Tyler “Don’t tell Haleigh that I’m against Kaitlyn yet.”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

6:40pm Bedroom. Haleigh, Rockstar and Bayleigh. Haleigh tells Rockstar and Bay about JC’s plan for how Haleigh should stay on the block and for Fes to not use the veto so that no one else from their alliance will go up as the replacement. Haleigh – its a risk. Its such a risk. Every single eviction we’ve thought we’ve had the number and then someone flipped. Rcokstar agrees. Haleigh – I want her (Kaitlyn) out, I don’t want to accidentally go out. Haleigh – we have all day tomorrow to figure it out. Bay – at the end of the day Kaitlyn is sneaky but she has always been looking out for Fes. So have you, you’ve both had his back. Scottie joins them. Haleigh – I wished you played in that veto. Scottie – well you picked the right person, he won. Haliegh – it was hard. Scottie – He made it look easy.

Outside the HOH rom. Kaitlyn and Tyler. Kaitlyn – he is going to use it on me. He has to use it. Tyler – I don’t want you or Haleigh to go. I will talk to him. Tyler – I think he knows he has to use it on you. Kaitlyn – why was he so upset about it? I know its a sketchy situation.

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6:50pm Storage room. Tyler and JC. JC – she (Kaitlyn) needs to go. Tyler – Fes looked her in the eye and promised her. JC – I talked to Fes and he said that he is going to vote for Haleigh to stay… But Haleigh doesnt think that you are going to vote for her. Tyler – I’ll let Haleigh know I will keep her especially if the votes are there. JC – I told Haleigh I would campaign to keep her. I’m going to try to get Fes to not use it. Tyler – don’t campaign too hard or Kaitlyn will find out. If he uses the veto then Rockstar will go up as the replacement. And I need Rockstar here. JC – Kaitlyn is going around winning sh*t. She has to go home this week. Tyler – don’t tell her (Haleigh) that I’m against Kaitlyn yet. I’ll talk to Fes too.

7:10pm – 7:35pm Bedroom. Kaitlyn and Fes. Kaitlyn – part of me thinks that JC has one and Kaycee has the other (power app). Kaitlyn – Just be honest did you tell her (Haleigh) you would use the veto on her? Is she (Haleigh) under the impression that you’re going to use the power on her? Fes – she thinks its a possibility that I will. Kaitlyn – and are you? Fes – Kaitlyn you’re my best friend but she’s really close to me too so I have to figure out what’s the best option. The best option is taking you down, putting someone else up or taking her down and putting someone else up. Kaitlyn – I thought I was your number one!? That’s what I really though. Fes – this is why I didn’t want to talk about it right now .. its stressing me out. Kaitlyn – WHOA! Fes – I trust you 100%! I know you’ve got my back. You never talked to me when you sent Swaggy out the front door. Kaitlyn – I apologized for that. Fes – and I accepted your apology but am I not allowed to think stuff. Kaitlyn – of course you can but you shouldn’t have promised me and gotten me to throw it to you. I could have won. Fes – I don’t even want to play this damn game anymore. Kaitlyn – this wouldn’t be difficult if you didn’t promise both of us the same thing. Fes – I didn’t, I’m just close to both of you. Kaitlyn – Tyler knows what I did for you to win. Fes – you didn’t throw it. Kaitlyn – YES I F**kING DID! We had a conversation literally five minutes before .. do you not remember that conversation!? Fes – you answered the last question correct Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – I really don’t think I did. I need you to look at me in the face right now and tell me you are using it on me. Fes – I am not doing that. I told you I don’t want talk about this right now. Fes – You sent Swaggy home and now I don’t have my partner here to win sh*t. Kaitlyn points to herself. Kaitlyn – if you don’t save me .. they’re (Rockstar, Bay) sending me home. If you don’t save me, I am going home. Kaitlyn – right before the veto you shook my hand and promised me. Fes – you cornered me. Kaitlyn – I cornered you?! And now its all changed? Fes – I am telling you straight up I don’t know! Kaitlyn – I am asking to go home. I can’t do this.. Kaitlyn goes to the DR and takes off her mic.

7:55pm – 8pm Bay and Fes outside the HOH room. Fes – I will make the right decision. Just trust me. I have done nothing for you to not trust me. Bay – I just don’t want you to get hurt in the process. Fes – no matter what I do I will hurt someone. Bay – it doesn’t have to. This sucks. Fes – What does Rockstar say? Bay – it doesn’t matter because she wants Brett to go up. I don’t think Kaitlyn has your best interest in mind. Fes – does Haleigh. I don’t think she does either. If I’m being honest. If Haleigh had your best interest I don’t think she would be flirting around the house. If Kaitlyn had your best interest she wouldn’t be running around talking sh*t. So I don’t think either one of them do. Do I think they both love and care about you… absolutely. I have never once questioned that. But I believe that if Kaitlyn had to choose between you and Tyler she would choose Tyler. She told me she would in the bathroom. (After hearing that there is no way Fes will use the veto on Kaitlyn. Expect Kaitlyn to go bat sh*t crazy when Fes confronts Kaitlyn about this. ) That’s what I mean, you don’t see it. It honestly doesn’t matter. What are your options? Fes – Sam is a wild card. She’s not in an alliance. Bay – yes she is. With Tyler and Scottie. Fes – where do you get that information from. Bay – all three of them have told me.

8:10pm Bedroom. Fes and Haleigh. Fes – did Kaitlyn get the lastq question right?! Haleigh – yes. Fes – she told me she would throw it to me. Haleigh – if she is sitting up there she is going home. Are you okay with that? Fes – I’m not okay with you going home. I don’t know sh*t about this game. I’m going to win all the vetos and you do the rest .. that’s what I told you. I said when you’re on the block I will get you off the block. Haleigh – she (Kaitlyn) is not someone you can trust in this game. She tells you what you want to hear. She sent Swaggy home. I have had several people come up to me and say that no matter who I am up against. But each vote hasn’t gone the way we thought it would. Fes – don’t tell anyone I am taking you off the block Haleigh. Haleigh – I haven’t. Fes – bottom line I am taking you off the block so be happy. Haleigh – when you won I wanted to celebrate but I couldn’t. Fes – I’ve got you. Haleigh – promise. Fes – promise. When I use it you better remember that sh*t. Haleigh – Rockstar is going to try and convince you not to use it. Fes – because she doesn’t want to go up. Haleigh – I’ve had 8 people tell me I am fine and not going home.

8:58pm Bedroom. Haleigh, Rockstar and Fes. Haleigh tells Rockstar that she needs to talk to Sam. (so that she won’t be the replacement.) Haleigh – she is dangerous in this game because she goes off emotion and not strategy. I wouldn’t have gone after her, now if given the chance I would put her up and not think twice about it.

9:15pm Bathroom. Fes and Tyler. Tyler – how are you feeling? Fes – stressed out. Tyler – the only good thing is you’re safe. Fes – I didn’t know if I would be the replacement. Now I have three options .. take Haleigh down, take Kaitlyn down or leave noms the same. Everyone wants something different. Tyler – piss off one person because you take off the other, leave them both up and piss them both off. Do you have a preference. Kaitlyn thinks that you won’t use it on her. Fes – Kaitlyn I’ve been running with since day 1 so it makes sense to use it on her but Haleigh is cool too. Tyler – you’ve got to use it on one of them. I don’t know who will go up. Fes – it makes sense to use it on one and then campaign like hell to save the other one. What I don’t want to happen is the one I don’t take off stays and then start gunning for me. Tyler – who would stay no matter who they were up against. We can make it happen. Sam said that she wouldn’t say who would go up until after the veto was won.

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Guy From Canada

Now, is Tyler saying that about Kaitlyn as a test for JC or did he slip up…..hmmmm ….


Bayleigh is positioning herself nicely with both sides. I’m impressed!


Same .. she’s a diamond.


Agreed. I don’t see how she doesn’t make it to the final 6/7. Using her power though, will tick off the other side… so there’s that.


She secretly nominates the house guests though. I don’t think even production will announce the use of her power.

Choo choo

Kaitlyn is such a train wreck and I can’t stop watching.


Last season, it was easy to predict that the guy who conducted himself like an escaped mental patient (Josh) would win. Obviously, the ruler of the house (Paul) was taking deranged mental patient to the final two. Paul could not think through the end game. It made for a great end to a really lousy season.
Kaitlyn is a much better train wreck than Josh and much more entertaining. Production better not drop the ball. The same people who despise Kaitlyn will tune out soon after she is gone.

Sasuke Uchiha

I hate Tyler . He is such a jerk. He’s going to hurt Kaitlyn feelings and I hate to see her cry. Why is Kaitlyn even going up to him anyway. He belong at the beach not the BB house. I cant wait when he goes home and finds out that America thinks he’s a d-bag and he has no shot at a girlfriend. At least I have a vison that Tyler is not going to make it to jury and Kaitlyn outlives him in this game.

Choo choo

Are you one of Kaitlyn’s spirit guides?


Not likely, all her guides are wandering lost in an abandoned mall looking for her boyfriend.


What are you talking about? Lol. I’ve hardly seen any negative comments about Tyler. I actually really like him. Kaitlyn has 100% more to worry about how America thinks of her than Tyler does. I think he’s playing a really good game and keeping emotions out of it. Who cares if Kaitlyn cries, she has brought all her sorrow on herself by acting like a psycho. She flipped on her alliance week one by voting out Steve and then put up Swaggy week two against her alliance again yet she can’t understand why they aren’t supporting her? Plus she’s just crazy with her reactions to every situation. She has lost her shit so many times. Hayleigh has been pretty chill and relaxed and has stayed loyal, she deserves to be take off over Krazy Kaitlyn. Also I don’t think Tyler has to worry one bit about not being able to find a gf. He’s a cutie and he’s a nice guy, he’ll do just fine when it comes to the ladies.

Simon or Dawg – I’m from Canada, do you know of any tv station I can watch after dark on?


Fellow Canuck 🙂

I did some searching found this.. https://www.globaltv.com/bigbrother/afterdark/

Lemme know if it helps.


Thanks Dawg. I can watch it online on global I was just hoping their was a station I could watch it on on my actually tv. I believe they showed it last year on global on tv but it was like at 3am to 6am where I live, I lost a lot of sleep then lol. Thanks for the link :). Canada rocks ??


I have watched it every year on Slice, now I have not watched any this year yet, so I am not sure if they still run it! I am in Ontario, and it runs 2 till 5 I believe! I hope that helps! =)


Actually you’re right. I’ve watched it on Slice before. It was bbcanada that I watched on Global. I don’t think it’s being shown on Slice this year cause I’ve checked the guide and it’s not on there :(. Thanks for the help though.


Ignore those question marks after Canada rocks. I tried used the Canada flag emoji but it came out as question marks once I posted my comment lol

Sasuke Uchiha

He’s mean to Kaitlyn for no reason. He even insulted her behind her back. He has got to go.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

You are delusional just like Kaitlyn. Is she your life coach?

Sasuke Uchiha

ex girlfriend

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

She’s your ex gf? Well I hear she is single now so when she is evicted before Tyler, you can have her back.

Sasuke Uchiha

We are not in contact anymore. That was in high school. It only lasted a week.


Losing her was the smartest thing you’ve ever done…even if you are blind to her psychosis.


I like Tyler but sometimes I get flashbacks to last season and worried he’s production’s winner.


Me to

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

No seriously. Is this Opposite Day???

Uzumaki Naruto

I should just Rasengan you…

Carolina girl

Kaitlyn has got to be the biggest spoiled brat ever on BB! It’s like her parents told her she was the greatest, most important, most beautiful and entitled to any and every thing she wants person on the planet but forgot to tell her the rest of the world doesn’t feel that way… OMG get over yourself girl!!


I agree, she’s awful! She is clueless!

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn – I am asking to go home. I can’t do this.. Kaitlyn goes to the DR and takes off her mic.
I hate sore losers, when a game doesn’t go their way, they quit. You came in the house to play a game, so just finish it. Ugh!


Can’t even own it


I laugh out loud every time.


I’ve read this blog for years but rarely comment, but every time this pops up in the comments I laugh out loud. I love you guys and I’m going to go donate now.


I think Kaitlyn needs to rewind and remember how cold she was to Sam the robot. Telling her to suck it up basically and fight. She sure can give out the advice but doesn’t take it herself. She won’t be gone this week. No one will.
I have a new top 4 tho. Bayleigh is now tied with Kaycee for me. That girl is nothing like I thought she would be based on her entrance video. And now that Sawggy is gone. She is fantastic.
Poor Fessy seems like such a good guy. Clueless. But good guy. Feeling so bad for him about now. He has to deal with Kaitlyn for for 4 more days. I wouldn’t blame him if he checks out of the game. She is going to make him miserable. Poor guy

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

When Bay is in the DR performing for the camera, I don’t care for her. When she’s being herself, I find her smart with good self control. She’s been a pleasant surprise since her “princess routine” coming into the house.


BTW, I love your name, the overuse and incorrect use of literally is driving me crazy!!

Amy N

I’ve been team Tyler for awhile but I really like the way Bayleigh is playing. She’s playing a really smart game.


Why does Tyler think he needs RS?

So it looks like K will be gone. Can you imagine if K wins her way back into the game and then wins HOH how much a train wreck the House will be?


To keep her around as a target. Tyler is kind of a pussy that way.


Yesss fes better keep his word and save haleigh now. No way Tyler will vote kaitlyn out knowing theres a chance she comes back so rip replacement nom hopefully rockstar


Woo thank God Fessy is thinking straight and using it on Haleigh. Get Kaitlyn’s fake crying ass outta here please!


but like…. does this week’s evicted house guest really matter anyway? i have a feeling whatever that “challenge” is to come back to the house will be very easy and they’ll be able to go back anyway.


“I’m going to tell them I want yo go home” – Crazy K.
Why? Ohh because that deifnes your promotion of female empowerment! Begging a MAN to save you. Besides everything else wrong with her personality, she is a hypocrite and a fraud at promoting what she claims to be promoting.
Initially, i thought Tyler had a solid plan… And he would have but what will be his downfall is his constant lying for Crazy K’s benefit and not being slick at all with alone time spent in HOH with whomever wins. He has to be way more low key with some of that to get too much farther. Hope he realizes that CK going only elevates his chances in the game.


It would be hilarious to see Kaitlyn SELF-EVICT and go home like the sore loser she is…only to find out that Sam’s power would have kept her in the game. I know that Production will not let her do that, but wouldn’t it be just the best ending to Krazy Kate!
Can’t wait for the next big blowup when Fez takes Haleigh off the block and not Ms. Psycho. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaitlyn ends up getting violent….no, wait…I forgot about Sam’s power coming in to save the day. Oh well, it might have been a vision I had for minute there…hahaha!
Kaitlyn is good entertainment regardless of how much we love to hate her.
My #1 is Tyler and she is bad for his game big time! Don’t know if I want her there now or not…