We’re blindsiding them. Derrick – “Its locked in! You’re staying. Don’t even pack your bags!”

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 7th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH Aug 7
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 02-15-47-635

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12:45am In the living room – Caleb, Derrick, Cody, and Frankie are talking. They’re talking random things. Caleb starts talking about wanting to do survivor. Frankie says I would only do it if Caleb was on my tribe. Derrich says he was mortified last season when they killed a chicken with his bare hands. Caleb says when they heard I killed that wild hog with a stick they were like… Big Brother blocks the feeds. Caleb says as soon as I get out I’m going to tell them to put me on the next season of survivor. Zach joins them and practices his speech. Derrick tells him if you freeze tomorrow after practicing that speech 100 times I am voting you out. Zach agrees and says if I freeze, then vote me out.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 02-45-06-586
12:55am In the havenot room – Cody and Hayden are talking. Hayden says its really hard to listen to Frankie. Cody agrees. Hayden says that Frankie was trying to make it sound like the vote wasn’t going to unanimous. I asked its going to be unanimous right? And Frankie said yeah hopefully. Hayden says I want to talk to Christine tomorrow and if she gives me any yeah hopefully then we’ll know something’s up. Its actually hard to keep track of what everyone says now. Cody says its probably obvious how I don’t like being around them any more. Cody says that’s whats so hard about this game, just wanting to be straight up with people.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 02-27-37-138
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1:20am Hayden talks to Christine and tell her that he talked to Cody and its a go. Christine says good. Hayden goes to bed. Christine looks at the camera and laughs. Frankie tells her she looks like a monster when she does that. Derrick comes in and tells Frankie dude you’ve got to be in bed. Caleb just went to Zach and told him a lot of sh*t went down. Tomorrow’s going to be glorious. Derrick says its not the end of the world but you need to be there to make sure the message gets relayed properly. Frankie says he will. Christine says he better not tell Zach that we were planning to vote him out? Derrick says no, I don’t think he will. Christine says she can tell Hayden wasn’t being straight with her. Derrick says I am glad you and Cody hashed it out. Hopefully you and Nicole can be friends after this. Christine says that Nicole keeps telling me you better not screwing her over. Derrick says we have the numbers right now. For all you know she could be playing you right now and end up screwing you over because you didn’t include her in the bomb squad. Derrick says that Zach is going to go after Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Victoria. He isn’t coming after you. You can trust him.
bandicam 2014-08-07 02-48-37-796

1:20am – 1:45am In the hive room – Meanwhile, Frankie and Caleb are talking to Zach. Frankie says no freaking out… Hayden and Nicole are actively work together to get you out. But you cannot, nothing! So we’re all blindsiding them tomorrow. Zach says oh my god. Frankie says they all think you’re going home tomorrow with a unanimous vote.. Hayden, Nicole, Donny and we don’t know about Victoria she won’t say anything to anyone. Caleb says they all think you’re going home because we’ve been telling them yeah he’s going home. But they’re the ones that initiated everything. “We want Zach out of the house” Frankie says its definitely going to be at least 6 – 2 .. thats the majority. Caleb says Hayden and Nicole were also trying to get Frankie/Christine and Cody/ Derrick against each other. Frankie says they’ve been playing very hard this week and we just figured it out. They’ve been telling Cody and Derrick that Christine and I have been telling Nicole that we should put up Derrick. And telling us the same thing about them. Trying to turn us against each other so that we vote you out basically. If you go home they have number over us. Caleb says and that was going to draw the line. Frankie says that Hayden might be able to be saved. He is working to get you out this week but maybe we can work with him next week to get Nicole out. Zack asks so Hayden was trying to get me out. Caleb says he didn’t say anything directly to me. Frankie says I don’t want you to freak out we just needed to tell you so that you weren’t surprised by the vote. Frankie says the Hayden and Nicole have been telling us different things all week and how you’re not good for our games. We were basically yes’ing them to death. Derrick joins them. IF we beat them in the HOH one of them are going up. Zach says when I win HOH .. Derrick says you can’t tell them you know everything because if they stay then they’ll be back after you the next week. Derrick says Victoria won’t vote you out, I will make sure of that. Zach asks you’re not worried about Christine? Derrick says no we’re good and Cody and Christine hashed things out tonight. Derrick says you’re 100% staying you have my word. They had plans and they f**ked up. How often do you see them talking to Donny. They keep saying Donny is cool. Why is he cool he never talks to me. We’re going to tell them that we had to keep Zach because he’s a bigger target. And you have to stay cool like yeah I stayed. Derrick says I am going to kiss Victoira’s a$$ again tomorrow. Its great that you were nice to her today. I am going to her that you’re a bigger target and its better to keep you here in the game. And he doesn’t want to go after you, he’s after Nicole and Hayden. Derrick says its locked in! You’re staying. Don’t even pack your bags! Caleb says you’ve got Me, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine.. done! Zach says I won’t say anything but thank you so much! Derrick says now if you win double evic… then you know why and who.. you can pick Hayden, Nicole.. Zach goes to brush his teeth and go to sleep. Frankie and Caleb continue to talk about it. Caleb says tomorrow in the HOH competition I am going to look at Hayden and says lets go..

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bandicam 2014-08-07 02-52-45-756
2am – 2:15am In the earth room – Caleb tells Zach not to think about it too much. Right now is when the 6 of us need the numbers and need to stick together. Caleb says that Hayden obviously show his cards by saying something and he doesn’t want you to stay which is why he is at the bottom of the totem poll. Zach tells Frankie and Caleb that he is glad they he has them and that they have his back. Derrick comes through and asks if they’re making out. Frankie says yes. Derrick goes back to bed. Frankie, Caleb and Zach go to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 02-07-28-775

3am All the house guests are now sleeping..

9:30am – 9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Donny and Victoria are wake.

10am – 10:15am Big Brother then blocks the feeds again.. Then the live feeds switch to live feed highlights.. Everything starts earlier on a Double Eviction Live Show day.

11:35am Still blocked..

Wheres the vote
Zach staying.. LOL

The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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315 thoughts on “We’re blindsiding them. Derrick – “Its locked in! You’re staying. Don’t even pack your bags!”

    1. First, team Zach all the way; however, with all that transpired this week, keeping Zach just blew up Derrick’s and Cody’s game.

      Nicole and Hayden have so much info, um, Detonators. Now they’ll know they’ve been played and will realize that what Donny’s been saying, in a round-about way, is in fact true and Derrick’s the mastermind.

      This is exciting because finally this will put a big bull’s eye on Derrick and Cody’s back.

      Let the game finally begin!

      1. Well this is another boring week of Production rigging so Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Ratnine are safe. Was starting to believe that this week we were actually going to see a decent BB, but No Production has to rig it so that their five favorites stay in the house to win it. Hoping for a miracle but do not see it happening so that Donny and Hayden can win back to back challenges to shake things up and get rid of either Derrick, Ratnine, Cody and Frankie but alas it is not going to happen. This year is actually worse than last year. It is scary to know that Derrick is a policeman and is suppose to protect and serve and acts the way he does. Definitely integrity is not a word that Derrick knows or even understands. He gives all poilicemen that are decent human beings a really bad name unfortunately. Frankie continuously on all the men and with whatever he is doing in bed with Zach on television is disgusting just like Amanda and McCree last year, and Ratnine a married woman all over Cody is disgusting. These five are disgusting and hope they go home soon along with the delusional would be stalker Caleb. Hope Amber has a restraining order ready to hand him at the after party.

        1. Sharon please shut the F up….your post is riddled with bullsh*t. First off you and everyones elses conspiracy theories about production rigging are wrong; whats worse is if your read the updates ON THIS SITE you would see that Caleb put all this into motion.
          Next, quit with all the hating on Derrick. Jealousy is not a good look…just bc Derrick isnt your fav you wanna drag his job and things he does OUTSIDE the house and then QUESTION his integrity as a person. He is playing a f’ing GAME about lies deciet and falsehoods!!! I dont see you ranting about Jocosta!

          Go walk your cat and get some air…you have officialyl gone insane

          1. Derrick is the biggest, flip-flopper, trigger-happy paranoid player in BB history. And as far as rigging goes, you think that Pandora’s box that allowed detonators to eat before an endurance comp was a coincidence ? Maybe you and Victoria need to go off together and search for some unicorns, cuz you’re living in a fantasy.

            1. What when how?? Which endurance comp were the detonators were allowed to eat are u reffering to ? Did I miss s show or something ?

          2. You’re aware that in both of the previous seasons, HouseGuests publicly complained on the live feeds that production was trying very hard to get them to protect America’s favorites?

            Shane in BB14 was warned by production that nominating Frank would be very bad for his game, apparently making him feel paranoid enough to go on a rampage about that for quite a while.

            Ian in BB15 complained that production told him that using his special Veto power would provide him with secret hidden benefits.

            CBS cares a lot more about making money (by keeping you watching, by keeping drama and a favorite alive) than it cares about the fairness of a game show.

            1. Sergeant Porky is sly as a fox.. I’m pretty sure he’s a detective. I think he knows what he’s doing and this has been his plan.. Cody is his right hand man those two trust each other and Hayden and Nicole trust each other.. Had those 4 really formed an alliance than it would have been game over. I think that with this season that trust will go a long way. Everyone is paranoid.. But those 4 people know that they each have one person they can trust and strategize with. I think that’s the final 4 regardless of an alliance… Everyone is complaining that this season has been predictable. Really? We must not be watching the same show then.. Last week we saw amber get shown the back door.. She had no clue it was coming.. Had zach been voted out it’s the same story. I agree that production might ask specific questions, but you have to remember these people have nothing to do all day. So maybe give CooCoo and porky some credit for figuring it out.. I mean it’s not really rocket science.. And this isn’t the brigade the detonators/bomb squad will turn on each other in an instant when they’re on the block. They don’t trust each other.

            2. EXACLY, Producion does meddle in the game , that’s been proven a LONG time ago, Previues HGs have said it MANY times, most of last season HGs were constantly on the feeds complaining how Production wants them to save certain players(started during week 2 after the Aaryn GM/Howard/Candice Racial Face/Off).. I love when people come out here downplaying facts… Rachel Season 13, got saved 2 times by production when she couldn’t save herself and was about to get voted out, 1, Shelly(who HATED Rachel and made that clear to the house) had the house primed to vote Rachel out, she got called in the DR, and came out and flipped the house. 2. Unplanned Pandora’s Box the week Jeff botched the Clow Shoe POV, had they not stepped in Rachel was going 1st than Jordan, leaving a boring season of Newbies.. … Ian Season 14 said on DickatNite(Evel Dick’s Show) that Production tried to get him to save Dan with the POV, and when he refused, they got JennCity to do it(notice they had TWO POVs that week, why exactly did they need 2?)

              Watch the Damn FEEDS if you want to know WTF is REALLY going on…

              There’s a damn good reason why feeders can’t watch DR sessions(and it’s not just for the CBS edit)… THINK People..

            3. Sergeant Porky is sly as a fox.. I’m pretty sure he’s a detective. I think he knows what he’s doing and this has been his plan.. Cody is his right hand man those two trust each other and Hayden and Nicole trust each other.. Had those 4 really formed an alliance than it would have been game over. I think that with this season that trust will go a long way. Everyone is paranoid.. But those 4 people know that they each have one person they can trust and strategize with. I think that’s the final 4 regardless of an alliance… Everyone is complaining that this season has been predictable. Really? We must not be watching the same show then.. Last week we saw amber get shown the back door.. She had no clue it was coming.. Had zach been voted out it’s the same story. I agree that production might ask specific questions, but you have to remember these people have nothing to do all day. So maybe give CooCoo and porky some credit for figuring it out.. I mean it’s not really rocket science.. And this isn’t the brigade the detonators/bomb squad will turn on each other in an instant when they’re on the block. They don’t trust each other. They will stab each other in the backs in an instant.. With exception the four aforementioned.

          3. Everyone has a right to their opinion…..you are just as bad if not worse than Sharon.
            No one is right, this is just a game!

          4. All rightie then, you are so right this is a game about being deceitful but it is not the criteria. I look at Sir Donny, I don’t believe he’s doing all this lying and backstabbing but if that’s how ones wants to play so be it for him/her. To me and I’m speaking about me – if a person does all this lying and stuff, (I tend to believe when it comes easy they do it in real life). If you go back and check this blog we’ve all talked about Jocasta, especially with her game play (she’s horrible) but as a person she, Donny, Nicole and even Victoria (Ms. Doesn’t have a clue) in my eyes are decent people still not sure about Hayden. My question to you is: are you related to Derrick in some way? is this why you are so protective? He’s a butt head, liar and a brute. So what do you think Derrick should tell his child/children, daddy is a policeman who serves and protect the people – There’s an exception to the rule , it’s ok to lie, cheat, steal or break someone’s jaw if they say the wrong thing to win a game for money. Play the game have fun and walk away with integrity. $500K won’t last forever

          5. To Sharon is Insane: In some professions integrity is not something that you can take off and leave at the door and law enforcement happens to be one of those professions. Sorry, but that is the truth plain and simple game or no game. People wanted Dan to be burned at the stake and fired from his job for playing the game, but hey because Derrick is a police officer it is alright for him to check his integrity at the door to play a game. WRONG! Hope a miracle happens tonight but doubt it and that Zach is sent home and then Derrick and Cody. Apparently the producers did not read the NY Post article about how dull this season is because with production again putting their two cents in this is exactly what the article was talking about.

        2. You really know nothing about these people but I guess people love to judge. He is playing a game where you lie, cheat, or whatever you need to do to win I guess you missed the memo on how the game is played!

        3. boring….. nothing boring this week and a double :P!

          I will say this I won’t be surprised if Zack is evicted unanimously. So many games played looking to control the noms actions before eviction I’m buying he’s staying when Jaco is evicted. When Derrick and Cody try to have their cake and eat it too they get in trouble. Just rush the thing up if you can target Donny, Nicole and Hayden smart move.

      2. Cody have done is save Frankie and Christine so they can vote them out. Stupid move! Derrick was smart, he is not. Cody has always been a tagalong. Opportunity knocked and they went to bed……The only positive is we still have Zach to make us laugh.

        1. Lets see if BB will play along ? It’s time for America to screw up team Americas game . No way should these fools get money for screwing up our game. If the fans matter we should have the power to mess them up too. Donny fixed it last time . Maybe Derrick (Mr.Flipper) will get the message?

      3. it’s so obvious now that BB production is in the Bomb Squad too. this season was so bad that production had to save their puppet Zach. Jocasta & Victoria will be out tonight. won’t even waste my time watching tonight to give them ratings.

    2. Hilarious that all of the Detonators seem to have forgotten that they have blown up their alliance to everyone else in the house. Wait until Zach finds that out! If they were planning on keeping him, there would be no reason to blow up the alliance. Zach will know that he has been played. It would be great if Zach teamed up with Donny! What a final two those two would be!

      1. REally???? Go read the updates or flashback to the feeds idiots. Caleb set this in motion by discussing number last night! Quit with the conspiracies, better yet ACTUALLY QUIT WATCHING! QUit threatening to stop watching and do it! Please save us all the time of seeing your idiot posts :)

        1. That’s either a bunch of B.S. or Derrick really is a dumb player. He’s really gonna listen to Caleb and jack up his own game? He had it from all sides of the house and now he’s burning one of them.SMH Production probably offered him that $5000 he missed out on when Donny said “no” to the challenge.
          I think it really ignorant to think that Production doesn’t play a part in some of the things. Rachel? Frank? Ian? ’nuff said

        2. Do you really think Caleb figured this out on his own. I have no doubt that production planted the seed from which the oak grew. Also, a well planted paranoia seed in Derrick’s mind, and away we go. Hayden or Donny MUST win next two hohs.

      2. If you watch the broadcast shows and then follow the online, the editing is horrible. This was all set up by the production team. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for Donny, but this is getting to be to fake. GOODBYE BB

        1. Donny’s beard is fake. Production had him grow it months in advance so they he could grab some folksy Duck Dynasty enthusiasts to the show. #TeamZachAttack!

  1. Again…..does anybody feel like Derrick is trying to playing America like he does the house? He talks to the cameras a lot….

    1. Derrick is the unpopular kid in school that thinks he is finally popular in that house with AMERICA….he has let it go to his head… dumbass

    2. yes, yes, yes! His ego grew exponentially once he was voted on to Team America and he’s been playing to the cameras (us) ever since and it’s obnoxious. I didn’t like him early on and I still don’t like him personally. He is playing a great (albeit boring) game, but even so, I just will be very disgusted if he makes it to the final two (short of some Donny miracle it’s gonna happen).

    3. Derrick followed the live feeds and is a super fan of the show. He talks to the live feeders because he has been one of them.

      Don’t know why you all hate a dude for playing the game. Derrick might be the only person in the house playing at a higher level than anyone else.

      1. I agree, Derrick is playing a very good game. I like him for his gameplay. But I just can’t stand his personality. I liked Derrick in the very beginning but that stopped very shortly after he was named to TA. I think it’s because I’ve noticed when talking to the DR, it’s not genuine. And sometimes I feel like he’s trying to pull one over on us, the viewers, too. I want my favorite player to play well and lie, manipulate, etc witht the other players. I don’t want them to try to lie and manipulate me, the viewer. Just my opinion.

  2. If production was hoping things would spice up…They just ruined it. Finally, after this week. alliances would have shifted. I believe that Donny would have been able to take the info about Zach “attempting” to form an alliance and separate the camp into two distinct camps…”The Outsiders” and the “Detonators”. They would have been able to chip away at each other.
    Derrick says he hopes America is satisfied that the vote will be split. Nope. It’s not the Zach Attach, or The Detonators…that would keep me tuning in. It’s the game being played to its true “tamper free” end. Nicole was actually coming into her own. She and Hayden, and Donny were slowly figuring out where loyalties laid…so instead of letting Nicole rise to the top, they decide we want Zach and Derrick to run the house…..

    1. Yep….this is two weeks in a row now that this show (read: Production) could have been SO much more, but noooooo.

      Big moves – 0

      Back to boring with the Idiot Squad fully in charge (numbers). Yawn…..wake me up when BB Australia starts…

    2. Don’t mind that Zach is staying (for now.) When Zach talked to Nicole there was a glimmer of hope – could he and Nicole come to some agreement? Could he work with Nicole, Donny, Hayden? Nicole and Victoria have been getting to know each other better. Victoria could join the group and turn the tables on Derrick. That I would enjoy watching. Go Donny!

  3. So…NOW who will Hayden put up when he wins HOH? (I’ve decided that Hayden will win) Derrick and Cody?? That would be AWESOME!!! I just want Cody to have a REAL reason to be such a whiny pansy.

    1. Now we can see why you stop using a pawns.
      IMO when you are HoH put up power players
      Nicole and Donny had every reason to put up – Nicole put up Derrick /Cody
      They have never been up made a deal with Zach not to come after her.
      Donny should have put up Christine/Frankie
      This way they would have hopefully had Zach as a replacement against another power player.
      They new very well that they were the outsiders, so why care if you get blood on your hands. Look at your body you are bleeding out. So go down fighting like Zach did. IMO want the money but play the game.

  4. Derrick should have never been allowed on bb16, being a cop he should be setting a good example, what he shows and says is showing everyone he is a crooked cop, a embarrassment to his station house not to mention showing his daughter what a scum bag of a father he is. Both mother and wife Levasseur need to rip him a new a$$hole when he get home!!! Can’t believe I was team Derrick up to yesterday, wow scum bag had me fooled.

    1. You do know he is playing Big Brother right? You’re out of your freakin’ mind if you actually think people live their lives in the outside world like they do in the Big Brother house. If you aren’t able to separate the game from the real world then maybe Big Brother isn’t the right television show for you.

    2. Really? Are we all aware that this is a TV game show? It’s not reality. While it may be fun to watch and comment AT THE END OF THE DAY it is just a game. I think attacking personal character is inappropriate. How is he a crooked cop?

      1. So wait…now that HE WANTS ZACH TO STAY, you have offically decided he is a crooked COP?!?!? LMAO

        Go take your cat on a long walk off a short bridge…you are offically the idiot of the day :)

      2. I 100% agree with Angie everyone on here bashes everyone personally like calm down it’s a tv show!! Yes the house guests can be annoying but some of the stuff on here said by people is horrible like calm down

    3. The reason Derrick shouldn’t be on the show is because he is professionally trained in interrogation techniques & deception – the others never stood a chance!

      1. I don’t like Derrick, but does that mean that no cops should be allowed on the show?Wouldn’t that be wrong, if certain people were excluded because of their profession? And I think his success is more based on the stupidity of the other houseguests. Initially, Frankie wanted Zack to stay, then when Derrick wanted him to go, then Frankie wanted him to go. Then, when Derrick decides he wants him to stay, then Frankie wants him to stay. How can Frankie and the other houseguest not see that? Hopefully, Frankie and Christine will vote Zack out, and turn on Derrick and Cody. No mater who wins HOH, it doesn’t look like they will target Derrick/Cody, including Hayden/Donny, because all Derrick has to do is smooth things over with them. WHAT DUMBASSES!!!

        1. Derprick is not just a cop. He spent years as an undercover cop. So he made his living making friends, setting them up and sending them to jail. Now that’s a ringer.

        2. No I’m not saying people in certain professions shouldn’t be cast. I’m saying with this bunch of immature, unaware idiots this outcome was inevitable. They should have put him on a cast with more mature, self-aware people who would be far less prone to buy into his bullshit to make it more interesting or left him off this one. IMO.

    4. Why do people, like you, even watch the show??? It’s a REALITY TV show, where you win $500,000 if you are the last remaining contestant in the BB house. People do what they have to do to get to the end of the game. Dan, is probably IMO and many others, the best BB player to play the game and he did some sadistic stuff in that house!!! Does that make him a bad/mean person in real life??? Some people should not post on here.

  5. Yesssss zach stays….so do my feeds. I am just glad to see that they have finally figured out that it is smart to keep the numbers on your side especially when that number is a loyal number smart move also to tell him to stay quiet finally figured out that all you have to do is tell him what to do and zach ATTACK will do it

    1. Go Detonators! They better win the next two HOHs (the one tonight- likely a quiz, etc as it has to be fast- in the double eviction followed by the next one which is likely to be endurance as it will carry over to Sunday’s episode)

    2. And therein lies the problem with Zach & any number of the others – all Derrick has to is tell them what to do & they do it; no independent thinking for the most part. For all of you who believe keeping Zach is going to spice things up I think you will be sorely disappointed. This is a production move to keep the Zankie tweets coming from the Ariana Grande teen fans thus keeping BB present on social media & to protect Frankie, their cash cow. Frankie may not win, but you can bet will be around until the end.

      1. Production is “helping” Frankie but not YOUR favorite, the fake bearded Donny? They want his corn-pone Duck Dynasty-watching followers. That’s why they made him grow the beard out early. Donny is as much a Production Pet as Frankie.

  6. I love that zach is staying and I’m not mad about productions influence, which definitely had either a little or a lot to do with saving him. This happens every year people, get over it. “After zach goes this season will be so boring” “wait, zach is staying? Woow that’s not realistic at all. This game is so rigged.” Make up your minds or stop complaining!

    1. If Zack is entertaining then I’m Bill Gates great great grandmother alive and kicking it with P. Diddy! Come on people this guy is not funny, but I can understand why certain people might think so, a loud mouth with bullshyt spewing everywhere reminds a lot of people of themselves.

      1. You may not find him funny, but that’s not everyone else’s problem. Instead of insulting other people who enjoy a contestant, maybe you should work on your own attempts at being funny. “If I was bill gates blah blah snore.” If you’re not perceptive enough to understand Zach’s form of humor aka sarcasm, then it’s your own fault.

  7. After all the talking about getting zack out and shit, it all came down to this? Well at least we will know that there will be two groups working against each other and I hope that brings drama and shit. Poor Donny, Nicole and Hayden. I feel bad for them /: hope Donny or Hayden win HoH tonight!

  8. Producers actually made the wrong decision on saving Zach this week, this season is being labeled as worst season because of the power staying on one side, granted Zach brings in the entertainment but this isn’t the BBUK or BBAU where people watch because of the antics of the housemates. Personally, I watch this show because of how different people strategize and maneuver to move themselves forward in the game, at this moment only a certain group is planning and doing that and it has been like watching paint dry. This week we see Nicole actually attempt to attack that group and has it been successful we are finally seeing that break in monotony. I was actually looking forward to tomorrow’s episode because whoever wins that will draw the lines and there will be three (Christine, Frankie, Caleb) vs four (Hayden, Donny, Jocasta, Victoria) battling for HOH with Cody and Derick floating to the winning team. Saving Zach however not only calmed the storm but also reduces the chances of changing the tone of the game with seven people against two in the upcoming HOH. The saving grace of that is that tomorrow Nicole, Hayden and Donny will finally realize that Derick and Cody are snakes and cannot be trusted, on the downside the chances of one of them going home is really huge.

    1. Nicole knew Cody , Derrick, and Christine were snakes.
      She caught Cody /Christine in lie. Christine said she was there Cody said no she was in the house.
      Derrick said the alliance felt fake. What! Fake but I’m in an alliance with you and you were approached 2 days ago but you did not tell me. Both you and Cody. Lol Ok you all are lying.
      At this point her and Hayden and Donny should have regrouped called her HoH a lost. Let Derrick Christine and all of them think they were in the dark and this was the time to let them run your HoH see who they want out if was Joscusta. Let her go. If they wanted to blindside Donny I would have put up who I want.

  9. Derrick (The Dirty Porknosed Cop) and the Tampax-Cody are truly the worst. Totally disgusted by their lack of spine. Caleb-the-airhead-cowboy is less annoying because he’s just a stupid bore with the inflated ego complex. He’s a medical case and his racism and bigotry only corroborate the suspicions that the production wanted to have a representative of the ferociously anti-Obama subliminally racist Americans. Finally, I think by now it’s redundant to say anything negative about the Evil Gay Clown or the Giggly Hyena Christine (a.k.a. Snake in the Grass) — they are globally hated as the most despicable characters in 2014. Derrick and Cody definitely are catching up. Derrick the Piggish Cop is probably today the worst of them all… #disgusted

  10. Lol I hope Hayden or Donny win 2morrow and let zack now the business that his so called alliance has been doing all week .

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Bomb squad and related alliances from it are why 3 of their people were evicted and not the “other side” of the house. I can’t stand Derrick and watching him make the house more and more boring with each passing day with his manipulation. Stop talking to he camera Derrick, I don’t think a lot of feeders like you like you believe. I know I sure don’t. I hope all your crap comes to bite you in the A$$ and costs you the game! I’ll be cheering if that happens (I say if because the house is filled with dumb people and the ones that aren’t dumb, don’t have the # or power to change things).

    1. You can so tell that Derrick thinks he is the fan fav with the way he acts with the cameras. It is funny how the ones that think are fan faves are not. He really is singlehandedly making the show more boring.

  12. Caleb finally gets his brain,
    Frankie gets a heart,
    Derrick gets courage & Cody gets testicles,
    and Jocasta gets her ruby red slippers – there’s no place like home, thank you Jesus!
    All the wizard ever had to do was give Caleb the pizza and six magical beers.
    But wait, when does Christine get her bucket of water?

  13. I wonder if Derrick was in the diary room before he decided everyone has been played by Hayde/Nicole even though Derrick’s been playing every angle of the house?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Zach is staying for some comic relief because at this point we need something because it’s just the same Derrick story line, but I really was hoping something would shift it the house to make it more of a fair fight. Now, they have Zach on ZachAttack mode for them once again.

    I really hope Donny wins HOH and can keep himself safe with winning the POV if he doesn’t win HOH. I know Donny knows the only way for him to stay safe is to win comps.

    Cody is really proving to the be the perfect Toady for Derrick. Who ever Derrick is after, Cody is after more and hates them more.

  14. One more observation: Donny SAW through Derrick and instantly recognized a magnanimous ahole. For all these 50 days he never abandoned that position and now Derrick-the-Piggish-Cop just confirmed the Donny’s suspicions.

    I truly hope Donny wins the whole thing so that we can say that at least ONE good man actually won BB. ;)

    GO DONNY! #HateDerrick

    1. Donny is going to have to do a lot more than observing. He needs to get in the game. Otherwise it’s lights out for him. He sees a lot,but it means nothing if he doesn’t act. He’s being far too cautious while Derrick runs circles around the whole house, unabated.

      1. Not saying he couldn’t have done more, but really, what has he had to work with? He’s not one of the “cool kids” & the rest are pretty worthless.

    2. What a horrible turn of events. If production did influence they certainly are out of touch. This spells doom for Nicole, Hayden and Donny who most folks WANT to see go all the way. The only ones telling the truth; are accused of lying. What BS. I only want to see production get involved if it means saving Donny!

      1. I’m more than at peace with production if they manipulated anything to save zach this week. I had to sit through them helping Jordan, Jeff, and Rachel, it’s about time they help someone I want to see stay in the game!

  15. Yayayayaayayay omg zach is staying ! Lol … I’m glad they pierced the fog of paranoia ! Go detonators :) :) !! Haha but really that was bothering me all week .. The paranoia was making me edgy .. Glad they are keeping zach for now

  16. Glad Zach is staying. It will be more entertaining to have Zach in the house. Hopefully, The Detonators can keep it together and give us an entertaining last couple of weeks of Big Brother.

  17. Big Brother should be called biggest losers this year! Did they go out looking for 15 (not Donny in this) losers in the US? I will bet money if Donny is voted out the shows ratings will plummet fast and the sponsors should follow. Good job Production, really killed this show. Just shut down now and give the money to who you planned on giving it to since day one

    1. It’s a good thought but reality is the advertisers aren’t going anywhere. Most of the commercial airtime has been sold long ago and the loss of any houseguest is not going to have any drastic impact on ratings, so the advertisers aren’t going to have any concerns.

  18. Just when it was finally getting interesting those 2 dumb asses had to blow it!! Please let hayden or donnie win hoh & put up derrick & frankie. Would love to see both them on the block & then lose pov to. I hate this dominating alliance, keeps the show so predicable & boring. Hope this comes back & slaps both derrick & cody in their ugly faces!!!!!! Karma! Hope they feel like the fools they r when they find out nicole & hayden were telling the truth & those 2 scum bags(christine/frankie) were the ones lying!!!! And Please give frankie & derrick a penalty nom everytime they talk to the cameras!! Zachs save rigged by production, so obvious, so rig haydon or donnie the hoh win & let the home viewers have fun again!!!!

  19. That NY POST review scared the shit of these dork producers! This is ALL scripted now (Caleb was told what to do about Zach) .He has the IQ of a folding chair. The rest of the year will be played out like a written comedy show and these morons will do as they are told.The final 4 rigging will be Deprick(porky the pig) Cody (walking tampax), Ratbag Frankie and (duh) Hayden.

    1. Don’t forget the scripted, Down Home folksy DR sessions by Donny (complete with bug-eyes), staged to entice the Duck Dynasty-watching folks out there in TV Land. He’s as scripted as Cody’s obvious scripts.

      1. I don’t know why you are continuing with this crap. Most people like Donny because he’s a down-to-earth nice guy. I seriously doubt there are many (if any) Duck Dynasty watchers here. The whole beard thing is stupid anyway – he doesn’t like it & it alienated him even more from the young crowd than he would have been. It just proves the point that BB casts “roles” not real people.

  20. I don’t think Vitoria will vote for Zach to stay after everything Derrick told her and how Zach was talking sh*t about Vic. Anyway, at least there will be drama tonight on bb house and I hope Donny or Hayden win HOH!

    1. i have a feeling victoria may be the one to blow up derricks game and announce to the house everything derrick has told her. he may be the one walking out the door de tonight if victoria is smart enough to figure this out. which hopefully she is… but probably not likely

      1. I have thought Vic was Derricks #2 all season. Recently been thinking how ironic if Vic was responsible for bouncing his ass out of the house. C’mon Vic you got anything to add to the game? Show us you have been playing Derrick and shock his ass out the door. Not a fan of her but I would enjoy this. comeuppance

  21. I don’t understand why so many people are so worried about the personalities of these people. It’s actually irrelevant if you are a fan of the correct way to play big brother. Last year, the same people complained about it being a boring season in which I have to agree, but oh my God how boring would it be if everyone was playing a game like the ever-popular Donny. I’m sure Donny is a great person but this isn’t a job interview, this is Big Brother and yes he is playing a mediocre game but excellent, I haven’t seen. Maybe he will prove me wrong? And I hope he does.

  22. Production got involved. Zach cannot leave or the ratings will go down. For once I’m glad they got involved as I think Zach is freaking hilarious. The long term outcome of this meddling will be boring as hell so we all better hope Hayden wins HoH tonight and one of the Detonators goes home.

    1. Caleb really freaked Derrick and Frankie out about losing a number to the outsiders. Derrick and Cody then ratted out the Rationale to Fakie and the witch. Zach is staying 6-2 it looks like. Hayden and Donny will be blindsided. Caleb literally overturned a week’s worth of game in a ten minute ramble.

    2. Keep in mind this is the same Caleb who thought he was the architect of the Let’s-Scare-Amber campaign. Caleb was no doubt fed an idea,like Derrick, in the DR and they both ran with it.

  23. First off, Frankie we all love you- NOT, go get those teeth fixed from what money you do make and get some lessons on how to act like a man, you back stabbing scum bag lo@d that should have been gulped! Second, Christine, you are so liked- YEA BY SAINTIN, you horse nose, sl^tin no lips Bi&ch, sorry but you will not make enough money to fix that f^%k up face of yours, o and Derrick, you were voted best cop in the US- by the Taliban, I hope someone takes your knight stick and smashes your teeth in, you low life scum sucking pig!, and lets not forget Cody, you pecker playing lazy ass mother*$Ker, hope you d!C falls of from all the crabbing you do with it and have to make a P8ssy out of what’s left you dumb mother%usker

    1. haveitmyway, i bet you’re a small, hateful person trying to be big and bad, hiding behind your computer. grow up–it’s a game!

  24. next week houseguests pls remember how Frankie has been backstabbing everyone and turning on them and he cannot be trusted.


  25. This season is so shit it’s ridiculous! It’s been the most one-sided season of all time and I’m sick of watching it.

  26. I hate Production, so much for the potential numbers loss on DE night. I was hoping Detonators would be decimated (at least by two).

    If this is what they wanted, why not get in Ratine’s ear about using the veto? They ignore watchers comments about TA and other “twists”, but pay attention to NY Post. Come on All Stars season.

    Frankie was right about one thing. Ratine does look like a monster when she laughs directly in the camera.

  27. What the hell happened after the camera blocked the pizza party? One minute Zach is public enemy number one then the next Nicole and Hayden are the rats. Derrick, Cody, Crustine make me want to puke. I can’t believe the comment Crustine made about Nicole being jealous of her and Cody, what the frick I thought she was married. Derrick and Cody are the REAL LIARS that should be targeted. All the planning and plotting this entire week and they change their at last minute?!?! Dumbass Caleb and his numbers sheesh! It sucks being a woman this year. I sure hope Donny or Hayden win HOH and get rid of one the detonators. It’s looking bad for Donny, got to wish him a lot of luck. TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You never know, Zach may catch wind of everything his so called alliance was doing and team up with Donnie. There’s a very real possibility Zach may flip to the other side of the house. All it takes is one person to fill him in on what’s been going on this week.

      1. It’ll happen…Zach isn’t dumb & did know something was up…I’m sure Nicole & Hayden will be able to tell their sides & Zach will figure out.

  28. I am so mad all this went down! Derrick is the most paranoid houseguest of all. He’s so dumb. Team Nicole and Donny!!!!!!

  29. SCAM!!!! SCAM!!!! Big brother is a big SCAM!!!! Production is paying they crazy people. I hope they get caught. I will never watch the rehearsed show again after this season. You lost a good fan BB 16 years gone because I finally figured out you know ahead of time who you want and will win. Bring back the old school players like Hardy and Monica “Mona” from back in the day. People that wanted to play the game and not try and get famous for 15 minutes.

    I’M DONE!!!!!!

    1. I’m so sick of hearing this. This board is getting really annoying. You guys are bigger whiners and complainers than Cody! “It didn’t go my way wah wah wah…I’ll never watch again even as I sit here with my Mountain Dew glued to the live feeds.” Just watch it unfold like the social experiment it is and/or get a life! Bitch-ass Cody wannabes whining and complaining about production…bitch please.

      1. It’s actually blatantly obvious. Regardless if you like Zach or not, his going would have drawn a bigger line in the sand than Jocasta. They think this will draw a line? Hayden, Nicole, Donny vs Frankie, Christine, Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Victoria, and Zach. 3 vs 7? That’s a line in the house? Are you being serious? That’s what this season has been, just one large alliance and no gameplay.

        If you think that production doesn’t pull strings then ignorance is bliss because its become blatantly obvious since Jeff and Jordan’s first season. The Coup’d’etat. And yes I liked them (not a fan just really didn’t like the other side of the house more) but come on that was put there to SAVE Jeff and Jordan. From then on you could just see how production pulls the string to fit their story they want. There are no more deals, no more last minute votes, no more TRUE blindsides, no more true backdoors. None of that. If you are getting that then please tell me what your watching because I would love to watch that show because I’m watching a bunch of whiny brats who think they are gods gift to America and that they are the “Best cast of BB Ever” when they are the new Friendship Alliance/Nerd Herd.

    2. It took you 16 SEASONS to figure out that the show is not 100% real? Come on. Why don’t you stop watching now if that is such a big issue, why wait until the end of the season?

      I am so tired of people threatening to never watch a show again because something happens if you don’t like. You don’t need to shout it from the rooftop, nobody cares. Just stop watching.

      Seriously, 16 seasons and you never thought anything was manipulated ever? Do you also believe that the contestants on the Bachelor are all looking for true love?

  30. I had anxiety with the paranoia and didn’t understand why the detonators ever considered taking out zach .. Did they really forget that getting rid of zach was keeping Jocasta and incidentally a number for the outsiders? It seems like a basic thing to think of In the house … It’s all about the numbers. Why would Derrick and Cody jump ship to be in another alliance .. I guess paranoia clouded their brain ?? I didn’t understand what was going on but now they are thinking and communicating normally again … So yay? Please don’t respond saying production did it (trolls included).. Not interested in that angle.

    1. Getting out Zach would have been the right move for Cody and Derrick. Frank, Zach, and Christine would eventually have been their biggest problem so it made sense for them to do it now. And it all worked out perfectly where Frankie was taking the blame and Christine was trying to hard to manipulate people. Then they had the whole house gunning for Chris and Frank next while those two still thought they were good. Caleb and Victoria are their pawns and Hayden and Nicole would have probably never made a move against them. They would have controlled the house for a few more weeks.

      Donny is the only one who seems to have an idea on whats going on and he doesn’t seem to be making the big moves he needs to. Paranoia got the better of them and is going to put them in a worse spot then if they would have voted out Zach. I just hope Donny or Hayden win HoH. This house needs a serious shake up.

      1. Praying to the BB gods that Donny or Hayden win HOH and can get rid of an an a- hole Detonator…..anyone but Zach that is

    2. The Detonators have to pull off the next two HOHs to put an end the Three Stooges. Hick Donny, Dumb as Dirt Nicole, and Napolean Syndrome Hayden are still quite competitive and can easily win. The Detonators have number on their side, but only one person gets to be HOH, so they better be preparing for the today to control the HOHs and even the POV.

  31. no money in the world would have kept me away from my grandfathers death and being there for my family, just goes to show everyone what lowlife trash Frankie and Derrick truly are. Frankie knows he is ridding his sisters fame and will NEVER amount to anything in life, well maybe a drug addict, and Derrick, you should be fired from the force and go clean toilets for a living, should be right at home around urine and shoit!

    1. Before Derrick and Cody started their “evict Zach” nonsense, my prediction was a vote of 6-2, Zach stays. I think you and I had been on the same page through most of the season, though you clearly kept your faith better than me this week. Props man!

  32. “Frankie says that Hayden might be able to be saved. He is working to get you out this week but maybe we can work with him next week to get Nicole out.”

    Poor misguided Hayden allowed himself to be manipulated by one dem nasty girls – lets give him another chance ’cause he’s a dude bro. If this doesn’t prove that thus is the season of Douche Bros vs, Dumb Hos….

  33. what’s with Frankie touching feeling kissing and hugging all the str8 men and why do they put up with it, Caleb should dunk his weird ass in the toilet that’s filled to the rim with you know what! he is so nasty looking, im gay and find him repulsive

  34. Yes!!! The BS/Detonators are back!! Now I don’t dread watching the live feeds as much as I did last week!! lol

  35. I can’t stand Derrick’s constant pandering & talking to the camera like he thinks everything he does is what “we” want.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. He makes it seem like all of America favors his game and his desicions. He’s so agrivating.

  36. It is official, I am now a huge Derrick fan. Thank God Zach is not going home.. cant wait to see the look on azzhole Hayden face.

  37. Frankie sure has it out for Jocosta and Donny, I think their religions have something to do with that….He’s a liberal bigot….

    1. What exactly did Frankie say against either of their religions? Maybe I missed it?

      And why is it always “Anonymous” people here that like to throw out comments like yours?

  38. Why are they just now having this “revelation” to keep Zach when Derrick has been bringing up those same points since Nicole mentioned getting him out in the first place. He didn’t care before because he realized they still had the numbers.

    I smell production.
    Hoping for a Donny or Hayden WIN tonight!

  39. WTF?!?! three possible scenarios here…

    A) Production influenced the godfather [Derrick]- he flipped the house (because he can) and zach stays
    B) Paranoia influenced the over-thinking detective [Derrick]- he flipped the house (because he can) and Zach stays
    C) All this could be for naught IF they are depending on christines vote…. granted vic could replace her vote making it 5-3- and OUT christine at the same time as long as chris doesnt know derrick controls vics vote….

    IF this was in fact derrick- hes over thought the whole situation and this will be his first big mistep-
    -I cant imagine why derrick would think chris/frankie are better for the hitman than nicole and hayden
    -I cant imagine why he would think they (nic & hay) are clever (let alone ruthless) enough to really be playing them and fabricating christines lies (hes giving them way to much credit)
    -How is not ABUNDANTLY clear that christine is running game (atrocious, terrible, horrible game at that) on everyone…. if derrick think nic & hay are “playing him” and christine comes thru this clean, I will have lost all respect for the hitmen

    While I have noticed derricks increasing paranoia, this seems contrived…. I am glad if zach stays for entertainment purposes…. I would be disappointed if this a production influenced response from a NY times article (as speculated in other posts) but all-in-all ….. scuse’ me….. AT THE END OF THE DAY a jocasta eviction is a joke and a waste of an HoH…. the unanimity of the house HAS to end soon…. the silver lining is maybe zach can blow something up or hopefully the DE forces someone to show their alliances….

    Im team donny anyway (despite almost zero shot to win), so i guess my perfect storm would be- detonators screw nic and hay, zach stays but the detonators are outed- Hay wins HoH throws chris and frankie up (like to see chris go now, but who cares), then Donny wins second throws up caleb and cody (and if were going for a perfect storm) POV used on caleb (never thought I would say that) and derrick sits next to cody for the week- maybe the feeds will liven up a bit mon – thurs…. too many people getting off way too easy….

  40. This whole thing reeks of production… So Nicole and Hayden are controlling the house and fooling everyone and Derrick conveniently figures it out at the last minute? They’re just trying to keep Zach, stir up drama before the double eviction, and keep Derrick and Frankie on top… why they seem to think that America likes those two I have no idea

  41. I am enjoying this season a lot. I don’t mind unanimous votes and I don’t mind a bunch of guys running the show. This is a social experiment with 500k as a prize for whoever remains standing. I enjoy when strong competitors take the lead and get rid of the “weaker”. Are you really sad that Joey, Brit, devin, amber, and soon to be Jocasta are gone ? Amber was pretty cool chick but the Caleb fiasco meant one had to go because it was just way to distracting .. Devin would have been cool too but he was completely destructive to everyone game … Bull in china shop so he needed to go to keep a game going or it would have been bad. Joey was first to go so what she coulda done is unknown and britt was just a loner … She is interchangeable with Victoria and Jocasta .. Which brings is to Jocasta .. Her only alliance is “the lord” her words not mine she is a snooze fest for tv .. Overall I’m happy with the cast and once Victoria goes we have left good players (with big personalities .. 2 Rats, super villain, bmc, the don, dingus fruit loop, surfer, and average joe) I guess one of the rats can go but I like redundancy as one is male and one is female :). I am entertained !! Keeping zach is the best decision !!!

  42. I’m so glad Zach’s staying; he’s been my favorite from the start.

    What I want is for Nicole and Hayden to tell Zach everything and want it to be Hayden, Nicole, Zach, Donny, and Caleb against the others.

    I’m glad to see Joco go, and hopefully Victoria next.

  43. The vote fallout will be the best tv tomorrow! Only thing that can top the vote fallout would be if Hayden or Donny win the hoh and target Christine for the double eviction for turning their back on them with Nicole leading them on. If Christine is put up with Frankie she’s going home. If Frankie wins pov Christine is still going home against any other alliance member. If Christine wins hoh, Frankie is going home against any alliance member.

    1. Hayden or Donny must win HOH and put up 2 strong players from the Detonators to ensure that one of them leaves tonight. But even if that happens it is still probably too late for that side of the house. With Derrick and Cody (and hence, Victoria) flipping back to the Bro’s side of the house, the “outsiders” won’t have the numbers to do anything unless they keep winning HOH’s and putting bro-vs-bro on the block every week. I don’t think they can pull that off.

    1. Totally cool idea, Simon!
      Fall looms! i’m sorta feeling
      hints of it. you guys do
      a great job of keeping
      up with BB-16’s swings
      of mood inside their “Lets
      Make a Deal” mode! i’m
      expecting a “zoo” tonite
      as we see Part Two do
      itz thingie! if Zach survives
      Part One, he needs HoH
      or PoV or a BoB win to be
      safe and secure. Derrick
      is about to cut loose, i feel!
      It helps to support OBB at
      times like this! i still prefer
      BB-16 over BB-15 even if
      i’m selective about the fanclubs
      i maybe belong to!!! bring it on!

  44. People, the show is not rigged.
    [Simon, please come to the Diary Room]
    [Dawg, you are not permitted to talk about your Diary Room sessions]

  45. will be so funny when allthese people realize how much America hates them so tired of all this BS and so tired of derrick the pig thinking hes the king. hes basically set himself up not to win once everything gets out becsusse of his and codys paranoia

  46. Wow. Derrick thought he was the mastermind and had all bases covered but he just got outplayed big time by Frankie and Christine. On the CBS show last night we saw that Christine DID throw Derrick and Cody’s names out to Nicole as replacement nominees, but it sounds like Frankie and Christine have convinced Derrick that Hayden and Nicole were the ones trying to get him out. I think Derrick and Cody just made a huge mistake. I don’t like Frankie or Christine but they just scored big with this move.

      1. Yes, they do deserve that. I think Cody and Derrick’s days are numbered now anyway because they just showed Frankie and Christine that they were willing to flip over to Hayden and Nicole’s side and vote against the alliance. That will make them a target once the alliance has a little more of a numbers advantage. Frankie and Christine were persuaded to flip also (for a few hours) but they will be able to talk their way out of that and Frankie/Christine/Caleb/Zach will target Cody and Derrick once Nicole, Hayden, and Donny are gone. I hate to see one-sided seasons where one group is able to dominate like this. I wish Nicole had succeeded this week in shifting the power over to the other side, at least for a week or two.

  47. All the haters keep on hating !!! A true hater would just leave and not give ratings .. So if you don’t like don’t watch !! Ever heard all publicity is GOOD publicity !!! This show is about creating conversations and all the haters thanks !! :) :)

  48. Just listening to those 4 Dbags made me sick, pls bb gods make something come to light where Zach finds out how close he came to being voted out by Frankie, Derrick ,Cody and bitch Christine. But let Nicole and Hayden get wind of whats going down and tells Zach they were told about the detonators.

  49. I don’t know how you can’t be a fan of his…this guy flips the house as he pleases.

    Team Donny all the way though, I don’t know how the bearded monster is going to make it alive, :/

  50. Why do people keep saying if Jocasta goes home this week, it’s a waste of an HOH? What would you prefer….to wait until she’s final 2 or 3? People being evicted every week brings someone closer to the money.

    1. I don’t understand it either. Jocosta seems like a very nice person and all BUT this is Big Brother. She’s not even playing the game…. at all!!! Plus I’m tired of seeing her on the block. Just be done with it, get her out and let the people that came to play battle it out. Removing her means better players will now have to be placed on the block, with the exception of Victoria. At least Vic can win a comp though.

  51. I was rooting for Derrick because he doesn’t have to win comps to further his game. He says talk they talk. He says jump they jump. It is strange that all of a sudden the entire plan changes. Paranoia or production got to him either he sucks for bowing to either.

    There still hasn’t been one single case of eavesdropping in that house. Not a one.

    FYI Zach is not that entertaining the boredom level will remain the same with or without him. Hell he just woke up to hear the good news.

    1. I mentioned that same thing a couple of weeks ago, wanting Nicole to eavesdrop on Ratine, or anyone to eavesdrop on Frankie. It’s truly a lost skill in BB these days.

      It could be entertaining if Zach runs his mouth to the point, people come to their senses and want him gone…again. Then we can be entertained by the scrambling during DE.

  52. Is it possible that the vote is tied with Derrick, Frankie, Caleb and Cody against Christine, Donny, Hayden and Victoria? Christine knows that Nicole will vote out Zach? Or, would Christine not risk it?

  53. Never should have told Derrick about Donnys hit list. It confirmed to Derrick that hes high on the other sides pecking order

  54. I really don’t get why people hate Derrick so much. He is playing the best game in the BB house so far. How many times haves you heard anyone trying to make a move agaisnt Derrick this far in the game. NO ONE. Yet he is the biggest mastermind in this house. Some people talk about Donny being a mastermind but he can’t even get his group in check. Some other people say that as long as Derrick is in the house it’s going to be boring and predictable. How can you say that this week was boring and predictable. This week was the toughest week to understand yet(Nicole playing Christine,Christine winning POV, Nicole wanting to backdoor Frankie, Zack going home,Zack staying in the house…) Zack going home would be boring and predictable because everyone from the original 8 would be gone one by one,and you just have to give Derrick props for realising that last minute and not say that production rigged it but realise that he is really here for the money

    1. I, for one, do not hate Derrick; I just think the games been way too easy for him and I want to see him encounter some obstacles. I like to see him on the block; I don’t care if he takes himself off or evicted, but I want to see some real battle.

      I do agree with you that Derrick has been playing a great game til now. His social game WAS unbeatable.

      I really think the game will get interesting.

    2. I dislike Derrick because he comes across as an arrogant, smug, self-righteous hypocrite. He’s running circles around these immature brats just like he was trained to do in his job. And Donny doesn’t have a group to get in check because half of these rude brats won’t even give him the time of day & the rest are useless.

  55. I was sitting waiting for the house to suddenly flip. After all there are so many different alliances and conversations about who is the next target, I really thought they would flip much faster than this. It literarily took Caleb to question Ratkie “if they get rid of Zach their numbers are down Jokester is a vote for the other side Zach is a vote for their side.” and the Ratkie ran to Derrick immediately. However, I wonder if the houseguests figure out that Derrick single handily flipped every one of them and is controlling the game. Cody is like a leech… he’s hanging on to Derrick’s every single word. That alone should them who is running the house. But, unfortunately none of them is smart enough

  56. Wonder if Derrick just remembered. 1)Zach is in Frankie’s backpocket and a vote for Frankie. 2)Frankie has the strongest pull on Caleb 3)He and Cody had realized that Christine and Frankie were planting seeds of doubts about them all over the house. 4)They know Christine told Nicole the “Hayden Victoria lie” when they had asked her to wait. 5)He and Cody had agreed that Hayden/Nicole would be their best chance of beating Frankie at endurance 6)They have blown up their own game by blowing up the Detonators and now the Rationale. While team Crankie(Christine and Frankie) still have Zach, Caleb on their side, for 4 votes. 7)He only truly has Cody, himself and Vic…He has just turned control of the house back into the hands of Frankie. He threw away Hayden, Nicole’s and possibly Donnie if asked by Hayden/Nicole

  57. Stop interferring Production. We don’t care who is staying. Zach won’t survive the double eviction.

  58. In what situation will people in general be happy with production? If they interfere people keep bitching how rigged it is. If they don’t interfere when the fans want to, they bitch that they didn’t interfere.

    I, for one, am enjoying this season of floaters a little more than last season of a-holes. Not the best season but we don’t have to see Amanda’s and Andy’s face every week.

    It doesn’t look to me like production is influencing too much this season (aside perhaps from some odd casting choices) so let’s just enjoy the ride; there will still be more entertainment to come.

    Best case scenario would be if the vote is 6-2 to evict jacosta, Hayden wins double eviction hoh, targets become Christine/Frankie, and Zach wins second hoh. Bob must be done with now and perhaps we will even see some havenot comps.

    1. I don’t mind a little production nudging to help the ones I want them to help, but the blatant interference to protect the ones I hate (e.g. Frankie) just makes me mad :-)

  59. Yea! Looks like BB’s Timmy Turner AKA ZackAttack has been saved by his magic fish who grant his every wish! I thought I saw some little crownie things the last time BB cut to the fish. (Those of you with kids know what I am talking about).

  60. I’m so confused. Yesterday when it seemed like Zach was for sure out, the comments were all about needing to find a way for Zach to stay. Production needed to get involved, Caleb needs to wake up, Derrick needs to start manipulating again, how could the Detonators turn on one of their own – that was pretty much the theme the last few days. Now that it seems like Zach WILL stay, whether it was production or just the Hitmen, everyone is so pissed. Yesterday, the show was going to be boring going forward because #ZachAttack was going, now it’s going to be boring because there’s a large alliance in power!? If Zach had gone home, there would still have been a majority alliance in power, it just would’ve been a different one without a name. And in a few weeks, everyone would’ve been hoping for another shift in power because it was getting boring again. I just don’t get these comments sometimes… Funny as hell but a bit hypocritical.

    1. I think the comments show that, in reality. as many or more people were quite happy with Zach leaving than staying. The show really needs a change in the power structure rather than just one (not so entertaining) player staying and a maintaining of the status quo.

  61. Ok folks is it just me or is Frankie getting creepier every day ? What is up with him laying all over these so called ” straight guys ” and hugging on them all the time ? The relationship between Cody and Christine ( I honestly can not stand the girl ) has me totally perplexed. They lay around together , touch each other all the time , Cody plays with her hair , so disgusting for a married woman to disrespect her husband on TV this way. If her husband is not upset with this I would be surprised. Cody is the wimpiest pretty boy I have seen on BB. Mercy I would have kept the fact I sit to pee to myself and not advertise on national TV. Derrick is running the house and they are all with the exception of Donny blind to it. He is playing Victoria like a fiddle and she is just too dumb to realize. If I were Derricks wife I would be furious. This season is so dull and predictable I only watch on Thursdays any more to see who leaves and you pretty much already know if you have live feeds or watch BBAD. I have always loved BB but in my opinion it is losing ground fast. Thanks to all who post .

    1. yeah, the sit and pee is fine, its just not something you go out and tell the house and the world. and the way he described it was so lame

      I am still waiting to see cody “smoke” someone. which means punch them. he wants to hit Zach for all the awful things Zach has done to him…wait…Zach hasn’t done anything to cody..

  62. If you guys think this is the worst season you obviously haven’t watched the last 3 seasons before this. Derrick and Cody are playing the best game followed by Frankie IMO… And to say that production did this is even funnier.. I could understand when people said that about Brandon coming back into the game just to help Rachel win the game. CBS loves them some brenchel. I think Caleb really figured it out.. Derrick thought about it. Like it or not if they can keep their cools the detonators are coasting to 6.

    1. Um you’re delusional if you think CBS is going to just let this massive show, that is one 3 nights a week, just run it’s course naturally!! Please don’t be that naive. WHY do you think you constantly hear them warning the HGs “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION” ?? Or DR sessions?? WHY isn’t Donny allowed to shave?? (He said ‘when they let me I will’). Devin was even mentioning that they were telling him what to do and then feeds would cut.

      This is NOT just a game. It’s an Entertainment show for CBS with advertisers spending big bucks to advertise. What do you think happens to those ADVERTISING DOLLARS when viewership starts to decline, or papers like The NY POST comment on being the WORST season ever. It’s the stuff that keeps TV executives up all night.

      They will control with game as best they can to alter outcomes and decisions to keep show entertaining and the drama high. You think this bunch of whimps and fame whores have the intelligence to make it an interesting game? Not quite.

  63. Zach’s really not even that entertaining any more. His nomination speech was meh. And it’s been all downhill from there. His contrived temper tantrum during the POV last night was so pathetic. Is he there to play the game or be the class clown? I’m over him.

    1. last night showed that Zach cares. it made me root for him more. he blew it, and was mad at himself when he realized it. big deal

      his speech? who the heck likes Zach for his work in the DR or his work giving a speech? the dude is hilarious around the clock, that stuff was all pretty dumb but at the same time if it weren’t for 1…2 HG’s, he is playing Dr Will’s game quite well, no one wants much to do with him in the house but he might slide by as a guy people know can’t win.

      he did fall apart this week, but its because he saw himself out the door. its sure a lot more refreshing than an Amber, who really didn’t care that she was voted out, and thought that ZACH AND DONNY were running the game.

      Zach or Cody? Zach doesn’t sit and pee and isn’t a douche. Zach or Hayden? Hayden is the most boring strong male HG in BB history, why cast him when people like James from all stars live all around the US and are ready to stir things up not just become an actor and go on survivor(LOL). Caleb or Zach? Zach, Caleb is a scary psyco who without amber is boring other than his lies about his life.

      I can go on but won’t to spare you the obvious. Zach is the most entertaining HG not named Derrick(he is playing the game). the rest are there to become famous and vote as a house

      1. Could not agree more. There is not one other, even slightly, humorous person in that house. Zach keeps me laughing every single show. And I also felt bad for him during the POV. I have not seen a single other HG that actually showed that much emotion about staying in the game. The only other person that I catch myself laughing at sometimes is Caleb, and that’s just because some of the things he says are so unbelievably dumb you can’t help but laugh.

      2. All valid points. And I started out liking Zach because there’s nothing I appreciate more than a jackass. I guess I must just prefer my jackasses to be more…organic. Like a Dr. Will or an Evel Dick. Zach’s jackassedness just seems too…manufactured.

      3. Zach is hilarious around the clock? He sleeps most of the time. What’s left is mostly either contrived stupidity or manipulated idiocy with very little really funny stuff.

      4. Yeah I’m confused by these HG’s view of becoming ‘famous’ on this show. They’ll be a minor hiccup celebrity in their hometowns if its a small enough town. You think Frankie going back to NY or LA will be anything besides Ari’s brother? Cody will continue to be an underwear model. I’m not sure what fame and fortune Derrick thinks is going on and talking about all the fans he has. Even if they have fans during the show, who really cares about them after??

        Of course Caleb is most the most misguided of the bunch. He’s so excited to rent a limo and ride around his small town in KY like a big star. lol it’s funny and sad at same time.

  64. Idk about everyone else but I can’t stand floaters.. I like that they want to take them all out. Zach a wildcard right now.. He’s pretty smart and I think he will believe Nicole if she says something to him

  65. Yay zach poo is staying !!! Hahaha best news to wake up too ! And for all the people saying another boring week .. Was this week boring ? You got paranoia at its finest lol .. I guess it was boring .. But the show is still awesome .. I love the comps .. The talking is obviously gonna be slow but bring on the comps and the twisty twist twists !!

  66. If Donny goes home on double eviction im done cause only people talk about people or mean to people stay in the house production got to save Donny if they don’t ratings go down big time an derrick in Frankie think America well help them on team messions when if they get Donny out we want look at the favorite poll production you see Donny on top every time Donny goes America stop watching

    1. Just because Donny is a nice person does not make him a great player. it takes more than staying away from the young crowd like he does all the time. You can sit back and know things but you have to act on them he has not did anything but hide just like his buddy Jocasta has, so he is not a great player.
      The best player this season is Derrick, and it hasn’t come easy for him, he has stayed around the younger one’s and talks to them all 24/7 his mind is going over stuff all the time, I find that very stressful for anyone so no it has not been handed to him on a platter, he has worked every minute to get where he is at. The only thing I wish was the outsiders ( us ) did not know he was a police officer, maybe he would be looked at differently but just because he plays the game well people dislikes him, I’m take a player over a do nothing everytime.. Love his play and hopes he goes and wins this thing he has worked harder than anyone. Donny doesn’t hold a light to him games wise. Thank You and Good afternoon to all.

      PS- When he talks into the camera he is talking and trying explaining to us, ( I like it,) but Donny does something cause it’s good tv, that statement right there pulled him off my top three list.

  67. Production I’m sure had a hand in Zach staying, which I like because Zach is entertaining! I’m predicting now that Jocasta and Hayden will be the double evicted tonight! I

  68. love or hate him, there is no question Zach deserves to make it to jury. Let’s face it here and let’s be honest.

  69. Well this season SUCKS! It’s soooo boring! Freaking Cody and Derrick just decided to TEASE us by making us think there would FINALLY be a power shift and things were getting shaken up… but no… now we are left with more of the same… bye bye girls.

  70. Duckies… if Zach survives the Double Eviction, i will have a more profound
    respect for his moxie and his ability to play out a nemesis role as a strategy.
    i think he is too clever, and has gotten nearly all the House PO’ed at him, this
    adds up. Whoever wins the looming HoH either solidifies things or flips things
    totally. Jocasta is an honest person who is not a competition beastie, Derrick
    is not afraid of her abilities. Zach likes to destroy alliances, he thrives on pure
    chaos, he getz bored very very fast. the next ten hours either solidify him into
    the Final Three or “frag” him totally. i think Frankie is unaware how close to an
    unpleasant “backdooring” he was, had he been pitted at Zach! there is nothing
    right now to prevent a future pairing like that if Zach survives this eviction vote!

  71. Derrick just made a very stupid move in my opinion. If he votes out Jocasta tonight along with the rest of the Detonators and Caleb, then he is showing Nicole and Hayden that he is not with them. He had a golden opportunity to keep playing both sides without anyone knowing. Now he is going to show his cards, Donny, Nicole, and Hayden will know that Derrick and Cody can not be trusted and will move them up the list and will probably go on the block if Hayden or Donny win the HOH. He was playing a great game up until today. He would have been at the bottom of the totem pole on either alliance but nobody had him as a target for at least a few weeks. Frankie has Zach, Christine and Caleb he would keep over Derrick and Cody, And that puts Derrick and Cody at 5th and 6th place in their alliance, where they could have been in 3rd and 4th in the “Rationales”. Nicole and hayden are way more trust worthy than the people in the “Detonators”. Christine was really wanting Zach to be evicted, so I am curious as to who she votes for. It is going to be a good night no matter who wins the HOH, but i am wanting Donny to win one and Hayden to win the other. Then we can even the numbers some and have a great game on our hands. I do know once the votes come in and Zach stays, then Hayden, Donny, and Nicole will know they are in trouble and I think Hayden and Donny will play their hardest. If its endurance i think Hayden can win it, he is a pedicab driver, that takes a lot of endurance to pedal those bikes carrying a couple of people behind you. We shall see what happens, Tonight can not get here quick enough.

  72. I changed my mind after last nite….. here is what I think is going to happen, Derrick and Victoria will still vote out Zach and it will a 4-4 tie and Nicole will evict Zach…… I think this covers derrick butt in the game… derrick can just blame the vote on Christine because no one really trust her at this point in the game….. the detonators and caleb will believe derrick on this….. haycole will also believe him that Christine and Frankie voted to keep ZACH in the GAME…. THE problem is cody,s vote how is derrick going to explain that haycole? is he going to throw cody under the bus or Victoria?

    1. I really don’t think he’ll stray away from Cody any time soon. Cody is the only person in the house he tells absolutely everything to. It’ll be awhile before he makes that move. And no one knows who voted what for sure. If you were really that worried about it, all you would have to do is act shocked then pull the others aside and put on a show. -Who turned on us? I can’t believe someone did that!- It would be pure speculation on their part.

  73. I cant wait to see the look on Nicole Hayden and Donnies face when Zach stays….they deserve it for being idiots.

    I had high hopes when they won HOH but they played like cowards. I dont feel any pity for them anymore.

  74. Didn’t frankie say they were doing something in the “Pandora’s Box Room”, If so, we may see some twist coming soon.

    1. The most interesting part of what Frankie said about Pandoras box was shhhhh… I wasnt supposed to tell you that. hmmmmmm Production telling Frankie not to tells things????

  75. This is the first week the Ahole 8 didnt have power and their true colors are coming out. Cody said to Derrick the last 4 weeks we sent 3 of our 8 home? Really? They were the ones targeting themselves. There are so many scum bags this year. I’ve watched the last 14 seasons and this is the worst cast ever and theyre not even to jury yet

  76. YES!!!!!! I am so excited Zach is staying!!! Bummed that Christine is safe for now, but honestly, I’d rather the big dogs stay together and get the Victoria’s and jocasta’s out anyway to prevent a finale like last year and insure an actual competitor wins. It may be predictable for the next 2 weeks, but after that, it’s going to be a bloodbath and way more entertaining! Plus, there’ll be ZachATTACK!!!

  77. CANNOT WAIT for the live double eviction tonight!!! Hayden or Donny MUST WIN!!! They better not try to get Zach out this time!! Go after christine & Cody PLEASE

  78. Beast mode cowboy aka Caleb is ridculous I was just thinking there hasn’t been someone so full of themselves in this house since Jessie! He is going to look at Hayden and go “let’s go” dude get a clue you really don’t win everything. Also too funny how he thinks he is going to be famous…no one from Big Brother is really famous get a clue! Also he is also stating he is so loyal but yesturday he would have turned on Zach now he’s voting to keep him because the alliance is.

    1. Not to mention that Caleb has been on slop and appears to be somewhat wasting away – I hope he doesn’t win – he is so full of himself already your right.

      1. Personally…I hope this is an act…because once he gets back into the real world, he’ll realize how much of a idiot he was…maybe not, but you gotta feel somewhat for the guy.

      2. Does anyone think that if Hayden wins HOH tonight he will lean toward working with the Detonators since his “group” (Nicole, Donny) is so outnumbered? I don’t think he’d ever put Nicole up but isn’t it possible he’d put up Donny since the insiders want Donny out so badly?? Hope I am wrong because I think if it’s endurance, Haydon has a great shot to win it (along with Frankie). Save Donny please!!!!!!!

        1. yes, I think Hayden is book smart and lacking in good judgment sometimes because he spills too much when talking. I think he might do exactly what you said but….. I hope not.

  79. continued, ok jacosta was asking for a vote from hayden, jacosta told hayden that she already has Donny,Victoria and Derricks votes… I think this will cover Derrick on the Cody vote….Jacosta could back Derrick up on this one…. So I think Derrick will be fine from Both Side… Derrick will still be in the middle …

  80. They need to rename this cast after the little rascals because as usual Butch and his group of heman women haters f’ it up again. Derprick and his 16 alliances make me sick.

  81. From what I’ve seen I’m one of the few people that go for Derrick but this week he just made his first major mistake. If he would have voted out Zach there was no one going after him. Now that he is going to keep Zach he not only showed that their is an alliance trying to run the house but made two direct rivals against him. Not only that if he votes Zach out he can literally just stand there in the middle and see both of his alliances hurt each other without having to get any blood in his hands till its the right time.

  82. Wow, Derrick stinks big time! He just went from being a reasonably respected player, in my opinion, to a paranoid, manipulative scumbag. His lackey, Cody, retains that role, and Christine remains despicable both as a player and a so-called “married woman.” (Does she even remember what her wedding vows represent in her life? Maybe she’s on a “break” like Ross was in “Friends” back in the day.) I hope what Derrick has potentially set in motion comes back to bite him in a way he could never see coming and devastates his game… not Nicole’s and Hayden’s. Maybe Derrick’s sick game moves will strengthen their relationship and make them realize their need to rely on each other ( with Donny’s input) for gameplay. They may end up having a genuine romance (not a “showmance) like Jeff and Jordan. Yeah, BB is not meant to be a “dating show,” but, if it happens naturally, why not? Lying, strategizing, manipulating, cheating, bullying, “creative thinking”, using, etc. are the elements of the human condition BB focuses on. That’s entertaining to millions of us… especially because it’s part of a game played for 500 K.

  83. The house will be lopsided in favor of Derrick, Cody ,Frankie, Zack, Caleb and Christine against Nicole, Donny
    Hayden and who knows about Victoria. If Donny Hayden or possibly Victoria wins HOH at best can only get one of the other side out still leaving a majority rule in favor of the Alliance. Very little drama from there on. It will be a shooting gallery till the final 5 or 6 Alliance. Then the real crying whining and moaning begins!!!!! But how many viewers will stay to see that!

  84. Zach attack stays! good. I hope he finds out about the stuff cody has been saying.

    #WILDCARD still in the picture. hey, he has kind of lost it….he lacks friends…but if he wins an HOH, he will give us an entire week of crazy that causes everyone’s game to explode. heck, 2-3 days as HOH(or was it less) and he already blew up Frankie’s game not even on purpose. just forcing so many extra lies because people seem to think Zach is playing both sides.

  85. wait, to those who say Nicole and Hayden will know Derrick isn’t with them…really? WHO CARES

    this is the freaking point!!!!! they lack the numbers for it to matter! you remove jocosta and you then are removing the rest of them 1 by 1. sure, you could get a Nicole or hayden HOH, none of your people win POV…its just a LOW chance. and I highly doubt that in the craziness of a double eviction, that Nicole or Hayden put up Derrick. which means worst case Zach will still go home, best case Hayden or Nicole go home.

    I don’t understand why anyone wants Nicole and Hayden to go far. they are boring and lame. they don’t talk game and I really don’t think the final 8 will be as interesting if they are “controlling” the game

    this is the first week I didn’t tune in to CBS. now that Zach is saved, I am watching tonight as I have reason to watch again. Jocosta goes home….FINALLY. now lets get rid of Victoria and be done with those two

    1. I think the “outsiders” are incredibly BORING, and I want to see the detonators pick them all of off… then have to pick each other off.

    2. The reason a lot of people want Hayden & Nicole to stay is because they are working with Donny. Donny needs them in this game so all us Donny fans wants them to stay.
      As far as “Who Cares if Nicole and Hayden know Derrick is not with them”, Derrick should care. I don’t care how many numbers their alliance has, if Hayden or Nicole wins HOH (since there are 2 HOH comps tonight Nicole can play in the second one), then they would most likely put up Derrick and Cody. Knowing that they lied to them and they also know about their plans. Not sure if Donny would put up Derrick or not because of “team america”, but he still might because its good for his game. What it all comes down to is, Derrick should have waited until after double eviction before he “showed his cards”, nobody would have ever even thought about putting him on the block. Now he has a few that might put him up. Yes, i agree it may be a small chance, but there is a chance. Stirring the pot right before a double eviction is a stupid move for anyones game, they do not have time to campaign and if they are put on the block, then its a good chance they go home. Like them or not, Hayden, Donny, and Nicole have proved themselves in comps. and have a good chance at winning the HOH. What competition threats are on the detonators side? Caleb (is good in endurance only), Zach gets frazzled to easily, Derrick is not a comp beast, Frankie is OK, Christine has been throwing them all and will probably do so again, Cody isn’t winning anything, and Victoria (i shouldn’t even have to say anything).

  86. Such bad gameplay ugh—Derrick and Cody went from having all their bases covered to being very vulnerable. Frankie will now be able to puppet a zach or caleb or christine and alpha strike on D and C very soon–they blew it.

    1. HaHa! I’m not a fan of Derrick, but you have to admit, he had good game play going…until now! What he did was such a bone headed move & I’m sure he knows that. I hope he realized he just handed Frankie the game with Zach, Christine, Caleb (& possibly Hayden) on his side. Aarrgghh!

  87. my list who should go
    final 2 Donny vr zack Donny wins 6-3

      1. There are alot of tv stations around the US that are showing football instead of Big Brother. Just FYI for BB fans

        1. If you live on the West Coast (California-Los Angeles County), they said they are going to show BB at around 10 PM, after the game.

  88. Well since Zach is probably not going to be target #1 after this fiasco, I actually hope that Donny or Hayden win the DE HOH to take out one of the other Detonators. That would be total madness after the blindside.

  89. The New York Post article was done by Gregory E Miller @greggenheim on twitter. I sent him a tweet about production spilling the beans to Derrick about America not wanting unanimous votes. Let’s hope his next article will focus on how rigged production it is at having a hand in the winner, and keeping the house power one sided.

  90. It’s tough to flip the house but it’s tougher to flip the CBS script. CBS knows exactly which house guests are susceptible to influence and which buttons to push. Sometimes it’s fame/exposure and sometimes it’s cash. For Derrick, he’s made it very clear he’s cash motivated. He was offered cash to flip the vote. The good news is that Zack has probably been informed about what exactly transpired. Zack with the detonators would ruin the rest of the season but if Captain Chaos works with Nicole/Hayden/Donny the season would be saved.

    1. Well, neither one are the great players people make them out to be. What was so great about Dan? THE FUNERAL, WHATT?? What if people had laughed in Dan’s face, at the funeral? Would he still be considered such a great player?? If the answer is no, and it is, then it wasn’t he that was great, but the other peoples’ stupidity.

  91. If only Nicole won that POV and was able to put Frankie up! Ugh! I find Zach shakes things up, but it is so practiced and he gets no response from whomever he is terrorizing. I am hoping Hayden wins the 1st HOH and puts up Derrick and Cody or Frankie and Christine – I really don’t care about the order. Just get one of those people out please. I am not really sad that Jocasta is leaving. She is not a good competitor, and in the end you gotta win stuff. They have all been wasting their HOH’s – except when Devin was evicted. Why would you keep a person who wins multiple HOH’s? Frankie should be everyone’s target. He is not loyal to his own group as he did backdoor Amber, who was in an alliance with him. I mean at least he is playing the game, but these people really need to get him out.

    1. You don’t know for sure that Christine honestly won that POV. Only Production saw the real times. Why did HG need to be kept away from watching this comp?

  92. Only Donny and Hayden have any tolerance of strong woman. Derrick couldn’t bring himself low enough to work as an equal with Nicole. We know what happened to “strong competitor” , “no-nooky, Amber. As soon as Britany got a little information she was considered tainted by Derrick and eliminated. And the detonators are already talking about ditching Christine later because Hayden is “still save-able.”

    1. That’s ludicrous.

      Hayden sees women as people he’d like to f–k. That’s about it.

      As for Christine, she’s been caught in about 400 lies. They can’t trust her. And they know she’s been trying to save face with Nicole and Hayden all week. That’s why they want to get rid of her.

      It has nothing to do with her being a “strong woman” — which, by the way, she absolutely is not.

  93. If Zack left, then it’s nearly 100% that Frankie would go next week. Frankie’s sister has millions of twitter followers who protest and quit watching the show if she tells the to. BB has to look out for the bottom dollar and the contract says that production has the right to influence the outcome of some of the games. The HG agree to this going in.

    1. The last POV was made for Zach. He did great at it until he lost his temper. So, even if production rigs the comps, that does not mean it will work. As far as Frankie goes, if he got evicted tonight, i do believe they would put him in jury and give him another shot at coming back like Judd did last year. Plus, we should be having some more twists this season, and i am sure they will be to help people like Frankie and Zach to stay. As far as Frankie’s sister and her followers, I am a fan of hers, i do believe she has a incredible voice. But, if she wants to tell me what to not watch on my TV, then she should pay my cable bills. I do not think she has much pull in what people would watch and if she did, then she would still have a TV show. Every year peoples favorite players get evicted from the house, so i do not believe production is rigging it just for Frankie. Do you think anybody wanted Andy, and Gina Marie for final 2 last year, did they rig that for ratings, I don’t think so.

  94. While it looks like the DR said something to save Zach I don’t think it was blatant as people may think. I obviously have nothing factual to back up that the DR did this, but neither does anyone else claiming production is single handily saving Zach. I think the DR may have planted seeds by asking certain questions to them to stir up more paranoia. Since Caleb was the one to realize that they are just hurting their numbers if they evict Zach, and that seems pretty out of character for Caleb who never thinks for himself. I believe that the DR asked him How he thought the bomb squad (since he doesn’t even know the detonators exist) would do after the vote out zach and loose another member. And for Cody and Derrick they probably asked something similar and if they thought Hayden and Nicole were playing everyone, since that’s what they think now. Previous players have said that the DR asks lots of questions and can make them even more paranoid.

    That being said, Nicole and Hayden still have an opportunity to shift the targets away from them and back on to bomb squad members. They need to blow up when Jocasta is evicted and Zach stays, if they call out Derrick and Cody for forming an alliance with them to vote out zach and then flipping the house the night before the vote is going to create a lot of distrust. Nicole should even tell Frankie that he was her real target and that Derrick and Cody were on board to evict him too, but that Derrick and Cody are her targets now. I think they could change the dynamics of the house completely and make Derick and Cody the outsiders and everyone’s target. Unfortunately I think Nicole is too scared to call them out. I think Hayden might though, cause Derrick and Cody just played him.

      1. I don’t think DR or Production had anything to do with saving Zach. I knew this would happen because these guys are all about numbers and control. I think that is why Donny terrifies them, he can not be controlled by them. They are afraid of losing their numbers and they will puss out on the big game move every time, and take easiest path every time. Saving Zach has always been the easiest path. He is a number and when they get to jury be put on the disposable list with Victoria (Fast forward eviction.), Caleb, Nicole and Hayden… followed closely by Christine.
        This game needs a Flip bad.

      2. Cody and Derrick told Frankie and Christine that they are in The Rationales? And that Cody and Derrick were behind convincing the detonators and basically everyone in the house to vote out Zach?

        Zach sure as hell doesn’t know about all this, if Hayden and Christine blow this up to Zach too he might not trust the detonators any more. Who knows maybe Victoria won’t trust Derrick when she finds out about all this. If Nicole and Hayden cause some havoc at least it might shake people up a little and have to re think who they trust.

  95. Every year posters are complaining how this is the worst season ever and I’m going to stop watching.
    But every year they come back and say again this is the worst season ever and I’m going to stop watching.
    I don’t think they’ll ever be happy no matter what. These people are locked in a house 24 hours a day for
    months they are not going to be entertaining every minute and if I was playing for a half a million dollars I wouldn’t give a sh*t how bored the watchers were if it was going to blow up my game to entertain them. This money is life changing whether you realize it or not.

    Side note I am glad Zac is staying he does make the show much more entertaining so to the posters who were putting down the people that think Zac is entertaining why don’t you just go knit your cat a sweater.

    1. I think some people are just venting and aren’t trying to be all self-righteous but maybe just diaspointed lol. And after a year of it not being on the air it’s easy to get away from any emotions of the last season and give another go even with all the obvious “issues” because the potential is always there it seems.

    2. I never this is the worst Season ever.
      I thought that Last Season was the worst Season Ever but I watched till the end of the Season.
      Last Year was the most disgusting and repulsive House I have ever seen on big brother. They managed
      to be more disgusting that Chicken George Writing Save me in Ketchup on his chest, Grosser than the sound of the Meow Meow eating on Big Brother After Dark and more annoying than Rachel Reillys “WHY DO THEY HATE LOOOOOOOOOVE.” or her drunken Vegas Tales that started make me think she was a prostitute… then I find out from a straight friend she was what the call a Hostess who gets guys to buy lots of Alcohol and rent a Private VIP room for a party….. and I watched it till the end and one of the worst final two… next to Drew and Cowboy.
      Nope last year was the Worst Season EVER.
      Season 9 was the most boring for me… The Til Death do You Part Season… I found them dull as hell and couldn’t get into it.

  96. Hayden or Donny for HOH! I really hope Derrick and Cody are sitting on the block for double eviction! I’m glad Zach is staying, but I hate everyone that he’s working with lol

  97. All production did was feed them booze! That got them all chatting again! Scary that booze made Caleb the smart one. LOL. As much as I believe that production has had a hand in some of these last minute saves on other seasons – I don’t know.. Darrick was always talking about numbers and in the last week only saw his safety on both sides.. But he never saw that he sat at the bottom of the new group. If it was production that pointed this out – then ok – that changed things – but it also might just have been Caleb pointing out the numbers again and that they were cannibalizing themselves. Either way – I would rather see a season full of moves that gets people out of their comfort zone.

  98. I am watching BBAD from last night.


    He literally (in the proper use of the word) said the word LITERALLY 50 times in a 5 minute conversation. And there’s Caleb with AT THE END OF THE DAY.

  99. Now everybody knows why I quit watch this bullsh!t 2 weeks ago. Don’t waste your time and find something else to watch. Just come here for the updates, because you pretty much know what’s going to happen now anyway. Unless a miracle happens and Donny and Hayden win tonight and put up The Detonators then they will get picked off one by one.

  100. I don’t understand why they are so paranoid about the numbers, can they not do simple math. Even if Zach goes it’s still 5 against 5 and that’s counting Jocasta and Victoria on the other side, not to mention look how much control Derrick has over Victoria. By the way if she votes for Zach to stay after finding out how he’s been talking about her then she is really is a moron.

  101. It has to be scripted next time watch how they manipulate the voting set up to build suspense and also notice when they are in the diary room commenting on their activities in the house watch their eyes, they are reading from the teleprompter!

  102. Whatever the outcome is , it should be somewhat intense and interesting tonight. I”d so enjoy seeing Zach and Christine walk out of the BB House as completely deserving victims of eviction. Watching Jocasta leave wouldn’t bother me either since she hasn’t contributed much to the atmosphere of the house as a person or a player. I want to clear up something from my earlier post today. Jeff and Jordan had a real romance in the BB House (and still do as far as I know), not a “showmance” like my earlier post may have mistakenly implied. Nicole and Hayden are only 21 so maybe they’re not looking for a longterm relationship leading to “forever.” The BB Game is what has to be their priority right now; they both seem like they’d put the money to good use.

    1. I want to know that, too! Simon or Dawg, do you know why Caleb was eating cake, pizza and beer??? He was given a punishment. I’ve never seen before when a “punishment” was lifted.

  103. If the game is rigged Hayden/ Donny will win HoH this week or both and they will do HoH 1 Fast forward HoH
    HoH 2 will be the HoH for the remainder of the week and Julie will announce HoH 1 can not nominate HoH 2 Then HoH 2 will be HoH for the week.
    We will see what the HoH competition. I think it will be geared for their individual skill sets.
    You can’t have tension in the House with out the two sides. Donny is clearly a fan favorite, and so is Hayden. If neither wins HoH I predict Pandoras Box will be pulled. Usually when Pandoras Box was done it was to save a fan favorite player and cause the House to flip. This house really needs a Power Flip.
    Americas Sweetheart Donnie needs a Super Power and so does Hayden. I think Production chose Americas Team hoping Frankie and Derrick would not turn on Donny and take him further in the game, but, they chose two of the most disloyal manipulative people in the game…. oh well feeding their greed didn’t work.

  104. I have not missed a season of BB and can honestly say I am done. Cancelled the feeds, deleted BBAD on my DVR and am signing off. Hooe CBS doesn’t renew it for another season. See ya!

  105. And that’s why you have to put four boys on the block … Can’t leave wiggle room … Now detonators continue on as predicted (did not predict the crazy paranoia but they came around so it all works out). Zach stays and if detonators win next two hohs .. Bye bye everyone else.

  106. From some of the comments on here, I don’t think Double Eviction is understood. There will be only one HOH competition tonite. Either Zach or Jocosta goes. HOH is played (I really think Double HOH is over), then nomination, POV & 2nd eviction. It kinda sounded like (from some comments) that some people think that there will be two HOH competitions tonite.

    C’mon Donny – nominate Derrick & Frankie……..WIN HOH THEN POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GOOMBYE DERPRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. there is 2 HOH competitions, first we have the elimination, then a HOH comp, then a POV comp, then another elemination, then another HOH comp to see who the HOH is for the week. They may not show it on the show tonight, but they will have 2 HOH comps.

    2. There will be 2 HOH comps tonight, sort of. The first will be held just after the first eviction like you said. Then, after the second eviction, they will start another HOH comp to determine HOH for the next week. They usually run out of time on the live show so the second HOH will probably be a “tune in Sunday to see …” deal. Often they do an endurance comp at this time like hanging on a wall or filling a large container with a small cup (lots of walking in between) until you can fish a ball out of the big container. Something like that.

  107. Okay don’t get me wrong I love Zach, I think he makes for entertaining television. But keeping him over Jocasta? Really? Zach can actually win things and has clearly showed that he is in it to win and will backstab and betray anyone. If Zach does stay tonight, I hope he will align with Donny and Hayden and get out “The Detonators” also I just have to lol at Derrick thinking he is America’s favorite, if he only knew… He is playing a great game, by manipulating everyone but I want Donny to win <3

  108. Damn I cant work, I cant sleep, all I am thinking about is what happened last night during the live feed. I dislike Derrick and Cody so much that I have made myself sick. If Jocasta leaves tonight I am going OFF!!!! on all of them!!!!!! I know she doesn’t deserve to win, I know she is bad at comps but damit Zack is a horrible person and he needs to leave.

    I am leaving work because I just can’t get any work done. This is why I am not watching this stupid show once this season is over!!!!!!

    1. If Big Brother is the reason you are leaving work, I’m not sure you’re fit to be in a work environment anyway. It’s a tv show .. not the end of the world.

    2. how is he a horrible person? its a game. because he said things about people? EVERYONE has. to a point where the cop in the house has talked about assaulting people in alley’s.

      Zach is great for the game. great for live feeds. is he “mean” to Victoria. sure. GOOD. its a GAME. you are allowed to be evel dick. you are allowed to act as you want to act

      the speeches sucked, but were as big of a part of Frankie and derrick’s game as Zach’s, they fueled it, they told him how great it was.

      is he a douche? sure. but he is a lot smarter than people think, finishes VERY close to first in almost every comp and its quite possible he could make a comp run at the end if they keep him around

      why do you hate him so much? to me, I See a LOT of negative stuff about Zach because of the “he is gay and likes Frankie” BS, then those same people “see, he mentioned Victoria, he LOVES her”. its just childish and no better than Zach who is playing a game, unlike people on this site who “HATE” a tv personality

  109. news on big brother tonight it do come on not at 8.00pm but at 2;31pm tonight so at 2.00 clock tonight check on it it could start early but for right now it comes on at 2.31 after football in other soft

    1. what the fu@k are you trying to say getto dude? a tornado hitting your trailer park? speak English and proper grammar man

      1. What the f@ck are you trying to say, ghetto dude? Is a tornado hitting your trailer park? Speak English and use proper grammar, man. (Pot meet kettle!)

      2. What the f@ck are you trying to say, ghetto dude? Is a tornado hitting your trailer park? Speak English and use proper grammar, man. (Pot meet kettle!) I don’t usually correct anyone, but this was too funny to pass up…

  110. ask a true big brother fan I do not want Donny evicted tonight it will be bad for the show cause he America favorite player over every one in the house I pick him along time ago what I like about Donny is he kind loyalty
    in treat a lot of people with respect if he goes home before cody Christina cleab zack derrick Frankie it will be a joke please give Donny help tonight for us fans I got in to big brother cause im a big huge fan of janielle I think she is the best of all time

      1. You people are obnoxious. You can tell English is not this person’s first language & they are still learning. Cut him/her a break.

  111. I started out liking Derrick and I will admit he is playing a good game. Let’s face it, he is calling all the shots in the house, has everyone in his little circle doing as he bids, and comes out smelling like a rose. That being said he has in my opinion turned arrogant and full of himself. I saw that last night on BBAD> he really does need to quit talking to “America” on the camera, I think most of us are in agreement it isn’t winning him any points.
    As for Cody, he is whipped , will do whatever Derrick tells him to do and heaven knows what goes in his mind when he went on and on last night with Christine, I actually turned my TV to another station I got so annoyed listening to him and watching Christine just eating it up . Poor Donny is too nice a person to play this game. I hope he wins, don’t think production will let him. If Frankie wins I am most likely done with BB. He is beyond too faced and back stabbing , I care not who his sister is ! I await tonight and pray the BB gods will let one of the good guys win

  112. I guess I am a little slow because I didn’t know production got involved until the season Renny was on. There had been some argument between her and another houseguest over a hair ribbon and after argument Renny was called into diary room and came out trying to start up again. It was so weak it was obviously directed. From that point on I have known but not cared. This time it is so obvious that it is lame again. Food for have lots before an endurance comp and Caleb suddenly gets a brain? You would think production would hide it better.

  113. Could you imagine Caleb on survivor… Stalker Mode Cowboy would probably take one of the girls hostage.

  114. How funny is this?! I pretty much shut down BB because I thought Zach was going home. Now, it seems he is not, I’m interested again. Guess I know who my favorite house guest is.

  115. Since there is some down time you guys might have time to answer a question I’ve been pondering – does anyone else have trouble making out what Victoria is saying because of her thick Hebrew accent? She doesn’t have a grasp of English at the level of a 22 year old woman but I can’t make out what she’s saying a lot of times she speaks unclearly.
    Anyone else?

  116. Speaking of double eviction first one will be Zack or Jacosta then new HoH is crowned he/she will pic the two to go up then a POV then another eviction then time permitting another HOH competition to be crowned over the weekend or that’s isn’t how it goes

  117. maybe TA got another chance to complete last week’s mission? that would explain the sudden switch by derrick from wanting to beat him up to realizing he is a number they need.

  118. I really hope Donny then Hayden wins the next two hoh ….. I just want the detonators to sweet a little bit….. them running away with the game is really not good tv….

  119. Wait until these fools find out that Nicole and Hayden were actually telling the truth about Frankie and Christine!!! Christine is pissed off that Nicole is lying! Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?!?! Also saying she is jealous of her and Cody. Really Chrstine??? I feel bad for Tim! Derrick was encouraging Cody to flirt with her more to get her back on their side! Hayden is the only one to say that it makes him uncomfortable seeing the way they are with each other because she is married.

    I hope that Donnie or Hayden win HOH at the DE, but that is probably not going to happen:(

  120. why don’t caleb, Zach and Donny team up? if they figured out a way to form a secret alliance and caleb pulled his head out of his-, and Zach shutup about it…they could do well. they need to realize they are simply numbers for derrick

    how can people not notice how derrick flipped that vote Zach’s way after pushing it against him? I feel like just like Frankie, playing w/ Zach has forces derrick to overplay, and as such he is showing too much to other HG’s.

    this is why I am fully team #WILDCARD he messes up your game even when not trying to…he can be sleeping and still mess your game up because they are all paranoid so darn much about having their game “blown up”

  121. I’d really appreciate it if you would use your veto on me. Then carry me to the end and the promptly give me 500k in the name of jesus because i deserve it! Praise dalowwd!!! Praise jesus!!! Mehmenmehmenmenmenemmehmehmenmehmehmenmehmehmen. If you dont speak in 13 tongues you wont understand that last part. Praise dalowwwd!!!

  122. Don’t be a fruit loop dingus.. How does keeping jacosta and getting rid of zach make the show better. It doesn’t zach brings drama and game play.. Jacosta brings watchtower, bibles and floatin.

    1. It’s not because of Jocasta (who is worthless) it’s because it helps shift the power a little bit & would have made all of them have to scramble a little more. One person being a goofball occasionally is not going to make this season interesting.

  123. So….. Fix is in and Zach stays which means Jachrista is gone – leaves only 3 (weak) women left and 6 weeks of programming – with rumours of Pandora, I see a woman coming back (Brittany???) – can’t be Amber since BB would be paranoid with psych-sexual cowboy still around. You’ll see!!!

    1. Very doubtful. Honestly, none of them are worth bringing back & they’d just get voted right back out anyway. More likely a fan or production favourite will come back.

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