Big Brother Power Of Veto Spoilers! “You’re the Veto queen!”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Players are Kaitlyn, Sam, Haleigh, JC, Fes, ROCKSTAR
POV HOST: Rachel is the host
** Fes is torn about this veto as both the girls nominated are his “friends”

Power Of Veto WINNER: FES

** FES is now in the position he didn’t want to be in. He now has to choose to save either Haleigh or Kaitlyn.

5:42pm When the feeds return – Fes is walking into the bathroom with the veto around his neck. Bay – how are you doing? Fes – I don’t know. Bay – don’t be upset this is a very tough position to be in. Rockstar joins them. Rockstar – best case scenario you tell her (Sam) who you want up. JC joins them. JC – You’re the veto queen! Haleigh joins them. Haliegh – your so smart. I got half of them right and I guessed on one. Fes – where’s my trip to Greece man! Kaitlyn joins them and hugs Fes. Kaitlyn – what’s wrong. Fes – my two best friends are on the block. Fes – I don’t know if the best option is to try and pursuade her who to put up. She doesn’t like being told what to do. THIS GAME IS F**KED UP MAN! Rockstar – she told me that the biggest thing she hates is a bully. (Rockstar wants Brett up on the block.) Fes – how did I win? I’m the dumbest guy in the house. They all tell him he’s not.

5:52pm Bathroom. Rockstar and Fes. Rockstar tells Fes about what Sam hates the most is a bully. And she goes well win the veto. Rockstar to Fes – there is a clear mean bully in the house that has not acknowledged me as a person since he walked in here. He (Brett) has made up sh*t about Kaitlyn, then me .. doesn’t even acknowledge me as a person. She said okay win the veto and we can talk about. I wanted to win it so that I could remind her about that. Fes – if you were to win what would you do? Rockstar – I would tell her what you want. Fes – I don’t think she will give me a clear cut answer of what she would do.

5:54pm Bedroom. Kaitlyn and Bay. Bay – I just feel bad for Fes. Kaitlyn – I almost wish he didn’t win and let me win to be honest. So he wouldn’t have to be in that situation. Like I was one behind him. If he was like that concerned he could have let me win. This is a weird situation and it all could have been avoided. Bay – but if he had thrown it, then Haleigh would have been mad at him. There was really not win. Kaitlyn – of course but I was right there. Bay – I know Fes wanted to play and he wanted to win but I don’t know what he is going to do. Rockstar – I think you should pull Haleigh down. I think JC has a power.

Bathroom. Fes and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn asks if they can talk in a little? Fes – yes, I am really stressing out. You didn’t throw it. Kaitlyn – yes I did. Fes – you got the last one right. If we were both the last ones standing why didn’t you throw it to me? Kaitlyn – I got it right, I didn’t meant to get it right. Fes starts to walk away. Kaitlyn – where are you going? Fes – I am so stressed out!! Kaitlyn – you shook my hand! Fes – you didn’t throw the last one. I would have gone on the block! Kaitlyn – I didn’t get it right. Fes – you got the last one right. Kaitlyn – you were one ahead of me. Kaitlyn – I threw it to you. You shook my hand, you remember that right!? Fes – I am so stressed! I don’t want to talk about it. Kaitlyn – you promised me! Fes – so you don’t have a power? Kaitlyn – no.

6:05pm Bedroom Kaitlyn, JC, Bay, Rockstar. Rockstar is pushing hard for Brett to be the replacement nominee. She keeps saying “he hasn’t acknowledged me as a person”. If he pulls off Haleigh and she (Sam) puts me up.. then I would go home.

6:23pm Kaitlyn and Kaycee. Kaitlyn – I intuitively knew that Fes was going to win. Last night Fes promised me he would use it on me if he won. Legit five minutes before we went out I told him I would throw the comp to him if he would guarantee he would use it on me. He said deal because he was scared if I won he would be the replacement so if he wins then we’re both safe. In the bathroom I reminded him and he said he is so stressed. I said you shouldn’t have shook my hand. If he sticks to it then I can trust him. If he doesn’t then everything changes. I am so sick of boys! I’m gay! Kaycee – yes finally!!
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Storage room. JC and Haleigh. JC – I wouldn’t have this conversation with you if I wasn’t completely sure that you weren’t going home. I don’t think the veto should be used. Fes is such a good asset to have on our side. And he feels like crap. You’re one of his favorite people in the game. Kaitlyn is flipping back and forth telling me stories every single day about something. I don’t even know who she is working with. Haleigh – the thing is if she is working with Brett and I am sitting next to her … that’s a vote for her. IF Brett is working with someone else like Tyler and is working with someone else ..then that is three. JC – you need 6 votes to stay. You have mine 100%. You have Fes and Rockstar and Bayleigh. I am pretty sure I can get Tylers vote. If you stay on the block this would be the first unanimous vote. Haleigh – why do I have to be the one to sit next to her. JC – I don’t know why Sam picked you. I am going to talk to Fes about not using the veto. I would feel very happy if you do feel safe. People here are not stupid. Kaitlyn is a crazy competitor. Haleigh – I agree. I want her to go. I just hate the idea of sitting there on Thursday night. JC – me and Fes will campaign for you. Haleigh – what makes you think he will vote for me if he won’t use the veto on me? JC – if Fes uses it on you then Rockstar goes up .. and then we lose a number. I am telling you that you are not going home. JC – I will snap Tyler out of it. Haleigh – Tyler will not vote for me. JC – I am pretty pretty pretty sure you’re not going home. I am going to work really hard for you not to go home. Haleigh – we don’t know if there is a power or what it is .. what if its to flip the votes? JC – don’t be crazy .. there has never been a power to flip votes in the history of big brother. (Thats great reasoning.. its never been done before so they wouldn’t do that. Expect the unexpected ?!) Haleigh – Kaitlyn is such a strong campaigner. She is already talking to people.

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Fes: “How did I win?” Oh Fessie, you won because production likely altered the game to tip it in your favor. They know that you having POV makes great TV. 🙂


Completely agree, only because naively didn’t realize that was a thing until this season. (First time I’ve watched live feeds and BBAD, also first time i’ve read a BB house rules/ legal contract.)


I think the problem is, JC probably threw it and the rest are too stressed to perform.

Poor Fessy

Can’t wait for the veto ceremony


Why is Ty (palm tree tatt guy) so mean to Kaitlyn recently? I just saw a vid of throwing the blanket on her and she asked to be tugged in. Did I miss anything?

Faysal is probably going to save Haleigh anyway.

Is Kaitlyn going home???

Helen Henny

I think that Tyler wants some distance from her considering how she’s damaging his game. He’s also probably reached his boil limit with her clinginess.

I say Kaitlyn has a 50/50 chance of going home. L6 wants Rockstar gone right now so that could work to Kaitlyn’s advantage. Also there’s a power app at play so there’s that.

Gimmie a break

Bye bye ROCKSTAR its been not so nice knowing you and your negative attitude! Let the begging commence btwn Hay n Kat to be pulled off… We know Hay is coming down!!! I wld not like to be Fez right now with those two bugging me for 3 days…


Finally Fez won something! Sorry about your luck, dude. Now, unless you decide not to use the veto, you have to pick. Sam probably doesn’t want you to use it. Keep the noms the same. Sam’s power will save the evicted one and…no hard feelings. Well, except for Kaitlyn’s! She will have another screeching round on your ass!


He’s won 2 POVs so far


Wow…Yeah, I forgot about the other one. He didn’t use it, right?


Lil Fes is a POS. He’s got a very aggressive side that we have seen glimpses of but surely it will get worse if he stays. Lets hope he stays in long enough for us to see it in full bloom.


Sam already told Fes that she’ll do whatever the person who wins the Veto wants in terms of replacement, so I don’t know why he’s stressing about telling her who he wants up. I’m wondering if she’s going to let whoever is on the block know about her power after the veto is used, if she just keeps it a secret and the evicted makes it back into the house it’s going to be weird for everybody. Funny how people in the house are still speculating a battle back too, considering the motto is and has always been expect the unexpected.


I’m thinking she will wait until after the veto meeting to tell the noms about the power. But, yes, it would be awkward if she kept that a secret from the noms.

Helen Henny

I’m very impressed with this season. Blindside every week, not one unanimous vote, better players and interesting personalities.

Rachel, Kaycee, and Angela have zero targets on this back. They seem to coast by which would get them to jury guarantied.

Ever since Chris left Bayleigh has been stepping up her game and gain allies.

Haleigh might get cut off eventually seeing that her and Faysal would be considered a duo later on.

Kaitlyn is an emoutional tranwreck but may not be as big as a threat considering no one trusts her much. However I could see her going home ASAP though.

Sam might need to make herself safe considering the other side put her up on their target list but she’ll probably go back to being a non-threat.

Rockstar burned a lot of bridges this weekend. She’s not that high up on the other side and has no 1 allies to back her up. Her best bet is for her side to win HOH if she wants to stay.

Now unto the guys.

Jc did a great job at being in the middle. I could see him to far. However I think he would get targeted soon for not having strong ties on either side.

Scottie went back to being on few people’s radar. It could get him far but would be a easy person to get out considering he has no stong allies.

Faysel is gonig to be targerted soon. He shown that he can win comps and is the ideal person for L5 to take out.

Bret is probelly the first one to go if Forrte wins power. Considering he was just made public enemy number 1 on that side.

Tyler totally went against the surfer beach guy type that you usally see on Big Brother. Instead of being an airhead or a floter whose just there for vote he’s been playing the game and made some fun moves though other people. I hope he wins the whole thing.

I would love to hear you guys insight on this!


Ah! I see what you did there.
Brett- “probelly” OMG Yes! Simon and Dawg should put his rolling belly gif up!

I don’t see Faysal using the power of veto since it won’t guarantee Brett or anyone on L6 goes up as replacement. L6 won’t want to get rid of Rockstar given she is a non-threat in e v e r y way and the biggest target. I would also expect L6 won’t want to get rid of Kaitlyn for the same reason, even though Tyler will play it all off as him protecting her (for her sake). Yet she came so close in the last two comps, maybe they will pull the trigger after all and then use the possibility of her coming back in with Sam’s power as insurance (I mean, Kait will believe anything!) or not.

It’s going to be interesting!


Nicely Done Fes.


But I feel sorry for him. Kaitlyn is telling everyone Fes promised to use it on her. Her badgering is truly getting annoying. I would be begging Sam to let him stay in the HOH until after the veto ceremony. This is probably why her boyfriend stayed for five years. He was afraid of this kind of reaction.


Yeah, it’ll be feeds gold but poor Fez. Guy’s going to wake up with an unblinking nutcase standing over him getting ready to pounce if he takes Haleigh down and that’s where he’s leaning because he wants to be all showmancy with her.


OMG shoot me so I don’t have to listen to whiny ass, self-important, who the hell does she think she is, Rockstall. If she got up out of bed and spent half as much time actually playing the game as she does bitching about Brett (who has had one moment of good game play so far this season and that was the burn on RS), then she might be relevant…..but she isn’t.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Brett is living rent free in Rockmonster’s head. She has hated the bros since day 1 so she’s full of crap obsessing over his “not acknowledging” her. She’s said repeatedly she didn’t want to talk to him. Isn’t the bully suppose to be the one screaming obscenities? P.S. Fez, save Haileigh!!!!

Carolina girl

Save Haleigh put up Rock and meltdown in 3…2…1


Kaitlyn is the Grinch who stole Christmas. Rockstar was CHECKED by Bay. Rock talking AGAIN about Brett the BULLY.
By * There are few bullies in the House*
Rock’s face twists.
What’s pathetic is Rock going on ad infinatum how rich he is..AND he never acknowledged her from day 1.
Swaggys team never acknowledged anyone not from their side. But OK.
Between Kaitlyn and Rockafella…pffft.
I have come to the conclusion that Tyler wants (wanted) Kaitlyn to be his Victoria..vis a vis Derek’s .
However…Victoria did not suck the energy out of the room. Victoria just drove the mirrors crazy.
I think Fez will leave the noms the same. Unless he gets a clue from Sam. Then down comes Haileigh..up goes Rock.
I’m prolly wrong. But then…I don’t claim to have visions.
By the way..I don’t believe Kaitlyn’s dad had hundred of thousand of DOLLARS in a bank vault.
People in their 40’s-60’s don’t do that. In the old days..they may have shoved money under the mattress..not trusting the banks.
Why would ANYONE lose interest on their money? I call total BS.


.”I don’t believe Kaitlyn’s dad had hundred of thousand of DOLLARS in a bank vault.”

This could be true since we have to remember that Kaitlyn is her father’s daughter and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Sorry, that’s an old saying and I’m old. Maybe they’re a matched set.

Personally, I want Fuznuts to use the veto on either Kait of Hay, have Rockhead as the replacement and get voted out. I love watching the Emmy Award winning actress (Kait) turn on the tears, smiles, flirting, all at the drop of a pin. I really prefer her over the Grinch who is sucking the life out of the house.


1- Sam needs to let whatever happens play out. We all know she’s playing the game. Otherwise she’d justify nothing. Ever. She has… Angie is supposedly her replacement. Whether thru being incompetent or oblivious, that side has remained intact. This obliterates that side. At that point Phase 2 of the game begins. The ‘reigning’ side will then begin looking at each other, and then who on the other side they can pull in

2- Are we even sure Sam has to announce anything at the eviction? Julie may announce that a power has been played and that’s it. Sam hasn’t chosen to play it

3- At this point, there are no floaters. All votes have been split. Everyone has been on a side, and have voted that way. Laying low and in the cut, not being involved in menial drama, doesnt constitute a floater. I see a lot of flack for Angela and Kaycee in particular. JC to an extent. But a lot of praise for Tyler. A little baffling, seeing as how they’ve all pretty much played the same game thus far. Tyler’s name creeps up far more often

4- Which brings me to this: If we were to consider the best BB players, who would your vote for be? I guarantee they all were master manipulators… No one has emotionally manipulated like Kaitlyn. I personally, can’t stand her. I think if she ever got personally confronted by more than one person in front of a group, she would walk. She is so good at this, she may be able to ride this victim and target wave out for awhile.

Remember, these games aren’t won early on. Only lost. As I’ve said before, these players, and this game, can flip on a dime. I expect a big shift in viewpoint and alliances next week. Will be fun 🙂


That’s a great point! (#2)

#4- Best play so far is Tyler when he got Kait to flip and then target Swaggy.

But, as you said, it’s so early in the game. It’s been a great season.


I think people are looking at floaters in two very different ways. One floater is the type that floats to whoever is in power or control. The other type are those who just occupy space in the game. Kaycee hasn’t done much but then she doesn’t have to because she’s not a target, her side is in control, and she’s made connections with almost everyone. She’s positioned quite well in the game, why start flailing around just to do something? Angela is in a slightly weaker position because I don’t think she’s as good as Kaycee with the other side. JC runs his mouth with everyone but he’s been on the right side of every vote. He doesn’t move to power he runs to every person constantly, he doesn’t shut up…but even though everyone knows he runs his mouth, he’s not really a target.


Kat is so annoying. I dont know how Fes is going to put with her constantly in his face. She is like fruit flies you can’t rid of them.


Whomever gets evicted this week automatically has a chance to play in a challenge to return since Sam never played her x-tta life app. Very possible no one leaves this week, but lines will be drawn, bridges will be burned and new house chaos will errupt. Should be good.
I’m liking this season!


Some people on Twitter are just SPOT ON !!
Someone said * Fessie should say he’s taking Kaitlyn down. Then 5 minutes before voting..tell her she’s not going to like what he’s going to do. Then ask for a HUG*.
🙂 🙂 🙂


YAAAASSSSS!!!!!!! Oh, so that would be so epic….

another name

Fessy is about to embark on a 48 hour all expenses paid acid trip on the uss moodswing with captain crazypants.
Within 36 hours, said Crazypants is going to commandeer a bus, roll it over everybody’s game park said bus on traintracks, steal a train and run over the bus.
Then whack a doodle doo will find out there’s a chance to return.
This is going to be fun….. in that everybody put on your oven mits and helmet kind of way.


LOL!!!!!!!! You win the blog today!!

I laughed so hard I peed a little! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom A

This is about to be a blood bath triangle between Kait, Fes and Hayleigh. What a glorious situation. Rockstar vs Kaitlyn would also be absolutely fantastic. What a season!


Fessie Just called KAITLYN …..HAILEIGH !!!

another name

Could he be worse at this game?


Kaitlyn is now in the DR..telling Fessie she is going to self evict.
However…I feel she has a vision coming on. ( DR will *hint* that it’s basically a non eviction week.
Nah. We KNOW DR never manipulates. (WINK)


I do believe the “DR” is putting these visions in her head. But she is so delusional that she believes they popped up on their own


Simon where’s Scotty???


Laying low this week trying not to get on anyone’s radar.


Definitely, although I don’t think Sam would nominate him even if folks started asking for Scottie to be the replacement.


Simon, where’s Scotty???

Gigi Tomasa

I just tipped you guys!! Thanks again for all of the updates!

Last year I stopped watching it ha;f way through. I just could not stomach all of the bullying and non-game play. But BB20!
Wow what a great season! Kaitlyn is so entertaining and I almost hate to see her go. I would like for her to stay on the block for a couple of weeks of more entertainment. She serious believes if she says it, it is truth. lol

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

If Kaitlyn does get evicted and comes back, Sam could say “ I told you I would save you with my power”. Sam told her she would last week, but Sam could say no I meant anytime. Kaitlyn is so crazy, she probably would believe it then Sam is in the clear.


Poor Fes, not only is he a nice guy, but he has no clue how to play the game and he isn’t picking it up as he goes along. It would be nice if someone would remind him how his buddy Swaggy was eliminated. I really think he forgot all about that.


I think Fez’s game problem is so much of his information is coming from Kaitlyn and JC, nothing is connecting with him so he can’t get a handle on what’s happening.


Fez isn’t much of a thinker, that’s true. Mostly he spends his time trying to make out with a couple of girls that are way over his head outside the game, he is living his dream except when he suddenly wonders if he is going home. Then he asks the girls, natch.

another name

as much as it disturbs me to say this… production is never going to let anyone go home this week, even if the chance to return has to be changed into a three or four piece puzzle that forms a rectangle with a picture of grampa pigeon on it. they’d have to cancel one of the ratings achiever double evictions if they were to make it too hard for the return.
The fact that it could be their feed and publicity gold crazy kaitlyn…. yeah. ain’t nobody going nowhere.


Unless Krazy Kate can’t see a way to be able to stay and she…SELF-EVICTS!!!


Good God, after everything RF has said about Brett and the others, since day 1…wth makes her think he would or should acknowledge her as a person.