Bayleigh “I am already the angry black woman y’all want me to be! So let me be that!”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

9:30pm HOH room. Tyler and Sam. Tyler – I jsut wanted to let you know that he is definitely going to use it. Sam – okay, who is he going to take down? Tyler – I don’t know but still everything is fine. Are you going to not tell him who you are going to put up? Sam – no. I’m not going to tell anyone who I am going to put up until I put them up. And then when I put them up I am going to tell them about the power thing. Tyler – okay is it still Rockstar? Sam – I’m not going to tell you either. Its not you. Tyler – okay. Its not Rockstar? Sam shrugs her shoulders. Tyler – You’re not going to tell me? Sam – who would you put up? Tyler – that, because you already told people. (Rockstar)

Sam – what if .. what would be equivalent to Kaitlyn but more likely to stay than Kaitlyn? I want Kaitlyn to leave. Tyler – I don’t know. Haleigh was the best one. Sam – not Rockstar. Tyler – Kaitlyn’s whole side is turning against her. The already have. Sam – who is picking her up? Tyler – not me. Not JC either. JC wants her gone. Sam – then who? Tyler – it is going to be a random a$$ vote if its Kaitlyn and anyone. Sam – who are you thinking? Sam – who would you do? Tyler – Rockstar, its the least amount of blood on your hands. Its not positive that he will use the veto but its looking like he is. I don’t know if he will use it on Kaitlyn or if he will use it on Haleigh. Sam – then I will figure it out on the fly. Tyler – I just don’t want you to be stressed. Tyler – if Kaitlyn, Haleigh or Rackstar went this week I wouldn’t care in the least. Sam – outside of the three of them who else would you be least missing? If you won HOH who would you put up next week? Tyler – which ever one doesn’t go. Sam – so whoever wins HOH next week has an easy out with Rockstar. Tyler – but Rockstar going isn’t beneficial. Sam – outside of those three who would you least miss? Tyler – I don’t talk game with Bayleigh. OR Rachel.

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Sam – going with my ethics and the theory that I have I am not going to tell you what I am going to do but I know what I’m going to do. If Fes uses it, I have a replacement. And I will just spit it out.. and in the same breath I will say that the rumors weren’t true and I had the super power all along and I let it expire because I felt that it was unfair. And for that reason it is going to be offered automatically to whoever is evicted. And then maybe that will soften the blow of what I am going to do. And if not then f**k it! I really don’t care! Tyler – are you going to tell me what you’re not going to do? You’re not going to put Rockstar up? Sam – I didnt say that. I am just proud of Fes for winning a competition. Tyler – its a tough spot for him. Sam – yeah but he already doesn’t feel like they’re genuine so now is his opportunity to stand on his own two feet and be a man about it. So I am giving him that. Tyler – I know you told people that Rockstar would be the replacement. Sam – told two people. Tyler – you told me and Rachel. Sam – you told Kaycee? Tyler – she asked if Rockstar was going to be the replacement and I confirmed it but it sounded like she already knew. Sam – so it was Rachel. Sam – maybe I will ask Kaycee then too. She will probably recommend Rockstar. But Rockstar is not a threat. She sucks. And she’s not had her chance. I mean sucks in competitions not in life. Sam – I have options if Fes takes off Kaitlyn and an option if he takes Haleigh off. Sam – I know Kaitlyn is gunning for me and she can try if she wants.

9:40pm Bedroom. Kaitlyn and Fes. Kaitlyn is like a broken record telling Fes he promised her that he would use the veto on her to take her off. I care about you so deeply! Fes – it just sucks that you kept secrets from me. Fes – so what if I use it to take off Haleigh and then I make it so you stay? Kaitlyn – Well I would eventually forgive you. Fes – that’s what I am worried about with you because you’re so emotional.

9:40pm HOH room. Bayleigh joins Tyler and Sam. Bay starts crying – I am just at a frustrated place right now. I am just so frustrated that nobody here understands me. I am like pissed. I am pissed. Like literally nobody takes me seriously. I can’t ever have feelings or be upset. But every other girl cam fall on the floor and start rolling and everyone is up their a$$. If anything happens to me no one wants to come near me. I am done! I am tired of it! And people can do evil things, be mean and manipulative … I don’t do any of that sh*t yet I get blamed. Like that’s cool. Tyler – you know what’s real though. Bay – what about me do people assume that I can’t be funny or have feelings. Is it the way I look, the way I carry myself. I go out of my way to be nice. Sam – I think it was Swaggy. People think you are hard. Bay – maybe I will start being vicious and mean. Tyler – I think people might think you have a vendetta against the people the evicted Swaggy.

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Bay – I am not at the top of anyone’s list. I give up! I am done! You have no idea how much I’ve been holding my tongue. And people have not been respectful of me! Sam – that is not fair. You can pop. Bay – What f**king good does that do me!? I am already the angry black woman y’all want me to be! So that’s fine! That’s who I’ll be! That’s who y’all have labeled me as. So its fine! Let me be that! Tyler – everyone will eventually lose the person at the top of their list. You’re getting it over now. Sam – you’re a prime time candidate. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a partner. Bay – thanks. Sam – just chill out. You’ll get to know people. And if not then f**k it, you’ll do it on our own just like me. Just stay in the kitchen and stay out of it. You are the most beautiful blossom made of steel. You are perfectly balanced and strong. You’re like a tall stock with delicate pedals. Bay – I just wish I didn’t care so much. I don’t want to be nice any more. Tyler leaves.

10:15pm HOH room Sam and Bayleigh. Bay talks about how she and Swaggy talked about how there has never been a black person to win the show and how they really wanted to do that. We had that in common. Sam – there has never been more than two black people on a season. Bay – there has been so much that you’ve missed out on that I’ve been holding it in. The other night I was so upset because we were in the HOH room and JC said something that hurt my feelings. He was talking about his height and I said you’re not even technically considered a midget if you’re five feet. And he said I’m a little less than five feet and in order to be considered a dwarf I have to be this height. I was like why do some people call them dwarfs and some people call them midgets? And he was like midget is not the correct word so I was like what is the correct word? He said there really isn’t one .. I just say tall and short people. And then he said calling someone a midget is the same thing as calling someone a black person and he said the N-word. I said JC you cannot say that! And he just didn’t understand. If it had been Swaggy he would have chewed him out. But I want to educate people. There is a lot of pressure on me. Sam – pressure is what is making you shine so bright. I can’t imaging being anything like that, I would be the biggest train wreck.

10:40pm Haleigh is ready for the circus.. (JC styled her hair and makeup. He’s got a new career after the show. )

11:35pm – 12am The house guests are in the kitchen making pizzas and nachos..

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Tom A

Rockstar on a potential alliance in the house that she’s not apart of (L6) “I don’t know, there’s probably an alliance… it’s probably just an alliance full of privilege.” It really never stops does it???!! Idk whether to call it sad or comical at this point. All she does is complain in that house. Maybe top 3 worst player ever. All I do is rag on RS, but she makes it so fricken easy. They should have an award for “America’s Voted Craziest”, Kait and RS would be neck and neck for that honor.


I hope rs or Kaitlin go home next so the live feeds will show the other 11 people instead of having two of the feeds focused on rs and the other two focused on Kaitlin like 85% of the time


YES! I understand why Kaitlyn and Rockstar are on the Live Feed cams so much with their frenzied holding patterns, but they don’t need to be on there non-stop like it’s been. I mean, there are a lot of other players in the house!

another name

I truly think she believes Big Brother is designated as a Charity Telethon.
The fact that she says she’s there to better the lives of her children… would that mean she’s hoping to provide them with more… privilege?

Gigi Tomasa

I would like to know her definition of white privilege. When my children were very young, I became a single mom and we were are welfare. I worked were I could, but never made enough to advance us. I reenrolled in college for many years to become a teacher, then the recession hit and teachers were laid off, therefore no jobs. I stayed in college and earned two master degrees. I got a teaching job and with all of my education now make really good money with a chance of advancement. I can buy what I want, but I have worked hard to get where I am. Would RS consider me “white privilege?’ I saw nothing wrong with the younger HGs this year making a life for themselves, some going to college and all going after careers they enjoy. The bros cracked me up with their shenanigans. They are working hard toward creating a good life for themselves.
I find it sad that she keeps saying this about others, her girls will not see a strong woman determined to get out of what ever salary bracket they live in.


You obviously don’t know the definition of white privilage then… apply your story to a person of colour or immigrant from another country.

Yvonne Miller…/Undoing%20Racism%20-%20Understanding%20White%20Pri..


Sorry, but this is not going to the correct link. The link should have been White Privilege.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yeah, she’s just ridiculous. Watching After Dark now; suffered through Kaitlyn putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on poor Fes to save her (eye roll). Good conversations between different house guests. Then BOOM, camera back to the pink room and Rockmemama is STILL talking about Brett and his mother and privilege. Girl, take your butt to a foreign country and do some mission work – we are ALL privileged here. Get over yourself. A friend of ours just got back from Uganda doing mission work and they “LITERALLY” are living in grass huts. You are on BB, on TV, getting a stipend. Shut up.


Raven has a good shot at the title.


America’s Craziest Player is the great Kaitlyn. RockTar is just a bitter old house frau making excuses for her own failures in life. We must never confuse bitter, obnoxious or angry with genuinely crazy. Now, if Kaitlyn the great should be sent home, it just means her greatness is needed elsewhere.
I know it’s hard for you folks who think they are seeing a legit competition to cheer for Kaitlyn. However, those of us seeing a puppet show courtesy of Production want to see Kaitlyn-mania sweep America. I dream of a Tyler vs Kaitlyn final two where the guy who CLEARLY played the best game loses by a score of 5-4 to the great Kaitlyn.
I know it’s hard for you Americans to imagine that an obnoxious lunatic who deeply offends the other houseguests can win this game over a MASTERFUL player who played the entire house like puppets all season long…but PLEASE try to imagine such a thing, you silly meatballs.




All Angie has are are Ltist talking points. She repeats them over and over again. The other houseguests are getting annoyed with it (finally) and beginning to tell her to calm it down. Bayleigh told her yesterday that Brett isn’t going to be the replacement nom so she needs to let it go. She is by far the most toxic HG big brother has had in a while.


Is she toxic because she is telling the truth? I really like Rockstar. She understands things that a lot of white people do not. I hate the way people talk so negative about her. Brett is a white privileged ass hole.


Ok so this happened a few days ago, but Sam was in a conversation with someone about Rockstar’s past/real life and she refused to divulge the information b/c Sam said it directly affects other people in the house. Does anyone know what she was talking about?


I missed that conversation. Do you know the day/time?

another name

I sometimes forget that JC and Sam don’t actually know about level 6. In their minds they aren’t actually part of an alliance that includes all 5 of the remaining.
I sometimes forget that Sam has that whole ‘i trust four and a half people’ thing, and i don’t remember who they were.
I occasionally forget that Sam thinks she, Tyler, and Scottie are actually part of a cohesive alliance… that has never actually voted as a block on purpose all season. sideye.
I sometimes forget that Scottie outed that not really an alliance to Bayleigh last week.
I don’t quite know what to make of the Tyler / Scottie convo discussing Sam’s noms. I can’t quite tell if the two were trying to play each other or if they were being on the up and up.
I’m confused. Anyone have any thoughts on that conversation?


Sigh, here we go again. I just read the title and am already turned off. This kind of self loathing, victimhood yip-yapping doesn’t work on the general public anymore. Leave race out of it for once Baybay….Chip on your shoulder for no reason isn’t a good look….


To be fair, she only mentioned race once in a really long conversation, the sentence that’s in the title.


Exactly, Rockmeamadeus mentions race more than Bay ever has on the show.


First person Kaithlyn wanted out was Swaggy and her next target was Bayleigh Her reasoning for want Swaggy out was bull.


Doesent feel like rockstar gonna go up… who will it be!?
And i dont get why tyler doesent want her out.
He can conrtol kaitlin more. And get her to turn on her side if they vote against her ( and they will).

Bay .. she is too emotional. She isnt playing such a great game like a lot of you saying lately.
Also.. remember she voted out wrong 3 out of 3 evictions. Got blindsided in all 3 weeks. And 2 eviction vote .


She didn’t “voted out wrong”, they are just trusting the wrong people.


I feel like Sam is playing too individually. It’s really hard to win the game by yourself. The fact that she wouldn’t even tell Tyler (one of the people she’s closest to in the house, if not the closest to?) what she was thinking at all regarding nominations/replacement nominee is kind of insane to me. I really like them as a duo but I feel like she just doesn’t know what she’s doing in the game..

Wiggle Wine

I think she’s on to Tyler. I sure hope so!


I thought that last night as well. She always asks him who else knows. I don’t think she completely trusts him.


I thought so too when she questioned who told Kaycee


Kaitlyn is a whacko and I want her to go…but if she is voted out, wont she get Sam’s prize and be able to come back? Seems like a waste of it and the HOH? Im confused, Sam should have used it on Winston! Then she’d have him and Brett in her corner too.


Let’s see if Kaitlyn’s super powers can get fuzzy to take her off the block. If both stay up…she gone! Nobodies going to vote out “Drag Quin” over Crazy Kaitlyn. It’ll be the first unanimous vote of the season.


You won’t be unanimous. With the possibility of her coming back in, there will be votes so they can use the votes to turn her against people.


Bayleigh telling JC not to say the “N” word was ridiculous given the conversation they were having. Does she not know how offensive it is to call a little person “midget”. JC was right to tell her that it is the same thing. She is a very ignorant girl. I thought she was smarter than that. She really showed herself there. Things like that put people right at the bottom of my list!


I agree 100%. JC by no means meant that in an insulting way. He was trying to make a comparison to what would be equivalent to calling a little person a midget or calling a gay person faggot. He wasn’t being racist at all and meant no harm. Why didn’t she speak up when he said faggot? If she wants to educate she should have said you can’t say any of those words not just the N word. Bayleigh was wayyyyyy to sensitive to what he said.

JC, you gotta love him

Yes, Bay acted like she had never heard the word uttered before. Swaggy used the word frequently. If black people don’t want the word used, why do they use it all the time? I really don’t get it. Is it because they want to have a right that others don’t? JC wasn’t using it in a derogatory way. He was explaining that certain words are hurtful if used to call someone by that name. He didn’t refer to her like that. Seriously, if the N word is so unbelievable horrible, then why don’t blacks stop using it?


I think her religion plays a lot into it as well. I don’t think she’s being malicious – she’s just ignorant. For instance, when she made the remarks about gay people and asking which one was the “wife.” She is offensive without knowing she is being offensive.


100% The way the fandom was going on about it, I pictured JC lashing out at her in anger. Also, if you watch any of the little people shows, they make this comparison all. the. time. They explain that “midget” is “like the n-word for little people.”


The thing is, the way she explained that conversation to Sam is absolutely NOT how it happened at all! I don’t fault her for being offended that J.C. said the ACTUAL “N”word, but at the same time she was trying to make herself sound better in her explanation because HE was trying to explain that midget is an offensive word to little people… And not for nothing, but that’s not the only time she’s been ignorant and offensive towards him… One time she told him he wanted to be a girl because he’s the same as girls because he likes guy too… Ummm, last I checked that is not how being gay works! He’s not transgender, he’s gay. She clearly doesn’t understand the difference! It’s amazing that everyone else gets called out for being racist, or for sexual misconduct, but yet she doesn’t get called out.


You will never understand the meaning of the word until you’ve lived in the shoes of a black person. You idiots need to realize she asked innocently what was the difference between midget and dwarf was. In no way is midget and Nword related. The Nword still holds power and hate and you idiots that don’t realize that are probably the ones who still say it. Were small people slaved 200 years ago( which is recent) , and called this term throughout history? No , but im pretty sure black small people were called the Nword instead of midget or dwarf! I dare any of you to say the N- word to the next black person you see , since you think it shouldn’t offend them.


Little people were enslaved and killed throughout history. Generally the only work a little person could get was in freak shows and circuses. They were laughed at and humiliated for entertainment until after WWII. They were often seen as some evil spawn or demon and killed. There are far fewer little people in the world then there are blacks and that’s the only reason the term lacks the cultural impact that the N word has. How many people will go their entire lives and never see in person a little person versus a black person?


What about black little people? Oh ya thats right they were called N-words, and still are! Don’t even compare the two words you tool. Go preach that bull to your skin head buddies, im sure they’ll agree!


I don’t think Hmmmm is a skin head.


P.S. Simon and Dawg…sent a tip your way (as should everyone who participates in the site). Keep up the great work. Love some of the photos, dudes. That one of Kaitlyn crying was scary!



Guney Burd

Not a POC, but I empathize with Bay. The pressure to not fit into an ugly stereotype if you let yourself for an instant let your guard down and conform to such a wide, broadly-define, umbrella of a cliche must be incredibly exhausting.

If RockSalt really gave a shot about privilege, she’d notice that Bay is having a hard time at the moment, and give her a sympathetic ear. However, I also think if RockSalt did, she’d use Bays situation to label everyone else racist, even those not in anyway involved, and paint a target on Bay’s back, as they could reasonably assume that Bay weaponized RockSalt’s mis-directed outrage.

Sometimes, being an ally means being an ear, and be there if a person needs you. They’ll let you know how to help if they need it, and I’m sure RockSalt doesn’t understand that, despite probably the best of intentions.


I don’t think RS understands the concept of “white privilege.”


I sense that Bayleigh has a lot of regret for how she isolated herself with Swaggy and pretty much shut out everyone else, including conversation, until after he was evicted. It was a wake up call for her. Swaggy was her F2 and with him gone she feels so alone in the game (“I’m not at the top of anyone’s list). I’ve heard Bay insinuate several times that Swaggy messed up her game, and she wishes she had continued to foster her original relationships (example: Angela), too. Not that she regrets Swaggy, but that she regrets focusing 100% on that F2 and not looking at her game and what was best for HER.

This game has now become a huge personal challenge for Bayleigh. How she plays from here will be intriguing to watch. That conversation Bay had with Sam and Tyler was very telling about the 3 of them and revealed how all 3 are strong people. I’m glad Syler was there for Bay when she needed to vent.

My new order of HGs as of this morning:
1. Sam- “You make your own happy….I don’t need anybody else to make me happy” I admire Sam’s inner strength and strong character so much. Her life has led her to who she is today, and I just know she shares my life mantra: There is always something positive to pull out of every circumstance…even when the most horrible thing happens, we are given the opportunity to “gain” something that makes us stronger/better. I also loved Sam’s story about the doll her mom got her for Christmas.
2. Tyler- still trying so hard to get Sam to tell her the plan, but Sam stays stoic, and Tyler adapts
3. Bayleigh (Sam- “you have a strong stalk and delicate petals” loved that; and her whole “bottle of tears” too).
4. Kaycee- she looked like she was in pain massaging Kait’s shoulders last night. I can’t wait for Kaycee’s time to shine. I know she feels she can’t be herself in the house, but I hope she begins to feel more comfortable once numbers are smaller
5. Angela and Rachel (tied for this spot)
6. Haleigh- she has identified Tyler as her biggest competition, so gotta give her that; the only negative with her (for me) is how she pretty much threatened Faysal saying she wouldn’t forget if he doesn’t use it to save her like he promised
7. JC- Oh boy….he is like the most annoying little brother with his antics
8. Brett- he is my love to hate HG, just as he described himself
9. Faysal- I hope he can navigate the sticky tug of war between Kait and Hayleigh
10. Scottie- I think he will move up once he is back in a position to actually make some plays
11. Kaitlyn- no way could one of Sam’s bottles hold Kait’s tears…maybe a swimming pool
12. Rockstar-I wish she would give it rest…most reiterative HG in BB ever


#11—except Kaitlyn doesn’t actually shed any tears when she’s fake crying. Maybe a thimble.


Bayleigh also said Chris was her source for all game information because she let him do all the work. I think she’s just realizing just how big a mistake that was. You can’t put your entire game into someone else’s hands. She’s a lap behind in the marathon to win 500k. Hopefully she gets her rhythm and can keep things interesting.


I like Bay, but she needs to take a step back and understand how saying the word “midget” to a short person is the same as the “N” word to an African American. An apology is owed here. And an opportunity to bridge a gap.


Not really, I’m pretty sure angry mobs were never formed and and no was ever lynched on account of their height. Obviously, little people have and do still face bigotry, but comparing the two terms is just ridiculous.


You are wrong. History hasn’t ever been kind to the vast majority of little people.


How did this get down voted 20 times? Whats even more shocking how people are comparing midget to the Nword. My fault , totally forgot the internet was filled with racist douches

JC, you gotta love him

When are we going to stop talking about what happened in the 1800’s, 1700’s etc. Things are different now. Yes there is still some racism and bigotry but it’s unbelievable that there are some who say the N word is the ONLY word that is really that hurtful.


Not even close! Don’t be ridiculous. Little people don’t/ haven’t faced half of what African Americans went and continue to go through everyday. A white Midgit compared to an African American is like comparing Trump the orange monster to a Mexican attempting to cross the border. Do they even sound an ounce alike? Please….


Not for nothing, but little people have been treated horribly throughout history. Also, I’d like to point out that JC isn’t just a white little person. He’s a latino, gay little person. So you’re not even trying to be genuine with your apples to oranges comparison there.


Latino indicates a nationality and does not encompass race. JC is very fair, i.e. he would be consider white.

Veto Winner

Being fair means you are white? Well what should I tell my niece? She has a black father and a bi-racial mother. She isn’t very dark. So have we appointed people to tell others what their race is based on how light or dark they are?


She’s not saying that being short is the same experience as being black, she is saying that one term is just as offensive as the other.


And we’re educating your dense brain that the two terms aren’t. Midgit is a derogatory term to little people( who are both black and white btw), whereas the n word is used to describe only one race( blacks). The two terms are only comparable when they’re equally used across the board to include every race, which clearly they don’t; one is derogatory, while the other is racist. How can anyone not grasp this simple concept. My little niece immediately was able to determine the offensive nature of the words is not the same and she’s only eight years old


Respect to Sam for not telling Tyler whos going up I know it must be driving him insane.


He has to be careful or he may tick her off and she can do some damage to him.