Victoria says Devin hugged me and said I better play hard for the HOH. “I wanted to stab him!”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 13-13-06-383

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1:10pm Out in the backyard – Derrick, Cody, Victoria, Donny, Caleb and Amber are sitting on the backyard couch chatting about havenot foods they’ve had this season. Caleb says thank god for the tortilla shells. Derrick says that he’s waiting to hear Julie Chen say good news and bad news house guests – tonight there is only one HOH and the bad new is tonight is a double eviction. He tells them that the first double eviction is usually when jury starts where the second person evicted goes to the jury house. Donny says and its usually when the lines are drawn.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 13-21-51-303

Nicole and Christine talk on the backyard couch. Nicole talks about how Cody says he has 3 really good girlfriends and I wouldn’t like that because I would wonder if I’m not good enough if I was with him. Soon after Cody comes and curls up with Nicole.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 13-35-13-827

1:25pm Up in the HOH room – Victoria is talking to Derrick says tells him how Devin hugged her and told her she better play hard for the HOH. “I wanted to stab him!” Victoria tells Derrick his speech was good. Victoria asks if he thinks Devin will get cheers? Derrick says he’ll have fans just like all of us. Victoria says I hope Julie Chen slams Devin just like she did with Aaryn last season. Victoria says that Brittany is paranoid. I was in the bathroom and she was scared she was going to go on the block during the battle of the block. Derrick says she was never going to go up on the block. Victoria says that she brings it up on herself. She’s paranoid about everything. Derrick comments that Donny will be America’s Player. He’s the underdog of the house. He’s the older guy in the house and he’s crushing us in competitions. Victoria doesn’t think he’ll get it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 13-26-51-936

1:30pm In the earth room – Donny is talking to Brittany. Donny asks Brittany if she heard anything about Zach being Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin. Brittany says oh yeah Victoria asked me about that this morning. Brittany says that Pow Pow said a lot of lies and stuff to stir the pot. Donny warns Brittany that Devin might try and smear your name on his way out the door. Brittany says I don’t think it would be just me I think he would do it to everyone. Donny and Brittany agree that someone not in the 8 needs to win HOH. Brittany says that their votes are going to start going down and thats when an alliance will form. Donny says I hope we can trust Cody. Brittany says she hopes so too. She says she trusts Derrick too. Brittany says that she doesn’t trust Victoria at all. She drives me nuts. That cackle … I have to sleep in here just because I cant stand her.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 13-28-05-729

2pm Donny joins Derrick up in the HOH room – They talk about the Team America mission and who they’ve told. They agree that they’ve completed the mission and want to now tell Zach. Derrick then explains the nominations again and how Donny got nominated. Derrick says someone came up here and told Nicole .. I won’t say who but you can do that math. (It was Amber who told Nicole that Donny was talking to Jocasta about how Nicole was being manipulated by Derrick.) Derrick explains how Caleb volunteered to go up on the block. Donny says that Devin getting chosen to play in the POV was great tv. Derrick goes to get Zach to bring him up to the HOH room.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 14-20-16-696
2:20pm Derrick tells Zach that Pow Pow tried to give you a little F**K you to you on the way out the door. She told Donny out the way out the door that you are Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin. Zach says how did she….. Donny asks are you?! Zach says Na just kidding! They laugh. Derrick says you had me going. Zach says that is good. How do I play this. WOW Pow is smarter than she looks!! Zach says I kind of want to tell people that I am her cousin. Derrick says how ever you want to play it. Pow is watching the feeds right now saying got you Zach. I’m just trying to see if there’s an upside to me telling any one. They see Caleb coming up. Derrick asks do you want to tell him? Zach says no.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 13-58-54-135

Derrick tells Caleb that Devin is campaigning. Caleb says it doesn’t even matter he’s going home to a 11 – 0 vote. Derrick says I want to get Victoria gone .. I know she’s a vote for you but .. she just straight up lines. She tried to get Zach out of the house. She made a deal with Devin. Derrick says Victoria has no one .. her and Brittany will be votes for whoever pulls them in. Derrick says our time is coming, we’re still feeling the effects of the bomb squad. Caleb says well they better not put me up for the battle of the block. Derrick says I think we have a few weeks with people putting up Jocasta, Victoria, Brittany, Nicole.. Zach tells Derrick that Victoria is asking people if she can trust you. Derrick says yeah she saying that but she up my a$$ all the time and won’t leave me alone. Zach says we have to have two of us up here. Caleb comments on how Jocasta was balling on the couch. That makes for great tv. Derrick says that’s the most emotional POV ceremony I’ve ever seen where someone gets given the veto. Derrick says I would rather you be off the block but at least you have nothing to worry about. Caleb says we have the votes to get to jury.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 14-31-30-953

2:35pm – 2:40pm Out in the backyard – Brittany tells Victoria that there’s new face wash in the storage room. Victoria goes to look and comes back. She says that’s so sweet of them to do that. I don’t know if it was my parents sending it or production. They ask her if she requested it. Victoria says no, I was literally in the bathroom 2 hours ago complaining about how everyone was using my face wash and its literally like $5 from Walmart. Victoria says that’s so nice of them, I should go thank them.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 14-36-43-714

2:44pm In the storage room – Zach tells Frankie how Derrick and Donny just told him that Pow Pow said I was Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin. Frankie laughs. He then asks was she America’s Player she has to be. They both laugh. Victoria comes in and the conversation ends. She tells them about the face wash production or her parents got her.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 14-45-29-276

2:50pm – 3pm In the kitchen – Zach tells Nicole that Pow tried to spread a rumor about him being Amanda’s cousin. Nicole says I knew, I heard the other day. Zach then tells Cody. Nicole says I didn’t care any way. I wondered why I was being told because I felt like it was a set up to see if I would start a rumor. Zach tells her I really am her cousin. Nicole freaks out and says are you really!?!! Oh my god! You talk so much trash about her too. Zach says I told Pow that day 1. Victoria says that Pow told me that too on her last day. Zach then tells Nicole that he’s just kidding she’s not my cousin. Brittany says I heard that this morning too. Zach asks does everyone .. Nicole says I just felt like it was a rumor someone was trying to get me to spread. Zach asks if Donny told her too. Nicole asks why would you tell POW that information? Zach says because I wanted to be in an alliance with her. Nicole asks really!? Zach says no.. He laughs. Zach says its funny though. Nicole says I wish I had told you. Zach says why didn’t you!? Zach smiles and says you really should have told me .. that was f**ked up. Caleb says I guess at this point its either yes or no. Zach says no its not true.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 15-02-56-514

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Jimmy 64

Now we have another alliance how many do we have now ?


This has annoyed since this season started. There are FAR too many “alliances”. I swear I don’t remember a season where there were so many people (especially this early) making 3 and 4 alliances. It’s ridiculous.


*annoyed me


why would julie slam devin like she did aaryn? I have no words for victoria


I would like to know why also? She should be worried about Julie saying something to her. She is so petty. She complains about everything and everyone. She is always talking about how afraid of some people in the house and I have no idea why she’s “claims” to be so sfraid. Just like a kid to me. She has no clue that what Devin was trying to say to her is that she’s on the bottom of the totem pole. She is totally clueless and always playing the victim. What show was she watching last season because no one this season is half as bad as Aaryn, and the sad thing is that Victoria keeps saying it. I mean what’s that all about?

Amanda's dog Woofy

I have a word for Queen Victoria—VILE!! VILE VICKY!! VICKY VILE!! Best OLBB word ever. VILE!! Oh, that feels good.


I swear I think Victoria is a racist.. just have that feeling


Victoria, irritating, I wish she wouldn’t leave her mic on when she eats. smack smack smack smack smack, and she’s eating a frozen GRAPE wtf

And note she says ‘yah, Powpow told me that’ when Zach asks if anyone had heard about him being AZ\’s cousin. REALLY? PP told you that, victoria??? ok

\And re: the makeup and wash products, why doesn’t she just put them in her personal drawer so no one touches them!! and stop whining about people using them!!!

And Zach is pretty funny, loves the rumour, he would have been a great one to tell first lol. And doesn’t Nicole look like a dummy for not trusting Donny, again (not that he wasnt’ lying to get her to spread the rumour, but still, lol)


Victoria is really on another level… She needs to be evicted NEXT, I’m glad she’s on Derrick’s radar now!!!! She knows nothing about BB!!!


I had Victoria pegged a while back. I even commented on it here. These Middle Eastern people will suck up to White people, actually they think that they are White too. They tend to look down their noses (and God knows she has a bloody big one) at Black people. I’ve worked with her type here in Canada and I can tell you they are dangerous people – quick to run and complain and play the pity card. She doesn’t like Devin hugging her but it’s okay when Cody hugs her out in the backyard (BBAD) where I’m sure she felt the outline of his body……..she was absolutely delighted, grinning from ear to ear! You know the irony of it? Devin was protecting her in week one especially when Zack was disrespecting her. I remember him telling the guys that because of her religion they should understand that she can’t sleep in the same room with men and they should respect that because her parents will be watching. Ha! Lying and snuggling up with Frankie is not disrespectful eh? Spending all her time up in the HOH with Derrick, a married man. I watched her eat the apple in the HOH (chomp! chomp! chomp!), money does not buy class Vicky!
I also hate the fact that a POV was wasted on Jocasta or whatever the hell her name is. She’s another one I can’t stand. I don’t like to see her nor do I like to hear her speak. I wish she would crawl back into the woodwork.

Misty Oz

“Those middle eastern people”??! WTF. Having lived in Israel and being married to an Israeli, I can sure you they are NOT all like Victoria and any predudices she *may* have, have nothing to do with where she’s from and EVERYTHING to do with her being a snotty spoiled brat.


Uh…who’s the racist one here? I think you should stick to what you know (which seems to be pretty much nothing based on your naïve, unintelligent, and stereotypical comments) and refrain from making harsh sweeping generalizations about an entire race of people. Maybe Victoria does have issues with other races…but obviously so do you. Pot and kettle my friend…pot and kettle.


Donny really shouldn’t have used the Pov on Jocasta. Devin wasn’t even coming after him anymore and if Devin goes this week Donny is the new house target #1 since he is so likeable and already has won 2 vetos.


Victoria shut up u moron, Devin hasn’t done or said anything remotely to what Aaryn said. I hope she goes next week she is an eye soar.


Zach just pulled the “I’m Amanda Z.’s cousin!” and Victoria wanted to be included into something SO BAD, she told them “I know, PowPow told me before she left too!”
OMG, this girl… TA will laugh their butts off when/if they hear that she said that…


Is this for real?!? She really said that? Unbelievable.


Where do they get these people like Victoria. She want to “stab him”. Who talks like that knowing they on TV. Lol I could see her say, he makes me sick, I wanted to push him away, or even hit him. But “stab him”. Lol. That BBH really brings out some bad traits.


Yet, she says Devin is a bully. He has never threatened bodily harm.

zach's lemons

You can thank “Uncle” Mooves for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel bad for devin..yeh he came in hot headed kinda did bully but i think really he is a good guy just realllllly competitive but now hes gonna pay for it. but get sick of every post saying some type of talking sh** like man up say to his face yall all sit and bash him all day but all buddy buddy when he walks in just annoying i hope he stays some how and gets derick and caleb out and vicoria i only like brit dev cody and frankie.


I agree, but it is such a cardinal and unforgiven sin when it’s Devin, and not Zach? The things he said about women yet they seem to ignore it, Devin has done nothing no other house guest has done, and Derrick is just hiding behind it. Because Derrick wants him out everyone else wants him out. I mean seriously devein put Zach on the block and zach is the only one that’s not really pushing for Devon to go. Yes he want him out but devin doesn’t roll off his tongue quite as much as every other houseguest in there. They’re all just so glad they’re not going home this week, I mean they play for week to week instead of looking at the long hall. They talk about making it to jury some of them but only Derrick and Brittany really talk about winning. I mean what is it with these people do they think they’re on vacation?

I Don't Like Derrick

He has never bullied. Why do people keep saying that? Because many people in the house said he did, and people repeat? What? Evil Dick, Amanda were bullies. Even Memphis bullied 75 year Jerry, for calling him a playboy. He has not gotten in anyone’s face, called any names, or intimidated.


I don’t think Devin is a good guy.
and now I will say why…
I have been wanting to say this but kept it to myself. He talks about his daughter just like my Dead Beat Ex Brother In-Law talks about my nephew and the father of my friends daughter. He is a Baby Daddy.
I think I said that I did not like how he uses his daughter as a game tool. My Ex-Brother in Law and My friends ex boyfriend use those kids for sympathy and as a weapon all of the time. They talk like they are a part of their lives and use them just like Devin does or they threaten my sister and my friend with them as a way of having power… but the reality is they do not do anything for their children, not financial, no real emotional and no parenting at all.
There have been real stand up dads on Big Brother and real mothers… to my knowledge it has always been I love my kids, I miss my kids and tears over pictures over them… BUT THEY DON NOT USE THEM. Devin uses his daughter.
That is just how I feel, I may be venting or projecting, but if you know a dead beat dad… you will see all of the emotional manipulations that I did. Perhaps that is why Amber called Bullshit and Derrick did also.


Also you don not get kicked off two College Ball Teams and Suspended from a Semi-Pro Team for a year… for being a good guy. He says he left because of his daughter but he was suspended for a year before she was born. He is not a good guy.


If he was suspended for a yr, it would take it as his over use of pharmaceuticals. Just maybe during that process his girlfriend get pregnant and he decides he doesn’t want to go back. Really we all speculate on what might have happened with Devon but I don’t see that he should be judge on whatever choice of decision he made. Secondly I find it hard to understand why you would but Devin in the same classification as your ex brother n law. Devon child is still a newborn-toddler age so how can you say he could be a dead beat dad. Just bcuz he talks about her all the time. Don’t get wrong I’m tired of hearing him but he’s a 1st time dad no different than how a 1st time mom would be. Granted Devin has some psychological issue to resolve but I believe part of it might stem from him not having a father figure in his life. I will say underneath all overpowering of being passive aggressive he has done, I will give him credit for having a emotional connection of being a single mom as he was with Britney.


Glad you only venting and it’s only your opinion based on your X sisters boyfriend flashbacks. I would hate to put all single fathers In your dead beat dad box.


Not all single Dads are like that. He is.
1) makes an alliance with Donny
2)Dumps Donny helps for 8 person alliance
3) Starts crap between Amber and Caleb, daughter
4) Tearful speech apologizing to Donny/ after Donny wins…daughter
5) nominates Brittany (He knew she was a single mother) and makes a deal with PowPow)…. daughter
6) Wins POV… because he wanted to put up Zach,broke deal with PowPow, but then said it was his daughter seeing him as a bad person…. daughter
7) PowPow gets evicted because the house can not stand daughter talk. He says he is crushing on Brittany…. btw how much has he been crushing since he stopped being HoH… ok none
8) I am not campaigning… It’s campaigning… daughter.
Here is the thing if you are a good father you have NO fears of how your children see you, they will always see you as the good guy and hero. Most players with children do not do what he does.
The only ones who do are the ones who know, they are not there and know they will not be there.

There have been great parents on Big Brother. Derrick, Helen, Elissa, Shelley, Brittany… hell if you want to go way back Chicken George…. Was Janelles baby born before the last time she was on BB. None of them used their kids as a tool in the game. Sure Ellissa and Helen had the mom squad, it got them no power and it really was them talking about their kids and Season One Chicken George talked about being on BB to put his girls threw college (they did get their college tuition paid by donors) … It was Season one and America voted for evictions and the house voted for nominations… it sucked bad.
Nobody used a kid to justify stupid game moves… come on… it’s fake and it is a game move.


Oh yeah I agree about how he uses his kid. He seems to have a very narcissistic personality. So he probably thinks that people genuinely take his word (and the emotion behind his empty words) at face value He probably loves her but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t see her that much or wasn’t a part of her daily life and care. And I don’t know who he thinks is buying that he left his career for his child. lol

Lady Luck

The women on this season are insufferable.


Can’t stand Vic she’s not hot or anything either

Amanda's dog Woofy

And she has a beard .


and a fat ugly camel toe.

Amanda's dog Woofy

And a Unibrow


And a nose the size of Yankee Stadium.




Victoria is suffering from a “Grand Illusion”, For some reason she thinks she is the greatest female that has ever walked the face of this earth. That “Big Old Scary Devin ” wants her. I don’t think he has any interest in Brittany any more, let alone Victoria. Unlike Caleb, Brittany gave him nothing and so he walked away.
Unless I am missing something, I have not heard Devin really talking that much game. He has accepted his fate and he is leaving. Unless he goes off of his meds, I doubt there are going to be any fireworks.
Derrick was afraid of Devin and his competition ability… so Devin is gone. Caleb is not a competition beast {Yes, in Caleb’s mind he is the beast master} nor an intellectual threat, {I think the others see him as a joke} there is no one for Derrick to hide behind. Derrick will be receiving a back door very soon.

zach's lemons

Remember the old acronym for girls/women with her beliefs/traits JAP? Jewish American Princess? Was used to describe self-absorbed, spoiled rich, clueless women – OF ALL RACES, RELIGIONS, etc. Now, they are referred to as “Kardashian” wanna-bes! If my little girl (she’s 5 years old) ever acted like this or showed signs of “assimulating” this JAP/Kardashianistic (mental disorder) attitude or behavior, I would seriously start to re-examine my parenting capabilities and what values my wife and I have instilled in our 2 children – my son (just turned 7 this past 4th of July)!


No one seems to be paying TA any attention on their mission. It doesn’t even seem to matter to anyone. What TA should have done was say that about someone not in their own alliance. I don’t think anyone is going to be upset about it being said about Zach because they’re all cool with him.


They didn’t want to annoy anyone, just ear the $5000. I think they did a great job. Nichole surprised me by not repeating it because she knew it was a rumor. Blondie may be a good person playing BB 16.


Out of the thousands of superfans in the USA and they choose Victoria to be a house guest? how stupid are the producers? I really don’t get it.I’d rather watch paint dry than this girl.


Someone asked Frankie the same question and he answered it best, diversity. But certainly they could have done better in that category. She needs to get out of her parents house and around more people. She seems very sheltered and very opinionated for no reason at all. She keeps saying she’s afraid of people and Devon is so big I mean what world does she love in that she’s never seen people Devon size? They’re many more bigger and still they’re not scary. She needs some more world experience and a lot more independence.


Agree 100 percent, Kaleb. What she wants to say so badly but knows she can’t is “I don’t like Devin because he is big and BLACK. Those types of people aren’t in my gated community.” She is by far the most ignorant contestant this year. And not attractive at all!


Can’t agree more ladybug


They are loosing the senses early… should be a fun Season… The Season of Alliances????


Hi Simon & Dawg,
Thanks again for another season of BB spoilers. I’m so glad that I found you a few years back. Because of your posts, watching BB is a totally different experience than simply watching the network broadcasts. The year I found this site, I was ready to take BB off of my DVR…but reading all of the posts, the comments (which usually make me laugh out loud) and the polls made BB fun again.
My donation was just sent via PayPal…thanks again and be sure to take care of yourselves this summer! I worry about the hours you two put in every day!


Thanks NJM12! glad you like the spoilers.

smd nicole

nicole is so smart!


Like her or not, Nicole is a smart cookie. She knew immediately the rumor thing was BS.


I got a little more respect for the girl!!! Still though I want her out for expanding the truth on Donny.

I Don't Like Derrick

I would rather the two of them work together, along with any others to go against Derrick’s team.


not only did coco know it was bs, she immediately suspected an “america’s player” and brought it up in convo. her game is sharp and on point!

Kathie from Canada

I’m kind of hoping that production has an unexpected twist that leads to chaos!! Things seem just too quiet and planned in the house right now.

new to BB 14

I like how the bomb squad wants to get rid of vic,jocasta,brit,and Nicole first which I assume means Donny is at least safe until jury. But my gosh BS needs to wake up and get rid of Christine she is literally the floater of this season she hasn’t done anything game wise except join an alliance. Also what is with her with her hand in her pants like Al Bundy when shes in the hammock does Christine have male parts ?

new to BB 14

don’t jury members usually have an opportunity to re-enter the house?

Be awesome if they throw Donny into the jury house first and he comes back in winning HOH and makes it to final 2


I don’t understand all of the hate for Victoria. Every time I see her, she is friendly and speaks to everyone. She does complain about everyone using her things without asking. I would too. Jacosta just sleeps a nd was sick because of her own doing (laxatives) and everyone thinks she’s great. The darling of this site, Nicole, gripes all day about everything and is loved. Go figure!


So…Jocasta planned to get sick from taking laxatives? Actually, production gave them to Jocasta. She had been complaining about everytime she attempted to use the restroom people would come up to her and talk. She was getting constipated. They gave her laxatives. Then she was out in the heat being pulled up and down by Caleb.


Nicole isn’t loved by everyone. She definitely gets on my nerves.


Easy She has a nose the size of Mt Everest.,

Amanda's dog Woofy

And a tail!


Man, all this hate Devin is getting is so childish. Im starting not to like any of this players. The only person who really played is Devin. Everybody else just came to make friends..after Thursday, there will be no more entertainment.


Another interesting thing was last night’s episode of Frankie talking about his family, and victoria looking like she knows his secret, and he’s DR talking about not wanting anyone to know, and yet, he’s actually saying his sister’s name, outloud to one person, and called her ‘ari’ to victoria while others were around. I don’t think it is a big leap, he’s in there with an unusual last name already.

The fact that I personally didn’t know who the heck she is is besides the point 🙂


Princess Vicky says she is afraid that Devin is going to kill her, but she is the one who wants to stab him. Girls got issues for sure.


This season is CMA in the BB house Cover My A@@ with as many alliances they can get! Lol I am surprised they can remember who they are in alliances with! Seems like there is always a new one or a newest member added! I cant remember another season with this many alliances let alone one with 8 members! Gotta hand it to Nicole for questioning the rumor as an American challenge she proved she really is a BB fan and watches the show as a fan! WtG Nicole:)


Poor Zach!!! No wonder he is Amanda’s Cousin!!!!


I will be so glad when that hook nose Victoria, get evicted all she do is whine ,smack and lie on Devin

Detroit Girl

I can’t wait for the “Schnozz Twins” to get evicted! Won’t Vile Vicky (like that one) be surprised when she gets booed before jury and isn’t America’s favorite?


Holy Moses: “It was Amber who told Nicole that Donny was talking to Jocasta about how Nicole was being manipulated by Derrick.” Talk about convoluted…congrats on keeping THAT straight, Simon. This year is entertaining just in trying to keep up with the game talk.


Sorry, but I agree with EricCa…..I also know these kind of men. They use their children for sympathy or bait for their next victim. SHE won’t let me see my daughter….Wahh. None of it’s my fault…Wahh. I’m a good daddy! Women do not choose to have children only to raise them alone. There is USUALLY a VERY good reason they aren’t in their lives, either because the men choose not to be, or because they aren’t healthy for the child. Devin has been given many gifts….either by nature or by God, whichever you choose to believe…and seems to have squandered much of it away. Many people would be grateful to have a 10th of what he’s been given naturally. No, I don’t feel a bit sorry for him. He’s reckless, IMO. C’mon, let me have it now! I expect it.


Brittany use the same sympathy card talking about her kids, which lead to Devin taking her off the block last week.


Did Derrick try and put a seed in Victoria’s head about Donny being America’s player? I thought he wanted to protect him so they could get more money from doing missions.

Get over it

Stupid ***** hating on victoria when DONNY is your favorite? LMAO, bye. She legit does nothing and is constantly getting hated on for the stupidest reasons. What about that b*** amber? Get fucking real she doesn’t do anything wrong and all of your reasons are invalid and utterly stupid