Victoria says the house is Mean and Amber is Fake it reminds her of last season

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-08 19-12-46-604
7:05pm Storage room Christine and Nicole
Frankie tells him the rift between Devin and Caleb is getting bigger and bigger Christine is happy to hear this.
They go through the votes to evict Zach – Jocasta, Victoria, Caleb, Amber, Frankie
The votes to Evict POW : Christine, Cody, Derrick. Hayden, Nicole , Donny,. Brittany
Frankie – ‘thats it it’s 5 to 7”
Christine – “Thats it”

BB16-2014-07-08 19-22-58-538

7:22pm Hammock Victoria and Frankie
Victoria says Amber wanted her out this week and POW has been talking shit about her. Victoria wants Zach to stay because if he goes she’s the target for the girls, Amber is so fake I can’t handle it”
Victoria says she kinda wishes she was on the block this week so she could go home she thought this was supposed to be fun “It reminds me of last season I’m sorry I can understand if I was mean and snobby “

BB16-2014-07-08 19-32-17-447

BB16-2014-07-08 19-35-28-544

BB16-2014-07-08 19-36-53-666

Pranking with Condom water balloons, flour etc etc.
Brittany filled two condoms with Water and went to the back yard to attack. Amber, Cody, Caleb, Jocasta and POWPOW get involved..

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BB16-2014-07-08 19-38-11-537

7:39pm Bathroom Caleb and Amber cleaning each other off
Amber – “You hit be right on my face”
Caleb got cut by a nail on his upper lip, Amber apologizes says it was one of the girls.

BB16-2014-07-08 19-45-10-044
7:45pm Jocasta giving Cody a hard time saying it was him that has been haveing s$x in the house and using the condoms. She mentions there’s always a sparkle in his eyes. (They found some missing condoms when Brittany, POW and Jocasta were filling the condoms with water)

ZankieNot much love left in Zankie. After a quick hug Zach gets out..

BB16-2014-07-08 19-53-23-148
7:49pm Christine wants some time off camera.. She’s crying and reading the bible.

BB16-2014-07-08 20-03-31-574

8:01pm Zach and Frankie Have Nots
Frankie says everyone has been chill today. Tells him he’s going to stay this week the votes is going to be 9 to 3 because of Jocasta. Frankie explains that Devin thinks the Bomb Squad is voting out Zach. Zach tells him he’s not going to campaign anymore there’s no point.

BB16-2014-07-08 20-13-12-354

8:11pm HOH Devin and Hayden
Devin says he heard rumours that maybe Hayden is voting to Keep Zach
Hayden wants to know who said that he’s done with the alliance
Devin says it’s just someone in the alliance that is paranoid.
Devin doesn’t care what Hayden does he knows hayden has built a friendship with him than vote to keep him but make sure he tells everyone he voted him out.
Devin wants to make sure nobody is trying to strong arm Hayden into doing something he doesn’t want to do. Hayden says it’s all cool. Devin reminds hayden that he’s playing his own game right now Devin understand that and understands if hayden wants to make a move for his own game. Deven adds that at the end of the day only competition matter they all have a target on their backs.

BB16-2014-07-08 20-18-26-666
8:14pm Zach and Victoria
Zach says he’s going after Devin and Devin’s group is coming after him if she keeps him in the game it will take the target off her. All Zach cares about is taking out Devin. They high five she’s going to give him her vote. He promises to not make her a have nots and to make Devin, Caleb and Amber. If he wins HOH Devin is his target. They hug

Wheres the vote?
Zach is staying 7-5

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Wait, how is the vote going to be 7-5? Is it more likely that Victoria votes to evict Zach? If Hayden, Cody, Nicole, Christine, Donny, Brittany, and Derrick all vote to keep Zach, then it is 7-5, but Victoria voting to keep Zach would make it 8-4. If Victoria votes for Zach to stay, is Christine going to vote to keep Paola?


I really dont understand Codys hatred for Caleb. I mean what has Caleb done to Cody personally….all Cody does is go arpund bad mouthing Caleb and I havent heard Caleb mention Cody negatively at all!!

andy 2.0

caleb tells devin and vice versa that they cant trust cody so…


And Cody’s been planning to backstab Devin and Caleb from Day 1 when he planned to go against the Bomb Squad. Like Caleb or not, Cody’s been nothing but a snake and Caleb’s taken notice–remember Zach blew everyone’s cover by saying none of the members of the Bomb squad are playing loyal games?

Soooo Caleb’s distrust in Zach is WARRANTED.

Manuel Neuer

He likes Brittany


Good work against the ladies from Brazil


Travolta hating on buff Frodo… Sounds about right


LMAO!!! He does look like Frodo but in handsome way


i wish the eviction was tonight! I’m worried all this scheming is going to blow up and than somehow it will be a 12-0 vote


I don’t think there’s a chance that it will be a 12-0. Caleb is dead set on voting out Zach and Cody is dead set on voting out pow. Although if it becomes 12-0 in favor of Zach I am looking forward on how the next week will be because Devin would definitely explode.

So far this season is shaping up to be more entertaining than season 15, they just need to get rid of frankie and I think it will be one of the better seasons.

Caleb's Ego

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have stood another season of unanimously voting with “the house” like last season. I love it when even the live feeders can’t be 100% certain of whose going home. Thank you Big Brother gods. I’m Team whoever keeps it interesting!

andy 2.0

im glad hopefully victoria will vote to keep zach! finally victoria does something useful and hopefully one by one the bullies (devin,caleb,frankie,amber) start getting evicted

Oh Puhhh---lease

Caleb, Amber, and Frankie are NOT bullies. Devin doesn’t even ring up as a bully compared to last seasons house full of BIGOTS and RACISTS!

Amber hasn’t talked sh*t about anyone, Caleb only talks about Amber, and Frankie’s friends with everyone in the house.

They’re all playing a game but so is backstabbing Cody, Zach, Forever Floating Hating on Amber Nicole soo really you’re exaggerating.


You’re one of the smarter fans and you see it like I see it. IMO, People are just mad the the “all-American types” are not dominating the game.


And its really frustrating because as a huge fan of these shows (BB, Survivor, and Amazing Race) I hate to see the game go in the favor of petty antics.

Nicole only wants to go after Amber because she hates her, yet when you look back at all there interactions there is not one thing Amber has done towards Nicole to warrant this type of dislike. I can understand Amber not liking Devin because he’s lied on her, talked poorly towards her and behind her back when she was loyal to him.

I can understand Donny’s disdain for Devin. But there’s no reason for Nicole in every waking breath she gets to talk as nasty as she does about Amber, but then she’s always smiling in Amber’s face. Amber has yet to say one nasty thing about Nicole. So this dislike is totally one sided.

I hate this type of game play because it prevents people from actually getting to play. It’s just like last year minus the overt racists remarks. Each year its the same, the white “all American” types team up and vote the minority players out. That would be fine if it was based on strategy and game play but it’s never based on just that. And then I see other fans of this show rooting for people like Nicole saying she’s a sweet heart when she’s the main one in the house talking MAJOR crap about people. Yet the only people she really interacts with is Christine, Cody, and Hayden…to be able to talk crap about people you’ve got to back it up, but she hardly interacts with the people she thinks has done her so wrongly.


Really? This year’s twist (2 HOH’s) will make it extra hard to get rid of physically strong players. So why not take the opportunity to get rid of Zach? There are still targets in the house. Victoria, Brittany, Amber…9cody, Hayden)Eventually Caleb and Devin will decide to pick off some other strong players.


So true there are plenty other targets get Zach out! I hope Caleb wins HOH!


How true to his America’s Alliance is Frankie? I can’t gauge. It seems like Derrick and Donny are really for it.


Yeah, I was relieved when I saw Nicole wasn’t voted into Team America but I started doubting the integrity of Team America as soon as I saw Frankie’s name.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that Derrick and Donny have been chosen but Frankie?
Either Production is behind that, or there are some BIG Ariana Grande fans out there watching BB and they orchestrated a massive vote for Frankie. (They probably put up a post on some Ariana Grande fan site telling fans to go to CBS and vote for Frankie).

…But on second thought the ladder takes a lot of work, I’m think the Producers. Yeah the Producers handed it over to Frankie. How lucky….


Of course production had a hand in that. The last time I checked Nicole was in the lead and out of nowhere , here comes Frankie. lol

But yeah I am so glad Nicole didn’t make Team America. She’s very catty and floats.


Ariana posted it to twitter to vote for Frankie, within the first couple hours it had something like 20 000 retweets and favourites.


So…if Victoria were to walk out…would they still have to vote out one of the nominees?

Big ass double-decker BUS

By popular demand….I’ll post it again:)

Why does my name get thrown into every conversation? I’m just rolling along and don’t have it out for anyone. But why do I keep crushing these HG’s that are thrown in my path? Seriously, I can’t drive a block without an HG being thrown under my wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well...

Wheels on the bus go round and round … Round and round…


How do I get live feed flashbacks?


Hi Simon! Yes, I have the live feed through cbs.


Thanks for taking the time to answer me, as I know you guys are so busy. This site is great!!! Thanks for your hard work. I live in Louisiana and I want to come out and work for you guys next summer!!! : )


Hey KL, Do yiu know Sookie?


Lol. No, I dont know Sookie. But, I love TB.


I have a very strong feeling it’s gonna be 6-6 vote because of Frankie. Frankie does want Zach to leave which he only needs Donny’s vote because he isn’t loyal to “team America” or cody. He is gonna blame it on Nicole and Hayden. The moment Zach threw Frankie under the bus was the moment Frankie wanted him gone ASAP. I know it’s gonna be 6-6 because also he is gonna make sure Victoria and Donny vote to evict Zach. Plus he is gonna tell Donny vote to evict Zach, but Zach isn’t going home and tell him the vote will be 7-5, but in reality it will be a tie 6-6.


I’m watching BBAD and the consensus is to keep Zach. Christine, Hayden, Nicole, Brittany, Cody, Derrick, are lock votes for zach. It seems that Victoria and Donny have been convinced to keep Zach. However Team America wants the vote 7-5. That’s too risky! Donny and Frankie want to vote to evict Zach to make the vote 7-5, but I don’t trust Frankie. Just make the vote 9-3. Devin, Amber, and Caleb can’t go after 9 people. Stupid. Just vote out who you want out.

The House Bible

Why do these people keep touching me as if they some how believe im gonna help them. Do you they really think God likes Big Brother. They cry over me as if they think God doesnt know their true intentions and holding me tight makes up for their greed. Lie after Lie after Lie all in the name of money while millions watch and decide on who the “good people” and judging who the “bad people” are as well. Ive heard this lady call her self a minister. Really a minister playing Big Brother? What has this world come to. On second thought since im full of make believe fairy tales and this is just a game nobody has anything to worry about right? Enjoy the show people!!!


When does BB Canada Start?
What a cluster f@^% this group is.
Just about zero real strategy or loyalty


I have new respect for Zach..i hope it works out and he or Hayden get HOH and turn the house upside down! Will be good feeds and tv. Personally i think Derrick will make F2…he’s a good talker.

Delilah Jones

This whole “splitting the vote” business has me so stressed out! This is not a good strategy, if they want to keep Zach.
With that being said, this has been an awesome week for watching the live feeds.


Amber is fake but the best adjective to describe her is DUUUUUMB.

Amber would you like to be in an alliance with us?

“Im confused”

Everything seems to confuse her

Fake no...Confused Yes

Amber is no faker than Nicole is honest.


Well Amber did ask Derrick if Rhode Island was “an exotic place” She is not the brightest crayon in the box is an understatement.


give the kid (amber) a break. she comes from a small town in tennessee. don’t be so judgemental

Victoria, what a bimbo!

Devin’s whole spiel about keeping Brittany because she’s a single mom is absolute BULL****, for starters you don’t start caring about someone’s lifestory 2 weeks late into the game, you care from day 1. Moreover, Brittany is a single mom living in SOCAL, dating an actor, I’m sure she’s doing just fine.

Victoria saying Amber is mean and that this season of BB reminds her of Jim Crow Big Brother 15 is offensive and appalling. This season compares in no way to last season’s hate fueled eliminations based on race. People went home solely because of their race. THAT’S BULLYING! A couple of people talking about you being entitled–which you are–is not bullying, that’s called a hard dose of reality.

The only way I see this season shaping up to be like last season and the seasons before is all the white young kids teaming up to get rid of the older contestants and minorities…as usual.

But with all that said, here’s to hoping Devin goes home. The guy is a racists to his own damn self–doesn’t like Amber cuz she isn’t white–but is in love with Brittany cuz she is haha can’t wait until he gets home and see’s people calling him OJ!

#humblepie yum yum




I like you!!! It’s refreshing to see a commenter with some common sense.


Well since the majority of contestants are always young white kids I guess the odds are pretty good for them, wouldn’t you say? I’m hard pressed to see bigotry in everything when it’s obviously numbers! Last year’s contestants were abnormally nasty and vile but this year’s people are quite decent.

Colorblind Lover

Being color blind is great until you’re forced to see the reality. EVERY SEASON there is always 1 or 2 older contestants and 14 young 20 something year olds–staking the odds against the older contestants PRETTY high. EVERY SEASON the house is 3/4 filled with white contestants and 1/4 are minorities…stacking the odds against their favor.

It’s simple psychology. People will flock together with their own in unfamiliar environments. (i.e. Girls team together, boys team together, whites stick with whites, the young stick with the young).

I’m not saying the players are racists FYI, I’m simply saying the game is biased from the get go because a house filled with 3/4 white contestants…OF COURSE the odds will be in their favor…how you can refuse that isn’t a problem is beyond me.


In a perfect world…

1. Zach would go home
2. Brittany would win HOH
4. Devin would be put up on the block
5. Devin would lose both Battle of the block and POV
6. Devin would be voted out 14-0


I’m just glad it’s not going to be a unanimous vote. That got SO old last season!


Jim Crow bb. You really made me lol! Thnx


a) Devin isn’t in no way shape or form a bad guy or a bully
b) Devin’s a little crazy (seriously go to bed, all his stupidest decisions have been at 2 am when he’s super drowsy and its clear his brain isn’t on fully).
c) The hate towards Devin seems to be very personal, and based off very loose evidence
d) your “total distrust” of Devin when he’s lied way less than most (actively playing) players in the game so far is a little worrying.
e)it’s understandable that the “people” get tired of the “dictator” trying to rule over them. But man its only been two HOH’s, one was Caleb and the over Devin. It’s a little early to say that Devin is controlling everyone.
f) This isn’t last season with the clearly racial motives towards the voting out of the minorities, but if the Devin hate and demonization continues to escalate when Devin/Caleb/Amber don’t have power, then things could get very worrying.

thats my view.
oh and I’m really happy Derrick is getting to play his smart social game that I knew he had, but i was really hoping he would get to wait to about week 5 to step up and have a big part in the whats happening in the house. That can make you a target.


These ppl are not playing smart they are using their personal feelings towards devin, they need Zachary out because down the road they will have to deal with him they need to be smart and evict him. To many scared ppl to play a smart game just saying