Nicole “Oh my gosh you know what Donny asked me .. If I peed on anybody that’s what frogs do”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

BB16-2014-07-13 17-05-59-949

5:04pm Caleb and Frankie
Caleb saying he took the blanket off himself and put it on AMber. THe Have nots room is really cold at night. Caleb adds that she didn’t even noticed said, “I was warm last night”
Frankie doesn’t want him to get sick tells him to make sure to take care of himself.
Caleb – “I really want’s that cold just my feet.. I should have put the mittens on my feet”
Caleb mentions how funny it was that Amber thought he was going to kiss her in the photo booth. He wasn’t going to,

BB16-2014-07-13 17-25-53-441

5:25pm Hammock Brittany and Donny
She’s asking him what it sup. Donny says he’s just hanging out.. Christine his girlfriend comes back from Mexico on the 18th. Sounds like Donny is thinking about shaving his beard off. He needs to talk to Christine or “Somebody” else. This is something he may want to do for the finale.

BB16-2014-07-13 17-35-50-377

5:31p Amber and Hayden running laps
Caleb and Frankie are watching them. Frankie watching Hayden Caleb watching Amber he says you can see her black g-string when she runs.

BB16-2014-07-13 17-52-19-139

5:53pm Backyard Frog, Christine and Devin (Watching the runners, Caleb, Hayden, Frankie , Amber)
Devin says Dan is the best player to ever play Big Brother. Nicole hopes she gets to see him he the only other person from Michigan that was on the show. Christine says Hayden (BB12) is the only other person from Arizona she knows that has played on Big Brother. Nicole says her mom bought her Dan’s book when it first came out but Nicole was still too young to apply. She says the book is really small only takes a hour to read Christine says it crazy she’s in the house right now when just 4 months ago she was reading his book dreaming about being on the show. The girls come up for reasons why they are not running, No music, everyone watching, Frog Costume…
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BB16-2014-07-13 18-30-51-010

6:11pm Hammock Frankie , Amber and Christine
Frankie tells amber he talked to Donny Jocasta comes down. Amber – “Christine if I don’t win HOH this week please will you win” Frankie says if it’s endurance the three of them will win it. Frankie mentions Hayden might win it but he’s weak being on slop.
Frankie says Zach will last 12 minutes in endurance. Frankie – “I would take Calleb over Cody hands down” Frog joins them they start watching Cody running laps and Hayden/Caleb lift weights.
Big Brother told them approximately 19 and 1/4 laps of the backyard equals
Christine Brings up when Rachel fell running.
Nicole “Oh my gosh you know what Donny asked me today.. If I peed on anybody because frogs pee on people”

They all say Ehhh.
(What really happened Donny asks Nicole in a room of people have you tried peeing on someone to see if they get warts?! They all laugh. Donny asks haven’t you heard that if a hoppy toad pees on you, you’ll get warts.)

BB16-2014-07-13 18-32-43-512

6:32pm Hammock Amber and Christine
Talking about Donny talking to everyone. Christine – “he’s done for” They both had high hopes for Donny really liked him but he’s running around talking way too much. Amber mentions how Donny is distancing himself from Devin. Christine – “He’s so Fake”
Amber comments how much she likes Cody (as a friend). Christine likes him to says he’s a good guy. Amber considers Cody a very good friends in the house. Amber wonders what Zach has to offer in their alliance doesn’t think much.
Christine plays along says he sleeps all day.. what does he do.. his college was paid for.

Amber says it’s so sweet that Caleb likes her, “Right here now that’s not.. uhh.. I dont know thats not something I would do.. I honestly I still.. My heart’s somewhere else. . until I feel the way i’ve felt in past relationships I’m not going to settle or waste my time.. right now I really can’t do that”
Christine – your heart can’t be that open in this game
Amber – it’s crazy I feel bad I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings… I’ve been straight up to him.
Amber is worried people outside are going to think she is mean, “He’s a great person.. he’s an awesome person”
Christine wonders what her game would be like if she wasn’t married
AMber wishes she had said she was married.
Christine says that would be a great idea”
Amber – Can I add in a boyfriend
They both agree there is a lot of great looking guys with manners in the house this year.
6:56pm Hammock
Amber goes on about how much she likes Cody..
Christine says Cody is really really into Brittnay like really into her.
Amber is surprised, I don’t know where he is at in the game even though he’s with us”
Christine – It’s odd
Cody Joins them.

BB16-2014-07-13 19-04-16-996

7:03pm Frankie and Caleb Have nots
Frankie says he told Amber he would take Caleb over Cody any day
Caleb – Was that all that was said
Frankie – ya that’s what I said that was it .. but it’s true
Caleb – “it’s the man behind the skin that means more than anything.. I’m more of a man than he is”
Frankie agrees says he also more attractive. Frankie gives him a hug wishes him a good rest. Caleb hunkers down to sleep in the have nots.Frankie goes to Zach in the rock room gives him a kiss.. says good morning it’s 8pm. Zach – “I’m still going to sleep for two more hours.  Frankie leaves whispers to himself Kinda I love with him for real he’s the cutest.

BB16-2014-07-13 19-28-21-790


BB16-2014-07-13 19-10-14-902

7:12pm They start leapfrog Hayden “I’ve never seen a frog afraid to hop”

BB16-2014-07-13 19-10-37-404

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Come ON, Nicole, the man was making a joke for cryin’ in the night! I like this girl, but I’m not sure why.


ugg. all nicole does is complain or whine if she didn’t do either she’d have nothing to say


She’s sort of growing on me for some reason. But I don’t watch them on the feeds through out the day. But her dry tone is kind of amusing and she’s a bit over dramatic but keeps the same monotone. I may like her more without Christine in the mix. Nicole is giving me a blonde Daria vibe which is kind of funny.


Nicole’s voice is starting to grate on me. It’s monotone and whiney and she talks they way teenage girls talk. She doesn’t sound or act like an adult. And I think it’s strange she even tried out for this show when she seems so self conscious about how she’s coming off on TV

I’m also way over Derrick. He is always aware of cameras, overly concerned with what “America” thinks and can’t stand him talking to the camera. It’s why zach is more entertaining. He completely forgets cameras are in him!


Christine and Nicole are mean girls


only because they don`t like Donny? Well I dont like Donny either


I can’t stand Christine.


Could not agree more. Her laugh is awful and I hate the fact that she’s going to get really far in this game


Christine calling Donny fake? Look in the mirror, girl. That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Who’s obsessed now, Christine?


Donny is going to be heart broken when he gets out and hears the way they talked about him. I don’t get the feeds so I could miss something but from the recaps he doesn’t come off creepy.


Maybe, but if he wins or makes it far he may be like screw them all. I don’t know he comes off sensitive but only to a point.He’s finding his “groove” in the game more than when we say him crying because was being accepted a couple of weeks ago. He seems to come of like would see it and chalk it up to it being a game where he is stuck in there with a mainly a bunch of 20 something year-olds in house where you don’t know really who is who. And where they probably think 42 is really old when in actuality it really isn’t. It’s just relevant.


Once again, Donny is my favorite house guest. My children will hate to see him go.


Children? how old are they? If I had children I would not let them watch BB. Maybe if they are 14 or older


My step son is 20. My daughter is 15. I also have younger but they don’t watch.

Love BB

I realllly hope that someone figures out that Christine is a sneaky, rumour-mongering snake. She’s targeting Donny & I hope Nicole figures her out. Soon!


Did you know that Donny told Nicole to put CHristiane up??

When you find out that someone is coming after you you need to go after them…


He was telling her to watch out for the members of the bomb squad because they both were not included in that alliance. He was doing the math and from that it is pretty clear that they are in the minority, so priority should be placed on getting bomb squad members out before non-members (like Nicole and Donny) are slowly evicted one by one. Although it was dumb for Donny to mention Christine’s name to Nicole, as they are close, he was just trying to make her see the bigger picture, which is don’t place all your eggs in the Christine basket when the girl is ultimately going to end up choosing the alliance that will get her the furthest in the game. To bad Nicole has a big mouth and isn’t smart enough to make those side alliances, like Christine has done, to secure her safety down the road.


Exactly – and let’s not forget that Christine asked to talk with Donny. He didn’t just go up there and start offering is two cents like most people in BB.

I think it shows just how ignorant Nicole is in this game that she still trusts Christine. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really don’t get all the “love” for that girl on this site. She’s second in the polls and climbing. I don’t hate her; I’m just saying I don’t get it. She’s quite naive and not as smart as everyone thinks given that she trusts Christine and then put Donny up.


This is for Simon and Dawg or whoever watches the feeds…
I don’t remember most of the things they are saying about Donny.
Is what they are saying true? Just curious. If they are stretching the truth
I am starting to not like these girls and what they are doing?


Seeing your comment is like getting to hear Allison Grodner come over the speaker and say something to the houseguest. Haha.


Christine should be happy she is married because if she was single she would have been crying every night because none of the guys in the house would have hit on her. Her voice is HORRIBLE. Her voice sounds like she is talking through her nose, like a pig oinking. She even eats like a pig. Have you seen her eating yoghurt? Yuck. She looks like a man. Nothing ‘girly’ about her looks. If she wasn’t married, she would’ve been the one hitting on Donny. I hope Donny shaves off the beards because I think under those beards is a good looking man.


I get confused when amber talks and then I realize that she still thinks she is in the Bomb Squad with Christine and Cody, etc.


Ugh Christine is pissing me off!! And come on Nicole, why are you trying to make the good man look bad.


What’s up with Frankie and Zach? Lol




I wonder the same thing. He once said, “I’m not gay, but I swear when he was touching me, ‘it’ got hard..” Suspicious…

Donny’s Visor

Donny is one of my favorite houseguests and I hate to see people talk about him like that but I also understand that with not too many villains in the house, people start getting paranoid and they try to find new people to hate since they think that’s their role in the game. With the drama away from Devin and in such a suspicious environment, I understand where a lot of this is coming from. I’m not saying it’s ok but I still like Christine and Nicole and I hope they go far.

Donny’s Visor

cue the thumbs down


There are villains in the house.
Frankie has messed with more of their games than they realize. They just think he is harmless because he is gay. He has kicked people under the bus and talked mad crap… He perpetuates Calebs illusions about Amber, He is the first one to talk about getting rid of Zach, He has placed doubts about Christine in peoples heads, he has kicked Caleb under the bus etc…

Derrick don’t get me wrong. I like Derrick but sometimes we like the Villain. He has set in motion more things for more players than they know. In the coming weeks I see him evolving into a full blown Dan or Dr Will.

Zach, he is a schmuck and his dark side will come out to play.

Cody, he isn’t as nice as they think he is. He looks like the hero… but I think he is a little more Gaston than he is Superman.


I am SICK of Frankie sabotaging Zach’s game, even stooping so low as to use Team America’s mission to cast more suspicion and gossip on him. Zach was legit wanting to work with him until the end. I just don’t get Frankie, I think the guy is a mess, and not as in control of his own game as he thinks he is.


I agree there are definitely villians. Or maybe wolves in sheeps It seems like the 2 HOH twists and also Devin being so overbearing with his tactics and emotions is allowing certain people to not be on the radar and be more trusted than they should be. I don’t know. They don’t seem to compare notes and the women in there overally art too insecure and intimatiaded for the their own good unfortunately which isn’t helping “expose” some of the wolves in sheep’s clothing right now

Captain Crunch

what is it gonna take for Caleb to realize that Amber doesn’t like him??
Stevie Wonder can see that this relationship is going nowhere so why cant he.

it must be an ego thing by the time he realize it he’ll be out of the house
and Amber probably wont show up at the finally because of him


I bet Production told him they would get him on the show, but we would have to have a showmance.

And they probably keep again him about Amber all the time at DR.. that makes him think that she might have something for him

Baby Firefly

It’s a total mob mentality think tank in there now. Donny is only 42 and they act like he’s this creepy old man. If Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp(both over50) were in there, I wonder if this picking on the older guy crap would be going on. Part of it, I hate to say is the survival of the fittest mentality that looks at Donny as weak as he walks around quietly and sort of hunched over like he wouldn’t harm a fly. Seriously though, some of these youngsters need to STFU because they haven’t done much of anything in the game and really could and should be knocked out sooner than later. Christine, I’m looking at you.(yeah, I know she can’t see these comments, save it)


Brad Pitt looks 40 and Donny looks 60


I realize that Donny looks older than his age, but Brad Pitt does NOT look 40. At least not to me. I think he looks every bit his age.


Excellent point on Donny’s age. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing.


Christine and Nicole are gonna blow up their games because of their b*tchy, catty ways! Neither one of them should win anyways so I guess that’s a good thing. I expected more from Nicole but I feel like jealousy and trying to fit in is making her MEAN!


I wish Donny would keep the noms the same. I think he need Devin. Devin would continue being the target. Jo can not save him.


Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Nicole are getting a golden boy/girl edit from CBS when they have said plenty of vile and hateful things. This cast is pretty similar to last season they all talk smack about a girl (last season was Elissa and now its Amber) and I am not a 100% sure but I think Amanda insinuated that Howard was gonna hurt her or something and this year Victoria and Christine are suggesting similar things about Devin. I understand if you want to paint someone a target but their comments about Devin and Donny are simply hateful. Not once has Devin appeared to threaten any of the girls and not once did Donny say anything “creepy”.

What’s really creepy is Caleb talking about Amber, not washing his face after she kisses him, wearing her dress around his neck and she was also missing panties and I bet he stole them.
Also, when Hayden tries to rub on the girls or acts like he has a boner the girls find that funny and not creepy but the minute Donny makes a joke..

Finally, CBS is so desperate for a showmance they are trying to show Nicole and Hayden as one when its far from the truth.


After this week, I’ve noticed how much I like Amber – especially with all the crap pple have been giving her. My top 3 are probably Amber, Zach, and Brittany


I agree. Although my top 3 are Donny, Brittany, Amber.


I’m so glad Nichole’s true colors are starting to show… And it’s green! 🙂
She’s a lying, insecure, envious toad.
I want her out sooner than later that’s for sure.


Yes! It’s almost sad to watch how insecure she is. She talks a tough game, but you can clearly see that she is a small fish in a big pond. She didn’t even want to win HOH because she didn’t want to put anyone up, not because she didn’t want blood on her hands, but because she was scared that people would be mad at her.


lying is part of the game

I guess you have only on option – Jocasta


Just give Donny the 25000 dollars already for pulling the heart strings of women across America.


I love how everyone is all “Poor ole Donny” give me a break. If anyone said (no matter what they looked like) “Did you pee on anyone to see if you gave them warts”??? That’s gross and YES extra creepy coming out of that beard. Remember Kenny from BBCAN2, same beard, not creepy!!!! Reality check, this guy is a gamer lets not forget that when we are saying “Poor ole Donny”


people are forgetting that Devin and Caleb also tough that Donny was fake and creepy week 1


LOL, they thought he was military, not “creepy”. The good thing is, if you’re not full of &^%$, you can simply post the time and camera where they said that. I doubt you can though. Obvious troll is obvious.


I disagree 100%. If Cody would have said it she would have thought it was hilarious.

He was JOKING because she’s dressed as a frog. Get over yourself. It’s like he just randomly said it prior to her being dressed as a frog.

I feel like people online love to bash nice people who have a lot of fans (e.g. Jeff/Jordan). It’s like heaven forbid someone actually be nice in this world and not a spiteful, hateful, negative, insecure person.

If anyone should be insecure in that house, it SHOULD be Donny. I would hate to be in that house with no one even remotely close to my age – and I actually have friends who are 15 years younger than me, but A) they’re already my friends and B) I still wouldn’t want to be stuck with ONLY them 24/7 for months.


I’m trying to like Christine, but she needs to stop calling everyone fake, is the fakest of them all! She constantly complains about Donny, Frankie and Amber, but yet she is literally always up their asses! If you don’t like someone, you don’t have to be mean to them, but you definitely don’t have to kiss their ass. Christine, get a backbone!

new to BB 14

I hope Donny and Jocasta pull off a miracle and are the next two HoH’s!! Then we would really see weeping and gnashing of teeth!!

Christine needs to go home before Victoria!!

Fabio just hates who ever everybody else likes Fabio is anti-popularity!!!!!!!


my favorites have been

Season 8 Danielle
Season 9 Sharoon
Season 10 Kessha
Season 11 Laura
Season 12 Britanny
Season 13 Danielle
Season 14 Britanny
Season 15 Araryn
Season 16 Britanny


Hope Donny doesn’t shave the beard off too soon. In past seasons there have been reward comps based on what hgs are willing to do — stay on slop, wear the unitard for the duration, etc. If prod has the same comp this season, they might ask Donny would he shave for $5,000, or whatever. Would love to see him win something as I don’t imagine his job pays that well.


So sick and tired of Frankie’s stupid half-ways crooked hat. He is 30 plus years old and acts like he’s 20. Gimme a break, so over you and your fakeness.


The main people in this house are comical. They talk about targeting people, but haven’t even won any comps. They also fail to realize that you cannot have a plan to evict people every week. You have to have a social game when you’re not in power. Have they not watched at least BB12 where Britney faked liking Rachel to further herself in the game. They may not like HG’s, but they can help further your game whether you like them or not.


Hope Whoever wins next HOH casts Donny out on his old bearded ass!!!! With Jocasta following after. 🙂


All you Donny fans are just middle aged women who feel about sorry about him and praise him like he’s Jesus.


I’m a Donny fan, a 30-year-old male, but thanks for lumping all of Donny’s fans together, you twat.


I feel bad for celab man. Amber should just give the poor guy a chance


So does Zach secretly like Frankie? What’s the deal. I know they cuddle a lot, but then he went and kinda denied that he was into Frankie.

Team Zach

I have this theory that Zach is bi-curious, but never really experimented. He came into the house and felt an attraction to Frankie and just ran with it. However, in the last week he has begun to suspect that Frankie is a snake and has been stabbing him in the back. Now, he’s confused, hurt, but above all else prideful and refusing to admit he felt anything in the first place (he claimed he was, “talking out of his ass” to Cody yesterday when Cody questioned him about admitting he was attracted to Frankie the first day in the house).

I feel really sorry for Zach. If my theory is true to any extent, then under his attitude and arrogance is someone who is really confused and probably feeling more alone than he ever has in his life. The cameras are rolling 24/7, and he can’t be certain he can trust anyone in that house with what he’s going through…no wonder he’s secluded and sleeping so much.