Tyler – I love seeing the same people vote the wrong side.. makes me so happy


POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

Big Brother Spoilers Still looking like Winston going home but we need to hear some Sam conversations.

1:52pm Kitchen JC, Angela and Sam

JC says his organs are too big for his body complains that he can’t have a flat stomach.
Sam mentions the way these people talk about their looks and how they look make her nervous about what they say about her.

2:08pm Brett’s getting a workout in

2:14pm Kaitlyn and Fes

FEs asks if anyone has his name in his mouth.
KAiltyn says no . Fes is worried thinks that’s weird. Says everyone its talking about everyone else.
Kaitlyn tells him not to get paranoid his time will come..

3:35pm Tyler and a bro
Winston asks him if Scottie has said who he wants out. Tyler hasn’t heard, “he’s doing that to me on purpose”
Tyler about Sam – you know how she told Kailtyn she has the power
t – like after Kailtyn voted.
Tyler explains told Kailtyn last minute to get her to flip “I think the power is going to be used this week and the people that voted Sam are the pool of people that will go up instantly and there’s a revote”
Tyler – now the whole house .. that whole side told Sam that they know she has the power and they know what the power was.. and they’re all saying it’s that
Tyler – but that is not the exact power, that’s how you know Kailtyn has been telling all of them
T – and what’s f*ed about that is that they threatened Sam like that and said we know you have the power.
Tyler adds if Sam uses the power this week she’ll have that entire side come after her, “I don’t think she can use it this week”
Winston – I don’t think she should
Tyler – Kaitlyn f* up that whole thing
Winston – we have to get her out
Tyler – She’s got to get her a$$ out of here
Winston – next week we gotta deal with it
Tyler says he can’t put Kailtyn up one of them have to.
They agree that Kailtyn will cause a lot of Drama and people will target her.
They want one of the girls on their side to win the HOH
Winston says people are playing too fast in this game, “it’s a chess match”
Winston says she’s had a conversation with Kaitlyn where they talked him using her name as a backdoor to Scottie. It’s the second week he was up and she put him up week 2 so he’s going to try whatever he can to stay. He adds that they are cool now.
Tyler tells him to keep working people “if there’s anyone you have to feed bullsh1t to do it, Don’t even feel bad.
Winston – I’m going to have one on ones with everybody..
They talk about the potential for a battle back..

2:47pm Haleigh reads the book

2:48pm Kaitlyn sucked onto Scottie

2:47pm Kaycee and Tyler
KAycee says something is up with Sam she needs to relax, “She’s got a stink a$$ attitude”
Tyler – I know
K – I can’t deal with it
T – when did you start noticing it
K – today when she was doing the dishes.. she has this attitude it’s so annoying like relax
Tyler says the last time she was like this she freaked out in the HOH. HE thinks Sam is irritated that everyone found out about her power.
KAycee gets it.
Tyler mentions that Sam wouldn’t tell him who told her they knew what the power was, “what would I do with that information”
Kaycee what?
Tyler explains when he she was in the bathroom someone approached her and told her the entire house knows she has the power and knows what it is.
They suspect it was Bayleigh
Tyler – She thinks she’s so close to Scottie but Scottie came to me and told me what Kaitlyn told him, and he wont talk to Sam about it
Tyler – I don’t understand why she trusts Scottie so much.. her first intuition is to trust Scottie.. she will not let that go even though he voted her out
Tyler says the one good thing is everyone thinks the power expires this week but it’s next week.
Tyler says Kailtyn and the entire other side is trying to Keep Winston.
They talk about Bayleigh being the random vote this week and she’ll vote Brett to stay. It’ll cause Chaos in the other group.
Kaycee mentions Rockstar trying to start an all girls alliance with Sam but never talked to Rachel and her.
Tyler – do you ever approach Sam and say hey can we talk
Kaycee has but not for awhile
JC joins them.. “he girls am I interrupting.. I’m sorry”
Jc agrees with them that they have to keep Brett.
Kaycee says Brett and KAiltyn don’t talk anymore.
JC says they have to make sure those two stay apart.
Tyler says it’ll take 10 seconds for Kailtyn to change her mind on Brett.
JC – she’s a f***g b1tch .. she went to him right after crying after she literally said out there.. I’m never talking to him again he has to come apologize to me.. 5 seconds..
Jaycee – she cried to Winston to that night
They talk about how shocked Kaitlyn will be on Thursday.
Tyler – I love seeing the same people vote the wrong side.. makes me so happy
They laugh about the other side..

3:12pm Haleigh and Kaitlyn
Haleigh tells her that JC told ROCKSTAR in his sleep he had the power.

3:18pm Rockstar and Scottie
RS doesn’t think Sam will use the power, “maybe since she thinks everybody knows.. ”
Scottie – one second she wanted me to use her as the pawn the next she’s freaking out
RS – she got her power week one because she was a Robot? so I guess that could be.. that makes sense she’s not related to anybody.
Rockstar – She has a power, JC has a power and Kailtyn has a power.
RS – all of them are wildcards..
RS says Kailtyn is on her own “F*ed up agenda”
RS – I always figured we’re the underdogs.. we really really are
RS – JC has sworn up and down he will only use the power on himself.. I wasn’t going to put JC up
Scottie mentions after that big blow up Kaitlyn won’t use her power on Brett. They talk about the HOH on Thursday. Scottie points out it’s taking them a whole extra day to set it up. (last year I believe it was endurance and Jessica won it)

3:43pm Scottie and Tyler..
Scottie says they know where two of the powers are.
Tyler – BRett and Sam
Scottie – wait Brett has one
T – I don’t know
S – the two we know are Sam and JC
T – ohh Sam and JC yes..
S – do yo know which way you are going yet with your vote
T – I told Kailtyn I would Vote whoever she wants me vote out
S – she made it sound like you were voting Brett out
T – that’s what she’s leaning towards but she hasn’t given me like a for sure.. I wanted to see where you head is at.
S – I don’t care, Everyone comes up and tells me Brett
T – Everyone seems to be playing the middle thing with me so far.. pros and cons… I’ve been trying to get a feel with JC and KAycee.. those type of people
S – I think Angela, Rachel and Kaycee want to vote Winston out and everyone beside them wants Brett.
T – is that fine for you
S – that works for me
T – have you been trying to clear things up with Winston..
S – they legit won’t talk to me

Scottie – there’s a bunch of people coming up here says Sam is wigging out..
Scottie says he’s not able to talk to her anymore.
Tyler – I was getting the same vibe down in the kitchen.. I don’t see why she would use her power.. it wouldn’t be beneficial.. we got to sit her down and say it won’t be beneficial.
S – she legit doesn’t want to talk
Tyler asks him if he trusts Haleigh, Rocsktar, Bayeligh and all them.
Scottie- enough to get you and me to jury..
T – they feel ok about me.. I haven’t been up here with all them..
S – I would say after the swaggy eviction no.. you’re in the neutral to slightly positive but barely
Scottie – depending on how this Eviction goes and this HOH I would say I had a very successful HOH
T – I really don’t thin Brett and Winston have a power..
S – it’s 50/50 some people are convinced some people are like there’s no way

3:57pm-4:@1pm JC and Scottie
SCottie – we’re all just waiting to get to Thursday

4:25pm Bayleigh and Haleigh
Bayleigh mentions talking to Tyler where he told her the side have been drawn and she doesn’t have a side.
Haleigh – he’s either stupid or really smart, can’t decide
Bayleigh thinks he’s smart.
They call him a snake in teh grass.
B – how are we going to get him out
H – backdoor him
B – against who
H – Rachel..
H counts: Me, you, Rockstar.
Bayleigh doesn’t think their side they will want Rachel up
Haleigh says she will put up Rachel and Angela Veto used Tyler goes up .

5:29pm Angela and Scottie
Angela is talking about getting floor tickets a Lakers games. She sat beside Heidi Klum once. Scottie asks her about red flags for her and guys. Angela says a guy that is too close or too estranged from their mom is a problem. “It’s a happy medium”
Angela talks about how great Fes is now that Swaggy is gone, “he’s awesome”
Scottie is agreeing says he’s gotten closer to Fes and
Angela goes on about how great Fes is now. He’s so genuine, funny, cute.. etc..
They talk about Nascar..
SCottie lists off all the Nascar events he’s been to. Angela says the one time she sat down to watch it with her dad it was the NASCAR where Dale Earnhardt dies.
Scottie – wow that is quite a introduction

While this conversation is going on there’s past season Big Brother chit chat going on in the geometry room.

5:55pm in the geometry room..
Kailtyn – even yesterday.. when Brett did his speech he made a really personal attack on like thing I like deal with it didn’t matter what happened I had people come up to me individually come up to me saying like you handled that really well..
Kailtyn – he was making fun of the clairvoyant part of my life.. when he was like I have a vision it wasn’t funny and it was not something I chose to have.. (zomg)

6:45pm Kaitlyn went up to BRett to talk to him. Saying that she was hurt he was suggesting they put her up becuase she was on Brett’s team.
Brett says there was a lot of people involved and he was the only one that got yelled at in the kitchen
Kaitlyn – what do you mean the only one I though it was a conversation between you and Scottie. .
Kaitlyn starts to whimper says the person she knows the best in the house hasn’t spoken to her in the last 24 hours.. it’s the weirdest feeling man..
Kaitlyn – When you are so sure you have this connection like you know someone then that happens.. it’s just so weird..
Kaitlyn – forgiveness is in my blood I never want to be in the situation where this game is over and I never see you.. that’s strange I don’t want that..
Brett says what she heard wasn’t completely accurate or inaccurate. Brett says he heard that she was campgaining against hime says he was pissed and that was his reactions.

Brett – I’m upset because I listened to a pattern of words instead of my gut
K – intuition
Brett is going to start listening to his intuition – “moving forward that is how I\’m changing my game”
Brett apologizes for not speaking up when people were telling him she was campaigning against her.
Brett – if you want to keep your sanity you got to go with your gut
Kaitlyn – I already have.. I don’t know now you view me .. if you do go home on Thursday …
kaitlyn wants to know who was in Brett’s ear..
Kaitlyn cries wants to know who it is because they are going next because that person damaged their connection.
Brett swears their friendship was real to him.
K – your gut was telling you
B – my gut was telling me you weren’t saying those things (Campaigning against him)
Kailtyn tells him she’s an “Empath” as she explains how when she meets people she gets into deep friendship.
Brett said when he said vision in his speech he was trying to get Scottie to laugh it wasn’t a dig on her super powers.

7:32pm Kaitlyn and Brett
K – Am i hot.. (temperature wise)
K – I’m shaking what is going on.. what am I trying to be told
K – what is going on right now.. I’m breaking a fever I don’t know what is happening. something is up..
K – All lot of people will base a decision on who they will have a good summer with that’s one thing the girls keep saying

7:24pm Rachel and Angela
Rachel still me and you right
Angela – to the end..
Angela brings up Sam coming up to her and saying the two of them are working together. Angela doesn’t know if that is her trying to make a final two or is she just saying she’s with us. Angela adds that SAm said the same thing to BRett.
Rachel – do you think Scottie will put me up
Angela – no..
Rachel – I thin he would put RBett and KAitlyn up
Angela thinks their side have a good pull with Scottie.
Rachel says next week BRett wants to get out Fess
Angela – why.. Fes can be manipulated Scottie can’t
Rachel adds that Brett wants to put Rockstar up as a pawn and backdoor Fes
Angela wants to get Rockstar out because she’s after Angela “personally”
Angela – I don’t know why she’s got it out for me personally
Rachel – she can’t connect to you .. I knew she didn’t like me

They pinky swear final swear final 2 they call each other the Vixens.
Rachel says that this never happens in Big Brother where the two “beautiful” girls team up usually they take each other out.
Now they talk about using the other as a pawn further down the game when they feel safe.. “and only let our alliance know it’s a pawn.. obviously”.
Angela – if we known we have the numbers.. it’s still scary
Rachel – it’s still scare. (don’t do that)

Angela says once they get to 6 lets both act like they love Brett.. “you fucki**g b1tch”
Angela – it would tear us apart..

7:35pm Sam and Fes
Sam tells him if Brett stays everyone will keep targeting him over Fes. It’s because Fes is a big guy and people will automatically see him as a physical threat like Brett.
Sam adds that BRett is scarier than fes, “Everybody loves Fessy right.. he’ll take the heat for awhile.. so he should stay and that should keep you save”
Sam – the other way to look at it is Winston is not a threat you can beat him easily..

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I think Sam has been clear with everyone that she couldn’t sleep last night and woke up feeling miserable. Add that to her anxiety over everyone knowing about her power, and I completely understand why she has “shut down” which I do not really consider a shut down, at all. I mean, Sam hasn’t talked game much with anyone this whole time. People knowing about her power is forcing her to talk about game, which she is completely uncomfortable with. She talked with Rockstar earlier about the power and made it clear that she never wanted anything “unfair” in the first place (nice way to handle that, Sam). And I really like that she definitely made Rockstar know that the power expires this week; she’s not using it, so problem solved.


Scottie is a clueless moron. He has zero chance to win this game. I can not stand dude.

The only reason I don’t want him out next is he is so clueless that he is no threat to Angela.

Use the damn power. If for nothing else I would rather see the get back in task rather than 12 more mins of boring week recap on the eviction show.

I’m telling you production doesn’t like all these powers out there and none getting used. They want to give us quality Thursday shows as much as we want them.

I may start watching just the last half of eviction night on CBS like I used to. First 30 mins is boring af.


I’m with ya on not being able to stand Scottie. But, I think you’re wrong about him not being a threat to Angela. Maybe not next week, just cause he can’t be HOH, but all of Level 6, her included, are expendable to him. He’s such a frickin rat!


I understand he isn’t working with Angela. What I’m saying is, him and his group of clowns that want her out couldn’t make a good plan to make a sandwich much less take Angela down. Scottie worries me none.

Bring them on! She will go no where!

HaHa. I know not you JR, but I like to get under the skin of the haters here. I am just trying to figure out if they hate me or Angela more. I’m thinking it’s me BOFL:-P




Your obsession with Angela is a little creepy… She’s just a houseguest like everyone else and definitely not above them lol. But you do you.

Anyway I like the “group of clowns” way better than most of the people on the other side. Hopefully their prevail in the end. (:

And I really don’t get the hate that Scottie gets here. Yea he isn’t playing the best he can, but at least he’s trying and getting a bro out is still better for him. I think he is a genuinely good person and the real loosers are the people who put others down behind keyboards.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Of course they want it used. Why else would they say it will be used on the 4th eviction, no matter what. This is because there is no battle back. Also, they forced powers this season, in the past (Paul’s Season) no one would go for a power.


I wish Sam had a better support team in place. I’m afraid she’ll be the easy target to blame when things go wonky.


Yes, and I think that’s exactly what she is thinking, and expecting.

C'mon, Sam

Sam should be thinking about the numbers at this point in the game. If she uses her power this week, she’ll have Level 6 and maybe JC to support and protect her. If she doesn’t use it and someone like Rockstar or Kaitlyn gets a chance to get back in the game, no one will be on her side. Scotty will be angry she didn’t use it to save Steve, Bayleigh and possibly Hayleigh will be angry she didn’t save Swaggy and everyone in L6 will be angry someone they wanted out had the chance to come back. Use the power, Sam! Save a bro!


I want both bros to stay…I`m in love with them

Haleigh's Melanoma

Maybe if she would stop playing housemom and start playing the game. Use the damn power and quit going around to the other side telling them your plans. Put a little trust in your teammates, none of them have flipped.


I’m starting to be disappointed in Sam. She’s awfully moody…


” Scottie says they know where two of the powers are.
Tyler – Brett and Sam
Scottie – WAIT!! Brett has one?!?!? ” LMAO!!!
Tyler’s playin’ to WIN!!! Master Manipulator & My early Fav to win it all!


OMG RockFace is the most disgusting, both inside and out, houseguest I have ever had the displeasure of watching on Big Brother


Totally agree about Rocksteady


Rockabye Bye


I’m so happy to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t like her. All of Twitter s3m to love her an I’m like huh how??


Frankie Grande will forever hold that title.
However, Rockstar is a close second.

My Take

I said day one I didn’t like Rockstar. Nothing has changed. However the worst of all for me is Raven from last year.


Evel Dick, for sure


My honest impression on where the votes are is that L6 wants to keep Brett and the other side wants to keep Winston. Sam has said she would rather keep Brett, but then today it was mentioned that she drew a dot (random selection) yet, her vote is still an unknown. JC has said he would keep Brett, and he has said he would keep Winston. It just depends on who he is talking to. LOL


I legit do not understand the Angela love? The only comments made are her looks? I’ve seen a whole lotta nothing where gameplay is concerned?? Don’t need to down vote me just explain please!


Only comments made are on her looks? Show me a post the last week where I mentioned her looks. Oh you can’t? Shocker.

She is playing a smooth game. She is influencing the decisions that she needs to. She has calmed a large target on her back earlier in the game. She has been loyal to her alliance and yet built good relationships with others. Should she run around with her hair on fire like Kaitlyn and Winston? Is that good game play to you? She is trying to win the game not please you. Keep that in mind.

It bothers you there is a Team Angela and you don’t like my posts. Why else would you ask “I don’t get the Angela love all you talk about is her looks” Which is 100 false.

Deal with me. Angela and I are going no where!




Don’t believe I mentioned all YOU talked about is her looks so put your hair out please! Thanks for the explanation and you can get off your hind legs now! #WHOAHORSEY


Haha. Don’t mess with the Angel and we good:-)

Did you know she gives 10% of her income every year to charity? True story. Ha

I will have you on #TeamAngela by August. There are viewing parties involved:-)


Angela is taking her time…observing…Silence can be thunder. Then watch out:) Kaycee too:)


Kelly, IMO, Angela realized that her athletic ability was exposed early on and she caught on that perhaps a target was on her because of that (it was) and she decided that for now, it would be better for her to lay low and keep quiet. She has her L6 alliance and she’s content to let others be shields for her, much like Kaycee is. There is a danger in not socializing enough, but I think if she gets wind that she’s being targeted, she can and will turn it back on. I’ve heard her comment that she has had to back off and lay low for a while.


I can see that. She definitely should not lay too low 🙂 I follow several spoiler sites and they hardly mention her! It’s still so early tho we have a whole lotta game left. I honestly like people on both sides. Hated the way the lines were drawn so early. Or not even that, the way the lines fell I guess.


I agree. The lines were drawn so early, and that was Swaggy’s doing. He talked smack about Angela immediately after the first comp and kept throwing her name around as he built his alliance. Angela had already built a bond with Bay, but then Swaggy divided that. As Angela kept hearing her name, she knew she had to lay low. I like her a lot and feel like she will be a strong contender in the coming weeks. Kaycee, too!

Haleigh's Melanoma

She might also feel a little chastened after BB spanked her and Rachel for comments about their tropical tans.


Angela is very Kardashian


So if the next HoH comp is the wall Angie’s got that locked down. She’ll be stuck on that wall for ages…

Is that mean?


JC (as much as I hate to say) may have the best advantage if it is a tilting wall. He is small and has the lowest center of gravity. I DO NOT want to see him win as HOH. He would make everyone confused and crazy. Maybe it will be something to hang off of while you get slapped around. That would be funnier.


I was referring to Angie getting stuck on the climbing wall…


Oops…so sorry!


It’s fine, it’s hard to get snarky sarcasm to translate to the written word and I don’t use emojis


i think jc is intending to throw comps this early in the summer so i wouldn’t worry about him becoming hoh.


I was responding to Kelly and said:

Haha Don’t mess with The Angel and we good. Are you aware she loves to paint and is a great artist? True story.

I will have you on #TeamAngela by August. There are viewing parties involved:-)

Simon the info in the other post that you zapped is not private finacial information of Angela’s. Not sure why you zapped it. That is public knowledge. I would never post anyones private info here and for sure not hers.

Ms. Taz

Is Tyler and Kaycee working together? It seems he tells her a lot of stuff that he doesn’t tell other ppl.

Btw, I love your site. Been a BB fan since 2001 and found your sight in 2011.. good job guys


I agree Simon about Kaycee and Tyler they might be the actual true bros in the game. They seem to talk to each other like they have known each other for awhile. Been watching big brother live feeds for many seasons and they seem to talk to each other in a tone that is very authentic. Been following you and Dawg since BB 14 love the site and tell all my friends they watch the show to at least read your updates and they love it

BB Fan

I may have missed if this question was asked before but does Sam’s power a competition and CHANCE to renter the house maybe mean a comp with previously evicted house guests?


no, since there would have been a comp in place if Sam had gotten evicted week 1.
Seems to me like an individual challenge. BB remains vague so they can “adapt” its difficulty to whether they want the person to come back or not. 😉


No, Steve and Swaggy went home. Swaggy has already been posting on social media

Houka Inumuta

Scottie is awesome. He’s totality playing Tyler. Last night he even made Tyler a target. He’s so brave. One of the bros are going out because of him. For Sure Scottie is gonna win. If he doesn’t which I doubt I vote for him to win America’s fav. Scottie FTW

Lenora Sampson

No way Scottie is a loser.


Tyler and Sam gotta go….


#Sam – Save a bro ….ride a cowboy

Lenora Sampson

Love me some winston and his bro


Winston and Brett were talking about throwing comps and Brett is like “Who the fuck is throwing them?”

Winston is like “Well the true false comp I didn’t really wanna win. I had just come off the block and needed to go off the radar”

Brett looked at him and wanted to say U DUMB A$$!


Somebody save these cats. They are good for the game!

Like Literally

The more I watched Scottie talk with Rockhead in HOH last night, the more I was turned off by him. He fell right into her catty personal attacks. One of them will accidentally hit on something that is true game-wise, then they’ll continue on to several theories that are far from true. No evil genius there. Agreed, I love that the same people keep voting for the wrong person each week, too 🙂 Also, that they can’t figure out who has the power outside of Sam. That is the beauty of being able to keep a secret. I’ve noticed that all the girls in Level 6 are upping their social game but they haven’t let go of ANY legit info. I’d love to see Bay lock into someone she has a chance going some distance with.


If any of them had any sense they should know that the winner of the power is determined by what occurred the previous week. The first week Sam was a lowly robot. America awards her a power. The second week, Tyler got most trending for his great game play and he got the power. The third week, Bayleigh got the pity prize for losing her boyfriend… I mean, how hard is it to figure out people? Take a break from all of the gossiping, spend a few minutes alone, and think about it! I thought for sure that by now at least Tyler would have figured it out.

Douchey C

IMO Rockshit and Scottie are catty little bitches


Sam should use her powe Thrusday. Thsee feeds are boring as Hell. Maybe she afraid to use it But I say It’s big brother. DO IT


How did I get so many down votes in this thread? Haha.

I’m a horrible person

Like Literally

LOL I gave you an up vote. It’s fickle up in here 🙂 Nah, I mostly enjoy reading all the comments.


Simple, you have opinions that don’t align with their opinions.