Nicole says I can’t believe you didn’t tell me I was going up!? WHO THE F ARE YOU?!

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 01-23-02-069
12:50am Out in the backyard – Caleb and Christine are in the hammock talking. Christine says tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. Caleb says it sure is, it sure is. Its going to be nuts because anything can happen. As far as I know smooth sailing because we already know who’s going home but you never know what people have up their sleeve because jury is just around the corner. Caleb says we just can’t be the 6th person gone. Victoria goes home and then the next person goes to jury. So as long as none of us go up and go home we should be fine. Christine says I am worried about Donny, that I’m a target of his. Caleb says that Donny is winning POV’s because none of us beast houses are in it. Christine says I am just worried about going up against an alliance member. Frankie joins them again. Caleb says again that Victoria goes home Thursday and then we’ve done what we need to do, then we’re all in jury. Caleb says that I have agreed that if I make it to the end whoever votes for me in jury I will give $5,000 to.

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1:05pm In the kitchen – Zach tells Victoria I would marry you just for your guacamole. The cameras switch to Derrick and Caleb in the havenot room. Caleb says the he might just go to the after party with the onzie on just like this. Derrick says yeah see how that works out for you. Caleb says how would it not work out for me!? Derrick says depends on what you’re trying to attract. Caleb says just being me baby! Derrick says they might be like get our of you baby suit.. put on a man suit. Caleb says put on a man suit?! Ladies who want’s it!? Beast Mode Cowboy is here!
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 01-46-25-975

1:10am Up in the HOH Frankie is talking to Christine. Frankie says I kind of feel weird about saying that Caleb said to do this so … I think I would say that the subject of trust has been a really big deal and mentioned a lot lately.. and you know like there has been a lot of paranoia. Its hard to trust you and I just got some information right before this veto meeting from someone that I trust. I am sorry but.. I think its better than saying this person told me to do this. Christine agrees. Frankie says I told Hayden to prep him right before the veto meeting when I get called into the dairy room. Because I think if we told him tonight he would say no don’t do it. Frankie says that Hayden has very good points as to why. Frankie says if Amber is sitting next to Victoria.. then she is safe. If Amber is sitting next to Jocasta then … Christine says not so much.. exactly. Frankie says we still have to guarantee him that she is safe if we want her to be safe and that’s why you’re so important because right at the very end.. right before the meeting you say Amber blew up everything to Nicole. Christine says right, exactly! Frankie says I love you. Christine says I am getting to the point where it is really hard to hangout with Caleb. Frankie says I was talking to Victoria .. she’s a piece of work. She was like its amazing how good you are at hanging out with people you don’t like. Christine asks to you she said that! Christine laughs. Frankie says isn’t it! Isn’t it amazing! Christine says I’m VERY GOOD AT IT! I love that! I love that she’s the one that said that to you. Christine brings up how Caleb keeps says when we make it to jury .. that’s what we all wanted… I’m like not that’s not what I want at all!?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 01-18-33-979
1:15am Out on the backyard – Zach and Cody are playing pool. Zach says he (Caleb) literally thinks he is running the game. Its funny dude. Its actually funny! Its amusing. Like he says she had the trust of the biggest beast in the house. Cody says I love how he calls himself the biggest beast in the house.. like he won an HOH week 1 and literally has been non-existent. He talks about how he protected her but really he has been protected by the alliance. That just piss me off that he thinks he is the biggest beast in the house. Zach says that Caleb is going to be easy to send out. The hardest person to send out is going to be Hayden or Frankie. Cody says I am not even thinking about sending Frankie home because it is going to be miserably bad to send him home. It’s just not going to be easy. Zach says of course it is but we have no choice. Zach says another BOB this week then next week would be single HOH with double eviction. Cody says I would put up Caleb then. Zach worries that Cody is emotionally attached to people .. are you going to be able to send people home?! Cody says he will.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 02-01-53-827

1:40am Derrick comes to talk to Frankie in the HOH room. Frankie talks about how Victoria come up to him telling him how she wants to trust him but that people are telling her not to. Derrick says the thing that scares me about Victoria is her saying I have a final 4 deal with them. If she does we just need to deny it. I just want her to go out thinking as little as possible. Frankie says I can’t say in the veto meeting that Caleb told me to do this.. Derrick says yeah because then it makes you look like a puppet. Frankie says after then I can tell her that Caleb told me to do this. Derrick says lets hope Zach comes through! What if she walks away. They say that Zach’s speech is literally like 2 minutes long. Frankie says I had them read me the rules it only needs to be 1 person attacking another. Derrick says that’s great. Derrick leaves.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 02-33-50-842

2:10am In the Hive Room – The camera’s switch to Zach in the middle of practicing the speech his going to give tomorrow during the veto meeting.
Zach says:
“When we were havenots he gave you both of his blankets because you were cold and he froze his butt off just so you could sleep and stay warm. And the next day you thanked everyone .. not everyone gave you their blanket. It was Beast Mode Cowboy! And third of all in the power of veto competition he risked his safety to take $5,000 just so that he could take you on a cruise to the bahammas. Not only that! He ate a pickle! The one thing he hates most in this world and he almost threw up on the kitchen table just so you would go on a date with him. And when he asked you out on the date you were very reluctant to say yes. After the date you went around telling everyone that you only said yes because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Beast Mode Cowboy saved you in this game more than once.. lets see if the third time is going to be the charm. Do you have anything to say!? No! I didn’t think so! Because that’s exactly what you’ve been saying to him this entire summer!”
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 02-50-19-166
Zach leaves the hive room and heads up to the HOH room. Frankie says basically everyone will keep Amber thinking she is safe. Frankie says Nicole said she would tell Amber she hates her I don’t care she’s not in jury. Zach says I love her, I would date her. Frankie says I know you would. Zach asks is it a bad look that I am standing up for Caleb?! Frankie says everyone in the house wants it to happen. Everyone one but Victoria and Amber know’s whats going on. Not your speech but.. Frankie says that Hayden is going to tell Caleb right before the veto meeting. Zach asks why tell him at all?! Frankie says because Hayden wants to cover his a$$. Frankie says if Caleb has an issue with it then he is protecting someone else other than the alliance. If he comes to be I will say Jocasta’s not in our alliance she needs to go home.. sorry that you feel she deserves to be in jury over Victoria doesn’t really f**king matter. Lets just get her out next week, calm down the plan is still a go. Zach says and then we just get out Caleb… possibly .. possibly! Frankie says if we put up Jocasta and Victoria and you win the veto you can do whatever you want with it. Zach says the kicker is that Caleb thinks its his idea that we’re putting Amber on the block. Zach talks about how perfectly things have worked out and how we’ve controlled what has happened since the beginning.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 02-57-27-265

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As much as I love Zach, I still think it is really unfair for Amber to be treated this way by the male houseguests.


not to mention the female houseguests, Nicole/Christine/Victoria will pretty much bitch about anyone capable of getting any male attention, its horrible. Wish this season was allstars


I think it’s awful that they are blaming Amber , even if it’s just a joke, or an excuse. I mean Caleb has done nothing but make her and everyone else in the house really uncomfortable with his behavior towards her. And what he says to the other guys about her. Obsessed much and I don’t think it’s funny, he needs to take a hint. If they evict her, he will be a beast. He will take it out on the whole house.


Argeed, I was disappointed that nobody has stood up for Amber and how Celeb’s obsession with her is just down right creepy. She has said from day 1 she is not into him and that she is not here for a showmance. His obsession has totally ruined her chance to really play the game I think.


I’m gonna give Caleb the benefit of the doubt and just say he is a confused and delusional kid. In a way he is also a victim in this situation. A hot girl is paying him attention and it is going to his head. But the rest of these guys should be ASHAMED for stroking his ego and egging him on. They keep telling him how much he has done for her, how she owes him, how she is ungrateful…on and on and on. And they keep piling on each other. It is so disgusting. He has emotional issues as is, and now multiple people in the house are feeding into it. And then they laugh at him when he leaves the room. If something happens and Caleb crosses the line in any way, they are all responsible for what happens. I’m looking right at you Officer Derrick.


she makes it pretty clear she’s not interested, it isn’t the other HGs fault that he doesn’t get the hint, or the outright telling him that she’s not into him.

they need to fire people up because Team America has a task and Zach is going to execute it, but Amber is going to be the target. I don’t think anyone is going to see TA do anything but add fuel to that fire. If there was no TA, i don’t think you’d see it done the same way. Clearly they want Amber out, and are going to make sure that until the Veto is played and she’s up, they are going to go along with the idea.

I was wondering why Hayden doesn’t tell Nicole that the BS is still up and running, or did he? because Christine denies it to Nicole, if Hayden was to say it is still running ops, then what Zach told Nicole plus what Hayden tells her would totally backfire on Christine and that would be interesting.


I think the problem with Amber was that she didnt sit Caleb down right at the beginning and let him know straight up that she was not interested. And u cant leave it up to interpretation with guys like this. You have to be the point. He needs to be set straight right from the beginning otherwise he obsesses. It might not seem fair, and it might not work but look where she is now. She has told everyone but him how she really feels and now it looks like she is going home. She should never have gone on that date with him knowing how obsessive he is. It just leads them on. So she has made mistakes in this…


I love how you single out the girls.. the boys talk just as much crap about amber as those girls do. In fact I have even heard Nicole defend Amber before saying she is not that bad and that she is starting to grow on her. I really think you need to put things into perspective, they are stuck in a house with no escape from these people. Of course they are going to get annoyed with each other and talk crap, ANYONE in that situation would.. even if you are with your best friend.


It’s too late for Nicole to say Amber is nice now. Nicole originally started the witch hunt against Amber and then Christine, then Heydan, then Victoria and then the rest of the guys jumped on the bandwagon. These are very feminine and catty men this season.

The guys think they are so tough targeting the women and sweet Donny. When Devin was here the guys were intimidated little cowards; now they run around the house like they’re invincible. I hope they bring back Devin or Joey to shake things up.


I didn’t say Nicole said she was nice. My only point was it is NOT just the girls bad mouthing everyone AND that until you have been stuck in a small space with people 24/7 you can’t really bash them for bashing people they are stuck with nonstop. It is inevitable that you are going to talk crap even if you love the person.


It’s Big Brother. It is a game show, for all effects and purposes. If anything, last season should have shown us all that anything goes and everything is “acceptable” in this game.


Mel, I have to respectfully disagree. What last season showed us is what is sometimes allowed in the house is not always acceptable outside of it.


Totally agree. I’m a huge fan of Zach & his antics but the way Amber’s getting treated by everyone sickens me. Just seems like these guys can’t respect a women’s right to say no. And the other female houseguests are an example of the type of women that will defend an accused rapist & blame the victim.


I agree…

It is not his place to say anything to Amber anyways. He is just trying to embarrass her and make a spectacle of her. It is a game, you want her out fine, but you do not have to treat her this way. He is not HOH or the Veto holder, so why does he have to say anything (just so TA can get some money, this will be the second time they used her). There are no men or women in that house, just a bunch of little boys and girls. No one has enough guts to tell them they are wrong. Whether you like Amber or not, this is not right. So you put a target on your back. Grow up.

If Zach was my son, and he said that to a female, I would be extremely disappointed in him.

Go out with class Amber.


I like Amber, not the best of players, but I think its a blessing in disguise for her to get evicted. To keep her away from that psycho lunatic and these stupid houseguest encourage it.
I’ll just enjoying watching the rest this cast stabbing each other in the back!… just don’t mess with my boy Donny.


I agree. I do not care how much drama he brings, he is wrong.

I know it is a game, and they want Amber out, but doing it this way is disrespectful. No one in that house is backing her up because they are all scared. There are no men or women in the house, just a bunch of little boys and girls. Why is Zach saying anything, anyways? He is not the HOH or the Veto holder. Just so TA can get money, and this will be the second time they have used Amber to get money. Sad. The girls do not see it, they are picking them off, one by one.

If Zach was my son, I would be really disappointed with him. They have the votes to get her out, she will think she is safe, just leave it at that.


I find the behaviour of the house towards Amber appalling. A woman does not have to be thankful for unwanted attention. She didn’t ask anything of Caleb. In fact she should be a lot more angry than she is.

This is like a lesson in women ‘asking for it’. The fact that none of the other insecure little girls in the house recognize it is really REALLY disappointing. This is why Big Brother cannot be all 20 somethings. We need more older people. Young people follow the flock. It really interferes with the game, these people are too fresh out of college and still way too cliquey.

Another of my pre-season faves, gone.


I think the reason the other girls in the house do not defend Amber is because I think they secretly would love to have a good looking guy like Caleb give them some attention. These girls CRAVE male attention and they hate that Amber has a guy in the house that is obsessed with her. I know that sounds crazy but I think these girls are deeply insecure. Victoria is always fishing for compliments and validation from men. I don’t think Christine ever had a lot attention from guys. And Nicole is cute but she doesn’t seem secure with herself and I think she likes Cody.

K Kelly

Ok, if you are looking to “blame” someone, then blame Team America. That is why this is going down. Not to mention that Amber is partly responsible for thinking this could be her ticket to the end. If you see the live feeds early on, she did play him quite a bit. Caleb then fell overboard.


Right? You voted for this, America. I voted for the other task…seemed less nasty, but I guess it doesn’t make for as good of drama. *rolls eyes* Team America did what they had to do, and Zach was best suited for the task. Besides, read Zach’s speech…it’s a joke! “He ate a pickle for you” You really think Amber’s going to not crack up at that? She might not just from shock that she’s being put on the block and confronted, but his speech isn’t hateful, it’s dripping with sarcasm because Caleb is an idiot! No one in that house actually thinks Amber should be giving Caleb the time of day, and before she walks out the door Thursday, everyone will make that clear to her. She’s leaving because she’s a threat to the detonators and because they want to control Caleb, not because they are misogynists. This cast is not last season’s cast…they’re a bunch of Dan and Dr. Will wannabes, but they aren’t bad people.

Devin's Tears

Omg I got choked up watching Nicole cry after the nomination ceremony. It was meant as a joke but it was so sad. He guys have no idea what they are doing. They seriously lack any inkling of compassion. No way is amber gonna fight back…. She’s probably going to be hysterical. It’s going to be heart breaking to watch if that’s how it goes down ;(


After the way Nicole treated and talked about Brittany (who was on the block three times as well as a Have Not for two weeks in a row), I didn’t feel one bit of sympathy for her. Quite the opposite, actually. I was hoping they would lose the BOB (although as soon as I saw what the comp was, I knew V & J didn’t stand a chance) just so she would know what it REALLY feels like to be on the block.




Yes, please!!!!


Zach should get the money for Team America’s missions, he’s like completing almost all of their missions lol


The thing is he would do this regardless of the mission


Hate how Zach is doing Frankie and Derrick’s dirty work for them


…and they’re the ones getting money for it, too…I didn’t even vote for these tools to be on my team.


Well it looks like Donny’s going to survive this week. Maybe him being in Team America will keep him safe a little longer because Derrick and Frankie like that money coming in. Crustine is anti Donny and needs to pop a squat in the chair soon. TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bees Knees

It’s stupid how the mission gets accomplished if it’s just a one sided fight. Might as well hand them the rest of the money without the missions.

mr ed

Whoever thought up this TA idea and tasks at BB should be canned !!! Stupidest crap ever on this show and oh yeah, Frankie SUCKS !!!!!

First timer

I thought that the team america twist was going to be that these three people had to vote the way that the viewers wanted. Instead we are stuck watching these guys justify their decisions to fit the rules of winning 5k. This is some bullsh*t.


They said Zach has yo go for 2 mins. His speech is not 2 mins. And I don’t think it will be at the veto. I hope Amber just sits there and say nothing or start crying and leave at the veto to shorten the time.

In regard to TA assignment , remember it was so boring that week. So those dum production people came up with trying to start an argument to get more ratings. Ita bunch of crap. I bet they were hoping it would not be Amber but an argument among the guys to split their alliance. Lol


Find it quite ironic that you spelled Dumb wrong 🙂

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)

We all know that this is not going to end well at all, except of course, CBS! If they think an indemnity clause in Amber’s contract and flashing a lame disclaimer at the beginning of each show from here on out is going to save their ass from a major law they’re dreaming! I hope Amber’s parent’s have retained an attorney and have been watching. I would love to seem the serve Julie with a “cease and desist” order on live tv Thursday night when she exits that house! This show has difficulty jumped all levels of taste (and the proverbial shark) this season! When people are willing to “whore out” a the loss of a loved one, and their grief for a few minutes of faux celebrity, and worse, publicly humilate another human being for no other reason than to make a bucks its just mind-blowing! Shame on you Derrick – especially you – for going against the laws you took and oath to upheld! Do I need to list them for you? Lets start with “inciding an individual(s) to commit an unlawful act!”

Dave Smith

Unlawful act? Am i missing something? I don’t like Derrick at all and agree it is unmoral for him to encourage Caleb, however i have not seen any unlawful act.

Caleb seems like a nice guy (With perhaps a mental issue) that is overly obsessed with Amber, he should get the hint that she is not interested and the guys should stop encouraging him especially Derrick (being a cop). I also believe Amber is partially to be blamed, she has given him many mixed signals. When someone is obsessed with you, you NEVER give them mixed signals. That will just encourage them on and make them think “Only if i try little bit harder she will come around”.

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)


reality check

UH…Derrick is/was an undercover cop. His job is lying to people who trust him and then screwing them over. He was made for big brother.


The sports convo with Caleb/Cody is hilarious! Caleb is a wrestling champ who’s never been pinned, could walk on & get drafted by MLB or NFL right now, & even though he’s never played soccer he’s sure he could walk on the field & everyone would say how great he is. I would never be able to listen to his crap & not mess with him big time – the obvious response here might be to ask him about basketball since he;s so short.


If they ever need a replacement for The Most Interesting Man in the World in those Dos Equis beer commercials they have on.

mr ed

Good one. LOL.

smd nicole

even thug amber really has done nothing to deserve to stay in the house i really feel bad for her the guys are treating her like crap and she has done nothing to them…

Irked by the stupidity!

“Thug Amber”…????

smd nicole

it was stupid auto correct meant to say though


The only hope we have for a twist is Hayden since he holds the POV. Omg how funny would that be? Zach is preparing this speech for Amber, but Hayden chooses not to use the POV. Lmao the look on their faces would be PRICELESS. But sadly this group is a bunch of spineless morons. Hayden’s head is so far up Nicole’s a**, that he would never save Amber and risk losing his sweetheart. Ugh but I’m praying for a miracle. Amber should at least try to persuade Hayden. You never know.


I don’t think Nicole is controlling him… he hates Amber and he likes Victoria. He knows if he doesn’t use it Victoria goes home and Victoria is his ally and Amber is not, so really it would be stupid of him to keep Amber over Victoria. Also Hayden knows a lot more than he lets off… his convo with Nicole last night shows that. He told her that Frankie and Derrick are running the house right now and that he would rather be aligned with Donny than Christine.


I am literally scared for Ambers safety.

Donny rocks


Mister E

The guys could take this eviction of Amber and also use it to get everyone to go after Caleb. Caleb is not going to want Amber evicted. He thinks this will bring them closer. So he is going to expect everyone to vote Jocasta out for him. If they play the numbers close for Amber eviction. Like a split vote but amber still leaves. Then swear up and down that the alliance voted for her to stay, then Caleb would be after the other players. Maybe even run his mouth and we get some drama. I do not want the detonator in power and would like to see a power shift but this would make sense for the detonator to do. So Caleb is not after them. Then no matter who wins hoh this week they would probably go after Caleb. It’s a win win for them.


Does anyone know if Donny is aware of Zach’s planned verbal attack on Amber? Drama Queen and Snout Boy know what he plans to say but cannot imagine Donny agreeing to this for any amount of money.

Irked by the stupidity!

Yes…I believe he does know and was on board. I don’t know if he knows how vicious it is going to be though.


yeah but can he play a real sport? (HOCKEY) lol


Caleb is soooo creepy, he really skeeves me out. Poor Amber can’t even sleep in peace.

How did I miss this...

What is up with Frankie having crotch burn?


I was wondering the same thing and wondering why none of the other posters here picked up on that whole exchange. Is it like baboons in heat? Bed bugs?

mr ed

Could be. They are a dirty bunch !

I don't watch the feeds but....

Does he tan in his underwear? I totally see that out of him and it could be sunburn.


Zach should get the TA money.




Me neither. Zach is acting really “suspect”, since he is supposedly straight.


“Zach says why don’t you just go n@ked!? I won’t feel weird. Frankie asks do you want me to be n@ked? Only if you’re n@ked too! Zach says no” DAFUQ DID I JUST READ?!?!?!

I don't watch the feeds but....

He seems to make the point that he is straight a lot, possibly over compensating because he doesn’t want to admit he is bi? Just a thought. As long as they are happy with the relationship so be it….. 🙂 Still best showmance ever!


I think Caleb referring to himself as a cowboy is an insult to all actual cowboys.


A HUGE shoutout to all the creative, witty, insightful bloggers on here!
Whoever keeps renaming Caleb is brilliant!
LMAO at “Caleb came in like a wrecking ball”
Daily giggles at “Christine’s Crazy Eye”
Thank you for keeping me entertained!

The Canadian gal

I am not a superfan of Amber but I don’t get why all the hate towards her.

She needs some backbone, it is true, I agree but besides that what have she done so bad that everyone dislikes her like that? …


Amber is being targeted because of her looks, the girls in the house hates her because of her looks, Frankie hates her because she getting the males in the house attention away from him ( I don’t like how he acts) and Caleb hates that she want bow down and date him ( it insults his ego) Zach wants her gone because he wants all of Cody’s attention ( Christine will be next) I am glad she is leaving this week. She looks good enough to make money in modeling. It is horrible how she is being treated.

So wrong

Yessss to all of this. 100% true!

reality check

Amber is going because she has made poor choices within the house.

I guess the girls could be jealous of her but to me she isnt that pretty(still wayyyyy better than christine)- but seems a decent person.
To each their own.

The Canadian gal

Last year was the worst but this season is also painful to watch. It is boring, no fireworks, not much excitment. Fortunately, Zach is there if not it would be a total boredom.


really… caleb??? throwing a pillow at someone while they are sleeping!?!
how mature.
I’m surprised production hasn’t called him out on any of his BS. But then again, they ley that train wreck called BB15 happen….

Detroit Girl

Is it too late to flip it and put Caleb on the block? The peel in the shoe, nail polish on feet and throwing the pillow, it’s just #teamtoomuch, not to mention annoying as $&@k.
Zach encouraging Frankie to go naked. Why don’t these two just make out so WildCard can satisfy his curiosity?
I also want someone to have Nic eavesdrop on Ratine with her other alliance, just so she can hear the truth for herself.
If TA gets that stupid, green checkmark for the Veto Ceremony fight, then Zach should get $10k. (wouldn’t take money from Donny) Like lol and hi said, he did all the work for this one.


Eavesdropping is a lost art in the BB House. it happened way more frequently in earlier seasons. Now the only strategy most HGs have is making it to jury house or becoming famous outside the house. Little, to no independent game play period.

Detroit Girl

It would appear so, sadly BB4ME. Maybe Donny could revive it. He strikes me as an old school kind of guy.


That what I’ve been saying…very few want to play the game…just make it to Club Med (Jury) & easily collect the $$…then have hopes of becoming a celebrity after BB.


How in the world does a 20 second rant equate to 2 houseguests having an argument???


Ok. Wow 20 sec. I thought it was 2 mins. My bad. Lol still a dumbo idea.

Jenn city b##ch

Nicole a moron if she continues trusting Hayden or Christina both keep her in the dark about everything that’s happening in the house only telling her when it’s going to be exposed she making super fans look really bad


And Nicole getting mad at HAYDEN for telling her the truth… How about getting mad at everyone else who HAVE NOT told you the truth, Cody, Derrick, Frankie. Hayden said EVERYONE knew. I’d be bummed, but regroup, figure out I’m being played by all of them, use Hayden to my advantage, and try to do something about the guys.


I agree with you about Christine, but not about Hayden. Hayden does tell her everything, just not always in a timely manner. Her only chance of making it to the end is sticking with Hayden. Based on what people have said though she really should realize by now that Christine repeats everything she says to her.


So sorry, but could not resist posting this definition found on a “meaning of names” site………CALEB……Most likely related to Hebrew ?????? (kelev) meaning “dog”.


I like how Caleb is saying that Donny is only winning the povs cause the beasts arent in it, yet if I recall Caleb was in both the povs that Donny won, Team Beard!!!


Sorry people, but I can’t feel sad about the way Amber is being treated. It’s called Karma! She’s been bragging that it’s because of her that Devin got booted out and it’s true. She (a half black woman) jumped on the bandwagon with the frat boys and stirred up a lot of crap about Devin (the only black guy) because he wasn’t interested in her but preferred Brittany. She even turned Caleb against Devin. Oh, how soon we forget, you fickle people! Now she’s reaping what she sowed and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she realizes she’s going home. Goodbye Jezebel!

The Canadian gal

Soooo in your story, Amber should have allied with Devin only because he is Black? … You reasoning is as worst as Victoria saying that she trust Derrick more because his wife is “supposedly” Jewish….


Remember that Amber wasn’t “his type” anyway so I doubt that he would have accepted the help even if she had offered…


OMG how incredibly ridiculous that Caleb wants to “punish” Amber and it is only “a test”, and he “won’t even talk to Amber if she tries” to talk to him, YET he’s all of a sudden playing with her feet and throwing pillows. Remember, the ‘alliance’ will call it off, IF Amber comes and talks to him tonight. OMG. GET OVER YOURSELF. I really feel sorry for this kid and when he sees the episodes, he may just go AWOL. We might have another Willie Hantz on our hands. AND for everyone talking bout poor Amber, give me a break! She COMPLETELY led Caleb on, up in his room, in the bed, giggly, touching, date BS- where I come from, that is called a C-Tease! And I am a woman. When you see a guy is like Freaking in love with you, talking about “God put you in my life, etc.” you need to NIP that in the bud ASAP! If you don’t and continue to listen to his BS Let’s-go-on-a-Date-then-cruise-then-finale-date then you are a full blown Co%kTEASE! … Maybe she won’t lead men on in the future.

Always the girl's fault

Hmmm. Missed all this c**k teasing she did. Please tell me where I can find all these instances on the feeds. I guess you would have put him in his place, then be called a stuck up nasty bitch by everyone and immediately put out on your arse because you dared to speak up and threatened the boys alliance. Was bored of the feeds last night and caught an episode of Forensic Files. Exotic dancer rejects advances of customer, ends up thrown off a bridge. Guess in your mind she deserved it too?

The Canadian gal

In a normal life set-up, you can ignore the guy, avoid him at work or at school. Amber is stuck in a house with him, she can’t completely ignore him.

The only way rhat she could “avoid” of him is if she isolate herself completely by staying in bed all-day (i.e.). Impossible to do, not good for her social game and I even think he would pursue her inside the room after several hours of not seeing her getting out.

She has to be nice to him no choice. I am sure that she already noticed that he is a nutcase (as we all do here just by watching the feeds).

Being in her situation, I would be terrified. I think I would do like her and stay nice to that nutcase. He seems like a loose canon who can blowup any moment….

wicked kitty

Of The 16: half are female. Half are recruits
Females –
Recruits: Joey, Paola, Brittany, Amber (all 4 should be gone this week).
Fans: Christine, Nicole, Victoria, Jocasta (1 of whom is in an alliance, 1 is with the Alliance member & other 2 are not);
Males –
Recruits: Devin (gone), Caleb, Cody, Hayden
Fans: Frankie, Derrick, Zach , Donny


Cody is more of a fan that Frankie


Everyone hopes caleb will flip on the gestapos running the house and align with amber zach donny but he is way to stupid to figure it oyt and also too self involved to even care about noticing it…


I can’t wait for the veto ceremony today. TA has set the stage for a Zach/Amber blowup. Only i’m not so sure it will happen. Zach is continuously planning some explosiveness. Part of his intention i’m sure is to entertain us – the other half an attempt at a game move. Only the planning process is usually more fun to watch than the actual event. I’m not sure Amber will fall for the bait. If she’s anything like the other girls she will curl up in a corner somewhere and cry. On some other hg shoulder. Probably Codys. Which just might send Caleb over the tipping point for voting her out. But even if he votes her out on Thursday, i expect him to want to avenge his “Queen”. He would say he helped send her out to protect her. It would be his last grasp at playing the white knight for her. Whatever scenario he cooks up in his head, I don’t expect our daily dose of “Amber talk” will be diminished with her eviction. Out of sight, out of mind is not a concept Caleb understands.


Amber really has no move left to play so she’s definitely going home. I agree she won’t get into some shouting match with Zach either. The whole thought that she will ‘expose’ the alliance is laughable. Even that brainless group of amoebas know there’s a big alliance,they just don’t vocalize or act one it so she gains nothing in bringing it up.
Caleb will be just like GinaMarie was last year when Nick left. Every day he’ll incessantly talk about her as if they were one day away from walking down the aisle.

Will Kirby

Has the game ever seen a character as bizarre as Zach? He would be quasi Dr Will-ish if he was more charming, intelligent and less crazy


I like Zach, but he’s too much of a wanna-be…Will…Dick…Dan…and who knows who else. Just makes it uninteresting. It’s like Zach is trying to keep us, the audience, guessing what past-HG said or did what with his antics…just waiting for Zach to spill water over Victoria.


I am Team Zach, but praying Donny , Jocosta (yeah right) or Nicole win HOH(s)


people get a clue. Zach is bi!! Normal for a bisexualy man to still be a little “confused” and scared at his age. Give him a couple years. 😉

Love BB

OK….how many are tired of BB16 – the Kindergarten Version? Good Grief! No one has any real game play. I would like to see some new casting rules for BB17. 1) no one under 30. 2) psychological testing for all candidates. 3) no “recruits”. 4) America gets the 4th & 8th nomination & eviction. 5) Only one HOH. 6) Ban Team America forever.
What do you all think? Any additions?


The entire BB format needs a re-do. It has become too predictable and most hgs seem to have had tv exposure prior to BB or are planning to see their name in lights after BB. Would love to see a few more older, hgs who do not need to pose for the camera every 5 mins. Rather than America get 4th and 8th noms and evictions, would prefer that it be a random time. The hgs can plan the noms and evictions and then on eviction night, Julie can announce that noms can stand down, America has voted.


Bren says: no way is Amber leaving this week, everyone in this house is afraid of Caleb, don’t know why, should be Caleb leaving,only because I can’t stand to hear him talk about himself and he will win endurance !


Bren says: Amber will never be voted out, too many scared people in this house! Caleb should be next, can’t stand to hear him talk about poor Amber and himself ! And the only thing he will win is endurance they better get him out before that happens!


Love him or hate him Zach is a good player….how he’s managed to convince Caleb that he wants Amber on the block to scare her is good game play! Amber to me is not much of a threat but defineatly a bigger player to get out then Jocasta and Victoria. I think the true fireworks will happen when amber is sent out the door Caleb will be angry and most likely freak at the alliance if he doesn’t I will be nicely surprized, I guess we will see how loyal he actually is. The chances of the plan to get him out next week ride on HOH and the veto though and I don’t see him not winning at least one of those


P.s. Time to get Frankie and Derrick out even though I like them they are the true threats!


SIMON any chance production might spill the beans to Caleb before the meeting and so cause total nuclear meltdown of all the schemes?


But I betcha Production will have several large security guys just behind the house doors during the POV meeting 🙂


This is shitty. The way they’re getting rid of Amber is low. Evict her, sure. But why try to humiliate her?
I like Amber. I think she’s a victim of 1. Being good looking, and 2. Caleb’s obsession turning her into the focal point of so much shit.
Getting evicted is probably the best thing that can happen to her at this point. She’s getting away from the madness. And I have a feeling that “Big Brother” isn’t the last time we’re going to hear from her.
That being said…If Amber needs a safe place to stay after escaping Caleb, I’m offering my place here in Canada for as long as she wants 😉 😉


The one and only reason they are trying to “humiliate” Amber is because of the TA task, otherwise they would be shutting Zach down

Caren in Canada

Ok so we have a group of us (fourteen to be exact) that all watch the episodes together every week, and one of my BFFs in that group is a police officer, and last night after watching the episode, he made an interesting comment! So Derrick being a cop, but playing this game is walking a fine line of liability! Even though he is playing a character in the house, he made a pact to serve and protect therefore he is aiding and abetting (very much so contributing to pushing Caleb) into a situation, that with his instability could turn out to be a huge problem! He is well aware of Calebs obsession with Amber and the lengths he will go to get her and he is adding fuel to that fire that just might backfire! He also made comment that he would never want to serve on the same force as someone who would allow money to cloud his judgement on what is right and wrong in the treatment of another human being! And to be quite honest I have to agree 100% with my buddy, this is no cop I would want coming to my aide!

Canadian Questions

I have been put off by Derrick’s behaviour in this situation too. At some point I thought he would let Amber know that he can see what Caleb is doing and his behaviour is not alright. I think this would have made Amber feel more secure in the house. Alternately he might have tried to caution Caleb about going too far in order to ensure that the situation doesn’t escalate. He has done neither and has actually encouraged Caleb instead.

On one of these posts it said that Derrick gave a shout out to Caleb’s friends back home telling them not to judge Caleb because who knows what Amber is saying behind closed doors. I honestly think that he believes that Amber is leading Caleb on somehow and this may be why he hasn’t done anything to diffuse the situation. As Canadians though we may simply have a different idea of the ethical code a law enforcement official should adhere to than Derrick does!

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)



It’s not a nickname. It’s a movement. #WILDCARD


GUYS!!! its obvious the chick digs me, just unfortunate shes in a position where she has to hide her feelings…. but beast mode cowboy knows love when he sees it…. maybe if we all threaten her, she will give in to her feelings….. get on board or get F out my house— no not really stay here, but get on board… Ill eat a pickle…


Zach is very disrespectful especially women thr way she is getting treated is sick I can’t stand to watch them disrespect women like that

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