Big Brother Spoilers Amber’s game is at beast modes fingertips

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-27 17-44-15-216

5:40 PM HOH Nicole, Derrick and Victoria
Victoria is nervous about the speech she doesn’t want to bring Jocasta’s name up unless she brings it up first. Derrick tells her to mention that she picked Hayden to play for the veto with her.
Derrick suggests Victoria pretends he is Hayden and tell him the speech.
Victoria – HAyden you should use the veto on me i’ve been up so many times and I’ve pulled myself off every single time this is the first time i’m sitting on these orange chairs and it sucks I fight my heart out when I go into battle and I … did use you as houseguest choice so I would like if you could consider that when making a decision for you veto”
Derrick and Nicole tell him that’s perfect.
Derrick says the best thing is to not to over prepare for the speeches. Nicole agrees says she over prepared for her’s and she stumbled.
Derrick – If You over think it you’re going to screw it up
Victoria asks if she should mention how much she wants to be here. Derrick thinks that is a cliche line “Everyone wants to be here.. you don’t think Jocasta is going to say I want to be here”

BB16-2014-07-27 17-57-32-231

5:38pm Hammock Christine and Amber
Christine says Victoria wa practicing her speech for tomorrow. He’s got a lot of valid points.
Christine says Donny just admitted that he’s targeting her “We stared each other down when he said that”

Nicole brings up talking to COdy last night and how nice it was. THey didn’t intend it to talk game but they did, “I love him but I didn’t know where we stood in the game.. I told him I appreciate what he did with Brittany because in the end that was really good for us”

Christine says Amber leaving is horrible for her game but she’s going with it. Christine says using the veto on someone is huge. “He told me everyone knows (HE’s using the veto) .. everyone but Amber” They laugh.

Christine says she doesn’t trust Donny at all, She claims he makes fun of everyone. Nicole tells her not to worry they have Donny under control.
Nicole goes on about Victoria floating to the end especially now that she has hayden.

Zach comes by says they need to make sure Amber and Caleb don’t talk.

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BB16-2014-07-27 18-25-09-856

6:23pm Pool Table Caleb and Cody
Caleb going over the things Amber said about him, “It’s hard to take what Zach says to heart because he wants her gone but when Frankie comes in and says the same thing.. Man”
Cody thinks Amber is going to F*** sh1t her pants
Caleb “I’m not protecting her anymore if she goes up she goes up and I will vote her out”
Caleb tells him there’s a epic play going down tomorrow that Caleb set up. Cody laughs
Caleb – “If you play by yourself you can fix yourself”
Caleb says Amber is getting backd**red tomorrow, “is she goign home probably not it’s a test.

THey head to the couch, Caleb says they are putting Amber up to scare her. Cody hates it that every other day Amber comes up questions their loyalty.

Caleb – Hayden is going to use the veto on JOcasta and Amber is going up (He’s actually going to use it on Victoria)
Caleb – If she blows us up she’s going home if she doesn’t she’s safe.
Caleb says Zach has a little speech to say. He’s sticking up for Caleb it’s happening right after the ceremony.
Caleb – we know she’s going to get scared to death and Frankie is going to tell her straight to her face the only person that has been keeping her safe and is loyal is Caleb.
Cody points out even if she does blow it up who is she blowing it up to.. they’ve already heard it.
Cody says at the end of the day Christine and Amber are not part of the original alliance. Cody says the original 6 have been the only HOH winners..
Caleb quite frankly your game is at my finger tips.. I’m wasting my breath speaking to her.. Her game is at bea

BB16-2014-07-27 19-09-53-865

Zach cruises in Cody leaves. Zach gives him tomorrow’s speech for Amber (Another version Posted here) Zach has made some changes to the original speech
“I think you are the fakest person in the house you lie through your teeth every single time you open your mouth. beast mode cowboy has had your back since day one”
Caleb – And he made it known to everyone in the world that watches this show
zach – “and you spit back in his face he put himself on the block risked 500 thousand dollars for you , when you’re a have not he gave you all his blankets froze his butt off you woke up the next morning talking about how well you slept and you couldn’t even thank him .. you never thanked him for anything he did for you and I don’t know if it’s because you don’t realize it but you’re the one that looks dumb because you had someone giving you his all in this game and you messed that up and that is why you are sitting here right now try to be saved again but you had your 4 strikes… You know something like that.
Zach – “He went to the moon and back 5 thousand times,. he ate a pickle for you”
Caleb says amber told him she would go on a date with him if he ate a pickle he ate the pickle almost threw up. She now tells people she really didn’t want to go on the date, “It’s crazy”
Zach – We got to get through the day without her knowing

Caleb says for votes Amber has Donny Jocasta and MAybe Nicole that is it. Amber thinks she has more votes.
Zach – We control the votes.. you indirectly control the votes. you need five votes me you cody ,derrick, christine, hayden we control everything whatever we want to happen will happen.. I don’t understand her deal what does she think she’s going to accomplish..
Zach is going to tell Amber her game is at beast modes fingertips it’s going to make her feel small. Caleb – She has no Idea
Zach – She has NO IDEA.. it’s going to be a surprise.. She doesn’t deserve it bro
Caleb – She deserve it more than Victoria but her game play right now is stupid.. you can’t go running around telling your alliance you can’t trust them.

BB16-2014-07-27 18-50-13-673

6:46pm Hammock Victoria and Christine
Christine tells her everyone but Jocasta and amber know that the Veto is being played and Amber is going up. Christine adds that
Christine says that Caleb wanted the Veto to be used on Jocasta, “Let him think whatever he wants to think”
Christine says Caleb doesn’t know the veto is being used on Victoria
Victoria give me a break.. what world is he living on.

BB16-2014-07-27 19-31-17-190

7:30pm backyard Zach is telling them hoe close he is with his little broski. Zach thinks he’s the luckiest guy to have such a cool little brother. When Zach get home he’s goin back to his job as a server and he’s going to hang out with his little brother playing golf. Sounds like his little brother has pro golf aspirations. If he didn’t have a little brother he would be in New York or Los Angeles getting a real job and start a life.
Christine wants to move out of her state she’s thinking about east coast after meeting all these wonderful people in the house. Zach could never leave his family. EVER

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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Why are keeping the stupid floaters in thus house?


Because they can be controlled at the fingertips of Zach, Frankie, Cody, and Derrick.


Because the people in power have her in their control so they know they can drag her along for a few more weeks then just cut her loose


Its the same every year. The floaters are just easily controlled votes. They’ll MOSTLY get picked off, except for the ones who are really playing the game. Christine and Donny.


Christine: amber going home is horrible for my game but I’m going with it. Lol what? And caleb is seriously stupid lmao.

Captain Crunch

Is Christine bipolar?? Like seriously 1 day she wants Amber gone the next day its bad for her game if Amber leaves . She’s done this multiple times, she hates amber when she’s with Cody but other than that she wants Amber to stay. Then when Amber is not around she talks shit about her to everyone else and when Amber is there she (Christine) wants to work together.

same thing with Donny, Christine always talking bad about him when he’s done nothing to her ugh. i cant wait until Christine goes home and reads what everyone really thinks about her.


I think it comes down to this frankly. Christine is suppose to be a super fan. Well pretty easy to see the girls are getting picked off. Weak players stay frankly…….. because they are weak and can be manipulated. At some point Christine and Nicole need a plan to get farther than jury. That plan cannot be a 3 person alliance with Hayden. They need much better numbers IMHO. Jocasta and Victoria may go before these 2 but it’s a guys season barring a miracle. Christine isn’t trusted and Nicole is liked by the house. Nicole cannot get F3 with Christines baggage IMO.

Beast Mode CoverGirl

Yeah, Christine can move out of the state solo right after she gets served with some divorce papers.


“Covergirl” ….BAHAHAHAH…LOVE it!!!


Caleb’s not going to be able to keep his mouth shut…. he is going to tell Amber and I hope they show him the door.


Anyone got any theories as to why Victoria is getting ‘saved’ by Hayden? Could it be the elbow work she puts in or is there strategy? She’s just as useless as Jocasta game-wise so I don’t get why he’s doing it.


He has to save one of them because the plan is to backd**r Amber. Hayden wants Amber gone. He’s using the veto on Victoria and not Jocasta because he is closer to Victoria, he’s trying to keep her in his back pocket (Victoria would vote to keep Hayden before Jocasta would if he was on the block), and Victoria picked him to play for the veto. It’s a simple choice.


I’m curious myself…I wasn’t able to watch the feeds this weekend, but there seems to be a flirtatious thing going on with Hayden and Victoria. So much so that Nicole is bitching about it. Either way, he told Victoria that he was saving her from the block.

Another example of the girls in the house letting their emotions run their gameplay.


Specifically, I meant Nicole’s jealousy running her gameplay.


Excuses are like my nose everyone has one! I think it’s mostly pragmatic. If Derrick and Cody said leave it the same he would. Would appear he sees more value in Victoria’s good will than Jocasta. You could also say with Amber the target Jocasta on the block i9s one less vote to save Amber. He’s using the veto to backdoor Amber not to save Victoria as I see it.


Zach is crazy without him this show would be a waste


With Caleb’s obsession, Amber only had two choices… 1. Either play him till the end and flirt her pretty ARSE off or 2. On top of telling him she was not interested…. NOT HANGING OUT WITH HIM!!! Gosh girl, you can’t live in the gray area!!! It’s either black or white. You can’t cuddle and discuss with a dysfunctional guy like that… she brought it upon herself. She didn’t ask for anything or him making moves for her but this is BB… A great BB player would be able to adapt to any situation… bye amber.. good riddance

Amber is NOT a victim!

Watch out, you’re going to get all the Amber lovers jumping on you. She’s a saint, don’t you know? She’s done NOTHING wrong in this game and certainly has never led Caleb on. Anything bad said about Amber is because you must be jealous of her. It’s just a big ole witch hunt for poor little victimized Amber.

Give me a break! I don’t hate the girl, she seems like a really nice person. But you’re blind if you don’t see why some people dislike her. She’s a doormat and she totally allowed herself to become one. Her biggest strategy is flirting with the guys and denying that’s what she’s doing. She goes into the DR and says oops, I shouldn’t open my big mouth when it comes to Caleb. She knows EXACTLY the way he feels about her yet she (up until recently) flirts with him and says “I’ll go on a date with you if…” You don’t say crap like that to someone you know is hardcore obsessing over you unless you are trying to keep them in your back pocket. She had countless opportunities to put her foot down with him and put him in check when he says crap like “she’s only here because of him”. But she doesn’t do it and claims she’s just trying to not hurt his feelings. Baloney. She knows what she’s doing.

It’s not her fault Caleb is such a freak, but “poor Amber is a victim”? PUHLEASE!


So, what you are saying is that she is manipulating someone in an attempt to get farther in the game, a ploy used by just about every member of the house and ever BB contestant to ever play the game? I don’t care one way or another about Amber but you might want to use stronger evidence to support your claims.


Have you heard of the hashtag #YesAllWomen? If not…you should familiarize yourself with this viral campaign against misogyny and male entitlement. Caleb is the perfect example of an entitled male. He believes that he DESERVES Amber’s affections and when he doesn’t receive them, he becomes irrational, egotistical, and viscious. Women are aloud to live in what ever color they want, be it white, black, grey, or purple…and they should be able to do so without having to fear being treated like property. Nobody asks to be treated like chattel, however; this is exactly what “Beast Mode Cowboy” is doing with a woman who wants nothing to do with him. And all of those other “men” in the house….are just egging him on. Now I’m sure a lot of you will thumb this down, and that is fine…I understand this is a game. But remember this is a fishbowl that shows a very small snapshot of what really happens in society…#YesAllWomen

Amber is NOT a victim!

I am a woman. And I agree that Caleb is a psycho and a prime example of an misogynistic man. But Amber is NOT a victim! She is a grown woman who can put her foot down at any time! Yet she flirts with the guy (do you not watch live feeds??!) and then resorts to flirting with other guys in front of Caleb as if she thinks that will get the point across.

When it comes to obsessed men (or women) you do NOT live in the gray area!!! Period! All of this “poor Amber is a victim” is just crap. Whether you’re a man OR a woman, you don’t just let this crap go on and on. If this was a reverse situation and it was a man “victimized” by a woman’s obsession in the BB house, most people would say the guy needs to “man up” and tell the girl flat out how he feels…then DON’T flirt with them, say you’ll go on a date, lay in the same bed, etc. etc.

I’m sick of the Amber/Caleb thing turning into a “victimization of all women” because Amber is playing a game and won’t just tell the freak to piss off and leave her alone. This isn’t the real world.

Thank You!

Spoken like a real woman!

Caleb's Cool With Me

I am in the same book and on the same page that you are reading. It seems as though, these posters have put Caleb on trial, convicted him and sentenced him to life behind bars for simply doing what people do everyday and that’s looking for love…in all the wrong places. Amber acts as though she has an agenda against men like Caleb, meaning she thinks he’s not cool enough for her because he’s from Kentucky. She said that she would never go back to Kentucky when Caleb said that he wanted her to meet his mother and show her his home. Wow! As a woman, and I am a grown woman, if a guy was interested in me and I didn’t care for him (we know who we want in minutes of meetiing) there wouldn’t be any reason that he wouldn’t know FLAT OUT that IT AIN’T GOING THERE! In some defense of Caleb, he has a beautiful outlook about his future life, but he fails at knowing when to leave well enough alone. If I were a man and a woman did what Amber has done to him, NO WAY would I waste another second thinking about her. Hell, that’s how I take care of my business when it’s not the right person the heart is tugging on. Caleb evidently has a lot of his mother’s characteristics and I say this because he appears gentle and he shows his heart so openly and some women fall quickly in love at first sight. I feel he’s a mama’s boy and he’s been taught how to treat a lady with kindness if he thinks highly of her. He made a mistake trying to stake his claim with a Flaky Flirt like Amber. She is a flower to him, but she’s buzzing with bees and the bee stings aren’t pretty on Caleb’s intentions.

oh lord

this is turning into a battered women thing now? Ugh. are we all supposed to wear a ribbon for amber to show our support?






BB 16 needs to take lesson from the UK and Canada they have all kind of twist,powertrips and secret rooms they even do comps for there food for the week come CBS you can do better


BB OZ is even better.

Ratine is a Jerk

“Christine says she doesn’t trust Donny at all, She claims he makes fun of everyone.”

I hate that she keeps projecting her asshole behaviour onto others, especially Donny of all people (one of the few not guilty of this). She has said it numerous times now. Fuck off.


I just posted about this as well. I was confused as to why he would do this…since it’s so out of character for him to even be stupid enough to TELL her he is coming after her…let alone bash everyone. I thought maybe I had missed something revealing about him while I was away on vacation…now I realize it is actually Christine revealing herself to be a shit-stirring, lying twat. And why say this to Nicole…aren’t they aligned? Is it strategy, jealousy or straight up pathological?


I totally agree…when I read that I wanted to scream..SHE is the one who talks crap about everyone else not donny! She’s just mad that’s he’s trying to get other HGs to see her slimy game play but they’re too blind to see it..would be sweet to see her go before him and before jury.


honestly, without nutty caleb and “wildcard” zach, this season would be unwatchable. seriously, someone needs to take down one of the guys: derrick, frankie, or cody. someone PLEASE make a big game move. backd**ring amber does not count, folks!

Ambe's Bodyguard

Someone please inform Caleb you are not backd00red until you are actually sent home. He keeps saying “she may not go home or she but she’s getting backdoored Monday”. Dude that’s called a replacement nominee. Ugh

Team Amber

I hope tmrw Amber doesn’t go crawling back to Caleb…..PS Frankie grow a pair

new to BB 14

I’m in Arizona and Christine makes me embarrassed to be from this state.

OK BBfans someone who watches the feeds does Donny go around making fun of people?

Christine is not in this world if Donny doesn’t do those things which I do not believe he does otherwise simon and dawg would have a fe threads on this site showing Donny making fun of the other Hg’s(other then a few light-hearted comments)


No, he doesn’t.


I have the live feeds, and I haven’t seen anything malicious like the comments from Christine, Nicole, Victoria, & co. Donny’s made some lighthearted jokes; the other night, when Caleb was going on and on about other reality TV shows he could do, and then explaining his concept for a dating show, Donny and Hayden were joking about it with Nicole and Christine. Nothing like the nastiness Christine and Nicole spew. He has called Caleb an idiot a couple of times, and who can forget his “Dumbo” comment, but beyond that, he’s refrained from the bashing and name-calling.


She keeps making things up about people. I guess it’s to build targets other than she. Or it could just be her asshole personality. (shrug)

Michael LB

Sorry new to BB 14, but there are plenty of other reasons why being from Arizona would be embarrassing, Christine is just the newest reason to add to the list…

Michael LB

Oops, meant to include a jk/smiley face, just playing with new to BB 14…


I am really loving #wildcard right now!! He has grown on me. If Ratine makes it anywhere near the end of BB I think I will throw up. I think she needs meds….


Yeah. Christine wants to move to the east coast to get closer to Cody.

Dirty Kitchen

In the slave days fear tactics on a black man and black women were commonly used in ways I won’t discuss. Family of Caleb, tell him when he gets home that those days are pretty much over you thinking you can scare a black women into submission. There are new black men in the earth that will see that it won’t happen again my friend. That real south is coming out of Caleb now when a minority don’t do as you say. Why don’t CBS put real black men on these show to protect the sisters from men like this. Feel like I watching a movie from the 50’s. It seems like all the minorities are being picked off one after the other. Pow….Devin…..Brittney don’t know if she is latina or spanish….Amber/Joc on the block together….Amber going home…..Jo to follow next week! If you are too strong and black you go home. Too quite you go home….. if you are a beautiful respectful sister and you don’t want to open your body to the big brother house…. you go home Amber…… For the life of me…. I don’t understand why minorities go on this show. Its not about game. Its about bible prophecy. There are two nations in rebecca womb. Two different manner of people. One should hate his brother. Even to seek to kill him and put him into slavery. That Spirit is still in the Earth today. This show is not for men/women of color to go on. Only to watch! Speaking Truth to Power!

They are to Evil to Believe

Yes! So true!


Sounds more like speaking from your ass…


You’re way overthinking this. He’s just a nut ball obsessed with a women. There was no need to make it racial, you are reaching to make this a black/white issue. It’s not. Maybe your the racist, ever think of that




You’re taking the bible out of context. The bible doesn’t speak on race. It states about good and evil which would include every nationality. As far as it being typical that every BB show has reflected in every black person has been eliminated is true. But they only one I can say who was treated unfairly was Howard and(can’t think of her name) with the racial slurs. The others had poor game play.


Funny how you left out Joey. I suggest you turn the channel if you disapprove. Go play that card somewhere else.




The way amber is going out just doesn’t sit well with me


I feel the same way. I really hate to see Amber go out this way. It makes me so sad to read the post when Caleb and Zach were talking. I was wondering what was in Caleb’s mind when he was up thinking about Amber.

Amber is a very attractive young lady, and he wants her so bad he is beside himself. He knows he is looking bad. To America so now he wants look like a big old man and put her in her place. Those days are over as someone said above.

I would like to ask you guys to help me understand something. Why don’t the girls in the house fear Caleb and see his unwanted actions taken toward Amber? I was wondering if they know fully how crazy he is.? Are they letting it pass? Not even Jocusta being an older women and minister is seeing his behavior as dangerous. I’m trying to put myself in the girls place when they were fearful of Devin, and the guys went along with it. But does anyone there hear Amber, and see that she is uncomfortable? Anyone? Even BB? Maybe it was BB talking to him that made him pull back from talking to her.

Caleb's Cool With Me

First of, I don’t see how you think that Amber is in some sort of discomfort from Caleb. He hasn’t forced any touching or kissing upon her. He hasn’t done anything but profess how much he cares for her. The ladies in the house would love it if Caleb showed them some attention. Have you not noticed that? Victoria and Nicole both have exhibited characteristics of wanting to know him better. I don’t really get how just because they are in the house together and he has stated that he likes her, yet hasn’t thrown his affections at her, but instead lets her have space even in the same room when they are alone; that it’s assumed that he is DANGEROUS! I think that he has kept his composure and not tried to literally attach himself physically to her because he respects her as a woman. Although you and others can’t see what I’m referring to, it’s clear to me that all he wants from her (literally) is some gratitude of how he’s tried to be nice to her. This whole situation of his infatuation for her is like an infected SORE that all the naysayers just keep PICKING AT and just won’t let it HEAL. No one in the house feels that he is a threatening person. They think that he’s overbearing in his attempt for love, but NOT A CRIMINAL. It is maddening on how this has gotten BLOWN UP into catastrophic dimensions. Total Ridiculousness!!!

where are the twists

Caleb is a moronic, obsessive creep and Rat face Christine is a pathetic, jealous dingbat who gets dumber by the day. That is all.


Amber will go home

It will be an endurance comp and Caleb will win hoh, these house guests aren’t thinking


Wtf is Christine going on about…referring to Donny? Did I miss something when I was on vacation? Doesn’t seem like Donny’s character to talk shit. He might delicately point out someone’s flaws in an intelligent and respectful manner…and only if it’s true..but bashing on everyone? Is she straight up lying to Nicole? If so, does she do this often?

Christine's crazy eye

You people are sooo judgemental. That’s Christine’s job, so stop it.


Does anybody else have a knot in their stomach over what’s going on with Amber? I understand the game that is going on with the Detonators vs Amber, but I am horrified over what is going to happen at the POV ceremony. It’s bad enough that she has to deal with Stalker Mode Creepboy 24 hours a day, but now Zach is going to basically put her on blast for not hooking up with someone she doesn’t want to? Is this for real? I love drama, I love the games that get played, but this is almost criminal. Purposely flirting for advantage is part of some people’s game (cough Cody-Christine cough), but leading someone on by choice is completely different than being punished for NOT accepting a creeps constant pathetic advances. This is really disgusting, even in a game like Big Brother. I’m most disappointed in Derrick, he’s a police officer for crying out loud. I really think this is crossing the line into sexual harassment. Its not a joke or a misunderstanding or some other BS that people call sexual harassment. This is the real thing and it is sick.


Excellent post. Her situation is horrible, basically being abused by majority of the house in different ways. Sadly, she is better off leaving and getting back to her family and career where I expect she’ll do very well.


I’m so glad you said this. I was feeling the same way. To blame Amber and humiliate her for not being more grateful to Caleb(when she never asked him to do anything for her in the first place) is sickening. It also makes my blood boil that other people in the house are aware of what’s about to happen and don’t see anything wrong with it. Why does Zach feel its his responsibility to call others out?? I’m all for being entertained, but this behavior is crossing the line. Its a form of bullying/emotional torture and CBS doesn’t seem to care one bit as long as the ratings are good. I hope Amber handles this situation with dignity. Being evicted is probably the best thing for her at this point. She needs to get away from these pathetic people ASAP.


The fact the Team America is egging this whole charade on is the most disgusting part. They can get Zach riled up and sick him on whoever they want, as entertaining as that can sometimes be. But this crosses the line. The fact that this is being instigated by a police officer and the brother of Ariana Grande, who surely has to deal with a her own set of deranged stalkers and weirdos, is the worst part. If someone berated Ari for NOT giving in to a stalker would absolutely enrage Frankie. But he is fine doing it to another young woman for a few bucks. I have lost respect for both of them.


I agree. I don’t think CBS should allow this to go on. There is something wrong with the whole setup by BB where they pick a stupid cast, put in bad twists, then allow people to basically badmouth others for no apparent reason. Maybe they’re that desperate for excitement. I dunno. But this isn’t fun and I am now rethinking if I should support BB going forward.


Just watching ‘The Talk’ and am shocked/surprised to see CBS is not capitalizing on Caleb’s unsavory behavior towards Amber by promoting Big Brother with “There’s a Stalker in the Big Brother House…” with selected shots of Caleb being Caleb. Following the plug for Big Brother, they segue into a promo for their new show Stalker. I was stunned to see CBS using Caleb’s stalking of Amber as a means to increase viewership to their shows. WOW! Just WOW! I’d like to meet the asshole(s) at CBS who had anything to do with making those business decisions.


sorry, correction to my typo – shud read ‘CBS is NOW capitalizing…’


Amber could just get a backbone and tell all these people to fuck off. It’s sad that some people are putting her in this victim status BECAUSE she is a woman. If she were a man, people would just say she needs to grow some balls and tell the freak exactly what’s up and not continue to give him hugs and say she’ll go on dates. Woman or man, put your damn foot down and don’t take people’s bullshit.


And if she did that would they all laugh at her like the do Zach or would they just have more of a reason to get rid of her in their minds.The way I’m looking at it she damned either way. She may not have come in the house with definitive gameplay but I don’t see them treating the Nicole and Hayden pairing the same way.


Thing is that I don’t think she knows half the stuff that’s being said in relation to Caleb. And she certainly doesn’t know how Christine and The Pink Squadron talk when she’s not around. She will find out after the show ends.


I made a post above. But yes I’m sick to my stomach. I so hope she leaves this week. I know people are thinking stop reading it. I might have to pass over those conversation with Caleb, cause I can’t stand looking at him at this point. Boo boo. Boo boo
Boo boo. Run Amber run Amber.!!!!!!!


Again, it’s really unfortunate, I truly mean that, but it’s their master plan to get the T A mission accomplished and to get Caleb on board for having her on the block. They are pawns in the boys’ game.


agree 100%

Bees Knees

Anxious to see how Amber will handle all the hate she’ll get the next 4 days. And what Christine said about Amber leaving being bad for her game is what is wrong with the cast. It’s like saying everyone in the alliance is jumping out of a plane and they have a parachute but I don’t. Still gonna jump.

Caleb's Delusion's

I really hope Caleb caves and decides to tell everyone that amber get’s to stay in the house. Then I hope she gets voted out anyways 10-1.. Maybe he will finally realize he hasn’t had any power for weeks and in no way decided Amber’s fate in this house.

Bowel Movement Cowboy

Caleb wants to put Amber up, scare the sh*t out of her, and “put her in her place”? He also thinks her Dad and family will just LOVE him?!! What a delusional d-bag!! She is not coming to him for safety after she finds out she is getting backdoored. She will probably ignore him even more and walk out gracefully… happy that the nightmare is finally over!


I LOVE the ongoing mutations and evolutions of Caleb’s moniker. So much creativity in these blogs!
Distance between Amber and Caleb is the best thing right now. She knows – she hasn’t spoken to him for days (just like Caleb’s old girlfriend who won’t have anything to do with him). If all goes well, Amber will leave the BB House and Caleb will go to Jury. This will give her enough time change her name and leave the country.

Jealous Girls

These girls are so stupid!! Keeping Amber is good for their game and they can team up, but they are so jealous of her that they just want to get her out of the house, that’s why there have been few female winners, I really hope a guy when and I don’t care who it is.


Christine= Gena marie . Caleb = gena marie 2


Is Christine crazy? Why do she hate Amber and Donny, two of the most kindest people in the house.


Christine wants them out simply because her strategy is to be likeable and fly under the radar while the power players pick each other off. And she sees that Donny and Amber are doing that WAY better than her. Well… Donny anyways (though Christine’s definitely contributed to the “hating on Amber” club). As a superfan she knows there can only be one Andy 2.0


LOL Amber is a HUGE threat… she’s been MIA on the feeds and has been cooking for people and being nice all week. She also has no allies. Great game move detonators! At least Amber won’t have to rot in jury with these idiots now.


I hope b1tch-stine sees how much she is disliked when she gets out which is hopefully soon. Such an embarrassment to all superfans out there.

Canadian Girl

There is a slim possibility that trying to backd**r Amber could flip the house. Bear with me here…They are telling Caleb that they are putting Amber up to scare her and to show her she should be grateful for Caleb. IF Caleb decides he wants to save his ‘queen’ and IF Christine, Nicole and Hayden figure out that they are at a disadvantage having Cody, Frankie, Derrick and Zach running the house… They could flip the house. I know it’s a long-shot…but if that happens…buh bye guys!

What is going on?

But Christine, Nicole and Hayden are to stupid to flip the house, I really hope they go out of the door one after another.

The Canadian gal

It would be awesome but it won’t happen…..

Right now, they are too blinded by their hatred for this girl to even think straight.

I feel like the first 2 days post-Amber they will still be very busy talking about her in a negative way especially Ratstine and Waldo’s sister (aka Nicole) not noticing what is coming for them…


Someone please shave or trim Zach’s armpit hair. It’s out of control!


Would love to see zach and donny work together to get out Christine..those two seem to be the only ones who see her true colors..I’d like nicole better if she weren’t aligned so closely with ratstine

What is going on?

These girls are so stupid!
That’s all I gotta say.


I think people are overreacting to the ‘stalker’ Caleb and what he might or might not do to harm Amber. Really?
First of all Amber is not an assertive woman and is giving two completely different messages to him. No she has not said she’s interested but told him she finds their talks interesting.
She should not have agreed to the ‘date’. She should have said I don’t feel the same way about you, period.
She has never said exactly what she means in this game about anything.
She is by far one of the worst Big Brother players I have ever seen and feels she needs men to cover her ass.
If it wasn’t Caleb or Devin, now it’s Cody. Why is she touching him and flirting with him if what she claims as an independent game player?
Caleb has not heard her exact feelings about him and she’s not strong enough to say it.
She’s really flaky if you ask me and came in with beauty but little else.


She don’t have to say jack crap to him one way are another. She said I don’t see you the way he sees her in a relationship. Do she have to jump up and down like a craze rabbit and put some black power on him, they would fear her like Devin. This dude has went overboard attaching himself to Amber and the guys in the house know it. They are using his foolish yo further their game.

I just can't

Why do people why Nicole and Hayden? They have done shit!


I’m not usually one to talk about how a houseguest looks..I’ll leave most of that to ratine nicole and Victoria..but has anyone else noticed that ratine looks like she’s wearing those gag disguise glasses with the big nose attached? All that’s missing is the mustache!


I thought Christine chose those big-ass goggles to make her nose appear smaller. But now that you’ve pointed that out, every time I look at her now I see Groucho Marx or someone who is wearing Groucho Marx glasses. Too funny!

Zach is Whack

Hayden is a fool! Why must he do what all the guys say? Why can’t he do what’s best for his game?


It wont happen. With amber leaving its yet another player who shouldve gone against the frankie derrick control the house alliance. If zach doesnt flip the house soon this season will just get more and more boring if thats even possible


Actually what Zach should do is confront Nicole about the conversation they had in the HOH room. This would or would not start a argument. Using Amber to start a fight can be very dangerous. Caleb is a time bomb. I don’t think anyone could calm him down. On the other hand I believe Frankie or Derrick could intervene with Zach and get him to settle down. BB is really pushing the envelop on this task.


Agree with Twisted… what’s happening with Amber is in fact disgusting.

We have a man that can’t take no for an answer and a woman who just doesn’t have the heart to directly tell him that his feelings are not reciprocated. That being said, Amber friend-zoned Caleb at pretty much day one and he still has yet to see it! (She’s told him ‘no’ without exactly telling him no; most guys would take the hint).

If the rest of the house wants Amber out because she’s a threat, do it! That is the name of the game! Why The Detonators feel the need to consult with Caleb or care about his opinion is beyond me. In consulting Caleb, and supporting his crazy ideas that Amber needs to bow to him and thank him for her life in the house, they are essentially villainizing the victim (Amber). Caleb is, what I would consider, someone tip-toeing the line of sexual harassment.

I am deeply saddened to see all the houseguests sitting idle and watching this mess unfold. They seem to know it’s wrong (who doesn’t). Even Zach, who plans to villainize Amber in his speech tomorrow, just told Caleb “she doesn’t deserve it bro”.

Well, actions speak louder than words. At this point, I’m not only disappointed in the house guests, I’m also disgusted with production. This has gone on long enough. Big Brother is not a place to reinforce the subjugation of women… it’s a GAME. For a game that has so many ‘rules’ that are constantly alluded to… the fact that this does not fall within the scope of an issue that requires some sort of repercussion is nothing short of shocking.


2 things..
first.. when players are forced to put someone up for nomination (in this case a renom because pov will be used) they look for a scapegoat so they will not “get any blood on their hands” and this is where caleb fits in.. if its caleb’s idea it sort of lessens frankie’s role in the nomination if amber happens to survive..

the second part of this scenario is the zach part.. derrick and frankie have the america’s task to complete where they need someone to argue at the pov ceremony.. so they’re riling up zach to rile up caleb in the hopes this all riles up amber.. if it wasnt for the america’s task most of this hoopla would have never happened..


Poor Amber. Zach is entertaining but I hate that he’s going to go off on her for something like this. Sorry but as a woman, I can’t stand the thought of him bullying her because she isn’t interested in a guy. He isn’t getting her cues aand if she tells him to back off in a harsher way, he’s the vindictive type who will make it his mission to get her out (as evidenced by his behaviour now!). Plus, she’s stuck living in a house with him 24/7, it’s not like she can just tell im to F-Off and then never see him again. I understand she’s in a tough spot and tryign to manage it in a way that doesnt ruin her game. All these other houseguests are DUMB and clueless. It’s really pathetic. I can just see Cody and Derrick and Frankie just COAST to the final 3. They are soo blind. I’m just rooting for Donny as of now.


if zach was a little more aware he would be suspicious of frankie and derrick egging hm on.. they’re behavior is not consistent with the way they’ve carried themselves thus far.. zach should see this.


They are using Zach just like Zach is using Caleb. Zach is doing the dirty work with a smile on his face just like Caleb is being manipulated into a situation in which they will flip onto his lap after the POV. all with no blood on their hands. what beasts.

FRANKIE AND DERRICK are very skilled in manipulation. Props 2 them , even if y’all dont want to acknowledge their superiority.




At what point are Derrick and Cody going to figure out they don’t want to be sitting next to each other in the final 2? Domb@sses. Frankie knows this already which is why he’s keeping Zach and Caleb in his back pocket. I thought Derrick was supposed to be smarter than that.


I think Amber going home is terrible for several peoples game. Evict Jocasta or Victoria… they offer nothing for you game. Christine and Hayden should know better than anybody that there is a core four guys Cody/ Derrick and Zach/ Frankie. If you want the 500,000 you need soldiers that can help them take them down. You need an Amber that is targeting those guys. Really what is the best for their games is to get Derrick or Frankie out… the other two are malleable… the one Christine and Hayden should know that they need out is Derrick. Get Derrink ou the other three will crumble and slip into chaos… Those boys need a chief. Keep Amber and she can led to do you dirty work. Use the veto on Jocasta, you need that vote. You just have to let her know you saved her… and those guys targeted her. You felt that she was loyal and that Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie turned on her.
To Evict Amber: Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Frankie
To Evict Victoria: Donny, Jocasta, Christine, Hayden, Caleb (It is a mercy vote we know she is going home. It is just one last thing to do for her. No one will hold it against you.) and Nicole
Boom Amber is saved and Victoria a floater that works for the four go’s home. House is flipped game is on.
House is

Michael LB

If Caleb does start to harass Amber after the show is over, I seriously wonder if CBS et al have any plans in place for their role in this and not bringing a stop to it. After Amber is evicted this week (which seems most likely) and, when she sees the blogs/speaks with her family and realizes the extent of what has been going on in Caleb’s mind I hope she gets a restraining order before the finale show. How great would it be to hear Julie say “Caleb, you must stay a minimum of 100 feet away from Amber.”


Production should have stepped in the second Caleb kissed her on the forehead when she was asleep. I don’t care how flaky or inconsistent you think Amber is, that is NOT acceptable. Period.

Caleb's Cool With Me

For Twisted: So, Cody can grab at her chest more than once and she tells him to stop more than once, should the Production have stepped in on that? Or did you not SEE THIS on the LIVE SHOWS?
A kiss on the forehead is what you give your children at night when they are put to bed and you want Caleb to be taken out back of the BB House and horse whipped for merely kissing Amber’s forehead while she slept. He didn’t molest her!!! What world do you live in? Are you an adult? Amber and Caleb are the same age (26) and both are considered to be adults. Why would you make this into some type of federal case. Your post just boggles the mind.


In one example she is conscious, in the other she is not. You want to compare that to a parent kissing their child on the forehead at night? Ask all the parents on this site if they are cool with somebody kissing their child on the forehead while they sleep. Get real.


Watching brad these so called men disgust me . I can only hope someday there daughters go up to be treated this disgustingly one day. Karma is a bitch and don’t say this is gameplay this goes beyond.


I wouldn’t wish that on anyone’s daughter. Wouldn’t your rather wish sterilization on them so that they can’t create daughters who could treat them like they treat women?


I mean bbad.


I can’t wait for this season to end!

Would be MaD DaD

As a father I would already have my Lawyer on the phone with CBS trying to prevent my Saughter from having to deal with this speech these mindless tools have prepared for Amber. Practically telling her she is deserving of this because she didn’t allow Caleb to have the relationship his pysco self wanted with her. It puts her in the position to feel like from that point on she has to succomb to crazy fatal attraction or go home. Maybe or maybe not sexual harassment but defiNately wrong. And for Derek being as smart as he seems and being a Cop, he should realize this. Everyday these people should be thinking of their Careers.


Amber isnt a baby, shes a grown woman, 27 years grown. She should be able to handle her own business without men doing it for her.

The worst thing about it is that people are reinforcing Caleb’s behaviour, even though they know how crazy it is. He actually believes because of frankie, zach, ectera that he was in the right.

this week will be one of the worst weeks of ambers life. she needs to kick it into gear and 1. declare caleb as her #1 enemy 2. pull some DR. will crap.

> sad thing is she doesnt carry any respect or “pull” in the house therefore her chances r slim.