RockStar “We feel like we could all trust and loyalty to each other.”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Tyler Have Nots

7:15pm Storage room. Scottie and Tyler. Tyler – as far as I know its only me, you and Angela that know what’s going to happen. I don’t want anyone else knowing because if it gets back to her. Scottie – I’ve just been saying I hope she stays true to her pinky promise. Tyler – I’ve been saying I hope she stays true to it. Scottie – people are panicking. Brett is freaking out. I made sure she pinky promised because I know that Sam is all about the pinky promise. Tyler – If she does find out we’re telling people that would be enough to .. I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page. Tyler – what if Bay isn’t the hacker.. Scottie and Tyler agree they feel good. Scottie and Tyler laugh about how they took money and prizes even though he is on the block. Scottie – worst case if people do start seeing it (Tyler and Scottie working together) we just point out that our votes have never matched .. because they haven’t. Scottie laughs — We need to separate these two.. they never vote together. You know how they say that Derrick and Cody are the best pair to play the game.. we are the worst.

7:52pm Bathroom. JC, Tyler and Rockstar. Rockstar puts on her veto shorts. JC tells her to face the camera and “make it clap”. Rockstar – no.

8pm Bayleigh, Angela and Haleigh workout outside the HOH room door.
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8:23pm When the feeds come back being blocked – Kaycee has her “Health Nut” peanut costume on. Every time they a certain song she has to dance around and sing along. She says she has to sleep with it on and carry the dumbbells around with her.

8:32pm Hammock. Rockstar and Kaycee. Rockstar – we were talking about the three of us (Rockstar, Bay and Haleigh) and the two of you (Angela & Kaycee) working together. They we would have five and be able to control everything. We need to filter up to the HOH room to talk about it. Kaycee – sounds good let me know. Rockstar – me, Haleigh and Bay have a very good trust and loyalty with each other and you and Angela have good trust and loyalty with each other .. and we feel like we could all trust and loyalty to each other. (LOL?)

Angela and Bay are running laps back and forth in the backyard. Bay – we need to all have a meeting. Angela – all the girls? Bay – yeah.

9pm Fes, Brett and JC continue playing corn hole.

9:16pm Outside the HOH room. Kaycee tells Angela about her conversation with Rockstar in the hammock. Kaycee about Rockstar – what makes you think you can just come up to me and do this? What should I do? Angela – tell her we’ll meet. Its good though, it shows they’re scared. We need to tell Tyler. You come to me because I have all the power. We can be like yeah lets decide who we want to go for and make plan. Kaycee – its about to get messy! I’ve got your back. Angela – then in the veto ceremony I can say that you guys came to me to make an alliance only after I was in power. The HOH room opens up so they head inside. Angela – why would you approach someone after the veto… that’s the worst time. How does that make any sense. They must be really scrambling because none of them feel safe. Lets definitely question it before we say anything. Kaycee – they really think we were born yesterday.

9:25pm Sam tries to catch a bat. JC – why? What are you going to do with it? Sam – just look at it. I’ve done it before.

9:27pm – 9:50pm HOH room. Bayleigh joins Kaycee and Angela. Bay – here is what I am thinking. I wanted to talk to you before because I don’t want to promise Rockstar anything. I just want to talk amongst friends. I am under the impression you want to make a big move.. take Rockstar off, put Scottie up and a boy goes home. And a big competitor and then me saying that gives us a four person chance to win the next HOH. If the person that ends up staying wins HOH, then we can just change the noms. Angela – my question to you is if I think I am going up would you be willing to change the noms to save me if I do this for you? Bay – this is what I am struggling with .. I want this to happen.. and to me in my head I am like absolutely. Everyone knows I have the app. If that is what we are going to do .. I am worried that I will go up on the block and then the girls that I think have my back don’t .. then I am going to be pissed. You’re taking a big risk by possibly doing this .. and I trust you completely .. I just need to make sure everything is solid. Depending on which one goes home… if Scottie stays he could win the hacker comp. Angela – I have their trust right now .. is there a way to get them with us? Bay – I am comfortable discussing everything with you two but I don’t want it getting out. Angela – do you think there is any change Scottie has an app? Bay – They got it the second week. My app lasted a long time. Angela – the two people that I want to put up could have an app… that’s what I’m scared about. I want to make the decision to get the least blood on my hands. Bay – we know that Syler is a real thing. Angela – and that’s a problem for me. Bay keeps asking Kaycee what her thoughts are? Kaycee spaces out and says sorry I am so tired. Angela – I am all for all girls but if I am going to jump into it .. we need a set plan. Bay – I think we have a solid group of girls that can keep their mouths shut and move forward.

9:50pm Rockstar comes out of the diary room wearing her Jessie’s Food & Fitness Program. When Jessie Goderz comes over the PA he will direct her to cook something and do something fitness related. Jessie announces that he wants Rockstar to make a smoothie and run laps in the backyard. Rockstar follows the recipe to make her smoothie.

10:18pm Rockstar starts doing the laps in the backyard. Sam does it with her. JC – you’re shaking so many things right now!

10:24pm Kitchen. Angela and Sam. Angela – I will tell you when I make up my mind but I haven’t made up my mind what I am going to do because there are two people in my ear. When I do come to a conclusion of what I am going to do I will let you know. Sam – I felt like everything was okay and then everything is not okay. Angela – everything between me and you is okay. You and I will always be okay. You will never go on the block if I am HOH. Sam – I thought we were friends like that. I feel like all the girls are trying to do something behind my back. Angela – they are trying to. Sam – and you don’t want to? Angela – I feel like I am being pinned against people. Its hard for me to explain because I don’t want your feelings to get hurt. Sam – but they will eventually. Angela – people are trying to exculded you .. all the girls from different groups have come to me trying to get me to work with them. And that’s what that was .. I want everyone to feel safe right now. They were trying to start back up something that didn’t work before. Sam – ah okay. Angela – just know the girls don’t have your back. Sam – even Kaycee? Angela – she and I do. The people that voted with you have our back. These girls came to me after I won the veto and they must think I’m stupid. Sam – if you ever don’t want me here just tell me. Angela – what no! Never! Sam – I care about you. Angela – I care about you too.

10:35pm – 10:43pmJessie comes over the PA to tell Rockstar to make carrot cake cupcakes and do curls the entire time they bake. Rocstar starts baking..

Backyard. Brett and Fes. Brett – the two guys on the block come off .. where the f**k does that add up!? Fes – I don’t know what the f**k is going to happen on Monday. Brett – Like I said I am on an island and no one believe me. Fes – I’ve come in here playing an honest game and they’ve rearranged their game knowing that I am always going to be there. Fes – this is still a long a$$ week, there are still powers and the hacker app. Brett talks about how he doesn’t understand how Tyler didn’t take the veto. I was .. like .. ahh dude! I was so f**king mad! You just made the dumbest move. It doesn’t even add up! Fes – they’ve got pinky promise Brett! Makes f**king sense to me! Brett – do I need to make a pinky promise with you?? Fes – If I am on the blcok I am taking the pinky promise every time!! Brett – and then I come in and everyone acts like I am crazy?!

10:48pm Bay and Haliegh. Bay tells Haleigh about the conversation that she had with Angela and Kaycee. My suggestion is we all have a conversation tonight. Haleigh – did you approach a five person? Bay nods. Haleigh – how did that go? Not well? Bay – it was fine. That’s the problem. There are no guarantees if she does it. She feels safe if I save her, but if I save her I am screwed. Haleigh – just say you’ll save her and if Fes wins… your power expired. Bay – she knows my power didn’t expire. Rachel told her. Haleigh – f**King Rachel. She’s not even here and she’s f**king things up.

11:18pm – 11:44pm HOH room Bay and Angela. Angela tells Bay about how Sam feels so out of the loop and uncomfortable. Haleigh joins them. Angela tells Haleigh about how Sam feels left out. Haleigh – do you think she would be willing to work with anyone. Bay – would she keep a secret? Haleigh – I need someone to ride with. I am looking for that. I thought the girl thing would work. We just started too early. Haleigh and Bay tells Angela they will support her. Bay leaves. Haleigh tells Angela – I feel very isolated and scared in this game. If you did want to change the noms ..Scottie would be the easiest one.

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Can’t wait to watch the veto comp play out on TV.

Botox Pelosi

It will be epic.


Oh my gosh, these HIVE girls are clueless (except maybe Haleigh). I can’t wait to see the sh*t storm once Bayleigh is on the block. It’s going to be glorious.


Haleigh is just as clueless.


If ahe is realy the hacker and picked kaycee for veto!
She is very clueless


How can you dislike this!?
You are just trols


I’d like to send a special shirt, similar to a Swaggy shirt, to certain people in the house. You know who you are. It would say ” BOOGER PICKER” in big green letters. It is to remind you that it is a disgusting habit, you are on camera 24/7, and don’t do it. As dumb as some of these people are, it still wouldn’t work!

Guy From Canada

Watch bbcan2, people got humility shirts, I pick my nose, I touch myself, I expose myself etc ha ha


Dawg or Simon do either of you know why everyone is so sure Hayleigh has the hacker app? I see everyone saying she has it but I don’t see any dialogue of her talking about having it.


The twitter user goes by the name Vegas and apparently works for the production staff and leaks things occasionally with 100% accuracy


They also correctly announced the Veto comp too. They seem to be 100% on their spoilers.


Ok but the hacker comp its not something anyone saw and the winner didnt dance around or talk about it even to himself


But the twitter person WOULD have seen it bc he’s on the production staff or somehow involved. Has been very reliable before. Also, I think Hay is the only one who’d put Tyler up. Prob picked Kaycee to play just to avoid suspicion and bc KC never wins anything.


She also made a comment in the last update when talking with the group about fessie on the block about which vote they will cancel out.


JC – F**K F**K F**K I don’t think she will backdoor me. Worst case if she puts you (Fes) up them we will figure it out. Haleigh – and if he is the target they will cancel one person that will vote for him. She is not putting Brett up. Haleigh – we have a few days to figure it out.

She may have been talking about the other side cancelling a vote of theirs but i can’t really tell.


I still call BULLS#*T on Haleigh winning the Hacker competition. Haleigh has not done a dang thing this entire game except get massages from Brett and string along Fessie (geez, I’m starting to sound like Sam. LOL). There is no way that she suddenly won a competition that nobody gets to watch and then gets the biggest advantage ever given in the 20-season history of Big Brother. Nope. No way. Team Production won the Hacker Comp and handed it to Haleigh.


Of all people, why in the hell would they give it to Haleigh? She’s done nothing and she’s not even one of the most popular people in the house.


Oh yes, the trusty “a houseguest I don’t care for won a competition, therefore, production rigged it” argument…… that old chestnut. Having proven her popularity by her receipt of the crap-app, I’m sure production is falling all over themselves to rig wins for Haleigh.

If you want to learn about the actual “biggest advantage ever given in the 20-season history of Big Brother,” look up Season 11’s Coup ‘d Etat — because this Hacker weaksauce pales in comparison. It caused the sitting HOH to go on such a disorderly rampage that she was immediately kicked off the show.

Smitten Kitten

YES, Skinner!
Chima having a full fledged meltdown & throwing her mic in the jacuzzi due to Jeff’s Coup d’Etat was epic!
I remember seeing it happen live & watching Chima progressively breakdown was creepy… her eyes changed from franticly out of control to dark & dead like a sociopath.

That’s when you know an advantage has done its job – when the HOH is kicked out of the house!

The hacker advantage is paltry & tired and it certainly doesn’t rank anywhere NEAR the best advantage in 20 seasons.
It’s only real significance has been to shine a big, bright, glaring light on production & their lack of creativity, imagination & originality.

I expected a lot more than the hacker advantage for season 20
(I know, I know, the season isn’t over yet, but this hacker BS was an idea that should have been passed on, especially for an anniversary season).


other than choosing veto players it looks like the hacker thing won’t even impact the game. total waste unless it’s production’s solution down the line to adding a week now that kaitlyn couldn’t solve an 8-piece puzzle.


It does seem odd, but Haleigh is a student. Also it sounds like the comp was a word based challenge (perhaps picking letters out of a scrambled group of letters) to form BB words. She told Angela or Fessy she plays some word game with her Mom all the time. Haleigh has also been throwing comps since she was never truly in jeopardy (other than Sam’s win) with clear targets in front of her.

I think it’s far more likely she lucked into winning this comp than the powers that be (TPTB) helping her win a comp when they know she specifically would target the little lamb (read: BB20’s golden goose).


This doesn’t make sense… if production was giving it to someone, they would want a really popular player to get it (Tyler) or at least someone who’d stir up drama, they’d never give it to Haleigh.


Ok, did I not see Haleigh win the hacker comp? I could have sworn she had the most correct words and then it showed her smiling and turning circles.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Those fools once again are pushing the all girls alliance only when they are in a position of weakness. Not when Queen Bay was HOH… then they threw Rachel on the block & threatened Angela as replacement. So is Rocknut going to clomp up there in her Veto booty bottoms and sell the package??? Bay is scurrred.


I’m so confused with all these stupid apps. I know Angela won POV and is going to save Tyler, but can Bayleigh go up? Or can she only use her power app prior to the HOH nominations but not prior to POV?


Bay’s app can only be used for initial nominations. She has no control over post veto nominations or the hacker’s replacement nomination. Bay can be put up as the replacement nominee if the veto is used. This app is good until they get to final 8.

The hacker can take down and replace one person on the block during the first nominations. The hacker chooses one veto player. The hacker can take away one houseguest’s vote. The hacker can be put on the block if the veto is used.

Tyler’s app allows himself safety one time. If he thinks he will be put on the block during nominations or at the veto ceremony, he can choose to save himself. It has to be used before the nomination. I think his app lasts about as long as Bay’s.


Can go and will go.


I’m just so flabbergasted by how stupid people have been this season. We as the audience get to see everything that happens, but its mind blowing how for 5 weeks straight fouetté (or whatever) have been oblivious. Who is in your alliance, who do you see hanging out all the time, why and how is the info only traveling in one direction, and if none of those help you figure out stuff, then you apply the rule of not trusting anyone and playing by ear. Everyone this season talks too much (except Tyler). Also if you ever want to know for sure who’s playing with or against you, as an HOH you don’t tell ppl your noms, you ask ppl who your noms should be. That will reveal to you every time the most valuable piece of info about everyone in the house.

Instead now all you hear is, “i don’t want anymore blood on my hands”, or “i want to show everyone i’m here to play”. And what is up with all the Ego-trips going on????

and the over producing/scripting for DR is killing my brain cells


I’m not sure I’ve seen a season where the other side of the house collectively has been so out of the loop


I think like 2/3 of the cast this year were recruited instead of auditions. They literally do not know how to play Big Brother so think that staying with your team is what you are supposed to do. After all, Swaggy told them to on the first day.

The exception on that side seems to be Scottie, who does watch the show. But the pretty people hate him for some reason so it’s The Hive or nothing. You can tell that he’s a smart guy and I’m kind of starting to dislike Sam and JC for not working with him more.


The house is generally pretty full of recruits. When people talk about being recruited, it doesn’t mean they were just sitting around doing nothing, it means they were trying all sorts of avenues to get into something. Big Brother folks approached them and reeled them in is all. I believe Natalie was trying for the Bachelor, the twins from season 17 were supposed to be on some bag girls type show, Austin was a wrestler, Cody was a model, Ariana’s brother was a leech, and others were DJs, or other social media types looking to get paid to exist.

This season just has more folks looking to take a proactive path instead of waiting for production to tell them what to do.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s FOUTE – which stands for “F####d Over Until The End”).




LOL I love yours better but let me add to it some, just to make their other T work. F**ked over until this thing ends.


Hahaha. Hayleigh picked the vote she’s canceling !! Too funny.

Obama Spied on Trump

Rockstar – “we were talking about the three of us (Rockstar, Bay and Haleigh) and the two of you (Angela & Kaycee) working together.”

Good Grief!!! How in the world could the Hive think that Angela and KC are in a 2 person alliance and not tied into 2 other players plus the floaters? Do you remember the vote? What do you have to offer them now that you are weak and on life support? You are engaging them after veto when you have nothing to offer! You are toast. Plus its disloyal that you would dump Fes and Scottie at the first sign of trouble. I smell desperation.

Obama Spied on Trump

I gotta watch the extended interview with Bay when she is gone. I gotta find out what the girl was thinking and some of these moves. Unfortunately Julie Chen’s interviews suck. She does not get into strategy much. i get the feeling julie does not follow much of the game. Prolly gets a script right before the show. the only thing she pays attention to is the votes.


Julie is a lot better than she used to be. Plus production is probably talking to her earpiece telling her what to say and not say the whole time.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Will people who end up in the Jury House be interviewed by Julie? Her hosting skills are waning. She stumbles over her words alot and part of the awkward Rachel interview was Julie’s fault. A skilled host knows how to get people to talk instead of one word answers. But she sleeps with the boss so what are ya gonna do.


i Loved her interview with Rachel. She gave her a minute to be in shock and pressed her to talk eventually. I like that she didn’t try to coddle her too much. She tried to get the raw emotion out of her first.
Your comment about her personal life is a little hack and a little insulting.
I highly doubt Julie is using her marriage to remain host of a second rate half scripted summer reality show. If anything she is doing her husband a favor by doing it.

Botox Pelosi

I agree with you. Cut Julie some slack. It must be hard to go on national television when you husband is running around acting like Charle Sheen at a cheerleader camp.

Obama Spied on Trump

I think she does the show because it gets her out of the house, so her husband can hit on the interns.

Oh no you dont

No slack for Julie. She’s been all in on the metoo# stuff, saying all women should be believed……But now that her husband is accused shes 100% standing by her man. She is a hypocrite.. I know its got to be a tough time but the same is true for everyone else whos been accused/affected and she has been rigid in her responses until now.
Julie is a hypocrite.

Obama Spied on Trump

No longer
Apparently a lot of people are sleeping with her “husband”.

Kaitlyn’s Spirit Guide

How in the world does Bay, Hay and Rocks think there is STILL an all girls alliance? How can they be so dumb? Every week they’re confused as to what’s happened when they’re blindsided and yet every week they repeat the same plans, the same ideas and think they have a solid alliance.

Not a Rockstar fan

Thank you for that. It made me laugh. They have so much ego in that group and remember that according to her father, Bayleigh is practically a genius. My favorite part of Thursday’s episodes are watching Bayleigh and Rockstars faces. Priceless.


bayleigh may be book-smart, but she definitely lacks social intelligence.


I know Angela wants to put up Bayleigh, but these girls with the all girls except Sam is BS. Really Bayleigh, Angie can’t even run 9 laps in the yard. Sam was on that tree and not coming down! Sam got Cray Cray out but let’s keep Angie over Sam????? Please get Bayleigh out, I’m tired of “people getting on her nerves” her nose crap and high horse BS

Please Angela put her up!


My one problem with the Level 6 side is just that. Their egos have gotten inflated because of how easily they’ve manipulated the other side. Primarily Tyler and JC.


I don’t think their egos are inflated in a negative way. I think they are excited that their strategy is working. They deserve to be proud of what they are achieving. It’s all about playing BB.


I think they are shocked it’s working as well as it is considering they’ve been on the losing of HoH’s for several weeks. They are probably thinking they should be totally screwed at this point. Tyler may have skipped the veto just to see if they can put anything together when Bayleigh goes out the door.

I can see Haleigh and Angie comforting Tyler on Thursday because he lost another close ally…


i don’t think jc’s ego is inflated as a result of gameplay, he’s just naturally that type of person. i don’t find tyler’s ego that inflated either, he seems to be keeping it together fairly well. only one whose ego i think is inflated is brett. brett’s going to have a rough time winning this game the way he treats the other side of the house and jc’s also in for a rough fall when L6 no longer needs him as a number (he would have gone last week if bay had used him as a pawn as she almost did).


She will. Gonna be the best eviction ever!


I hope so, Bayleigh was ok but she’s rubbing wrong BIG time

Team Tyler

Please let it be a blindside!!!


Bayleigh’s new all girl alliance (except Sam) pitch to Angela & Kaycee — Nobody says I’m the leader and do what I say. Everybody contributes and we agree on something. That way, all of us can agree and let’s move forward. Not somebody saying you do this, you do that.

Whaaaaat? Does anyone really believe Queen Bay is going to share her throne? Ms. Bossy is always gonna boss. Just saying…


If Angela actually agrees to this all-girl alliance and turns her back on L6 (right as Haleigh & Bayleigh just told Fes and are protecting him), then Angela’s decision will replace Bay telling Rachel about her Power App as the dumbest move of the season.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Bless their hearts! “I want someone I can ride…. I mean ride with till the end.” Ang & KC are already riding to the end with 2 guys and it’s working now for how many weeks. All girls alliance proposed, but they are including Fez???? “Bro, I’m just straight with you. My thing is…. Bay, what’s my thing again?”


At this stage, I think it’s pretty clear, Tyler and Scottie could easily make it to final 2.


scottie’s going to need some help to get there, but the other side of the house cutting him loose does him a ton of favors as they all put themselves as higher on the target list than him and should still be focusing on brett, angela, kaycee (and tyler if they figure it out). i think this situation may move scottie into better standing with tyler than jc.


Ok girls so now you admit to the hoh that you 3 have a strong bond. Its just add another reason for bailey to be put up next to rockstar. Angela should use that.

another name

as haleigh and bayleigh are bullet pointing their plan to angela and haleigh says kaitlyn and tyler got along so well because he’s easily manipulated…. i really have to wonder how angela isn’t laughing. I wouldn’t be able to do it.


I really wish Angela would tell bay the only way I will commit to this all girls thing is if you are willing to lose faysal this week just to see what bay would say

Smitten Kitten

It would be awesome if Angela told Fez to hide behind the door in the HOH bathroom & then had that conversation, not only with Bayleigh but with Hayleigh too! Busted.

I can see it now…. at first Bay & Hay would vehemently try to deny that they’d ever go through with a plan to vote out Fez & theyd try & convince him that were just making broken promises to Angela & of course, Haleigh out of the blue would remember that she’s indeed attracted to Fez again (and start hanging all over him once again, just like Sam said)

But soon there after…

The pressure & paranoia would get the best of Hay/Bay & fingers would be pointed, secrets revealed, lies about the other would be told, they’d turn on each other almost immediately & the Hive would implode.
Then Bay/Hay/RS would start scrambling for allies in the same “too little-too late fashion that they’ve shown during Angela’s reign (what special brand of arrogant imbecile tries to negotiate with the HOH only AFTER the veto competition is played & you have absolutely nothing to offer??).

It’s like Level 6 are shooting fish in a barrel… the hive is SO dang dim-witted.
If this keeps up, Angela, Tyler, Brett, Kaycee (and hopefully Scottie) could just sit back & cruise to the final 5.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Fes just said told Haliegh Angela is a ‘butterface’. It will be interesting to hear him say that in falsetto when Angela tears his balls off.


So is Angela seriously considering the bs Bay and Hay are feeding her? I really hope not. I hope she isn’t throwing away a solid and loyal alliance with L6/Sam/JC for a maybe alliance with Bay/Hay/RS and now apparently Fes.


Nah – Angela isn’t buying this for a second. She’s gathering as much intel as possible to use against Bay in her POV speech and to use against Fes/Hal next week.

Angela already told Sam about the proposed female group which they excluded Sam from, and laughed with Kaycee about the audacity of the trio only coming to do this AFTER the POV was played and won by Angela.

Plus, there is a commonality of the L6 group (except KC) they all enjoy the dramatic moments. Queue Angela’s goodbye message to Rachel. She’s amped to deliver the killer Bay re-nom POV speech with full affect. I think Angela might enjoy this stuff even more than Brett. She’s plotting to have Bay sleep upstairs with her tonight, has been dropping #BackdoorBayleigh all week and reveling in discussing it with L4.

Angela has repeatedly remarked how annoyed she is by JC b/c he thinks she’s stupid. So, once Fes delivers his speech to her about being hot and this being the best move in BB history it will only make her more excited to do the POV speech and gain the notoriety sure to come with it from Bay’s jaw hitting the ground, Fes curling up in a fetal ball and Hal realizing Bay will turn over every stone until she outs who the hacker is!


I don’t think she’s that stupid! She can be pretty AND smart!


I truly enjoyed watching Bay and Hay spreading Angels butt cheeks and blowing smoke up her a$$. And the Angel keeps a straight face. I know I couldn’t do it, I’d have been laughing and knowing me, I’d cut them a new one. Looking forward to seeing Bay’s face on Wednesday and Thursday. Glad I record them so I can replay the moments when I need a good laugh.

F2 – T & A .


Let’s hope that Rocks penalty week smoothies and jogging helps her drop a few lb’s. Watching her try to do the 1/4 mile without stopping several times, she’s in worse shape than me, but I’m more than twice her age. As she was running away from the camera, her “saddlebags” looked like two large water balloons. Not very healthy.

Watching her in the kitchen, looks like she doesn’t spend much time in one at home.


I don’t like Rocks. BUT to be fair, she DID have a baby 6 months or so ago. Guys just don’t realize what creating another human does to a woman’s body. This punishment is a good thing for her. I hope she continues with it.


You’re a jerk. So being overweight is a sin in your book. Try having 3 kids and keeping that svelte body of yours! I am not a Rock Star fan but that was just rude.


“Sam tries to catch a bat. JC – why? What are you going to do with it? Sam – just look at it. I’ve done it before.”

Has there ever been a more ideal final 2 partner than Ellie Mae Sam…just picture here speech: “Hey ya’ll, just want to remind you I was everybody’s ally…except all you nasty little wh*res…and I caught all sorts of critters to play with, made you prison hooch, so give me half a million and I can start my business of…wait for it…becoming a taxidermist furniture maker…that’s right, I’m going to turn all the roadkill I find into end and coffee tables. And I promise each of you a discount. 5% at least.”


yeah, sam is perfect to take to the end as she’s just not making the connections necessary to earn jury votes at all. i imagine tyler intends to turn on his alliance to go to the end with sam around final 5 or 6.


Angela: Will you use the Ap to save me? Bay: Blather blither change the subject blither and well, I want it for myself but otherwise let’s rumble. Oh, and I’m throwing one of my oldest team mates away so don’t tell RS anything. But you can trust me.

These people are comedic gold.


Man if Scottie only knew how these girls were throwing him under the bus…