Scottie “I’m going to try & make it so they have to campaign against each other.”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots ?

7:25pm Lounge room. Angela, Kaycee and Brett. Brett – the way I would handle it is I would put Rockstar up because I don’t give a f**k if she battles in the veto. Then I would put a pawn. If I got the opportunity to backdoor Fes, I would backdoor him and have him out. Because I don’t give a f**k if she lives here and she knows I don’t want her here. But if it doesn’t work, then she goes home. That is exactly how I would play it. All I’ve done is play a loyal game. Winston joins them. Brett – We’re all throwing in the basket like there’s nothing we can do.. Its good f**king game if he took one of us off and put up Kaitlyn. At the end of the day she did it to Swaggy, how does he know he won’t do it to him. Its a good f**king game play. Winston – lets chill. We’ve got tricks up our sleeves. Kaycee and Angela leave. Winston – don’t tell them too much. We’re going to go up there tonight. I’ve got every rebuttal to anything he can say.

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7:45pm HOH room. Scottie and Haleigh. They talk about the veto competition. Haleigh – Brett would have won if he had understood the rules. I’m surprised you’re not more excited about it (winning the veto). Scottie – I am more excited about him not having the veto. Assuming neither of them have a power. I’m going to be excited about Greece later too. Winston could evict me next week. He apologized to me today. Haleigh – oh I bet he did. Isn’t that odd how that worked. You should not have accepted it. Scottie – I was like oh yeah sure thing. I was just surprised you came in hot like that. Haleigh – everyone is obviously talking about what to do. On one hand I don’t like that and that’s like a threat that he has if he says and wins HOH. But then on the other hand Brett is a social threat. Scottie – its not a secret. I literally laid it out in my speech and then this comp happened. If people don’t see it they’re fools. Haleigh – whatever you want to do will be whatever ends up happening. Socttie – I am not, its doesn’t matter to me. I am literally going to try and make it so they have to campaign against each other. Haleigh – If we decide that Brett is the bigger threat… me, Rockstar, Fes, Bayleigh, Tyler and Kaitlyn. And that is all you need. If we all just decide as a collective unit.. Scottie – Winston is more ready to pop. Haleigh – me personally I want Brett gone because of the things he is saying. Scottie – I am pretty sure that’s wants Rockstar wants gone. Haleigh – Winston doesn’t have a social game. He is last in all the comps. Scottie – Brett is the better one to take out. Rockstar joins them. Rockstar to Scottie – you kind of look slutty in a good way

8:20pm Storage room. Winston and Brett. Winston – surprise, surprise Haliegh is up there sucking up to the HOH. We need to spin it like he is coming up with it. Its a great plan. We take you in and no one would expect we are working together. We tell him that he can use me as a pawn every week and I use him as a pawn so that no one will suspect a thing.

8:45pm HOH room. Fes, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Scottie, Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, Rockstar, Tyler and Bayleigh. They’re all asking questions like blonde or brunette? Beef curtains or odor? Girth or length? Rachel – girth, girth, girth! Bay – well we all know Rachel is against pencil d**ks. Big Brother switches the feeds..

9:25pm Living room. Winston and Brett. Brett – did I tell you ..last night I had an orgy with all the chicks! Winston and Brett laugh. Winston – that is never going to happen. There is a negative chance of that happening. Winston – if he (Scottie) just straight up says no.. then I am going to wreck everyone’s game. Do you want to? Like I mean like everything! Just like throw stuff on the wall and see if it sticks. Like we’re talking insane for the next three days. And then which ever one goes .. goes. It would be kind of funny.

9:56pm 10:15pm HOH room. Fes and Bayleigh. Bay – that’s actually true because then there would be both of us to play in the veto and keep nominations the same. Like we need both of us to do that and ensure noms stay the same. Fes – I don’t want you.. then again I can’t tell you what to do with your power but to feel like I don’t want to use it too early. Bay – my goal is to use this to get to jury. Fes – okay that’s reassuring. Isn’t it crazy how I put two and two together? Bay – nobody knew how much me and Swaggy were on the episodes. People didn’t even know we were in a relationship. They literally made a whole Swaleigh episode and no one knows. They don’t think I’ve been doing anything. They don’t know how big a deal it was when Swaggy went home. He was not just my friend, it was a very serious thing. Fes – we just have to make it so it does’t look like you did it (App power). Bay – the pair has to be strategic, like from our side so that people don’t suspect it. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Bay – Brett is a competition beast.. like literally all the girls want him in the house so they can get his massages. I would rather Winston stays.

11:10pm Hammock. Angela and Rachel. Angela – It would be good if .. because eventually it is going to dwindle down to 3 – 2, 3 – 3. We’re one step ahead. I think the play is to do everything we can to hold it together but if we lose one we move on. Rachel – because we’re competitors we will be feared more than Rockstar, Haleigh, Kaitlyn… it would be beneficial to keep someone strong in the house. Angela – I know. Rachel – That’s the biggest reason why I want to keep him.

12am They all yell Happy Birthday Rachel!!

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Loving how this HOH week is playing out! Excited to see what comes next!

Absolutely amazing season so far aside from a few cast members!


Survey Says

What happened to #Blandgela?


cum again?


come again?


I honestly thought Brett and Winston were the same guy and Rachel and Angela were the girl. They look exactly the same! How the heck do you tell them apart??? Are they at least related?


Enjoying the season with you, but Not Team Scotty OR Team Bay. Glad she is finally playing BB instead of sucking face…

Lay Low Scottie

The nominees should always campaign against each other. One of you is leaving regardless. Refusing to campaign against your opponent shows that you don’t want to be there.


I’m pretty sure that will happen after the veto ceremony, right now the Bros still have hope, once it’s gone they’ll be in survival mode- every man for themselves


“One of you is leaving regardless.”?
What about Sam’s power? Why has everybody in there stopped talking about how to convince her to use it this week? It would expire next week anyway. Have the Bros just accepted that it’s not going to happen, and they won’t even entertain telling her that they know, or telling Tyler that he has to (get out of bed and stop petting Kaitlyn for a few minutes) put in some work and convince Sam to use it or they’ll have to tell her they know? I don’t get it.
Since Kaitlyn told the entire other side of the house about Sam’s power, the entire house knows about it.
The only person who’s in the dark is Sam, and that’s about not knowing that the entire house knows… Such a stupid situation.
BB powers are stupid and they falsify the game. Rant. Over.


There’s no way Brett doesnt try to campaign. Winston is there for a good time though so I doubt he will.


C’mon…not campaigning is campaigning itself. You’re telling your allies that you stay loyal even under the gun. And with a majority, it’s still a gamble but still the smart play.

Put yourself in Brett/Winston’s place: You need 6 votes. You grab Tyler, Kaitlyn, Sam, Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, JC. You have all voted together so far, with the same interests. You say “I love Brett/Winston like I love you, so I don’t have a single bad word for him. You guys have to do what’s best for you and the way I see it, your decision is answered by just one question: Who is Scottie (and the others) campaigning for? That’s who you keep. They’re threatened by that person and/or think they can work with him. Regardless, the person they want gone is the one that insulates you better. Because the one they want gone, stays the one they want gone, which keeps you one step removed from being the next target….and besides, why do you want to give the other 5 what they want, when only 4 of them can play for HOH next week?”

Lay Low Scottie

Campaigning against someone doesn’t mean you’re saying something bad about the other nominee. You understand that you and your buddy are on the block because being a duo is too much of a threat. Not campaigning against the other person means you’re more loyal to your friend than you are to the game, and it keeps the target on your back for your duration in the game.


I totally get the Bros trying to sway Scottie, I just don’t see it happening. He’s pretty determined on what he wants and the smarter choice is definitely voting out Brett. I mean Scottie wasn’t even entertaining the idea of putting up Rockstar when Tyler and JC threw her name around like every other second. He’s honed in on the Bros, which is what I would do if I were him. Although seeing Kaitlyn up on the block would be some awesome tv.

I can’t wait until next week, I’m excited to see what happens when someone takes a shot at Tyler and he uses his power, it’s going to be crazy. Plus Sam’s power is a must use which will be nuts too.

Sakura Haruno

Does anyone know if Tyler love Kaitlyn or hates Kaitlyn?


I’m pretty sure he’s playing her. But he’s afraid of what she’ll do/say if he acts like he’s not interested.


I think he’s a nice guy and has a good heart. But. She’s a means to an end. He’s there to win. He needed her vote. Now he’s in a pickle. Just speculating the kind of guy he seems to be. I don’t think he would like a girl who whines at him like she does. But who knows. Just my opinion.




Why does Kaycee have long hair if she never wears it down? I mean it seems like she is trying to hide it and look more butch. That’s ok and fine. But then why not just cut it short. I mean it’s like not just long, but past ass long when down. She could get a cool shorter haircut that would great on her. I just don’t understand! Ha.

The fact Sams smokes makes me like her less and I’m really not fully sure why. Who smokes cigs regulary in 2018 though?

I see no Angela pics in this update and that is not good for anyone. 😛

RockStar is starting to like Angela more. How did you not ever love The Angel fool? Oh and by the way I still can’t stand you RockStar and you going home quite soon.

Happy Birthday Rachel! You are the hottest 30 yr old in the house!


Lay Low Scottie

Why doesn’t Angela get a real job?


You mean like “Rockstar”?

Carolina girl

I would love for Bayleigh to go to the Bros and swear them to secrecy about her power and make a final 3 or 4 with Fez.. If she saved them both they would have her back for good. And if she put up two from her side, no one would suspect her at all. She would have the best position in the game after that..

Lay Low Scottie

Why would she need help from the bros when they’ve won nothing and have done nothing for her? She’ll use the power to keep her own side loyal to her.


I forgot Angela was in the game


Did I miss this entire episode dedicated to Baggy (“Swaleigh “) that she’s claiming happened? Lol


not She’s assuming because she got the power and hinting that production is playing her up now so folks better side with her. Might not be a bad play though.


Bay – nobody knew how much me and Swaggy were on the episodes. People didn’t even know we were in a relationship.

What?! Does she still actually think there is anyone in that house that is even slightly in doubt about the fact that they were together? Chris really banged her brains out.