Victoria “Amber’s going to be wanting Caleb so bad!” Frankie says no. Victoria “Even if he wins the half a million?”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-10 02-07-52-135

11:30pm Derrick and Frankie are in the bathroom talking. Derrick says he;s just thinking about how how its a big day this week. Frankie asks him if he wants to talk. Derrick says I’m just going over things. If I don’t know it by now, I’m not going to know it. I’m thinking about the positives about why I’m here. Derrick says I need to win HOH. Frankie says and I’m counting on that. Derrick says Not only to get further but I’ve got to have it for the resume. Frankie says don’t think I didn’t think about that when I won this veto. Derrick says your resume is stacked! Frankie says you know what I’m saying.. did you need to win this? I don’t understand that question. Like I don’t understand that question especially when you don’t see anyone else. You know what I’m saying .. its like yeah! What do you mean did I need to?! Big Brother calls Derrick to the diary room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-10 02-14-16-858

11:40pm In the kitchen – Victoria says Amber’s going to be wanting him so bad! Frankie says no. Victoria says even if he wins the half a million? Frankie says no. Victoria says he’s opened up a lot. I think she also sees he’s getting a lot of publicity too now that she’s home. Frankie says that’s true. Frankie talks to Victoria and tells her we’re so close to the finale! My god 10 days! Frankie says I don’t know I just didn’t think that was the right match. Victoria says I think he’s a changed person. Frankie says I think he’s a better person without her. Victoria says oh yeah well me too. That’s what I’m saying. I think she’ll realize what’s the real Caleb and then be like what the f**k! Maybe, I think so. Frankie says I just don’t think she was interested. Victoria says I just think she would be thinking F**k because he could have brought her to the end. And he’s extremely loyal. If he says something he doesn’t go back on it. He has like the army mind. Frankie says yeah, well anything is possible. Victoria says well no, not really she’s gone. Frankie says no I mean anything is possible for the finale. Victoria says yeah. Frankie says if I win half a million I don’t think I am going to trust anyone. Like oh my god you’re so attractive. ..umm yeah thank you very much. Victoria agrees. Frankie heads to bed in the HOH room. Victoria lays in the bathroom and plucks.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-10 02-35-41-154
12:35am – 1:10am Derrick comes into the bathroom. Derrick tells Victoria to try to go to sleep. You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Victoria says I know. Derrick says like what if you have to compete in something. Victoria says oh my god. Wait I’m scared that they put our conversation in the episode .. about you, Tenley and Rocky. Derrick asks you’re scared? Don’t say it because I don’t want to them to call us out. About how we had the conversation about Tenley being the only child. Derrick says yeah. Just talk about but don’t talk about your DR’s. Victoria says I was asking you if you had a choice between having your 3 dogs or another child. Derrick says oh that you might looks stupid!? Derrick says what if there’s a competition and you’re not sleeping? Victoria says its only f**king 12. Derrick shakes his head. Victoria asks him if they’ve asking him about them? Derrick says no but its better that way. Derrick asks do you think Caleb believes you ..don’t be too obvious with it. Derrick says do you eye brows and go to be. What if tomorrow is a competition where you can stay in the game and you’re dragging a$$. Victoria says okay. Derrick goes back to bed. Victoria stays up for another 35 minutes and then goes to bed.

See what they can’t show you on TV! -Try the feeds for FRREE!

1:10am All the house guests are sleeping..

10am The house guests are still sleeping..

10:30am – 10:45am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Victoria is awake in the bathroom. In the fire room – Caleb walks in and calls Cody and Derrick a bunch of froot loops. He tells them we need to be upstairs in 10 minutes.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-10 10-45-15-848

10:50am – 12pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the live feed highlights with Jeff Schroeder.

12:55pm Still blocked..

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Victoria, Victoria… And she still has no clue what’s happening…

Hopefully this stupid Rewind button will put some action into this game and they will be able to take Frankie out!


After analyzing the season, I believe that Derrick and Frankie deserve to go to final two. They both have a strong resume, for very different reasons.


Agreed. Don’t know why some folks think this is a popularity contest (some years it is and most juries vote like that). After years of floaters making it to the F2, you’d think viewers would be happy to see real players get to the finals. Who cares if there’s some sexual energy in the house. The best players made it to the end. No floaters as long as Vic leaves soon. Another great BB season!

I Don't Like Derrick

DERRICK IS A FLOATEER!!! VICTORIA IS NOT!! Who has Victoria floated to?? No One. She has always stuck with one person… DERRICK… How many people has Derrick floated to?? Everyone… Remember one of his DRs about the Rationales and Detonators? He said something like, If one of the Detonators wins (HOH) ,I’m Team Detonator, If one of the Rationales wins, Team Rationale. And remember, Victoria has been on the block more than all of them combined.


A) I think you need to calm down. This is a reality TV show.

B) Do you even know what a floater is? Because Derrick is one of the furthest things from a floater. Just because he’s played different groups of people does not make him a floater. It shows that he is playing the game. He has manipulated people, infiltrated different groups, and used pawns, therefore he is not a floater.

I Don't Like Derrick

“Just because he’s played different groups of people does not make him a floater.” I did not say that made him a floater. He has floated to different people in the house. That’s what makes him a floater. The difference between him and the other floaters is he is a floater who manipulates, but HE IS STILL A FLOATER!!! Just no other floater has manipulated the way he has, but that’s not impressive , considering he is manipulating a bunch of dumbasses No one is seeing him as a floater, because he has done what no other floaters have. Manipulated, and had the most influence. But he has still floated. People don’t want to admit it, because floater is not considered a compliment, and so many dumbasses want to say he’s great when actually, he just got lucky, to be in a house with a bunch of dumbasses. In one of his DR, he says Team Rationale, or Team Detonatoors, (Depending on who won HOH) What do you call that?


absolutely correct the guy you were responding to is as clueless as Victoria so we know now its not just the house but how you could have all the details and still be clueless at work we refer to those people as not having walking around sense


Definition of a floater is someone that can’t win comps, has no influence, isn’t in any real alliance and knows nothing of their surroundings and never plays the game. So, the pic in the dictionary would be Victoria. Derek wins comps, had the most influence, is the strongest alliance and has been playing the game since day one.

Lawon's Special Power

Derrick wins comps? He has won a total of 2 all season. Both HoH’s.

Victoria has won 3. 2 BoB’s and 1 PoV. Yes they were handed to her but a win is a win.

And she has more than Derrick


Actually Derrick should have 3 HOH wins. Recall he gave Frankie an HOH deliberately so he could see his grandfather after he passed away (only to have his grandfather also pass away a few days later). Also, you can’t win a BOB if you have NEVER been on the block. Finally, A POV win is first predicated on being picked to play and then strategy can come into play whether you actually want to win as exercising the veto or not plays into your game.


While Derrick may have won limited competitions, he has influenced some of the winners to do his dirty work. Those should almost count as pseudo-wins. While i don’t totally approve of his play-style, he has been playing a masterful game when compared to the other house guests.

I Don't Like Derrick

You deliberately defined floater, to accurately describe Victoria. Whatever fit Victoria is how you would have defined floater. See, I’m not like the dumbasses in the house. But guess what?? She was in a real alliance. With Derrick. He would have kept her until Final 3, maybe Final 2, if he could have, if Frankie didn’t win HOH. Do you think if Derrick or Cody win HOH tonight, Victoria will be Final 4? YEP… She sure will be.. Derrick has won comps?? But guess what. Victoria has won more. Same question. Why does Cody deserve to be there more than Victoria? He has done whatever Derrick wanted and she has won as many comps. You’re right about Derrick having the strongest influence. Probably not hard with a bunch of dumbasses. “He has had the strongest alliance.” Well, of course that is real easy, WHEN IT’S HALF THE HOUSE!!! So, Derrick is a floater who has manipulated. That’s what makes him stand apart from other floaters, but he is still a floater.


Wrong! Definition of a floater is someone who “floats” to whoever is HOH. It has nothing to do with comp wins or not.

BB is for SMART People

Okay clearly some people should not be watching BB because they do not even understand the definition of the word floater. ughh. come on. stop posting. You don’t understand the game any more than Victoria does. WE want to read posts from smart people. GET OFF!

I Don't Like Derrick

PUSSY PLEASE!!! I’m smart enough to explain what floater has always meant. It is just not convenient for you, DUMBASS to admit that Derrick fits the definition of what floater has always meant, so you get off. If you don’t like the posts, obviously, you’re not smart enough to not read them, DUMBASS!!!


I don’t like Derrick either(personally) but we must be watching two different shows. Floaters either do nothing of substance or they flit back and forth between groups every time the wind changes. Derrick is manipulating every person in the house. He isn’t a floater…not by a long shot. You are taking your personal dislike of Derrick and trying to distort it into a criticism of his fairly decent game-play.

I Don't Like Derrick

It’s funny how the definition of floaters change, when people want it to. Hasn’t floater always been people who float to different people when convenient which is exactly what Derrick has done with everyone. Before, it wasn’t someone who simply did nothing. So, a new meaning is added, because so many people don’t believe Victoria deserves to be there. That is the real reason, and you know it. I agree, Derrick has manipulated a bunch of dumbasses (I don’t think he is great at all). So, actually, he is a floater, because he has floated this entire game to everyone, he just did so, along with manipulations of a bunch of dumbasses. I am glad that at least you called his gameplay fairly decent, instead of great, like so many other dumbasses. So, he is a floater who has manipulated, but still a floater. And no, I am not taking my dislike of Derrick, and distorting anything. Honestly, I believe that Derrick and Frankie have played the best out of the ones remaining. Ideally, Caleb and Victoria will win. Why does Cody deserve to be there anymore than Victoria? Hasn’t he done the same thing? She has won as many comps.


You say Victoria has been loyal and in alliance with Derrick since the beginning, so she isn’t a floater.

Well Derrick has been in an alliance with Cody since day 1. They shared information every night, cross referencing all their convos of the day. Actually some of most entertaining convos of season on the lives feeds. They planned their moves and Derrick was the most part the one that got things done.

Derrick is loyal Cody and Cody only. He has manipulated the rest of house guests, when in reality he has no problem with any of them walking out the door.

So lets recap. Derrick has had a solid final 2 with Cody. They both are in a bigger alliance since day 1. Like the detonators, they made side relationships with one of person in the house (Vic, Christine). Andy was a floater, he went to every hoh and sucked dick…don’t put me I promise this and that. Derrick straight up manipulated the hoh and got his targets up. Then he manipulated the votes of who he and Cody wanted gone.

I Don't Like Derrick

Who has Victoria floated to? She has always stayed loyal to Derrick. She hasn’t jumped from person to person,. which is what a floater does. I agree, Derrick is more loyal to Cody than to Vic, but if Cody or Derrick win HOH tonight do you not think that Victoria will be in Final 4? Of course, she will. The real test will be Derrick winning the Final HOH, and having to choose between Vic and Cody. He will choose whoever he thinks he can beat, which is likely both. But lets hope, that doesn’t happen. I never denied that Derrick manipulated people or used Victoria. I said Victoria was in an alliance with Derrick and she has been. He would not be planning on getting rid of her tonight, if Frankie didn’t win.Of course they were in the biggest alliance in the house. It was half the house. What do you call DR, Team Detonator, or Team Rationale? Floating. Can someone who manipulates not be a floater?? He is a floater who has manipulated, but still a floater. If Derrick thought he could not beat Cody in Final 2, he would get rid of him, and take Victoria.


A floater “floats” through game not “to” someone. Definition has never changed. You are the one trying to change the definition because of your dislike for Derrick. Period.

I Don't Like Derrick

LOL.. You mean not winning the least amount of comps, and surviving the block more than everyone else combined, and attaching yourself to the most influential person in the house is floating. Excuse me for thinking what has been said about it over the years, going from person to person, like Derrick has, only he has done so with manipulations. That is why no one is seeing him as a floater. Because he has done what no other floater has done, and got lucky doing it, not great, lucky. No I am not changing the definition. Derrick is a floater who has manipulated. Point Blank. Saying that has nothing to do with my dislike. I’m saying it because it’s the truth. No one wants to admit it, because admitting it would mean that “Derrick the Great,” is a floater. DAMN!! I have admitted game wise, he and Frankie have played the best. I am less impressed with Derrick because his success depended on the stupidity of other people, and his simple luck of people not calling him out, when almost anyone else would have. Hopefully, Caleb and Victoria will win. LOL.


get over it.

Alex C.

How come Derrick is a floater?He’s pulled strings all the summer long whereas Victoria has done nothing , but whining and complaining.

I Don't Like Derrick

You are going to have to read the above posts, which I’m sure you already have. I’ve already explained it. DAMN!!! People perceive Derrick in a certain way, so they don’t want to admit he is a floater who manipulates, and they perceive Victoria a certain way, so they don’t want to admit she is not a floater, even though she is not. She has stuck with one person, Derrick. That is actually the truth. LOL.


The term “floater” means floating by in the game as if you don’t exist. That means you don’t win to many/if any comps, and if you do they are influential to the game, you don’t make decisions but follow them, and you never make big game moves. If a player has the majority of these traits, than he/she is a floater. That is why I refer to this season as the season of floaters. The only people I believe have played this game AT ALL are Derrick and Frankie (though both are bad people to some degree). Victoria is the GREATEST FLOATER in BB history because she thankfully paired up with Derrick and he kept her relatively safe this entire time (aka convincing her and the houseguests that she was/is just a pawn). She’s a decent girl, but she just doesn’t play/influence the players or game at all. Frankie is a vile human being who is protrayed by Production for his fans as a great guy for ratings, but he has been one of the most influential players in the game (so second place is agreeable–personality aside). Derrick is the second most influental player in the game and despite a few times he was cruel (which pissed me off), I like him WAY more than Frankie. He always makes the plans for the alliance, but socially plays with the other side to keep his bases covered ( Like tons of other past BB players) Though he doesn’t win comps very often, he controls the floaters. Derrick and Frankie are the only players in the game and have been since day 1. So personal aside, they are the only players–maybe Victoria for being so successful at being a floater– who deserve to win any money.

Keep Floating

Who cares whether Derrick is a floater or not! He must be floating in the pool during every nomination ceremony! Never being nominated in a season with the most noms ever… I would sew the half million into my life vest and float on home with my head proudly above water while everyone else drowns!

I Don't Like Derrick

Well, Thanks for admitting that Derrick is a floater, and “Who cares if Derrick is a floater or not,” is admitting it, without coming right out and saying it. It’s just not convenient for the Derrick fans to admit he is one.

Keep it short and sweet...

…hey Zane, is it just me, or are some of these posts a bit long and boring. I like yours because you get to the point in a sentence or two.


Then don’t read them ASSWIPE!!! There is that short enough for you, PUSSY who cannot address the poster you’re referring to.


Julie Chen on her show the talk defending Ariana grande Give Frankie he money. It’s a fix


I think everyone should state their BB experience before we read their posts. Example: I only watch CBS, I watch CBS and BBAD, I also have live feeds..etc….the reason is this, some of the things I read are clearly from people who are uninformed to some of the goings on in the BB house. If you are limited in your access to these things, you wont understand why some feel the way that they do.


Franky deserves the win. He’s won more comps & worked the social aspect as well. & now he’s feared. That said, he’s a weird little man. He’s talented, degreed but weird.


I agree. As much as I don’t like him, he deserves to win over anyone left in the house. Derrick doesn’t deserve to win over Frankie, because at the end of the day, people can hate on Frankie, but where is his game any worse then Derrick’s game??? Frankie true lied in the beginning, but about what? Who he was? Is that a reason to not give him the money? No it isn’t. Frankie did come clean regardless of how he did it he admitted to the stuff he did and from that point everyone that was Frankie’s target knew they were his target, he didn’t sugar coat it. Unlike Derrick who everyone seems to love and say is playing the game is a hypocrite. He got mad at Derrick and became irate saying he’s taking money out of my family’s mouth blah blah blah. Well what is he doing, what does he think, only one person can win therefore if it’s him isn’t he taking the money from everyone else? He’s worse then Frankie because unlike Frankie, he used everyone in the house (True it is a game, but why is it only a game when Derrick does it and not Frankie). He talks about his daughter this and his daughter that, but how does he think Victoria’s father feels about him using Victoria? He of all people know how naïve Victoria is and how vulnerable she is and trusts him, unlike Danielle with Dan. Has he stopped to think about what he’s doing to Victoria? (again true it’s a game and he has to do whatever he can to win, but don’t play the moral and speak of your daughter when you’re doing something to someone else’s daughter you wouldn’t want done to yours game or not). Frankie has never said ONE negative word about Derrick, and not half as much about Donny as Derrick talks about the both of them. Derrick is always so angry and mad about Frankie wanting him out, when Frankie may want him out, but as NEVER said it. Derrick is the reason Nicole put Frankie on the block and even when Nicole called him out on it, he tried to make Nicole think she was crazy, but she stood her ground and he had to admit to his part in wanting Frankie out. Derrick also was behind Frankie wanting Zach out, and unlike Nicole when Frankie confronted Derrick about it in front of everyone Frankie backed down. At the end of the day Frankie deserves to win over anyone else; not because he was good at comps, but with Frankie what you see is what you get, Derrick is a hypocrite and a user, and when someone else does it he takes offense. Again true it’s a game, but since it is just a game then why is Derrick given a pass for the things he’s done and not Frankie? I hope everyone left in there when they leave get booed like Christine when they’re evicted, because they’re no better, and of everyone left in there, I don’t care for Frankie either, but because it’s a game and if you put all the animosity aside, Frankie deserves it. I don’t care how rich he may be or his family may be he deserves it, and at the end of the day all the houseguest must have some money, because their bills are being taken care of some kind of way for three months. Zach is the only one that admitted to still living with his parents. So these people aren’t broke. They may not have a lot, but they have enough to leave their jobs for three months to come on a show and not once have any of them complained about being worried about having a home to go home to except Brittany, and she’s gone. So if they think that’s a reason not to give Frankie the money then none of them deserve it on that reasoning.


I don’t think Frankie should win. I think production gives Frankie inside information to help his game otherwise NO ONE would be watching this boring season. Frankie is a media whore and a liar. I am certain that he is not building schools in Africa. He comes from a wealthy family, he says he is a Utube star with many followers; how many schools have been built by him? He is smart enough to know what to say and do to get the camera and attention on him and him alone. He listens to EVERYONE else and uses their strategies to play his game. I am certain that he is following Derricks lead in this game like everyone else is. When he did the shovel and ball Veto did you notice how he specifically put each ball in a certain place on the shovel for balance? How did he know to do that? Production!!!!! I would love to see Derrick and Caleb win the F2.


Kaleb– I tried to read your post but my brain froze about halfway through.


Frankie has lied just as much as any of the other power players this season ( I can’t believe I used that word for anybody in this bunch). Good example was the whole unnecessary plot to get Amber out and when he was cornered by Caleb about it, he concocted a story that put Nicole in it and basically made her cover his lie. Which I get. Lying is part of the scheming. And him coming clean about his ‘true identity’ is a joke. A red herring of sorts as it had absolutely NO bearing on the game,except to cover more scheming by Frankie and trick the other HGs into both sympathy(the burden of keeping a huge secret) and awe (of having some connection to the fame they all want) of him. Again I get it. Scheming is part of the game.

Bottom line, neither Derrick or Frankie’s gaming have been pure,but using lying (or the lackthereof) as the yard stick to measure performance, won’t get Frankie any further than Derrick in my opinion.

As far as Victoria goes, her whole strategy (if you can call it that) was to latch on to some player who would dictate her moves She welcomes that. If it wasn’t Derrick,she would’ve attached herself to someone else. Her only problem is that her options were so few this season as this cast is made up of easily impressionable people like her.


This season will be remembered for gross Frankie and only in a negative way. Someone who is so vile and hateful should not win. I agree that Frankie has won numerous challenges. …He goes on and on about how good he did. Apparently in real life he doesn’t get enough praise so he needs to praise himself. This BB will also be remembered as the season of “prissy boys”.


THe problem is that CBS has given him an AMAZINGLY INACCURATE edit. Although they are starting to showcase some of his gross actions and words, I don’t think that they’ve done enough to show how truly vile he is. Most viewers don’t watch the feeds or peruse the Big Brother boards, so I don’t know if the majority of the audience has experienced this season like we have experienced it.


CBS presents Frankie on the TV shows as a fun loving gay guy with an extremely hyper personality. His true persona is revealed on BBAD and the live feeds that people purchase. He is a repulsive, narcissistic pervert that CBS probably can not present truthfully or they would have an entire viewing audience calling for his removal. It would not surprise me if after the past two years of controversy on BB, CBS comes up with a morals clause that gives more authority to BB to get rid of people who cross the lines of decency. It appears they do not have a very good clause or Frankie would have been removed from the show after the despicable rant about Victoria.


It is true what you say. If Production was not favoring Frankie so much, he would have been,,,and should have been …removed at the beginning of the season. All of his disgusting groping and humping on the other men on the show was sickening and if he had been doing that to the women, he would have been ejected immediately. What difference does it make if it is a man or a woman that he has been doing all of this gross stuff to? None, to me and I am offended that Production did not remove him from the show. There have to be some standards that are enforced and this year it seems as though the theme was not about twists, it was more like anything goes…Shame on CBS for supporting such gross actions and not enforcing rules as they should have!


Frankie is wining comps because he has never been sleep or food deprived like the rest ” because of his medical condition” so to be honest him winning is not because he is a Beast it is because he is not living any different than he did on the outside and his strength is up.

Michael Angelo

He should have never been allowed on this show if he wasn’t able to abide by the rules and guidelines. What a joke.


all the people that think Frankie has money been trying to tell you he doesn’t admitted he is a struggling actor dancer only make 300 to 1200 a month on his mogel you tube videos and also told jeff pre interview he lives check to check watch the interview now says if he win 500k he will trust nobody starting to get it now does that sound like a person with money im in my 50s and 500k then pay taxes on that is not even a lot a money nice of coarse but only about 6 or 7 years of money at best and that’s just normal living I never once for a second believe he was well off red flags everywhere dude would slit your throat for that money

Michael Angelo

Dude…Punctuation is your friend. Get acquainted with it some time soon.


We’re all hoping the button put action in the game, but we may not get to watch it. Does anyone know if the show will be preempted or shown on another channel, because it’s not coming on CBS at it’s scheduled time of 8pm.
This season was such a waste. Predictable all the way through, and no matter how much production tries to throw in a twist or at least that’s what they call it, these scumbags, still won’t make a big move.

Mister E

It shows that it comes on at 7 in my area tonight , instead of the normal 8 o’clock time on eviction nights


What time zone are you in?


I am in Eastern zone and my tv listings show BB at 8pm and Bahama’s speech at 9.

Cough, Derrick!

Derrick is the bet player, but worst human being.


I think this rewind will be nothing more than an exact replay. Nothing exciting. Freakie wins, puts up Cody/Vic, Freakie wins POV, doesn’t use it. Vote out Vic.. all planned out.


I feel like people harp on Victoria a lot, but i dont think shes that bad. Yeah she didnt play the game like we wanted, but its kind of mean for BB to give her the stupid edit, when its their fault they casted her. They probably egg her on in the diary room sessions to say certain stuff and then make her look even more ridiculous. Some of her DR clips make her look like she’s completely unaware, which i sincerely doubt is the case. Despite the fact that she does say some really stupid things on the live feeds, i think people should remember that she’s probably talking smack and doing certain things, because thats what everyone else does in the house. Like her or not, she’s a lot better in some regards than people give her credit for. She never complains about being on slop even with her kosher diet, and from time to time, she is perceptive of the things that go around the house( derrick and cody’s relationship), but she doesnt have power to change things up. She’s not a good player, but there a lot of people this season that i could say the same thing for.

Murphy's Law

I’ve read where BB15’s McCrae had a extremely difficult transition after his season and sought help from CBS/BB psychiatrist for deep depression..lost his Minnesota girlfriend..major drama with Amanda break up (she found a lengthy LOVE letter from Mc to Minnesota girl on his computer)..and more! Victoria may need a team of psychiatrists, padded-room, straight-jacket & meds for Victoria when she learns of Derrick’s deception and comments about her. I want her to win 2nd place to ‘cushion the blow’.

Alex C.

It looks like Derrick and Victoria have already made up 🙂 Derrick has duped both Victoria and Nicole and, if he makes it to the final, he will most likely get their vote to win even though he sent them both packing.I hate to acknowledge it, but he knows how to play with (some) people’s mind.


The fight was planned to make Derrick/Victoria not look all that close. Read the stories from Monday(?) They agreed to set the whole fight up


So Victoria thinks Amber will want Caleb after he wins the money. How shallow is this woman?


Yep. It’s a good indication of who she is and thinking Amber’s like her.


And lacking in a basic understanding of finances. $500k is not enough to live off of,especially when taxes takes such a huge chunk.

Big Sister

Remember that when she voted to evict Amber, she called her “the fakest of the fake.” She has a lot of nerve when you look at her “game” if you want to call it that!


No less shallow than any other girl who goes shopping.


Seriously? That is ridiculous! Like me most women shop for their family. If shallow is trying to remember all the passing remarks from my husband for the little things he needs and from my adult kids to brighton their day then I am proud to be shallow. Hahahaha! Truth be told your remark is incredibly shallow.


Probably Zane has referrred to girls who suffer of shopping addiction and buy compulsively not only what they need , but especially stuff they don’t really need.


No she is telling him that because Derrick and her have devised a plan to get Frankie to take Derrick to the final two.


It’s official. Victoria’s gone full retard.


When she was hoping Kim Kardashian would be a surprise visitor it was a clue on how disconnected she really is.

No idea

For the first time since I started watching BB I have no clue who is going to win or who to root for. Out of everyone Frankie deserves to win with all the comp wins, but for some reason everybody thinks he’s a piece of shit. I can only imagine what any of you feedsters would say if you were trapped in a house for 3 months. It’s called Cabin Fever people. Give these human beings a break. Sheesh.


Agreed. Put a camera and mic in a frat house and BB16 is a church group. I vote for the candidate that’s most qualified, not the one with the biggest heart. But this is America, that’s how life works.


The problem with being in a fish bowl like BB is that’s the only perspective we have of these people. We don’t see (or personally interact with) them before or after the shows to be able to thoroughly judge their characters.

That’s not to say I don’t talk trash about them,because I do. That’s just part of the game. A lot of us come to this site to commiserate with other fans of the show. I certainly don’t invest more than a seasons worth of insults,praise,character assassinations each year.

I don’t pretend to know who these people are outside the house,nor do I care. It’s humans playing a game against other humans being watched by humans. It’s hard NOT to elicit human emotions as a result, negatively or positively.


If you read A-hole Frankie Facebook page you’ll see he’s just as obnoxious and vile and shallow that we’ve all seen. Being locked up hasn’t made him like this..;he came this way. If anything the house just brought it to surface.

Google Tamara and Frankie Grande and read her post which has his Facebook entry about going to Africa. It’s sp pathetic and shallow. He’s awful

Amy Pond

Having cabin fever does not mean you can engage in highly inappropriate behavior, which Frankie has done on almost a daily basis. My godson is on a submarine, which is about as shut down as you can get, and believe me, the first person who grabbed another person’s crotch would find themselves face down with a boot on their neck. I am sure you have to find a way to blow off steam, but unwanted physical advances and ugly comments are inexcusable. I hope to God he is not invited for All Stars…unless Evel Dick was in the house!

Well said!

I completely agree with Amy. Well said!

Jody H

To be fair, it’s a very different situation in a submarine (I assume military). Any behavior cannot be tolerated. I have watched BB since season 1. There is always someone who will cross the line. Production not only encourages it, the egg these people on. It seems that all past offenders are given passes (Evil Dick was NASTY) but not Frankie. I don’t get it. I don’t particularly like him, but worst human ever, I highly doubt it.


Did you really just compare the big brother house to being in the military serving on a submarine? That honestly might be the dumbest comparison I’ve ever heard. Really, how simplistic of a mindset does it take to think that’s a good comparison

The thought process must have been something like that. “hmm….submarine small……bb house small…..therefore they are same thing. My son is an angel and these houseguests are pigs” .

News flash, your son is probably just as bad if not worse than the players in this house in social settings. You people get offended so easily but the dumbest stuff. OH NO a flamboyant gay guy is making lots of sexual jokes and is touchy feely. OHHH THE HUMANNNITTYYYYY. You people are very very sheltered.


I agree with NO Idea about the Cabin Fever aspect of this game. Not only that but I would dread if anyone recorded some of my actions when I was in my twenties. Lets just take a big breath.


True but Frankie is in his thirties not twenties.

joel f.

…though he looks like he’s in his forties!!!


Well, Frankie did say he was playing for charity. Now he’s saying people are going to be attracted to him because he has money. He can’t keep his lies straight. Your argument for saying they say crazy stuff because they are cooped up for months doesn’t hold water. Did Donny do that? Do you think Jocasta would be acting like Frankie and the other houseguests? It’s about the individual, not the circumstance. The crazy are just crazy.


Being trapped in a house for this long is not an excuse for bad behavior. I have only been watching since season 10, but I do not remember some of the bad behavior that is evident this year. I do not remember anyone telling two guys to gang rape a girl before. I do not think this has been a good season. The reason the last two seasons have been lame is because all this behavior has been good for the show in terms of ratings. Everything that big brother fans object to have non big brother fans checking it out, such as racial comments or talk of gang rape. The show counts on big brother fans to get mad but to keep watching, thus, why listen to our complaints.


America has freedom of speech. That is not a crime. No rape has been committed. I think you want to live in a society that has thought police. Schoolyards all over this country has worse language than this. Go evict them out of this country.


The freedom of speech is not absolute. There are many things that can’t be said on TV. (Have you noticed the blurred lips and no sound?) Even if the words are not broadcast to the general public, certain things are not allowed to be said. (Yelling “FIRE” in a theater is the classic example. I dare you to yell “BOMB” in an airport, or even say “Hi” to your friend Jack while calling by name in the same setting.)

But I do agree that as disgusting as he was in his “gang rape rant”, Frankie can say what he wants. It is the sexual assaults that outrages me.


Not know who’ll win? Really? Derrick will win. I don’t see a scenario where he doesn’t win.


These people signed up for this show, knowing cameras are on, for most part 24/7. Yes, it’s 3 months, but they play up for the cameras daily. They don’t forget the feedsters, etc , they are really being their selves trying to impress new “friends”.


IM just going to say it can we get 50mins of jury house 7mins of DAN and 3mins of rewind.

im pretty sure they having a good time in jury everybody but Christine shes probably wondering why Cody lied to her. plus it was Zach birthday wonder did they have a party . knowing Zach and Hayden they probably dranked beers ate cake Twerked jumped in the pool and probably twerked again knowing Donny & Jocasta they were probably KO’D after the cake lol .

Lawon's Special Power

I do enjoy that they are bringing Dan back….just goes to show how bad the ratings must be getting. Jeff & Jordan’s engagement special on Sunday and now Dan.

Hopefully the ratings are tanking so Grodner can FINALLY get fired and bring someone in with some fresh ideas. I mean bring in the people who did BB UK or something.


I am unsure if Dan will just be talking to Julie without the HG’s knowing about it, or if the HG’s will be aware that Dan is present. BUT I AM SURE that Derrick’s head is going to get even bigger if he knows that Dan is there. Remember last week he said he had to evict Nicole (the 2nd time) because she realized he was just like Dan and she even said that to Derrick. With Derrick’s ego, he will probably believe that Dan is only there to meet him.


I watched Victoria’s interview with Jeff and she said that she would flirt and manipulate the guys to stay in the house. She didn’t seem as ditzy. We will see what she is made of tonight.

In addition

I have to agree. In addition , she is a photographer, which requires a lot of knowledge of many technical areas (aperature, shutter speed, ISO, ETC). I’d like to think she is more intelligent, than the ditz she is portraying, but I also think, that we would habe seen it surface by now. You could be right, maybe she will break out and do something, but time is not on her side at this point, it may be too much, too late. On a side note, doesn’t Victoria resemble the witch “Mary” in Hocus Pocus, played by Kathy Najimy? Just my observation… LOL


Dammit now I’m going to have that visual stuck in my head since Halloween is approaching and that movie will be played a lot….lol.


Victoria is who she is. There is no “there” there. No human could play a role as being that clueless for this long. Her vapid ness combined with her constant pining for the Derpig is the real girl just like Derpigs a lying manipulating sexist predator. When you enter the bb house your entire personality is amplified. That is what you are seeing in all if them at this point.


True! If it was an act then we would see her true self come out in the diary room sessions. Instead we more of the same Victoria in the diary room.


No he is far from a sexual predator…Ridiculous!


I want to agree with this, but I just can’t. I do believe some houseguests fit that mold, especially Caleb and Cody; however, to suggest Derrick didn’t come into the house with a clear strategy is rather asinine. From day one, every single action and conversation has been executed with a purpose behind it. Sure there are moment when they are hanging out talking about random things and their guards are down, but even in some of those instances we’ve seen Derrick take an stance on something to push his game agenda. I don’t see Derrick as vile as you do. He seems most times, like a genuine guy, but its very very hard to determine exactly what he’s like on the outside because his game has been so strategic and he’s done so much acting and ego-boosting. I doubt he spends his days telling his co-workers how amazing they are, but for some reason, inflating these houseguests ego’s has worked, and it’s no surprise when you consider who we’re talking about. Cody, Caleb and Frankie are all egotistical. They are boarder-line narcissistic and completely into themselves. Caleb has grown on me but I think I’d hate Cody and Frankie in the real world. The only thing with Caleb is you have to tune out the self-bravado and praise, because underneath it all he seems like an awesome person.


I think that every season of bb you see the character of each person become more apparent. WWJD makes a good point. Derrick is only human so you are seeing him as he is. Nobody can hide who they are for that long especially given they have no real contact with the world outside the house. Psychologically, all of them are more real today than they were on day 1. Derrick’s DR sessions in which he strokes his own ego and gloats over how good of a manipulative predator he is ,are especially telling.


finally someones watching the same show I am you see exactly what I see word for word thanks

Team Australia 2014

Starting to get really depressed with this bunch of BB16 losers, and questioning my mental health with my attitude about them because in reality you want to think nobody could truly be horrible enough that you would wish bad things to happen to them.

After watching the first couple episodes of BBAU, then trying unsuccessfully to watch BB16 last night on CBS, I finally get it.

BBAU has people that I actually wanna see on TV (at least 13 out of 16 for starters). BB16 has 0 out of 5 right now that I want to see anywhere.

I’m happy to report that no longer think my attitude is f’d up, it’s the dynamic of BBUS that ensures the biggest ratbags are going to make it farthest in the game until you get left with the scum of the crop. (& they truly are this time) Combine that with a beginning cast that at most I wanted to see 5 out of 16 on TV to begin with.

e.g. BBAU – The blonde ditz already got called out on her stupid, and the audience laughs unreservedly at her, every time.

e.g. BBUS – We’re lucky if we get one audience rightfully booing in a whole season, and it’s the high point of the season. Really BBUS? (expletives deleted remainder of post)


I am with you. I have watched about 3/4 of the two show BBAU launch so far and already they have had more twists then then whole BB16 so far. First the way they paired the players up (much better to pair up two strangers to work together then send two family members in like BBUS did)

Right away the first tem that went in was HOH and had to pick one team to exclude from the party they were having and send them to the fishbowl to spend the night. Then they are offered $ if they take amount A the house gets no food for 3 days and if they take amount B no food for a week.(I didn’t get to finish watching last night to see their decision.

The DR sessions have BB asking them questions about the game and other HG’s getting honest non scripted answers instead of BBUS where it is clearly just a scripted speach or skit that the HG’s are acting!

The Hg’s themselves already seem much more interesting and are there to play the game and not to become famous “media moguls”

The BBAU house is amazing! It puts this played out ant infested outdated house in the US to shame. CBS with all of their $ and the amount they make and have mode off this show should be ashamed of themselves and we as viewers should feel cheated and scammed.

Finally as much as I like Julie over the years it may be time for a fresh start and a new host. BBAU host is much more hip and modern (she is pretty hot IMO as well and that never hurts!) With Julie we get the same old tired act as the rest of the show. It is time to revamp the whole thing and kick it up a notch.

CBS should take notes and either shake it up and freshen up BBUS or end the series. The twists and game play they advertised fell way short and the producers and casting should be fired.

Eure ka!

As long as Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves, she is not going anywhere. As far as the networks showing the masses an apple pie version of America…that is why they consistently get their asses kicked by the superior programming on cable and Netflix type services.


I have no idea how to watch the other BB shows, AU, CAN, etc. Can you explain it to me please!


I wonder if part of the problem is just the culture in the US. For all the weird, evil and underhanded shit that goes on in the US in politics, with police, Wall Street, mass shootings, the majority think that they are a god fearing christian society. Are these house guests, some of whom talk about god, the bible and their church groups quite a bit a reflection of the hypocritical way US society operates. Everyone tries to be ultra politically correct all the time now because if they slip up in some way they are lambasted on the internet and on the 24 hours news that is so desperate for a story they will talk about nobodies on a moderately successful “reality” tv show. This year suffered from the bad press that last years show produced, so I think they are a little more gun shy, and are more aware of how they are perceived on tv, thus less likely to stir the pot. In countries like Australia and Canada, the following is probably lower so the backlash for their behavior is less harsh. Lastly in the US they bleep profanity and blur nudity, but they proudly show ultra violence on tv and in the news. If a fight broke out on the show, you bet your ass they would show it and the audience would openly love it, but heaven forbid if a TITTY was exposed, the exposer would be called a whore and shunned, while the audience secretly jacked off in front of their computer screens.


In all fairness, Gemma took Skye to the treehouse alone and told her. Of course Skye starred thinking about it. And confronted Gemma after she realized it was insulting. So they are ahead there. No way would viola ever confront someone head on for calling her stupid and shallow. She would whine n cry to everyone else.
Plus the big brother offer for Priya’s team for the 10000.00 to place everyone on their version of slop for a week. You cannot tell me that Derrick n Frankie wouldn’t have been all over that like a dirty shirt!
Posters I urge you to watch BB AU. It’s on you tube free. The house is a-amazing! The people are funny! The host charming. And hey great Aussie accents!


Started watching BBAUS for the 1st time–love it!!!

Team Oz 2014 Too

Right on. Just watched the first 2 episodes of BBAU 2014 – makes BBUS look like a Frankie Grande / Team America production. CBS has whittled it down to dullards obsessing over $500K and AFP results for weeks on end with so much time to prepare for predictable competitions and double evictions. Downunder, the houseguests don’t have time to think on that. They’re instantly on edge, uncertain as to what will come next. Hence, so is the audience.


I like BBAU as well, however, it a completely different game than ours! The US tried this back in BB season 1 and if failed badly. TV watchers in the US would vote all the ‘entertaining’ people and keep the ‘good’ people.

And even if I do watch BBAU, I do catch myself asking ‘now what is the purpose of this game’? No true strategy, just try to be entertaining…..I like our version (and Canada’s) better….It can get frustrating to watch at times but (in most seasons) the back-stabbing and game play is much, much better. IMO

Should BBAU become more like BBUS?

Aussies are brutal –

I especially like Consuela’s comment “I want to know who the four people who voted yes are, so we can dispense some mob justice.”

But, I do love Simon & Dawg’s updates & comments section, the Aussies just crucify you for saying dumb shite.


I have to disagree about the strategy. If you go through last years BBAU interviews, diary sessions, and evictions you will see this. They just aren’t allowed to form overt alliances or discuss their votes with each other. It is much more an individual game. Listen to Tim’s interviews ( last years winner) he was extremely manipulative, creative and strategic. Our BB is more a team blood sport. Especially the last few years.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Tim Dormer from last year’s BB Australia is my favorite BB player from any version I have seen of BB through the years (haven’t seen them all). Not only was he manipulative and strategic, he was also an interesting person to observe. He had a garden, a “pet” possum who would visit the backyard in the evenings, the rocks representing the players he used to help decide his nominations each week, and a lot of mischievious antics. He “got” that there were people watching who wanted to be entertained. At the same time, he really wanted to win! He would go from being so charming and irresistibly childlike to being a snarky, troublemaking little twerp. Guess what? It was entertaining. Viewers never knew if they loved him or hated him (sort of like Dr. Will in that sense).

Beneficiary of The Button

IMO, the big winner of the button push is going to wind up being Victoria,

I think the outcome of the twist will finally make the four guys go after each other and let her slide through for at least another week and maybe into the top three..

If Frankie retains the HOH after the button he will put up two of the three guys. If one of the two wins POV, then the third guy will be the replacement nominee.

If any of other three. guys win the HOH, it will be Victoria going up with one of the other two guys with Frankle getting backdoored after the POV. If he wins the POV then Victoria will go home.


I agree with you. I think Frankie is definitely regretting not putting the boys up.


What kind of scheme does Vic/Der have now. I see he ask her did Caleb believe her??
OH & my F2 is Derrick/Caleb


What the heck is a Judy-chop? Lol


There’s a YouTube video, the West Virgina Ninja. You should check it out. It’s pretty funny. I think there might be a few videos. He does the Judi-Chop a LOT.


Not rightly sure, but I tell you what…it is making him more endearing to the audience and if they can forget his antics earlier in the game, he might be a contender. I don’t think they gave him such a bad edit earlier in the show, expect for a couple of creepy behind the back, staring at Amber shots. Plus, I think the majority of voters only watch the show and don’t go on the forums, watch or read about the live feeds.


Derrick spent a week moving his pawns around. Frankie spent the week thinking ok, I’ve got this, so I just have to be this personality one more week. God knows what Victoria spent the week doing Caleb and Cody, spent a week being Caleb and Cody. Now someone should have to scramble. But, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think Frankie is gonna win hoh and we will see this week happen again just like “Ground Hog Day”. Meh! meh!
BBAU has only had two I slides, but they are better than this!

Remember when.....

all us posters could not wait for the bloodbath to begin when they had to turn on each other?
Such excitement awaited us!
Are you excited?!?
Because I’m bored.


Frankie is annoying but he’s played both socially and competitively. I hope the rewind doesn’t get him evicted before Victoria. I’m not saying I want him to win BB but come on… he has to make it further than Victoria!


I don’t think Victoria is a floater. She hitched her wagon to Derrick in the beginning and has not waivered. Floaters generally move back and forth with whoever is hoh. Granted she has ridden this far like a tick, but even so, she has been loyal only to Derrick.. She was kind to Nicole during Nicole’s last week, but didn’t try to mess up Derrick’s game.
I sure hope Christine is being shunned in the jury house but I’m sure she isn’t. The nice people got there first.
Hope Donny at least says “I tried to tell y’all.”. I also hope they tell her the truth about why she was booed on her way out when it comes up…..and it will come up.

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

How this skag always has his hands/arms around another guy younger than him? He should receive 40 lashes with a cat-o-nine tails.


I watched last nights episode. Frankie has himself so high on a pedestal. You can tell he’s getting on every one of their last nerves! Victoria, Amber was stalked by someone she wasn’t interested in. She isn’t interested in Caleb. They used the fact that she wasn’t interested in Caleb that way to blind side her. She don’t want any of that!

Frankie has shark eyes

Victoria spent the week eating cereal and tweezing.

Nana B

Derrick’s plan is that Frankie think that Victoria is totally pissed at Derrick and not speaking to him…do they not know to carry this act on when they are alone in other rooms as Frankie has the ability as HOH to view the other HG’s on his HOH monitor screen. DUH!


I’ve picked a lot on Victoria but that screen shot of her smiling (up above) shows that she is quite attractive. The only problem is that she is smiling at Derrick and I think she is showing genuine love towards him which is making her glow. Unfortunately she will come back to earth with a very very hard bang, I hope she can recover!


Sad, ain’t it? There’s nothing she can do about it. Her feelings have a life of their own. It’s gonna hurt, for sure. Her friends will tell her its all his fault. he’s a bum. but her hormones are doing the talking now.

No Good Twist!

The only thing that I can see happening is Frankie again winning the HOH, and nominating Victoria and someone else.
So get ready to watch the same whole week again, on repeat!!

yay me!!!!

It all depends who wins next HOH. If Frankie wins, Cody or Victoria will be evicted. If Victoria, Derrick (If he can play), or Cody win next HOH, Frankie will be evicted. I’m not sure what Caleb would do.


So much Derrick hate. As a true BB fan you have to atleast be happy that the guy showed up to play, he has and actual STRATEGY mapped out, you can actual see him always thinking and plotting his moves. Ya he got cast with some dummies but doesnt discount the fact that he is still playing the WHOLE game, winning when need to and out strategizing everyone, Love him or Hate him besides frankie(hate to say that) Derrick is the only one whose shown up to play

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Bingo. You just nailed exactly what is wrong with Big Brother and with Derrick. He wants the money, and the only requirement for that is to outplay other housemates. There is nothing entertaining about him. There is nothing charming about Derrick. There is nothing loveable about Derrick. There is nothing hateable about Derrick. And really, there is nothing interesting about Derrick.

Just wondering

I’m iI the only one wondering if anyonethis sseason has made a big move??…. Everyone kept saying it wasn’t time. Everything a big move was even talked about. Also WTH is up with all the unanimous vote outs this summer??? If I’m correct all but 1 possibly 2 were unanimous. Everyone is scared of everyone else to do a Damn thing!!


It’s because the 4 boys are so skeeery!




Whats more brutal to watch on the live feeds???

Andy, Spencer, McCrae, GinaMaria & Judd


Vanessa, Caleb, Derrick, Frankie, & Cody


Definitely Andy, McCrae, Spencer and Gina Marie. As much as the cast this year has been boring to watch, there has been a few sparks of entertainment. Last year they were boring, and at the same time spewing hateful, disgusting things about evicted house guests and other people. I would prefer the way Andy presented himself as a gay man, rather then how Frankie is doing it. He didn’t walk around dry humping the air every five minutes, or asking the other guys to show him their penises. I don’t understand why its ok for a gay man to make unwanted advances and inappropriate touching and comments towards a non gay male. If a guy acted like he did to a woman that didn’t want anything to do with him then he would be called a creep, stalker or rapist. And no Caleb can’t be compared to Frankie because although he did mentally intrude on Amber, he never physically pawed all over her ( and she never clearly brushed off his advances, at least not to Caleb). If he was walking around grabbing her from behind, or hugging her from the front pushing his crotch into hers then he would be hated more than frankie and possibly ejected from the game. Just imagine if he outright asked to see her tits or vagina, in front of other people. What would the reaction be then?


Last year’s cast was worse, with the exception of Frankie, Christine, and Cody. Give me Andy over Frankie any day. Frankie goes down in my book as one of the worst players, and worst people, to ever play this game. Not to mention he is the worst representative of a gay man to ever play this game. Same goes for Cody and Christine, but thankfully Christine is finally gone, so we don’t have to watch her and Cody being so gross together anymore. While I don’t like Derrick, Victoria, or Caleb…they are far more bearable than the trash that was being shown on the feeds last year. Amanda and Spencer were especially rotten people, and Gina Marie was just so inappropriate I couldn’t watch her without cringing.


I don’t get why the so called “men” left in the house have talked about beating up the women of the house and also about beating up Zach do they thinks that makes them a man.


So, someone is definitely leaving tonight, right? I was looking at the calendar and seeing that the finale is 2 weeks from today, someone has to leave this week (gets us down to final 4), then next week will go to final 3, the third person out just a few days before the finale. Is that right?


I’m confused, too, about tonight. I realize it’s “reset” to where everyone (but Derrick?) is playing again for HOH, then a veto, then WILL there be a vote & an elimination? And then another HOH comp? I’m ready to see the jury house & Dan, but the rest of this season can be done already!!!


I honestly am rooting for derrick to win. Its a game and he’s played it the best. He had manipulated everyone in the house to the point were no one has had the need to put him on the block. Yes frankie has won comps but he has made some disgusting comments, he wouldn’t save donny for team america and he’s so full of himself he is puttin on a show n production is doin everythin de can to save him… In my opinion derrick deserves to win in based on the way he has played everyone and has made it so far without really winning much.. he puts plans into motions n he always gets wat he wants


I think with a little editing all young girls/boys (and some older ones) should be made yo watch bb16. Over and over and over again. Just to see how it really looks to be a complete air head diz. I have no words for how sad Victoria is. Caleb and Victoria have really made for bad TV. They have no balance in their relatitionships with people. Caleb is a person of his word, ok but can’t control his need for love on a reality show where truth and loyalty is not clear. This is the first time reading this blog I felt sick and sad and angry that Victoria could be manipulated so easy.
I did learn something from Victoria and Caleb – they don’t read people facial expressions and eye contact. Even when Derrick is telling her to go to bed, she can’t read that he really don’t want to be bothered with her. Just as Caleb could not really read that Amber did not like him to be in a relationship. They are so clueless I wonder how they function in the world. But then I remembered Calebs letter.


Most likely Frankie will win HOH again after the re-set. KotexCody talks a good game but we all know he usually sucks in the comps. Now I think since this week is a wash Frankie might make his move and put Cody back up on the block and this time have the snouted one take a seat next to him instead of Victoria. B/c All this Final Four Musketeers stuff is such bullshit.

The thing I’m looking forward to most about the show tonight is the JURY HOUSE! I think that speaks volumes about how bad this season has been.


I cannot stand Frankie, but that mouse act was the top laugh of the whole season. It was hilarious! Frankie earned that 5 grand.




I’m voting for Zach


Don’t be surprised if neither Zach or Donny win AFP because they split the vote and a third person ends up taking it. Not what I’m hoping of course. This scenario worries me greatly because I can see a few of the Arianna fans voting for Frankie and he sneaks in there. Can you imagine his ego after that? Ugh.


If that happens, that will suck…of course it’s always possible BB will rig america’s favorite for Frankie anyway, so you may as well vote for the player you genuinely liked the best, based on whatever criteria you so choose. I’m voting Zach because he was funny, he was genuine, and he played the game the best way he knew how.

Mister E

I loved the DR sessions with Victoria last night. They were hilarious. When she called Derrick the “Robin to her Batman” I about fell off the couch laughing. The reason it was funny is because it was so far from the actual truth, but I do believe that she believes she has carried Derrick all this way. Just wait till she gets out and watches the show and see how she is really portrayed and she will be devastated,


Nope, the chick is too delusional to recognize any negatives about her. It will go over her head and extensions. I agree, DR was hysterical. She is oblivious in all forms of the word!!


Happy to see so many are watching BBAU. IMO it is 100x better than BB16. The house is amazing — love the tree house and bedrooms and would die to have that kitchen. Already more twists than BB16. The current HOHs were offered $10,000.00 each to put all hgs on meal replacement shakes for one week. They took the money and now waiting to see how the other hgs will re-act. It sure puts a huge target on HOH back in the first 2 days of the show. They also had to choose on the first night, two people to place in fishbowl overnight and deprive them of welcome party and all food. BB takes violations of house policy very seriously and hgs are punished. Wish they would take BB16 off air ( just give DePrick the money) and show BBAU. BB America needs a complete revamp, including replacing Julie. I don’t think her “heart” is in it anymore ( can’t blame her ) and it shows. All comps need to be revamped as well as house and house rules — no sleeping during the day.
CBS can do much better. Perhaps they need to get rid of current production staff and writers and start fresh for next season.


I’ve worked up a perfect impression of Victoria. I just need to get my voice real high and screetchy and whine. Iv’e been practicing with the DR session videos. It’s hysterical.


Victoria is naïve and Derrick has keep her close for the whole season now wonder she has this stupid crush on him. He took advantage of how immature she is. From being around all these guys Victoria has a potty mouth, I am sure her family will be so proud of that. I can’t believe Derrick would get her to go to Frankie and tell the story she did, she would give up 500K for Derrick that speaks values.

Derrick has gone the whole season not being on the block because he has had all these frat brats wrapped around his little finger and they did all the dirt work for him. Derrick is NO Dan G., or Dr. Will. Derrick is greedy everything is about the money to him. Derrick can thank himself for Frankie still being their he talked Cody and Cowboy both out of putting Frankie up.

On the live feeds Frankie spoke of the med’s he gets before a comp. to me that gives him a unfair advantage to win. Could that be why he wins as many as he has. I can not stand this person his behaviour has disgusting to say the least. Guess this is the type of show AG, CBS want now. I have watched all 16 seasons but this is the last BBUS I will ever watch. BB Canada, and BB AUS, are way better then this trash.

Dawg & Simon this is the best site on BB.


Well ya everything is about the money to Derrick. Im pretty sure thats the point of this game, if im correct. To win 500 K right? Its not a summer long slumber party. He is playing the game. People should stop blaming Derrick for “poor poor naive Victoria”. Shes an adult, and she does (somewhere) have a brain of her own, her choice not to use it! Not Derricks fault


Simon – Dawg, does anyone know how CBS is going to air the show tonight if there is news coverage before the President’s speech?

Kathie from Canada

The US networks still refer to Obama speaking on all the networks at 9 pm tonight. But this whole ISIS topic is a big deal so I wouldn’t be surprised if regular programming Is interrupted at 8:45 or so. Our satellite listings still have BB at 8 pm, but have not updated any changes to the 9 pm slot.


I figured we wouldn’t get see to the last half of the show with the news breaking in with their coverage before the actually speech.
I guess since this is live it will not be on the live feeds either? So, majority of the viewers in the US will not see the last half of the show. The only some-what exciting episode and we want be able to watch it. That stinks!

Big Sister

Usually, the networks just give a brief intro right at 9 pm before the President speaks. There may be some discussion right after by a few of the talking heads. CNN, etc. will be doing a lot of the pre-broadcast stuff.


LOL at people calling Derrick a floater. Haters going to hate.

He is the furthest thing from a floater. He manipulated the entire house, controlling people’s hoh and controlling the votes to get people he wanted out. He had final 2 with Cody since day 1.

If you watched the feeds all season, you know damn well how he can literally control these people’s minds.

Kathie from Canada

Derrick has control of some very immature young adults who fell in line with his passive aggressive style of game play. He is able to blend in with that age group partly due to his professional training. I’m still not convinced he is truly all that amazing given the circumstances of the make-up of the house. I would need to see him in action against more worthy adversaries before really being able to assess his efforts.

I Don't Like Derrick

LOL. It’s real funny how you respond to posts, by not replying to the posts. What are you, some kind of Vagina? Afraid, you’ll get owned,like the others. LOL. And Dumbass, just because someone manipulates doesn’t take away from the floating.


I watched about half of the network show last night, it was really boring. By the way, Izzy the dog is a professional actor. I guess they could’nt have a real dog -maybe for insurance reasons.


Has Izzy appeared on Broadway ? …. before Frankie !
I flugen hope so !!!


The worst thing about derrick is that he uses victorias feelings for him to get her to do what he wants. She has been a pawn not only on the block a zillion times, but in this entire game-he carried her this far because he wanted to be at the end with someone crappy who no one will vote for. which is fine…but she’s clearly in love with him and he uses that to his advantage which is so awful. On BBAD the other night when he was telling her to pretend to be mad at him, so that she would be helping him win even as she’s walking out the door (!!!), he said something like if it worked and he won he would have to take her on a cruise or something. What?!! One of the douchiest moves in a super douche season. I want Caleb to win at this point. Yes Derrick and Frankie are good but I just CAN NOT root for them to win. the highlight of the season will be Donny winning Americas favourite. Although as a Canadian I wish the title was just “Favourite”


I freaking miss Zach. I wish someone could clone him and package and sell ZachLoopDinguses because I want one! I will be cyberstalking him after the show because he is so freaking funny. I want a pet Zach. Dang.


this season had so much potential in the beginning with Devin/Zach/Brittany/PowPow drama. I was so excited to see it play out… but then all the people with a mind of their own got booted along with all the likeable people, which leaves us with these five duds who truly believe they are making great television. if only they knew… they are putting us all to sleep!


Is this big brother or my big fat Greek wedding 2 – Toula meets Porky Pig?


I have finally figured out who Victoria reminds me of. that guy in dodgeball who says “who is steve the pirate”(a player on the team that is so recognizable its crazy), and the other guy starts imitating him, and still he has no clue who he is. that is Victoria. she is in a small bubble that is the BB house, and still has managed to forget that Caleb was a huge creepy stalker the entire time amber was in the house!


I listened to Calib last night doing his practice speech to the jury trying to right the wrongs he’s done with a disclaimer. Something like, “I want to apologize for anything I may have said that hurt anyone’s feelings.” Something like I’m such a good guy that I would never intentionally hurt anyone. – Well, at least he’s trying; that is more than I can say for any of the others.
Unfortunally apologies will never sooth some of the horrible sexist filth that went on unopposed by HG and BB producers.
I for one will try to follow each of these men as they are released back into public as I want to hear and see how they are treated by their peers.

Just wondering

Sorry if this has been asked but what is the format of tonight’s show? Is there gonna be an eviction?

Just wondering

So you took the time out to give me a thumbs down but couldn’t answer the question? Nice!


go fig presidents speech don’t tell me what you what me to hear just get it done just like at work don’t care how you do it just get it done don’t talk to me about how your going to do it your wasting time just get it done asap

another name

I know what I think a floater is. a floater is a player that switches alliances throughout the game in order to get themselves into a better position. I remember the fourth season where jun won using the floater stragtegy.
there hasn’t been a lot of float in this season given that definition.
like most other things on bb16 there’s been talk, but little action.
the closest thing I’ve seen to floating is the testing waters and considering flipping done by Derrick and Cody.
since there has virtually been one large alliance with multiple subsets against a bunch of individuals that never got the clue to align themselves…. how would floating even be possible in this season of boring predictability. I realize that ‘floater’ has become a huge catch-all insult…. but don’t you have to have two actual teams or alliances in order to jump back and fourth between the two to better your game?

Ariana Grande stinks & Utopia giga-sucks

Oh Veronica, do tell us how you really feel!

No…. wait…. Victoria, Veronica — it doesn’t really matter!


Frankie is so pathetic…you can tell Victoria was really pushing his buttons talking about Caleb being with Amber. The way he’s thrown himself at Caleb all season, I bet he hopes he can get Caleb to switch sides. Sorry loser, doesn’t work that way, and if you weren’t so full of yourself you’d realize that. Yet again, however, Frankie deems himself the exception to every rule.


I haven’t been watching the show. It is so boring that I can learn more than I want here. I will watch tonight for the twist but that will be it. I started watching “Utopia”…wish they had a site like this one. The viewers who only watch the show do not see the real Frankie. The see a little gay prima Donna flitting around. I wish the viewers could at least check this site out and see how CBS has edited so Frankie looks like a compassionate and caring person. The real person is an evil, vile, perverted little ugly troll. He cares nothing about his actions or his words and how they affect others. It apparently runs in the family because they say his sister is also a diva bitch. I don’t care who wins this year….This has been the Frankie show. Not only will I think twice about watching again but I may just delete CBS from my programming. They have allowed this vile behavior…..which means if you allow it to the extent it has been then you approve of it.


Frankie is going to need clean shorts when he finds out what the reset button really is.