Derrick “PANDORA’s BOX!!” Brittany asks is that for me?! Zach says that was f**ked up!

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 09-26-55-161

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Season PASS = The best value at $26.99! PLUS Free 2 day Trial!

9:15am – 9:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Cody is out in the backyard working out. Donny comes out to get on the eliptical. Cody asks are you trusting Brittany a bit more? Donny says yeah but if I had to put my trust in someone it would be Nicole. Even though she put me up. I am counting on Hayden pulling her over. The thing that scares me about her is that she is friends with people. Cody says Christine. Donny says yeah I don’t like to name names. Cody says its me, you can tell me. Donny says yeah. Cody says that it feels so good to be up. Donny tells him to try and not even nap. Cody says that Pow Pow went to a number of people before she left and told them not to trust me. Donny says I have a plan and its probably similar plan to what you’re thinking. Cody asks what’s that? Donny says its with a few of the people that we have talked about previously and a couple of the girls. Donny says I just need to make sure I have the numbers if I go up again. Cody says just so you know if I win HOH, I won’t put you up. Donny says I can just see being put up again because I handle it so well. Cody says but that’s not a good reason. Cody says that Caleb is talking to all the guys. Donny says he is a non factor. He is a liability. Cody says that he has proved to be a non competitor and he’s so blinded by her (Amber). When do you think would be a good time to take a shot at him? Donny says sooner, rather than later. Donny says that they are two votes (Caleb & Amber).
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 09-44-05-063

10am Out in the hammock – Christine says that she can’t take being nice to Devin any more. Brittany says that he is going to start saying stuff to stir stuff up we just have to not feed into any of the lies. Christine says I can’t wait to see what I look like. I feel like they’re making me look bad but I guess if you make it far it doesn’t matter. Brittany says the people that really know you will know the real you.

Meanwhile in the bathroom – Victoria is complaining about someone using her make-up. Do you think people are recording the live feeds? Nicole says yes. Victoria says because I want to go back and see how many times she used my makeup without asking. I already caught her once. My skin is just so sensitive, I don’t share my makeup with any one.

10:13am – 10:30am In the kitchen – Derrick comes out of the storage room with his laundry wrapped up in a box … PANDORA’s BOX!! Brittany asks is that for me!!? Derrick says no it’s my laundry. Zach laughs and says that was f**ked up! Brittany says I didn’t even hear what you said, I just saw the box. Zach is up and making a smarties pancake.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 10-14-13-610

10:35am – 10:45am In the kitchen – Zach, Cody and Derrick are talking. Zach and Cody say they are going for this weeks HOH. Derrick says that would be nice for me. I hope you guys win. That would make for a pretty easy week for me. Zach says it was an easy week this week. Derrick agrees and says yeah I got a volunteer and someone that everyone wants out of the house. Derrick whispers to Cody that Brittany doesn’t trust us. She thinks we’re going to boot her. Which is true .. just down the road.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 10-39-27-078

10:45am In the kitchen – Derrick asks Victoria if she’s asked her (Brittany) yet? (Team America mission about Zach & Amanda Zuckermans cousin). Victoria heads into the bathroom and asks Brittany did you hear that Zach is Ammanda Zuckerman’s cousin? Brittany says no. Brittany says I just heard it. Pow Pow made up a lot of things. She sucked at competitions and knew she wasn’t going to be around so she lied to everyone. Victoria says yup.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 10-49-08-019
10:50am – 11am Out in the backyard – Zach says he is thinking of going to go up to Victoria and tell her that everyone is talking about her being a floater… and that they think you’re not playing the game. I’ll tell her my advice to her is that you’re not supposed to make an alliance with your friends so that you have your friends and your alliance. I was thinking of telling her to go up to Donny. Cody tells him do not do that! Zach laughs and says he already ran it by Christine .. it was part her idea.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 10-52-40-474
11am The house guests are getting ready for the Veto ceremony happening soon.. Out in the backyard – Devin comments on how funny it was that he didn’t talk about his rehab before coming in here and then when he got HOH he was the only one that didn’t get alcohol. He says I didn’t really care any ways because I don’t drink much, just thought it was funny. UP in the HOH room – Derrick asks what did Amber say about the Zach / Amanda thing? Caleb says oh yeah I forgot, she said she didn’t hear about it. No hesitation or nothing.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 11-05-02-681

11:05am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the Jeff Schroeder season highlights for the Power of Veto season to take place…

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who is norrowing Victoria’s makeup without asking?


brittany but vicki wants them to think it’s amber

A Nonny Mouse

So far the only contribution that Victoria has made to this game is to talk about someone using her makeup and her makeup brushes and her clothes and how scared she is of Devin. Good casting there , real riveting. Victoria FTW 😛






I had wanted Devin to stay to cause more drama, but at this point, Devin probably needs to leave this week so the house can stop acting like a single unit. I had thought there was some movement to get Caleb out, but it appears like that has died out, and Devin is probably going home 11-0.


Oh…it’s still early…and with this group, it’ll probably change.

Jett Jeff

I agree with this. This is such a group of non-gamers — especially the women. They are so focused on sucking up to the guys that they are blind to the fact that they are getting, and will continue to get, picked off one by one. If they were smart, they would pull together another alliance to take out Caleb. With Devin, Hayden and Donny, they would be pretty equally matched with the other side of the house. FLIP THE POWER already!


it’s all about you, huh, brittany.


Best move would be to get Caleb out now…he doesn’t expect it and they can get Devin out at anytime he’s public enemy number #1!

Yeast Mode Cowboy

When I go to get Amber in Memphis, I probably won’t take my truck. I think I’ll get a rental car, in case I have to put her in the trunk. Maybe I should get some of that duct tape with the cartoon characters on it. She might like that.

Captain Crunch

Victoria really needs to get over herself, Amber doesn’t need her makeup to look pretty, cant say the same about her (Victoria) tho.


Well damn…
Someone said Brittany is the one who actually uses it. Has anyone seen Amber actually use it?


Why does she even have it out if she so sensitive skinned. Put it away dumbo! Lol


Wow!! Victoria is smokin hot!!!!


Victoria reminds me of that chick from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Nia Vardolas


I know right!! She’s younger version of Nia Vardolas!!!


If you like enormous schnozzies.

Oh Victoria...

I don’t find Victoria unattractive. Her biggest problem is that she thinks she has the looks of Kim Kardashian and the personality of Khloe Kardashian. In truth she has the looks of Khloe and the personality of a lounge chair (a lounge chair that continually reminds people that she lives in a gated community, has really nice makeup brushes and can’t tell the difference between Big Brother and The Killing, as she is periodically convinced that Devin is a serial killer intent on murdering her in her sleep).

Christine on the other hand seems to realize that she has the looks of Linda Belcher and the personality of Tina Belcher and doesn’t try to convince anyone otherwise, which makes her much easier to take even when she is being catty.


Hilarious, thanks!


The Killing. Ohhhh I loved that show!


I know Devin has made some stupid game moves and can be annoying at times. But does he really deserve this sort of hate he is a human with emotions like everyone else. People like Christine who have done nothing in this game should shut up and leave the man alone just evict him and move on with your life.


Poor poor Devin…. We all should weep for him!

A Nonny Mouse

Wouldn’t be surprised if the others trash talk about him when he’s gone like they did on BB15. I mean, it would be surprisingly good if they talked game for the most part but seeing that this is BB High School Non Musical, that won’t happen.


Vote Devin out this week.
My next Targets would be…

I hate to say this strategically I would want Victoria in the jury.


I might also want the next evictions strategically to go like this
Devin this week
Amber (girls hate her and you could make Caleb believe you wanted to save her.)
Frankie (You could control information without Frankie mucking it up.)
Cody (Too Pretty might as well get him out sooner or later.)
Derrick (by this point he would be exposed as a mastermind)
Hayden (Too smart, sorry showmance fans)
I think I would kinda want the clueless in the house more than the others it is 500,000


All the entertaining people? Do you know how boring a house with Hayden, Nicole, Christine, Derrick Caleb and Victoria will be?
Not to mention all the girls left would not be the greatest to look at..


For 500,000 I could care less if people at home are bored… LOL.

I just think when you start seeing Donny as a bigger threat than Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Caleb/Devin, Hayden, Amber, Christine or Zach? or if you tell a person… I trust you and tell them everything, and you know he hangs out with the people you are talking about…. you may want to rethink your strategy.

If you go up in final two with Derrick, Cody, Frankie or Zach…. You have better have made some big moves and be able to have justified them… If you go up against say Victoria or Jocasta…. of course I made bigger moves than Victoria or Jocasta… I woke up. It is _______ here next to me because honestly, I want the money and most of the rest of you may have taken it out of my pocket.


Omg, I’m watching last night’s episode and Derrick the so called “superfan” misusing the word floater is hilarious. Floater has nothing to do with winning comps. I don’t know when people are going to understand that it’s all about floating to whoever is in power.


I have always been confused by that. I always assumed floater meant someone making it to the end without putting in any leg work (i.e no social game or winning comps.). I feel like if people are moving to people who are in power they are more followers…


I think people are confused because most “floaters” throw comps to make themselves look weak. Therefore if you’re not winning comps, then you have to align yourself with whoever is in power each week. A floater basically never picks a side and kisses the butt of each HoH each week. I mean it’s a good social game ploy, but if you’re not winning comps, you could get sent home when your back is against the wall.


You also can’t float without some type of social game. If you’re not winning comps, you have some type of social game to stay off the block and/or not going home…Paola would have been floater, but she had no social game. Therefore she went home. A good example of a recent floater is Shelly from BB13 or Joe from BB14.

“The typical Floater social strategy includes joining no alliances or joining many but having true loyalty to none. The Floaters goal is to stay out of the way as be seen as a non-threat while the Leaders and the Gamers take themselves out of the game.”

Roisen Dubh

There are 2 definitions for floater. The first one- Jun season 4, she wrote the book on floating. Then there’s the Rachel Reilly definition, someone who wallflowers and is overlooked week by week.


In the early years of Big brother. The house always split in a noticeable way… It was like a distinct line down the house. A Floater was the person for what ever reason was not on either side of the divide. These people where generally the people that the house guests considered No Threat. They would talk and be friends with anyone in power (strangely enough ego’s love to be stroked, even if they where the losers last week) They did not win comps and they did not have the numbers of an alliance. There are floaters that have won HoH’s and everybody floated on over to them. There have been floaters that started in a power alliance but decided to flip the house and never really went back into one of the big Alliances…. I.e. Reagan. They floated under the radar, ergo floater.

Floater has come to mean… sucks at competitions and sleeps all day. Non threat looser. Get them out the will not help your game.

Please Note: A good floater is great for your game. They have no loyalties and they will tell you all of the other sides or the other floaters business. You just have to remember they have no loyalty… none. DO NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING EVERYBODY ELSE ALREADY KNOWS.

To tell the truth, This Season has only one real Floater and that is Frankie. He is old School Floater. If Victoria won HoH he would be team Victoria… Isn’t it great how I have managed to keep you safe so far.


Great explanation!


Victoria’s targets are the big, bad scary men and the “b*&ches” who use her makeup…..hope Amber and Brit decide to play “makeup” on Devin and Caleb just to annoy her!


Devin already uses too much makeup.


Why is Zach always talking about Vic?


I could look at Cody and Caleb all day! Yikes 😀


And I would join you, lol


I can’t with these girls overall. I noticed in the other thread that people were saying Nicole is getting a good edit. And it makes sense because I ended up thinking she wasn’t all that and maybe I was judging her too harshly after watching the show. She even got cuter in a way. I do like Amber just not that she doesn’t have an edge in the game. I sort of get why I hope she can stay longer. I would love to see Christine go out next although I don’t see that happening. I can’t tell with trying to piece everything together but it seems like Donny is somewhat on to Christine on some level. Or even Victoria who is useless. If you are going to not contribute much in regards to be interesting at least don’t be catty like a high school girl. I get why there is something about her that rubs Zach the wrong way.

Michael LB

Boy, did Casting get it wrong with Victoria. I think they expected her to be a strong player but all they got was the basic stereotype.


Do you think Zach is really trying to help Vic in this game?


can’t wait for devin to go home this week! i hope caleb is still a target next week, i want him out.

new to BB 14

Donny and Brittany win HoH next I’m friends with the BB producers and they say its in the script.


Sounds legit.


I want to see Caleb sent home, just for the thrill of a blindside, besides, Devin is a free agent now and anybody could use him for a vote down the road….also, I’ll miss the crazy after Devin leaves, I like that there’s somebody in the house that causes drama for the houseguests just by being himself.


Did Nicole ever talk to Christine about Zach being related to Amanda? If she did then, Team America completed their first mission then didn’t they? It seem’s like using Pao as the source is both good and bad, if Zach get’s mad and it comes back to Donny he can just say well that’s what Pao told me but at the same time everyone else is kinda dismissing it because they think Pao probably just made it up.


Donny has the POV and if he spares Jocasta does this pit Devin against Caleb?


i like Donny. last week i had thought POWPOW was going to be lucky…
i thought Zach was leaving… right now i think Caleb has few worries
but i could be wrong. Donny + POV did the right thing an’ it played into the
game Derrick + Hayden are playing. Jocasta is totally lucky & well timed.
Devin has very few options but this is BIG BRO and anything can happen!!!


Devin’s angry skyrocketing burnout is now turning him
into this season’s version of ego driven Nick from BB-15


I’m confused did Derrick get Pandora’s box pr was he just joking

Reality is not reality

Nicole needs to be in more bikinis.