Big Brother 20 – Winston “Scottie is pissed! Well too bad you little rat!”

POV: ? Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: ?, ? Have Nots ?

8pm Bathroom – Angela and Tyler. Angela – are you going to vulunteer to be a havenot? Tyler – yeah. Angela – I think I will too. Tyler – think you can handle it? Wanna share the saucer? Angela – we’ll see. Tyler – I should, I was in that damn HOH room for two weeks you know. I deserve a havenot. Tyler leaves. Winston – Don’t volunteer for havenots. The next HOH will be next Thursday. Lets try to get them on it. You need to say why don’t the guys’s volunteer. Tyler, JC, Fez, Swaggy. You and all the girls need to say why don’t all the guys do it and then stop back.

8:10pm Bedroom – Kaitlyn, Rockstar and Haleigh. They discuss havenots and how Tyler said he would volunteer because he was HOH for like a thousand years. Haleigh – I really want to do it because I want to measure my food. But if others volunteer then pick from them first. Kaitlyn – I was underestimated by so many people. Haleigh – not by me. Kaitlyn – I know it wasn’t you, do you think I would be saying that to you if I thought you said it? Kaitlyn brings up how she heard that Swaggy said I run my group. They do what I say. Kaitlyn – That makes me sick. No one tells me what to do. Rockstar – here is the secret.. I told Haleigh.. I like people to think that they’re running sh*t because those are the people that end up talking a lot of sh*t. They’re the f**king target. Rockstar – we need to stay loyal to our group.

Storage room. JC & Swaggy. JC – I am not trying to pick sides. Last night I was with Steve .. and I do love Sam. I love her. This morning the only person that I thought was going to tell me honestly was Fez and then out of nothing Steve started walking to me and giving me super dirty looks. I wasn’t talking about game, I was thinking about my own game. I was talking to him and I was pissed. This is not okay for my game. I felt like I had to come clean because at least the first week I want to be as honest as possible. I told Fezzie that I am going to vote him (Steve) out. Swaggy – you were honest. I’m not mad at you at all. You’re fine. You’re good. JC – I just feel bad. I was thinking about voting for him because I like him. But this morning pissed me off. Swaggy – me and Fez are best friends. If you’re close to Fez then you’re good with me. I appreciate your honesty. I’m not pissed at you. JC – I didn’t try to backstab anyone. My strategy is to keep the peace.

8:20pm Kaitlyn and Fez laying in bed with their arms around each other.

8:35pm Kitchen Winston, Kaycee, Angela. Winston – they don’t know who Kaitlyn voted for yet. She is still in the clear, I think. When we were voting she asked she should vote for and I said vote Steve out. So she knows we’re with her. Kaycee – doesn’t she know that they were throwing her name around. Winston – lets just fly under the radar. Kaycee – Its huge if she knows we will keep her safe till be get all of them out. Angela – even if she wanted to go back over there, she doesn’t have the numbers. Kaycee – no, we’re good. Let them fall apart.

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8:50pm Scottie and Bayleigh. Bayleigh – my message to Steve was joking and saying that if you’re on the outside then the bros did you dirty and did not vote for you. It doesn’t help any of us for Steve to be gone. Scottie – that’s what I am trying to figure out, who would it help. Bayleigh – I am freaking out. If we’re on the same page .. we knew for a fact that if we didn’t have the strength in numbers this would be a sh*t show. So why would you f**k up the numbers that we had. Bayleigh – I know for a fact that she didn’t want to win this HOH. Scottie – when you said they told Tyler, I actually thought that he went to haleigh before Kaitlyn. Bayleigh – well Tyler and I talked and he said Haleigh is cool but I don’t want a showmance. Scottie – she is flirty with every guy. I don’t trust her. Bayleigh – she flirts with Brett, Fez and Tyler.. she is good on all angles. Scottie – I don’t like it. Bayleigh – what are you going to do about it? Moving forward we can’t trust the votes now. Scottie – I can’t confirm its her but I’m just going to keep my eye on her. I think it is her.

9:05pm Kaitlyn gets her HOH room. All the house guests pile into the room. They all look at her photos and HOH basket.

Katilyn reads her HOH letter:
“Hi Kaitlyn, Hi Pretty Girl!
If you’re reading this letter congratulations on becoming HOH. We love you and miss you but don’t come home too soon. I hope you have figured out a place to sit back, meditate and re-center yourself. It must be very difficult to not have that, we’re not just here for you in the game but more importantly when you come back to reality. We are proud of you for getting this far. I put in the blanket from the den. I was just thinking of how you would like the smell of home. What news can I bring you. Webber is feeling good. Got his rabies shot the other day and a hair cut. You would be happy to know that Dad left the AC on for Webber. We are having a heat wave and its been high 90’s for days. We went to the beach of course. We are having the patio redone. They are supposed to start mid July but who knows. Rider was born and he small cute and mellow. I went to the ___ but and wanted to talk about you but was reminded its not about you. I am going down to Tampa for a bridal shower, should be nice. (Kaitlyn – what the f**K is this.) We are going to a concert in Bethel Woods .. should be fun. Anyway, once again congrats on winning HOH. We are so proud of you. xoxo Mom”

9:30pm – 9:36pm Brett and Winston. Winston – Scottie is pissed! Well too bad you little rat! I will never trust that kid. Not a chance. I love it dude. We’re in a good spot this week. Brett – he made a promise to keep someone here. Winston – I told you that Kaitlyn came up to me in the hallway right there and asked who should I vote for. Rachel joins them. Brett – Fez and Swaggy made a deal with Steve. Then they don’t take Steve off the block .. then Steve goes home. Who does it look bad on? Winston – right right. Brett – so all you have to say is we committed to Steve staying .. it must have been someone over there. Do not ever admit that you voted for Steve to leave. Avoid the conversation. Rachel – bottom line .. who is she going to put up? Brett – they think right now that faggy .. Swaggie and Fezzie think that I used a power and that’s how it happened. That’s what they told Tyler. Winston – they think they still have Kaitlyn. Brett – Kaitlyn still thinks I have the power… all I said there are bigger powers in play.

9:54pm Swaggy & Scottie. Swaggy – Rockstar approached me and said she wanted to vote Steve out because she thought it was going to be a 14 – 0 vote. Or a 13 – 1 vote. I told her that is too risky because if its 7 – 6 then it would be 7 – 6 for them. He idea was if it was unanimous when he was staying that Angela was that one vote… when it was really her. That was her mindset. Scottie – oh .. that’s way over thinking it. Swaggy – I told her not to go through with it. That’s why Fez thinks its Rockstar. Kaitlyn has been with both sides. Scottie – Rockstar also hasn’t looked at me since. Swaggy – I feel like she did it. We’re safe this week lets not ruffle any feathers this week. Kaitlyn’s idea was to put up Brett and Angela. Scottie – apparently bros told Kaitlyn that they had the power. Swaggy – Tyler thinks they have the power to nullify a vote.

10:35pm HOH room – Swaggy, Rockstar, Haleigh, Bayleigh.
Bayleigh – here’s the thing if you put two of their powerhouse people up.. Swaggy – one of them has to go home. Bayleigh – the whole group is going to be shaken. Swaggy – they can play this bad guys sh*t all they want. Bayleigh – they’re the mean people now. Swaggy – let them do it. Let America give us power. Lets f**k em up! Bayleigh – also I think Kaycee has her own mind. At the end of the day Kaycee will do what she wants. Winston is already starting to crack. Rockstar – yeah he looks like a Vietnam vet. Haliegh – we need to get one of them out this week. Bayleigh – how are we going to convince Kaitlyn to do that? Swaggy – it can’t be from me or Fez .. well Fez could do it. Haleigh – I don’t think we should do it. Bayleigh – I think we let her do what she wants to do. We don’t have a choice but to support her. Rockstar – I don’t know why they’re being such.. Haliegh – f**king losers! Fez joins them. They speculate on who had the power. They talk about whether or not Sam had it. Fez – if she did have it that’s amazing.. she was cleaning and sh*t. If I knew I was safe I wouldn’t have been. Rockstar – it was Brett for sure that had it.

11:05pm Bedroom. Sam and Rachel. Sam asks who flipped and voted for her to stay. Sam – looking at the table it was Winston, Brett, Kaycee, JC, you and Angela. Rockstar – MMMmmHHh. Sam – there was one other person do you know who? Rachel – Kaitlyn. Sam – that makes me really happy. She told me that she was. That was so close! Rachel – that took some work. Sam – if you ever see me around any of them .. trust me. I am not talking to them about anything important. Rachel – they don’t know this side of you like me and Angela do. Sam – now they will. So the guys are Winston & Brett? I have to get over the fact that I am the ugliest girl in the house. Rachel – stop, you are not. Big Brother switches the feeds.

11:15pm – 12am HOH room. Bayleight, Tyler, Swaggy, Rockstar, Scottie, Haleigh. They talk about the power being used or not. Swaggy – I heard Sam say to Rachel – well he’s got to use it now. Scottie – when do we get the next one? (App store power / punishment) They comment on how it was Thursday last week and will likely be tomorrow. Kaitlyn joins them. Kaitlyn – I have decided whoever doesn’t come up and snuggle me in the morning is getting evicted.
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Allies Mom

Winston and his group seem awfully sure Kaitlyn is on their side but it seems like she is still with her group minus Swaggy and Bayleigh. She is so clueless she could split the groups without realizing it. It’s going to be a fun week.


I would love for her to make a big move and put up Saggy and Fessy. Saggy has turned a lot of people off with his anointing himself King of the house. I don’t want Fessy to go. If he teams with someone else, I’m rooting for him to go far. But I’m rooting for Tyler to win.


Yes! Vote for Swaggy to get the crap power!


Remember, it is about who is trending. So if you put Swaggy’s name down when voting he will trend. SO the people you want to get the crap app are people no one is putting down. I voted Scottie for everything. Figured he would be a good person to let get a power.


I don’t see Kaitlyn putting Fes on the block. Swaggy and bayleigh…maybe. Maybe Swaggy and Scottie. We will have to wait and see.
I know Angela has been her target for a long time now. I picked Angela for all my votes to try to help keep her safe. Go Level 6!
I think Angela is at risk this week.


Hayleigh, Bayleigh & company are acting like its their HOH. All of them were in the room before Kaitlyn even moved in, watching the TVs, and counting their #s. I didn’t think I’d be rooting for Level 6, but this other group keeps giving me reasons to do exactly that.


I read on one site that the power of the “bonus life” can only be used before eviction. It actually says it should be used AFTER eviction. I’m thinking the challenge they must complete to get back in the game is fairly easy. I also hopes it”s not used until week four, especially if one of our favorites is in danger of leaving. Then Sam doesn’t have a say in who gets to challenge to come back. It’s automatic after fourth eviction. Of course Sam would probably use it on her alliance in the third week if necessary. I like Sam, Tyler, Winston (yes Winston), Angela and Hayleigh. The only one I don’t like is Saggy and to a much lesser extent, Rockstar.


Swaggy and bayleigh first ones to worry about Tyler.
Someone’s thinking. Good for them.


During the eviction show, right after Julie announced Steve got evicted, there was an unintended camerashot for half a second of what I assume was / would have been Sam’s competition.
Did anyone catch that?


Thanks for the head’s up. I’ll have to rewatch to check that out.


I think this is the best season in a while. I love Taylor. He was not an arrogant power hungry HOH like most people. He also did not demand everybody vote like he wanted them too. I hope kaitlyn follows his lead.