Tyler “I don’t give a f**k about her jury vote. I don’t give a f**k about her!”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Tyler Have Nots

4:10pm Outside the HOH room. Tyler and JC. Tyler – I am going to do a f**king back-flip at the veto ceremony. JC – do it! JC – she already told Fes that she was trying to get you out because of the thingy. Tyler – when did she tell him? JC – I don’t know. Fes told me last night. She is a really bad player (Bay) because she has all these powers and she goes out. Tyler – She is going f**king home. JC – goodbye! Tyler – I don’t give a f**k about her jury vote. I don’t give a f**k about her! JC – I wanted to give you a hug but I can’t … people have no idea about you and me. Tyler – heard you every time you said something. I can’t wait for some sh*t to happen to you.. because you’re not going anywhere.

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4:10pm HOH room. Kaycee and Bayleigh come up to talk to Angela. They talk about the veto. Angela – I dropped one bar .. you literally can’t make a mistake. Angela – have you talked to Brett. Bay shakes her head no and says – he’s mad. Kaycee – that whole switching sh*t.. Angela – in the heat of the moment I didn’t understand why Scottie wanted 5k over a veto. I was like what the f**k is going on. This makes absolutely no sense. I see Tyler and Scottie talking game down there.. Bay – I was right there and Scottie was like let me have it.. I am not safe either, let me take you down. Tyler was like no I need it. Angela – I saw all that go down and I was like there is something up. Bay – Scottie kept saying this is a backdoor .. he thought this was a backdoor for him so he wanted the veto. Angela – I didn’t know what was in Tyler’s box either. Bay – Since we came back in everyone is in a panic. You can do what you want, but it just sucks if you use it you have to nominate a fourth person. Angela – I don’t know if I made the wrong decision but what’s done is done. Ever since I got HOH I’ve just felt like I have no idea what the f**k is going on. There is still the cancelled vote. I just wanted some of the power this week. They talk about how Rockstar got a fitness punishment that she has to complete. Kaycee talks about how she was to wear a peanut costume for a week. They comment on how JC threw up. Bay – he wasn’t even in the competition?! Kaycee – so you have no idea what you want to do? Angela – no. Kaycee – well you have a day and a half to figure it out. Bay – I need to figure out how to be normal ..everyone is freaking out down there.

4:50pm Havenot room. Angela and Tyler. Angela – when Scottie offered me that .. my gut was like no don’t take it. It worked out perfectly though. Tyler – Scottie wasn’t pissed at me for taking the veto because if he had gotten a punishment he would have been pissed and now he built that trust with you and me. Angela – you need to apologize to Brett. Tyler – Basically Brett and I are shifting. I was the lone wolf and now I am working with you guys and he is the lone wolf. I seriously love you guys so much! We are f**king sh*t up and we are going to the end. I hate them so much. Angela – I hate them. Should I hint toward Brett being the replacement? Talking about Brett and his pouty little attitude. Tyler – that wouldn’t be the worst move. Make sure you talk to Brett fist though. Angela – I want her (Bay) to have no idea it is coming. Tyler – I don’t want her jury vote. I don’t care. Its so perfect that Kaycee played too. God dude we are going to the end. Angela – I know!

Brett talks to Angela in the havenot room. She explains why she took the veto to keep Tyler safe. I freaked out because it was the only way I knew we were secure. I felt really bad that you got that (granny costume). Brett – I don’t even care about that. Angela – it worked out perfectly because now Scottie trusts me. Honestly we don’t need Scotties vote. Brett – we do need his vote. Angela – all we need are 4 votes. We are solid, like Bayleigh is going home. This is great! This is fuel for us. I really thought you were unhappy. I thought I did the right thing at the time. Brett – I just needed you to think I was mad. Angela – I am going to go around saying what a little baby he took Kaycee’s thing and then someone took his so now he is going around pouting. Then I might be like why is he so upset, maybe there is something he isn’t telling us. Do we really know that he isn’t the hacker? Brett – no yeah, that’s perfect. JC’s game is .. he want’s both sides to keep targeting each other so that he is never the target. Brett tells Angela about how Bay made Scottie swear on the bible multiple times. Angela – That is f**ked up! I am going to use that in my speech. Brett – I feel like he got bullied. Angela – I am going to tell Sam that is the stuff she hates! Brett – She is going to lose it! She (Bay) is going to freak the f**k out! Or she will probably go back to her corner.

5:15pm Lounge room. JC, Bay, Haleigh, Fes, Scottie, and Rockstar are playing pictionary with the art wall.

5:40pm Sam and Angela are in the kitchen baking.

6pm Storage room. Tyler and Angela. Tyler – I am worried about Bayleigh’s power. Angela – why? Tyler – maybe she can use it in the veto? Angela – she would have to use it before. Think about how much power that would be? If you have a power you can’t lie about it. Tyler – but she could withhold that she can use it during the veto. Did you talk to Brett? Angela – yes. Tyler – I feel like we might have to do that with Scottie too because what if he goes to Bay and then she uses it (her power). Maybe she can use it during the veto? I was thinking a just in case thing. We make people think that Brett is the hacker. Angela tells Tyler about her conversation with Brett. Tyler – maybe you should say that you’re thinking about backdooring me.. I think that’s a lot easier than pinning it on Brett. Angela agrees. Tyler – ask Bay if she has your back with it. Angela – I’ll have her stay up there Sunday night.

6:20pm – 6:43pm HOH room. Kaycee and Tyler. Kaycee tells Tyler about Bay’s conversation with Angela. Kaycee – I don’t think Bay could use her power during the veto. Tyler – I was thinking Angela should have Bay stay up here one night and then for her to tell Bay that she is thinking about not using the veto so that Bay doesn’t use her power. Tyler, Kaycee and Angela talk about what Bay’s power could be. Angela – either way it doesn’t hurt for me to go to Bay and ask her for advice on what I should do. Tyler – don’t let her say do what ever you want. Make her say what she thinks you should do and then tell her that’s what you’ll do. In my speech I am going to say everything that she’s done. She made Scottie put his hands on the bible. Tyler – Rachel made him do that too. But Scottie is an incredible actor. Kaycee – he goes to improv class. Kaycee – Fes is freaking out. Angela – if he is freaking out that’s good. If he stops freaking out that means she is going to use it.

7pm Kaycee and Angela in the HOH room talking. Angela – Brett said this week is going to be tough.. not only do I have to act like I am in the dumps, alone, you’re going to act like a b***h to me, I’m going to be a grandma.. Kaycee laughs – this is funny. Its funny how we all have our own roles. I love how we can come together and communicate with each other. I love how we can all trust each other. Angela – the only thing I am worried about is if Scottie is as solid as he says he is. He came up here in tears and I don’t think you can fake that. Kaycee – everything is going to work out. Its all going to work out the way you want it to.

Angela – on the production side of things in order to get the message across to America it has to be so straight forward and so black and white because sometimes people aren’t that smart. And so every time you go in the DR they simplify it down so that anyone can understand. If the app was like you can change the nominees.. Big Brother changes the feeds.

7:15pm – 7:30pm Bay, Haleigh and Rockstar. Bay – it would be amazing for the all girls alliance. Haleigh – but she promised Tyler she would take him down. We need to talk to her. Rockstar – she came up to me and said you were never my target. Haleigh – I really don’t think you were. Haleigh – that would be the biggest move if she took you (Rockstar) down and put Scottie up. I am still not convinced that wasn’t planned. Bay – and then they split up Tyler and Scottie. Haleigh – I think she just needs to know that we’re behind her and that we would never f**k with her. Bay – I just want to know what is going on in this house. The most obvious thing is that Scottie and Tyler is a thing. “Skyer” Haleigh – someone is f**king with us. Three flips and we don’t know who they were. I think Scottie and Tyler have a final 2 .. I think that should be brought up. Bay and Haleigh tell Rockstar that she can’t be be sad and defeated . Bay tells Rockstar that she needs to tell Angela that if she takes off Tyler she has no idea what they might do .. if you take me off I will be a number for you.. we have our all girls thing. You need to say those words and nothing else. Do not throw yourself under the bus. The boys will not have your back.


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Yea!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Angela!!!!!!!!!

I think Scottie offered his 5K to Angela if she’d give him the veto. Why would he do that???? Maybe because he’s the hacker. Took himself off the block, made himself play in the veto so he could keep the noms the same & get Tyler out! I know he looks like he’s working with Tyler but he’s said in the past that he would nominate him. I don’t trust Scottie at all.

Well, I guess we’ll see tomorrow nite who the hacker is.

Roll Tide

Has Scottie switched sides? Is he with L6 now?

Botox Pelosi

Who knows. I think he is trying to play both sides.


“Playing both sides” suggests he’s successfully manipulating people, making moves, and influencing everything that happens….Scottie is a floater..


I think Scottie is the hacker. Having gone through this before, when Kaitlyn put him up as a pawn, he knows to expect the unexpected. I think he would have kept noms the same if he won veto, and then make up a story to Tyler as to why he can’t pull him off.


I think you were right on…then fell apart at the end.

I think Scottie could be the hacker and if he is, he’d know Tyler going up would make him the least suspected…since he was coming down and thereby most suspected…but he didn’t want Tyler to go, rather he really wanted to win the veto so they both would be safe or pray that the vote would either be unanimous to keep Tyler or close enough that his vote cancellation would bounce RS


Haleigh is the hacker

JC, you gotta love him

We know that Hayleigh is the hacker. I can’t believe they think Bay can use her power during the veto ceremony. But, I’m out here where I can see everything so I really shouldn’t act like Miss know-it-all (even if I do).


It’s apparently Haleigh (the hacker)

dana mcdermitt

I think Tyler is the hacker. He did this to freak the house out. If the veto was not used on him he still could void a vote so he knows he would have enough votes to stay.

Botox Pelosi

In my opinion if it turns out to be true that Tyler is the hacker than he might become the best Big Brother player of all time.


I absolutely believe Scottie is playing Tyler. Because I believe Scottie knows Tyler is playing him. I believe Tyler wins the battle with him in the end. As far as what I’ve seen of Scottie’s gameplay so far. Tyler wins by a mile.


I’ve actually been impressed with Angela, she’s more strategic than I gave her credit for. She’s always thinking of different angles and thinking ahead.


I hope Kaycee goes soon because if not, she will be dragged to final 2 by whoever is left so they can have the easy win.


I think you’re confusing Sam and Kaycee….

There’s nobody I’d rather sit next to than Ellie Mae and her final speech talking about how she deserves half a million for making prison hooch and catching all sorts of critters

Hive on Fire

Message to Bayleigh-

In the words of N Sync:

Bye Bye Bye


Hey Bay Bay, Hey Bay Bay


People might get offended by the letter N in NSync in this chat


Join the discussion…I think they’ll more offended by you making lame jests about real life serious issues that are affecting many people in our society. But so long a you get a laugh, who cares about that.


Immature ?


You sound stupid


i still want to what test showed this knucklehead 1 pt away from genius , as her parents stated ?

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

This is the BEST season in like forever. I love how the entire house is freaking out and every vote is a blindside. Bye Bitchy Queen Bay

JC, you gotta love him

This will be the BEST BLINDSIDE, BACK DOOR in years. I can’t wait. I really hope fear (of Bay’s power) doesn’t cause them to chicken out. I don’t care much for Hayleigh but I’m impressed she kept her mouth shut about being the hacker.


Bay’s blindside, Chris’ blindside, great season! These two need to get off my TV forever please. Take Rocks with you. Nasty people, ugh.
My take: Fes is endearing, Hay is flirty, Angela is cunning, Tyler is everybody’s confident, Sam is ceeative, Brett is analytical, Kayce is supportive, Scottie is trying to get traction.

Sakura Haruno

I’m so happy that Tyler won the trip to Hawaii!!! I actually read an article back when this cast was announced that he would spend some of the money if he won to take his friends and his mom to Hawaii. Whatever happens at least he can still take that trip to Hawaii. I hope Angela would save Tyler.

Tyler FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok i am confused didn’t tyler have power?

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

He has a power but must be used before noms or POV. He was put on the block by the hacker, his power doesn’t work for that.

King Silva

Poor Bayleigh… So dumb to not use her EXPOSED power asap and now she is going to Jury with it.

It isn’t even like an un-used hidden immunity idol in Survivor where she at least gets a prop to keep she gets nothing but like 6 weeks of wondering what could have been..

Tyler is playing a masterful game. Angela is doing great as well. Kaycee needs to step it up though.

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

JC KC and Sam are playing the game quite well. The house is literally unpredictable and imploding around them and they keep their heads down as the bullets are flying around other targets. I know people dont respect this type of game, but it is quite effective. They are low on the threat totem pole and they dont make a lot of enemies in the jury. Kevin pretty much skated thru season 19. The Alpha strategy can often lead to an early exit. Bye Bay!


Love you name! LMBO! ?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

L-6 is savage and I LOVE it. I didn’t care for the meanness of Rachel’s exit last week; for her and Winston both, they were both sitting next to an alliance member so one of them are going to be a casualty of war. No reason to feel betrayed because they didn’t save an enemy over their alliance member. In this case, it’s all about saving an alliance member. I’m happy not to see the juvenile tactics from the Season that Shall Not Be Named; but the strategy, acting, blind sides, back doors are so AWESOME.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

PS: I didn’t mean Rachel was mean, I meant Angela being mean to Rachel, L6 talking about her like a dog between themselves and not just to the other side to keep up the ruse.

another name

a possible thought:
d/r monkey: hey tyler, do you think it’s a good idea to back door bayleigh? what about her power?
tyler leaves d/r thinking bayleigh can use it during veto, because his can be used before veto.
now they enter hyper over thinking and over plotting mode. on saturday.

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

We talk a lot about Production interference. This is another example. After all the manuevering, bay is going home. Is that the result they really wanted? How would things have turned without all the secret squirrel powers? Rockstar was prolly going to jury. You are taking drama out of the game. Is the game more interesting with Bay or PopRock? What did all the meddling in the game get them???


Did you watch last season? I have no doubt production spent a year figuring out how to ensure that never happens again…so if that means more twists, more power to them. And long term? The harder you make the game to predict, the more likely you get players to be active, rather than simply mimicking their favorite player and being boring, unoriginal, and predictable.

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

The problem with the show in the past was that they kept bringing back veterans. Then all the little sheep would follow the leader and play a predictable game. Just put fresh meat in the game and let them have at it!


Without his glasses, Scottie looks like Alan Alda.


Holding out hope that Angela keeps the noms the same and takes this opportunity to take Tyler out of the game. She is smart, smart enough hopefully to see that she, Kaycee, and Brett are being used as props to hold up the golden boy’s game. None of them have a chance against him in the finals with Bay, Hay, Fes, Scottie, RS, and JC being the jury. They all feel closer to Tyler then to the three of them. However, they do like Angela more then Brett and while they do like Kaycee, she hasn’t done much in the game so far.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

She needs him for a number. She wouldn’t take him out now


If Angela is smart, she will take Tyler out. This is her golden opportunity and it may not come again. I doubt she could win against Tyler at the end. But I don’t want him to go.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

It’s waaaay too soon for that! With Tyler out, the Hive would have 5, L6 would have 3 and JC/Sam are uncommitted, but they ARE committed to Tyler! Best to keep the alliance strong until the odds are much better.


Wow, Angela is playing best game now of all of them.
I’ll say she is going to be the BB20 winner!!


She’s been hiding in plain sight. But she’s a big target.
She could make Final 5.


BB production….see what happens when you don’t put a vet like Paul in the game….you get a good game. Lesson learned.

At some point later this month L6 has to go after each other. Going to be good.


BB 19 cast deserved to be stuck all summer in the house with Paul!!


There was no season 19. There was the celebrity bb after season 18. 19 was just a bad dream that was all in our heads!


The best move would be for angelo to take the strongest player which is little pinky sweet bird
but I’m guessing angelo hate to the other side is bigger than playing a good game LOL
I expect aneglo to be backdoored by sweet pinky bird the same way rachel was excited and expect lot of tears from angelo LOl
too sad!

Hillary's Lies Mattered

The best move is to get the queen and her power app accommodations in the Jury House.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Tyler didn’t put Rachel up, Bayleigh did. L6 had to pick between their 2, so it’s not like he took one of his out and kept a hive. Rachel started to believe everything Bayleigh said and went against Tyler.

Team L6

It’s angela lol

Right on!

Hey Tyler, no need to cuss about Bay. This is just a game. Vote her out ;nothing personal. No need to be nasty . She has a family too.


What about scottie’s Family when bay threatened to hit him if he was lying he fully believes bay is the hacker and put him up I would cuss her name too if I believed that


I used to like Bay, but lately she’s done some pretty crappy things.


So any hardcore BB fans planning to try out, please take note of the Bay, RS, and Haleigh conversation.

If you start an alliance and end up being completely fooled every single eviction, except one, after week 5, you have to realize you’re not in a position of power, that you never were, and your only path forward is ensuring everybody else in your alliance is seen by those not in your alliance as a better target…and if you think you can simply adopt part of the other side and totally ignore everything else, well you’ll be mocked here like we’re all Angela and you’re Rachel.

And take note of Bay, who I’d argue that prior to her HOH was absolutely in the best spot of all those in a weak position, and if you win HOH, don’t go full Donald Trump…you never go full Donald Trump..

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

You were doing good til you made this political


Never ever!


Was that in your best Robert Downey Jr. blackface voice?