Amber says I do NOT have the hots for Devin! I have the hots more for Cody than for Devin!

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 00-55-07-218
1am – 1:35am Up in the HOH room – Derrick, Amber and Brittany are talking. Derrick says if I could have worked with Devin I would keep him here. Brittany says yeah because he lies about everything. Derrick says I am sure that when it gets closer to Thursday I’m sure there will be a lie about Caleb like saying he is working with a large group in the house. Derrick says I think tomorrow will see when Devin goes on the block. Then you guys can decide and vote him out. You’ll see when Devin is gone the rumor mill will be cut in haf. Derrick says the Donny will use the veto on Jocasta because it would be stupid to leave your friend on the block. Cody joins them. Derrick tells him that apparently I might not put Devin on the block. Cody says who said that. Derrick says Deivn. The lies are going to be cut in half when he leaves. Jocasta joins them to pray. They talk about how Devin twisted Amber saying that Devin was her type. Amber says I just want to yell it at the house – I do not have the hots for Devin!! Amber says I have the hots more for Cody than I do for Devin! Jocasta says oh you have the hots for CODY! Amber says as my friend! They start praying.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 00-54-17-265

1:25am Out in the backyard – Nicole is laying out with Hayden by the hot tub. They move over to the couch to join Christine, Victoria and Frankie on the couch. They talk about Frankie’s religious bracelet. Frankie then joins Caleb on the hammock. Caleb says I really want to know what they’re (Amber, Brittany, Derrick) talking about. She has never been so secretive about something. Frankie says that people have been putting a lot of bullsh*t in her head. People have been telling her not to trust me. Frankie asks why, what have I done to me you not trust me? Caleb says the only thing is that you talk to everyone. The only people I fully trust are you, Amber and Derrick. Frankie says exactly. Caleb says Derrick will tell me what they talked about. Frankie says I can’t be her babysitter to stop her from talking to them. Caleb says I think they went up to the HOH room to discuss Devin. Frankie says that Brittany and Amber are convinced they’re the targets next week. Caleb says I don’t know why they feel that. Derrick joins them.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 01-37-56-382

Derrick tells them what Amber/Brittany came up to talk to me about how they heard Donny might not use the veto on Jocasta and that I might not put up Devin. They did exactly what I want anyone to do if they hear something.. to come directly to me and ask me. Derrick says Donny is using the veto on Jocasta and I am putting Devin up. Caleb says I want to sit next to Devin to watch him walk out the door. Caleb tells Derrick now would be a good time to talk to Amber. Derrick goes inside to tell Amber that Caleb wants to talk to him. Derrick comes back out and says its too suspicious me telling her to talk to you right after I talked to them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 01-56-52-648
2am Over on the backyard couch – Cody, Christine, Victoria, Amber, Hayden and Nicole are chatting about random things. Hayden says I had a dream that Donny was a serial killer. Cody asks did you tell him. Hayden says nope! It was scary, not going to tell him. Amber and Cody head inside. Hayden and Nicole argue about their differing views on movies and music. Derrick says I can fix this, I’m a professional at this. Let me show you how it goes. Derrick grabs Nicole’s hand and says babe, you know I am stupid. You’re smart. I’m ugly, You’re beautiful. And some times I say some stupid things and I’m sorry. Lets go get you a new purse. Hayden then tries and says he regrets nothing. Everything I said was the truth. Derrick tells that that someone with the name that starts with “D” and its not me .. is going around telling lies. I am putting him up on the block. There is no doubt. period! Derrick heads inside and looks at the camera and says BYE! BYE DEVIN!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 02-05-59-406

2:25am Derrick and Cody start a game of pool. Cody comments on how he thinks Amber is stressing like crazy. Derrick says it’s the down time. There’s a reason there is so much down time. Cody says its driving me crazy. Cody comments on how I don’t get how Zach sleeps ALL DAY! Like all day! Frankie comes out and talks to Cody about how his bracelet broke and BB won’t give him another one. He and Cody hold hands. Frankie talks about missing his sister Ariana, his mom, and his aunt.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 02-32-39-593

2:45am – 3:30am Frankie heads into the fire room and Jocasta helps talk to his bracelet. Amber joins them and rubs Frankie’s back. Frankie says that he feels used and abused. No one understands me. I miss my sister and my family. Amber and Jocasta hold arms around Frankie as he reads a verse from the bible. Victoria joins them. Then Cody and Christine. They all curl up in one bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 02-52-23-611

3:10am – 3:30am In the kitchen – Cody, Nicole, Victoria, Derrick and Amber are chatting and eating. Victoria heads to bed. Cody comes over and hugs and kisses Nicole on the cheek. Zach wakes up and joins them. Brittany tells him to go to the bathroom and go back to bed .. nothing is happening right now. Hayden comments on how he loves this game and has studied it. I’ve watched 5 and a half seasons and watched 2 of them twice.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 03-10-19-033

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Frankie should be evicted before jury. I doubt BB will let that happen though and it’s not fair! I can’t believe the edit him and Nicole get especially tonight’s episode with Nicole being all sad about putting up Donny when in reality she didn’t feel like that, she’s actually talking smack about him with her pal Christine for no reason. CBS really needs to stop and show who these people really are… Live feed watchers see it all!


I can’t stand Nicole. She’s getting this cutesy edit. CBS wants another Jordan.

Julie's glitter

Nicole’s endless whining and complaining is getting old. “no Hayden, stop it…no Hayden, I can’t do it, this is soon stupid, This sucks” Just put that in a loop and you have Nicole’s entire conversation. Plus Derrick is playing her. He tells her that she so smart and is playing like Dan, and she believes him.


Does anyone else see “live feed” in blue in this comment? I always wondered about why. I thought it was the posted who did that but then I saw one of my comments with two words in blue.

Any insight would be much appreciated!


Anybody notice how theres know smokers at all this year I think its a Big Brother first.


From what I can tell there is no smoking area, nor ash trays. That being said its about time they ban that disgusting practice from the house. Its pretty disgusting when you have 16 people in a house if 8 of them are smokers, goodluck ever getting any fresh air.


HGs were never allowed to smoke in the house. There was an outdoor area set aside for smokers. I find it very offensive that people are allowed to run around starkers. I have no wish to see another person’s wobbly bits or junk.


What? Where?? When????

Julie's glitter

Remember when all the smokers were running out of cigarettes and we’re using patches? bB probably got tired of dealing with nicotine addicts during the long lock downs. If you’ve ever smoked, you know how hard it would be to go without for 12hours or more. People probably started hiding their smoking inside, that along with burn holes in the outdoor furniture was probably enough to say, no more smokers. Has a smoker ever won big brother?


Evil Dick is the first person that comes to mind, probably have been at least another who has won but he is the most obvious one!


Worst 3 weeks of BB history. Just so boring. Yet I watch because I think it will get better. But who knows. Maybe when Devin leaves. The game will get interesting. I’m optimistic.

Amanda's dog Woofie

This is BB High School, with Mr. Derrick as the teacher and Donnie, the Janitor. Miss Brittany teaches Phys. Ed. Fast Times at Ridgemont High was much better.

Julie's glitter

Miss Britany teaches Home Ec, Cody is still Class Flirt, Caleb is the dumb jock. More the Breakfast Club than Fast Times.


Can’t stand Derrick the Dildo mugging for the cameras all the time.He has to go!Christine sounds like a laughing hyena and Frankie the teenage wanna be is just a albino looking rat!!!!


And you’re an ass.


Lol’d so hard with Frankie reference. Wannabe teenager–nailed it. I almost spit out my coffee, thanks for my morning laugh!


Derrick is playing a good game. FINALLY a HG I can support after a few years!


You sound like a very kind and caring person.


Now if im not mistaken on the first episode Amber said she thought Devin was hot. He completely shut her down now shes claiming she never liked him. I guess its best she distance herself from any thought of being attracted to him but everyone will see once they look at the show when its over.


She did say that Devin was her type, “Tall, dark and handsome” is verbatim what she said!

Julie's glitter

That was before he opened his mouth.


Yes, well Devin also called Joey a “10” his eyes and we saw how that turned out.


Team Beard till the end!!!!!!!!! Donny don’t let all those door knob nosed girls evict you. I think the team america thing is a curse and will only mess up his game. Donny get the HOH and show them haters!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t believe there are people in this house who don’t know much about the game!! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in honesty and being genuinely respectful to other people in

I still like this season though. Much better than all the trash from last season. No smokers, no racists, no homophobes, NO UNCONTROLLABLE CRIERS (gina-marie), just liars and backstabbers.

And Jesus lovers. Haha


and stalkers.


Was your last comment suppose to be sarcastic? If so I don’t find it hilarious, just offensive.


I don’t think sarcastic means what you think it means.

There’s also nothing to find offensive, unless you find jesus-lovers to be an offensive term. The only offensive part, is believing that a God would care about the outcome of a game designed for entertainment…

Caren in Canada

I do not necessarily agree with that statement, my family has watched BB Since Eddie won season 1 and if you go back and watch the earlier seasons, they were able to play with a certain amount of honesty, integrity, and respect, and still made some of the best seasons ever! Jason (season 3, Josh season one are just a couple of examples (I could name many more) That played very decent, respectful games, and left with the utmost dignity intact! And all the while, making some of the best seasons ever! If yall are true BB fans, please, go back and check out the first seasons on you tube, I promise you will not be disappointed! (especially with the legendary Marcellas in season 3) Go On I Dare Ya! lol

Einstein, A.

Why does BB always get so many religious whackos? Me and my friends, we never talk about religion, deities, gods, sons of gods, etc. unless we’re making fun of some religious people or talking about how disgusted we are at abusive priests or something. However, I DONT find it ironic that these supposedly religious peeps are there for money, lying and cheating, rumor mongering and all that. All th decent people there don’t seem to ever talk about their religious beliefs, Hayden, Cody, Derrick. I wonder why?

Friend zone

What is your point? Why do people seem to always have to attack the religious people on the show. It was their decision to sign up for a show where their beliefs would conflict with the behavior of the house – Nobody is perfect, and I would say that the “religious” people would probably be the first to admit that. for once I would like to be involved with a forum/comment section where race and religion were not discussed with such animosity and ignorance.


Uhh Cody can be seen praying with Jacosta, Amber, and I do believe Derrick in the HOH room so what’s your actual point?


That there are so many religious idiots on BB US?


The only thing Beast Mode about CalebMarie is his ego and stalker abilities.


So how long does everybody think it will take for this Amber/Caleb thing to blow up? I’m giving it two weeks at the most.


I dont see Donny so I hope he is doing alot of thinking. This week will make or break his game going forward. Ty the first 2 weeks have been epic, what show have you been watching. This week I cant lie tho has gotten really boring, and thats pretty much what we have to look forward to for the next couple weeks. I miss survivor already. BB is getting more and more predictable. These girls have no backbone, and they listen to Derrick as if he is the president or something. I call it being a nice bully. We need a twist to shake things up like right now.


I can’t believe Hayden said he watch 5 ? Games a watched 2 over again. This where they make the mistake. Watch the TV version but READ a few blogs like these. Read all the comments. If he had he would know that America likes underdogs. And we hate a person who volunteers to go on the block (Caleb ) and we don’t like floaters (jojo) , and hate being bored. They all should know that America was havering the time of there life when Devin was HoH because there was so much drama. The fact that there is a calmness and unity among liars should make him look closely at the HoH right now. He has great power to bring people together. That good for the outside world but bad in the BBH. He should know that there are two types of bullies , a loud one (Devin ), and a quiet (Derrick ) one. Last point IMO. Notice how many conversations you have to walk into and join vs the ones where people actually come and talk to you . More so the ones in Power and I don’t mean those tell tell group talks in the HoH room. Lol

Julie's glitter

Derrick said he watched the feeds. I’m always surprised every season when one house member has to explain to another that there are live feeds that people watch- there will be feeders watching you sleep- and that there are blogs that recap everything. The other houseguest that was recruited is like “really?


A decent chunk of the recruited players had never even seen the show before entering. I’m more or less fine with that. In the early days nobody had seen the show and we had some of the best cast.

At the very least give them a one day orientation so they know what is going on with the Big BRother fan community/feeds.


I was told they’re given DVDs of past BB seasons to watch (if they want) while they’re sequestered before going into the house. I believe they’re sequestered for a few days.

As for the “recruits” – I just feel it would be more interesting if it was, say an entire cast of people who had never seen the show OR an entire cast of people who were avid watchers along with reading blogs/watching live feeds. To me it seems THAT would be more interesting. Having people in there who have no idea what’s really going on vs. people who do is just an unfair advantage and not a lot of fun, IMO.


Your’re right they get the DVD’s of past seasons so they know about the TV show. They should also be shown the feeds a bit.

That’s a interesting idea a full cast of fans or a full cast or recruits.


My preference is a full complete cast of recruits. It is actually the most fun to watch when nobody has an idea of what is going on… It will make a lot of things fresh if they have no idea about prior strategies, terms or what is coming. At last the term floater may not be misused every Season. An All Fan Season would be so boring… everything would be completely timed.


Tt’s always fun watching people figure out things making mistakes etc etc..




Christine could only dream!


How much time does Donny spend on his “beauty” routine? 10 minutes of dressing and teeth brushing…..and yet he has the healthiest looking face in the house!


He’s just a natural beauty!


Wouldn’t it be hysterical if the reason Victoria is hesitant is that she is Amanda’s Cousin (Amanda wasn’t born in Florida, little detail there.) …. Zach and Victoria are cousins and they are both related to Amanda Zuckerman… LOL
I want all of these Team America stunts to be about exposing a Houseguest….. LOL


I’m not impressed that Frankie isn’t even trying to do the Team America challenge. It isn’t like they can leave it up to chance, or the last day. Obviously Victoria was a mistake, she was always a mistake, relying on the girls to gossip was a mistake, far more likely the guys would be spreading rumours. Shows a complete lack of knowledge about women, by men deciding this

Killer K

I’m actually a little shocked to see sooo many people with all the Devin love and Derrick hate! I mean did I slip down in the hole in alice in wonderland? Derrick has ROCKED this game.,…by FAR the best player so far! Did we forget the masterful job he did last week in turning it around for Zach? YES that was about 90 percent Derrick! And what has Devin done? The guy is a TOTAL DB for starters, but his game play has been pathetic to say the least….it takes more than JUST being an outcast for me to root for someone! Sooo glad he’s gone Thursday…another useless HG OUT the F’n door! See ya Devin!


I think Devin is NO good for anyones game including his own get him out.

and Derrick

I like Derrick, I hope he comes out this as the Seasons Evil Genius Super Villain… I would love that.


While it is annoying and silly to watch caleb be sooo overly into himself, i am actually feeling sorry for him for liking amber so much when he is not getting anything back at all. I wish she would sit down and make it clear insted of sorta feeding it. He is looking like a stalker obessive person and its sad thats how the workd is going to see him.
Everytime nicole talks it sounds like she is whining and its so hard to watch her. Anyone else feel this way? She acts scared to death everytime hayden flirts with her yet she cant wait to flirt with cody. I am confused


When Caleb was telling Amber all he had done — go up on block, possibly lose $500,000., etc and then being upset that she would not promise him a date when they leave the house, his stalker and obsessive side came out. The words may be different but anyone who has been stalked by an ex-spouse/partner would recognise the speech pattern. That is how many stalkers carry on before inflicting some type of damage to their victim.


“speech patterns”


Hey, everybody, we got a profiler here!


Not a profiler. A survivor, with numerous scars to remind me everyday how lucky I am to be alive.


He’s getting JUST enough from her to persist. He reads into everything so it doesn’t matter what she does. All she has to do is look in his general direction.

Michael LB

I believe Amber is handling the attention as best as she can. If she tells Caleb she is not interested in a relationship he will go off the deep end and start campaigning to get her out the next week. If she remains aloof and noncommittal she technically is not leading him on, it is not as if she has promised him anything outside of the house. Heck, why don’t any of his buddies break the news to him? It’s because they also don’t want to be in his line of fire.

If Amber can get some security out of it at the same time (Caleb putting himself up on the block to save “his queen,” etc.) good for her, it’s not as if the catty Nicole and near-missing Victoria are making any attempts to form a partnership with her.

A Nonny Mouse

Yeah but this stunt Caleb pulled only serves to enlarge the target that’s already on her back. With everyone thinking that Caleb is protecting her and that she’s not playing the game by herself it’s only a matter of time that she’s out the door.


Anyone else think that Devin reminds them of O.J.? His voice facial expressions and smile. It’s creepy.


Lock up those kitchen knives!!


Get over it. Leave OJ where he’s at Jail. We don’t need to keep his memory alive. When the game first started some were say he look like the ROCK. You must have a hard time expressing yourself to bring up OJ. Bring out some game points or how bad he playing the game or like Zach and JoJo. GO TO BED!! Or better yet put a picture up of yourself. I need a good laugh.


OJ is that you??? Hope your cell is comfy!!!


“They talk about how Devin twisted Amber saying that Devin was her type. Amber says I just want to yell it at the house – I do not have the hots for Devin!! ”
Sure ya don’t baby!
(In a deep barry white voice)


I’m enjoying this season (I don’t watch the live feeds).

I’m still confused as to why Donny is the fav houseguest though.


I think Producers should tell Derrick to quit talking to cameras. It totally takes out illusion of being “watched” and makes it like he’s on stage.
That’s the purpose of the Diary Room Derrick!!!


Derrick’s only been talking to the cameras since being on Team Ahmurrika. He’s just acknowledging them is all, I think it’s friendly.


Or it is because he now thinks he is very popular and indeed wants to be nice to the viewers? 😉


Amber is lying. When she first saw Devin, she liked him (that’s the type she dates). In the first week she hung out with him all the time. Once she realized that he was not into her and he was more into the white girls (Joey and Brittany), she was offended. Especially since she knows that she’s very attractive…….how dare he! Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned!


Step off your high horse, it has nothing to do with Devin liking white girls, it has everything to do with Devin stabbing Amber in the back one too many times. I mean who would want that?


I have a question concerning the TA task. Donny, Derrick and Frankie all have to tell at least 1 person and then that person tells someone else for it to count right? Because I have heard Derrick, more than once, tell Frankie that he will tell 2 people so that “Frankie may not have to even have to get involved in this one” and I don’t think that right. So I hope he doesn’t get any money from this task if he isn’t going to participate. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!.


Still not ready for Devin to leave! He has added so much entertainment to this season…him and all 5 of his personalities! It’s going to be boring when he is gone! As crazy as he is he had me watching and waiting to see who he would turn on next….. BB won’t be the same without him.


Lc. . .I agree. Last night, on the show, I had to mute Nicole in the DR because of her whiny voice. She’s a Jordan Wannabe, and it’s not working for her. Amber’s trying to protect herself with her meat shields, Caleb and Cody. And Christine and Victoria, , ,don’t get me started.


BTW, I’m new here, but thanks Simon and Dawg for the best BB site!


Hey Justjanine, WElcome aboard! glad you like the spoilers


FYI the wristband exercise monitors they are wearing can be purchased at Amazon


Oooooo, I was wanting one of those. Thanks for this.

smd nicole

too many nicole haters 🙁 mostly all used up women in their 40s i bet

Julie's glitter

That doesn’t make any sense. Only 40-year-old women are annoyed by endless whining and complaining?.If you’re not watching the feeds you’ll have a different perspective, but she’s getting worse by the day and even in her short reign got a little HOH-crazy, telling Derrick, “i want people to come up here and kiss my butt.


That doesn’t make much sense. I happen to like Brittany and Amber – both of whom are gorgeous while Nicole is “meh”. She’s a LA 5 at best. So your comment doesn’t really hold water.

Nicole is EXTREMELY annoying and whiny. At this point I’m not even sure what Hayden sees in her other than the fact that he’s stuck in the house w/her. I was watching BBAD from last night and he was trying to show her how to play pool, I wanted to drive to Studio City, bust into the house, slap her, and say “Stop being so friggin’ whiny and enjoy yourself or self evict. People can’t stand it anymore”.

So – great that you like her, but I find her extremely annoying and immature. Jordan was quite young and naive when she was on the show, but I thought she was adorable – Nicole, not so much.


Btw, if I had her as a nurse, I would HAVE to request a staff change. There’s no way I could have her attending to me!


Omg that was too funny “I wanted to drive to Studio City, bust into the house, slap her…”

I for one am glad people are starting to see Nicole for what she truly is. I’ve called it from day 1. I didn’t like her from the jump when I saw how conniving and petty she was talking about all the other girls in the house, when she only really got to know Christine. I hated how every time the camera turned on her, she was always badmouthing Amber, yet the bad blood was only one sided.

The one thing I cannot stand in this game above all is players that play with pure pettiness. I want real strategic players, not players that play High School games! Go on the Real World if that’s how you want to act.


To be honest I was expecting a much more exciting week.. I thought there was going to be a bigger play to get Caleb out but it seems like that’s all died down. Mid pre jury always tends to be this way 🙁

The house has temporarily formed into a solid gelatinous block to get DEvin out with a growing portion painting Donny as public enemy number 1. (he messed his game up by talking, team America didn’t help and there is a healthy dose of exaggerating and Character assassination going on thanks to Christine and Nicole) I find it interesting that the two players who are quick to say they are being bullied are the ones doing the vast majority of the bashing right now… but isn’t that always the case?


Very true; Those two talk about every single person in there and make negative comments about most. they all hate on Amber because she is getting a lot of attention from the guys (rightly so!) I was also hoping there would be more of a group getting together to get rid of Caleb this week and making it more exciting. Devin can be booted at any time. I still believe Donny should make a one week deal with Devin to get rid of Caleb this week. Derrick and the gang want to get rid of Donny anyway so he really needs to make a move. Even if he uses the Veto to save Jacosta he should rally the “outsiders” to get rid of Caleb and weaken the guys in the BS that are still pretty much together. they need what six votes this week? Donny, Jacosta, Brittany, Victoria, Nicole and then one more which could be Christine (I don’t trust her much as she is working both sides of the fence) but I am sure Nicole could get Hayden on board. They don’t realize that most of the members of the BS (5 guys) are still pretty tight and have Amber following along. For the life of me I don’t see why Victoria is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo afraid of Devin. He tried to strong arm her vote but I never saw him be aggressive or creapy towards her. Donny needs to wake up that he has his trust in a guy like Derrick who is making deals with everyone and is constantly talking crap about him.


It’s only Monday morning, and Devin’s not even on the block yet. There is going to be plenty of time for people to consider getting rid of Caleb over the next three days. But even if they do, I don’t consider mulling possibilities exciting…whoever goes home, it should be a pretty chill week in the house.


Just want to add a big thank you to all the people sharing their opinions this year at OBB. I Absolutely love going though them it’s a treat to have such a good bunch together every year. thanks!

I really only have time to read comments and reply during the day. On weekdays the evenings and weekends I’m working on producing content so if you ask me a question during the evenings It may take me some time to reply.

thanks again everyone 🙂

Mister E

I do think Donny is the only one that realizes what is going on in the house and wants to even things up by going after the “The Former Bomb Squad”. He sees the “Outsiders” being evicted week after week until they are all gone. I hate how everyone is playing scared all the time, I miss the players we used to have that really went for it from the time they stepped into the house until the time they left. All this talk of “No blood on my hands”, “It’s to early to go after……”, “If we are trying to get ……..out we have to backdoor him”, and throwing HOH comps because you do not want to have to nominate someone. Are you going to be a player in the game, or you just going to be a observer? I do believe that Donny is trying to be a player, and that is starting to make some of them nervous. He is coming out trying to win comps. IMO, if he was to get HOH, he would put up some of the stronger players. Donny for HOH!!!!!!!!


To be fair, we have to ask why they don’t want blood on their hands. The two greatest players in the game (Will and Dan) molded the idea of not “getting blood on their hands”. And if you really analyze past seasons, many of the winners won with this very mentality, i.e. Andy, Jordan, Dan, Will, and Hayden. Unless you are a competition beast like Rachel or the jury is bitter like Ian, getting the least amount of blood on your hands is the best method for winning Big Brother.


I can’t be the only one that’s hoping Amber and Cody go into full blown showmance mode while Caleb is still in the house.


would be great to watch the drama if that goes down


Caleb would totally lose it. We might see an expulsion!


It doesn’t seem like he’s half interested in Amber though, he’s always seeking out Nicole. I’d really like to know what Nicole’s playing at though with the Cody and Hayden romancing…


at this point I just want Zach and Frankie to hookup.