Derrick “The fact that Frankie didn’t take a shot at us.. Cody says it was a mistake!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 12-35-17-974

12:35pm – 1:40pm Frankie takes a photo of Caleb and Cody doing a back flip into the pool. Caleb gets out of the pool and Frankie says show us your pen!s! I have a pic of you grabbing your d**k under water. Frankie and Caleb layout on the lounger to suntan. They speculate about what the twist will be. Frankie says maybe its first two people to finish the comp are safe the other two are on the block. Caleb says I don’t think it would be anything like that. They head inside. Derrick is napping on the backyard couch.

In the kitchen – Cody and Victoria make lunch. Caleb starts making a rat trap with the strainer, a stick and some cheese. Cody is helping him figure it out. (For Caleb being a hunter he is having a very hard time trying to create a rat trap.) Victoria asks him if he is trying to make a successful mouse trap. Caleb says I’m trying, I’m trying. Victoria says I’m counting on you Caleb. I spoke very highly of you in the diary room. Caleb finishes his trap and puts it under the sink. Caleb shows Cody and Victoria. Victoria asks you don’t think he’s going to see it do you? Caleb explains it. Victoria says genius!

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 13-38-27-441

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1:45pm – 2pm Out in the backyard – Derrick and Cody are alone. Cody asks what is going down. Derrick says whatever it is I hope it doesn’t send us home. Cody says its better that you didn’t win that competition because now you get to play in the next. Cody says yeah I threw it. Derrick says that fact that he didn’t take a shot at us … Cody says it was a mistake! Derrick agrees. Derrick says the more and more I think about it this veto is so important for us because… Frankie joins them and the conversation ends. Frankie gets called to the dairy room. Caleb heads inside. Derrick says love that kid but he has no clue what’s going on.

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2:15pm All the house guests are in the living room with Izzy. Izzy runs to the diary room door and waits. Derrick says that must be her owner or the person that she knows best that dropped her off at that door. Caleb says that’s amazing that she came in the other door but came in and out of this door twice and knows that’s the way out. 7

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 14-14-59-524

2:20pm – 2:35pm Cody says lets play a game .. put your had up. Never have I ever pee’d in a garbage can. Caleb puts a finger down. Victoria explains you want to have the most finger still up. Caleb says never have I ever had s*xual intercourse in public. Caleb says public display of affection means you have. Cody says it definitely doesn’t mean that. Cody puts his finger down. Victoria says never have I ever ate dog food. Cody and Caleb put their finger down. Cody says never have I ever faked being sick to not go to school. Caleb puts his finger down. Caleb says never have I ever eaten an avocado. Cody and Victoria put their fingers down. Victoria then calls Caleb out for eating guacamole in the HOH room. Caleb argues that’s not avocado, its been altered. Cody tells Caleb he is so wrong. Cody says never have I ever killed an animal. Caleb puts a finger. Victoria says never have I ever snow boarded. Cody says never have I ever taken a dump in someone’s place the first time I went there. Caleb says never have I ever lived in Florida. Victoria says that’s an easy one. Caleb says never have I ever sharted.

2:40pm In the fire room – Victoria asks Derrick if she should go up to them and talk to them. Derrick says no, don’t. Let them come to you. Frankie already said he would come talk to you. And even if they don’t you’re going to crush me in your speech so they’ll know.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 14-36-01-892

2:50pm – 3:30pm Caleb and Cody are ironing shirts for the live show tomorrow. Cody is borrowing Caleb’s shirt because he only brought 1 button up shirt. In the hallway by the door Caleb tries to teach Cody how to break dance. Frankie tries as well.

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90 thoughts on “Derrick “The fact that Frankie didn’t take a shot at us.. Cody says it was a mistake!”

  1. Had a dream the season was over… I wish it was real dammit!

    I’m tired of these boring ass people and their same repetitive bullshit.

    I’m definitely looking forward to the finale, when I can see people who are actually enjoyable to watch and that means this season would be DUNZO!!!!

      1. Turbo again with the comment. One more time. This is a forum some people may just want to vent. Just like you did. Just take in stride. BB will be over soon.

              1. Yes, Brad, you’re Mommy’s very own big, brave boy for using your own name to call people out Come here and let me check your nappy. Something really stinks. I’m thinking it’s you.

    1. Totally agree 1 HUNDO

      wouldn’t it have been fun if the rewind button was an accelerated end of season button instead, and all the HOH, POVs and evictions done on one day!

      i’m not sure what all this waffling about tell victoria, don’t tell her is all about today. I thought they were doing that prior to the voting/live show tomorrow? They are supposed to be waiting to see what happens when the timer runs out, then do it, because doing anything else at this point is seriously stupid. however, i can see Derrick wanting them to do it (without him) because he may suspect the button is a reset or rewind, and that something is going to happen that can affect who is evicted tomorrow, and who is on the block. imagine telling her, then it rewinds and she knows that, and goes into the HOH and wins it, their reactions are going to be priceless (mostly because they think she doesn’t already know full well they are all working together, she’s simply been pushing Derrick to admit it since Zach and Nicole told her.

    1. Yeah, he got onto you right after the Diary Room told him. It makes our job of trying to make him look like a mastermind much easier.

    2. So let me get this straight Derrick wants Victoria to be ok with leaving but the kicker is tell the rest of the house guests they are no longer friends. Ok , she does realize she may have to be in that house another week. Can she handle the separation. Think you should have thought of another plan Derrick. That girl can’t stop those feelings she has. So you keep telling her your going to keep in touch with her after this is all over. I hope His wife doesn’t mind. Are you friggin nuts!!!

    1. Hydroflouric Acid: “I will volunteer to wash out Frankie’s mouth our!”

      Sodium Hydroxide: “If you don’t do a good enough job I’ll finish the task”

      Sulfuric Acid: “Don’t forget about me, I do a great job on Skags.”

  2. Again vile garbage spews out of Frankie s mouth. When he said the penis comment to Caleb, apparently it did no other Caleb because he layer down to tan with him. Maybe I have it wrong….maybe it’s like good cop…bad cop. I can’t believe these so – called straight men have put up with this sexual abuse and harassment for over 2 months. No amount of money is worth this gross abuse. Frankie has probably gotten away with this behavior all his life. I hope the families…especially Victoria s……are getting the lawyers ready. This should not be tolerated and CBS needs to be fined. Either clean it up or get off the air!

    1. I had to use Cody’s new favorite response (stolen from Zach, who made it funny) even though I’m sick of it.

      Seriously though, I don’t think this is sexual harassment. Frankie is not in a position of power over them so it doesn’t meet the definition. Every case of sexual harassment I ever seen in the press is met with claims of lying, not standing up for yourself and just looking for a pay out. I think it’s strange how many people here are making this claim for them when Cody and Caleb are both adults, bigger than Frankie and have had two solid chances to get him out.

      I know it’s weird but I think they enjoy the attention. Cody’s own family said he’d flirt with anyone. And I have to say that sometimes they are the initiators not Frankie. Cody practically stuck his finger up Frankie’s butt when he was drunk the other night.
      (This is not a defense if Frankie though, he’s repulsive.)

      1. A sexual harassment claim does not have to include someone in a position of power. I know first hand as I had a co-worker bothering me, when the boss found out he asked why I hadn’t reported it. I told him, like you, I thought too it had to be someone in position of power. He said no and asked if I had told the guy to stop. When I said yes, the guy was brought in and told if he did or said anything to bother me again it would be immediately terminated.

        Now we have seen both Cody and Caleb tell Frankie to “stop” when he tried to grab their junk this last week. With that I think CBS/BB needs to give Frankie a warning or risk getting sued if it is allowed to continue. I can’t believe any contract they have signed would had waived their right to not be sexually harassed if taken before a court of law.

        1. Your case would be based on someone creating a hostile work environment. I would think that their contracts do cover that because these people are supposed to ‘play the game’ and do anything to antagonize each other. Do you think Zach is guilty of creating a hostile work environment with his verbal attacks? These people are allowed terrorize each other if they wish, so I don’t they’d be able to make any claim. If they did I don’t think it would hold up anyway as their behavior would be characterized as usual with the victim being told they sent mixed messages.

          Do you not think that they have more often acted like they enjoyed it? But they said no twice. In real life, victims will get crushed for this lack of consistency.

          I’m not disagreeing with you that Frankie’s behavior isn’t gross, just that they don’t have a case. We are all watching the Ray Rice situation play out and yet again it’s the victim who takes more blame and abuse than the perp.

          I’m glad to hear you were treated so well as your job I wish that was the norm.

    2. It;s only sexual harassment or racism if a white conservative said or did it…..Dare someone to prove me wrong…..Who heard Donny say anything, never did… but that white girl from last year was all about the racism, and they hung her…

    1. This troll lives to see all the thumbs down he/she gets. He baits people to boost his/hers importance….So don’t feed into him/her and don’t click the thumbs down or reply from now on.

  3. Absolutely can not stand Derrick for all the reasons previously posted on this site. Don’t like Frankie either but at least he does work to win competitions. Caleb, with his enormous ego, probably needs the money more than anyone else. Cody acted like a fool with Christine and is a dumbo listening to Derrick so I don’t want him to win. Vic is immature and infatuated with Derrick and would probably give it to him she wins. Wish Zack and Donnie were still here to win!

    1. it just occurred to me that i like the fact Caleb is not ashamed of his working at Lowe’s, which some guys with his background and aspirations would maybe try to hide. I appreciate that kind of honesty almost humility (knowing at the same time that he is not overly humble to be sure lol)

      i would not regret his winning something at the end, not America’s favourite, of COURSE, but it would give him some options to pursue his real interests that no one could do working at retail jobs.

    1. The Power of Veto Ceremony was on Sunday at 12pm. You can flashback and watch it all as it was the first time Big Brother didn’t block the ceremony.

  4. Love the picture of Izzy self evicting. Poor dog. I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did. I can imagine she was spreading lies about the boys and they finally compared notes. Izzy said Deuces. She’s going to the jury house to party.

  5. For a 31 year old person Frankie needs to grow up! He is a child playing show me yours and I’ll show you mine. He is just socially oblivious.

  6. Izzy is one smart dog cause she sniffed out this group of slobs immediately. Funny how a dog has more intelligence than many of these young adults. Derrick was obviously starting to feel threatened by Izzy’s social game. You know that egomaniac can’t handle anyone getting between him and his boys. I also heard that Izzy did a great imitation of Derrick in the DR: she just yapped at the camera and pawed the lens all the time begging for a treat! At least one girl has his number.

  7. Hey Simon, if you add Izzy to your poll, he might fair well, probably beat the toaster and Vic’s dreads along w/every other HG except for Derrick. If you start your poll from scratch, Izzy might also beat Derrick.

  8. dream Victoria wins hoh
    Frankie and cleab on the block
    Frankie wins pov
    cody goes up
    derrick vote out cleab
    Frankie vote out cody
    Victoria send cleab home derrick lose another vote
    cody wins next hoh put up
    Frankie an Victoria
    Frankie wins pov derrick goes up
    derrick tells Frankie that team America wants us at the end derrick mist
    but Frankie knows derrick he send derrick home
    final three is set Frankie cody Victoria Frankie wins first hoh
    Victoria surprise wins second
    Frankie wins the last one in take Victoria to the end
    who win I think it will be Frankie for taken derrick out

  9. There was a cute puppy named Izzy,
    who found Derrick’s mouth quite busy.
    She yipped and she yapped,
    in hopes of a nap,
    but instead, in his mouth,
    took a wizzy.

  10. Victoria has two faces – bitch mode and fake smile. She’s got one of the meanest faces I’ve seen on TV since New Jersey housewife Terese Giudice. She kind of looks like ‘Big Pussy’ in drag at times.

  11. For everyone on her to be such BB fans I am so over the Donny comments. Donny had absolute zero game, zero personality, and only half a$$ attempted to help accomplish the TA challenges. In fact they didn’t do 2 simply due to him being so lousy. All he did on camera was whine about being picked on. Such a bore and not at all the type of player I enjoy watching. I would have voted him out based on not wanting to hear his stupidity and making up words that didn’t make sense. Sure, there haven’t been more than a couple game changing moves but when a show is in it’s 16th season I truly believe those that get chosen know the personalities and game techniques so well that it will never be like the first 6 or so years when it was still so new and the big moves people would make were not copied off those cast members before them.

    1. STFu if I want to talk about Donny I will.he is an awesome person a nd he did play the game he was playing with a bunch of dumbasses who didn’t know what day it was much less how to play bb

    2. Donny is a loved HG. Deal with it. You can play the game and not be downright nasty about it. You like the cruelness, that’s fine, but get get off your soapbox when people don’t agree with you. Just because everybody for the most part thinks Derrick is a mediocre player don’t get angry. Make some points defending your guy or just go away. But don’t don’t pull that holier than thou crap. I think Caleb is a good player, many disagree with me but I make my case and move on. Quit being a terrible 2 toddler about it.

  12. I cannot believe how miserable Izzy looked,i felt bad for her especially in Vic’s hands she was probably looking in Vic’s mindless eyes and fearing that she would end up with repulsive extensions.

  13. Haters gonna hate,i bet you preferred Christine to Donny for all the fun and enjoyable moments she brought into the house.You are a real fan I guess because a lot of us liked Donny and his as u put it stupid stories.I can’t speak for everyone on here but I personally liked his personality and his purity.He was the closest thing to a real life person getting a chance to play a game he loves just for the chance!Some people are so blinded by people putting on a show they can’t identify the real people on a show?

    1. Donny was easily the smartest person in the house — with no inside information he figured out what was going on. Just about all his predictions have turned out to be right. I bet Cody and Christine are both having flashbacks of their talks with Donny and how he told them they would end up in the positions they are in.

      He is the cure to the disease that all reality show casting has become. Julie Chen confirmed in Entertainment Weekly that “He has by far the highest likeability rating we’ve ever had on this show!” I hope casting takes this Overwhelming hint and casts people like him from now on instead of the fools and dolts they’ve been recruiting.

      1. Donny was hamstrung by casting choices. Most of the HGs are in their early to mid 20’s and have the mentality of a frat house. Donny is 10-15 years older and much more mature than the others. That was a similar situation with Brittany. She commented several times that she felt out of place with the young ones.

        Caleb was a specialist in the army and is used to being told what to do with no explanation. Cody was an athlete on a team and again is used to taking direction. Victoria is young and naïve and defers to her elders.

        This group has done well to make choices the group can live with and sticks with it. They all took a short view of the game.

        Derricks whole game has been to just wait until someone else throws out a name and then agree with them as long as it wasn’t his pawn. Derrick is the ultimate floater. Now he has to start playing though because he doesn’t have much of a resume. A lot of Derrick’s mastermind strategy is a product of production and the editing room.

        No one was willing to rock the boat to advance their game. Most of this season has been completely neutered by the Battle of the Block. You couldn’t put a competitor up because they had two chances to remove themselves and leave you open for a backdoor just like Nicole. So everyone just played safe and did as little as possible all hoping to just float to the end.

        A season of floaters…

    2. I agree his personality, purity, and humility were very endearing. I’ve heard more than once someone say, what you see is what you get, but often they are the ones that are exactly the opposite. Donny definitely played a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of game. Question though: Would you rather see 16 Donny’s or 16 Derricks play BB? No trap question. Merely curious :)

      1. 16 DONNYS… And not simply because I liked Donny and not Derrick. Who made this the most boring season??? DERRICK…. The only reason Donny was so boring is because he was ostracized under the direction of Derrick, and these dumbasses listened. 16 smart DONNYS not ostracized, taking jabs at each other definitely beats out 16 BORING HYPOCRITS, talking to the camera.

  14. Wishing it was Wednesday already to see whats gonna change if anything at all,Im thinking imo the reset button was more for us than the hg

  15. I love Simon and Dawg’s recaps and I used to love the comments but you guys are worse than the houseguests! The unending wishes of violence and comments about Victoria’s nipple hairs and BS about Caleb and extremely nastiness about Frankie–so many of you are as disgusting as Frankie is. Ciao dudes! Off to Big Brother Network where the commenters aren’t as vile as the houseguests.

  16. You guys will b*tch about anything. I love BB, I don’t care how obnoxious the HG’s are – & even though my “favourite” isn’t left, theres still some good players & Im stoked to watch until the end. LIGHTEN UP!

  17. Is there an eviction tomorrow night or not? I understand that the reset button means that neither Cody nor Victoria will immediately be evicted but are they going to redo the whole week in one night (play HOH, nominations, play VETO, veto ceremony and eviction) or just redo the HOH comp and then have a normal week and the next person evicted isn’t until next Wednesday?

  18. I’m i to understand from blogs that Victoria is going through with Derricks plan?
    This girl Brain dead, and Derrick have really made a joke of the BB game. It sounds like he don’t want the others to really talk to her? Hmm. Hope they do.

  19. I love Victoria she has played the best and most complete game in the history of Big B!Her role as mastermind and competition beast have surpassed anything my eyes have ever seen.She is relentless with motivation to be the goat of Big brother,just truly a remarkable person and a role model to young girls everywhere!Im sorry im better now my wife gave me a Snickers.

  20. Breaking News: Wednesday evening game is reset just after they vote out Cody
    votes were
    Frankie–breaks the tie votes out Cody

    Cody stands up to walk out a buzzer sounds game is reset Julie Chen explains they have to play the entire week in one night . New HoH game Derrick cant play
    Cody wins HoH
    nominates Frankie and Victoria
    POV is played Calin wins POV
    does not use it noms remain the same
    Calib votes to evict Frankie
    Derrick votes to evict Frankie
    By a vote of 2-0 Frankie you are evicted
    Frankie walks out of the house to louder boo’s then Christine received freaks out starts crying like a 3 yr old girl runs off stage falls to the floor pounding it like a 3 yr old
    Julie chen says well that’s it Goog night everyone the show ends with the houseguests jaws wide opened wondering WHY Frankie got boo’ed even more
    Derrick and Cody are literally shaking
    Calib Beast mode Cowboy grunt grunt
    Victoria looking in the mirror do I look good?

    Now back to Tuesday evening and your big brother episode

    1. Actually the editing demonstrated just how far off course this show has gotten. The HG antics are scripted more now than I can ever recall. I thought the original purpose of the show was to entertain us with their game play. It seems that’s taking a back seat to all this other contrived crap. Grown men screaming/flailing/afraid to sleep because there’s a rat in the house. In what world would this be real? The show has turned into a bad knock-off of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ instead of Big Brother.

  21. comparing a mashed-up avocado to a blended t-shirt…REALLY?! a more realistic comparison would be mashed potatoes…it’s still a potato, only mashed up with “stuff” in it!

  22. Yes, the fact that Frankie didn’t take a shot at either Cody or Derrick at this point in the game has been a huge mistake on his part that might cost him dearly down the road.After winning POV Frankie should have had a 101 conversation with Caleb and , if they still wanted a final 2 together, they should have targeted either Cody or Derrick this week and the other one next week.With Victoria in the game Frankie’s & Caleb’s mission to get in F2 would have been much easier then it is without her assuming she cannot win any comp.Now, with both Cody and Derrick in the game and with Caleb lured on their side by Derrick, it’s gonna be quite hard for Frankie to reach the final, but not impossible. But if Frankie goes, god riddance.

    1. the rewind will give Frankie a new life. The rewind benefits Skankie and no one else. Without it he was in dire straights. I fast forward over his nasty face every time I see it.

  23. Has no one realized that the rewind will probably benefit Frankie? This week was great if left alone. He was definitely going home after Victoria.

  24. This season goes to show what terrible acting can do. So much potential with this show wasted. Big thanks to Simon and dawn for sitting through this -you’re the real hero’s of this summer :)

  25. I LOVE Frankie. He’s a jerk.. but he’s such a competition beast! Deserves to make it to the end. Someone needs to just tape his mouth shut. Most of the arrogant shit that comes out of his mouth is annoying. He’s annoying. Ugh.. I HATE Frankie..

  26. Don’t argue with Caleb over whether an avocado is still an avocado after it’s made into guacamole. He trained at the Culinary Institute LeNôtre in France. Now……..was that before or after his stints in law enforcement, West Point and the military?

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