Big Brother Spoilers Paranoia blows up The Rationales “I just sh1t my pants “

POV Holder: Christine Next POV Aug 7th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH Aug 7
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,


BB16-2014-08-06 20-46-23-876
8:45pm Living room

Have tnos and Caleb got to eat a pizza and Cake. Cody is glad they got the feast now they are more prepared for tomorrow. Caebl apparently drank 6 beers. Caleb claims to be able to drink 30 beers in 5 hours.
They go back to table top football

BB16-2014-08-06 20-55-10-490

8:50pm Zach and Nicole HOH
Zach – What’s up Nicole
Nicole – trying to cover up my face real quick
Zach -your room is so clean.. it’s nice in here nice and cool
Nicole – ya
Zach -So you want me gone this week
Nicole – are you my target
Zach -you’re not my target
Nicole – you told me i was
Zach -I wasn’t serious.. really Nicole I have a crush on you
Nicole tells him he’s her target
Zach – The truth came out.. you want me gone?
Nicole – I don’t necessarily want you gone zach.. you told me I was your target
Zach -C’mon Nicole we are best friends
Nicole – you are my favorite person to be around in the house
Zach -but you want me gone
Nicole – you want me gone .
Zach -You think I was serious
Nicole – OH for sure.. I dunno i don’t maybe you weren’t serious
Zach -THats my game i’m so sarcastic you don ‘t know… if it comes up to a tie you will vote me out?
Nicole – you haven’t talked to me yet
Zach – I’m talking to you to.. I’m a person you can be friends with .. not only friends I could have your back.
Zach – You’re a strong player you almost won the veto by like 30 seconds.. what were you going to do if you had won it
Nicole – I don’t know what I was going to do that’s a promise
Zach tells her she’s one of the last people he would want out of the house.
Nicole – you put me on the block
ZacH – I only put you on the block because I wanted Amber out of the house.. I came to you first right after I won the HOH..
Nicole- I don’t appreciate you putting me on the block.. I was scared for my BB life.. I was PISSED
Zach – you are the last person I want out.. I want Victoria….
Nicole – you didn’t give me any reassurance you didn’t want me out.. you called me out on national TV with all these things.. I was pissed off at what you said to me.. you didn’t have to say what you did.. I get why you did it i know ZachAttack..
Zach – Tell me the truth if it came to a tie would you vote me out
CHristine – maybe.. definitely before you came and talked to me.. I know it’s not going to be a tie you’re probably staying
Zach – Our showmance is going to blossom I know it is.. I’m here telling you I don’t want you gone and if I would to win HOH next week I won’t put you up..
Nicole – It’s not coming to a tie

BB16-2014-08-06 21-03-53-058

9:02pm BEEHIVE Frankie and Caleb
Caleb says if they get rid of Zach their numbers are down. Jocasta is a vote for the other side Zach is a vote for their side.
Frankie runs to get Derrick .
Caleb – What if we get rid of Zach and Christin flips.. SHe has Nicole’s trust over any of us..
Derrick says theres more than just one group working in the house anything is possible but he’s not worried. Derrick leaves.
Frankie tells him he’s not worried, “Zach is very erratic he’s throwing us all under the buys.. He’s forming a group to get you and Hayden out of the house ‘
Caleb – At the end of the day Jocasta doesn’t do anything”
Caleb – If I win i’m putting Donny up with Jocasta
Frankie is going to put Jocasta and Victoria and if POV is played he’ll back door Donny if not Jocasta goes home
Caleb says Donny and Nicole are the most dangerous players in the game.
Caleb is cool with sending Zach home he just wants to them to make sure they have the numbers.
Frankie says it’s safer to keep Jocasta over Zach
Caleb – what would Jocasta do..
Caleb says Hayden is close to them..
Caleb explains the other side is Jocasta, Donny, Victoria, CHristine and Nicole that’s five against their side.
Frankie – you and I are probably the least affected by him staying but he’s pissed a lot of people off. Frankie explains that by being close to Zach it’s dragging them down with the rest of the house.
Caleb says now they have reached the jury they have to finish getting out the rest of the other side.
Caleb – At the end of the day we’re all we have.. if you are on the block I will do my best to persuade people to keep you over Cody over anyone else.

BB16-2014-08-06 21-49-58-010

9:20pm BEEHIVE COdy and Derrick
Derick – let me ask you a question we have two options..
Derrick explains there’s 3 pairs in the house Christine /Frankie, Cody/Derrick, Nicole/Hayden . He thinks if they get rid of CHristine tomorrow they are screwing themselves. He points out that Nicole and HAyden have Donny and Jocasta’s vote.
Derrick – Christine and Frankie don’t have anybody voting out Christine isn’t a good move she doesn’t have any numbers
Cody – Nicole and Hayden are playing everyone . Cody thinks if Derrick aor Cody end up on the block Christine and Hayden will flip on them.
Derrick says they vote out Zach this week but next week they don’t get rid of Christine like they said they were.
Frankie comes in they start talking about Caleb being worried about not have the numbers..
Frankie tells them Christine is with them and she wants Nicole to be the sixth person in the house
Christine comes in..
Derrick leaves says with the four of them in here it doesn’t look good..
Caleb joins them
They’re talking about Zach.. everyone telling reasons to vote our Zach, Frankie – It comes down to trust” They all Caleb cannot be trusted anymore. Caleb is fine with voting out Zach.
Cody – Us 5 there’s the five of us..
Caleb – ok
Frankie says they are good with Hayden but not Donny and Jocasta.
Caleb leaves.. Frankie – “We’re moving together as a four right … with derrick “
Christine – ya ya
Frankie says Caleb and Hayden are interchangeable when they get to final 5.
Cody – caleb is 20 times more loyal
Frankie – Ultimately it’s whoever wins HOH..

BB16-2014-08-06 21-40-24-838

9:38pm BEEHIVE Christine and Cody
Christine says DOnny came to her wanted to form an alliance with Hayden and Nicole
Cody thinks Nicole and Donny are getting close
Christine say HAyden and Donny are very close.
Cody – When I see him there I want to rip him from the F***ing beard what are you thinking
Cody says they keep losing numbers on their side.

BB16-2014-08-06 21-59-54-655

9:39pm Fire room Derrick talks to Camera
“I can’t get two fuc***g minutes with Cody alone because Frankie is paranoid and Christine are paranoid.
We got to make a move tonight feedsters i’m going to talk to him”
“we got to stir things up in this game because we’re getting played doing the dirty work for someone else.. but I gotta get him alone right now but I can’t do it”’ Can’t get him alone.. everyone is paranoid they are running around talking paranoid and now it’s all getting out
Before this night is done i’m going to talk to Cody.. Hiteman are going further in this game

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251 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Paranoia blows up The Rationales “I just sh1t my pants “

    1. Wow this shit show has turned into a diarrhea storm!
      I am so DONE with these DUMB people!!
      Honestly Zach may have fans but I think Universally Donny is someone
      most people can relate to and root for. He’s just genuinely a nice guy
      and these paranoid greedy assholes are literally scum!
      Cody and Derrick are assholes yesterday, today and tomorrow.
      So much for a power shift. Zzzzzzz…

      1. Well said. These last few days have been unbearable. All that elaborate plotting and scheming to backdoor Frankie , then wanting to evict Zach , forming the Rationales, flip flopping between The Rationales, The Detonators and The Hitmen, lining up all the house votes, now saving Zach, now changing the house votes and on and on …. and suddenly after all that we’ll end up with Jocasta going home.

      2. After Andy the rat winning last year, this season we are given Derick the douchebag pig and Christine the insecure squid. Ugh.
        Robyn Kass, you’ve given the viewers good housemates in BBCAN, why do you keep making the wrong choices in BBUSA?

        1. If you wanted to watch goodie tushoes and square bears then watch the Lifetime channel. Big brother is a dirty game get used to it!

          1. Exactly, it’s supposed to be a dirty, cut throat game. This season has been nothing but boring & predictable, week after week. I never had any doubt Derrick would once again get everyone to do what he wants to do. He never really wanted Zach out, why would he? Unless something crazy happens tonight & Derrick gets evicted, the game will never flip. It will be final four of Derrick, Cody, Caleb & Zach. Boring & predictable!

      3. I just am so disgusted at all these “men” targeting women and being so gossipy. Its pathetic. There is no honor in their game. They sure did put some weak women in BB16. Yet the worst “woman” of all is Frankie (I don’t consider Crustina a woman shes a snake) I guess a good guy will not win this game. Donny is the only one I respect and even with her weak game Jocasta hasn’t been a snake. There is no doubt in my mind that production had something too do with the Zack flip. I was rooting for Derrick but no more…he deserves to lose. Bunch of sheep …easily manipulated.

  1. I never understood why The Detonators wanted to vote out Zach in the first place? Why vote out someone who is willing to remain loyal to you? Anyway we finally have some drama!

    1. Zach can thank production for saving him. all these conversations sound even more stupid now in how they now want to keep Zach. the whole detonators were already backstabbing each other throughout this time Zach being on the block. this seems so forced and fake now in saving Zach. production will edit this like some dramatic decision by the detonators for tomorrow’s show.

      1. I was thinking the same thing….What made Derrick flip all of a sudden? it just seems weird he starts talking to the camera wanting to talk to Cody but he can’t and then BAM we’re keeping Zach. I like that he is staying but it just seems like he was told to flip the house so Zach stays.

        1. tbh caleb is the one who changed derrick’s mind (around 9pm tonight). crazy. hope this is not for naught, if zach just ends up getting the boot during DE after all this!

          1. Derrick never really wanted to get rid of Zach. He always felt Zach was good their number with their alliance, and he waned to keep Zach for TA missions. It was Cody that wanted Zach gone, and for the last two days Derrick has been slowly telling Cody if they vote out Zach the Detonators will lose a number, and Cody was telling him if they lose Zach they will just pull Caleb in his place to make up for the number. Derrick just used what Caleb said to reiterate his point to Cody, because all week Cody was sticking to his guns no matter what Derrick said, he wanted Zach out and felt Frankie and Christine were sketchy/ Derrick was trying to get him to see differently but it never worked until tonight. It makes you wonder if DR spoke to Cody, because Derrick was always on board with keeping Zach. Once he felt he couldn’t change Cody mind it and he heard Christine wanting to get Zach out he started telling Frankie things Zach supposedly said about him.

        2. I def think production planted that seed with Derrick. First NY Post runs story in the paper how this is worst season EVER. And you know producers read that and had to do something.

          Zach leaving would have been a disaster. The article was complaining about no drama, boring votes that you knew outcomes way ahead of time etc etc. Then suddenly Derrick comes up with this?? Don’t think so. And they knew Derrick was probably only one clever enough to understand what they wanted AND act on it. He’ll do anything for the TV audience!

        3. I always thought that production dangles an AR or Survivor slot to these people. In the past I remember a few people on BB saying they had interviewed for Survivor. I guess these randoms have to actually win BB before they get the hallowed AR call,(looking at you Brenchel). Anyhoo, I’m totally fine with Jocasta going home, I hate these fake ass Christians who don’t treat their fellow man with respect. Jocasta with those stupid bowties, establishing her, “brand”. Foolish. I knew from the get go Zach was’nt going anywhere. After watching him throw the POV comp last nite, reinforced it. Last season and this season have been awful. The only saving grace is that either Derrick or Donny is sure to win this time out, b/c either will be acceptable to the masses.

      2. Has production written all over it, bullshit, save the tv star for ratings, this is why bb loses ratings not gains, all of sudden these idiots get a clue, bs, a big move was getting zach out, everyone says they are tired of this alliance running house and same ole crap happening, then for one week it looked exciting like things were gonna change up, now back to the real same ole crap, and the stupid viewers buy it, not me!

        1. Come on production did not save zach that’s bs how can they save him they can’t force a vote to change!! Did they maybe hint it to Derrick yeah maybe but that’s not MAKING it change so everyone on here saying that can stop it’s all game play

      3. I agree with you 100%, Production ALWAYS has their hands in saving people that are popular, heavily talked about whether negatively or not… Look at Rachel, they saved her 3 times when she couldn’t save herself, and she won.. Better her than Pacer(Porsche) any day LOL

        Love Him or Hate him, Zack is popular and very entertaining on the feeds…

        I too predicted they would stir things up, and end up keeping Zach…

        Jocasta is boring, and completely useless to everyone in that house, and after she goes, Victoria should follow… I wanna see bunch of competitors go at it, blood on everyone’s hands, and Production needs to give them booze too..

      4. there is a NY Post article about this season of BB16 of big brother in how bad the season actually has become. numbers don’t lie, and the ratings have been dreadful this season, and the live feeds have also declined in subscriptions this year. I believe the NY Post article is responsible for production to give Derrick info in why they should keep Zach. Just an a hour ago before all this Derrick basically talked about punching Zach in the mouth, and now he’s looks like a production puppet wanting to keep him. Jocasta is going to be gone, and I can bet you in the second eviction Victoria will be gone. production should of already know, not even Zach can save this BB season of morons.

        1. I’d be very surprised if it’s not Donny or Hayden gone 2nd. They’re only hope is winning against long odds.

      5. True, all of a sudden you have Jocasta wondering what to wear tomorrow, when she wasn’t wondering last week, and Derrick saying Jocasta never worries when she’s on the block. She knows she’s going home. I hope even though there is a DE tomorrow, there still is a battle of the block and Donny and Hayden win and put up all four of them Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Christine. Make them sweat. Now that would be great TV. But unfortunately with only an hour, there simply isn’t enough time. The second one will probably be an endurance wonder who will win considering everyone will be fighting for their lives.?

      6. Well if production is involved then they have just sacrificed Donny for Zach which isn’t very smart on their part IMO. All this has done is made it so the house continues its lop-sided, boring run of the obnoxious crew.

      7. Agreed. That’s why I refrained from all the anxiety I saw on here about Zach leaving. The same goes for the plan to backdoor Frankie. Neither of the two of them will be going anywhere any time soon. Production has a list of protected players and those two are at the top of the list for this season.

        Derrick was so set and even smug that his plan was working. Now suddenly he does an about-face? Give me a break. Production planted the bug and strongly urged him to use his powers of persuasion to tilt things back in Zach’s favor. Which I’m fine with since Jocasta (and Victoria) have done absolutely nothing to warrant being in the house anyway.

        I’m more miffed at the suggestion that this was an organic realization by the house guests and not a planned Production interference.

      8. This time I think it was probably Caleb they used. Derrick always was on the fence about keeping Zach. Someone in production probably told Caleb to count the numbers on each side (or counted for him…).

    2. Paranoia will be the downfall of both Cody and Derricks game. They will regret not sticking with Hayden and Nicole. All they did tonight was prove that they are not loyal to anyone. They just flipped back to the detonators because they confronted them about the lies and Frankie and Christine just denied. That is good enough for y’all? You guys didn’t want to do any investigating…? They just gave you shocked reactions and just said “never said that” and you believe them? Loyalty is a big part of this game. The brigade, chill town, dan and Memphis, Danielle and Jason, all alliances that made it to the end by loyalty. The exterminators, the bomb squad, the sovereign six, alliances ever work because they all just turn against each other. This will NOT be the last time that they turn on each other again. They turn on their alliance members each week. Hopefully they take a hit during the double eviction!!

      1. Don’t think for one second, if for some reason Zach wins HOH, Frankie won’t use the news that Derrick and Cody were trying to get him evicted to get him (Zach) to try and BD one of the two of them.

        Derrick is digging two graves. One for himself and one for Cody, who has no ability to play this game outside of being the house pillow that everybody cuddles with.

    3. I know! That just like them voting out Devin and Amber when they was on their side! LOL All they have been doing all summer was voting out their own people for the other side, it’s about time they came to their senses.

    1. yes, it looks that way (praise jocasta), and it’s about time. someone finally decided to sit down and count votes – doh! who knew caleb would be the math wiz among the six…

  2. TOLD YOU SIMON! I knew this was all bullcrap by production about Zach possibly leaving. You fell for it with your, “Zach is going home”. I knew all along there was NO WAY they would send Zach home.

  3. Can’t believe that Cody and derrick are choosing to believe the rats over the rationels. It’s going to come back and haunt them as Frankie and Christine get them out in the coming weeks laughing all the way…..

    1. Those two are truly the dumbest BB players this season. I mean Derrick is always talking as if he knows everything, but Frankie is going to screw him over big time. And Cody thinks telling Christine everything is going to save him. I can’t wait until tomorrow night. Jocasta won’t be the only one blind sided tomorrow. Derrick and Cody complained about being at the bottom of the list with Nicole and Hayden, are you serious, those two guys worried about little old Nicole, and Hayden against Frankie Christine and Zach? Don’t they realize either way they’re still at the bottom. I bet Derrick doesn’t have Victoria like he thinks….. This is by far the worst season of players.

      1. LOL! Derrick is the mother of all rats! Telling Christine and Frankie that Nichole and Hayden wanted to backdoor them! He and Cody were absolutely on board and at times acted like they came up with that plan! He’s a huge sneak and a rat! Some player, there’s your Andy of the season!

      2. Nah, I think he has Victoria. She trusts him and says he reminds her of her brother inlaw (for all you fools thinking theres more to that story). I think him listening to her if he wanted to or not was an excellent strategy and if it wasn’t, then at least it was nice of him to comfort her and it will still benefit him.

        It will finally be a worthy blindside because Jocasta doesn’t even bother campaigning for herself if she knows/knew she was staying, save face and pretend to campaign you know but she couldn’t be bothered. It will be nice to see a surprised look on her face for a change and not a rehearsed one.

        Later Bobble head!!!

    2. Derrick may win the battle but with this decision, he has lost the war.
      Now I’m really interested to see how the DE and HOH ends up tomorrow.
      If this is the beginning of the end for Derprick and his little NJ Gigolo, I’m gonna dance on a table!!

    3. Didn’t Derrick say something like here you go America you got what u wanted no more unanimous votes? And people still think he didn’t get that from the DR? So rigged!

  4. Its all a scam I said earlier in the week that production would do anything to keep crazy Zack in the house. I think the whole show is rigged and they are paying them. I hate this show and all the fake people in that house. I guess when you ant getting none even a dog like Christine starts to look good. I am so over Cody and I hope Christine gets a divorce when she get home!!!!!!!

    1. I think production has been toying with Derrick all week. I don’t think they had to force anything. It’s a well known fact that the DR gives little tips and hints to the players (several since leaving the house have confirmed this). Derrick’s ego is huge (as is common in his occupation), that combined with being Team America, he’s convinced that America loves him and wants to see him win, so he basically just does what the DR suggests now. At the beginning of the week, they convinced him to ditch Zach…and in the last several hours, they’ve convinced him to keep Zach.

      Derrick isn’t playing his game, and he’s not playing America’s game. He’s playing production’s game.

      Now, if you want to see blatant evidence of production rigging things, watch the season Rachel Reilly won.

  5. I just woke up to Cody spilling the beans to Christine and was instantly pissed off!!!!!! I don’t know what has happened but I can’t believe it!!!! I was so mad I couldn’t even take time to read the blog before I had to express my frustration. Cody needs to be on the first thing smoking. Telling everything to Christine and Frankie…he just blew up his and Derrick’s game. So effing pissed right now.

    1. Derrick was the one who decided to tell… He left the room so Cody could tell Frankie and Christine without looking suspicious. But with people popping in and out rapidly looks even sketchier IMHO.

      1. Derrick thinks he’s still playing for America, but I think that’s over. Especially after production heard Donny say he’s there to play his game not America. It would be really nice to see Derrick and Christine’s face if Donny wins Americas favorite player. HOH he can swing back to that side and make it look like Cody was nervous about them and he voted to evict Zach. Watch how he plays it tomorrow. Frankie Christine and Cody will celebrate Zach staying, but Derrick will be off somewhere quiet or trying to smooth things over with Nicole and Hayden. I hope Donny wins the first HOH tomorrow, because I think when Jocasta goes home tomorrow, he’ll go back on his word and put up Derrick and Frankie. Either way, I think Christine or Cody will be the second one to go out tomorrow. I hope they don’t waste a DE on two weak players.

        1. I read this comment somewhere else…but tomorrow when Cody & Derrick wake up sober, they’ll ask each other ‘what the heck did they do last night!?!?’
          Now, I can’t wait for Christine & Frankie to screw them over…

      1. Nicole does seem like she does get jealous when she see girls hanging all over Cody, like she did with Britney and Amber.

        1. No that was Christine, Nicole seemed insecure before she settled with Hayden but Christine flat out went lethal every time any girl was around Cody. Her jealousy is beyond scary and pathetic at the same time. How does she conveniently forget that she’s married just because a good-looking guy pays her attention when he never would outside of this house. I could go on and on and dissect every time Christine spewed vitriol about the beautiful girls in the house and the possibilities why but I don’t want to spend that much time on her.

      2. Christine’s husband said on twitter that he is done defending her as he is pretty upset with her actions and disrespect of him lately …… And now this? Since when is there a “her and Cody” what exactly does she think is going on with them? No one wants a marriage to fail, but he’s a better man then me if he can get past this when she comes out of the house…….

    1. If Zach stays tomorrow and one of Donny, Hayden or Nicole leaves I’m done with this season. I can’t watch this show anymore because of its cast, none of which are racist but most of them are really annoying. In case shit hit the fan tomorrow I’m hoping that Derick will be put on the block and sent home.

      1. I’d be sad if Donny left, but honestly I can’t stand Nicole. Her voice is so annoying. At first I thought she was playing stupid, but now I know she isn’t. But I see what you mean Carlos. Zach staying is a good thing though. Now finally lines will be drawn in the sand and we can hopefully be done with the unanimous votes! Donny could win HOH after Jocasta leaves and Frankie, Derrick, Christine, and Cody could all go up on the block!

      2. I completely agree with you. I like Donny. The other “outsiders” are mostly tolerable to me, but I absolutely cannot stand any of the ones in the Detonators + Caleb Alliance. I’m not interested in watching them turn on each other after the outsiders are all gone ’cause they all suck. I wanted to see the outsiders at least have a chance in the game. Unless that somehow changes today (Donny/Hayden have to win) then I’ll check out as well.

      3. Production has Donny grow his goatee into a Duck Dynasty beard in order to manipulate the gullible viewing audience. What’s wrong with Production saving Zach?

    Derrick, Cody, this is a mistake!
    We know from the live feeds that Christine DID tell Nicole to put him or Derrick up next to Zach.
    We know from the live feeds that Nicole and Hayden DID agree that they want to roll with the Rationale and “genuinely enjoy Cody and Derrick’s company and everyone else annoys them”, and that they don’t consider working with Frankie and Christine.
    To tell Christine and Frankie all about what went on this week is a MISTAKE! They’ll still realize that he and Derrick haven’t told them anything this entire week, even after Frankie and Cody “made up” and “cleared the air”.
    This is a lose-lose imo.
    I’m getting sick watching this go on.

  7. Nooooo! This sucks. Cause now Christine and Frankie will be around a lot longer. UGH. If Hayden or Donny don’t win tomorrow, detonators are going to cruise to the end.

  8. Derrick just came.out.of.the DR….my pistivity is now complete. Derrick….you just blew your game. Dumbass.

    1. Derrick thinks he’s smart. Ever notice how which ever alliance he’s talking to he always tells each of them he’s keeping Victoria because she is a number for “them”. He’s planning to take Victoria to the end thinking no one will give her the money, but that could be his biggest mistake. The jury may want to give her the money if his plan work and the two of them make it to the end. It’s something about Victoria that’s strange. She gets put on the block and she always speak so confident saying she knows she’s not going home. And what was that about when she came out of Diary, and said something to Zach and DR wouldn’t allow her or Zach to discuss it. And I believe she knows Frankie is related to Arianne Grande and Production won’t allow her to tell it. To say she’s a weak player she gets called to the DR a lot yet there are that many TV scenes of her.

  9. Here we go playing Derrick’s game again. This whole house does his bidding. I knew Cody wouldn’t go against Zack. I think production is telling them what to do. They want Zack to stay for the ratings. Another disappointing week.

  10. This is insane, Now Zach is staying. While I love Zach im pissed they told about the Frankie backdoor plan. Hopefully Hayden wins at Double Eviction and gets that rat out of there.

  11. This is so terrible, i hate bull dozing alliances… shit like this makes me think this show is rigged and i really hate thinking that… they have so much evidence that Christine and Frankie are doing exactly what they are saying Nicole and Donnie are doing and they don’t care… Cody and Derrick were guaranteed final 5 with EVERYONE… y give that away

    1. This season will be known as the Season of the Alliances. Every night a new one is formed. It appears Nicole waited too long to get one together and then picked the wrong people to get in one with. An hour ago Christine was not to be trusted by Derrick and Cody, now she’s their star witness to back up her own lies. Amazing.

  12. Derrick thinks Nicole is playing them? Really? The paranoia in the house is what will blow up the alliances. Sit back and enjoy the show. I can’t wait to see Frankie and Derrick get their turn on the block.

  13. Really hope Donny or Hayden wins hoh to knock one of those rats out. It’s gonna set a fire underneath Donny, Hayden and Nicole.

  14. Big brother is so boring this season there are no big moves at all Derrick thinks we love him some people are too delusional prediction Jocasta is leaving tomorrow with Donny

  15. if this happens If i’m nicole everything that derrick told me about the the detonators I would tell zach they were going to vote him out with hayden right beside me so he can turn on them even derrick saying he would punch zach in his face blow everything up.

  16. This is big, really big. Derrick and Cody are drawing the line in the sand. Wow… I’m still shocked from reading this. This is about to get really messy… and it’s because there is the double eviction tomorrow. Basically if Derrick and Cody go with Frankie, Cody and Christine on keeping Zach it shows to the rest of the house that they are working together. If Hayden or Donny win the HOH during the double eviction I would not be surprised if Derrick and/or Cody are nominated with one of them potentially going home. Donny, Hayden and Nicole will want Derrick or Cody out because they flipped their vote at the last second. If Derrick or Cody vetoes their nomination, either Frankie or Christine will be put up in their place. If a Detonator wins HOH during the double eviction my guess is Nicole and Hayden will be nominated, with Hayden going home. If either of their nominations gets vetoed I think Donny will be put on the block, with Donny going home over Nicole or it being a toss up between Donny and Hayden going home. Really what this comes down to is that if Zach stays the possibilities are endless in who will go home these next couple of weeks. Hopefully this will bring some excitement to all of you who think this season has been boring and unpredictable.

    1. If Hayden wins HOH I honestly think he will keep his noms the same as he said they would be before all of this happened… Christine and Frankie. Honestly… all of them are screwing he and Nicole over so it really doesnt matter… if he were smart he would put up Derrick and Frankie because that divides up the duos.

  17. zach was going until wednesday night they realize they are being screwed over by nicole and hayden!

  18. DRAMA. So I think keeping Zack is a good move for Derr and Cody for sure, but spilling the beans not so much.. N and H were targeting C and F, and viceversa. Now N and H (and Donny) will feel betrayed by the hit men and they go from being totally safe to their targets. BUT, they are right. it’s bad news to let H and N in the game with Donny and Jocasta, however i think they spilled the beans too early, they should’ve waited till tomorrow after eviction to turn on them. The strange thing is I really want Christine and Frankie to go, but I also really want Hayden and Nicole to go… and Jocasta, Victoria and Caleb too lol, very unlikeable cast as usual.. Hit men better win this.

  19. I still can’t believe it took Caleb to talk sense into his allies. It’s about time they realize that the rest of the house (Nicole and Hayden) have been playing them against each other like the bunch of paranoid idiots they are! I feel bad for Donny though. Like Donny isn’t masterminding anyone. I pray this sticks like glue and Zach stays and makes it all the way to the final 2! Donny maybe you can survive till then to.

  20. It’s obviously that big brother loooove the rats this season. All they shown were the rats on after dark and hardly anyone else. Left a tweet for big brother just saying “rigged!”

  21. Detonators blow up the Rationels . Watching Frankie & Christine gloat and cackle is making me sick. Thank you Production for another totally scripted season.

    1. Finally got a chance to way home TVGN tonight & saw this all go down…IDIOTS! Didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about concerning Christine…now I do…she’s an embarrassment to my home state of Arizona.

  22. Caleb is playing the game. Hecan count and knows they need to keep the numbers. Get rid of jocasta and victoria then cut the 2 teams can battle it out. Derrick needs to sell it to Nicole, which will be impossible. Or is it?

  23. Yep, I’ve been saying it for days….weeks even. Production steps in and WOW, what a “surprise”…Zach gets to stay! LOL

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Production told Zach he was leaving…it was getting pretty boring. Go figure!

  24. Nicole should’ve thrown Derrick and Cody deep down under to Zach. I knew this would happen.

    Paranoia drops bombs!

  25. This is funny, I hope this ends badly for the Hitmen… It will be fun to watch… Zach needs to find out they were really voting him out…

    1. Yep, Zach needs to find out they were going to vote him out….then get pissed and align with Donny. Zach and Donny final 2! lol I can dream can’t I?

  26. This is hilarious. They are forgetting that they are saving Zach. Zach who has admitted that he hates everyone.
    I said earlier, if Zach survives the block this time, he’ll probably win.

    I can actually see him standing at the end doing his Zach thing, and they will all vote for him because they are doing this to themselves. Paranoia is killing Derrick’s game. This will be his big mistake in the game.
    And Christine, omg this bitch. I can’t even. I actually hope Zach is the one that sends her ass out. Both her and Frankie have thrown Zach under the bus so many times I’ve lost count.
    BeastMode was the actual one to save Zach here.

  27. It definitely seems to be good for The Detonators + Caleb to stick together, and if one of them wins the HOH (highly likely), then they will be fine. But if by some chance Donny or Hayden win, I think Cody and Derrick may be screwed, especially in a double eviction where there is too little time to explain stuff or negotiate.

    Even if the detonators get their way for the next two evictions, it will be 6-3, and it will also be time for them to turn against one another too.

  28. They let Caleb eat pizza and drink beer… so much for taking a punishment seriously in that house… this just tells me that an endurance comp is coming and they want to give Caleb a fighting chance to win. Production definitely just stepped in and told Derrick something in the DR… I KNEW Zack was not going home this week. Sorry to see Nicole and Hayden and Donnie get blown up but things change drastically all the time on this show… and honestly… Im tired of Jocasta and her screaming DR sessions. Bye Bye Jocasta. I really hate Derrick and Cody more than any one else in that house… even more than Frankie and Christine… even more than Beast Mode Cowboy… and that is saying a lot. lol

    1. With you all the way, Butter’s Mom, especially the last part. I’m confident though, that Broom Beak Hilda will get her just desserts before the game is over.

  29. I am literally PRAYING that Donny, Victoria or Hayden win tomorrow during double eviction… its the only way we have a possibility of stopping a steamroll.. and though i liked him all season in my eyes Derrick needs to go… Derrick and Cody on the block, veto used backdoor Frankie…sick of them all… if Donny, Vic, or Hayden win tomorrow then another from their alliance wins the next day all would be right in the world

    1. You’re stretching it with victoria. She is useless, and will do whatever derrick tells her to do. For me Donny or hayden need to win.

  30. So close yet so far away dang now I have to see Christine and Frankie stay longer. Hoping Donny and Hayden win and put Cody and Derrick on the block with Frankie and Christine on the other side of BOB. It would be a win win that guarantees one of them would go home.

  31. Wtf…did Derrick just get a TA task to flip the vote? Did he come out of the DR before he decided to “tell America” what he was going to do? Did his constant paranoia screw the plan at the last hour…cause it seems a little convenient. I mean…it is one thing to change your mind…but to spill everything to that cackling twat and Frankie? Wtf for? I smell production manipulation. Friggin’ Derrick’s Cheif Wiggum-looking ass is driving me nuts! And don’t even get me started on Cody. Yeah…I am sure you shit yourself. Don’t worry, you can clean it up next time you sit on the can to take a piss…you spineless walking vagina. Friggin’ idiot takes the opportunity to blame it all on Donny. I didn’t really care to see Zach go…but saving him at the expense of Donny isn’t worth it. I hope this blows up in their faces…

    1. Actually…surprising as it sounds…Caleb was the one who figured it out. Hope this bites Derrick & Cody in the butt…so angry they’re helping Christine & Frankie get closer to the end.

    1. I hope Donny wins the first HOH, which will lead into the DE for the night. That way, Hayden can compete and hopefully win the endurance competition that is bound to follow the DE.

  32. lol at blaming this on production.. its a simple case of paranoia and the last thought rules.. caleb comes in and makes a valid point.. another person agrees and the avalanche flows.. production.. lol

      1. Don’t be calling people fools, fool. it was logic, not production. You’re dreaming if you think Derrick was going to side with Nic, Hayden, and Donny. He wants Frankie for the 5k missions.

    1. Exactly! I’ve been saying all week they were stupid for voting Zach out because they have the numbers with him. How dumb is that? I couldn’t believe they couldn’t even see it. I think it was definitely the paranoia clouding their judgement, and Caleb brought them back to reality. He’s the ONLY one out of that whole group that made any sense, ironic as it may be… I am not a hitmen fan AT ALL, but I couldn’t fathom they were THAT stupid.

  33. I could totally see Christine and Frankie agreeing with Derrick and Cody that Christine, Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Caleb vote to keep Zach 5-3 and then actually throwing their 2 votes towards keeping Jocasta, making it Jocasta staying 5-3 and then running to Nicole and Hayden saying that Derrick and Cody were trying to flip the house at the last second, making Derrick and Cody the #1 and #2 targets for Nicole, Hayden, and Donny. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this happened because it is becoming obviously clear that the Detonators are not loyal to each other and are all willing to throw each other under the bus in a heartbeat at anytime to advance themselves in the game. This house is about to turn into an even steven internal blood bath until there is only one left sitting in the final with Victoria LOL.

  34. Christine says Nicole is jealous of her and Cody!!! Haha no one is jealous of you Christine and I’m sure your husband loves hearing you say that!!

    1. HAHA yeah, I read that and was like WTF! too lol. Hey Christine, you have a husband! Ya know, that guy you married and that you are supposed to love and cherish for the rest of your life. She is absolutely awful to watch, it’s cringe-worthy. I feel so bad for her husband. His wife is basically throwing herself at this guy, who I really think is in the closet, on national television all day every day, and now she is basically admitting that she is doing it to make the other girls in the house jealous. GROSS. Christine, you’re an awful human being. I can’t wait until you’re evicted.

    2. Ugh…she is so delusional…and projecting her own jealousy onto every other girl…except Jocasta, since she is married and isn’t a threat for male attention. She is so transparent and it is obvious that her goal is to get all of the girls out next so she is the only one left in the house…that is the ONLY “competition” she is worried about. Such an embarrassing twat…her husband has to be humiliated and she should be ashamed of herself…

  35. “Cody – When I see him there I want to rip him from the F***ing beard”

    Disgusting snot-pumping MF-er! Tampax-Cody and the Paranoid Cop are THE WORST filth!

  36. Haha I like how everyone was pleading for production to do something to save Zach and now that he might actually be safe everyone is complaining about production stepping in

    1. I think the one’s complaining about production stepping in to save Zack were Zack fans, the people who “DON”T” want Zack in the house are non fans, so complaining about production stepping in is warranted.

      1. Like Zach or not, who wouldn’t want him in the house just for pure drama and entertainment value? The rest of the HG are about as fun as watching paint dry. Especially Jacosta and Victoria.

  37. Production gave Derrick them the information all week they couldn’t figure this out what a coinsedence it all fall in place the night before eviction .The rating was down and they had to fix it to get the rating up but I knew some was fishsy when Zack said I’m 100% i’m staying.

    1. K, bye.

      Seriously, why do so many people feel the need to announce they aren’t going to watch anymore? Do we know you? Are we supposed to care?

      1. Evidently you do care or you would not have commented. It was my opinion and I was not loooking for your approval. If you do not like some of the comments this is probablynot the forum for you.

  38. the ONLY hope for Donny, Nicole and Hayden is that they sweep the HOH battles this upcoming week. I know they have the odds AND most important production against them but BB miracles might happen. Hell if they could get rid of one of the 4 douchebags I would like it. F’ing production just had to stick their noses in it as usual.

  39. My God are these people stupid? Derrick you cocky fool, listen to what people are saying. It makes NO SENSE to get rid of a number for your guys right now. If lets say Zach won, non of them are going on the block, if Jocasta wins, she will put one of these guys up. Are you dumb Derrick. This is the kind of move that when they watch it from home, they will say “Oh Shizz what a stupid move that was”. Like all of us are doing now.
    Basically people like Jocasta and Victoria (if I like her or not) are going to be in the jury? WTF and WHY the hell did Cody tell Christine what they were going to do…..Is he also dumb? My lord they are falling apart infront of our eyes.
    Send Zach home and it could be the death of the detonators or whatever their name is this week.

  40. “Knuckle up America” STFU Derrick, you wanted this all along, it was mostly Cody that wanted Zach out. You want Frankie to stay too just incase TA missions come rolling around, and you like to use Zach for those. Don’t think Production didn’t mention that to him.
    Well, we know Production meddles every year, it’s up to the hamsters wether they listen or play their own game. With this bunch of mental midgets, it’s easy peasy to manipulate the outcome.

    1. OMG it’s so annoying how Derrick keeps talking to “America” and is under the delusion that we just love him!! ARGH!! Donny or Hayden have to win tormorrow!!!!!!

    2. i wouldnt be surprised if this is what derrick wanted all along.. he’s the sort of guy that wants you to believe it was your decision and that you convinced him that it was a good idea.. derrick flows like water.. people use the word floater incorrectly.. derrick is king floater.. he flows like water.

  41. I said back on Monday afternoon that a lot can happen in 72+ hours (*cough, cough*-production) when most people were SO certain that Zach was leaving. You had to know that CBS was crapping cinder blocks about the likely ratings drop if Zach left.

    I, for one, am glad that Zach is staying but there are things that happen that make you go hmmm . . .

  42. Derrick and Cody are such morons. They were in the drivers seat! They had Hayden/Nicole targeting Frankie Christine and vice versa. Derrick also had Victoria in his back pocket and Donny in team America. They were never going up. I really really hope that Hayden wins hoh. Christine will immediately tell them that Derrick and Cody told them EVERYTHING and were playing them the whole time. Derrick and Cody will be nominated. The numbers don’t mean jack if you both are nominated you moron! At this point I am rooting AGAINST Derrick and Cody, I don’t care if freaking Christine wins over them.

  43. Big Brother can kiss my fat AZZ! Can’t deal with these Wiggaz taking control of the house every week like theze nappy headed ho€s are so dumb and stupid. All dem girls need nose jobs like OhMaGawd.

  44. Zach is staying!!!! All thanks to CALEB?!?! WHAT?! This is so great & hopefully Hayden wins HOH tomorrow and puts up Cody & Christine!!!! Then send Christine out right after Jacosta!!!!

    1. Why because your little Donny is f*cking clueless to anything going on in the house and he is the last person that deserves BB money.

      1. So Donnie is clueless because he’s not so impulsive that every thought that crosses his mind doesn’t spew out of his mouth? No, Nicole and Hayden are clueless, trusting Derrick and Cody. Really. They tell everything. Never breathe and think about what they are seeing. Pretty incredible. zack is not all that and a bag of chips. He is a loose cannon and who is that good for? Not even Zack. Like I said before, if you want to watch this game for skill, get some mature folks in there that think before they act.

  45. I remember thinking tonight during the show that there is no way Zach is staying-I didn’t even think it was possible. HOLY SHIT CALEB.

  46. If Hayden Donny and Nicole leave within the next 3 weeks the ratings r gone drop tremendously way more than if Zach goes home Donny and the most loved person in the game this year and Nicole and Hayden r probably the second and third most liked so if production has anything to do with it them three r gonna win at least 1 hoh

  47. I can’t wait to see Derrick wipe that smug look off his face by being on the block.
    One can only hope Derrick, Cody or Frankie get evicted in the Double Eviction!

  48. I don’t get why people are pinning this on production or the DR? I don’t see it. Derrick was talking about the DR earlier in the week and he was still telling everyone to vote Zach out for days afterward.

    It literally started when Caleb told Frankie that he was thinking about how they were losing numbers, Frankie (as always) needed a second opinion and brought in Derrick, they dismissed Caleb’s concerns, but then Derrick gets all paranoid about the numbers again and next thing you know, the Detonators have realigned. Derrick has admitted to Caleb that it was his words that got to him. Kind of unbelievable and crazy for a Wednesday night before a DE, but that’s what went down.

    I’m still super cool with Donny/Hayden winning HOH and targeting Frankie/Christine though. They’re still terrible people and I really hope that Donny doesn’t go.

  49. Nicole and Donny wasted their win…they needed to put up four of the boys Zach/Frankie and Derrick/Cody to ensure one of them left this week. Everyone thought it was too early to make a big move, but look where they are now. Nicole and Donny are on their way out, they have to win or wait to be picked off by the arrogant boys like I said.

  50. Derek said “here you go America you’re getting what you want no more unanimous votes”. It’s very clear when he came out of the DR after so many times today he was told what to do to keep Zack and flip the house Zack was also clued in on the vote being either split or unanimous for him to leave. We should all blowup Twitter by tweeting CBS and tell them how rigged this is and how obvious it is when production interferes.

    1. I’m not saying that you’re wrong but he could also have been referencing the fact that they failed last week’s Team America mission where the viewers wanted them to vote against the house.

  51. What’s up guys? I thought Derrick was so smart? Seems to me like he blows with the wind. Isn’t indecisiveness a bad look on a cop?

  52. Hey Simon what happens if your post doesn’t show after it is pending for my moderation? I have 2 that have never showed up. Does that mean that I said something inappropriate?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  53. Production gave Derrick them the information all week they couldn’t figure this out what a coinsedence it all fall in place the night before eviction .The rating was down and they had to fix it to get the rating up but I knew some was fishsy when Zack said he was not going home .I hope Donny or Hayden win HoH

  54. It’s so obvious without zack there is no show, production is very smart by making this move. The feeds will be crazy tonight and ratings will be off the chart.

    1. I disagree: Now we have the Bomb Squad back and a boring pattern of picking off the others, just like everyone was complaining about before. Zack didn’t bring amusement, he brought back tedious votes and a boring storyline. The only hope now is Hayden/Donnie to win an HOH and pick of one of them but it’s still pretty preordained that the Bomb Squad is on a roll to the end. Interesting that the Bomb Squad has been reactivated by the one guy (Caleb) who never knew it had been dropped.

  55. I know I said all thanks to Caleb in my last post, but you definitely have to wonder if production was behind this!!! If so then smart move by BB!!!

  56. “Derrick – if it’s an endurance one of you horses got to win it”

    Hey tough guy, how about you try and win a challenge and get some blood on your hands, you lazy (Julie Chen’s words, not mine) slug! My BB fix will be a glorious one win Officer Jawbreaker walks out!


  57. HO. LY. CR@P. Who would have thunk that BMC (Breast Milk Cowboy) would be the voice of reason. He figured out that they wouldn’t have the numbers without Zach, probably because he is not in a hundred alliances like everyone else so he can still keep track of basic numbers.

    Were the feeds down for long earlier? I wonder if that had anything to do with anything.

    I find it hilarious that they still think Donny is the evil genius mastermind super soldier professor doctor brilliant scientist NAVY SEAL. They are giving him credit for/blaming him for leading the other side when they couldn’t be further from the truth. They are going to feel like morons when they find out he’s just what he says he is.

    We just went from Zach being blindsided to Nicole being blindsided. I wonder how they are going to keep everything quiet tomorrow when they are sequestered in that HOH room for that many hours.

    1. It’s hilarious how Donny has all these secret identities and secret powers. Meanwhile, Donny quietly sits, watching the youngsters spin their wheels and quietly eats his Pop Tarts.

  58. Great move by derrick and pee sitter. Their game was toast if they evicted zach plain and simple. Jocasta is NOTHING for their side. She’s a vote for donny/hayden/nicole. Even if he hates zach secretly derrick knows losing him would be like losing your most loyal pitbul. Derricks name has never came out of zack’s mouth once and they can sic him on any person they want. Notice how derrick threw in they have to protect victoria not bunching her in with the other side. Smart. Jocasta! Wtf worst player ever get her the hell out of there and let the real games begin. You really think if christine or frankie wins hoh they will stay totally loyal to the detonators? I don’t. This game will be far from boring from here on out. Even victoria has some kind of role in the play of things with the derrick/vic/hayden triangle. Jocasta just sucks.

    1. It was actually a bad move by derrick & cody to change their mind because they had no enemies, but now hayden, nicole, & donny will know they flipped!! I’m glad zach is staying so I love this, but it’s a TERRIBLE move on their part!! They had nicole/hayden going against frankie/christine while they were sitting pretty in the middle!!! Paranoia got the best of the hitmen tonight!

    2. Cody is disgusting on so many levels and there are so many reasons to dislike him — but pee seating is not one of them.

      I don’t know about the world you live in but in general people do not enjoy the environment full of sprinkled urine (dried or in fresh drops). If he sits while peeing the probability of having scattered drops of urine in the space surrounding the toilet seat is 90-100% lower than doing it standing. Unless you have a fetish for golden showers or simply enjoy the smell of urine, I don’t understand why you would bash Cody for peeing seated.

  59. Ok what I was going to say is I feel like production got into Derricks head. I liked the Rationales. Stupid name tho. This is so stupid of Derrick snd Cody.

  60. I’m now hoping that Victoria follows Jocasta out the door Thursday. I don’t want either of them on the jury; plus, they bring NOTHING to the game.

  61. YES! The best part will be when when Zach Attack wins HOH tomorrow, and puts Hayden and Nicole on the block. Okay now all you trolls can go hit the thumbs down.

  62. In your face Hayden, Nicole, Donny fans. See you next season as you whiners now say you will not watch the show. Peace out.

    1. Um, it’s not exactly over. Cody. Derrick, Caleb and Christine haven’t amounted to anything special competition-wise. Donny on the other hand…

  63. They think Donny is a mastermind. I honestly think Victoria knows more of whats going on in the game than Donny. Donny is literally clueless to 50% what is going on in the house. Jocasta being the most out of loop.

    1. On the contrary – Donny has proven by his comments that he knows a lot about what’s going on. He’s just powerless to change it – he’s never had anyone worthwhile to work with.

  64. Brrrringg………brrrimg.
    Jocosta: “Hello?”
    Rachel: “Hey girl. This is rachel!”
    Jocosta: “I’m sorry. Do I know you?”
    Rachel: ” there is few detonators planted on your boat Girl and its about to wreck and YOU BETTER GRAB A LIFEVEST!!! Hehehene…..”
    Jocosta: “God will save me!”

  65. They’re all so busy listening the head of the snake, he evades detection from their point of view. Derrick (oh God I hope so bad), gets the eviction he deserves – total blinside/backdoor/slap in the face, see-ya, corrupt cop eviction.
    Can’t stand his face anymore.
    Donny might just come out of this being the unfortunate victim (for not good reason) but at least he’s not an unsuspecting victim.
    I hope he survives this and the next couple weeks and he goes even further than that.
    Jocasta – only trying when she feels like it then wearing a big grin the rest of the time and boring as f&&k.

  66. Re Derrick: “Here you go America you’re getting what you want no more unanimous votes.” Who told him and how the hell does he know America is sick of all the unanimous voting???

    1. Because of the latest Team America Mission that they didn’t do, they had to vote apart from the group and blame it on others, Derrick realized that meant we were tired of the unanimous voting. Little does he know, him being involved on the majority side doesn’t really give us what we want…

    2. Duh, he figured it out from last weeks task given to Team America “Vote against the house” he even said on the feeds after that task was given that America don’t like the voting with the house.

  67. just read the NY Post, your so right, production is running these fools, soo I have to agree, this show is rigged! Production needs to stay out of it and let the cards fall where they may. What’s the point of the show if they pick the final 2?

  68. I believe I am the only one on here that thinks Derrick made the right move. Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Calab need Zach to keep moving forward. Donny and Jocasta would vote them out in an instant. I think this is the only way they have a fighting chance to win the game. Hayden and Nicole would never vote out Donny or Jocasta which makes the game boring. Truthfully I would rather watch an exciting show rather than a boring one. Donny and Jocasta’s conversations are boring and watching Hayden and Nicole is boring too. Keeping Zach keeps the show entertaining and Frankie too. Donny is a nice guy just not entertaining to watch. I am looking forward to watching Thursday show now and I am hoping the plan remains to keep Zach. The fireworks will begin and that’s what BB is all about.

  69. I would rather Victoria win than any of these idiot “detanators”. They are so paranoid, I hope they ruin their own games. I hope HOH just rotates – Nicole/Hayden/Donny.

  70. Ugh I’m so aggravated! Derick & Cody were in a good position and finally the a holes Christine & Frankie were being targeted. Now it’s back to the same old shit! Hoping Donny or Hayden win Hoh.

  71. So even this week zero move in the game. This is definitely the worst BB season EVER, all countries worldwide combined! Uneffinbelievable! Just compare with S11 when the first week was already exciting and it was full of excitement and surprises to the end.

    S16 instead is dreadful on all possible levels! Boys ganging up against girls, each being a wimp, mentally “girly”, paranoid, chicken scared… and the female cast is terrifyingly brainless, submissive and idiotic. The racist bigot (BMC) is in the house — to promote the “traditional values”, I guess (?). They show ZERO entertainment, and the ONLY good person in there is actually Donny!

    Quo vadis America! #disgusted

      1. Um…Instagram comments about gays & our black U.S. President…which were no doubtedly deleted by his family.

      2. Google it and you’ll find out how he’s been painted as racist and bigot PRIOR to BB16! Amber being half-black is your own fabrication, and I’ll let you live with that (look for Amber in Facebook to see that the facts are actually opposite to your “belief”). What else do you believe in? Earth is 5000 year old? Climate Change is a hoax? Man never landed on the Moon? Kennedy assassination was staged? #barf

  72. Most of you people are ridiculous. So NOW the problem is Zach is staying and what you want ,and got you don’t like……You have no proof that production did anything. If they mention names or say what do you think about putting up so and so or if they say this and that to the HG’s , so what, its still up to the HG what to do. Is everyone forgetting their house favourite snooze fest Donny? He refused to do what “production/America” was wanting yet you think Derrick is such a sheep that he just follows along with whoever says whatever? GTFO of here with that crap! If Derrick was a moron in the literal sense, you shit heads would be saying, “What kind of loser Cop is he, hes stupid, shows whats out there protecting us and BLAH BLAH F-ing BLAH”……..I don’t think its as easy to turn off a profession like that as it is to be a brother of a famous person or a Dr and pretend you’re a student or unemployed. Hes speaking well and telling which ever side he needs to what he needs to. Hes not doing it like Frankie/Andy running from room to room to catch people in talks.

    I can not believe that Cody told that jerk Christine what was going to happen. What was he thinking when he did this. Nicole and Hayden would have been a nice two for their side and I think they just blew it big time with them. This brings Zzzzz Donny Jocasta Nicole Hayden Christine and Frankie all closer together.
    Glad they are going to keep Zach, how ever the hell it happened its a good thing, because this was about to get REAL boring.

    1. I agree with you up to a point. Frankie and Donny are basically on the outs with each other. I do not see Frankie and Donny coming together and doing an honest game with whoever. Christine is playing both sides AND (unlike others) got caught doing that.

    2. just because you’re a cop doesn’t mean you’re smart and Derrick is merely another, not-so-smart, douchebag with a badge. hope he looks back and says “I wish I wouldn’t have done that”.

  73. Caleb is loyal to the original Bombsquad (which he thinks is still active). He gave the same argument for Amber until he was told she was targeting him. Bottom line he wants the Bombsquad to honor their agreement until jury. He also hates people he perceives as floaters , i.e. Jocasta, Victoria and Donny. He may not like Zach but he’s an alliance member and does not want him to go home over a floater. Give him credit for his loyalty as well as his math.

  74. I hope zach wins hoh tomorrow during double eviction. Can’t wait until he sends nichole, hayden, or victoria out the door, and the rest of the detonators realize what idiots they were to nearly vote out someone who has been so useful to them throughout this game.

    I would especially like to see him send victoria packing. the only person upset by that would be derrick, and he’d be in no position to show it. It’s not going to be long until everyone figures out how sneaky he’s been, and that victoria was just his insurance for final 2.

  75. As much as I dont like christine or frankie i would still vote zach out blame the votes on derrick & cody because they were ready to feed them to wolves if they were on the block this week & that would put the target off him & christine to c&d & also if I were frankie there wouldn’t have been a backdoor plan if either derrick or cody weren’t down for it happening because theres nothing else to lose now by tomorrows eviction everyone will know about the detonators.

  76. “Derrick – seriously they are trying to pick us off one by one…”

    Paranoid ahole! Filthy hypocrite, MFer! YOU ganged up to evict EVERY girl for no reason. WHY Amber was evicted? Brittany? Joey? BECAUSE you picked them one by one, fabricated lies and –like true men– kicked them out one after another!

    When he says that he’s upset that Zach talks sh!t about Victoria because she’s someone’s daughter, it makes me feel sick! You MFing hypocrite with no brain or balls! #DirtyCop

  77. Prediction time, Zach staying then Donny hoh , one of the detonators gets evicted…. Hayden wins 2nd hoh and gets pandoras box that saves him next week…. HAYDEN, NICOLE OR DONNY will get somekind of power to help them stay in the game….

  78. im so glad zack is staying…and they are reunited again!! I’ve been pissed all week…….so SUCK IT HAYCOLE!

  79. Doesn’t anyone remember that production HATES Zach? It was like the 1st or 2nd week a comment was made by a producer that ended up in the live feed talking sh*t about Zach. Sure he makes for good TV but they aren’t going to tell the HG how to play the game. If that was so then why did people like Porsha & Danielle Murphee stay around because they were boring as hell in their seasons!

    1. CBS likes ratings/advertising revenue. No amount of personal dislike for a HG will hinder that. Plus Zach and his ‘attacks’ are partly a Production creation.

  80. Just when I thought my days watching feeds were over from boredom things picks up and my fav Zach is staying. Guess I am going to be watching longer now. yes!!! Love #zachattack

  81. Correct me if I’m wrong isnt this the second time Caleb saves Zach. The first time I might be wrong but Caleb also saved him. Umm how does Frankie know about Pandoras box??? not cool.

  82. The reason production wants Zach to stay is that it’s beneficial for Frankie’s game and if Frankie wins, that means higher ratings and popularity.
    I’m done with grodner the ogre and her constant rigging to satisfy her fantasies because she has no one to do so. Even with tonights POV they could’ve easily said Christine had the best time to win because they knew Christine wouldn’t use the veto. Don’t say that competition wasn’t rigged.
    I honestly miss the gremlins so much. Sabrina and Rachelle are ANGELS compared to this group of tw*ts. Hell, even Andrew looks better and of course Jon winning was a great end to an excellent season. Thank god for BBCAN. The show where REAL people are casted and not cardboard cutouts to fill a certain roll in the show.

    1. Totally agree. This brown show smells like sh!t, it is sh!t… BBCAN (especially S2) was interesting, exciting and fun. This crap is awful, nothing happens, it’s demeaning to women, it’s vulgar and it’s everything opposite to BBCAN2.

      God bless Canada!

  83. This game had gotten good, then it turned into complete shit with Derrick’s paranoia attacking. Now it’s going to be like watching paint dry again as they slowly pick off numbers and there is no counter to the Detonators. At least nicole made a chance for a move, fuck zack…he’s about as entertaining as a stroke and just as intelligent.

  84. Done with this season and show! Used to be my favorite show couldn’t wait for summer and for it to be on but now it’s so boring and predictable. Very sad

  85. I hope Donny or Hayden win the HoH and put Derrick the laziest cop,Christine the alien from hell, shit pants Cody,Caleb the swollen gland man and bengay ass Frank up on the block and production tell Zach how his alliance wanted him out so he could go ballistic on them.

  86. derrick why do you talk to us you against us you not trying to save Donny you want everybody to go after him
    but you want to save Frankie what a joke in turn around in think we ok with it you losing fans more an more every day production you should know if Donny goes home your ratings will go down big time so many people love in like Donny cause Donny have respect in the game with care for all the houseguest look at the poll whos the favorite Donny not derrick not Frankie if Donny goes home tomorrow im done with big brother 16 in im pretty sure a lot more people will be to please production save Donny your ratings will be sky high

  87. My only worry for Derrick and Cody is Frankie. Frankie has good relationships with Caleb, Zach and Christine.. let’s say they vote out Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden and Donny. Frankie could control the house. If they manage to get rid of Frankie at final 9 or 8, they’re golden. What they need to do: Jocasta, Nicole (break up H and N and prevent Nicole-Christine from happening), then Frankie. After that get rid of Hayden and Donny. Then blindside Christine, since the other 3 are easier to control. Then evict Caleb and Zach (turn them against each other, should be easy) and leave Victoria with them for final 3. Evict Victoria. Derrick wins.

  88. Cody saying Christine should be mad Nixole has been playing her the whole time? More like vice versa! Are these people really thay dumb? They know all the lies Christine & Frankie have been telling and they run back to them!

  89. Oh Derrick is giving Nicole wayyyy too much credit and sounding really paranoid! They were telling lies! They wanted us against each other! They they they! Who knew Nicole Hayden and Donny had so much power Derrick?! Oh wait….they dont see those 2 allies of yours named Christine and Frankie yea they are the they that you should be worried about! But thats ok you go right ahead and give all the credit to Nicole and hayden and donny! Just wish I could see your face when you watch this from home and see who the “they” really were!! Oh and Christine was impressed with all that “they” did to convince you because her and Frankie were the “they”! But blame it all on brilliant Nicole and Hayden and Donny!! Yes you go right ahead!! Smh! So over the detenators or old bomb squad once rationale hitman alliances they should rename the detonators to the fruit loop dingus alliance!! Lmao haha ha

  90. If production had anything to do with keeping Zach, good on them for keeping some who is entertaining. Seeing Zach and his antics is part of what makes people want to watch. Even when it comes to live feeds, I am sure they can tell how many people are watching the camera he is on. By helping to keep him, they might be trying to make up for some of the duds they cast in the first place.
    Victoria offers no entertainment value, they would have been better off casting Fran Dreshell, she is at least funny.
    Jocasta might be a bit more entertaining than Victoria with her episodes of gibberish speaking in tongues, but really does not offer much in the way of an entertaining reason to watch the show or the live feeds.
    Then there is “Gee Golly” Donny. The novelty of his Po Dunk personality wore off within the first few weeks. He really has not done anything in past few weeks that is entertaining or even amusing.
    Production needs to make hints and stir things up, otherwise they would lose their entire audience.

    1. Don’t get how Zack is so entertaining. Rubbing all over Frankie and anybody else that sits still long enough. Big mouth There is absolutely no skill there. Didn’t know BB was a forum to decide your sexuality, which changes by the hour. Game play, I think not. He is NOT Dr. Will, and he never will be. The maturity level of these people is staggering. If I were Donnie, I would put my head in the oven. I will certainly finish this year but unless some real competitors are lined up for next year, I won’t be looking forward to my guilty pleasure of the summer. Don’t forget the horror that was BB15. Perhaps we need more intelligent contestant “pickers”.

  91. Back to the same old stuff. Man, I was looking forward to some good stuff on the feeds. But, no. I had to just shut it off it was so irritating and stupid and…
    Bunch of wussies!

  92. Guys, come on.. If production did step in, it’s definitely not the first time! They have a show to worry about, ratings, money, their future, etc. Its a good move.

    Anyways, YAY FOR ZACHATTACK STAYING. I really hope it’s a blind side, this season needs a good blind side. Telling the other side would be stupid, and stir up way too much before the vote. The outsiders will lose it, and their faces tonight are going to be priceless!

  93. Wow! This is pure madness! I don’t remember this much lying in all the past seasons combined! Nicole and Hayden lying to Christine, Christine lying to Derrick and Cody and Nicole and Hayden, Derrick and Cody lying to everyone and having to make lies to cover the lies they made then changing their minds and making new lies, I am so lost in these conversations!

  94. Does anybody else get the feeling that Derrick is trying to play the “feedsters” just like he is playing the house? They guy talks and “strategizes” with the cameras A LOT.

  95. And… the Detonators continue to steamroll the house – too bad there;s not a single one who is even remotely likeable to get behind

  96. Ok….I’m calm now…and thinking rationally lol! I still think that Derrick and Cody’s move last night was a bad one for them and is going to bite them in the ass BUT I don’t think that these people would willingly let production interfere in their games so significantly that they would just sacrafice their own chance to win the $500k. That makes no sense to me. I think maybe they subtly ignite the flames of paranoia but it’s up to the HGs how they react to it. Derrick’s mistake is thinking everyone else is as clever as he is at playing and it’s going to be his downfall. Since I’m Team Derrick FTW, I’m disappointed by what they did last night because unless he pulls out a win in the HOH (in one way or another) he’s in real trouble here. Trusting people like Christine and Frankie instead of his gut-instinct will prove to be the worst thing he might have done so far. Cody I could honestly care less…he is a wimp at the game and to easily influenced. He doesn’t understand loyalty and has proven that repeatedly. Him…I could say good bye to. Seeing Derrick make this mistake and jeopardize his almost flawless game has given me heartburn!!!!

    1. I can agree with you to a point, BUT I think that Derrick has more loyalty from Caleb/Cody, than from Hayden/Nicole. Hayden/Nicole/Donny will put each other before anyone else, and Jocasta is just a number for them. My opinion may be bias, since I am clearly Team Zach.. But I think keeping Zach and keeping the numbers for the detonators is a better move for his game. I like Derrick alot too, he is intelligent and he is playing a good, low profile game. I don’t think it’s time to turn his back on the detonators yet, they have a good thing going and Christine will go before any of them, if they have a choice. Tonight will be SO GOOD. I cannot wait.

      1. Agree with you about Caleb and Cody but Frankie and Christine as it relates to the detonators, not so much. Those two are going to cut Derrick’s head off. If I had to pick one of the three to keep it would definately be Zach. I wouldn’t have said this before the POV but his reaction during his play broke me on down. I felt sorry for him because he talks a good game about not caring but be honestly does. Something about him just laying there after touched me. He isn’t my favorite but I’m not sorry he is going to stay tonight. Like you, I can’t wait for tonight’s show!!!!!

        1. Haha, yep! That is why I said Caleb and Cody, and not Frankie and Christine. Unlike most people on here, I know.. I actually like Frankie. Him and Zach are my favorite. Don’t judge me..

          Live show is going to be epic! Epic for this season at least. I wanna go back and watch an older season after this snoooozefest. Hopefully it kicks into full gear now!

  97. Trust me, Donny or Hayden will win hoh tomorrow. Being blindsided like that will do a lot to someone who isn’t expecting it. It lits a fire underneath their asses and they go to work. It’s kinda sad that the producers are part of the rat alliance. So Donny, Hayden and Nicole are against not other the detonators, but even production! Really really big brother, really sad.

  98. Is it me or is this season the most paranoid cast in the history of Big Brother? Thank God for this site, because I honesty could never watch long enough to keep up with the flip flopping, bac stabbing and paranoid antics of this group.

  99. Christine says Nicole is jealous of her and Cody.
    What is this girls deal? SHE IS MARRIED!! It is really uncomfortable to watch. Seriously.

  100. “Caleb – Is Christine with us
    Derrick- she is right now .. when it comes down to it she’ll be the first to go.. it’s a numbers game that is all we care about”

    As much as I despise Christine, she needs to get a clue. Does she really think any of these bros are going to keep her over each other? However, she’s so blinded by the attention she’s getting from Cody she won’t see it coming. Derrick better watch out – he may have a hard time continually having to convince his bros to keep his little F2 Victoria since she’s a girlie.

  101. i dont understand why all these guys are saying nicole has been playing christine, etc….. are they forgetting that they formed like 2039482384 alliances that did not include her?! its a frigging game and the girl is just trying to play. i like the detonaters, minus christine, but one of them has to leave soon just to shake it up. the last seasons were so entertaining because every week the vote was a toss up. i hate that we know who’s leaving as soon as they’re nominated. give us some drama people!

  102. Zach acts like a spoiled child and I for one was happy to think he would be leaving. I was afraid they would change their minds. To me it’s not good TV, I would rather see someone thinking and plotting and working out a plan; like Dan did. One doesn’t have to be immature to be good TV, but let’s face it Big Brother isn’t “quality” TV. It’s a filler; a summer no brainer filler.

  103. What the heck happened to Derrick? Did production promise him something if he flipped the house to keep Zach? If not, then he has flipped his lid. Wait until he finds out that Nicole and Hayden weren’t the ones playing them, it was Frankie. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Dingus Goofball Zach, but it is obvious someone got Derrick all wigged out so Zach could stay. All they had to do was throw the Pandora’s box or a rewind in. Now Derrick is blowing Nicole and Donny’s game up…UGH!!

  104. I can hardly believe Derrick and Cody did this what a pair of paranoid scum bags they are. Derrick said at least TA is still with in his group so he thinks Frankie and him are TA they are the greed of TA. Donny is the good guy these other two are scum.
    Production did it to the viewer again. I hope Donny or Hayden win HOH to night and send Derrick, Frankie or Christine home.

  105. Hope Nicole or Hayden tell Zach that his so called alliance told them he tried to start the detonators a few nights ago. Then maybe he will realize they were all really on board to kick him out. Also hate how there is like 1 update on Thursday b/c the feeds are down. I can only imagine what is going on!

  106. I don’t care who why what is causing this flip but I am so excited! I don’t know what it is about Zach but I’ve come to really like him.

    And I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I hope Nicole and Hayden go up and are voted out!

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