Victoria “I just feel so betrayed. I speak so highly of him and now he does this to me. I am disgusted by him!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

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The following conversation is all part of Derricks plan

4:30pm – 5:10pm Up in the HOH room – Victoria comes up to talk to Frankie about her conversation with Derrick last night. Victoria says that she didn’t sleep last night at all. So I am fine and I am going to try. I didn’t even think I would have to campaign to Derrick. I thought just maybe if I campaigned to you or Caleb that maybe I could pull off some kind of miracle. And I talked to Derrick before to see what to say and .. I don’t want to cry. Frankie says I’ll hold your hand. When we had the blow out 3 or 4 weeks ago I felt like someone took out my heart and went like this.. and then I thought we mended things. But last night he said that he isn’t voting for me at all and that he’s been loyal to the guys. Even if I didn’t convince one of you I didn’t think my life would depend on him. Do you know what I mean? Frankie says I know what you mean. Victoria says if it was one on one and then you decide that was fine. But that fact that he isn’t is hurtful. He just used me and then said peace out! Loyalty is huge with me. Now comes a time when I really need him.. he isn’t there for me. I just feel really disgusted by him. I don’t even want to talk to him. I know I am always happy go luck but literally cried all night. I am extremely hurt. Its like when someone cheats on you. Its like when Caleb stabbed you in the back. My life didn’t have to be in his hands it could have been you choosing it. Frankie says I don’t think what you’re saying … he is cheating .. is what he’s done. Victoria says he said that he would be loyal to me till the end and if I was ever on the block he was a vote for me… which isn’t the case. I am disgusted by him. I can’t stand him. I think he is very good with his words but I .. you know when you’re done.. you’re done. Its embarrassing. Frankie says when you get to a certain point in the game.. you have to. Victoria says if he had said he is with the boys from the beginning that would have been fine. Frankie says at this point in the game .. my personal relationships and game relationships have to be different. Victoria says exactly but when there is one person that you trust completely … I just feel so betrayed. I speak so highly of him and now he does this to me. Today he doesn’t exist, I am just ignoring him.
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Frankie says I wanted you to walk out of here at peace with everyone. I don’t know what you and Derrick talked about he doesn’t tell me anything. Frankie says the 4 of us have fought tooth and nail to be in this place. Frankie says its basically like he had you till the final 5 .. that would have been better. Victoria says yes. Frankie says he told you because he didn’t want you to be blind sided. Victoria says I am just so hurt by him. It’s like Caleb choosing Cody over you at this point. Not final 2, not final 3 .. final 5. Frankie says I would be hurt. I think at this point he feels that he owes more to Cody than to you. Victoria says well fine if he wants to play dirty, then I’ll play dirty! Frankie laughs and asks what do you mean? Victoria says you know what I mean. Frankie says you’ve been on the block 6 times and he’s never voted against you. Victoria says twice.. I’ve taken myself off the other times. I don’t want to be around him. I am done! Victoria says I would have preferred him being straight up with me. Or lie to me and vote me out. Frankie says but he is being straight up with you. Victoria says but from the beginning. Victoria says used you, abused you! DONE! Frankie says he has kept you safe twice now. Victoria says he put me on the block once… that should have been my first clue! Frankie says don’t think this doesn’t scare the sh*t out of me.. but at this point you have to win to save yourself. Victoria says let things be personal .. I cant even look at him.

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Meanwhile – At 4:30pm All the house guests said goodbye to Izzy as she left the big brother house. In the bathroom – Derrick and Cody look at the bathroom stall door and read the signatures of past house guests. Cody reads the “Circle of Thrust” (Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn BB15). Derrick heads into the kitchen and beats his meat with the rolling pin.

5:25pm – 6:45pm All the house guests are hanging out in the kitchen Chatting. In the bathroom – Frankie has a quick chat with Derrick to tell him about his conversation with Victoria. Frankie says that she just feels worse that it came from you. She feels really hurt. Derrick says I still feel good about it. Frankie says I had your back 100 billion percent. I left it very vague our pact. I told her when she goes home she will see that this was not a personal attack against her. I hope I lessened the hurt. Derrick says this isn’t fixable in this house. Frankie agrees. They head back to the kitchen. All the house guests discuss the upcoming HOH. Caleb thinks they’re going to offer something really good to jump off. Caleb says I don’t think you will get to play in it Frankie unless the button let you do that. Derrick thinks its going to be a luxury competition. Caleb, Cody and Frankie head into the havenot room and push the button a few more times. The house guests speculate on what is going to happen as a result of pushing the button. They discuss whether or not everyone would have pushed the button if they hadn’t done it all together. To day is the day of arguing about useless facts in the house. Now the topic is who is more famous Brett Eldredge or Jeff Schroeder.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 18-22-00-006

6:50pm Caleb and Frankie are now arguing over what is more expensive crocodile or python boots. Frankie says crocodile boat aren’t that expensive. Python boots are way more expensive. I’m a fashionista I look at prices all the time. Derrick leaves and heads into the fire room complaining of having a headache. Caleb says if he wins first, second or even America’s Favorite he will go get himself some new boots. One pair of Ostrich boots and 1 pair of crocodile boots. Frankie says so you’re going to support the economy that’s great. Frankie comments on how they calculated it and figure there are 1500 people watching the live feeds at any one time.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 18-47-41-382

7:25pm In the fire room – Derrick talks to Victoria about her conversation with Frankie. Derrick says its perfect that Frankie didn’t tell me how much you were crushing me. That means he doesn’t trust me. Derrick tells Victoria that she can tell them that Nicole told you to trust Celab. Victoria starts packing her suit case. Derrick heads back the the kitchen table and tells the others that he walked past Victoria and she told him not to talk to him and kept walking. Frankie, Caleb and Cody talk about twitter/instagram and how to gain followers. Caleb says he can’t wait to get out. Maybe we’ll have a new president. Cody says I want to shower up in the HOH. Caleb says I want to watch you. Cody looks at Caleb questioning what he just said. Caleb says that’s what Frankie was thought. Cody says no those were your thoughts. Caleb says when he gets out he is going to get a soccer ball tattoo to remember Cody by and a pink flamingo to remember Frankie. I just ask that you guys get a tattoo of “Hurr’d dat!” Frankie and Cody both say we’ve never heard you say that. Derrick comes out of the storage room with 4 beer and a miniature bottle of wine. Caleb says I’ve said that ever everyday its my signature phrase. Frankie says your signature phrase is Channing Tatum’s going to walk into this house! Caleb says I’ve said that once. Caleb says I don’t know what a douche looks like but I’m going to get that for you (Cody). Derrick says you do say hurr’d dat but not very much. Things you say more are “At the end of the day” and “It’s that simple.” or “Check this out!”.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 19-32-05-423

7:45pm Caleb and Frankie are dancing in the HOH bedroom. Cody is showering in the HOH shower. Victoria is showering in the common shower and Derrick’s clipping his nails all over the floor of the bathroom.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 19-46-08-474
Beast mode and Frankie are ‘Crushing it” in the HOH

BB16 2014-09-09 19-49-16-392
7:53pm Victoria tells Derrick she’s going to be acting up how tipsy she is while talking to Frankie. She’s going to really press how much the Jury hates Derrick.

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197 thoughts on “Victoria “I just feel so betrayed. I speak so highly of him and now he does this to me. I am disgusted by him!”

    1. Princess Clueless is unbelievable. She is going to play dirty for Derrick FTW.. The only obstacle in Derrick’s way is the rewind. Once he gets past that, it’s clear sailing right into F2. Frankie, Cody and Caleb are going to fighting tooth and nail to take him to F2. They would be fools not to after Victoria’s crying jag about his disloyalty and she is going to get even. They all know that means jury votes. It is going to be so funny when Victoria tells them she was part of the plan to EVICT herself and get the jury to vote for Derrick FTW. Obviously, money is not important to Victoria. Derrick just may be the BEST player that has played this game. He deserves to be a BB allstar.

      1. I’m not gonna lie. I am in awe of what Derrick managed to do in regards to the Victoria plan. Honestly. Who does that?

      2. How does Victoria being willing to give-up on trying to win $500,000 so that Derrick can win it prove that Derrick is playing a good game?

        1. Even she’s not dumb enough to think at this point she has a chance to stay. Plus derrick has really told her he isn’t voting her to stay, voting with the ‘house’ again. She is going out like Nicole did (both times she was up I think) she studied with Donny, she studied with Victoria, her point was to make sure that they studied and knew the answers to the next comp when it came up, as she wouldn’t be there.

          i can see victoria being on board with trying to manipulate the others in a way to further someone else’s game for a win, knowing there is zero chance of her getting to the end. even if a miracle happens and she is saved today, she’ll just be next weeks target regardless.

      3. if he gets to the end and the jury votes like I think they will he is up there Frankie may come back to haunt him but everybody wants bib moves like dan but in his second season he had no chance to win and everyone at home knew it with a month to go because he would be lucky to get anyone besides Danielle in jury so players are hesitant to do that because you can give yourself no chance and still be in the game derrick trys to get in head of everyone that is on there way to the jury common sense tells you its harder to get the people you want out and still have them vote for you in jury just to take someone out no matter how big hell that’s easy the aftermath is the problem

      4. It’s not hard to be the “best” player when you’re playing with a bunch of idiots. I hope he does get to play an allstar season so we can watch him get evicted in the first few weeks.

    2. The bunk called Victoria will be going home ( who cares?) and her way of expressing her anguish is pathetic to say the least.You’ve been played all the summer long, girl, and tomorrow it’s gonna be a rude awakening for you.

    3. Simon & Dawg–trying to drop you guys a few bucks ($25), but won’t let me cuz it wants to know what Province I live in and won’t let me put in that I live in the State of Texas. Then it won’t go through cuz it wants to know the state. Suggestions???

    4. Derrick is amazing at playing to everyone’s weakness, Victoria is naive, he plays into that, Caleb is egotistical, he plays into that, he just strings Cody along. I am still amazed that stinky one shower-a-week Caleb actually thinks he can win America’s Favorite, he is drinking some major delusional drink! Laughed so hard when Frankie actually said he is more manly than Cody! 1000% correct there!

  1. victoria is a total tool and idiot. at this point shes campaigning more for derrick than she ever has for herself! what the ____ yo.

    1. Actually, Victoria is a pretty good actor with subscription! I think Frankie buys it!
      I dont think she is fool. she just loves Derrick and wants to do anything for him. by the way, Derrick hasn’t done anything bad to her either, she is still in BB house so far has everything to do with Derrick

    2. To be honest, I’m surprised that she even remembered what she was supposed to say. I half expected her to screw things up and throw Derrick ‘s and Frankie’s games into complete chaos.

      1. Me too. I thought for a minute there she wasn’t acting and starting to believe what she was saying. THEN I thought she was going to say, “oh BTW you better win or you are next”….Just to blow them all up with out thinking. She wants to start shit but then again she wants to go out with class? She is not a Britney and they shouldn’t compare the two at all. She in no way as entertaining. Britneys alliance didn’t string her a long because they thought she was stupid. Huge difference.

      2. i thought there was a real chance she would just go on and on too far, and undo whatever she was doing. As long as she kept it short and simple, fine, but too over the top and Frankie will think something’s fishy.

        Also, what’s up with pic at 9:43PM? seriously, if they are trying to show that they are not talking anymore, the last kind of photo i should see is them laying together on the same bed. amiright?

  2. There has never been a better player in the history of BB. Never been on the block and guaranteed to win. Absolutely flawless game.

    Now if he only had Frankies body.

      1. Dan was up twice in his first season. He survived an eviction vote against Steven in week 3 and was taken off the block by Memphis in week 8.

    1. Derrick hasn’t had to play a game. No one else is playing. The only other person that was playing was easy to single out and make sure they couldn’t make waves. Any other season with more than 1 person playing the game and Derrick would’ve been on the block at least 2 times. Out of these people left he’s the only who’s been playing but his game is not that good.

      His edit and boneheaded cast mates have made him “look” good…..he truly just average.

      1. I agree. Derrick is sooooo lucky to be cast with this group. He has a few more brain cells than the rest of them, so what? (That’s not saying much)

    2. Frankie has the body of a 12 year old boy and walks around like he has a load in his pants. He must wear high heels a lot because when he’s shoeless he walks on his tippy toes.

    3. There are at least a dozen people more deserving of that title, but I’ll just mention Danielle, who also was never nominated and would have won if she’d refrained from being herself in the diary room. She was not cast with a bunch of morons so deserves way more credit.

    4. It’ easy to play a flawless game when you are playing it with complete idiots. Besides Frankie, Donnie, and Nicole, if they put their brains together I don’t think they can come up with a complete thought. Put Derradick with the likes of Dan, Dr. Will, Boogie, Rachel, Janelle, Evil Dick and his daughter Danielle and he won’t have a chance. His luck can only be attributed to dumb-ass Victoria, Cody, and Caleb. Hope Frankie takes him out next. I would rather see Cody and Caleb in the final two. At least it will be even and no one will know the outcome until the votes are tallied.

    1. Caleb is absolutely NOT playing a physical game! Frankie is playing the physical game and Derrick is playing the mental game. I cannot stand Frankie, but he is hands down a better player than Victoria (obvious), Cody and Caleb. Caleb is such a weak player and a wuss, he couldn’t even put Frankie on the block to get out. He is weak and only thinks he is a physical threat because he injects to make himself look big! He doesn’t lift weights or stay fit, haven’t really seen him work out at all during his stay in the house, but he complains about the site under his arm and the lump in his chest….all signs of steroid injections. Of course, he is a beast mode, an actor, a country singer, a model, a body builder, etc…. just ask him, he will tell you how great he is. That all being said, I don’t think Caleb is a horrible person at all, but the boy needs to eat some humble pie, come out of the clouds about himself and according to his housemates, take a freaking shower and brush his teeth!

      1. In all fairness to Caleb, he did in fact work out quite regularly in the beginning. He lifted weights all the time in the first few weeks, but the last couple of weeks he stopped lifting as much as he did previously. His muscle mass did decrease as everyone can see. But that could be because he isn’t taking protein such as whey for example like guys who work out do. As for his lumps and soreness, I hope it isn’t something like tumors which can pop up anywhere and can be benign or malignant. That was rather crass of you to assume steroid use when there are many other medical reasons why people can develop lumps on their body.

    1. Bless his heart! Donnie was just way too honest and kind hearted for a show like Big Brother. I wish they had a prize for integrity and respect. I just wish Victoria had a chance because everyone has made such fun of her. Frankie is just too “cocky” for his own good. Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Heck, all those b!tches thinking they are going to get an acting career out of this, and it turns out Victoria is the only one with actual acting talent. She turned on copious fake tears, got the snot going, and pretty much stone played Frankie…alas, it is all in service of someone else’s game. But credit where it is due…that was really impressive acting.

  4. I belive Nicole hyden Donny jocasts Christina will not vote for derrick
    I think Victoria will if she out
    cody will if he out
    cleab will if he out
    zack might
    derrick lose by one

    1. what i am thinking is if victoria makes it to the end she’ll win she has zach,nicole,hayden and jocasta it is a very personal jury only the detonators who r in the jury will vote for whatever detonateor is in the final 2 i see victoria winning this whole thing and anyone would win against frankie he’s a dick and he has a famous sister he does is lie and make fun of people which is y no one will vote for him he does’nt even have zachs vote so the way i see it whoever goes up against victoria they will lose

      1. I don’t think Zach will vote for Victoria…he will vote for one of the guys. He may vote for Frankie just to play up the fact that he’s forgiven him. I think he would pick Frankie over the other detonators. But he will not vote for Victoria vs. Derrick. I agree with the others, hopefully Nicole saw the error of her ways.

        I think he will do what makes him look good infront of the media. I love him but his irrational love for Frankie makes me think he’s some kind of masochist.

      2. every person that went to jury that was not a detonator didn’t no about the them so unless the others tell them whos the jury mad at the house

      1. Derrick did not make enemies in the house at all, everyone seems to like him, the jury will have time to reflect and if Derrick makes it to the end, he will state his case how he was behind most of the nominations and evictions and the jury will vote for best player which is what he is. Cody can say what? I went along with Derrick; Caleb can say? I danced with Frankie and thought girls were a bigger threat than the one man who has won the most competitions and Victoria can say she made the house pretty by being there.

      1. You don’t think the jury members either know or care that Frankie has 5 HOH and 3 POV wins under his belt so far? Seriously?? Of course they would know who has won HOH and POV. Even Christine thought Frankie was controlling the house and said so during her eviction to Julie Chen, and I’m sure she told the rest of the jury house members as well. To say that they would be impressed by those numbers of Frankie winning would be a understatement. Then again who knows how many will vote on game play and how many will vote on personal feelings about the final two. Remember your personal feelings about Frankie are probably not shared by the other jury members who have not been watching live feeds and video clips of Frankie.

  5. Stupid cbs. Can’t watch big brother because of stupid weather. Change the day because of football and still can’t watch it. Stop blocking big brother you dumb idiots

    1. I know we have accused CBS & BB of controlling a lot of things & sabotaging the game. However, I can say with confidence that neither CBS or BB can control the weather. I feel your pain though.

    1. see if Nicole wouldn’t have told derrick basically he was playing a great game and started giving details Frankie would be gone so Nicole screwed herself and probably derrick now he couldn’t risk Nicole telling anyone oh well im almost to the point I want caleb to win and say I had it the whole time then afterward he would find out he had no idea he was exclused weeks ago and got lucky they used him

  6. If anyone doesn’t ‘deserve’ to win (even 2nd prize), it’s Victoria. She has done absolutely nothing. Really; she says she’s usually ‘happy-go-lucky’? Uh – did I miss that? I saw nothing but her being mean, vain, overestimating herself as a woman and a player and really just vacuous as far as interesting to watch.
    Anyone else but Victoria and Derrick for that matter, I would support a win for.
    Derrick has let Victoria ‘cross the line’ of physical touching and I think that is just plain slimy (on both their parts).
    He’s way too cocky and I’d love to see him sent out the door before he gets to final 2.

    1. I think she uses self affirmation. That’s all I got. It was the week that Nicole got evicted and I forgot what the conversation was about but Victoria said to Nicole not to say that because words are powerful.

      Maybe that’s why she said she’s the prettiest girl in the house, she’s a warrior, she’s a happy person, she’s a force to be reckon with, Cody wasn’t good looking enough for her to be interest in, and many ridiculous things.

  7. Am I the only one that thinks Cody is a huge threat in the final 2. You know Donny, Hayden, Nicole, Jacosta, and Christine left thinking they were back stabed by or that the others were running the house and that’s why they are out. Cody had great social game, almost everyone still considers him a good friend.

  8. Am I the only one that thinks Cody is a huge threat in the final 2. You know Donny, Hayden, Nicole, Jacosta, and Christine left thinking they were back stabed by or that the others were running the house and that’s why they are out. Cody had great social game, almost everyone still considers him a good friend.

  9. I’ll give it to Derrick. He knows how to scumbag you with finesse. I thought the number Dan did on Danielle was something.

    1. But Dan was on the block and everyone was voting him out. Every time someone mentions Derrick he gets angry and they back off. Pussies in this game. Derrick has that cop anger trait, the one that gets physical with people.

      1. Derrick is not playing the game with people who are interested in winning the game. Heck Frankie for all of his comp wins, is more interested in the fame, then the cash. This cast is so pathetic, they makes Derrick look like Einstein.
        Most people think that Caleb is dumb, Caleb isn’t dumb, {he is star-struck} he knows he has no true alliance with anyone. The only person he can trust is Frankie, and he is pretty certain, that is a losing game. Why do you think he is always talking about “this is only a game”. He knows he will be the first to go when they get down to 4.
        Cody for all of his bravado is as clueless as Victoria. Plus, he is more girly then Victoria ” the fictional mouse” Cody, MY HERO! NOT!

  10. I hope that if Derrick wins, he and his family become close friends with Victoria. It will be with her help that he won. She is not vindictive, she is young and naive. I am certain that she will come out of this a different person.

    1. Not vindictive? You saw what she did to her own hat, just to spite Zach right? Victoria plays nice because she wants in Derrick’s pants, but the girl has a mean streak.

      That being said, I hope she wins. The idea of any of these guys winning the money after their far worse behavior makes me cringe.

  11. She can pretty much cry on cue… I know she is crying partly out of frustration at the situation but she’s literally able to cry to campaign.

    I think she knows she is going home and is using this tactic incase she gets to come back and people may be willing to keep her for an extra vote if they think she is no longer aligned with Derrick. Derrick is also lying his ass off to the audience that he respects the Hitmen anyway, because I do believe he’d rather take Victoria to Final 2 than Cody. If Derrick hated Christine for all the Cody touching, I can’t imagine he’s cool with Cody, even though he’d never diss him in the DR as he thinks Cody is eye candy for the viewers.

    But yes, she is also too into Derrick as she would also know that if the button doesn’t save her then this all benefits Derrick. I believe she hates Frankie, Cody, and Caleb though, so this isn’t saying much.

  12. Can someone explain this mind game Derrick is playing with Victoria, How does this ultimately mean Victoria is campaigning for Derrick, if she is so mad at him?

    1. She’s trying to convince them she’s not voting for him if he goes to the end….nor will Hayden, Nicole or Christine so therefore he’s not a threat if any of them take him to F2. He coached her and she bought it.

  13. I didn’t read if Victoria mentioned to Frankie the most important part of her dialog. That Nichol told her that she and others would not vote for Derrick if he made it to the final two. That was the most important thing to say to Frankie so he would feel comfortable taking Derrick with him . All I read above was her feelings , not the message she was sent to convey to Frankie from Derrick?

  14. Watching the live feeds, I actually felt sorry for Frankie having had to listen to Victoria babble on and on while not really saying anything. Poor guy. Kudos to him for trying to comfort her although she is just too dumb to understand anything anybody says to her. I had to mute the feeds because it was just misery listening to her.

    Simon and Dawg….I don’t know how you sit through times like that but I appreciate all you do. Love this website.

  15. Victoria needs to realize Derrik been truthful to her from the beginning. Victoria you won for being the last standing woman standing. Derrick told you from the beginning you might be going home.

  16. Victoria called herself the competition queen on the live show. This isnt the most twisted summer ever its the most delusional cast ever

  17. I am uncomfortable with caleb winning. he is so clueless to the social game. so darn clueless. its just hard to believe he could win.

    1. I’ll give Caleb this, he got right in there checking for the “rodent” and seemed totally unfazed. Cody on the other hand acted like there was a bear, cougar, alligator, and boa constrictor hiding in the house.

  18. Please this week couldn’t of come any faster just send Frankie home for the greater good. Donnie the 25K and give Derek the 500 K. Okay I hope this rewind works. Btw Vicky how many times you have to be told that Derek is align with other people in this house stupid young lady. She doesn’t deserve anything. At least I was respectful. Hurry up Survivor!

  19. The only reason Derrick is where he is now is due to the extreme vanity of each player. At this point you have the 5 most vain personalities (with Derrick being the least vain to everyone in the house, but the most vain for Production and “America”.

    You have the weakest pair of Final 2 Deals (Derrick/Victoria & Derrick/Cody) and the biggest egos (Frankie & Caleb) who only want to win Big Brother “Survivor style” (using the Power of Veto as an individual immunity necklace). It is the “Survivor” mentality that will cost both Frankie and Caleb the final 2 spots of the game they are actually supposed to be playing (aka Big Brother) where the goal is to take out the people who you know at some point will take you out and convincing a Jury you were the one to strike first against the ones who had took or would have taken strikes at you.

  20. I cant believe Derrick was so close to Frankies time, nice. I like the fact that Derrick enjoys the TA stuff. Even if we don’t now its something for them to do. If he didn’t give it any thought I am sure people might be upset about that.

  21. I have given up on Victoria. She is a tart straight up. She has no idea that she has been carried. The girls in the beginning didn’t like her (along with Amber). She doesn’t understand that shes not the only girl standing because she is good at the game. Shes there to use as a vote and nothing more. She hasn’t proven herself what so ever. People use people in the house to get further in the game. How this girl does not know this is beyond me. The girls that were playing the game, have been voted out.

  22. I have no doubt that Frankie will play that card if he doesn’t get either first or second place in BB

    The laughable thing is the HG’s have tip toed on egg shells not to “offend” this vulgar piece of garbage. The crap he has pulled with the groping, grinding, and gyrating as well as his disgusting innuendos were ONLY tolerated because he is gay.

    SO, if this person attempts to pull out some “I was discriminated against” card if he loses, he needs to be told how fortunate he was that someone neither smacked him around or verbally blasted him for being such a scumbag the entire show.

      1. Derrick’s uncomfortable because Frankie is ruining his game by not only still being in the house but by bringing up the fact that he was never on the block once, as well Derrick has been visibly angry at others when they bring up that he is well liked, which is obviously Derrick realizes is not true because he thinks Hayden and Zach put blame on him for them being evicted, he didn’t protect his alliance members. As well that Donny who was on to him is probably telling other jury members about him. Derrick is losing his cool and becoming paranoid as well starting to become aggressive to others when they bring up certain things.. This is great to watch his resolve begin to crumble, and he is in panic mode right now using Victoria to bring Frankie back to his side. Watch Derrick flip out when he is told the details about the reset, and that he is not able to compete for HOH. Frankie has Derrick on his radar and Derrick knows that Frankie has been campaigning to get him out. Frankie is the most ruthless player even more so than Derrick who has used everyone and lied to their faces.

    1. As a gay person myself, I am humiliated and embarrassed by his actions. Thanks Frankie for turning the clock back for the entire community as well as the game.

    2. You sure are one to talk considering your name and that you even had to bring it up in the first place. There is enough homophobic remarks about the male house guests from others so that it is still in fact an issue for some. Those are a dying breed of dinosaurs anyway. In Frankie’s case there has not been one single homophobic incident or homophobic guest in the house, thus denying homophobes their opportunity to vent. What will you say if Frankie does win? That there was a homosexual agenda at work by CBS or something as equally insane.

  23. Did I miss something? Did Victoria figure out Derrick is voting her out or is she playing the part like they (Derrick/Victoria) planned? First time I’ve agreed with Frankie. He totally makes sense in what he’s saying to Victoria.

  24. Oh Caleb. I love to hate to love you!!! He is entertaining to watch when he gets excited about such things as making a mouse trap lols. As per the game he is clueless but I kind of like that too. I am still supporting Derrick though.
    I cant believe the things Frankie was saying about himself. Competition beast but everyone despises him lols. You need a little of everything to win this.

  25. Victoria is a very good caring person but she should of never going this far I think jocasts whould did a better job she belive everything derrick says when if she goes to jury she try in get every vote for him its really sad why whould you come on a show if you want somebody else to win Victoria


  26. Dr Will had that kind of arrogance that you liked (to hate) and he won no comps. Frankie wins comps and has that arrogance that you cant stand. Frankie is an ass clown and I can not see him being any different outside of this house then he is on the inside. He seems like he would be shady and talk shit about you behind your back and then get caught and say “Oh but you know I love you” and then everything is copacetic. I can not stand him and I want to punch him……..Is that bad :P

    1. no I don’t think you are unreasonable I would like to see Frankie get a small part in the next sharknado and have his woodpecker head bite off in the first 5 seconds of the movie



  28. If Derrick had of just hustled a little more he would have beaten that score. Ding dong!!! Speaking of Dr Will. One of the best reactions from Will and Boogie was in All Stars when Janelle pulled out that 1:00 minute or 50 seconds which ever time it was for the same kind of game these HG’s just played. I think it was then they realised that Janelle was a beast all on her own. Loved that!
    Mouse in the house lols.

  29. Victoria thinks shes at summer camp. Why keep asking someone if you should campaign? Just do it so you can say at least you tried. Dead lock or not its worth a try instead of a whine.

    1. If by some quirky twist of fate this reset works out for him, you are absolutely correct. His original plan was always to take Victoria to the end. He only recently had to consider other options because neither of the two of them did anything in comps to secure their F2 deal lately.

      Victoria would love to win the $500k but I suspect she’d be beaming like a lighthouse beacon just because she made it to the end with Derrick beside her.

  30. how about this ideal next year if you on the block in win pov you got two opition
    1- take you and the person next to you off the block
    2-take you off and you put up the replament
    3 if you not on the block in win veto in use it on one of the noms
    only your vote matter if you don’t use it it everybody vote that counts

  31. Victoria really bugs me BUT I would like to see her win HOH once, nominate Frankie and whoever and Frankie go home! She may be go next but I think it would make her game.

  32. I hope they BOO Derrick when he makes his exit. Victoria is not even working the house to stay and win $500,000. She is trying to help Derrick win the money. Who the F is this stupid?? She is an insult to all woman. She mentioned that she didn’t have to audition that she was picked to do the show. Who the F chose her? Is her daddy in the business? Who ever picks these people needs to be fired. Please send her home I can’t watch another second of her ugly clueless ass following Derrick around the house.

    1. No, I am actually on board with you on that. I think Derrick actually has taken the big brother role with her, and he wants to take her. The uncertainty of tomorrow is what is holding him back.

      1. Loyal to each other. NO. He is treating her like a th0t and she is acting like an ho. They both are repulsive. I hate seeing grown as$ men act like that toward weak women. He’s skeezy!

  33. Oh man I’m watching tonight’s episode and this is so bad. Almost unwatchable. What is with the cheesy sound effects? Its like they pulled them out of a bad 1950’s comedy. The DR stuff is pure garbage. Caleb trying to be funny. Why does he keep saying DAGNUB all the time? Cody is more annoying than ever. Is it me or is his accent stronger than before? That lame karate stuff? YIKES! Was Victoria even a minute into the Veto competition before she said she was over it? Didn’t she do the same on another competition? HOW WAS SHE EVER CAST IN THIS GAME LET ALONE MADE IT TO TOP 5??? I can’t believe how uninteresting this whole thing has gotten in the last part of the game and this stupid button twist is befitting the lameness of the rest of the season.

    1. I thought it was funny to watch. I loved the sound effects. That’s what made it funny Hellooooooo. Even when they try to be entertaining you bitch…..Damn!

      1. You actually thought that was funny? Entertaining? It all seemed so forced and fake. The rat thing really? I know they are catering to a young audience but that stuff is funny to 11 year olds. Did anyone find the road runner nonsense funny the other day? Caleb jumping over the DR couch and Victoria holding up the sign in the DR? Cue the womp womp lame sound effect.

        1. I have to confess that Cody made me laugh tonight. Him standing on the chairs in utter terror was hilarious and his reactions (laughing) at some of the freak mashups were funny as well.

        2. The only part that I found interesting and wanted to see was the POV competition. I wanted to see how they all managed to lose to Frankie-AGAIN. The rest of the show was really bad. The scripted DR sessions and the whole ‘rat’ thing was cringe worthy to me.

      2. WOW! You actually, thought that BS was funny? It was painfull to watch IMO. It has become very clear how much this shit is scripted and they are given lines and phrases to say in the DR and told to do this or that. I bet before BB Caleb never said “Dangum” in his life. Production telling him hey say this and it will be your catch-phrase maybe people will make t-shirts with it and these star struck fame-whores are eating it up. The whole thing with those two and their kung-fu shit was stupid. The TA crap was just as dumb. Derrick as always trying to BS America, “these houseguests stay up to 12-1 AM as it is so we have to keep them up after that” We all know they sleep all day and stay up until 5,6,7 AM. How this was even an option for a task is beyond belief. It is not had to get people to believe they saw a mouse when you have TWO people saying they saw it. Skankie screaming like a little girl.

        I guess it just goes to show CBS is gearing towards a different group of people. Tweenies and idiots who think they can become famous by being on a reality show.

  34. Leave Victoria alone. Frankie said Derrick saved 6 times that she was on the block. She said no just 2 times. The other 4 times i won and took myself off. So stop saying she hasn’t done ANYTHING!!!

  35. I just spent the last hour catching up on what’s been going on the last 4 days (was in New Orleans & wasn’t going to waste precious time on these idiots while away), and discovered thata lot of talking’s been done with absolutely no substance. The only thing I’m sorry I missed was Izzy. I honestly don’t care who wins at this point -this season has been such a disappointment. Now if Frankie has a meltdown tomorrow with the button reveal, it might get interesting. If not, I’ll vote for Donny for AFP and be done with it.

    1. Frankie looking at his ass in the mirror: “Do these shorts make my ass look fat?” NO, its your ass that makes your ass look fat.

  36. It is so obvious the rewind has been revealed to some of the HGs. After all the boredom we viewers have endured, the least they could do for us was let us see the looks on their faces if they actually revealed the rewind while they were live.

  37. Victoria could cry a river all night long and that isn’t going to change Frankie’s mind that her HouseHusband is his
    # 1 Target. The other two sheep will probably buy it but they also think we love them and they are going to be celebrities so delusion is their strong suit…lol

    I so hope this “plan” blows up in Derek’s snout!

  38. now derrick you try to think of everything so tell Victoria if by some chance this button saves you jump up on live tv and point at me and say its on now bitch what you guys think holla

  39. I will commend this season for one thing and it seems at the least like production is making more creative comps this year

  40. Does reset mean they’ll just do the same dumb shovel thing again for HoH? And I know it’s been said before but I can’t help repeating … I can’t stand F’s constant, desperate mugging for the camera.

  41. It’s official…. with the introduction of The Plan, Derrick has officially surpassed Dr. Will as the greatest of all time! Congratulations, Derrick!

    1. where to begin?..derrick inherited a final four, Dan was outed day 3 had to fight for every inch he got. Derrick was safe from day 2 got the most easly menipulated players ever, Dan had strong females and males, Derrick has only one play after americas pick save donny (failed all on him) Dam was picked as americas player got some how do you pull this off missions and did it with class…derrick has shown no class because he has none

      1. Dan clearly got lucky with his win, because he sucked so bad the second time around that he got dragged to the F2 as a goat because not a single jury member would vote for him. Easily the most overrated player in BB history, and he needs to stop coming back and whoring for attention every freaking year!

        Derrick, Dr. Will, Hayden Moss, Danielle Reyes, and even Maggie are all far better players than Dan.

  42. They really should have waited to press the button to get cash or bribes. But funnier if the first to press it was Izzie. I do like the fact they have been loyal to eachother for the most part. Now Veronica, go win that HoH and take pinky out!!

  43. I think this little act that Derrick and Victoria are doing is great. It actually gives her a good game move if it works like they are hoping. I know if she gets voted out next and Frankie takes Derrick to F2 because of it I think it will be good for her to know she did something that people might remember. She wouldn’t even have made it this far if Derrick hadn’t been protecting her. If the rewind works on Derrick’s favor and Frankie is voted out there is a good chance he will take her to F2. I like Victoria despite her total lack of any gameplay and I think she is loving trying to make an actual real game move.

  44. IMO… Production is going to do what they can to keep Valerie in the game at this point. They gave her a lot footage today on the live show. I think what she is doing for Deprick is going to bite him in the ass. Would love to see him on the block with Vanessa next week. Virginia is easily swayed and will seek out anyone that will take her under their crow wing. Donny for AFP..Love him!!

  45. If truly the mirror princess is this naive and gullible then shame on her parents for sheltering this girl to the fairy tale world she now lives in,i mean wow just wow really Vic really?In the words of Zach o tack” Victoria you are the Worst!”

  46. Derrick, “Now Victrola …,” Victoria interjects, “No it’s VICTORIA!” Derrick, “OK, whatever. Now if by chance this is a RESET button, and we have to play for HoH again, and if by chance you win the HoH, you’re gonna hand it to me. You’re gonna give me the HoH.” Victoria, “But wait … is that allowed? I don’t think that’s allowed. I’m confused … .” Derrick, “Yes it’s allowed, they told me in the DR, so I need you to just hand me the HoH. I’ll take care of you. I promise. Have I ever done you wrong? Are you doubting me? If you’re doubting me, you owe me an apology RIGHT NOW.” Victoria, “Oh I’m sorry Derrick! I didn’t mean to doubt you. I’m sorry! Of course I’ll give you the HoH. And here, let me fold your undies for you….”

  47. So Victoria said tonight on the episode that she has played an amazing social game, has been a competition princess and is Batman.
    I want to reach to the TV and smack this bit<h in her head. Her amazing lack of reality is astounding in her diary room sessions.
    Her constant swirling of her head side to side is giving me motion sickness while she goes on and on about how she and Derrick (Robin) just prevailed their way to the top.

    1. I hate Victrollia as well. All she has done is jump from man to man all season long. First Frankie, then Hayden then Derrick. Remember how inappropriately she behaved with the guys when she first entered the house? Her plan all along has been to flirt/seduce/guilt her way to the prize.
      I cant believe people actually think she’s a nice person. She is only nice to people when she is getting her way. We’ve all heard the nasty vile insults or threats that come out of her mouth when she is annoyed with someone. She also wanted to cause a huge sh&tstorm in that house until Derrick talked her out of it. The fact that she actually believes she is a good player informs me that she is just as delusional as the rest of the remaining Hg’s. Can’t wait till she is evicted for real !

  48. I think if Frankie wins HOH again he will think they are doing the restart as America wanted him to get rid of a strong player so he can win and put up Derrick as everything is always about him

  49. And I amend your attempt at sarcasm Anonymous! As I stated on another column previously it’s Frankie Nd Derrick game to lose.Unless the Warrior princess Victoria comes to fight?

  50. Oh my lord, Victoria (which is my daughters name) you are so lost in your head, thank god my daughters is not in this Victoria world. Lost in space, she really believes that she got in the final 5 due to her social name WTF, she is so much a fool.

    1. What??? Don’t you know that to get to top 5 you need brains and composure?
      Not only does she have a social game, but she’s a competition QUEEN! Last woman standing!
      She’s been on the block 7 times because she’s a huge threat and guess what America?
      She’s still here! Every superhero needs help so all credit to her sidekick, Derrick.
      Together they’ve run the house and now it’s time for her to carry him to the final 2 with her!
      A photography challenge? Lucky she’s a photographer and notices all the details!

  51. Do Frankie and Derrick not realize their diary room sessions may bite them in the butt?…..the jury does see the recent episodes …….so their ego and arrogance is nauseating…..this is how Danielle lost several years ago…..she said so much crap during the diary room sessions that everyone voted for the other female contestant. Ultimately, she misjudged this and it cost her the game, although she was the better player. These guys are on the same path to disaster.

    1. Derricks DR sessions are the worst. The jury will see him for the douchebag he is and they will solidly vote against him. Nicole must be feeling really foolish right now and Donny and Hayden are feeling vindicated because they knew Derrick was a snake. Jacosta is still upset Derrick used her faith to manipulate her and Zach is waiting to go to Germany.

    2. Danielle lost because the HGs were able to see everything she said,unfiltered and I’m not sure the jury was sequestered back then (I could be wrong).

      They changed it slightly now and only show the jury parts of the episodes so as to not influence their voting too much.

  52. Derrick FTW. I would be ok with anyone but Frankie or Victoria. I hate Frankie and Victoria is clueless. Derrick has played a great game. I like Cody alright but would have liked him better if he hadn’t snuffled Christine all season. I hope that the decision not to get rid of Frankie doesn’t kill Derrick’s game but I’m afraid it will. Derrick should have let Cody take his shot at Frankie. I would have respected Cody a lot more had he ousted Frankie.

    1. If you are in Canada, you can watch it at As well as past episodes.
      In the U.S. you can watch I believe on CBS’s website. Can someone else verify that? I go to YouTube myself and people regularly post episodes before CBS has a chance to take them down. That’s how I watched Sunday’s show a few hours after it aired because I missed it on tv earlier that night and it is not posted until the next day on Global.

  53. But first…I missed this part. Even though Derrick is the one who masterminded Victoria’s path……how does she know that? She is soooo clueless . Officer Oblivious ! Why is she blaming Derrick for her block placement this week? Frankie is the one who put her up there. There must have been a convo that I missed.
    And why must she look at her reflection in every mirror. Friggin self absorbed!
    Stats help please….
    Has there ever been a BB HG nominated as many times as Victoria (8?) who has made it to final 4???
    And what is the record for the most comps won by one guest? In one season.
    And what are the comp win stats for the remaining HG this season?

  54. Even the task Derrick gave Victoria, she failed at. What a horrible acting job. She’s just bad at everything but staring at the mirror and changing outfits 20 times a day.
    She better not be sitting here after this week or I’ll have to scream very loud into a pillow.

  55. Jeff’s comment about the condition of BB house, should have been (directed at Der Fuerhrer):
    “Man this place smells like a PIG sty! Isn’t anyone gonna COP to why its such a mess?”

  56. Thanks to the wonderful work by Simon and Dawg, I did not waste my time watching Tues night episode. Watched part 2 of BBAU. Already more twists in season opener than BB 16 has had all season.

  57. With all of the fish they are eating aka brain food you would think some of it would kick in. NOT!!! Derdick just said he “has a brain” LOL. Expect the unexpected.

    1. The mercury poisoning would kick in before any of Omega 3 benefits would with this crew. No amount of fish eating can penetrate that dense fog in the house.

  58. Gee…O’Bama addressing the nation Wed night primetime at 8:00…I wonder how they are going to do the live show and the countdown clock???? Does that mean it will be taped when they do finally get around to airing it…or wait and do it live?

    1. The only thing “live” about Thursday’s eviction shows is that it is taped in front of a live audience. I believe it is taped delayed as most live shows are these days. That way censors can bleep out certain things. Tonight will be the same thing. With this reset now in effect, the consensus among fans is that the game will reset back to when Derrick was HOH and thus he will no be able to play. I think that both Frankie’s noms will be voided with the reset and there will be no eviction until the new HOH game is played. Thus either Cody/Victoria/Caleb or Frankie could be the next HOH.. If Frankie wins, watch him nominate Derrick and Victoria instead. Next week would be a double eviction leaving the final 3. I could see if Frankie won HOH he would convince Caleb that Derrick has to go as he has never been nominated, that would appeal to Caleb’s competitive side. As for POV I don’t see either Cody/Victoria/Derrick winning, it would come down to Caleb or Frankie. We know Caleb will go along with what ever Frankie says, so Derrick could be gone next week. Keeping Victoria is the best move as she can’t win anything. The final 3 will be Caleb/Cody/Frankie.

  59. I’m extremely confused – Derrick has been liked by almost everyone in jury (except maybe Donny who saw through him), so I don’t get how this little scheme of Vicidiot and his is working in his favor. “I’m over it.”

    1. imo it’s not a bad idea. by Victoria telling Frankie that everyone felt most betrayed by derrick because they thought he was their friend (as told to her by Nicole), Frankie will be more likely to keep derrick. that way Frankie will believe that he can blame all of the bad things on derrick in front of the jury, and come out with more votes. He can’t do that if derrick is in the jury and has had time to expose any of Frankie’s bad behavior that the jury doesn’t know already.
      better idea would have been to get rid of Frankie when Nicole suggested it weeks ago… they still would have had the numbers advantage. after all, derrick gets two votes every week with Victoria’s proxy.

    2. Derrick is not liked or respected by the jury. The only vote Derrick may have in the jury is Zach unless Frankie makes final 2. The rest of them are not fans of Derrick especially since they all have seen the most recent episodes and Derricks selfgratifying DR sessions. I don’t see his Derrick wins no matter with any if the remaining hgs.

      1. as far as I know, jury members aren’t given full access to live feeds, full episodes, or diary room sessions.
        they are given access to competitions and nomination ceremonies.
        if that is the case, then the jury has no idea about most of the actual underhandedness of the game at hand.
        they have to rely on the evicted houseguest weekly to fill in blanks.
        have I been misinformed?

  60. I went back and watched the first 2 episodes on to watch all the first interactions of the first meetings. A couple things I found funny…Victoria telling Frankie on the 1st day…I’m ready to compete!! LOL Caleb also telling Pow Pow…I will never throw a comp…it’s not in my DNA!! LOL Also…Zach and Frankie clashing from the get go!! Last but not least…it looked like Christine’s first hug was from Cody!! Can’t make this stuff up!! Some interesting stuff to re-watch.

  61. Stop showing derricks nose up close. What is worse … His pig snout niose. … Or Victorias Hugh ass banana nose? She is constantly looking in the mirrow … She thinks she us HOT??

  62. Not hating here just curious I believe everyone has a right to do what they want with their body but…. Has Frankie had a nose job? Or does his blonde hair make his nose look smaller? Yes I know it’s not that small lol but I was looking at his YouTube videos to see if he was always this annoying (he wasn’t) and I found this video were his nose looks completely different! So tell me whatcha think cause to me it does look like he had a nose job (not an elbow job) lol which is cool for whatever reason he chose to do it? Thanks Ali

  63. Because Evictoria,like she almost won a lot of the comps but didn’t but almost did so it’s like why wouldn’t she be the best big brother contestant ever like if she knew how important it was to play the game and not listen to her make believe boyfriend Derrick she would have like omg she almost won every comp like why couldn’t you see that?So in other words mmmh hmmm!

  64. Derrick will be considered as the 4th or 5th best BB player of all time if he ends up winning, especially if he never goes on the block. Not only did he tell Victoria he can’t save her, but he still got her to campaign for him to get to F2!!!! I don’t think anyone has ever gotten someone else to campaign for them to get to F2. I know he’s not playing with the sharpest tools in the shed, but his game has still been FLAWLESS. He can manipulate anyone.

    1. I haven’t seen such a bad move like Victoria’s since Marcellas won the POV (BB3) and didn’t use it on himself only to be evicted.

  65. I wish every time the hg’s eat they would mute the mic,its like hogs chewing up slop I’m not perfect by no means but where is your etiquette or hell even manners?My dad was a former marine of the higher authority a green beret and anytime we would do this sort of thing I thought he might suffocate us in our sleep that night for our disrespect during chow time!Hell my second oldest brother had problems breathing let alone trying to eat and not be heard and he has always had nasal and sinus problems since we were kids.And still makes less noise than these slobs of supper.

  66. Have they made it clear whether or not the repercussions of the Rewind will all take place tomorrow night, just like a double eviction? This would be very entertaining. I haven’t seen them say specifically how it’s going to work, so my fear is that tomorrow’s episode will basically be filler aside from crowning a new HOH, in which case I may not even watch. This entire boring week will have been for nothing… Especially if Frankie wins HOH again…. I don’t think I can stomach another week of that.

    Live HOH/VETO/EVICTION tomorrow night please. I wanna see them thrown into a frenzy.

  67. Poor Cody is getting his head messed with by Caleb.. “I want to watch you shower” That was priceless. Then again there are gifs/video of Caleb showing his junk to Cody on line and it didn’t seem that Cody was at all “offended”. This must get all the homophobes all riled up.. Good! LMFAO!

    1. What that’s what he did It was actually pretty annoying .. I was listening to the audio from that camera view in one ear without looking at the video and all of a sudden it was so loud when he started pounding away with the rolling pin. That was my initial though so that’s what I typed. lol

  68. What it’s not Dawgs fault Derrick beats his meat with a rolling pin,some people like to go barehand others are sorta sensitive on how to beat their meat.Can’t we all just get along?

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