Victoria “I’m not a good runner.. I hate running” can’t run a breath at the same time

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

BB16-2014-07-13 19-36-48-077

7:32pm Hammock area Victoria and Christine running Cody, Hayden, Donny, Frankie Amber around the Hammock.
Vicotira says she suclks at running “I can’t breath”
Victoria – “I hate running I’m not a good runner”
As she’s running laps Victoria asks how do you run and breath at the same time
Hayden – “Christine how do you run and breath at the same time”
Victoria Stops running and walks over to them at the hammock.
Nicole – Victoria – do you know what you just said
Victoria – ya do you know breathing is a very big thing when running
Donny – It’s a really big thing with everything
Victoria – You’re laughing but America is not laughing.
Victoria say when you run you breath in with your nose and out through your mouth so When she runs she has to think about it and it messes her up.
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8:00pm Hammock area Hayden, Nicole, Donny, Amber and Frankie
Nicole aska HAyden if he goes to the “fair”
He says no not really
Nicole sounding sad says “Ohh” (LOL)
8:10pm Amber and Donny Hammock
Amber mentions how nobody sleeps in the the house. Donny – “I try” Amber says the have nots bed is really tough to sleep in ebcuase the beds are hard. Donny is wondering if Amber could fill a sock with rice and put it in the microwave to heat it up, “Maybe place it at your feet.. cover up”  Amber wishes there was another girl in the have nots to cuddle close to for warmth. Donny mentions that Hayden sleeps on his belly and he’s been getting good sleeps.

8:14pm HOH Tub Nicole, Victoria, Christine and Frankie. Chit chat

8:17pm Devin washes his junk because so many of you are fans 😉

BB16-2014-07-13 20-42-53-309

8:43pm Jocasta and Christine Hammock
Talking about Jocasta’s blocked fallopian tube, “I was out for 6 weeks.. my stomach was HUGE and NASTY”

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BB16-2014-07-13 20-52-17-822

8:50pm HOH Frankie and Derrick
Wondering who has the leg up in the Endurance competition. Derrick thinks Caleb or Hayden will win it. Derrick thinks Caleb has the best chance he’s got the “Soldier mentality”
Frankie says he hasn’t done any of the Team America task maybe that’s a good thing so they to arouse suspicion. Frankie suggest they alternate. Derrick think they should wait to see what it is. . Derrick has noticed Brittany seems very quiet today, “Maybe she’s homesick”. Derrick wonders how Brittany is so skinny she is always eating. Donny confirmed with Derrick he’s using the POV on JOcasta.
Derrick is worried that Caleb might not be able to talk to amber tonight so he’s thinking Frankie might have to do one of the team America tasks. Frankie says he can he’s just waiting for it to spread. Derrick says he can’t tell it in front of a group of friends it has to be said one on one. Derrick says they already have “one” when Donny told Nicole, Victoria will talk to Brittany tonight that will give them “Two” just this 3rd one is being trouble. Derrick thought Caleb would run off to Amber right away because he has “Privileged information”

Victoria starts walking to the HOH door. Derrick comments that she’s living in the HOH now. Victoria rolls in . They talk about Caleb and going on the block for Amber. Victoria says it’s obvious he’s not receiving back what he’s giving her.

BB16-2014-07-13 21-02-42-290

9:03pm Donny and Brittany eating icecream and looking at stars
They hear people screaming outside.. “Something.. Big Brother” Production calls a lockdown.

BB16-2014-07-13 21-18-00-000

9:20pm living room Zachm Hayden, Donny, Nicole, Devin, Jocasta
Hayden and Zach mention how when Victoria describes her perfect guy being good looking is top on her list”
Devin has a sore stomach he says it feel like he’s having a baby (Another daughter perhaps)

BB16-2014-07-13 21-39-22-594
9:39pm Living room Hayden and Jocasta give Nicole some massage pointers

9:45pm Pool, Zach Cody and Derrick
Talking about Brittany. Zach tells them she has no game and isn’t a huge threat like they are making her out to be. They agree they Donny is using the POV.
They agree all Brittany wants is attention in the house and that is what Cody and Zach have been giving her.
Derrick – “That’s why she hates Amber”
Zach – “Because she takes all the attention”
Derick – Ya Amber is hotter than her”
Cody – “By a lot”
Zach mentions how he was talking with Brittanya dn Donny. Brittany was asking why is it that the two of them are always getting nominated. Donny answered “it’s because we handle it so well” Zach says it’s because she can’t keep her mouth shut
Cody says he will put up Victoria and Jocasta.
Derrick – “unless Brittany steps on her d!ck even more this week”

10:07pm POol table Victoria, Zach, Donny, caleb and hayden
Victoria asks Zach if he’s staying up all night.
Zach – ‘Well I’ve been up for 17 hours”

BB16-2014-07-13 22-16-05-166

10:15pm Hayden and Nicole playing pool
Nicole says she doesn’t like playing him in POol because it’s so darn hard.
Gayden – “Frogs don’t belong in a poll they belong in a pond.”

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Ugh… Derrick and Frankie are perfect for Team America, they are both messy little school girls searching for scandal and gossip at every turn. I’ve never seen two grown men who love to gossip so much. Derrick is honestly a joke.


I have to say that I’m confused. I’m a woman. I’m over 30. But last time I checked, men in their mid-20’s, early 30’s didn’t run around asking “do you think she likes me?…ask her if she likes me….did she say anything else?….should I try to kiss her?… you think she likes him better than me?…Don’t tell her I asked. It’s literally mindblowing to me. I grew up with two brothers who would have been beaten up if they acted like that and a husband who’s fought in two wars. First, he NEVER talks about his service. He did his job, it’s over. There is a serious lack of real testosterone and true self-esteem in that house. Just my opinion. (Although, Donny is DEFINITELY a man, and once the beard comes off, they’ll all see it.) He’s allowed to look at the older girls. For heaven’s sake, he’s 42, not 82!


What the actual hell is Victoria even doing on Big Brother? I honestly think that casting thought she was going to be the next Rachel Reilly….and they failed BIG TIME.

Anonymous Elissa..yes.


Donny: “breathing is kind of important for everything” lol. Victwotia: YOU may be laughing, but America isn’t. Oh yes, Victwotia, we are!


Don’t you think that Victoria is the kinda of girl if you give her gum before a jog, you might be accused of a homicide.


Donny and Brittany should work together 😮


That little pink bow on “Frog” is so cute! XD


Not being mean or anything but Victoria shouldn’t be on Big Brother… The Bachelor seems more like a good fit for her. She’s so out of touch with the game and it sucks that she’s getting to stay when people that really want to play and win the money are getting evicted! I feel like even Poala should’ve stayed longer than her.


She is not near attractive enough to be on Bachelor.


Just being honest.


Derrick is one of. The smartest Big Brother players of all time, for sure.


Smart guy, knows how to work people, but I think he’s talking too much to too many people too early in the game. Once they start comparing notes about him he’ll be seen as a big threat, and after “crazy guy” Devin is gone I think he’ll be the next target for a lot of players.


It turns into High School pretty quick in there I guess because theres nothing else to talk about but game and who is doing what. People not showering, wearing other peoples clothes, eating like pigs ect ect. Its all there is to do in the house is people watch and you start to notice things more because theres less to do.


yeah and leaving food out, e.g., honey, for the ants to attack. omg these people are slobs and ruining the bb house. victoria and zach are the worst for not helping out with house chores. guess they have people at home do their housekeeping..just sayin

Brittany's Ex

Brittany is way hotter than Amber! Like Derrick and Zachary are something to look at. Cody’s just mad cause Brittnay ain’t rubbing up on him!

Team Zankie(?)

Zach says he only has sex with “people” he likes.

If you are 100% straight, why not just say women?


Why isn’t Franky doing his part for Team America? If he doesn’t start the rumor like the other two, he should not get paid. Divide his money between Derrick and Donny. Franky is making excuses when in fact if there really was a rumor he would be all over it!!!!

Roisen Dubh

I think for once Frankie is smart. That rumor thing was meant to stir up a hornet’s nest. Team America will destroy Derrick, he’s thinking about the money and from past footage, it ain’t smart to stir Zach up.


Just wondering?! Do they ever get alcohol?! Seems like they need a distraction from who likes who today!? I feel like its high school in the bb house! Lol:) I think BB really wants to get a showmance going!


As soon as Devin is gone BB will break out the alcohol. He’s too unpredictable and emotional at this point to risk getting liquored up.


Next HOH is big. It is about to be Zach, Cody, Derrick, Amber, Caleb vs Nicole, Hayden, Christine, Donny, Jocasta. With Brittany, Frankie, Victoria sucking up to whoever is in power.


The problem is that Nicole, Hayden and Christine aren’t smart enough to realize what side they are on. If they win HOH they will probably put up people from their side – most likely Donny, Jocasta, Victoria – and Amber.


Christine’s laugh is so ANNOYING!!!!

Roisen Dubh

Too bad Donny has to use the POV. If he didn’t these guys would vote jocasta out just to spite him. I’m surprised Caleb hasn’t thought of this or Donny, if that happened, that would cripple Derrick for a couple of weeks. Donny knows what’s up, he better pull the trigger real soon. These guys need POWERHOUSE.


Ami i the only one who’s bored with this week. Compared to last week this has been a snoozefest, hopefully things pick up after the veto ceremony but I’m not actually sure that it will. The way things are going this season would be a repeat of season 12 with Derick, Cody, Zach, Frankie and Nicole as the Brigade with Britney.

I’m crossing my fingers that Donny and Britanny wins the next HOH and pit Cody, Caleb against Amber, Zach with Derick or Frankie as the alternative, in case veto is used. This set of nominees will definitely turn the house upside down.


Why the heck are these people trying backdoor Devin when they have Caleb sitting on the block already?? Sure Devin is a bit crazy, but thing about him is that he is easily manipulated. Anyone can use him as a tool, all you have to do get him to talk about his daughter, and you win him over. Just like Brittany got herself off the block! Caleb on the other hand is probably the strongest in the house as far as competitions go. They need to get him out and then keep Jocasta as the new PowPow, and then get out Amber because she doesn’t really have anyone in the house. I don’t understand why everyone is fighting so hard to keep in the strong players this season.


Eh..Caleb has won one competition. Devin…and even Donny has won more than him. Caleb is not a beast, he just runs around saying he is.


I agree. They need to send Caleb home and make peace with Devin. Donny and the “outsiders” need a powerhouse. The only comp won by any other male other than Caleb, Devin and Donny is “golf”. Devin should have won the HOH and allied with the outsiders. He should not have included Christine and Amber if he allied with the men. But, he knew Caleb had a crush.
If Christine stopped to think about it, she’d realize that the only reason she was in the BS and had access to info was Devin. if not, she might have gone before POW


I don’t understand what is going on this season, they are literally one big alliance. They are voting the same, they are nominating the same, they are taking house votes on who should go home rather than play their own game. They are fighting harder for other people to stay in the house harder than they are to keep themselves in the game! If Devin goes home, I really don’t see much more this season has to offer… these people are a bore.. all they want to do is eat and gossip.


I think Devin is annoying, but I do not think he is dangerous. Victoria and Christine keep making comments as if Devin is a violent, hateful person, and it’s really rude and annoying.


When Hayden told them that Devin “is a really good guy” Christine said “I find that offensive”. Really Christine, there are some offensive people in the house, and you my dear are one of them. I feel sorry for Devin and Donny, when they get home and see the stupid remarks this bunch of ignorant fools made about them.
We are also getting a preview of what the house is going to be like after Devin is gone. We could get a rewind of last year and they constantly run Devin through the mud twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week. Oh what a big thrill! This cast is boring!


Omg when is the house going to catch on Frankie and start putting him on the block
I hope someone else wins other then the guys


Zach must really like Vic b/c he’s always talking about her me thinks he protests to much


I wouldn’t be surprised if this week this is the final week for dual HOH and BOB.

Michael LB

Who is this Victoria people are talking about?


I don’t understand who’s working with who? Everyone is crazy paranoid but I would be too with the amount of side deals and alliances going on. I do like Amber though and I just hope she realizes the only person she can trust is Caleb


Amber wake up!
You’re only ally is on a sinking ship

These people think she’s a femme fatal that’s dangerous to their games

Grow a spine, take on this role, and maybe she can actually do something in this competition.
I feel like Devin, Caleb, and Amber are about to be evicted back to back which would be disappointing.
I would take them over Victoria, Christine, and all bark no bite Cody any day

This actually has to be one of the weakest cast of girls this how has had, they all are acting like a deer in headlights


Zach is so in love with Victoria don’t you guys think 😉

new to BB 14

next HoH should backdoor Christine she looks like Alice the Goon from the old popeye cartoons

Then again I hope Christine wins BB and uses the money on some rinoplasti surgery

King Silva

You are so fucked up although I LOL’d! :p

I had to look up Alice the Goon but I think you are on to something. 😉


Honestly I really dislike Christine and Victoria. They make Devin sound like a murder, when in reality those are the two girls he barely talks to. I’m ready for this season to be over and fine a better cast that is willing to play “BIG BROTHER.” I feel like big brother has changed so much and everyone is playing like high school “who we like more.” With old players like Dan, Janelle, Brittany and Rachel weren’t afraid to make big moves.


I’m Least Mode Cowboy.


Hate to say I told you so. Devin hasn’t even been evicted and everyone is already calling this a snoozefest. Donny has to realize that he needs Devin in this game for his sake. He is winning comps and he needs to take that into consideration. If Devin goes he will most likely be the next target as far as comps go. He needs to use Devin as a shield. Honestly if he didn’t use the veto I still dont think they would vote out Jocasta. If they do they are officially the dumbest group of HG’s ever.


Donny would have worked with Devin, but Devin is unpredictable and already screwed Donny over twice. I’m not sure he can be trusted. I honestly don’t think Devin is intentionally doing it, but I think the combination of being in that house (which every house guest I’ve met or heard talk about it has said that it makes you so paranoid and drives you a little crazy) and whatever disorder he has (I know the other house guests have said he’s bi-polar, not sure we know that’s a fact) just work to his disadvantage. I’m not sure Devin would know how to remain focused and loyal. It would be great if he did, but it’s doubtful.

Mister E

I hate how Caleb thinks he is a competition beast. He has only won a single comp and that one was only against half the house. He may have lost that one if he had the other players up there at the same time. Then there is this infatuation with Amber. Maybe if he toned down the cocky attitude he might have a better chance with her. I believe women like confidence more than cocky.

Love BB



I’m from the same area as nicole. Around there, the fair is a pretty huge deal. Lol. Not much else to do.