocasta nominates Frankie and Cody because of their great social game.
Frankie-you are friends with everyone in the house.
Cody-you have a great rapport with all the females. After all, you hug on them every 2 minutes.

Donny nominates Derrick and Hayden because they are the brains of the house.
Derrick-everyone trusts you because you are so well thought of.
Hayden-you seem to have the pulse of the house and we need to know where you allegiance lies.


jocasta winning something??? no way she is useless

Karen S

The religious overtones always causes me to turn the channel.. which I’ve done often this year. I didn’t know BB16 would be BB16-WWJD or I wouldn’t have watched at all. Compared to last years guests.. I think there should be a happy medium and no editing involved. I loved BBAD when it was on Showtime. The ten minutes of commercial’s every 15 minutes has worn me out too. Frankie, I love you but quoting St. Jude prayer… it’s for the hopeless causes…. and you were far from hopeless until tonight. I’m still unclear if Derricks gpa passing away is fake or real. I remember Survivor with Johnny Fairplay. Ugh Ugh Ugh!!!!


I do agree with you Karen. BBAD was wonderful on Showtime!! 4 hours with no commercials. TVGN stinks. I counted 11 commercials during one break. Ugh!!! Also they edit the heck out of it!!

Unknown relative

Please stop. Derrick’s grandfather did die. As a relative with no reason to lie. It is the truth. Check out Projo.com and read the obits. He us not Johnny Fairplay. A little respect please


This is a dream situation for CBS, because of the disaster of last year and the horrible cast, they will milk this all the way to the end. i wouldnt be surprised if frankie wins the whole thing, as we know CBS likes to fix things so certain people get ahead.


Do Jews not recite The Lord’s Prayer? Serious question BTW.


they do not; the whole thing was quite insensitive considering there was a Jewish woman in attendance


I honestly don’t understand why Amber is a target. Why not take someone out who is actually a threat…like Caleb, Derrick (even though I’m rooting for him), Cody. These people have no balls and suck at gameplay.
Caleb is a delusional, obsessive, psychotic freak. I feel really bad for Amber. Very few of these people are likeable.


Amber is a comp BEAAAAAST. but yes i love her and agree they should smarten up.

Baby Firefly

Frankie wants Amber out so he can be the prettiest girl in the house.


That’s homophobic stereotyping comment. Let’s not go there.

BB16 After Party

I hope Amber takes some huge mofo to the after party to make caleb shit his fkn pants.


WTF is this aboutÉ Caleb is a little simple but she ground him under her foot. Threw him under the bus about things he told her in confidence in less than an hour. She is a selfish little daddies girl who thinks the world is hers to be manipulated. Good bye a good riddance!

Second point is Amber is the only true threat in the house on the girls side. Guys have the right target.

give me a break

6 white guys ganging up on a black girl…this is going to be uncomfortable very quick….


I hate to bring race into it, but since you opened the door….If this were black guys panning on verbally attacking a white girl CBS would not be condoning this behavior at all.


Also, from the live feeds, the guys sounded quite misogynistic. Derrick, as a police officer, needs to be a bit more careful in choosing his words because he is in a profession that require public trust. His department would not be pleased if comes off negatively.


Oh, I LOVE that!!


That was for “AfterParty” not ” Stan777″


It Still bothers me why none of these people have figured that frankie,cody,zach,derrick & christine are working together I mean the last hoh competition should have shown where most of the loyalty’s in the house are.Some of these people better to grow a sack & make a big move are frankie & derrick will win this game step it up people.


I don’t think if you combined the IQ’s of Victoria, YO . . . Casta, Nicole, and Christine, you’d get a three digit number. Donny thou, has said several times that he thinks they are in a boy alliance, but I think his involvement with two of them in Team America has clouded his judgement as to what he should do. The dumbest of all of them is Christine because she knows the boys are together but doesn’t think what’s going to happen to her down the road. Even if they figure it out now it might be too late for them to reverse the flow of this game. They don’t have good players or numbers. Once Amber, Donny, then Caleb goes, it will be like sheep to the slaughter unless they start turning on each other before they get that far.


They are working to together, but Frankie’s persistent protection of Caleb is stupid for his game and will cost him at the end when they turn for this specific reason.


wait a minute. Frankie said he will give the HG’s Zach’s head if they want it


I officially hope Frankie somehow is targeted soon…but with what happened we all know he is safe for the next month….guess Zach just doesn’t have that sympathy Frankie has


Hope zach wins HOH on Thursday .


I would like to see Caleb realize how he’s been played and win HOH and turn on the boys. I don’t like Caleb but at least it would change the direction of this show for a week, anyway. Then maybe Donny and the Donuts can win the next HOH and who knows, maybe this season could get interesting again.


My ultimate goal, if I were on BB, would be to play for veto and win. The power of veto is the most powerful commodity in BB. Forget HOH I would focus on POV.


or try not to win anything until jury unless ur ass is on the line….

Fly on the Wall

Yes Frankie, get out all of the people that don’t know how to play so that you keep the people who do because that makes sense.

The people not in power are clueless and the people in power are clueless. Someone send in an all star and show them how to play this game.

Team Amber!!!

I thought I’ll never say this but this should of been the season where they briought in a coach. This cast does not have a clue how to play this game.


With this group the coaches would of self evicted. They probably got on their knees and Thank God for not giving them this bunch of egotistical idiots.
Watching this on TV tonight was painful.


Wow in my honest opinion this season is dangerously close to becoming unwatchable. Truth be told if it wasn’t for Devin’s antics during his HOH reign this season would be a snorefest. Zach is one of my two favorite house guests (Donny being the other) and even his crazy antics may not be enough to save this season. Amber was not one of my favorites this season because truthfully her game SUCKED, but that’s no reason for her to be targeted. She was one of the few house guests who would gone after the other side a.k.a. Derrick and his minions, but now she’s on her way out. Big Brother 15 is still one of the worst seasons of all time in my opinion due to the despicable house guests and the lack of a favorite to root for BUT at least there was SOME drama occuring within the first few weeks. If Donny or Zach both get evicted within the next few weeks, I’M OUT.


I have a feeling it will happen… Donny will go next, followed by Zach , season 9 will finally surpass this borefest of a season


Saint Jude the patron Saint of Hopeless Causes or as I like to call him the Patron Saint of Lets Make a Deal???? He is the saint you pray to if you want something and you name something after him. I have never heard of him being prayed to at a funeral… (I know this because my middle name is Jude and I have heard about it since I was a little kid.)
Derrick and Frankie just told Victoria… how much do you want to bet that Victoria or Caleb tell Amber before the veto ceremony.


My mother is Catholic and she clarified that in times of grief you can pray to St.Jude at times of grieving. To help you through you grief. She said it is a bit suspicious that he would do it on Big brother on the live feeds because he could be doing it as a way to pray for help in the game and in that case she feels it is not respectful to his Grandfather… but you can say what is in his heart… it may just be the only one he can remember.

Prayer to St. Jude
Most holy Apostle St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the name of the traitor who delivered the beloved Master into the hands of His enemies has caused you to be forgotten by many, but the Church honors and invokes you universally as the patron of hopeless cases, of things despaired of. Pray for me who am so miserable; make use, I implore you, of this particular privilege accorded to you, to bring visible and speedy help, where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need, that I may receive the consolations and succor of Heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly (here make your request), and that I may bless God with you and all the elect forever.
I promise you, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, and I will never cease to honor you as my special and powerful patron and to do all in my power to encourage devotion to you. Amen.


Do Catholics even read their own bible? Jesus told his apostles how to pray & it was to God, not to St. Jude whoever that is.


St Jude is the Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes… I thought I covered that.
I’m an atheist… damn what is up with you Christians you are always slamming each other… jeez


The bible thumping in this season is getting unbearable. All these house guests running around with the bible in their hand trying to look more sympathetic. It looks phony as is usually the case with overtly religious types. The worst are Amanda and Caleb in this regard.


At what point are Derrick and Cody going to figure out they don’t want to be sitting next to each other in the end??? I really thought Derrick was smarter than that. Frankie’s got it figured out, that’s why he keeps Zach, Christine, and Caleb in his back pocket. Cody and Derrick are bigger dumb@sses than I gave them credit for. Unless they keep stringing Victoria along they’re gonna be screwed.

I Don't Like Derrick

Cody should be the only one worried. Derrick could beat Cody in the final 2. He could beat anybody, including Frankie and Donny. I am hoping someone will realize this and turn on him. Frankie and Donny would be an interesting Final 2, which could go either way.


I believe they are just saying that to each other, but don’t plan on fulfilling it. At least Derrick is too smart for that. He’ll say to Cody I’m taking you to the end, but in his mind he’s taking Victoria (who he spends alot of time with making sure she trusts him 100%) or one of the other clueless Nicole/Christine that haven’t done anything, whoever is left.

christine is the worst

I don’t like how #WILDCARD has been abandoned by cody, Frankie is willing to “serve him up”(WTF???)

we NEED a Zach ATTACK HOH again. but this time not a double HOH. and then we need him to go off all week, because he just won’t last a double eviction. it sucks, because I think there are so many sheep in that house that should go first


Hoping everything explodes on Frankie next week if Caleb wins HOH. Hopefully Caleb wises up and puts him and Zach on the block, with Frankie exiting the door with Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta, Donny and Cody voting.


I have to get this in closer to the top of the comments because opinions change as the antics through the night continue……first, what the heck is Caleb wearing in that screenshot in the HOH? It looks like a hooded unzipped onesie with his undies showing. Looking a little too desperate there, cowboy. Anyway, with that out of the way, I’m gonna bet this plan won’t work. Caleb, rightly so, is taking all this seriously about the speech tomorrow and truly believes this is not a real threat to Amber’s safety. It’s a “test.” I think he’s getting scared. And I, for one, hope it falls apart, too. It would be completely entertaining in regard to Zach, but just too hurtful to Amber if she doesn’t take it well. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out, but I think he’s going to cave. My posts below are before things got this ugly.


Without a doubt, the plan they concocted to get Caleb on board to “scare” Amber by putting her on the block was genius. AND, they probably will get the TA mission accomplished with the help of Zach, even tho he’s not aware of it. It serves three purposes, getting Amber out (for the guys, not for me 🙂 , for putting all the heat on Caleb, and completing the mission. Game wise, pretty stealth!


Hey, 🙂 !! I’m not saying I agree with it, I’m just saying it’s a good game move on the chess board. JEEEEZ!! Don’t y’all turn on me, hear? I might need a sock monkey! 🙂


Ok, I guess I have to be more specific….Caleb would NEVER in a million years agree to Amber going on the block. They (apparently, the whole house), want her out for whatever reason. They are also scared of Caleb’s retaliation and they know he’s at least loyal. They have to make him believe that she’s not going home, just that she needs a little spanking (yuck) for her DISRESPECTFUL treatment to him ( yuck, again). He loves this idea. Ambers going up, but in his mind, not home, no matter what bs he puts out there that he’ll escort her out. Francine convinced Zach to start this big fight to 1. Give the alliance a ” good reason ” to put her up, 2. Make it all Caleb’s fault to the other HG’s and keeping all the blood off Francine’s hands once again, and 3. Accomplishing the TA mission which Zach isn’t even aware he’s doing. Again, all pawns on a chess board, and really pretty good play. That’s why the ( whatever ) alliance is scrambling to make sure Amber and Caleb don’t talk. It would mess the whole thing up. Now am I allowed back in the cool group?? Hahaha! Sh!t, I crack myself up! C’mon haters!


I always read your post by the way. They are entertaining.

It’s hard for me to even credit it as a good game move since Caleb is so dumb yet full of ego and bravado, that he makes it like child’s play. He’s a train wreck in there. After listening to them tonight I think it’s overkill and I personally don’t like the tone of how nasty it is considering things I’ve heard Caleb say and his attitude of entitlement toward Amber to have it turned around on her. But I get what you are saying not adding in all that. lol


Thanks for the reply SashaD and please don’t get me wrong. I HATE what they’re doing to Amber, too. I think all of my posts have supported her. I was just commenting on game play, that’s all. There are some vicious masterminds in there that are in really safe spots, and it’s unfortunate that this poor girl has to be their fall guy, even creepy Caleb to an extent. Let’s just hope the rest of these dingbats get their butts in gear and start thinking. One can only hope! Good talk, and I love your posts too!


it funny they going after a girl who has no one when there is clearly an alliance of three: Hayden, Nicole and whats are her name i cant wait until they realize it when it’s to late..


I completely agree with you. The rest of this house, except Donny, are completely clueless as to where they stand in the game. It’s becoming a complete slaughter. If they would smarten up, the outsiders might have a chance, but that’s not going to happen. They are mostly just ding dongs. And true, Amber’s completely alone and unfortunately, screwed.


i agree with you, but even if they wanted to hurt this trio, all three of them are safe from evection right now – nicole & christine due to the BoB, and hayden won the PoV…


I feel really bad for Amber. Zach is probably going to make her cry when he blows up at her.

I agree...

It’s too bad team Americas interpretation of the challenge was to make someone degrade someone else…..can you not caus a fight without throwing personal insults at someone? Even Derrick for the golden boy that everyone thinks he is, didn’t give a hoot that zach hurt Nicole’s feelings and he’s encouraging zach to say awful personal things to amber ….. So ya he’s a GREAT person……I know it’s a game and I don’t even like amber but really I think how they are handling the challenge shows you a little something about each of them even the bearded one!

Dpov for Donny

This is the only time Derrick and Frankie will be sitting on those orange couches lol


Zach is like DR Will, except the stuff he does is really for no other reason than to create chaos. but I think he COULD set himself up as the guy people want to take to the end. but…if even Frankie is willing to serve him up for no good reason….freaking Frankie.

we need #WILDCARD


Way off topic – does anyone find that big fishtail hanging to the side of Victoria’s head attractive? It looks so heavy and when she turns her head she actually has to shift her whole upper body because of the weight of it.
I just can’t with this girl – I just find her unfit to be on TV for so many reasons.
Anyone else or just me?


Not just you. I thought the same thing watching BBAD tonight. But she’s so high maintenance.


Yeah I don’t know if they were being sarcastic when they were saying she was really classy earlier tonight but I was rewatching the afterdark episode (6 to be exact) and she actually grabs Cody’s package and then straddles him.


BBCAN 3 couldn’t come sooner enough. Ironically when i first heard the idea of a Canadian version of Big Brother being made, i thought there would be no chance it would go on for more than one season. Now i know for a fact it is FAR more superior to BBUS.



The Canadian gal

I have to agree that it was VERY entertaining. Both seasons! I loved Neda this season and Gary the first season 🙂

The Sabouteur

Can i just say that Frankie,Derrick,Cody and Caleb may be the Holy trinity of turds in recent BB History?


Trinity is only three. 🙂


I’m really hoping a miracle happens for Amber. She deserves to be here over Victoria, Nicole, Chris, And Hayden.. They’re such floaters and HATERSS.




Its real sad these di##heads are making Caleb look the victim and its all Amber’s fault. I know they are “selling” this to Caleb, but I actually believe they think what they are saying about Amber is true. Amber NEVER asked for Caleb to do these things. He did it on his own. Then he is gonna throw it back it in her face. WTF?? Was she supposed to bow down and be his forever? Doing whatever he wanted? #chokeonapickle


It’s a no-win situation for Amber. If she had used Caleb to further her game, then everybody would be up in arms over her deception and how she toyed with his emotions. The fact that she wasn’t forceful enough in rejecting his advances now paints her as having accepted them.

But even without the whole Caleb situation,they were going to target her. The seeds had already been planted when she won ONE HOH and didn’t suck as bad as others in comps.

I personally want to see Frankie sweat just so he knows how the other side feels for once.


I hope amber isn’t dumb enough to believe everyone when they tell her she is safe because it’s the same thing that just happened to britt!!! I want amber to expose everyone and make up lies on her way out!!! I hope zach finds out all the shit cody has been talking about him too!!


Me too but I don’t know about her though. Some stuff she was told a two or three days ago still didn’t seem to land. Seems like if Zach does that veto speech to try to get some reaction she should maybe think that maybe that others support it or at least he may have ran it passed some of them. She should go ahead and “blow them up” like she threatened the other day and let the chips fall where they fall. But I don’t know if she has it in her.

production rigged it

It’s hilarious that they’re putting Amber up because she doesn’t trust her alliance, how dare she question them even though Zach wanted her gone and Christine the rat ran and told Zach Amber was coming after him. If that happened to anyone of them they would be doing the same thing. Last year the house was full of despicable racist comment spewing people, this year’s house is full of jealous, hypocritical, chicken sh!t pu$$y a$$ b!tches, pricks and a$$holes. They didn’t have the balls to put Amber on the block and give her a chance to compete they had to be a bunch of little b!tches and backdoor her instead. How many Macho men are they in the house again and they’re scared of a model really. This is the most pathetic bunch of houseguests excluding last year that i’ve ever seen. I can’t wait until those 2 dumba$$es Christine and Nicole the supposed superfans go walking out the door since they’re so stupid what do they think them and Hayden are gonna take all the guys out. At least Amber has showed she was good in competitions and could actually do something in the house besides talking sh!t about everybody all the time. Thank god after this week I won’t have to watch this crap anymore and I will just come here to find out what is going on. A couple good things for Amber she can get a head start in getting away from her stalker, plus she won’t have to deal with all this fake b!tches and fame seeking whores like Zach and Frankie who is probable jealous that his sister is famous and nobody knew who the hell he was until he told everybody. Also maybe Amber’s dad will come to the finale and break Zach’s jaw again for talking sh!t like what happened to him when he was a teenager.

production rigged it

couple of typos, I mean’t these fake b!tches and probably jealous. Also when I said until Frankie told everybody I meant when he told us on camera, I know he hasn’t told anybody in the house who his sister is.

The Canadian gal

Maybe the fact that I am Canadian…but I don’t even know who Frankie sister is.. let alone Frankie himself… lol!


cody is the worst kind of snake. Frankie…

oh boo both of them


he is on the ATTACK darnit

I just don’t get it. you are fueling Zach’s crazy, and then you complain about said crazy

if one of cody or Frankie does anything that leads to the end of #WILDCARD pre jury, I am going to lose it


I think Frankie’s brain is like a hampster in a spinning wheel. It goes like crazy and only slows down when he sleeps. Don’t get all crazy, but it’s kind of amazing to watch him jump from one conversation/storyline to another seamlessly as he roams the house. It’s a unique talent and a real requirement in that house. Derrick does it, too. I think they’re going to be hard to beat, whether anybody likes them or not.


Absolutely yes. I too am amazed at Frankie’s and Derrick’s effortless social dexterity. I would call it Chameleon Style. Especially Frankie, who slips in and out of his repertoire of characters as if it were bathwater. Like him or not, he is very talented.

zach is about to ATTACK

the good news is, he is about to put amber on blast like no one before

the bad news is, its really caleb who needs to be put in his place, and no one will do it. Frankie is protecting him, and IMO they seem to want Zach out before Caleb, which is just….well its not good for TV. as much as caleb’s creepy obsession is interesting, if you remove amber, why the heck would I want to watch beastmode cowboy(what exactly makes him a cowboy? that hat? if I go buy a cowboy hat am I then a cowboy? so many questions so few answers) sit there all day, when I can watch Zach ATTACK


Christine's crazy eye

Yes, it’s a rule, you just need a cowboy hat to be a cowboy. ;-}

dan comrie

other than the guys totally screwing Zach over and not at all looking to turn on hayden or someone who is a REAL threat to their game(SMH), the one thing that gets me more than anything are these 12-0 10-0 etc votes. why the heck is Zach or someone else not throwing a vote in there just to mess with people? I would totally throw in a vote at some point, maybe in a couple weeks, and someone else would take blame.


I agree Dan. If you have a sec, could you do me a favor? I don’t text and this is the only blog site I’m on; usually don’t like them, BUT can you tell me what SMH stands for as well as TROLL, as in “making a trolling comment”? I have no shame, and really curious. If you’re too busy, then anybody? Thanks!! 🙂


SMH stands for “shake my head.” I’ve learned a lot of these abbreviations from my high school students; they try to use them in their writing, which annoys this English teacher. 🙂 Trolling is using inflammatory remarks to stir up debates or arguments. I see a lot of trolling in the political arena on Twitter.


Thank you so much, B_D_G!
I’ve learned something new today from a kind and generous English teacher.


Hi Suze
Thought I was the only person left who does not twitter, tweet, text, FB or any of the other options available. I have come across numerous abbreviations which I do not understand ( but have certainly figured out WTF).
I highlight the word and then do a Google search. Makes things much easier.


Thank you so much, Taylor. And I, too, thought I was the only one left! :-).


WaaaaaaWaaaaaa BBUS sucks cant wait for BBCAN cry babys quit watching then.


I use to like Frankie but I really hate him now for what he is doing to Zach and I don’t want him to get another $5000 from Team America.. I am now Team ZachAttack all the way!!!!

Michael LB

Players are at the point now that they should be thinking of their individual games and asking themselves 3 questions;
1) Who do I want sitting across from me in the final two? Victoria and Jocasta are the obvious picks, no way they deserve to win so anyone against them wins by default.
2) Who do I NOT want next to me in the final two? Nobody should want to be up against Donnie and Derrick, so everyone should try to get these 2 out fairly soon.
3) Who do I have the best shot of convincing to vote for me if they’re on the jury? Obviously varies by player, but you want those with whom you’ve had a good relationship and didn’t screw over.
With these in mind, don’t know why they’re trying to get Amber out now. She’s not going to win the game but she thinks she’s still part of the alliance so she could be a vote for someone in the end. Others have obvious side alliances so these are the ones you should now be targeting, their loyalties are in question.


As much as I hate these guys (Frankie, Derrick, Cody) I must say that they are playing the hell out of this house. They have the perfect plan to make it to the finals. There is literally no one in the house that can take them out. Even in the votes, they have the majority. They are not as stable as the brigade, because they are all rats who will turn on each other, but they have the right idea of always having the majority with side alliances. They have everyone in the house so scarred and manipulated, half of these people are almost happy to go on the block. What kind of meds are they serving in the big brother house?? I’ve never seen a house that was so willing to give up $500,000. If they don’t want it, I will gladly pay off student loans with it!


Great post, Misty, and glad to read you again.

I Don't Like Derrick

The house could get them out if 2 of them are on the block, Frankie vs, Derrick, etc. But I think Derrick will always have the votes to stay, unless Zack, Frankie, and Cody turn on him.

Caleb Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

I believe that when Caleb entered the house and saw Amber he heard God speak to him in the voice of his mother. “My Son, always remember that love cannot be demanded nor forced. Be mindful of this and respectful of that woman’s wishes and boundaries.”

However, Caleb is slightly deaf in one ear and incapable of listening to things he doesn’t like, so what he heard was “Hey, Caleb – it’s me, GodMom. I put that woman in this house just for you. Never. Let. Her. Go. Love Mode Cowboy!!”

So Caleb did what any logical person would. He told his housemates that he and Amber had always been together and always would be. He announced that he liked her, no loved her. He said he would kill for her. Die for her. If he couldn’t have her, no one would. It got weird.

Understandably everyone was slightly confused. The other house guests couldn’t believe that Caleb was actually crazy. They all assumed that Amber must be doing something to cause Caleb to act that way. As a result Amber suddenly looked like a threat.

“Be gone harlot, we will not fall under your spell,” said the men.

“We know your game painted Jezebel. We will not allow you to enslave our men folk and ride their ab-tastic bodies to victory. Also isn’t Cody dreamy?” said the women.

“I was picked up by a crow,” said Victoria.

So now Amber is now going to be humiliated and sent packing all because she had the misfortune of being cast on the same season as Creep Mode Cowboy. It sucks because I think in another season she might have been a player.


Amen to that!!

I Don't Like Derrick

Are you a dumbass?? Amber is not going home because of Caleb. She is going home because Frankie decided it is her time. It has absolutely nothing to do with Caleb liking, NOT STALKING her. Use common sense, and use stalking in the right context.. If you were in the house you would be one of those dumbasses, so easily manipulated. DAMN!! And all of you making fun of Caleb for being a stalker, need to get some self esteem and quit following.

The Hopeless Romantic

You are so right ‘I Don’t Like Derrick.’ It’s like I always say to the cops: “There’s no such thing as stalking. When did LOVING TOO MUCH become a crime? Also these cuffs are hurting me.”

I like to think of restraining orders as love notes and actual restraints as the best way to let that special someone know you care!


to Wrecking Ball Cowboy and Hopeless Romantic – best posts of the season!! (and true that)
big laughs at my house…


OMDearG! That was hilarious!

Big Jacket

Assuming Amber goes home this week, this is my perfect scenario for next week.
Jocasta and Donny win HOH.

Jocasta nominates Frankie and Cody because of their great social game.
Frankie-you are friends with everyone in the house.
Cody-you have a great rapport with all the females. After all, you hug on them every 2 minutes.

Donny nominates Derrick and Hayden because they are the brains of the house.
Derrick-everyone trusts you because you are so well thought of.
Hayden-you seem to have the pulse of the house and we need to know where you allegiance lies.

Big Jacket

I think Caleb’s breast should be lopped from the neck up. This will isolate his discomfort. J/K


Is this the same big jacket who called me an anti-American last week for, um, disliking Caleb? What changed your mind? Really, I want to know??


Perhaps the marbles rattling around in Caleb’s skull and somehow falling into his chest?


This is such a huge operation. Wow, props to Frankie and Zach who put it into motion.

Zachs performance is comedic, i truly believe amber will start laughing because its utterly ridiculous. Hopefully she follows it up with a speech about how obsessed and creepy Caleb is. She needs to stop being nice and expose him, especially since the POV nom will most definitely be on TV. She should also plant the seeds of doubt in the girls minds by suggesting there is an all male alliance targeting women. She has enough evidence based on the nominations. The only way people will listen to her is if she does it during POV publicly not individually.


Oh, to dream! I hope so, too!


PS. Excellent comment


Amber might not be that smart game wise but she said it last week to Brittney if she go up after her she know shes going home and come Frankie u really think Amber going to buy ur bullshit of it was Caleb Idea he made me do it? if ur the HOH u put up who u want to put up she knows this Frankie and do they think she’s that dumb were she want see they put her up next to Jocasta if they wanted to send home Victoria or Jocasta she know’s u put up Donny and not her cause it would be a clean sweep or u keep noms the same she will see the writing on the wall when it goes down shes going home.

These people!

Can someone please give me a good reason why they all hate Amber?


There are no GOOD reasons, only ridiculous ones. “She likes to look at people”. The gull of her!


Hayden is so ugly!

Shut up ZACH

I think he is cute far away but ugly up close.


Hayden is so hot!! I love his man bun!

The Canadian gal

I really thought I was the only one thinking that. He is not super ugly but he seems like a need a good bath and a good haircut, some anti-pimples cream would be welcome too….. Sorry my opinion.

Season 9 was better!

I think production needs to get involve, I really hope Zach doesn’t say anything mean to Amber and I’am embarrassed in the way Derrick and Frankie are encouraging Zach.


They are encoraging him for the team america mission


All Lc did was reply to a question. Thank you, Lc, I appreciate the response.

Mens are PIGS

It really makes me mad that Caleb thinks Amber is suppose to like him, Like what can of world do we live in! Now he wants her to go on the block cause she doesn’t. WTF


Where did the ‘minister’ rent her gear?


She brought it with her. She’s worn it before.

hayguuuurl :)

I hope amber stays! If not I hope to see her stir the pot before she leaves! It was great seeing killer kiwolski do that last year 😀 xD


Amber does not ” deserve” to be there. For some reason thats a big theme this season who deserves it or not. Other than her looks, which is obviously what she has gotten by on all her life, she does nothing other than hop on whtever guys back that will carry her… And that is a floater people… And for people to say she deserves to be there over all the girls becauss she is good tv eye candy is a joke.. And its lmao that its said she is a comp beast when she only won hoh for 2 hours?! O yea thats a threat alright watch out!!!
Idk but has anyone else noticed this?! It looks like victoria is crushing or feelings for derrick maybe? I think she is type of girl who likes flirting or trying to pursue married or taken men. Sge had no interest with any guys in the house because oh they just were not good looking enough for her. But whata you know nicole starts being really close to hayden now she wants him . Idk maybe im being delusional…


Unfortunately this season will continue to go DOWNHILL with the use of the BACKDOOR.
In order to save the series BB should eliminate the possibility of backdooring people, thus forcing people to directly confront their targets instead of hiding cowardly behind blunt lies until after POV.

With that said, if you are on the block, NEVER ASSUME you are safe. That is the time you need to call out everybody and expose as much as you know to everybody. Devin tried to do it, but he was too timid because he wanted to be “classy”, so instead he only told certain people everything who then assumed he was crazy or lying. If, Zach is put on the block by anyone in his alliance he will surely go out swinging which scares everybody in his alliance. For this reason, Victoria and Caleb will be dragged along so that they can be used to put up Zach.

In order to save yourself, you need to know who you can throw under the bus, especially when you know that until final 5, either you will be walking out the backdoor or will be blindsided as as pawn, promised you are safe until the moment of unanimous eviction.


Suze, SMH means shaking my head and trolling is when a person makes a comment against the grain to rile people up. You can google text lingo and get a list of different abbreviations.


Thank you, Dealwithitderrick,
I’m always surprised and grateful with some of the people on this site. It’s refreshing.

The Pink Elephant in the House

MIA is the majority of the houseguests’ gameplay intelligence. Not to be misconstrued as MIA in wartime scenarios, but lost of ability to brainstorm rather than accept the sunshine of mindlessness. TPTB Brain Trust that gathered up these acorns from under the vain tree had a dream idea that really should have been called a 2 minute nap of flash cards with number and pictures. Of course, nobody knew what the outcome would be but all they have to do is read social media on the NET these days and clearly you will see that choices have to be made more wisely if you want success and admiration. The proverbial fly on the wall didn’t know what he got himself into and has been taken to the insect ward of the BB Hospital because the information that he was soaking up sent him into a psychic rage because he never got time to frolic in the garbage and eat sh!t without having to pay full attention to all the lying, backstabbings, misconceptions, misdirections and bubble bursting BS going on inside those BB walls. The Pink Elephant is more heavy-weight and can handle the pressures, can decipher the lies and rescue the truth, can see the forest for the trees, and recite it all in perfect clarity.

This is what the Pink Elephant has revealed:
> Derrick is the most educated BB HGs and everyone is invisible to his game. He has particulars that he chooses to pretend to care about…but it’s all in the game.
> Donny is the most rock-steady in nature of the BB HGs and he has nothing to hide…what you see is what you get.
> Jocasta and Frankie are the most dynamic of the BB HGs because being in front of people is what makes them expressively vocal, though for differing reasons.
> Zach is the most extroverted live bomb of the BB HGs. He thrives on taking it to the jugular and watching the transfusive bleed out.
> Christine, Nicole and Hayden are the most sunnyside up of the BB HGs with WODs hidden inside their bouquets of sunflowers for make believe animosity and random jealousy.
> Cody is the most bleeding heart chameleon of the BB HGs. He changes and follows whatever seems good at the time, including women and alliances. No redeeming good qualities.
> Caleb is the most Focused of the BB HGs because he knows what he wants and patiently waits to get it. He’s diligent and spiritual with God. His heart is on his sleeve and his game is in between a rock and that proverbial hard place.
> Lastly, but not least, Amber is the most petrified emotionally and misguided of the BB HGs. She failed to take advantage of her gameplay in the first HOH competition and settled for the alliance of a 1000 faces that has all but turned to stone in her favor.

Alas, the Pink Elephant feels that Derrick will possibly end up being the man with the Benjamins at closing time of the BB Half-way House and everybody will lick their wounds for months after watching the video replay of the debacle that is BB 16. Chewy Peanuttiness!


Boring season


This whole situation just feels slimy!! To humilate someone to win $5000? The one im most disgusted with is derrick He has a daughter How would he feel if this happened to her because she doesnt want a guys attention I bet he wouldnt be laughing then The whole situation could turn ugly fast esp with that crazy caleb Whats gonna happen when shes voted out 9-1 & he sees hes been played U never know how that crazy will react Could be entertaining could be a disaster Just gotta also say, christine u make me sick!!!! Feel for ur husband, hes gotta be embarrased around family/friends


Thank Allison, her and her staff think this is good viewing, I think they want a repeat of last year. I wonder how many viewers drop off every week. This year has no appeal no reason to watch, outcome is clear!!