POV Results! Tyler “She swore she would use it on me & not put him up.”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Tyler Have Nots

The live feed return from being blocked for the Power of Veto competition.


It was the prizes and punishments competition.
Scottie – won 5K
Tyler – won a trip to Hawaii
Brett – Insta-granny panties costume punishment
Kaycee – Peanut costume punishment
Rockstar – got a fitness workout punishment task that she has to complete

2:35pm Bathroom. Tyler – that was an endurance comp. Scottie you’re not going up, if anything I am going home. And I wasn’t going to take that 5K away. You earned that. Scottie – as long as you and I are good. She asked me a million times if I would pick the five or you. I said we’ve got the numbers. Tyler – I hope you said the five. Scottie – I swear all these people making me swear on the bible are doing me dirty! I am tired of this sh*t and people making me swear on the bible!! Tyler – well don’t let them Scottie. Don’t fu*King let them. Rocktar joins them. Rockstar – neither of you took it (veto) .. that’s a lot of trust. Tyler – this just saved you. Rockstar – she just swore she wasn’t going to use it on you guys. Tyler – she swore she would use it on me and not put him up. This just saved you Rockstar. Scottie – she apparently has some target she is putting up next to you. Rockstar – I think you (Tyler) should have taken it. Tyler – I think so too. Rockstar – that was your safety.

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2:35pm HOH room. Kaycee and Angela. Kaycee – now Scottie has the $5000. Angela – it all would have worked out perfectly. If anything I am mad at myself. I kept this and through away $5000 to keep Tyler safe. Kaycee – it would have happened naturally. Tyler would have taken himself off. And you still had ower to do hat ever you wanted. Now they’ve put so much trust in you, now they probably know its a thing. Angela – no I don’t think so. Kaycee – yes. Brett was like now they know they’re working together. Because he is on the block and he puts so much trust in you. Now they know its a pair. It is what it is. Angela – Scottie was trying to give me $5000. I didn’t know what was going to happen. JC joins them. Angela – why did he want this (veto) so bad. There is no reason. Kaycee – he wants to make sure he doesn’t get backdoored. JC – is the plan still working? Angela – yes.

JC, Angela and Kaycee. JC – the only reason I was saying just keep it, just keep it is because Bayleigh was sitting next to me and being like what the f**k is going on? So I was just like keep it. Kaycee – they were thinking that you wanted to keep it the same. JC – I don’t understand why Brett is so pissed? Kaycee – he is pissed because now it looks like you and Tyler are … because he is on the block and he is putting so much trust in you to keep the veto. JC – it wasn’t a good move. Angela – how was I supposed to know. Socttie was trying to take this for 5k.. does that not look sketchy to you? JC – no yeah. I want to put that word out there so that it doesn’t look sketchy. I got it. Angela – how am I supposed to put all this things together in my head. JC – yeah there was no time to think. The other side is now freaking out. Fes thinks he is going to be backdoored. JC – the only thing that I am concerned about … I completely trust you that you’re going to use the veto and that we’re sticking to the plan. No mentioning anything to Bayleigh. (The plan is to backdoor Bayleigh) Angela – I just announced out loud that I would take him (Tyler) done and now if I don’t no one will trust me. Kaycee – its okay. Angela – Tyler was going to take it and use the veto anyways. I just didn’t want the granny panties. Kaycee – the house is probably thinking WOW Tyler really trusts Angela on some real stuff. We should all have the same story. Angela – I saw Tyler and Scottie talking. Scottie was throwing 5K to me to take the veto. I figured sh*t was about to go down. I did everything in my power to keep the veto. Tyler pulled out the granny panties and I promised him safety so that I didn’t have to get the granny panties. Angela – I have been very public that I thought Tyler and Scottie are working together. Kaycee – this is exactly what we wanted.

Brett – It doesn’t make any sense why he wouldn’t take it. The veto is the only way to guarantee your safety. I have no idea where Scottie is in this f**king game. Fes – who do you think won the hacker? Brett – I have no f**king idea. At least you didn’t get the insta-granny. God Dammit, I am so sick of getting d**ked in this game. I am so F**king pissed off.

HOH room. Angela, Tyler and Scottie. Angela – I’m sorry I just wanted the veto. Tyler – its okay we trust you. Angela – you’re (Tyler) coming down and you’re (Scottie) not going up. I told you that and I have been loyal to my word and I am not going break it. Tyler – there are people making him (Scottie) swear on the bible. That he did do something or didn’t do something in the past and its f**ked up. THAT’s F**KED UP! Angela – WHAT?! ARE you f**king kidding me? Angela goes in to hug Scottie.

3pm Scottie – that’s why I couldn’t throw someone under the bus when you asked me. Scottie starts crying. Angela – that’s f**ked up. Tyler – this is the most trustworthy dude on the face of the earth right here. Angela – Scottie you know I have your back. Scottie – I trust you. Angela – they’re doing it because they’re scared of you. Scottie – well one of them is gone. Tyler – and its the same one that made me swear on my Dad. And that’s why she had to go. Scottie – no that wasn’t mine. Tyler – Rachel? Scottie nods. Tyler – he was never going to go was he? Angela – you were always a pawn. With the hacker app I didn’t want to put up people that I wanted to go. Tyler – moving forward you’ve got both of us. Angela – I never trusted them. Tyler – they’re going to get what they deserve Scottie. Angela – Justice will be served. Angela – Scottie did you ever think that I was going to back door you? Scottie – someone said it was an option. Angela – well whoever told you that is not someone you should trust. I would never do that. Whatever game is going on .. on their side it is shady as f**k. Angela – its really sucks when you feel like you can’t trust anyone. Just so everyone knows I have not decided who the replacement would be. Everyone better start campaigning. So right now we are the only safe people in the house.

Bedroom – JC, Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar. JC – I told Sam to shut up. I feel bad. Right now I am going crazy because i don’t know what is going on. Haleigh – this has to be some sort of backdoor plan. She just promised the first person that she put up (Scottie) that she wouldn’t put them up again and promised the other person she would take them down. JC – F**K F**K F**K I don’t think she will backdoor me. Worst case if she puts you (Fes) up them we will figure it out. Haleigh – and if he is the target they will cancel one person that will vote for him. She is not putting Brett up. Haleigh – we have a few days to figure it out.

Brett- why not hold up a sign that says we’re working together. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The only way to guarantee your safety is to win the veto. JC – I told them that Tyler is f**king stupid. Lets just stick to the plan. Right now we’re not up and we don’t need them to see us mad. Brett – both of them. For Scottie and Tyler that was a stupid move. The only reason why Scottie is safe is because the hacker took him off. JC – you need to calm down. Brett – I am calm .. that’s why I am sitting in this room. I always get d**ked in this game. Do you think that Bayleigh is stupid. She is going to piece that together about Tyler. Bayleigh already doesn’t trust Tyler.

3:22pm Havenot room. Brett and Scottie. Brett – I was really surprised that you did not take the veto. Scottie – normally when people promise me something they flinch a little .. I looked in her (Angela) eyes and they were still. That is the most trust I’ve felt and Tyler said take it. I told him that I was going to win it and take him off .. then we’re both safe. Brett – I think you’re probably fine. I don’t know about myself though. I just don’t understand what the f**k just happened.

3:20pm HOH room. Angela and Haleigh. Haleigh – you have everyone tripping out down there. Angela explains why she took the veto.

3:33pm Havenot room. Brett and Tyler. Brett – it is going to be really awkward when she goes up. Brett – we’re going to backdoor her (Bayleigh). Tyler – once she is gone Fes will latch onto you. Brett – its going to be really awkward when she goes up. Tyler – she is going to flip out!

JC – Bayleigh is freaking out! Tyler – f**k her! JC – freaking out! Tyler – f**k her.

4:04pm Bathroom. Fas and Rockstar. Fes – She promised Scottie safety and then Socttie swore on the bible to you that he would go after you. Bay – no he didn’t. He swore he didn’t flip. Fes – oh. Bay – He said he would put up one of the three girls.

4pm Storage room. Kaycee and Sam. Sam is wrapping Kaycee’s foot. Sam – I’m a doctor. Kaycee – they’re all freaking out because they’re worried they might go up. Sam – well eventually they’ll all go up. Kaycee heads to the lounge room and talks with Bayleigh. Bay – I didn’t understand why she was begging him not to take it. Kaycee – she (Angela) is frustrated with this hacker thing .. and how all her power was taken away. I think she just wanted all the power. Bay – well the hacker is still going to steel a vote.

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Bye bitch

Bayleigh is headed to jury.

Hive on Fire

Say hi to Swaggy for us.

Botox Pelosi

Time for some regicide. Goodbye Queen Bay.


Well, Angela better put her big girl pants on and decide. Will she take Tyler down and put up Bayleigh? (OMG that would be awesome) Or will she chicken out and put up Scottie?


Angela has big pants. Bye Bye Queen B!!


Bay is truly a Queen. She didn’t realize that tyrants get executed. Perhaps if she just had that one extra IQ point her reign would not have come to a bloody end. Rest in peace 8/9/2018.


Hahaha, everything about your comment is perfect!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL Angela, give the people what they want! Put her up! Put her up! People, just remember how nasty she’s been to even her own team members the last couple of weeks. She was savage to Rocks the other night, and I’m by no means a Rock fan. (I LOVE this season!)


Now Bay is going and her power goes too…I kinda wanted to see it used though.


YES!!!! I’m happy that Tyler will be staying. I’m also happy for Scottie that he won the $5K. I’m probably in the minority here, but I actually like Scottie. He actually has a brain. Buh-bye Queen Bay.


Scottie for the win, love him.


Not only do I love Scottie. I think he’s the hottest guy in the house….he’s very handsome

who me?

He’s one of the few that I do like


Scottie’s gotten a bad wrap from a few houseguests and unfortunately got stuck with Bayleigh et. al.

Finally a good season

Bayleighs app really is a backdoor app…I cannot wait until POV ceremony and what’s to follow


I wonder if production will let the app be given to another player if she gets evicted… since production likes to keep their hands in everything I could see it happening!

3s a Crowd

Not if she had kept it secret


Tyler is hopefully safe that’s all that matters.

I heart Tyler in a mom sort of way

Season 20 is awesome! The best in years!


OMG was rockface really in the room with hay, fuzzball, jc and Bay when they were talkin about what they’re gonna do if fuzzball is the target? (ie. cancelling votes etc) Cause if so…that’s hysterical. She must have been like, “thanks yall, so yall are sending me outta here then?” HAHAHA Hy-ster-ical!

Kaitlyn’s Spirit Guide

This is shaping up to be a really great season. I don’t have a favorite per say, but I definitely am enjoying watching Bay and Hay fall apart. Bye Bay, enjoy your stay in Jury.


For sure my favorite season

Smelling Nasty Rocksocks

Girl byeeee Bay!

Fly Agaric

Did Angela get Scottie to vote how she wanted?

I’m sooo confused

Saw on Twitter “fouttehivehotmess” lol

Baby bird

Why does Brett have his granny panties all in a bunch?


If anyone is thinking about trying the live feeds, now would be the time. You get one week free, and I’m thinking this coming week is going to be BB gold! (Use the link above to support this site.)


Did it last night !! Preparing for a great week !!!

Hive on Fire

And Tyler comes out smelling like a rose again. That boy has a lot of game.


Simin or Dawg why is Brett mad?

Bruiser Brody

Dawg, I thought this is ALL an act by Brett. To make the other side think he is mad. At least that’s what I’m hearing from BB twitter

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

True, but the Hive is actually too stupid to put together that Angela / Tyler / Scottie just exposed to everyone that they’re working together. Tyler will simply go to the other side and make up something that will “confuse” the Hive.


It’s scary to think Rockstar is the only one with half a brain in that group.


The funny thing is if the Hive had any sense, it should be OBVIOUS that side is together and trying to pull in Scottie lol

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think even they are shocked that their alliance is still any kind of a secret, and it wouldn’t be between players with half a brain cell between them. At this point they are just still rolling with it. I’m thinking now they might get Scottie to vote with L6 because they tried to force him to swear his allegiance on the Bible. Taylor set Kaitlyn straight quick when she tried to get him to swear on his father’s grave. Bay is so flip floppy and bossy, she’d be one he might vote against. I want to see Bay stomp her butt out of the house being her real self on live TV. #SuckitSwaggy #QueenofNObody

another name

chances Scottie is snowing them to get information: 60-70%
chances anyone believes Brett is a lone island: 10-20% Yarnhead would never buy it, she thinks he is personally responsible for global warming being a demon and all.
chances Tyler would get any more intel from the hive anymore anyway: 10%
chances the hacker is/was keeping their identity secret until after veto if successful but will stay anonymous if unsuccessful: 100%
chances JC will take credit for everything no matter what the outcome: also 100%
chances Fes will say what happened: what’s bigger than 100%?

Hive on Fire

Someone just dropped a deuce on the hive.

Aunt Najeeba

Clean up on aisle 2 por favor.


BRett needs to calm down. The Hives are dumb and can’t put 30×60 to equal 1800. Angela just uses the veto on Tyler, say he was never my target but he was the hackers so I’m taking him down but since the hacker didn’t like my choice with Scottie I’ll try another so Bayleigh your up!

Kid Rock

All of you Bayeligh haters will eat crow cause she ain’t going nowhere…..

Hive on Fire

She deserves Swaggy. Queenie is toast.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

…did Swaggy make this comment?!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Kid Rock…. are you one of Rockstar’s kids???

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Pretty cocky that Queen Bay would not use her power with L6 in control! If she had, there would be at least one L6 OTB, and one vote down!

That’s like going home with the Immunity Idol in your pocket!

3s a Crowd

Hmmmm this would have been fun. I still think Bay goes home, but it’s CLOSE. Bay uses power to nom Ty+Brett. Hacker keeps noms the same. Angela wins veto, takes Brett down replaces with Bay. Hacker cancels Brett’s vote. Hay, Fes & Rock vote to evict Ty. Kaycee, JC & Sam vote to evict Bay. Scottie is the swing vote. What does he do??

Tyler's a Jedi Master

Can we all just admit that Tyler’s the best-player-ever. He wins (takes) the trip to Hawaii and has his alliance take the punishments and take him off the block. lol


I agree but can’t say that until he wins it all. Then he will be the greatest BB player ever

Tyler's a Jedi Master

Can we all just admit that Tyler’s the best-player-of all time. He wins (takes) the trip to Hawaii, his alliance takes the punishments and they take him off the block. LOL

another name

it’s Saturday. who knows what will happen by Monday, and who knows what will happen by Thursday.
Scottie has become Angela’s poor wounded baby bird. unless that veto comp got really contentious, i’m thinking it’s about as genuine as Tyler’s act last week.
After each eviction… the people running around like headless chickens are blaming the other headless chickens, while the people sitting back aren’t being questioned. The fact that the hive doesn’t comprehend this…. wow.
I still hate the hack comp twist. i’ll still hate it next week.
Bayleigh is making an error by going on about four people being nominated in one week. Angela presumably didn’t make one of the nominations, and can easily claim she is resetting because she’s offended someone tried to usurp her hoh. perfect reason to take Tyler down, it doesn’t show they are working together if stated this way… it shows she’s a control freak. lol.
Did I miss the part where Fes sat down… looked up… and said, “what happened?”

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Yes, Bay…”the hacker is still going to steel a vote.” But there will still be at least 4 votes against you! That’s enough to send you out the door!


Having JC on the block would be a great week. JC will go nuts. It will be fun to watch


What’s with Bays nose. She keeps snorting like she’s full of gigantic boogers. It’s disgusting somebody get her tissue so she can blow her damn nose.


I think her parents should have gotten her nose fixed a long time ago. Gross!


Lmao so Angela let tyler win a trip and took veto instead if having him pull himself off his mist is amazing


im I the only person worried that now level 6 is going to steamroll the rest of this season, if that happens then the season would just start to suck and it wont be as exciting part of the reason ts so good is because the power keeps switching from side to side


No, because there’s levels of friendships within the L6 and watching all those smart players maneuver for the win will be terrific. Let’s face it, Fes/RS/Hay are not that interesting and not playing well at all. We’ll wind up with the most intelligent players plus Sam and it will be a great finale. Maybe the best ever.

Aunt Najeeba

L6 aka 5 will have to start playing BB and turn on each other like jackels.

Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire