Victoria “This has to work! If its not me winning it has to be you. That’s how much I love you!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 02-11-18-264

11:30pm Up in the HOH room – Frankie is taking his bath and talking to Victoria. He comments on how he wants his blog to be good because its his last one. He says I can’t play in the next one and the final HOH doesn’t write a blog. Frankie talks to Victoria about what her eviction speech could be. VIctoria says I do want to talk to everyone to find out where everyone is at because I don’t want to go down without a fight.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 02-30-23-436
In the kitchen – Derrick, Caleb and Cody are talking about the Reset Button. Caleb says final 4. Cody says I really hope that twist doesn’t do something to f**k it up. Derrick says he’s getting a lot (From production) of what would you do if it f**Ked up your game. I don’t know what would you do?!! Caleb says I have not been asked that. Cody says I am getting f**king real nervous. Derrick agrees. If its something bad, then we have to roll with it together. Frankie said maybe it’s America’s vote like they vote up a third nominee. And the remaining person votes to evict. Or Frankie is voted up and we vote to evict. Cody says oh my god dude I don’t know what’s going to happen! Caleb says I don’t know but its going to be cool. Cody says whatever it is its going down during the live show. Derrick says 36 minutes into the show is about when we go outside for a comp. There ain’t no going back now, we pushed it. One thing I don’t see happening is us saying is that it!? Cody says there is no way that button wasn’t going to get pressed. Derrick says the only thing I don’t want is if its a buy back. Cody says imagine if Jocasta came back and won a comp to be in the final 3. Caleb says I’d judi-chop her before she won anything. Cody says eviction is around 5:15pm. Derrick says it said it only takes one to push the button. So if you knew you were going home you could push the button and it could be one final f**k you to the people left in the house.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 02-17-36-302

In the living room – Derrick talks to Cody. Cody asks how are you going to start it? Derrick says I think you’re great inside and out. Cody says I think you should say I wanted to talk to you about the vote coming up. I don’t know what’s going down with all this stuff but you know. Derrick asks did you say the name in your thing? (Goodbye message) Cody says I didn’t say it. Derrick says I’m not going to say it. I might say I’m loyal to you but not anything else. Frankie joins them. He tells Derrick he can thank him. She talked to me about being pressured. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Frankie talks about how Victoria said she knows she’s going but she’s not going to go without saying her piece. I just told her she should have a conversation with everyone because you never know. Derrick says thanks Frankie you just gave the girl hope and now I have to crush her dreams. Frankie says I didn’t give her hope I just said do what’s right for you.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 02-57-14-788a

12:20am Derrick goes into to fire room to talk to Victoria. He talks to her about what she talked to Frankie about in the HOH room. Victoria says obviously this situation sucks. Its gender based. Derrick says either way if there is the twist and you stay this is good for us because if he thinks you two are good that’s good for us. Victoria asks should I even talk to Caleb. Derrick says you can do what you want to do but Nicole wasn’t lying when she said he wanted to go to the final two with him so why would he switch it now. If Nicole was right he is close with Cody. Derrick says even if you have my vote you still need Frankie’s and you’re not a dumb girl you already know you don’t have his vote. Victoria says the only person I can campaign to is Frankie ..who I only have a slight chance with. Victoria says me and Caleb never talk game like we never exchange words. Derrick says Frankie’s out there on the couch with Cody right now. Victoria says so basically we spoke and you told me you’re not voting for me in the end or voting for me to stay? Both? Derrick says I came to you and told you I love you, you’re a great person. Victoria asks did I try to campaign to you or no? Derrick says yeah. I think I can stay, I think I can get Frankie’s vote. Victoria says no. Derrick says okay don’t say that. I am just going to say you know I don’t want you to get your hopes up I think you’re a great person and a great friend but I’ve been loyal to Cody. You know me and Cody have been working together. And I’m going to say that I’m not even going to say that I’ve been loyal to Cody I’ll say that I’ve been loyal to all the guys. And we chose to keep Cody this week. And essentially I am not going to be able to give you my vote. Like I do want to remain friends outside of here and sh*t. Just say that I was trying to sugar coat it but that you weren’t buying it. You were pissed. Victoria says so should I say that basically you were using me for my vote at some point. Derrick says that’s what you think but I didn’t say that to you. Victoria says right. And now you don’t need me any more, peace out girlfriend. See yeah! Derrick says you can say that. Basically you can say that I said that all four guys have been working together and we wanted to go to the final 4 and I’m going to vote to keep Cody. Its nothing personal its just a game move. Cody deserves to be here and I’m sorry but you don’t have my vote. At some point Frankie is going to talk to you and you can say whatever you want and I won’t get mad when I watch it. You can says that I burned you and betrayed your trust and that I would never get your vote. And the sad thing is that Nicole isn’t going to give him her vote either because her, Hayden and Donny don’t like him because he did the same thing to them. You know, however you want to say it. Victoria says so basically that you’re loyal to the guys. Derrick says I don’t even know if it will work but it could especially if there is some twist. In your speech you could say to me that loyalty is everything and you broke that so all I have to say is good luck to everyone else. So if you get evicted don’t even give me a hug. Derrick says and I’ll say that you said it kills you to think that I am the one voting you out when you wanted it to be up to someone else (Frankie breaking the tie). Victoria says that’s good.Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds Derrick says its perfect. Derrick says I want you to know.. just so you know I have been loyal to you this entire game. Victoria says I do know that. Derrick says there is a lot we have to talk about outside of the house and if I thought there was a chance you could stay we wouldn’t even be talking about this. I know if I vote for you, they aren’t and it would paint a target on my back. Victoria says I hope this gets you to the final 2. Derrick says I appreciate it but I don’t want you to do it if you don’t think you can do it because if they figure it out.. Derrick says I think I can beat Frankie, Caleb or Cody in the final 2. Derrick says you can sell it to Frankie.. bust out some tears. I’ve got to try and get there on my own. Victoria says if this works you owe me. Derrick says I want to beat them straight up. I plan to win this HOH. Victoria says this has to work. Derrick says it has to after all you suggested it. I don’t think Frankie will pick up on it either even though he’s an actor. Victoria says if its not me winning it has to be you. That’s how much I love you. Derrick says and if not I’ll be seeing you in jury. Derrick leaves and heads up to the HOH room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 03-03-47-914

1am – 1:40am Up in the HOH room – Derrick tells Cody and Frankie it didn’t go well.. she tried to campaign to me and I just told her that I’ve been working with the guys. I didn’t say we were in an alliance just that Cody deserves to be here and the guys agreed we were going to be the final 4. She said she didn’t want me to be the one to send her him and that she wanted someone else to be the reason she got sent home. Derrick says she’s crying down there right now. She felt betrayed because she had a feeling was going to go home but didn’t want me to be the one to send her home. Frankie says I didn’t give her hope I just told her she shouldn’t go home without trying. Derrick says I wanted to keep talking to her but she didn’t want to and said to shut off the lights. How can I in good conscience vote for Cody to go when he’s won all these comps and she’s been last in literally every competition. Cody says what will make it easier is if we all talk to her. Derrick says I didn’t say we were in an alliance together. Cody and Frankie say we could tell her that now. They talk about how they didn’t like how the Brigade told Britney (BB12) by laughing about it when they told her. Derrick says it didn’t go as I planned but it could have gone worse. ..and you know she’s done with it because she never just goes to sleep. I know it was the right thing to do. For all I know she could be in power from some twist and she could send me home. Derrick heads downstairs. Frankie and Cody get ready and go to bed.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 03-51-04-326
1:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:30am – 9am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. When the live feeds return all of the house guests are still sleeping.

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Frankie in the words of Charlie Sheen is...




I really miss Donny πŸ™ … I know it’s random, because he’s long gone. Still wish he could win over all these morons


CuRRENtLY ReaDiNG ~*THE IDI0T*~ in H0n0R of the AUTiSTiC D0ST0EVSKY aKa D0NNY…LMB0!! #TeamFranKieandARiGranDe

it is hard

to be honestly, I have to say Derrick is playing the game very hard, very strategitic. hands down for it and the way he talks to ppl, it is mastermind.

But , just have a feeling , you know, sometimes when ppl. over calculate, could the fate turn around make fun of them?

Lawon's Special Power

Yea he’s winning alright. His alliance has overtaken The Nerd Herd as the WORST alliances EVER in Big Brother.


G00D M0rr0W, SucKERS! IT’s NicE to C m0rE FRANKiE SuPP0RteRs! FRANKiE is THE S0N of GOD and aLL the AFRiCaN KiDs r R00tiNG for OuR LoRD and SaViouR **~~FRANKiE J GRAND3~~** TO WIN! THumBS D0WN iF Ur JuST JEALOUS!~~~*LMb0!

No one Ever

Dear “:)”,
Never change. Someday you’re going to be running shit. I for one, am totally jealous of your genius use of caps lock and numbers together to create words (mind blown btw) and your awesome choice of heroes to worship. I hope to someday build schools in Africa with you and the Grandes because charity and because everyone will know we are better than everyone else. I can’t wait to call people names with you. While autistic is still pretty awesome, I hear R3TARD is going to be throwback huge in ’15. Get on that first. People will love you. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom with us, and remember, you’re perfect- everyone else is jealous.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

I am disgusted with Derrick right now. He has claimed all summer that he’s under tremendous pressure to go home with money because he’s not just playing for himself. I can’t believe no one else has called b.s. on that. What….if he goes home in 3rd or4th place, his wife is going to greet him with divorce papers because he didn’t come home with money? Ridiculous! He’s sitting pretty enough that he has already said that money would go into a college fund for his daughter and a cruise. To me, that is not needing the money to keep that wolves away from the front door.

Derrick is being really cruel to try to coerce Victoria into his little plan to convince the others that Victoria will never vote for him, nor will Nicole, Hayden or Donny. Or wait, was Victoria smiling broadly the whole time this conversation was happening? She can’t be so altruistic that when faced with her own failure in the game, she is so very happy to be used to ensure that Derrick wins? Maybe Victoria can’t contain her smile because Derrick is such a pompous ass?

I have always had a hard time seeing Victoria as being 21 or 22. She looks several years older to me. I have also never bought into the whole “virgin” story with her. She is playing the role of an incredibly naive, overly trusting, dim-witted person who is totally self-absorbed with her looks, hair and teenager pop culture, but she dresses like she is 35. The twistedest twist of the summer is that Victoria really is a Mossad agent who is actually outplaying Derrick by letting him assume that he’s outplaying her.

Clues: 1) Victoria is always tracking fairly high on the activity tracker, yet we don’t see her doing much. Somewhere, somehow that girl is keeping up with a fitness regime. Maybe in the Diary Room?
2) Victoria’s favorite comp was the comic book one on the zip line. She didn’t even come close to finishing it in the 35 minutes. Why would a competition that she utterly failed at be her favorite?
3) Victoria has never complained about being on slop. Everyone else–and I mean EVERYONE else from every season–complains about being on slop.
4) Victoria always keeps competing at full throttle in the comps despite being hopelessly behind. If you watch her, it’s not really that she’s slower, it’s that she drops things or falls or whatever…easy things to throw a competition. She was moving faster than Derrick on the sloppy snowman, but she just “couldn’t” keep any water in her scoop.
5) Watching Derrick trying to “convince her” to let the others know she thinks he’s an asshole and won’t get his vote was finally too much for her. She has done an incredible job all summer of convincing everybody (especially all of the viewers) that she is pretty worthless in the game, but last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Her facade broke and she just sat there and couldn’t contain her laughter at Derrick.

How great would it be if the final twist is revealed that a Mossad agent just went and totally outplayed a Rhode Island police sargeant?


I didn’t know his wife’s name was Irene… One could only hope that she hasn’t fallen in love with a black little person πŸ™‚


I am very confused by Victoria and whether she plays a good or bad social game. But I truly believe she knows that the game will flip and that she is not 100% being evicted because of little hints Derrick has leaked while bouncing ideas off her. She doesn’t ever say too much in front of anyone, again, we saw how many times Nicole volunteered information. Victoria is playing a mirror and shadow game with Derrick and at least I do believe she always saw him as her best intell.

I tend to think that she can read between the lines of what Derrick says and has known what is going to work best for her social game. You’re right, it takes a person of high EQ to do what she has done. She is also much stronger than anyone else in the house since she was putting up with wisdom tooth pain. Her reaction to fainting in the bathroom was very mature. I mean I love Jocasta but can you imagine.

But I guess I’m confused by all the tears. I don’t think that is part of the game but just part of who she is and how she deals with stress.

I think Victoria is actually a very interesting contestant and I would say maybe she will divulge what she was doing once evicted but I have a feeling if she is as good as hiding herself as we are suspecting, then she will just keep up the facade in front of Julie. I don’t think she’s All-Star material of course, because she would be the first few ousted by a female alliance (girls seem to hate her, but I don’t understand why and I’m female…I f*cking hated Christine from the first episode).

I think the dumbest thing she did was cutting Zach’s hat during his dying breath. Just in terms of optics and that having no point.

Twilight zone?

I think the boredom of the bb feeds must be driving people mad. In what crazy alternate universe is victoria a strong, intelligent, likeable person? She’s extremely weak physically and emotionally. This is not a facade people. This is her!!! People are just trying to find conspiracy theories in order to entertain themselves from the boredom of this season. She’s one of the dumbest, self absorbed, waste of space contestants I’ve seen in a while. And she’s annoying to boot with her damn chewing. I wouldn’t want to be around her in the house for more than a minute at a time in fear she’d lower my iq with her dumb comments, kardashian fan love, and vacant staring. Good lord people. Open your eyes


It would be pretty cool of she was a Mossad agent… Unfortunately shes not. She really is what she appears. She’s that incredibly stupid, self absorbed, and naive. No master plan by Vic is suddenly going to come to light and win her the game. Sorry.




i can’t wait for frankie’s reaction when he realises his hog and veto win is cancelled

Perfect Scenario

The in the hell is “hog”?

Someone is a little askew toady…


Guessing you were tongue tied


yeah his hog lol So ironic πŸ™‚


oops sorry hoh my bad


Nicole returning did not change anything. The reset/rewind button will not change anything. Everything is predictable and boring.


victoria is such queen <3333

Double D

Victoria needs to tell everyone that the best chance at winning $500,000 is if she is sitting next to them in final 2.


Actually its a very personal jury the way i think it is whoever victorias sitting next to in final 2 is she will win she has 5 votes for sure jocasta,nicole,hayden,zach and donny and the detonateors that make the jury will vote for whoever makes it to the final 2 i see Victoria winning this whole thing


Nobody is going to vote for victoria lol. That’s ridiculous. She hasn’t done anything and she isn’t particularly well liked in jury. I’d say kind of neutral. I think the only one she could maybe possibly beat is frankie. But that’s doubtful too. But it’s well known anyone sitting next to Vic in final two is going to win.

Mister E

problem with that is she actually thinks she could win if she was in the final 2.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Derrick and Victoria Final 2: Derrick’s speech will be about his about playing under the radar and manipulating evictions, therefore he deserves to win. Victoria’s speech will be about playing Derrick and letting him play his sneaky game while she quietly bided her time and never made anyone mad or made any waves. She will tell them she knows how to manipulate men, so she opted to manipulate the man who was manipulating everyone else. She will argue it is a different type of game, but she implemented a successful strategy to get to the Final 2, therefore she deserves to win. Victoria for the win.


I think people are living in a delusion here. Victoria hasn’t manipulated any men. None of the guys have any interest in her or like her, except Derrick, solely bc he’s using her. Although I do think he has developed genuine brotherly love towards her. But overall She’s the one who’s been manipulated. And she’s not bright enough to say this was all strategy. Bc this isn’t her strategy. This is just who she is. Sorry. Just wait til final 2 her speech will be so stupid and she’ll just hand it to Derrick.


So much sympathy for Victoria now cause mean ole Derrick as “used” this poor “innocent” girl – ugh! Has everyone forgotten how mean Vic was to all the other girls & how vindictive she was in cutting up the cap Zach luved & how “scared” she was of Devin & her giving “elbow” jobs to Hayden & touching Derrick as much as possible & constantly staring at herself in the mirrors, etc. etc. etc.??? She is immature – but certainly not innocent. Remember her convo with the guys about the difference of a finger or a pen%s? And she has “literally” thrown herself on Derrick – pretty much forced him to tell her he loves her. I don’t blame him for taking advantage of her – she was driving him crazy – he may as well use it!


Thank you!!! People have such short memories. They want to convince themselves victoria is a good player and person bc there is nothing else to talk about going on in the house. Vic is a mean, nasty, immature girl. She’s such a waste.


Derrick, you’re a slimeball.


Derrick is playing the game. How dare he, right?


Yes Derr is playing the game dirty but that is not what bothers me about him.. what bothers me is his inflated ego thinking he is playing as good of a game as Dan. Ummm NO Derr. Dan would have gotten Frankie out the very first opportunity he got. Dan didn’t play scared to make big moves in fear of it hurting his game. When Dan was in trouble he saw people that were on the outs and USED them to his advantage (unlike Derr going after Nic and Donny instead of using them to help take out his threats). And finally Dan actually convinced people with half a brain to work for him not a person like Vapid Vic. “No no Vic don’t try to save yourself even though you have the perfect argument instead get yourself voted out so you can help me make it to the f2″… “okay Derr I love you so whatever you say.”
Derr you are No Dan or any other great of this game.. you blew chances to change this game around and get out threats. Even now, keeping Vic over Cody is way better for Derr’s game, but nope he is playing weak and scared again. Derr is nothing more than a wannabe great of the game with potential but unable to capitalize on his strengths.

Roisen Dubh

Great rundown. Nicole comparing him to Dan really went to his head. I’ve always said that if he played the way he did the first 3 weeks up till the halfway point, his game would’ve been super solid. I think he switched gears way too soon and it made him play a very unnecessary game.


dan was awesome didn’t see his first season but the second season I did and your right he was not scared to make a big move but in doing that we all knew he had zero chance to win with the jury he was playing for 50k at best because I was watching that season thinking dans an idiot for putting all those pissed of people in the jury house then I figured dan thought they wouldn’t give it to him anyway not twice so he didn’t care


You are right Dan did piss off a lot of people in jury and that is a risk you take when you play a GREAT game. You never know how the jury is going to react. In survivor a lot of times the bitterness is pushed aside and the jurors vote on gameplay. It all depends on who is in the jury. But I think he would have a better shot of winning if he pissed people off rather than the way he is playing now.. I really don’t know how he is going to convince people he played a better game than Caleb or Cody. In my eyes he has done a lot of manipulation but it has been subtle and hasn’t been in a way that separates his gameplay from Caleb/Cody/Frankie. So the only thing that can be used to compare is comp wins and with these guys left in the house Derr is the low man on the totem pole for comp wins… hence he is playing for 2nd. There is an off chance Donny will persuade the jury that Derr was the puppet master but I don’t know.


That’s partly why I don’t like Derrick’s game play too. As for not getting Franklin out I do believe or suspect that Team America stuff was a deterrent in the back of his head. What makes it so bad he could have had Cody to it on his watch. But Derrick doesn’t seem like that type who would have wanted to do those TA by himself unless he had to, and he also really didn’t know if it was over or not. And I don’t think it mattered what Donny agreed to , Derrick considered him a threat to his game since he knows Donny knows he’s full of sh*t. And Nicole yeah, seems like it would have been in his best interest. But there was somewhat of a unknown factor with Nicole. He was probably confident he can sway her but only to a point. As much as he could sway her she could possibly be swayed by something else maybe in his mind anyway. Besides, I don’t think he really wanted Victoria getting too close to Nicole anyway only enough to help his game and keep Nicole as an ally. Derrick is intimated by any woman in there that had at least a little something going for herself whether it be looks, brains, or whatever in his head.


If he would have gotten Cody to get out Frankie over Donny he still would have had a TA member left.. and it would have been a TA member that he has a better shot of beating in comps. 2nd Frankie knows as much about Derr’s gameplay if not more than Donny did because Frankie has the insider info. Frankie is always mentioning what a great game Derr is playing and what a master manipulator he is. Also Frankie has more pull over Caleb than Donny ever did = terrible decision. And also with Nic even if Nic did try to double cross him once again he has a better shot of beating Nic in comps than Cody. I do see your points and I do think that is what Derr was thinking, Cody is as loyal to Derr as Caleb is to this nonexistent bomb squad.. but how is Derr going to argue his game against Cody’s?? I guess the fact that he hasn’t been on the block, but that is only if he makes it to the end and with Frankie still in the house and able to play in every veto I don’t see him going anywhere.


I see everyone’s point that WE the viewers know Cody/bitch mode haven’t done anything and that Derrick has been the only one playing albeit subtly. But I feel like if the jury has half a brain then they’ll finally be able to put it together. And what exactly can Caleb or Cody say they did. All they did was make weak game moves and get manipulated by Derrick. Derrick is good with words and I imagine he has a plan and will bring truth to all this in final 2 speeches.


How is Victoria going to feel when she finds out some of the things Derrick has said? He’s played the game, but it stinks when a person’s true feelings are involved.


I don’t think this group thinks of anyone but themselves. They’re all puppets with a puppeteer. This has been a vile and hateful season. Of all the horrible words or actions these people have said or done, do you think production had a talk with them about it? I doubt it since it continues daily. The one who is showing true colors lately is Caleb. Some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth shows what a violent person he is and his lack of respect for women. Wednesday we find out the results of the twist… you think it will be worth it? Do you think these followers will get Frankie out? I guess time will tell….


I will be as upset with Caleb winning as Frankie. Both their egos will explode.
I agree with you about Caleb’s feelings on women. I remember his frequently telling Amber to look pretty and keep quiet. And the other night he slipped, when he and Cody were doing their ridiculous threats back and forth he said that the last time someone spoke to him like that I slammed ‘her’ head into the washing machine. Cody even called him on it. He’s definitely a wife beater waiting to happen.
I also remember him telling the story about how he and his brothers didn’t tie down a mattress properly on their truck and it fell off in an intersection. None of them wanted to be seen getting it so their mother had to go out and get it herself. She raised some real keepers.
It really bothers me when people say they are starting to like him or think he’s so honest (he tells lies about his accomplishments constantly). It’s kind of people to feel sorry for him because he’s so insecure, but he really just wants to be in a position of superiority over everyone.


It’s Victoria’s sorry ass fault!!! He did pick the right girl to use for his game. It’s BB and that’s how it’s played. Derek will become an all star player!! He was the only one playing the game this year. I still can’t believe how he lucked out with this cast.


Nope disagree.. if Derr were playing a perfect game he would have gotten out Frankie when Cody first suggested it during his HOH reign. He was too scared to make big plays and has done nothing but play in the shadows. He also would have kept Nic in order to get rid of Cody. Cody is an idiot but Cody also probably has the dates and knowledge of the BB season down better than any other person in this house. Great players don’t keep strong players around. Derr had a much better chance of beating Nic and Donny in the final comps than Frankie and Cody. He blew his chance to get these people out.
Also he is keeping Cody over Vic right now, which is dumb. I realize he is doing it because he thinks Cody has a better chance of winning comps and will keep him safe but if you ask me he is just playing for second place right now.

Marie's daughter

Derrick is dreamy. He can play me anytime


Why is Victoria attaching herself to a married man?


Why is a married man seducing a naive girl?


I’ve been feeling a little sorry for Victoria, but then today I remembered her saying at the very beginning she knew how to work men to get what she wanted. Then I went to her bio on CBS. (If the link doesn’t work, just copy & paste.) I don’t feel so sorry for her now. I mean it’s a game in the Big Brother house. You get what you sign up for. I think she is caught up in it all right now & Derrick is playing her, but who knows, maybe she really is playing him. I’ve said it before – I wouldn’t want to live in there.


Yawn, I’m ready for the most predictable season to be over. Spoilers: Derrick wins


You’re 100% right. This is a season where there has only been one true game-player/master-minder. If they had brought in a second mental player, it would have been an interesting season. No one deserves to win but Derrick, and even though I’ve been rooting for him since day 1, it’s still unfair to viewers b/c we want to see some mental battles too.

Double D

The one thing that could save this season…Victoria wins the next HOH

This Season Sucks!!

As great as that would be, it’s just NOT going to happen. At this point, I’m thinking that everyone could throw the HOH by not even showing up, and Victoria would still manage to lose. It’s so pathetic… Now, had they kept Nicole, and evicted Victoria instead, I’m 100% certain that the power would’ve shifted this week. BUUUUT, that’s why they kicked her to the curb. Sucks for us!


Wouldn’t it be great to hear these words this week after the rewind, “Derrick” take a seat, not that he would get voted out, but it sure would be funny!!!!!! I bet he would squirm.


When Victoria gets to jury, Christine is going to crush her with the news that she has been played more ways than one. That is if… if Vic can pull this off. I think the guys are going to see right through this.


Gawd! I can’t wait to see The Pink Pansy’s face when he finds out his HOH & POV will be irrelevant now all these other morons have to do is win HOH/POV & get his ass out of there!! I haven’t watched in weeks but i will be watching tomorrow!!!


Why is Derrick being given clues from the DR about Wednesday?? Is Frankie also given clues? Nice fair game BB. {BB wants Derrick and Frankie in the final 2} I hope this backfires on BB, and some how Cody and Caleb make it to the end.
I have been watching BB since the beginning, and the cheating on the part of BB is getting out of hand. I realize that they have to make a show, but they need to stay out of the game, and let the contestants play and the chips fall where they may.
They also need to bring back the old style of players, NO ACTORS. People who know the game, and are there to play the game, a more diverse age group.
There is a old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, CBS STAY OUT OF THE GAME, AND LET THE PLAYERS PLAY THEMSELVES. GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAT.


They definitely want a showdown between Frankie and Derrick. I actually think Production has always been as meddlesome in the game. What’s different this year is that Production hasn’t required them to have tighter lips. In previous season the mere mention of DR sessions would get that warning voice. Now they talk for mins before being warned and even that doesn’t always end the discussions.


The Diary has always done that. They have always asked questions and made little comments to guide the game (ALL REALITY SHOWS DO IT.). It is the nature of the beast. The difference is some Houseguests pay more attention than others.
The other problem is, if we love a Houseguest we are all for it, if we don’t like them and want them screwed over and they get the help it pisses us off. Look at who Allison Grodner has referred to as her favorite Houseguest, Jeff Shroeder… that show bent over backwards for him gave him the first Mr. Wizard Power power in game history. Talked Russell into working with Jeff and Jordan. We all loved it big time. We loved it all sooo much that we wished Donny got the same thing. Remeber when they told the Brigade to stop calling Brendan ND (Needle D&%k), thus exposing what they really thought about them. Or how about when wires get crossed and accidentally (hahaha) gets played over the loud speakers. Or how some rules are enforced for different people. Look at the history of Big Brother, it happens every year, in every country.


I really want Vic. to win over all the freaking assholes left…sure she sucked at comps…but the girl jas a big heart…when hg’s were upset she really tried comforting them…she’s just very young and naive from being sheltered her whole life….she’s not mean spirited or hateful like some of the others…and that fucken dderrick is an awful human being for playing with her emotions…playing the game is one thing ….but this shit he has done to victoria is not good game play..imo…intentionally fucking with someones emotions is a fucked up way to win money……………


Lol yeah Vic is a real prize. You could really see that big heart of hers when she ripped up zacks hat to try and hurt his “identity” on the show. Or when she always had a nasty comment for the girls when she evicted them. Something like I happily vote to evict the conniving amber and the lying brittany. Such jealousy. She hates girls that are prettier than her, which means she must hate a lot of them. That girl does not have a good heart. Sorry but that’s ridiculous. She’s not as cold hearted as frankie but Vic is definitely not that nice a person. I think she has potential when she finally grows up- give or take 30 more years.


BBAU is here! We are saved. Check it out!


Saw it last night. It is already more exciting than BB16 has been.

pig face

Derrick needs to stop toying with Victoria’s emotion.




I thin Derek is mean.I don’t like his game play.he is not going to hang out with Victoria all the time after this I know frankie is bad but Derek is playing with people in a creepy way. I would rather anyone win over Derek or frankie..who did you think is on to Derek? I think frankie is know it isn’t Victoria!

Chief Piggums

I started to think that Derrick was mean after what he did to Nicole. It was uncalled for, but he went out of his way to make her feel stupid & demanded an apology – all the while lying to her face! Totally unnecessary. Derrick seems to have a real problem with women.


This little piggy went to the jury house
This little piggy stayed home and
this little piggy went all the way to Julie …. hmmm..
Piggy Derrick …


Little miss Victoria sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey, along came Frankie who sat down beside her and frightened miss Victoria away, right to the jury house.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Derrick’s gonna win this year
Life’s rough, get a helmet


Does anyone know if they will do a full week of BB on Wed night? Or will there just be an HOH comp?


I think it’s just going to reset back to last week since the timer ends 36 minutes into the live show. That wouldn’t be enough to play HOH, veto, and chat with Julie. Hopefully, they’ll spend ALL 36 minutes showing the jury house.


Thank you!


Frankie is certainly a slime ball but I think Sgt. Snout is even worse. He knows that Victoria is very naive and he has played on that. This girl looks at him with stars in her eyes and he uses that to take advantage of her. I know this is Big Bro & lying is part of it but this has crossed the line. It was bad enough when he gaslighted Nicole but the stuff he’s pulling w/Victoria is so sleazy. She was positively giddy last night when he was coming up with his “grand plan” she would rather this douche get the $ than trying to save herself. Oh and Derick you are NO DAN! So please stop yapping about how if this “plan” works it will go down in Big Bro history.

And he can save all his yapping about how he cares about her blah blah he was right in there cackling like a hen when the gang rape chat happened.


I don’t think what Derrick is doing to Victoria is any different than what Dan did to Danielle. It’s not their fault that the girls were so naive and believed everything that came out of the guy’s mouths and followed every order that was given to them. It might hurt Vic’s feelings in the end but she has no one to blame but herself for falling for it.

Honestly, I blame production for putting such weak minded individuals in the house in the first place.


question for all. Vic says she was recruited.
Why do you think she was picked to be on this show?


Derrick’s abbreviated convo: I’m voting to keep cody not you. You can tell everyone all these things about me that are completely true and I won’t be mad. I am still loyal to you but will not keep you. That’s how much I love you. lol


Reset was a good idea. But the problem is the house guests. No one likes them CBS. SHOW THE JURY HOUSE, now that’s a cast worth watching


I have to agree. I have not watched 5 of the last 6 episodes. Very unlikeable people. Who cares who wins ?


Another Danielle/dan couple…..I never thought in a million years they would find another person as gullible as Danielle. Victoria must have seen how that played out. Where do they find these women?! Sitting here in disbelief!

Zing Sting

Oh Victoria, you silly girl. Wake up and smell the bacon!

This Season Sucks!!

Right!! And how exactly did she get on the show??

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Have you ever known a young woman as clueless as Victoria? Ever? Something’s not right here. Usually when people are clueless they brag about how they know everything like Caleb. I am so hoping that Victoria winds up being a mole and a mastermind! She has played it perfectly.


Clueless, correct! I don’t get it. why was she recruited for this show? why? as for the mossad theory, i believe this young lady is of italian descent.

Countdown until Frankie gets screwed over

1 DAY LEFT !!!


I still think this whole reset is for Frankie’s benefit. He wont win HOH but he will win POV. Thus he is safe this week and eligible to play for HOH next week. The rat (production) is still running (ruining) this season.

Derrick FTW

Ya reset won’t change anything unless Cody or Derrick win HOH. and Frankie doesn’t win POV. I want to see Cody win HOH so he puts Frankie up because he just put him up (Frankie won’t be mad) Then Derrick wins POV and doesn’tuse it and Frankie realizes he’s going home, but not before he walks out to a bunch of Boos


Derrick cannot play for HOH.


Derrick says there is a lot we have to talk about outside of the house. The girl really likes him and by saying they have to talk outside of the house, she may think is about a future together, I hope she doesn’t think that. He is really hurting this girl by playing with her emotions, she is fragile.
Oh, I hope Frankie doesn’t win or Derrick.


So, who to root for? No one is left. gah. what a waste of time.

BB is a Microcosm of Us

I think its so creepy, and sadly pathetic (and says a lot about us as people), how they say they “‘love'” each other as an assurance.


I can’t stomach Frankenstein but I seriously hope this blows up in Derrick’s smug pigface!


Wow Victoria is tin love with Derrick.


Victoria is also giddy because she thinks she’s part of some inside scheme that makes her look like a great player. It’s not all about her being loyal to Derrick. She wants to come off as some Mata Hari vixen who out played/outlasted all the other women in her season.


what a snooze fest….don’t really care who wins as long as it is not freaky frankie. the reset is just more agony for the fans, what a waste.

Don't taze me bro

Derrick really gives cops a bad name. I’m beyond outraged by his actions. His performance on bb will be used by lawyers everywhere to discredit cops on the witness stand.


I highly doubt a judge will take one person’s actions, on a reality TV show, that production continuously has a hand in with instructing house guests, into consideration.

A lot of people watch Big Brother and care about it. A lot more people don’t.


You clearly don’t understand what lawyers can use in a courtroom and how much leeway judges have. Any lawyer in Derricks town who has the opportunity to cross examen a member of that police force, is going to use derrick as a reason to be suspicious of testimony. Especially if it’s Derrick himself!

Kathie from Canada

Just listening to the news and the White House has officially announced that Obama will address the nation at 9 pm Wednesday. Satellite listing has BB scheduled for 8 pm so we should be aok! Just hope the stations don’t cut in a bit earlier for the political blah blah blah before he speaks.


Victoria is an idiot, if I was Victoria’s family i’ll be so ashamed.of her. OMG

What an idiot!


I don’t think Derrick wants to hurt Victoria at all…I think truly if it was at all possiable he would take her to final 2 since day 1 he has only cared about winning the game while everyone else’s game sucks. He’s no Dan but defineatly a better player than all these houseguests! His “plan” isn’t as good as Dan’s but it’s at least better than just doing nothing….I think Cody will take him and I think Caleb’s at least thinking about it so he knows he has to come up with some plan to get Frankie to take him since Frankie wins most competitions. Derricks whole game at this point rides on Frankie not winning the HOH and next veto!


He definitely wanted to take her to F2 with him, which is why he did such a good job of dissuading others from doing it. Victoria’s problems are of her own making though.She willingly handed over her brain and game to Derrick. If she would’ve won the POV,she wouldn’t be in that position. At least she would’ve had the potential to direct her own fate. Granted, Derrick might’ve convinced her it was against her best interest to take herself off the block in that scenario to lessen his chances of being the replacement nominee.

This Season Sucks!!

OMG!!! For the life of me, I just can’t understand why these idiots are so amped about making Final 4 together, when doing so doesn’t really GUARANTEE anyone, except for Derrick (if he makes Final 2), the $500K!!! It’s so stupid! They really believe that they are one of the “greatest” alliances to ever grace BB, when really they are all a bunch of jokes. At this point, even if they do decide to go after one another and take Victoria to the end, the jury would be more likely to hand her the $500K, simply because of the way these idiots played the game. If it’s Derrick and Victoria, then I can see them giving him the $500K, over her, but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen b/c he’s staying “LOYAL” to his boys and is “voting her out” this week. Either way, it’s going to be a lose-lose situation, for me, unless this rewind somehow gets Frankie on the block and voted out. Then, I’ll be happy.


If I had any uncertainty about who I think deserves to win , it was removed after watching Derricks treatment of Victoria along with his tirade about his “fucki5g kid”. Derrick deserves to lose and not just lose, but be humiliated in his loss the same way he has humiliated other house guests. He is so full of himself that it’s actually scary. This guy would take credit for Frankie bring gay if he could.


“Derrick needs to be humiliated” ??? Why? Because he played a good game with out having to do much but talk to people. Sounds like sour grapes.

Big brother vet

I think the test if this show is how you handle the real pressure toward the end of the show. I supported Derrick until recently as well but I believe his game started suffering at Zachs eviction. He has made lots of mistakes since then and his behavior toward the girls is really not justified or necessary. I look to how someone acts the whole season not just one part of it. And for tht Derrick is not that impressive.


Do you think any of the males behavior towards any of the women in the house was necessary?? Or just Derrick is the bad guy? Give me a break.


I’ve never experienced a summer where it went by so fast just in general, but yet it feels so slow at the same time due to this lackluster season… it’s weird.


Please someone get Frankie out before Final 2 !!!! He is so arrogant and thinks he is in entitled to win.


As far as I’m concerned, who cares if Derrick is playing Victoria? He has had her back because if it wasn’t for him, she would have never made it this far. This is her way of paying him back for carrying her through this game. I guarantee if he could pull it off, he would take her to the end. Not just because he can beat her, but because he genuinely cares about her. Theres only so much he can do.


Can all of them play for the HOH?
I thought Derrick couldn’t play since he was the last HOH. Frankie’s is like it never happened.
Someone please clarify.


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Victoria hope you win HOH. You are the only one who has the balls enough to put Frankie and Cody up and you do not even have Balls!!!


Same haters posting the same crap here everyday. Get over it. This is BB, not Miss Congeniality. Donny and Nicole signed up for the wrong competition. This is BB. We want more cutthroat jackasses. Derrick and Frankie in the F2! You don’t care for them, they don’t care about you. Get lost u fruit loop dinguses.


You state that you want to see more cutthroat people in the game and then use Derick and Frankie as your examples of people who would do that? That is laughable and precisely the reason why everyone hates this season! Everytime Donnie or Nichole tried to stir things up or tell people they needed to make big moves Derrick would slam on the brakes. And Frankie? He only cares about getting tv face time and the last thing he wanted to do the entire summer was make a cutthroat move. Talk about rewriting history…..someone needs to tell Frankie this isnt an auditon for Miss Congeniality…nevermind he wouldn’t listen anyways!


I always did like Santa. πŸ™‚


If Victoria’s feeling are hurt at the end of the game, she only has herself to blame.Why is she attaching herself to him? Danielle and Dan’s relationship was way different. Danielle never acted like an infatuated teenage girl with Dan. I don’t remember Danielle ever rubbing Dan’s leg…Danielle never asked sexual questions to Dan…. Correct me if I am wrong. Victoria is pissing off every wife out there by her “innocent” actions! For that reason alone, please give her the boot!! If Victoria is being rooted for because she has heart, I think it is safe to say Caleb does too.


What happens Wed with the reset:
They vote out Victoria.
Julie announces reset
They play HOH and Frankiestein wins
Noms are picked. Cody and Victoria
Veto played and Frankiestein wins
Veto not used. Victoria voted out.
HGs tell themselves what a great twist this was and how it makes for great TV.
HGs speculate who will win AFP and why Christine was booed.
We groan. Loudly. And kick rocks. And say this is the worst season of BB ever


Anon, you nailed it. Rock on. πŸ™‚

they're all fucktards

so right anon


I know this would never happen but I want Victoria to win HOH in the reset just to see who she would put up next to Frankie.

Bored and shocked

Watching TVGN last nite i was appauled and disgusted. Listening to the talk between derrick n vic was insanity. She is beyond stupid. I dont know what makes me angrier. Derrick making the game incredibly boring by dictating what everyone has done up until now thus making the show beyond predixtable and boring. Or the sheer stupidity of the other houseguests. Victoria asked him last night if she shud fight to stay or not. Are you fucking kidding me??? Theres 500,000 dlrs on the line and youre gonna listen to a guy who is competing for that money also. And then to make it a million times worse he convinced her to do this whole plan to get him to win. Wtf!!!!! I have hated this season for weeks and weeks now but combining either victorias love or stupidity the fact she allows derrick to decide whether she should try and fight to stay is the most ridiculous thimg i have ever witnessed. His response was you dont wanna go out like that do you? Wow. Where the hell did cbs find these morons.


I hate Derrick. That M.f. would hit his Momma for money.


Derrick said he had to get rid of Donny, he knew something about Derrick. He was going with the group when they wanted to evict Frankie and keep Nicole until she mentioned Dan to Derrick. He said she had to go because they may compare him to Dan. To me he plays more like Helen, having everyone else doing the dirty work. Only difference they found Helen out. Victoria’s family will be proud of her [not] the only different between her and Christine is Christine was wearing a wedding ring while flirting with Cody. Victoria may not be wearing a ring but Derrick is. And she making something for his baby. How will that go over with his wife? When someone shouted out ”A COP IN THE HOUSE” Derrick got paranoid, then when Cody was looking at his pictures he come up with the picture is not a good. Victoria maybe the last woman standing but it’s not because she’s a good player. It’s more like she is pawn, who can’t win any games. In the end she wont even get a pity vote.


Looks like you fell captive to the CBS edit of mastermind Derr. That is not what happened with the Frankie bd plan .. although that is what CBS and Derr want you to think. Initially Derr did throw out reasons to Caleb about why Nic should go over Frankie.. but then what happened next is what CBS left out:
1. Frankie talked to Caleb and convinced him that he has Caleb’s back and wants to go to the final 4 with the boys.
2. While Frankie was talking to Caleb, Derr was talking to Nic. (Earlier Vic told Derr everything Nic said to her about wanting Cody out and Hayden hating Cody… even though Vic swore on their friendship she wouldn’t tell Derr). Derr asked Nic what she would do if she won HOH (if she were to stay this week). Nic said “I would put up Frankie and Chris”, Derr said what if Frankie weren’t here. Nic said she would put up Chris and then after a bit of beating around the bush said she would put up Chris and Cody. This actually made Derr trust Nic because it confirmed what Vic had told him.
3. After Derr’s talk with Cody and Nic he decided getting Frankie bd was the best plan and worked for 3hrs trying to get Frankie put up… but in the end Caleb said “I don’t think Frankie would put me up and if I put Frankie up I will get thousands of haters from America.” Deal sealed, Derr failed, Derr doesn’t have the control he thought or that CBS wants us to think.


I must be dense because I don’t understand what Derrick and Victrola are plotting. Can someone explain?


Derrick has told Victoria that she is leaving and it is out of his hands. He has to vote with the house. Because Victoria is a clone of Danielle and Derrick can do no wrong in her eyes, she has now agreed to help Derrick get to the end by pretending to be mad at him. She will tell everyone left in the house that she will not vote for Derrick to win. She will also mention to the group that Donnie, Nichole and Hayden will not vote for him either. Derrick is hoping that this will convince the remaining players to take him to final 2.


it’s sad to see Victoria not even trying………….. it fells like a waste os space in that house, anyone else would be trying something to stay, she’s is plotting to get votes for Derrick……….. again, I just don’t get it…..


Did anyone notice Victoria laying on derricks baby’s blanket on the bed last night? I bet his wife is boiling mad! He is such a piece of crap. Please don’t let him win this game!!