Big Brother Spoilers “My biggest fear is America gets to pick Noms” – Devin

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-04 17-15-17-906
5:14pm Bathroom Cody and Derrick
Whispering over the water very hard to hear.
Cody is saying “He pretty much HE knows all the sh1t that’s going down.. “
Derrick – “The whole bridge from out under us”

BB16-2014-07-04 17-34-11-663

5:35pm Kitchen Amber and Brittany
Amber says Devin is taking things personal and it’s not fair. Mentions beginning up the “Joey thing”
Brittnay – “What did I do that has to do with Joey.. was I bad because I didn’t shun her.. that’s how I felt yesterday.. I’m not going to do that to anyone”
Devin was allegedly going around saying Brittany is a bad person because she “Turned her back” on Joey and didn’t vote out POWPOW

BB16-2014-07-04 17-47-04-763

5:46pm Storage room Derrick and Zach
Zach wonders If POV is used who will Devin put up. Derrick just hopes it’s not them.
Zach says he’s getting worried he’s feeling that Caleb and Devin are on to him. Derrick tells him not worry he hasn’t heard Zach’s name being used once. “After what you did for me you don’t think I will let you know”
Zach – “OK Cool”
Derric – “I promise you, man to man if they ever”
Zach “no doubt”
Brittany and Amber walk in the guys leave ..
Brittany telling her she doesn’t know how she’s going to get out of this situation she doesn’t think she can win the POV.

BB16-2014-07-04 17-53-11-613

5:52pm Cody and Caleb Bible Study

BB16-2014-07-04 18-01-17-664

5:59pm Donny and Amber Living room
Pretending they are in a car
Amber – I’m a fast driver
Donny – I am not I like to go slow thats how I do my competitions slow
Donny says when he goes to work he drives 25 minutes which he really enjoys. Calls it his wake up time. It’s a peaceful time for him before he has to “talk to people”
Donny “I keep my morning voice for a couple hours but when I start talking I don’t shut up.. I’m a talker .. my girls friend said don’t talk a lot.. it’s hard”
They start looking around the house at some of the art Donny says he sees a deer, hogs nose.etc etc in the metal casting.

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BB16-2014-07-04 18-03-45-476

BB16-2014-07-04 18-10-21-086

6:10pm Jocasta and Brittany
Brittany says Devin is retarded, he’s had 2 weeks to prove himself and he’s proved he’s an a$$hole. Brittany mentions how Devin is saying his reason to want her out is because of Joey. Brittany thinks that’s a weak reason. They agree Joey’s delivery was horrible. Brittany says she’s not sure what.

BB16-2014-07-04 18-22-49-567
6:22pm Devin and Donny
Devin telling him the money you can’t take with you to the afterlife but friendships you can take. Devin wonders what is going on in the backyard. Devin thinks the might have the have nots soon. Donny doesn’t know for sure thinks there might be music playing outside that’s why it’s closed. Devin likes having all the competitions compressed into a short period so they have a longer stretch
Devin – “That’s my big thing man I just want everyone to get along no matter what the deal is”

BB16-2014-07-04 18-25-30-355
6:25pm Caleb, Hayden, Christine, Cody and Derrick
“Caleb talking about god and religion. “I’ve never met someone who is a child of god and has sold out.. I’ve never met one that lives a horrible life never.. I’ve never met one”
Caleb gets teary eyed says he misses his mom

BB16-2014-07-04 18-46-38-340
6:44pm Bedroom Donny, Frankie, Christine, Amber, Hayden and Caleb
Talking about how easy it is for them to fall asleep in the house. Donny tells them they’re a little hole near his bead and the wall where you can stick your belly and head in. It’s dark and you get fresh oxygen from the other side. Everyone laughs.
Frankie says at him when he needs to sleep it takes.
eye mask sounds machine all quiet 75 sleeping pills.. but here i’m like alright I’ll sleep right here with 35 people around and this piece of wood jammed up my spine

BB16-2014-07-04 18-56-35-351

6:51pm HOH Devin, Frankie and Derrick
Devin says POW threw the BOB for them.. “When it was donny and devin in the banana that was the easiest one she said Brittany”
Devin says this was something he set up. Devin explains the deal was if he won POV he would use it on POW and put Victoria up.
Devin – “That’s between us I don’t want the whole alliance knowing”
They start talking about their 8 person alliance and how they are set to make it to jury. Frankie and Derrick agree they have to get Brittnay out because she’s stirring the pot
Devin doesn’t see anyone stirring the pot other than Brittany and Maybe POW later on.
Derick says if POW get’s a hint of deception she’s going out guns blazing
Devin is worried about Amber and her emotions and inconsistencies. Devin brings up Brittany trying to get Amber to put her and Cody/Caleb up so she could win teh BOB. Devin says he got to pick Noms first. (decided via a game of chance)

POWPOW joins them..
Derrick and Frankie leave. Devin tells her she’s not going home this week, “Look at me even if someone puts you up next week we’re going to protect you and keep you safe.. you can keep yourself so valuable you can get all the way to Jury and”
Devin – “Play it right there’s value in what you are doing by not winning comps”
POWPOW – I’m not a weak player especially with the Mental stuff.
POWPOW says Brittany suspect she threw the competition. “If you win POV please put Victoria up.. I just want to be in the Diary room to vote”
Devin says if Brittany wins POV Victoria goes home if she doesn’t Brittany goes home. Devin start pitches how attractive being the “Ultimate Floater” is
7:05pm bathroom the cams show us the tail end of this conversation. Derick tells Zach he’s not going up “Just for peace of mind”

BB16-2014-07-04 19-16-22-500

7:12pm HOH Devin and Zach
Devin tells him Brittany is the target if she wins POV Victoria is the target. Zach says he doesn’t care which one goes. Devin cares big time he doesn’t want POW to go.
Devin – “My biggest fear is America gets to put up Noms”
Zach starts talking loud about how they have the numbers even if America picks Noms. Devin says they don’t have the numbers if two bomb squads go up.
Zach says his nominations speeches were perfect.
Devin “I’m trying not to make it a personal attack even though it’s personal”
Devin brings up promising POWPOW he will use the Veto.
Zach – ‘DID you”
Devin “I promised.. I’m not going to lie anymore what I say is what I say”
Zach says he hasn’t made it a secret he doesn’t like Victoria. Devin – Who you thinking will be the next atrget
Zach – I hate victoria so her going next is wonderful in my eyes.. I’m just saying finish the mission so it doesn’t matter.
Devin say britinay and Joey were the only girl that had the b@lls to do something.
Devin says Victoria and Brittany are really close ‘She’s Brittany’s sparring partner getting her ready for the fight”
Devin says he wants Jocasta and Donny in the jury house. They both agree Hayden is a beast and is going to be hard to get out of the game.

8:42pm Feeds are cut right now. probably a party.

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach

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Jimmy 64

Hey Simon can you get one of those drones and take
out Devin ?


*****HAPPY JULY.4th*****Zach is an IDIOT!!!!!!!


Devin really has a big mouth I dont hate him like most of you but did he really tell powpow she is the ultimate floater? This guy really needs to learn how to think before he speaks. He is wayyyy to comfortable. Does he not know how much of a sitting duck he is next week. He has to be a recruit because a true bb fan would know better.


it’s it a bit amusing when they start throwing out Floaters…ummm it’s only the second week – the first two weeks have been controlled by 8 people alliance not much for the others to do but lay low….I only hope next week someone else can win can put devin or caleb up and the other people on their alliance can grow some and vote one of them out…

smd nicole

i can’t wait for that oh sit moment when devin realizes he screwed himself by playing the game way to hard way to early and he gets evicted. such a tool

give me a break

Devin always says keep this secret between us….and then goes and tell everybody anyway….everybody knows what he’s thinking and knows what his plans are because he can’t keep his mouth shut…


Ok Devin Caleb and Amber are in a 8 person alliance and are lying to the other houseguest to keep the alliance going while actually getting blood on their hands and they are evil.

Zach Cody Frankie Derrick Christine are doing the same thing plus plotting ways to back stab their own alliance and they are seen as ok and given the title of being “good people”?


Spot on. We know what that’s all about.


I know, hey? His HOTitis hasn’t kicked crazy-in, like I thought it would, but oi, the talktalktalk. Devin says this, Devin says that. And the blue button-down with the classic “corporate hand” gesture pic up there is rich. As Bugs would say, “What a maroon”. I can’t wait for next week and he’s in the hot seat.



Roisen Dubh

@JonDow, you hit it on the head. Devin is a recruit. If he was a BB fan or even watched at least 3-4 seasons, he wouldn’t have such a big mouth and turn on people so quick. It would be one or the other. The thing about that guy is if you watched WWE during the attitude era, he’s a Rock clone. That’s why that guy cracks me up. The OJ comparison is way off, because this guy would be trying to bang everything and control if that were the case. Trust me, look at him like a Rock clone and you’ll be bustin up all night long. Those tears are fake, he turns it on when he even knows he overstepped. If this guy watched BB and learned from it, he would be the most dangerous player in the game. Britt don’t like him because she’s dated and boned guys like him in the shows. I think Devin will make the jury. But because America’s choice blew up in their face, you know CBS is gonna try and get Joey back in the game with some intel. They need to turn the paranoia level up a couple of notches, Hayden, Jocosta and Frankie are way too comfy right now.


Yeah, I’m kind of disappointed no one voted against Joey. You know, just to “spice thing up a bit” in the house. Had someone done that, it probably would have destroyed most of the alliances, especially the bomb squad since they’re 8 players deep. It seems like the BB cast this year are just a bunch of emotional players, always talking about their feelings and such. The only ones that are really playing the game are Frankie, Jocosta, and Donny. This year, the floaters have the advantage so far. Seems like everything will self destruct at any minute, yet it hasn’t. Which is why…I keep watching. I love a good train wreck. lol


I really don’t like anybody this season!!! 🙁


I think Nicole is a fake, She has a inner ho waiting to burst out. That goody girl act is growing tiresome. IF no cams were around, she would bang Cody and Hayden back to back.

Delilah Jones

Okay, so let me get this straight.. Last week, Devin threatened each and every house guest that if the vote to evict Joey was not 13 – 0, he was going to come after them next. Fast forward to this week, and his opinion of Brittany is that she is a bad person because she did not vote to keep her friend Joey………….
Bat shit crazy…


I noticed the same thing. Also, last week he created an all-guys alliance (then randomly added 2 women) and freaked out at Joey for trying to do the same with an all girls alliance….I don’t understand how someone in big brother can get mad at someone *not in his alliance* for making her own alliance – that’s the whole point of the game.


Live Feed Help

It’s 12:19 am on the east coast — Is everyone getting the Fish Bowl, and, “We’ll Be Right Back” with the Live Feeds?

Thanks so much for the help!


Someone please tell Brittany she should not use the word “RETARDED” in a derogatory manner….especially on TV. At any given moment, anything they do or say could be used on national TV. Disgusting and no better than Aryan last year.